Business Communication I BUS9551 Needs Assessment

Last Name: Baruch Email: Preferred Email: 1. First Name: Cell Number: Home Number:

How many semesters have you completed at Baruch College?


What other courses are you taking this semester?


What is your MBA major or area of concentration?


What school did you go to for your undergraduate education?


What was your undergraduate major?


What is your current job title? (If you are currently working)


What type of company are you working for? (If you are currently working)

email. status reports.8.) What types of oral communication do you most frequently use in business settings? (e.) 10. meetings.g. etc. conference calls. (Please leave out company details.g. presentations. etc. telephone.) . What do you consider to be your strengths in business communication? 11. In what languages do you feel comfortable conducting a business meeting? 13. text messages. List any specific work-related situations which involve communication challenges that you would to have help with. 9. What types of written communication do you most frequently use in business settings? (e. reports. What areas of business communication do you feel you would like to improve? 12.

Please list 3 business communication goals that you would like to achieve this semester: i. iii.14. ii. . What expectations do you have for this course? 15.


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