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Orbiting Your Heart

Orbiting Your Heart

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Published by: CJ on Sep 07, 2011
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Orbiting Your Heart

I’d burn up the world to keep you warm tonight Wrap you in stars and bathe you in moons ‘til you drifted in to the glowing nebulas of pure tranquillity Can you hear me up there? When I am still all the way back here; treading as if the floor were broken glass so as not to disturb your slumber… Should I slip and allow the red ink to blot your virgin dreams Does Pluto look like a real planet up close? Do the rings around Jupiter’s waist look like a Go-Kart track? Is the sun really that warm..? Would it burn up the quills written in to your spine should you find yourself drawn too close? Would you be forced to fall in to an eternity like this or would you simply float like a feather back in to my arms to be awoken by morning’s kiss?

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