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9.7 HTC Amended ITC Complaint

9.7 HTC Amended ITC Complaint

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15. United States Patent No. 7,765,414, entitled "Circuit And Operating Method For

Integrated Interface OfPDA And Wireless Communication System," issued on July 27,2010, to

inventors Hsun-Hsin Chuang, Hsi-Cheng Yeh, Chih-Chao Hsieh, Shi-Je Lin, and Wen-Hsing

Lin. Exhibit 1. The '414 patent issued from Application No. 111844,349, filed on August 23,

2007, which is a continuation of Application No. 10/249,403, filed on April 7, 2003, which

claims priority from Taiwanese Application No. 91,118,369, filed on August 15,2002. ld.

16. The '414 patent has four independent claims and 17 dependent claims. HTC is

currently asserting claims 1,4-13, and 15-21 of the '414 patent in this Investigation. Further

investigation and discovery may lead to HTC's assertion of additional claims against Apple.

17. The '414 patent is valid, enforceable, and currently in full force and effect until its

expiration on December 30, 2023. HTC owns by assignment the entire right, title, and interest in

and to the '414 patent. Exhibit 4.


18. Pursuant to Commission Rule 210. 12(c), this Complaint is accompanied by a

certified copy of the prosecution history of the' 414 patent and three copies thereof. App. A.

Further, this Complaint is accompanied by four copies of the currently available technical

references identified in the prosecution history of the '414 patent. App. D. HTC continues to

search for additional references and will supplement Appendix D accordingly.

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