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the original concept as developed by Brion Gysin and his collaborator Ian Sommerville is a welcome reminder that whilst technology advances apace. and has led traffic engineers to reconsider the use of evenlyspaced trees to line long stretches of straight road. The effects of flicker. and in its ecologically sound construction which . traveller. are potent. This effect is well known to any who have driven along tree-lined avenues.INTRODUCTION The Dreamachine was devised by Brion Gysin. His wide cultural synthesis led him also into the world of the Rolling Stones and particularly Brian Jones whom he introduced to the Master Musicians of Joujouka. The Dreamachine arose from his observations of the effects of passing rapidly through a vale of trees. and the seminal influence who' introduced William Burroughs to the use of cut-ups in writing. expelled by Breton from the Surrealists. the flickering of sunlight causing him to enter into an altered state of consciousness. the conceptual base for interior research is as ancient as the Sun and the trees. artist. 'The process itself was known to North African tribesmen who entered trance states through the rapid movement of their hands and fingers across their closed eyes. you see. With the current vogue for high-technology brain-machines at an unparalleled height. one of the unsung English painters of the 20th Century. heads tilted towards the Sun. writer and alchemist. It's beauty is in its simplicity.

record Many users of the Dreamachine have referred to it as a drug-free 'trip". This is as ancient a Truth as the Art itself. Part of all magical process is the production of one's own tools . magic and mysticism are in reality the least dogmatic of .. Through the simple process of drawing out the design. record deck. The Dreamachine Plans enable one to partake in just such a process .p. Magicians have always retained a magpie quality which enables them. you are actively working within the oldest of traditions.requires no more than a sheet of card and the recycling of a redu n- dant player. The Drea- machine Plans are quite literally a Passport to this domain.to make the Dreamachine literally your own. but with the emphasis on INWARD travel into the areas of one's own unBrion Gysln usinga Dreamachlne conscious Dream State. It is quite simply a voyage of exploration without restriction. and for once there are no customs posts to pass" no police barriers or laws to break down o:r transgress. to utilise whatever comes to hand . obtaining an old 78 r. and constructing the machine.For an the dogma one reads. AU that has changed are the tools..m.

sthe.E. 1 The Dream achi ne is probably the first visual device to be viewed whh your eyes closed . Dreamachine it doesn't. The point of the Dreamachioe is '110 travel..kal.t is best tO set it. A ._ in any 0. if :you so wish . pictures that come alive andtell you yOUI' story" as you reallyare.Wotds ale nam.disciplines. Listen a. sigils marks of your own and to ancint the Dreamachine . up so that you can siltcomfortably (and well balanced) withyour face close 10 'the centre of the column. With the. words are cut-up.es 'dIal Ican us back. It is further possible to add both internally and externally. designs. Temple Press ~'99:2 .( 'the myriad 'w.ays that SOl m:any cuitures have utilised since earliest time.What we want 'to see is INSID. but try toavoid music whh words. I To make best use of the Dreernachlne i. tum into archetypal visions.gene[aJ:ly find thatclosed eyes means darkness. as you get back not what you put in. Other experi mems include whispering into. Musilc lean be played.e:idoscolpe of Ught. The instructions are simple so close your eyes and enter the visual world of the Dreamachine. 00' not worry if you ._. Enjoy yourjourney. will result and slowly these. the machine as it spins round.

I was swept out of time. The BEG records of some primiti ve peoples are similar to.in 21 ! 1211958 Department of transport guide Jines say that trees planted alongside motorways must not be of uniform height or distance apart the reason for this: is that drivers passing such trees for long periods experience pulses of light and changes in sound levels 'which can affect their concentration. of a ten year old in our society. It is believed.We ran through a long avenue of trees and I closed my eyes against the setting sun. An overwhelming flood of intensely bright colours exploded behindmy eyelids: a mulrt-dimensional kaleidos- cope whirling out through space.ted from RAPID EYE magazine willi Ihe kind permissin.. and their ability to drive. Drowsiness. Tests in Britain and America have taken place investigating the effects of strobe lights and loud oscillating sound on humans. The strength and type of rhythms vary between individuals.nDwyer: Brain waves. the alpha or scanning rhythms. Iwas out in a world of infinite number.. The vision stopped abruptly as we left the trees .those. One of these groups. can be measured accurately and graphically recorded by the electroencephalograph (EEG) machine. that systems have been developed which can induce epileptic fits in approximately one in four people ~ which would be more than enough to confuse and disperse any demonstrating crowd . eyes open studying a pattern. nausea and 'motorway madness' can ensue. EEG records show that brain rhythms divide into two groups according to frequency. unoccupied.The Jollowin:g article is re"prin. It has now been confirmed mat this research has been put to use by some security agencies in the area of crowd control. Jan Sommerville ~F licker' "Had 3 transcendental storm of colour visionstoday in the bus going to Marseilles .Was that a vision? What happened to me?" Extract from the Diary of Brion Gys.. The alpha rhythms do not appear in children until they are about four years old. Variations occur with age. and weakest during purposeful thinking.n of Simo. minute electrical oscillations associated with brain activity. searching: for a pattern. is strongest wheuthe brain is .

who had been recently inspired by Grey Walters' book 'The Living Brain ". instructive to.On February 15th 1960. (Indeed. for I found that when it stopped l was high above Earth in a universal blaze of glory. 'with its patterns visible to the open eyes.. possibly.) Gysin wrote at the time: 'Flicker may prove to be a valid instrument of practical psychology: some people see and others do not.. breaking like surf on a shore until whole patterns of colour are pounding to get in. Visions start with a kaleidoscope of colours on a plane in front of the eyes and gradually become more complex and beautiful. 'I have made a simple flicker machine. later painting much of Gysin's sprang from hils VIsions experienced in front of the machine. see.'II Following Sommerville's later description of the 'Flicker machine'. the viewer. After a while the visions 'were permanently behind my eyes and I was in the middle of the whole scene with limitless patterns being generated around me.away. Ian Sommerville. wrote a letter to Brion Gysin. Gysin proceeded to make his own. adding to it an interior cylinder covered with a painting which he had produced along the lines of his 'flicker' experiences. The fluctuating elements of flickered design support the development of autonomous "movies '\ intensely pleasurable and. . All conceptions of being dragged or tired had! dropped . TheDREAMACHINE. . induces people to. There was an almost unbearable feeling of spatial move- rnent for a while but it was well worth getting through. Afterwards I found that my perception of the world around me had increased very notably. You look at it with your eyes shut and the flicker plays over your eyelids.

Order imposed on chaos. woven patterns like pre-Columbian textiles and Islamic rugs repetitive patterns on ceramic tile. you will immediately recognise crosses. Often this transit of speeding images is followed by a clear perception of human faces. IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD. Dreamachines provide them only just as long as you choose to look into them. From this storebouse. ' Brion Gysin The visions hollowed out of the Dreamachine usually start off with a rapid.. What the Dreamachine incites you to see is yours . your own. Dreamachines bring to a conclusion the period of kinetic invention in 'modem' painting and sculpture. haloes ... what look like endless expanses of fresh paint laid on with a palette knife. What you are seeing is perhaps a broader vision than you may have had before of your own incalculable treasure. as Gysin described them.. artists and artisans have drawn the elements of art down the ages.. Here you will actually SEE the fundamental order present in the physiology of the human brain. IN THE HISTORY OF MAGIC AND SCIENCE. in embroideries of all times rapidly fluctuating serial images of abstract art. Interior Vision. ONLY ONE OBJECf HAS BEEN MADE TO BE VIEWED WITH THE EYES CLOSED: THE DREAMACHINE.'You are the artist when you approach a Dreamachine with your eyes closed. The brilliant interior visions you so suddenly see whirling around inside your head are produced by your own brain activity. stars.. in the light of the Dreamachine. Look into a Dreamachine. . succession of abstract patterns.. History and Mystery . 'pseudo events'. carried out in . ' IN THE HISTORY OF ART. These may not be your first glimpse of these dazzling lights and celestial coloured images. or. one sees all of ancient and modern abstract art with eyes closed..'What is art? What is colour? What is vision? These old questions demand new answers when. Your brain. the "Jungian" store of symbols which we share with all normally constituted humanity. The Dreamachine opens up a whole new era and a new area of vision . and look deep. Life imposed on matter.. and quickening. In the rapid flux of images.. Humanoid figures and the apparent enactment of highly coloured events.

a non-habit forming. including the electronics giant. Drugs and their accompanying paraphenalia (and I include most doctors as an integral part of the paraphenalia) generate far more money in a drug dependent world. They were only interested in machines and drugs which made people go to sleep. 'However you look into a Dreamachine.' Brion Gysin Gysin was approached by various large companies. brightened your perception of a treasure you may not have known you own.' said Gysin later. it's all free.P. 'they lost interest. made in metal cylindrical form and costing upwards of £500. complete with aliens.e. and what will you get? Drugs. one turntable. and tell him that you are ill. sniffing around the patenting possibilities of the machine which he and Sommerville had effectively invented out of nothing. Hoffmann La Roche. Philips. You can only sell people one Drearnachine. But you can experiment by making your own. Bayer. as all dreams experienced on the Machine.time and space.' IT the Dreamachine is real. . in a short time you will have acquired greater self-knowledge. Some people have reported nightmares of sorts. it's all safe.00. 'Do you dream in colour?' Bill Nelson The Dreamachine really IS just that. extended the limits of your vision. Go to your G. simple spinning dreambox that is capable of including a drugless high. it's all legal and it really works.!. why is it not available in your local department store? The answer would seem obvious. cavepaintings and children. Look at the Financial Times and you will see that some of the biggest companies in the world are chemical giants: I. can be abruptly brought to an end by opening your eyes. One person I know who exposed themself to its spinning glare carne out of their semi-hallucinatory state talking seriously of visiting another planet. 'When I told them that it made people more awake. From now on. Seek a path out of everyday trivial reality and what will you be offered? Drugs. How do you go about getting a Dreamachine? Well only a handful exist. but these. the occasionallightbulb. A dream machine.

~ IK Ie " "o / N ?I -.r< ~ '\ ." I I >~ I II I ( (~ II \ (~ w' N 4 > . " 2" . \~c>1 .~ V ~ )1 IK > I '\ ~ V ~ ) . ~ -_ C I(~ N I ) V . ~i I '\ )' ~ C_f> I <. . > r ~ ) ~ K 1 '\ - ( ) I - ~ OJl \\ _/ ". 2' / - . '\ C )' I IC ~ ) .( ~ . > 32"' ) V ~ k c\ ( \ I )' I I I I II .v ~ ) km>l K )1 V m~ ~ -< <.

Please use with caution.32"1 (minimum) piece of heavy papeneard (we find 4-p~y to work stores or boot. Suspend a light source in the centre of the Dreamachine.. 2. Note:: it may be necessary to score the paper/easd g. - .Plaeetbe Dreemachine 011 the centre of a record tnrntable.. Silt that it Warning: The Dreamachine may be hazardous to people with epilepsy or 'Other nervous di sorders. and care should be takento ensure that rut does not touch the turntable or Dreamachine I when WIt'use.p.m. 7. CWief'IUUy cut out the holes and connect the two ends of Ibe :paperlcllld together. Trace the template designs onto tile grid in the same sequence detailed on the overall plan . Ca~ref.inch squares as shown on the overall plan .. hanging Ugh! bulb CO'NSTRUICTION l.e rotational speed to 78 rp.Cut out the templates.MATERIALS 32 1 ! X . and set tb.D~vide your plap'er inso agrid of ~2-·. 3.Lilghlly remains roond. A cantilevered arm will serve adequately tO overreach the centre of the Dreamaehine anda 11orrn al lighting socket with bulb can be suspended from this. TheIight should be roughly lli/3rd to halfway down the Dreamachine (experiment to see which yeufl nd best). 4. / '6. sales) well) 7.rn. 5. turntable (available at second-handJduift One.8r..unyremove the templatesfrom the centre of this booklet..

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