Isaiah 40:28-29 Lord God, thank You for You are an everlasting and unchanging God.

We ask You to renew our hope and strength and help us to trust in You alone especially when we are faced with a difficult challenge. Remind us always that You are on our side and let Your strength be our strength every step of the way. In Jesus name. Amen Isaiah 40:30-31 Lord, help us change our attitude while we wait on You. May we wait on You with trust and anticipation. Give us the courage to face the challenges that come our way so that even if many times we fail we will still move ahead bold and confident and faithfully wait on You. In Jesus name. Amen 2 Chronicles 7:14 We always study and hear about the Word of God but many times our actions and character fail to reflect His Words. Disobedience often leads us to dire consequences. Despite what we are going through there’s always a chance for us to examine ourselves and make things right by trusting in God and have the confidence that He is in control of everything. God wants us to cry out for revival. Let us pray that God will bring revival in us and our family. We should understand that a revived person is a forgiven being. Let’s not be a prisoner of the past for He has already forgiven us when we asked for it. He is continuously pursuing us and He wants us to pursue the things He desire. We may have a lot of excuses but thanks God for we never run out of a chance to change by allowing Him to reign in our lives. We may sometimes.feel like no one is with if others are ignoring God’s message to them through us. Still, keep standing for He will give us the strength to stand. Heavenly Father, forgive us for living life our own way in the past. We pray that You bring revival in us. Let us walk in a new direction as we allow You to reign in our hearts and infuse us with a love for others. In Jesus name. Amen James 2:26 We can all say that we believe in the message about God, Jesus, salvation, etc. However, believing is not enough in order for us to be made right with God. Our character must show it. If we believe in something but our words and actions don’t show it then we are just fooling ourselves. Faith without work and work without faith is useless. Our faith must be shown by our deeds and our deeds must show our faith. Prayer: Forgive us Lord for having faith in you but sometimes our actions does not reflect it. Remind us always that we will not be justified by what we believe only but should be coupled with obedience as well. In Jesus name. Amen Matthew 18:6 ” But if anyone causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a large millstone hung around his neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.” As Christians, we should have the burning desire to help new ones in the Christian faith to grow in their relationship with God. Their spiritual maturity should

. We should not be the reason for them to sin. As long as we trust in God and have the confidence that He has our future in His hands then giving up is never option. However. Psalms 37:23-24 “If the LORD delights in a man's way. who called you to his eternal glory in Christ. As long as we are living we will not stop commiting mistakes. though he stumble.” Each of us has its own experience and stories about trials. forgive us when sometimes we make others stumble especially new ones in the faith because of our poor example or weak character. Prayer: Lord. thank You so much for we can always feel Your presence. In the midst of trials we can still feel Your love. He will lift us up if we humble ourselves to Him.” No one is perfect but God. In Jesus name. pain and sufferings. for the LORD upholds him with his hand. Amen 2 Corinthians 1:3-5 The Lord is so good and His mercy endures forever. Learning is a continuous process. We all stumble as a result of bad choices and wrong decisions. He will restore and strengthen us if we never give up. Make us as a good example for others to follow and let our words and actions draw them closer to You. Likewise. Problems are inevitable and may either make us or break us. Prayer: Lord. There is no solid comfort but what comes from Him. firm and steadfast. God knows that on the process we will stumble. we always have the opportunity to make things right when we stumble. he makes his steps firm. 1 Peter 5:10 “And the God of all grace. We all suffer and encounter problems every now and then that sometimes we lose hope. At the end of the our concern and things that may cause them to lose faith must be avoided. God doesn’t expect us to learn everything in just one setting or a short period of time. Thank You Lord for we know that You will restore our hope and strengthen us if we hold on to Your wisdom. will himself restore you and make you strong. It’s comforting to know that He is exceedingly merciful that in challenging situations we can still feel His love. after you have suffered a little while. Let us have a child-like character for us to serve You with all humility. we will not stop learning. Help us understand that these suffferings are meant for us to learn and grow in our relationship with You. he will not fall.

” There are lot of things money can do. We firmly believe that we have made the right decision to serve You. Why? It’s because our sins have separated us from God. We start to question why and answer our own question by thinking that maybe because He wants to give us something better than what we asked Him.Prayer: Heavenly Father. ‘You fool! You will die this very night. He doesn’t want sin to go unpunished and doesn’t want us to be separated eternally from Him. Of course God can grant us everything we could ask Him but still many prayers are unanswered. We are so grateful for we know that You will raise us up if we submit ourselves to You. provide us luxuries and can even give us momentary happiness but certainly it can’t buy our salvation. It can buy our physical needs. Isaiah 59:1-2 “ Surely the arm of the LORD is not too short to save. thank You for Your provisions. Unanswered prayers are God’s gift to us. Jehovah Jireh. Help us to make the right choice when we are in a dilemma and to make progressively better choices for our lives. He wants us to realize our mistakes and learn from them. words and grant us our desires.” When we pray we always ask God to do us a favor. Bestow us our needs as well as our desires. They help us to progressively improve our relationship with God which will eventually give Him a . But your iniquities have separated you from your God. We should not forget that our God can satisfy all our needs and grant us all our desires. do not trade the things that money can buy to the things that God can provide.. we acknowledge that we are not perfect. a person is a fool to store up earthly wealth but not have a rich relationship with God. nor his ear too dull to hear.. He is answering some prayers by not answering them. so that he will not hear. Then who will get everything you worked for?’ “Yes. Luke 12:20-21 (New Living Translation) “But God said to him. non-stop blessings and everything You have done to us. etc. Use these mistakes as a humbling experience for us. Teach us not to invest in temporal things but on things that are eternal. Thus. your sins have hidden his face from you. We make sinful decisions every now and then. After a long time we get frustrated and think and act things that will make things worse. There are unanswered prayers because God loves us. We believe that You can meet all our needs. God wants us to stop commiting the same mistakes repeatedly and for us to be aware of our thoughts. It doesn’t mean that we will not sin anymore for we all sin and fall short of the glory of God. get us out of a bad situation. our Great Provider. Whatever we are asking Him there are times when we feel like He’s not hearing us and not answering our prayers.

He will give us what we need which are trials and experiences that are not meant to harm us but to help us to think. shield.. Prayer: Lord. Thank You very much for we shall not lack for You can and will continue to meet our needs when we continue to serve and follow You. He knows all our needs and we will not be in need for He can and will provide us our needs when we conform to His Words. Ecclesiastes 8:9 “..” A shepherd will do everything to feed. we acknowledge that there are prayers that You will not answer because our inequities are preventing our communication with You. The good thing about our Shepherd is that He still has His eyes on us even when we are lost. like a sheep who gets lost when it goes to explore things outside its home we dare to explore and discover new things outside His will. and eventually our . Of course a shepherd will go and look for his sheep when it gets lost. Thank You for we are believe that You will bestow upon us whatever we ask You or probably even give us more than our desires if we will seek You first above anything else. We are like a lost sheep when we divert our attention to the ways of this world. I shall not be in want. thank You very much for Your provisions..”(NIV) “. Prayer: Lord. There are many ways of hurting others. Psalms 23:1 “The LORD is my shepherd. We maybe are lost but we are not missing in His sight.A man sometimes makes life hard for others. But he ends up hurting himself. The Lord is our Shepherd and we are the sheep.There is a time when a man lords it over others to his own hurt.We believe that You can give us everything we desire. One is using our power over others in the wrong way. protect and care for his sheep.reason to answer our prayers. thank You for answered prayers as well as unanswered prayers. blessings. He doesn’t want us to live a life outside His promise so He will continue to pursue us. guidance and protection. However. He will guide.” (New International Reader’s Version) Hurting others is one way of hurting ourselves. However... He loves us so much and will answer our prayers or if not He will give us something better if we will love Him back. Making ourselves superior than others may hurt others as well as ourselves. feed and comfort us. make a change and finally go back to Him. Sometimes we get lost but we are thankful because You will always make a way for us to find our path leading back to you. Enable us to to understand that unanswered prayers is Your way to make us learn and continuously grow in our relationship with You.

relationship with God. Help us to treat others as much as how we treat ourselves so as not to make them feel inferior and uncomfortable with us. On the other hand. “When we hurt others. we will bring in respect and loyalty. Enable us Lord to deal with others with respect and humility. forgive the times we exercise power without thinking that sometimes we hurt others and as a result it impairs our relationship. It will make others feel insecure which may change how they see us and deal with us. if we make others feel at ease with us. . we end up hurting ourselves.” Prayer: Lord. We may be superior than others in some aspects but using it the wrong way can have a repercussion.