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Mom’s Favorite Books

September 2008

I homeschooled our two sons and enjoyed • Applebet. An ABC. By Clyde Watson. Illus-
many of these books with them. I hope that trated by Wendy Watson.
you will enjoy them too. — Maria Franusic
• Brian Wildsmith’s ABC. By Brian Wildsmith.
• Bruno Munari’s ABC. By Bruno Munari.
• G is for Goat. By Patricia Polacco.
• ABC. Written and illustrated by Elizabeth
Cleaver. • Have You Ever Seen. . . ? Written and illus-
trated by Beau Gardner. This is for children
• ABC of Cars and Trucks.
who can read and get the jokes.
• Aardvarks, Disembark. By Ann Jonas.
• I Spy: An Alphabet in Art. By Lucy Mickleth-
• A B Cedar. An alphabet of trees. By George wait.
Ella Lyon. Illustrated by Tom Parker.
• Jambo Means Hello. Swahili Alphabet Book. By
• A Farmer’s Alphabet. Written and illustrated by Muriel Feelings. Illustrated by Tom Feelings.
Mary Azarian.
• Kipper’s A to Z. An alphabet adventure. By
• A is for Annabelle. By Tasha Tudor. Mick Inkpen.

• A Peaceable Kingdom. The Shaker Abecedar- • Miss Spider’s ABC. By David Kirk. I like the J
ius. Beautiful illustrations by Alice and Martin and K :-)
• On Market Street. By Arnold and Anita Lobel.
• Alfie’s ABC. By Shirley Hughes.
• Pigs from A to Z. Written and illustrated by
• Alphabatics. Written and illustrated by Suse Arthur Geisert. This alphabet book seems es-
MacDonald. pecially appealing to boys.

• Alphabears. An ABC Book. By Kathleen Hague. • The Guinea Pig ABC. Written and illustrated
Illustrated by Michael Hague. by Katie Duke.

• An Edible Alphabet. By Bonnie Christensen. • The Z was Zapped. By Chris Van Allsburg.

• Animal Alphabet. Written and illustrated by • Wanda Gag’s ABC. By Wanda Gag.
Bert Kitchen.
• What’s Inside? The Alphabet Book. By Satoshi
• Anno’s Alphabet. An adventure in imagination. Kitamura.
By Mitsumasa Anno.
• Antics! An alphabetical anthology. By Cathi
“Children are made readers on the laps of
• Ape in a Cape. An alphabet of odd animals. their parents.” — Emilie Buchwald
Written and illustrated by Fritz Eichenberg.