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Digital And Interactive Marketing Solutions

About Us
Blue Apricot is one of the leading companies in the UK and Ireland specialising in bespoke digital marketing solutions, bringing innovative, low cost and new green technology to a wide spectrum of businesses. Our combination of technical and marketing expertise ensures that we understand wireless applications and how to use them as the basis for effective marketing campaigns. Blue Apricot has gained a reputation for expertise in this field of marketing and has a growing reputation with a no nonsense, honest advice approach. With our own technology, Blue Apricot is able to offer the best digital marketing solutions available. We ensure that our software and hardware compatibility is maximised to provide a robust platform to run any digital marketing campaign. Our successful products, forward thinking customers and partners have helped us grow into one of the most successful digital companies nationwide. Our full time support and committed team ensure that we can deliver up to the minute campaigns for any business.

Our Services
Blue Apricot specialise in the services detailed below, and guarantee to deliver bespoke solutions to our clients on time, every time. o Social Media Screens o WI-FI & NFC marketing o Touchscreen kiosks & windows o Virtual Mannequins o Digital Networked screens o Giant interactive phones & tablets o Full design and campaign management Blue Apricot offer all our products from short to long term rental for specific campaigns and also outright purchase including a full managed service. Blue Apricot staff look after your projects from initial client meeting, to full design and development, installation, maintenance and campaign management. Blue Apricot are continually researching and developing new technologies ensuring our clients receive the most reliable and up to date products and services available.

Blue Apricot clients include both national and international blue chip companies and a selection of our clients are detailed below. For more information including case studies, please visit our website www.blueapricot.co.uk

Social Media Displays & Digital Signage Solutions
Bridging the gap between offline and online social media

Join the Social Networking revolution…in your premises or at your event
Build your traffic in your premises and online using Blue Apricots Insteo Social Display Screens. Unlike other passive digital signage, our unique social networking content encourages your customers to interact with your digital sign. In the process you get to build your marketing lists, social networks and overall e-marketing campaigns. Benefits: o Display your Ads, Promotions and Specials – no outside advertising o Live Social Networking with only positive messages on Facebook and Twitter o Interact with customers/attendees in exciting new ways o Connects with eLoyalty programs from Foursquare and Facebook

What can it do?
Customer preferences and loyalties change faster than you can imagine. Blue Apricot Insteo Social Display helps you keep ahead of the competition using instant marketing solutions. Change promotions in real-time or reward customers right at the point of sale…quickly and easily. During a sporting or other live event, Twitter and other social networking sites offer an incredibly unique “stream of consciousness” style of commentary. These live observations from around the world provide a kind of “colour commentary” during a game or event. Unfortunately, sometimes these messages could easily found to be rude, offensive, or obscene to patrons in a bar or restaurant watching the event. Blue Apricot Insteo Social Display’s proprietary filtering technology goes far beyond removing the seven dirty words. It looks for phonetic matches, deliberate misspellings, “txt” and hacker abbreviations, foreign languages, and any poorly written content and compares the message against a massive database. Blue Apricot Insteo Social Display’s Message Quality™ Score ranks each message not just for dirty words, but also for quality content that makes sense on a digital sign.

Instant Point of Sale
Replace all of your printed point of sale posters, banners, and graphics with Blue Apricot Insteo Social Display units. Our system shows only your ads; allowing you to run instant promotions and specials, without waiting for printing and installation of traditional graphics. Your point of sale marketing responds immediately to current conditions at your location. o Overstocked on an item? Put it on instant sale. o Running low on something? Instantly change your promotions to advertise something else. o Eliminated the need to discard perishable items at the end of the day? Promote it with a Last Call style ad. o Worried about employee compliance with your marketing campaigns? Control everything from a central office so customers see the right messaging.

Instant Loyalty Programs
When someone uses a “check-in” style service like Facebook or Foursquare, they send a “Hey, I’m at…” shout-out to friends. Bragging rights are great, but blue Apricot Insteo Social Display takes these services further, creating a unique online loyalty program. When someone checks-in, tweets to your special keyword, or sends a text message, Blue Apricot Insteo Social Display responds immediately with an instant loyalty reward or promotion for a future purchase -- It's your choice. Call to action graphics on your social display system show customers how to participate. Your customers already use social networks, but many haven’t yet signed up as your with a coupon or other WIFI fan – by encouraging them network and increase repeat promotion, you’ll build your visits. o Immediately reward customers for their ‘shout out’ to their friends, with instant promotions o The average person has nearly 160 friends on their networks – their shout-out instantly reaches all of these people, maximizing your promotion o Run free gift card competitions on busy traffic nights, allowing customers who check-in a chance to win o Build Fans on the most popular networks, so that your regular posts on those networks reach a wider audience

Where can it be used?
o Bars, Restaurants & Nightclubs o Retail Stores o Live Events o Company Lobbies & Hotels o Internal Communications & Human Resources o Schools and Universities

Social Networking

Customer sees your screen and sends a tweet or post to you

The post goes out to their friends & shows up on Social Network

If it’s clean, the post shows up on your digital sign

Later, you can add this person to your social network


Your customer snaps a photo

They email it to your unique address

The image shows on your Digital Sign

Loyalty Program

You now have that customer’s email & can send them promotions

Customer sits at bar and sees digital sign

Customer reads YOUR posted special

On-location Advertising

He then "checks-in" to your location, which is sent to your digital sign as well as all of his friends

He returns several times & "checks-in" to receive your deal, becoming a regular at your location

• You create Ads and upload them to your Display • When an item sells out, you remove the ad for the day, replacing it with something in-stock • If you’re overstocked on something – put it on sale instantly

Digital LCD Screen Networks
Digital Display, also known as dynamic or digital signage, uses computer technology to deliver controlled media rich content and messaging to electronic displays. Whether these displays are CRT screens, LCD panels, plasma displays, video walls or projected images, the improvement over traditional display technologies is massive. Our flexible solution has many uses: o Information delivery showing current travel, consumer information, digital display keeps the public updated, informed and targeted. o Increase sales in any location based retail environment with digital in store promotions. o Develop third party advertising as a new income stream. o Provide live entertainment to reduce customers perceived waiting times. By broadcasting media rich output, digital signs become more engaging and get better results than traditional static displays. Our Software is designed to deliver your media content in the form you want across existing, standard IT technologies

The Media Manager
This is a simple but powerful tool for the management and delivery of dynamic content. o Set up and configure display screen output options with network locations, templates and layouts. o Collate and organise most media types into sequenced packages. The system accepts content from all common video, audio, data, graphical and animation formats also linking to web sources. o Transmit packages and messages immediately to single or distributed media players or schedule to play later. o Manage multiple media players across LAN and Web connections. Easily scales up from a single player to multiplayer, multiscreen networks using a variety of display options. o Administration area for login security, username and password. o Accessed simply through a drag and drop windows based GUI (graphical user interface) with a minimum of training. As a consequence, anyone can manage your digital signage content.

Mobile Marketing
NFC and WIFI marketing direct to your mobile phone

WI-FI Marketing
Blue Apricot is extending the traditional WIFI hotspot to offer location based services through captive portals. Our focus is on creating an experience where the digital environment interacts with the physical environment to bring together the best of both worlds. Blue Apricot offers companies a way of creating bespoke digital services that can be deployed both indoor and outdoor using Mobile Apps or Web 2.0 sites. WIFI Marketing in effect creates a localised version of the Internet that only contains the websites and services you wish to offer. These services can be accessed by any WIFI enabled device, including mobile phones, laptops and games consoles. With mobiles now firmly established in the hearts of consumers and advertisers this form of marketing enables a new dimension to contact clients effectively on a one-2-one level Be creative, you are only limited by your imagination. You can provide either ready made mobile content or our in house graphics team can take care of all your design requirements, be it information points, discounts or even movie trailers. All services are fully integrated with the core statistics engine that enables full analysis of a users navigation and interactions with the digital services.

The WIFI environment contains pre-packaged digital services allowing; o transparent user management and tracking, o automatic device detection and optimised screen rendering, o survey/ voting /quiz creation, o digital vouchers using 2D barcodes, o restrictive search, o ad serving, o blogs, o Instant messenger, o big screen interactivity

Location based information
This use of captive portals is targeted at serving location specific adverts. The scenario being users connect to the WIFI hotspot while at a specific location, say a shopping mall, or while reading a physical advert that offers additional content/services to its audience. Adverts can be static web pages or severed from an ad server based on contextual or user demographic information. o Configurable transmission range of 10-50m o Free to receive o Interactive as standard o Can be updated remotely or based on predetermined schedule o Supports local (intranet) and remote (walled garden Internet) data o User click through tracker o Integrated mobile vouchers (2D barcodes)

DOOH Posters
It is a well observed fact that whenever people are waiting around they turn to their mobile phone for company. This type of service looks to exploit this phenomenon by offering digital snippets, competitions, quizzes and can even entice users to pay for content such as magazine subscriptions etc, turning a simple poster into an interactive mobile commerce environment. Ideal locations for these types of services are airports, train stations, trains, bus stops, buses, in fact anywhere where people are waiting.

NFC- Coming soon
Mobile Marketing is an enormously powerful tool and is now set to get even more powerful with NFC smart posters. The vast majority of new smart phones will come equipped with NFC capabilities as standard. Blue Apricot’s NFC Smart Posters can provide a channel to market promotions and a channel for the user to provide feedback. Smart Posters can be used for surveys, and as a distribution channel for coupons and information. They provide an immediately useful call to action. There is a maxim in advertising that states “Half my advertising is working, but I don’t know which half” -- the use of NFC Smart Posters allows the implementer to find out. Blue Apricot offer ‘ready to use’ NFC solutions for many scenarios either as an individual hotspot or as a large scale networked system.

The Benefits
o Interact with end-users to provide up-to-date information, sell them services (eg. concert tickets or ringtone downloads), or provide them with the means to make contact at their own convenience (eg. “Touch here to download the phone number for our service agent”) o Dynamically select or update the content accessed via the Smart Poster. This can occur in response to an application stored with personalized information on the user’s NFC device or information such as fresh produce prices can be updated in a back-end system (such as a website) and accessed by a static URL stored in the NFC tag o Establish which information is actually meeting its objectives (for example, is the advertising reaching the correct demographic/number of people?) o Create instantly achievable calls to action (eg. downloading music via an advertising NFC Smart Poster) In addition, NFC Smart Posters are: o Low in cost compared with other forms of dynamic display o Easy to implement in large volumes o Readily updateable – either via changes to the back-end system or by rewriting the tag, o Flexible in size and usage o Wide distribution of devices o Method for generating new contacts o Image appreciation of brands o Legal compliance guaranteed – no personal data

Giant Interactive Mobile Phones
Fully interactive phones with multiple gestures

Showcase your app
The majority of companies now have their own mobile apps for a range of phones and are always looking at new ways to promote their app and increase downloads. Using innovative technology incorporating infra-red sensors, Blue Apricot have various sizes of different phones and tablets with the most popular being the Iphone, Blackberry, Android and Ipads. The screens with surrounds range in sizes from 32” to 65”. The app is produced in high definition flash and responds exactly like the app does with gestures such as multi-touch, pinch, pull, scroll, zoom & more.

Engage your customers with your app in an interactive way, drawing their attention. A great way to increase downloads

Virtual Mannequin
3D virtual illusion systems

Virtual illusions......... .......... Seeing is Believing
Blue Apricot’s Virtual Mannequin systems are an exciting new display technology that redefines the boundaries of how a display can be used. We pride ourselves in our ability to take a customers idea and bring it to reality. Blue Apricot can convert a full size film of a person presenting to create a virtual illusion. Image sizes can range from 6 inches to 6ft and the duration of the holographic presentation can range from seconds to hours depending on preference. Developing and maintaining brand awareness becomes increasingly challenging with the evolution of our commercialised society. Virtual point of sale displays and signage make effective, eye catching attractions. These can be used for in store merchandising and in exhibits for trade show booths, museums and other public spaces. Virtual projections have been increasingly applied to a wide range of products and industries.

With our unique capabilities & fresh perspective on the use of virtual projections, Blue Apricot can develop products and services for all businesses types With Blue Apricots projection portable solution, once the person has been filmed, it can be easily moved into place as a complete stand alone system.

Interactive Touch screen Kiosks and Windows
Custom designed touch screen technology

Technology for creating experience between brands and consumers at the point of sale.
Touchscreen technology replaces the need for brochures and flyers. Customers/visitors simply touch the screen icon of their choice to view the selected information. The system can also be designed to offer visitors a unique opportunity to download information, in detail via the touchscreen kiosk direct to their mobile phones from a WIFI captive portal. Never before has information been so readily available. Touchscreen’s can be integrated into any window allowing the customer to download information to their mobile phone even in out of hours trading.

The following applications can be used for marketing campaigns at: shopping centres, airports, sporting and musical events, fairs, public transport, tourist information points, hotels, historic buildings, museums, restaurants, outdoor advertising, retailers, banks, etc. o Catalogue Information o Tourist guides o Promotions o Coupons/Vouchers o Loyalty cards o Obtaining data o Competitions o Broadcasting o Brand Awareness Campaign o Multimedia Content o Maps

Unlike traditional advertising, Interactive Projection Windows include the customer in the advertising experience. Whether customers simply surf your website, view your product catalogues, view company information or many of the other uses, it’s an interactive experience that they won’t forget. In the out of home advertising world, everything from billboards, to taxi signs and supermarket displays are going digital. People will pay far more attention to ads that are moving as it makes the advertising experience that much more memorable consequently leading to more time spent with the ad, which then translates into better advertising recall.

UK Main Office 8/8A Brinwell Business Centre Brinwell Road Blackpool FY4 4QU sales@blueapricot.co.uk Manchester +44 (0) 161 4080 458

Website: You-Tube: Linked-In: Twitter:

www.blueapricot.co.uk www.youtube.com/blueapricotdigital www.linkedin.com/company/blue-apricot-ltd www.linkedin.com/company/blue

www.twitter.com/blueapricotdigi Facebook: www.facebook.com/blueapricot

IRELAND Main Office 21F Dundrum Road Newcastle BT33 0BG +44 (0) 28 9581 0163 sales@blueapricot.ie Dublin +353 (0) 1 443 4163

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