Welcome to Singapore!
We hope you enjoy your stay prior to boarding your designated ship. Upon arrival at the airport, please proceed through the normal customs/immigration requirements and collect your luggage. If you are missing luggage, please file a claim with the airline prior to leaving the airport. A copy of the claim should be kept for your records. You must notify the local Princess Representative and Crew Senior Assistant Purser aboard your ship as soon as possible.

If joining same day, you will be met by a Princess Cruises representative in the baggage area.

Please note the following instructions regarding your hotel and transportation:  The shuttle bus service from the airport to the hotel runs from 5:30a.m to 1:30a.m. The shuttle services stop at Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 once every hour. Hotel check-in is 2:00p.m.

Hotel information: Changi Village Hotel 1 Netheravon Road Singapore, 508502 

Telephone: (65) 6379 7111

At the hotel, please be prepared to give them your name and show your joining letter. The hotel front desk will give you instructions regarding your meals, restaurant hours, etc. Princess Cruises will pay for your room and tax, and meals. All incidental charges, such as phone, mini bar, in room movies, baggage handling etc. will be charged to your account and must be paid by you upon check out. Princess Cruises is not responsible for gratuities.

24 HOURS EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE 24x7 Crew Travel Services Help Desk: Phone (Toll-Free) 1-877-558-2739 International (Collect Calls) 1-661-753-2835

Transfer to the vessel the following day: Please be at your hotel lobby by 0800 for pickup, unless told otherwise at check in.

April 14, 2011