QA Methodologies and Test Management Systems

For the smooth progress of the software development process what is most important is the availability of advanced test management systems. If that is available then it can be said that half the job of the testers is done. But when selecting a test management system make sure that it fits well with the different QA methodologies. Now the most commonly used QA methodologies are Waterfall, Hybrid, V Model, and Agile. Now let’s look at the important aspects of the most common methodologies and how a good test management system should behave in the various methodologies. Waterfall model, being structured, well documented and a disciplined process is mainly used for stable projects. Since it is non-iterative it allows multiple projects to run at a time. A good test management system will allow multiple releases within each project so that the QA team can handle major, minor and patch releases without changing processes. V Model is a rigorous and measurable process and therefore is mostly used for complex projects. A suitable test management system helps in maintaining rigor in the testing process. It will also handle multiple testing cycles for System, Integration, and final Acceptance. Agile, as the name suggests, is a flexible and fast process and its most important aspect is that it minimizes risk by developing software in a short period of time. A good test management system not only organizes and tracks testing by iterations but also handles multiple iterations within each release. It also facilitates information sharing and instant communication among the onsite and offshore testers. Hybrid model is a combination of two or more QA methods. It makes transition from one model to another throughout the lifecycle of the project. A suitable test management system allows different models to co-exist peacefully by facilitating easy transition between various modes in the same system. It also allows reusability of test assets between different modes and lifecycles.

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