[All of CAT-99] Directions: Each question consists of five statements followed by options consisting of three statements put together in a specific order. Choose the option which indicates a valid argument, that is, where the third statement is a conclusion drawn from the preceding two statements. 1. A. B. C.


All software companies employ knowledge workers. Tara Tech employs knowledge workers. Tara Tech is a software company. Some software companies employ knowledge workers. Tara Tech employs only knowledge workers. 1. ABC 2. ACB 3. CDB 4. ACE



C. D. E.

Traffic congestion increases carbon monoxide in the environment. Increase in carbon monoxide is hazardous to health. Traffic congestion is hazardous to health. Some traffic congestion does not cause increased carbon monoxide. Some traffic congestion is not hazardous to health. 1. CBA 2. BDE 3. CDE 4. BAC


A. B. C. D. E.

Apples are not sweets. Some apples are sweet. All sweets are tasty. Some apples are not tasty. No apple is tasty. 1. CEA 2. BDC 3. CBD 4. EAC


A. B. C.


Some towns in India are polluted. All polluted towns should be destroyed. Town Meghana should be destroyed. Town Meghana is polluted. Some towns in India should be destroyed. 1. BDE 2. BAE 3. ADE 4. CDB


A. B.

D. E.

No patriot is a criminal. Bundledas is not a criminal. Bundledas is a patriot. Bogusdas is not a patriot. Bogusdas is a criminal. 1. ACB 2. ABC 3. ADE 4. ABE


A. B. C. D. E.

Ant eaters like ants. Boys are ant eaters. Balaram is an ant eater. Balaram likes ants. Balaram may eat ants.

1. Either the orangutan is not angry. AEB 4. A. EBA Directions: Each question has a main statement followed by four statements labelled A. and the two statements are logically consistent with the main statement. EBC 9. Ram and Sita are in great demand. DA Only 3. Ravana is a demon. CB and DA Either Ravana is a demon. EDC 8. B. Technology driven industry is modern. ABD 3. 1. BTI is a modern industry. CDB 4. Ram is handsome. B. C and D. ABC 2. The orangutan frowns upon the world. B. Some babies are smart. BA Only 3. 2. Some popular people are handsome. ABE 3. D. None of the above 10. D. ABE 3. C. Ram and Sita are MBAs. E. BTI is technology driven. or he frowns upon the world. Some smart people are not blue coloured people. All Golmal islanders are blue coloured people. B. Ravana is not a demon. C. The orangutan is angry. D. ACD 2. Sita is in great demand. The orangutan is not angry. C. DCA 4. E. 1. ABE 2. DB and CA . D. Some babies are blue coloured. AB Only 4. BTI may be technology driven. CD and BA 2 4. The orangutan does not frown upon the world. B. C. Choose the ordered pair of statements where the first statement implies the second. Modern industry is technology driven. E. CB Only 12. A. A. Ravana is a hero. 1. 1. E. D. MBAs are in great demand. Ram is in great demand.7. or he is a hero. 1. ADC 3. D. ABE All actors are handsome. B. BCD 2. 1. 11. C. Ravana is not a hero. CD Only 2. A. BCA 4. DCA 2. C. B. ACD 4. A. Ram is a popular actor. Some actors are popular. ECD 3. Some smart people are not Golmal islanders. A.

C. No frank people are crocodiles. C and D 2. 15. A. Some landslides cause havoc. No criminal is a patriot. Some XY are brittle. B. but not just from one of them. Some sloth bears are musk-deer. B and C 18. B. Water-buffaloes are not prehistoric creatures. DA 14. Some barkers are musk-deer. No opal is quartz. A. Rajeev did not dream about spiders. Some crazy people are pianists. Some singers are not fluorescent. C. All barkers are sloth bears. B. Some curios are glass things. 1. All pizzas are snacks. Dinosaurs are pre-historic creatures. C and B 4. B Only 3. Some meals are pizzas. No footballers are ministers. All knights are warriors. C. Some ghosts do not sing. D. A and D 4. All monkeys like bananas. Some who laugh are sphinxes. Diamonds are opals. D. All crazy people are whistlers. All good people are knights. I talked to my professors. D. Some whistlers are pianists. Cricketers indulge in swearing. No crocodiles are politicians. I did not talk to my professors. A Only 19. B. Each statement has three segments. All cops are brave. B Only 3. DC Only 3. 3 . C Only 2. A Only 4. All earthquakes cause havoc. All warriors are good people. CB 4. D. A and B 2. All ghosts are fluorescent. Some GI Joes are monkeys. Rajeev dreamt about spiders. DC 3. All clay objects are brittle. Those who swear are hanged. Choose the alternative where the third segment in the statement can be logically deduced using both the preceding two. No cowboys laugh. C Only 17. A. Water-buffaloes are not dinosaurs. A and D 4. MD is pretty. C. If I talk to my professors then I do not need to take a pill for headache. 1. Whenever Rajeev uses the internet. A. 1. Ram is not a patriot. I needed to take a pill for headache. AB and CD Directions: Each question has a set of four statements. All footballers are tough. B and C 3. D Only 16. Some earthquakes cause landslides. Rajeev did not use the internet. 1. Some actors are pretty. CD Only 4. B. All XY are clay objects. Some men are cops. D Only 2. D. B. All politicians are frank. A. Some ministers are players. I did not need to take a pill for headache. C. A. Some curios are transparent. MD is an actor. 1. All glass things are transparent. C Only 3. AD 2.13. No diamond is quartz. C. Some GI Joes like bananas. Some who are hanged are not cricketers. Some brave people are cops. 1. Rajeev used the internet. B. Some meals are snacks. he dreams about spiders. A. D. AB Only 2. Ram is a criminal. Some sphinxes are not cowboys.

All mammals are viviparous. A Only 4. Citizens of Yes Islands are young people. B Only 21. A few farmers are rocket scientists. D. 1. MD is not an actor. No bulls eat grass. No IIMs are BIMs. Poonam is made of teak. All birds are oviparous. Some young people are citizens of Yes Islands. All explorers live in snowdrifts. B and C 4. B. Poonam is a kangaroo. Citizens of Yes Islands speak only the truth. C. Some young people speak only the truth. C Only 4. All cops are brave. All poets are singers. Some IIMs are BIMs. C. 1. C Only 3. Citizens of Yes Islands speak only the truth. Some citizens of Yes Islands speak only the truth. Some fish are mammals. 1. No matadors are bulls. C. Many singers are not writers. Some penguins are explorers. All IIMs are in India. All actors are pretty. A Only 4. Some polar bears drive Cadillacs. Some fish are not oviparous. Young people speak only the truth. A and B 2. Some chicken are not giants. 1. Some rocket scientists catch snakes. Some BIMs are not in India. D. D Only 2. Some skunks drive Cadillacs. Some people speak only the truth. No mammal is oviparous. Some IIMs are not in India. Some poets are not writers. 1. Some creatures are not mammals. Some penguins live in snowdrifts. B Only 3. Some creatures are mammals. Akbar is shorter than Anthony. Some citizens of Yes Islands are in the Atlantic. Some creatures are viviparous. B Only 2. D. No BIMs are in India. C and D _________________________________________________________________________________________ _ 4 . D Only 23. A. Some BIMs are not in India. 1. C. A and C 3. All skunks are polar bears. Some people who speak only the truth are citizens of Yes Islands. Some men are brave. Some BIMs are IIMs. B. B. Amar is taller than Akbar. Some chicken do not climb beanstalks. Some kangaroos are made of teak. A. Some fish are viviparous. Some men are cops. C Only 4. A. Anthony is shorter than Amar. A. Giants climb beanstalks. A few farmers catch snakes. All matadors eat grass. B and C 20. C and D 3. Some mammals are viviparous. No BIMs are in India. B. A Only 2. A Only 2. Some Yes Islands are in the Atlantic. D. Some creatures are oviparous and some are not. A. Some IIMs are not in India. A Only 2. No BIMs are IIMs. D. MD is not pretty.C. C Only 4. D Only 24. Some fish are birds. B. D Only 22. Citizens of Yes Islands speak only the truth. B Only 3. D. B Only 3. All IIMs are in India. C.

14. 24. 10. 22. 18. 7. (1) (1) (1) (3) (2) 4. 13. 8. 12. 20. 11.[CAT] SYLLOGISMS [All of CAT-99] ANSWER KEY 1. 6. (4) (2) (4) (2) (3) 3. (1) (3) (3) (1) ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _ 5 . 17. (2) (2) (4) (2) (4) 5. 16. 9. 21. (2) (4) (4) (1) (3) 2. 23. 15. 19.

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