There are many types of numbers.

But all these numbers which are greater than 1 are again divided into two different categories. These two are categorized for integers only. One of them is Composite and the other is called Prime. Composite numbers are those numbers which can also be divided by other positive integers except it own and 1. But Prime are completely in opposite. They can only be divided by 1 and themselves. These numbers are used for encrypting data for security. Whenever a credit card number is typed online in a website, it is encrypted in prime numbers and sent towards its destination. It can only be decrypted by those who have encrypted it, and because it is encrypted in prime numbers, the hacker may not be able to easily hack it. For example changing 360 into prime numbers is 2*2*2*3*3*5 or 222335, which few people may understand. For checking a number whether it is prime or not, we start dividing it by starting from 2 till the half of the given number, if and only if the number is greater than 2.

¯½¾ f°    ¾nf 9¯   .

¯½¾ °¯ ¾f ¾ °¯ ¾nnf°f¾     ½¾ ° – ¾ n ½°f°   9¯ f n¯½  °½½¾ @ nf°°    f°   ¯¾  ¾   @ ¾ °¯ ¾f ¾ € °n½°– ff€¾ n J °  fn nf °¯ ¾ ½ °° °f ¾ ¾ °n½ °½¯ °¯ ¾f° ¾ °f ¾¾ ¾°f° nf°°  n½  ¾ f  °n½  f°  nf¾ ¾ °n½ °½¯ °¯ ¾  fn  ¯f° f   f¾fn  f¯½ nf°–°–°½¯ °¯ ¾¾&&&&&  n€ ½ ½ ¯f° ¾f°   n n°–f°¯   ¾½¯ °  ¾f  °– ¾f°–€¯  f€€ – °°¯  €f° °€ °¯ ¾– f f°  .

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