Get to know an author! Assignment 1 Research a British author of your choosing. He or She can be from any era.

Once you complete this project, you may not select a new author. You should use at least two sources (one print and one online source). You may NOT use Wikipedia. Include the following information: 1. Biography (approximately one page). Give a description of your author’s life, education, and career. 2. Major works (approximately one page). Identify at least 3 major works written by this author. Give a brief description of each work. 3. Read an excerpt of one of the works and do a review (approximately 1 page) of the excerpt. The review must be polished. Your research essay and review should be typed, double-spaced, and 12 point font (either Calibri, Arial, or Times New Roman). Use the guidelines for citing sources found at the OWL at Purdue website. See me for help if needed. Your project should include a title page, 3 pages of text, and a bibliography. Your essay is due NO LATER THAN

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