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array of tightly crafted tunes that masterfully straddled the razor-edge line between pop and prog rock. This live offering shows without a doubt that the band members have continued to hone their skills over time. There is a life and an urgency in these tracks that simply was not present in the original studio recordings. The respectably still-fresh amalgam of keys and strings on Cat Walk packs an astounding wallop! Staccato synth blasts, explosive AK-47 guitars, barbedwire solos and precarious, tightrope vocals make this live version an invigorating heart-shot of musical adrenalin!

Saga HEADS OR TALES LIVE Eagle Records

Saga is one of the best bands that youve possibly never heard of. The group has an incredibly impressive string of high-quality albums that sparkle with lightning fast virtuosity and compelling lyrical topics. Both a distinctive, consistent sound and a thoroughly mind-flummoxing, nonlinear epic tale that winds its way through a number of the albums have helped this ground-breaking ensemble maintain a devoted, worldwide fan base for over thirty years! Of the numerous releases, HEADS OR TALES was arguably one of the bands most solid works. It contained a wide Songwriters Monthly - Sept. 11, #140

Intermission rolls and churns with the hypnotic allure of an ethereal lava lamp. The meaty solo tears through the undulating swirl with a lethal crispness. The ferocity of precision on The Pitchman leaves you wondering if the band members themselves are not some otherworldly beings blessed with hyper-dexterity and nano-synch quantization accuracy. In other words, your jaw will drop all the way to the floor and you may even forget to breathe until the track is over! Yeah, these guys know how to wow! HEADS OR TALES LIVE revisits classic territory with a new level of intensity and fervor. A must have!