Today I’m going to present you our school. Colegio Loyola para la Ciencia y la Innovación First I’m going to show you the building. A part of the building is under construction so you will see the rest of the school. This is the entrance, we cross it every morning and the first thing we can see is the Auditorium, it is really dark and there are so many dirty pigeons. Here on Mondays, teachers speak to us and told us some things about the coming week. Here we also have some acts, performances and many other things. Here we got the stairs, long stairs that take us to the Principal’s office, teacher’s lounge and secretary. Down there is the mystery Baldomero’s class rooms. There is the fountain, and the natural highway. Over here is the classrooms highway. First we got 9º1,in front of this class room is the boys bathroom, it stinks, Over here is 8º4 a messy class room. This is the “Up Laboratory”. Here is 8º3, up here is 8º2 and 8º1. This is the main highway. There is the room where we keep the Laptops. Here is 9º3 and in front of this room is the girl’s bathroom. Down there we have “Down Laboratory”, Down we got Technology’s Laboratory. Then next to 9º3 it’s our classroom, it’s really nice compared to our old classroom, It was Horrible! We survive and we are really happy here. Now we are going to the cafeteria and the coliseum. Over there is the restaurant, here we can get some snacks that the Alcaldía gave to us. Also we can buy some food too. Here in the coliseum guys plays soccer, sometimes basketball and we do some recreations too. Guys would like to have the goal arch so we can play soccer easy. Here is the down part of school, this is new, here we can rest on the grass, guys can play, couples can kiss and we can see a little part of the city. This is our Building, I hope you like it Our School has really good teachers. [Name all Teachers] We work really hard every day, in our work groups, our websites and on Thinkquest, we use a lot of different resources and its awesome because thanks to that we can say that we are different, and being different it something really good.

Every day we had a lot of experiences, and all of them are Amazing, just the way they are. This was our school, hope you like it.