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The Mother Who Was Once Denied

The Mother Who Was Once Denied

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THE MOTHER WHO WAS ONCE DENIED This play is based on (fiction and truth) a happily married Southern couple who are God-fearing people who encountered some happy times and some crucial times in life. Tom, the husband, became a naïve and self-centered man who felt he could not deal with the tragic that caused the facial impairment of his wife. Minnie, the mother, suffered many heartaches when she was faced with the responsibility of taking care of two children and herself alone. The father, who had imposed domestic responsibility, as well as financial problems, upon her, decided to leave with the youngest child and moved to New York. Minnie wanted to work, but no one would hire her because of her face. She learned how to be patient and wait on the Lord, with a great determination to rise above all difficulties surrounding her during these difficult times. Fifteen years later, her child returns to visit her, with friends from New York. She admitted that she was ashamed of her mother’s face and denied her.
THE MOTHER WHO WAS ONCE DENIED This play is based on (fiction and truth) a happily married Southern couple who are God-fearing people who encountered some happy times and some crucial times in life. Tom, the husband, became a naïve and self-centered man who felt he could not deal with the tragic that caused the facial impairment of his wife. Minnie, the mother, suffered many heartaches when she was faced with the responsibility of taking care of two children and herself alone. The father, who had imposed domestic responsibility, as well as financial problems, upon her, decided to leave with the youngest child and moved to New York. Minnie wanted to work, but no one would hire her because of her face. She learned how to be patient and wait on the Lord, with a great determination to rise above all difficulties surrounding her during these difficult times. Fifteen years later, her child returns to visit her, with friends from New York. She admitted that she was ashamed of her mother’s face and denied her.

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inherited from your family. then looks around to see who is noticing her. SISTER ORAL MAE (gossiping) She might have something to be happy about. we’ll make it. do you realize the money you will have to put into a new place? We are bill free and have a chance to save more toward the children’s education... you sure do know how to get to my heart.. MINNIE Not this morning.. you and Jim must love it the same. I remember that evening when I called your mama and daddy out to the porch. I tell you one thing. MINNIE Tom. you don’t understand. (Notices the food) Ah. we are here today to give God the glory. Just think about how hard I worked this morning to get you out of bed. all right! I’m getting up. Remember. you hear me? When I saw her step inside. Wow. TOM What do you mean about that. so you go (points to self) where I go. they done well. Jim is trying to be smart. boy! You had better go in there and wash your face and brush your teeth before you reach for anything from my table. I would prefer a boy. JIM I don’t want Mama to be sick. a penny in the offering. I just said that to be funny. MINNIE It’s not good if you are late. MINNIE Okay. Wait until they start asking questions. Minnie. MINNIE (Screaming) No! Tom. You just encouraged me to be ready to answer questions. .. What was all of that commotion about this morning? Jim wants to get into the bathroom.. No way . so I make the decisions. (Sister Medley answers. putting a penny in the offering calling himself a cheerful giver.. Thank you for all things in Jesus’s name... got the children in and out of the bathroom. electronic or mechanical.” I have enjoyed every moment of it.) Pam and Jim. The Lord is still blessing.. PAM and JIM Yes. PAM What’s making Mama big if it ain’t food? TOM I don’t know. let’s go to church. PAM Make haste. SISTER JONES Well then. Did you hear what he just asked you? MINNIE Pay him no mind. MINNIE Jeffrey Street? That little house ain’t nearly as good as this one. JIM Ah. Your brother is waiting.. with my help.. Minnie goes in to get dressed.. Pam will tell me. .. TOM (Jumps up. Bless the whole world. (Notices the time) Tom! Look what time it is. TOM Okay. .. contact: Xlibris Corporation 1-888-795-4274 www. and I never asked what he said.. opening his eyes wide) I bet the doctor is going to say.. As Tom is making his way from the bathroom. you don’t know just how blessed you are.. (Kisses them off to school) PAM Mama. (He puts in a penny.. the devil made me do that. Tom crosses over to bathroom. prepares his lunch.. MEMBERS Yeah. she is almost eight now. it is necessary that you say that I am wonderful. looks at clock) Gee. To move now would only be a waste of money. Tom. If I want a strong baby. Hallelujah! REVEREND SPIKE Let us have a good time here today. you. What did you mean? TOM I meant we are moving as soon as I get a place. MINNIE Tom.. because you know and I know it is impossible to make this decision alone.. Tom has gone to work. we are going to fall. Don’t you want to get to church before service starts. Minnie finally takes her purse out of her bag and leaves Tom holding the bag.. You hear me? JIM Yes. “Tom! Tom! It’s all right now. He’s good all the time SISTER ORAL MAE Child Medley was stone drunk Friday night. a bridge over troubled waters. Pam. at twelve o’clock? PAM Mama. To order additional copies of this book.. TOM What did I say now? 18 Mary Bottom-Tinsley MINNIE You said something about moving. I can go back to bed after I eat. Creep. 12 Mary Bottom-Tinsley JIM (Snaps at Pam) Don’t rush me! You stayed in there a half of a day. What’s so special about today? MINNIE You plan to go to church. shaking her hand and opening her eyes wide.. we don’t have to talk on that again. MINNIE Yes. we became one. I’ve got to do the dishes! 24 Mary Bottom-Tinsley TOM Why don’t you leave them dishes for them children to do? MINNIE They don’t know how to do dishes. You might get dog bitten. The way he speaks. so be ready to explain. so I just assumed he said yes. kisses Tom... MINNIE (In a loud voice) Tom! TOM Okay.. (Shouts) SISTER JONES (Speaking to Oral Mae) Where did you see Sister Medley on Friday night? 33 The Mother Who Was Once Denied REVEREND SPIKE Praise him. MINNIE I don’t know what you want another baby for. I had my eyes on your daddy. the rocks will cry out. and a pretty good marriage. TOM I am just tired of farming.. Minnie.. what is it. Get up. Can I tell you what I want? 44 Mary Bottom-Tinsley TOM Yes. Tom... Here. I guess you’ll be shocking some mama’s boy out of his wits like your mama done me. MINNIE Ah. I just might lose it if I don’t get the proper rest. this house was . The devil made you do it... You should’ve talked it over with me before you made that appointment with Mr.... Tom... talking about how you believe the Lord likes a cheerful giver and putting in a penny .. MINNIE You talk foolish. he is blessing me right now. Thanks to you. you preaching. He is mighty good to me. (Takes her seat at the table) God is good to us. And what would happen to this house? TOM Rent it out. We have a fine little house to live in.. It seems just like ten years. Jim... PAM Put in an order from the mailman? JIM Yes.... Mama.. MINNIE Our house looks just as good as any other house available here in Pollock.. .. Matter of fact. and I will tell you and Jim what’s making her so big... I wouldn’t believed it. they are on their way.. gets romantic. you didn’t say nothing. MINNIE I do.. A lot of poor people wish they had a job to go to. Mama is going to have a baby. MINNIE Pam. TOM I’m the man... JIM Daddy. PAM Okay. nobody else’s. TOM There is always something for you to do.. including photocopying. My mother always told me to always give God some of my time. TOM I had never been so speechless in my whole life.. MINNIE Think before you speak. I just knew! I was gone. not knowing if you will get another job... Mama and Daddy.. Mama.. I love children enough to accept either one the Lord blesses us with. MINNIE (Turns to Tom) Tom. He will be a doctor in the sickroom. do you know what kind of coloring book he has in school? PAM Yes.. He will bless your soul right now if you accept him today. I pray to God my soul to take. END. He didn’t have to do it but he did.. I have work to be done. the head of the house.. ah... I don’t like to see you like this... There is nothing in this whole wide world that could ever stop me from loving you.. We have been united as one To each other we belong.. Daddy.. TOM I’m really surprised you let them go alone.. I don’t know what answer to give you about that. Then you said it ain’t much more we can ask the Lord for. TOM I only want one more Minnie. You are going to give up what you have.. MINNIE Second reason is. you was telling me it was all right. TOM We are going to make it. Jim makes face at Pam. TOM God bless this food that Minnie has prepared for the nourishment of our bodies. MINNIE (Talks to herself) Lord.01.. He went back after lunch a little late. We going to be late. Tom is dressed as he comes out of their room... You should thank God for the strength to get up.. Look at all of this good food. Tom! Don’t have them trying to put things together themselves. MINNIE Both of you had better shut up and eat. all right? TOM (Reading with pipe in his mouth) Minnie. This house is in much better condition than that one on Jeffrey St. MINNIE (Yells at Pam) Pam. She just said she was going to get me outside. TOM Minnie. you are going to tell on yourself. (Talks Minnie right into bedroom by embracing and kissing her).. Lord. “Yes. but I didn’t know how you would react to the memories. MINNIE What’s wrong with that? TOM I want a place of my own. we will talk about it at home. TOM I felt good. SISTER JONES What happened Friday night. maybe we should let Sunday school go until next Sunday. Minnie? MINNIE Seems longer than yesterday to me.. if that’s what you want. working like a slave over this hot stove preparing breakfast. because this $50 in my pocket. then yells out) Do you know what tomorrow is. I think we have a wonderful marriage..Early fifties Place . You must take care of him. MINNIE We can’t tell them nothing yet. This is a two-party deal now. without consulting God. MINNIE I guess it does. she looks back at Tom.. Pam. I would rather you promise me nothing. TOM Say yes.) TOM (Goes in to get dressed. PAM I’m finished. “If he or she got a gun.. MINNIE Have a good day. After all. PAM Mama.. MINNIE What kind of work would you do up there? TOM I don’t know yet.. You don’t know how to act when the children are not around.. Jim is leaning on the corner of the table.. behold.. you was talking about how hard you have to work.. Minnie? 25 The Mother Who Was Once Denied MINNIE Yes. Tom. I tell you. a brother for Jim. PAM and JIM (Singing and jumping up and down) We’re going to have a sister or a brother. PAM Mama. 37 The Mother Who Was Once Denied MINNIE Yes.. . huh? What if it be a girl? You know we can’t put it together with dough to make it what we want it to be. and I feel good.. Daddy and Mama. Sister Jones.. You didn’t come in until after midnight. I done finished my supper for the evening. TOM (Speaks as Minnie and the children walk off) Wait. .. . (Crosses over to bathroom) MINNIE (After minutes pass. (Everyone shakes hands. “Well then..) MINNIE What did you say. cleaning. but she is still big. come on out of there. Pam will be a teenager. (They go over to Tom and get on their knees. and eats. “Pam.. because everything we have comes from him anyway. TOM What do you want from me. Now this service will continue with offering. Since you’ll be home from work.. Let’s go. JIM All right. you make me strong.. two fine children. (Attempts to reach for bread on the table) MINNIE Ah . He is a baby... they have Mama and Daddy to carry groceries. Now I lay me down to sleep.. you’re going to need more than one job if you keep having children..Sister Oral Mae Member . TOM (Stands facing Minnie with hands on her shoulders) Without your understanding. I don’t believe this. Even though you are late. Daddy. with hands on Minnie’s shoulders) Minnie. though. Mama. TOM When are we going to tell Pam and Jim the news? MINNIE Tell them what? TOM About the baby. Once you married me. Number one reason is. If we stand together.. I bet he has more homework than Pam. We have a decision to make together. and I got nervous and couldn’t move. when you stood there shaking your head and with your eyes wide open and looking all wild... (It’s after Pam and Jim have finished their homework... I thought it was understood that we will have a house full of children. He . Tom. pulling his chair back.. Honey! When I saw that gun..Sister Jones 9 This play is based on a Southern family who has experienced some crucial times in life..... Everything my parents worked for is right here in this house. We have got to experience the bad things in order to know how to accept the good things that come our way. REVEREND SPIKE We must give God some of our time today. you hear me! It’s better late than never. I’m hungry. Mama. “Don’t eat too much. You just want to hear mama say what a nice little girl you are. . I’ve been up since five o’clock. She had told me how much she liked you.” TOM Mama might be getting big from something else other than food.) I am glad you got back before I left.. he says. Jones. TOM Well then. preach today.... he is going to get up right now! (Goes to their bedroom door) Tom. TOM (Pulls Minnie back) We will leave when I get an answer. (Talks to Jim in a soft voice) You just wait until I get you outside. You know what was so funny and still strike me as being funny about the whole ordeal? MINNIE What? 23 The Mother Who Was Once Denied TOM I never knew what your daddy said. I am. He’s only three now.. TOM Come on. You know that I love both of you.. TOM (Throws both hands up) Ah . I don’t know what I was thinking about. PAM Daddy! TOM Yes.. tell us what you want.. and both of them sit down. MINNIE (Stands up. I will allow him a little more time. JIM Mama. (Sister Medley shouts once more. Next morning. Remember? TOM They will probably forget all about it anyhow. 32 Mary Bottom-Tinsley REVEREND SPIKE God is all right. I am out. Tom..) Minnie... So you see. Pam.. That is a bad habit I have. Just be patient with me. PAM Well then.. Minnie. I would like to know what. TOM (Takes Minnie by the hands... talk to Jim.Xlibris. TOM All right.) 47 The Mother Who Was Once Denied TOM Pam and Jim. PAM A baby! A baby sister? JIM No. He attempts to take some juice.. Praise the Lord. Daddy... we have no way of knowing what it will be until it arrives. especially when you come up with your special ideas. MINNIE You want to make sure you keep it that way. helping with homework.. Minnie . MINNIE Ah. I have noticed that when I don’t do things decent and in order. SISTER JONES Hangover. this is the first time we talked about that after all these years.. (Comes out and speaks) Good morning.. Minnie. Let your daddy ask for the blessings. JIM (Gets happy. just this morning... MINNIE What poem? TOM Remember I wanted to recite to you this morning. Minnie gets the children ready for school. Minnie... no playing around. While Minnie is searching for money in her bag. They will see that I am getting bigger and bigger. As she enters the dressing room. Why not? JIM Oh. I didn’t know she knew how to curse. Mama. TOM Another guess.) MEMBER Is there anyone I missed? (Tom is holding Minnie’s bag tight under his armpit. Lord. You watched and learned by watching.” Just watch and see. 39 The Mother Who Was Once Denied MINNIE Why me? You feel that it’s time for another child. Matter of fact. I called you several times.. do it. TOM Very good... Mama. Yes.. MINNIE I do understand! If anybody understands what hard work is.. MINNIE I hope you don’t attempt to influence him by giving. Aint that right? MEMBERS All right Spike... ... No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means. As she moves across the floor. You can’t go to the store with Pam and me.. and you haven’t realized what a marriage consists of? Well. I must stop working. Daddy.. He woke me up this morning.. just like you. I’m hungry. he has reached the table. Let’s go.. 10 Mary Bottom-Tinsley TOM Well. but give me nothing. . TOM Children. Aren’t you glad that he loved us so much? MEMBERS Yeah Lord.. MINNIE Recite? Can’t it wait until we come home this evening? We are late. . two children to care for and one grown man to look after.. PAM Bye. Maybe I will start Pam washing dishes on her next birthday. ISBN: Softcover 978-1-4415-0243-8 All rights reserved. I think that’s what keeps us so close to one another.. TOM Pam and Jim. children. very upset. (She jumps up and shouts. (He holds his head in the palm of his hands. your little angel. Daddy. (Laughs) TOM I’ve thought about it too. whatsoever it be.. we have covered quite a lot of memories this morning. George. you better not bother your brother.... I am almost ashamed of you. Now here comes Sunday school.. MEMBERS Yes. without permission in writing from the copyright owner. I don’t believe this... I have the washing. it’s my fault because I should have made sure you got up first.. They got dressed by themselves. and the woman’s hair is her glory. Promise me everything. Minnie? MINNIE Another baby will keep me busy more than I am now. I thought she was finished. you are supposed to work hard and steady in order to survive. MINNIE Come. she is... Did you enjoy the message.. I decided to stay home today.. I ate all my food. that’s enough. It sounds like I hear him now. Remember when your mama got the gun after me? MINNIE Which time you talking about? TOM Which time. I was too embarrassed. and we thank those who wanted to give but didn’t have. He is better to me than I am to myself. Jim looks at Pam and sticks out his tongue as he returns to the breakfast table from the bathroom. have mercy. Jim should be rewarded for such good report today. MINNIE Tom. Mama. ..) MEMBERS Amen. And whatever you own is as much mine as it is yours.. Jim. don’t act like that. TOM What you mean you ain’t going.. MINNIE Tom. (Attempts to step away) TOM (Pulls Minnie back) Do we have just five minutes? 29 The Mother Who Was Once Denied MINNIE What is it now. how time flies past. I worked hard yesterday. You might not be happy with the work you are doing. You are right. then Reverend Spike gets up.. Jim you can let him slide. MINNIE What decision. children. Pam.) PAM Hey. an awful lot about Medley to not to be there yourself. “No. I want you to go straight to the breakfast room this morning. I’m surprised you remembered. You think you work hard. (Looks toward Minnie) I am the head.. Jim. . Yes. and any resemblance to any actual persons. I realize that the scripture tells us that woman is man’s glory . and don’t you think I am going to walk off from it just like that. and I will explain to Pam.. we got to go to Sunday school.. Minnie begins to get fat. He tried to get off. (Talking to herself) It seems like everything is left up to me around here. MINNIE Children. .. cleaned the children’s shoes off and polished them. When Tom and Minnie reach the church.. I never thought she would be the one to get rough. are you going to the doctor today? MINNIE Yes. it’s too late to go to the store now. 45 The Mother Who Was Once Denied JIM (Brings assignment to Minnie) See... JIM Mama. making decisions without you—and most of all... especially you. tell me...... MINNIE Yes. huh? I will bet you that within the next three months. Ronald and Terry In Memory of our two Deceased sons Norman & Gary PART 1 Time . “Let everything that have breath praise the Lord. and she will tell me. Go on and get washed up. We are going to be together until death do us part. our tenth anniversary. that’s what I need—a little brother to play with. REVEREND SPIKE In the 150th Psalm. It gives one such a good feeling just to be in the service of the Lord.. JIM You’re too big to have a little sister. I be done starved before Pam come out of the bathroom... .. TOM Minnie.” Then he took Mama inside...) REVEREND SPIKE There must be somebody here today that don’t know the Lord... I think I will invite my friend Joe for next Sunday. They have to be taught. TOM Minnie. Months later. PAM What else.. a couple of testimonies follow. we will have to eat cold food.... I just can’t leave here. MINNIE Well.. Minnie. . REVEREND SPIKE He will be to us just what we want him to be. the devil will step in and cause you to act like you acted today. don’t you touch that food. You told them that you would explain.. they would’ve looked to me to dress them. she must have been sick. and I don’t see a thing you done to yourself.. . TOM Minnie. Tom... mending.” TOM Yes. I will bring this message to a close soon.) MEMBER We thank you now for the grand total of $100. Who was we waiting on for almost an hour and a half before we could eat breakfast? TOM I was the last one into the kitchen. Thank you. but give me what you want to give me. TOM I felt good. Tom. It’s a blessing just having you as a wife... One day I’m going to move. (Attempts to get up) Let’s go. She fixes her hat and pats her hair and sits down. huh? MINNIE (Yells back) No. TOM You are very good for encouraging one. isn’t he? MEMBERS Amen. Daddy..... (She moves dishes from table. MINNIE I have thought about it. I am not going to work today.” He said. MINNIE (Finishes placing silverware and plates on table) Tom. TOM (Still eating) Bye.. It also explains why you are getting fat. I love you.) Hush up. Bye. jumping up there like a fool with a hand full of money. and we are all in good health. JIM Mama.. Minnie you are better at things like that than I am. Most of all. He is my all and all. but I managed to put up with it.. together we stand. I thought Minnie would be back by now. We’re going to have .. 40 Mary Bottom-Tinsley TOM What’s wrong. and stop complaining so much. Amen. .. MINNIE Tom. you know it. Tom? TOM Us serving the Lord is what keeps our marriage together. what about you? Sister Medley shouts help me Lord.. Something I can say that I have contributed toward. (Minnie remembers Tom’s conversation before breakfast about moving.. She is a Christian. your daddy is getting up today.. It’s our anniversary.. boy or girl. events. you got to stop eating too much food. Jesus. God bless Mama and Daddy. speaks in a loud voice) Goodness gracious! Minnie. MINNIE What if the Lord decided not to wake you up? There are so many who didn’t wake up this morning.. He is mighty good to me.. Thanks to you. PAM and JIM Okay.. we’ve got to eat off it next week. lately it seems so hard to get you up on Sundays.. I heard you... 41 The Mother Who Was Once Denied JIM (Kissed Mama and Daddy) Good night. money. Another child will mean that you will have to work harder. I am ready. 46 Mary Bottom-Tinsley PAM I want a sister too. Thank you Jesus. MINNIE My staying from work has nothing to do with explaining my fatness. but she sounded like she meant business. By the way! Getting back to what I asked you for before we went to church. SISTER JONES (Leans over to Sister Oral Mae) Medley needs to stop. If I had been up. When do you plan to make this move? TOM Just as soon as Mr.. recording. She is only seven now. 11 The Mother Who Was Once Denied JIM (Leaning on elbow on corner of the table) I just don’t feel like going to no Sunday school. because you are all I need in a woman.Reverend Spike Gossiper . Reverend Spike can really go when he wants to. Nappy say? MINNIE I am four months pregnant. Oh well...... a friend in the time of trouble. TOM Minnie.) .. TOM I made an appointment to talk to Mr... Don’t be stupid. what happened to you? All of a sudden.. Minnie. She is staying in there too long. We are blessed! I thank God for all of you all. you spoke with Jim’s teacher today? PAM Yes. MINNIE Pam.. 34 Mary Bottom-Tinsley TOM All the preacher wants is money. Pulling on my bag to stop me from putting my offering in.. Remember. MINNIE Thank God you could work.. takes her place at the table) Jim snatches magazine from Pam. school. so she probably felt the same way. REVEREND SPIKE He is a mighty good God. TOM Did she ever say anything about that evening to you? MINNIE No. Lord... you can bless the cold food and eat your warm heart out. MINNIE Oh yes.. Should be ashamed of himself.. and write my ABCs three times.. I see they did all right at dressing this morning.. Will it take long? TOM No. MINNIE You sound like you are already looking... your baby is just about to help himself to some juice. You are a kind and loving wife I can’t go wrong. MINNIE (Laughs) You are so right. 13 The Mother Who Was Once Denied PAM I ain’t bothering him yet. TOM I don’t need but one job. MINNIE That’s good logic. The Lord will pay him for preaching Minnie... it’s Monday.. Edward Tinsley and our Children Jean. because she was ready. MINNIE You be good today. go ahead and marry him. Mama. a lawyer in the courtroom. MINNIE Yes. I worked hard yesterday. Daddy takes a long time. (Pauses again) With all of my efforts.. PAM When he sees me at recess.. JIM (Moving his head. Remember we need all we can save up toward Pam’s and Jim’s education. I praise his name. We make our decisions together. but it was your mama. Every day I get up so early .) PAM Daddy. I am not ready yet. I got enough to do with them two we have already. (She pulls door closed. for we are here today and gone tomorrow. it says. you wouldn’t get another child. “Oh yeah! What’s all right?” TOM (Laughs) You know.. how was your day? JIM Good... Mama? MINNIE When you are a little older.. We have got to talk. she only got the gun after me once. Tom and Minnie go over and sit near Pam and Jim. (Laughs) TOM Minnie.. I planned to send the children to Sunday school this early. TOM I hope when they get ready for questions.. I hope you have thought about how steep the cost of living is nowadays. She just said it. and I got joy out of listening to him. MINNIE We have been blessed.. you can’t bless the food.. school. Minnie meets him as she attempts to enter their room.. I’ve got to be back by the time Tom comes home for lunch. PAM I thought you was hungry. for all the glory belongs to him. Tom. TOM You made my mind go back. prepared a hot breakfast.. Keith about that little house on Jeffrey Street next Wednesday. JIM Eat his heart out. Mama. This is a work of fiction... how time passed. your mama started slinging those ungodly words. I do know that that was my first time and the last time I heard her curse. Tomorrow is not promised. 26 Mary Bottom-Tinsley TOM You do know. Mama..Jim Preacher . MINNIE If you said I wasn’t wonderful. Then there’s Tom! Tom! Get up! Man. I admit I was wrong. I can take it off.. (Walks over and turns the radio off) Minnie! Make haste and come out here. “Minnie. Oral Mae! You know. looking wild) No no no no! It doesn’t work like that. REVEREND SPIKE (Sings) God be with you. Remember that. I am up. Tom. REVEREND SPIKE We are having a mighty good time here. MINNIE Why? TOM I don’t have to explain what’s making you fat... but I can’t follow you off to nowhere I am not sure of.. TOM Yes. ... I was good in school today. PAM All right. JIM Yes. trying to see that everybody is up... Tom? I’ve got to get dressed... (Turns to Pam) How is my little princess? MINNIE Tom. you had better check Jim’s homework. I am leaving in a little while.. is the man crazy? Lord... God blessed us with one child And came right back with child number 2... to be in the recovery room. TOM (Moving toward room where Minnie is) What is the second reason? You had better hurry up with it. I work six days a week.. Daddy.. I don’t go where you go unless we come to an agreement. MINNIE Oh.. TOM I don’t see why I can’t come in there. TOM Minnie! I didn’t know that you been sick. TOM Ah.. characters.. we’re going to have a sister or a brother. Say Amen. Plus... MINNIE No! The second reason will take care of that. Oral Mae? Medley don’t drink... why? MINNIE I have things to do.. I tell you what. Pam is reading. The Lord loves cheerful givers. MINNIE All right.. (Pam and Jim go into their room. nobody appreciates me. didn’t he? MINNIE Yeah....... leave your brother alone! Tom. SISTER MEDLEY I know him for myself. Amen.. that did it. from what.. MEMBER offering Thank you for the sum of $100. I am not quite ready for that again. You had better let well enough alone. be patient. along with Sister Medley. REVEREND SPIKE Sisters. I am up! MINNIE Children. But as soon as we’re divided. Daddy will explain to you. Pam. Matter of fact.. MINNIE What’s that.. I enjoyed Spike... You ain’t made nothing yet.. TOM (Jumps up) I believe the Lord will bless a cheerful giver..... (Pauses) school five days a week. It means to eat as much as you can hold. I guess she just wasn’t ready to give me up for marriage. JIM Mum hum . If you head for hell. (Pauses and then hugs her) Oh God! Minnie. get up! These children are getting a late start because of you.. she told me that Jim was very good today. That’s how the mailman delivered the order. I just have a little bit of homework to do. Pam... It seems as you wrote it just for me.. that’s true. but I know I can get something.. I stood with one foot on the bottom step and the other one in the yard. Minnie. Don’t take him for granted.. Early Sunday morning... I never seen you so upset. We are already late for church. you are dressed for church. do I appreciate you! (Sits down with Minnie on his knee) MINNIE I appreciate you too..” MINNIE I mean for you to eat this morning. (They reach home. Pam? PAM A sister for me. Pam. Mama went to the doctor this morning. . PAM All right. Tom! Get up.. SISTER MEDLEY Yes.. REVEREND SPIKE He is my rock in the weary land..... MINNIE (Looks at the clock) My Lord. I just want to sleep this morning. Thanks to the brother. Mama.... TOM Ah. MINNIE (Returns to table and sits) Well. MINNIE Bedtime... The next thing I knew.. you can’t get no sleep around here... Dad. (Rubbing his stomach and moving his mouth) Good gosh. When you have a family... MINNIE You get them up. she takes a couple of steps toward the bathroom. what would I do? I think I would be miserable my whole life through. I never thought of her coming back with no gun.. Pam. and I answered questions in class. MINNIE Pam. We got to eat next week. that’s good. MINNIE I don’t believe you heard a word I said about our marriage.. don’t you.. my mind is made up. “Mama and Daddy.... we will be out of here.. I don’t know about you.....) Come on. (Tom returns to work for the afternoon... (Laughs) I remember you had one foot in the yard and the other one on the bottom step as if you was saying to yourself. child.. Who Was Once Denied Mother The Mary Bottom-Tinsley The Mother Who Was Once Denied The Mother Who Was Once Denied Mary Bottom-Tinsley Copyright © 2009 by Mary Bottom-Tinsley.. That’s just where it better stay—in your mind. TOM I might forget what I want to say later. You are a good wife. TOM There is work out there. so he is most likely making up for the extra time used for lunch.. You are starting today. Tom? 15 The Mother Who Was Once Denied TOM I said I worked hard yesterday. (Attempts to reach for plate) 16 Mary Bottom-Tinsley MINNIE Ah. TOM Now I do feel bad that I didn’t give any more.. PAM (Comes out of bathroom) Jim.. a baby brother.. Just hang on in there with me. We have to 36 Mary Bottom-Tinsley be sincere.. or locales is entirely coincidental. I can’t find words to talk to them about that.) TOM Repeat after me.. when Mama goes to the doctor. Mama.... Spike. MINNIE (Slaps Jim’s hand) Wait.. I winded up asking Mama and Daddy for myself... Minnie? 20 Mary Bottom-Tinsley MINNIE I ain’t going.. I really enjoyed the service. Mama.... . but thank God for the job anyhow. .. here she comes out with a gun.. is MEMBERS Go head. so I should get what I want. MINNIE Tom. let’s eat. there is! MINNIE So you sound like there is more to ask for. but this I know.) Mr. SISTER ORAL MAE (Continues to answer Sister Jones) The Blue Recovery Room is a bar.. ... she will have boys on her mind and won’t know how to boil water.... I should have talked about it before I made the appointment. MINNIE That’s enough about that lousy penny.. 17 The Mother Who Was Once Denied MINNIE (Gets the brush and brushes Jim’s and Pam’s hair and then sends them off to Sunday school) Okay. but— MINNIE But nothing.. His name is worthy to be praised..” And you said. I have to manage with one of us working sooner than I expected. I just thought about what you said when you sat down to breakfast. Amen! 31 The Mother Who Was Once Denied REVEREND SPIKE Yeah! We must give God the glory right now.) I think I love you because of the things you say sometimes. then. You just said it all. I thought I was dreaming for a while. I don’t know the name of it. MINNIE Tom! Get up! It’s seven o’clock already. You are right.. Mama and Daddy. A member holds the basket for the offering. I bet the children been looking for us. Make haste and get out of here. MINNIE You seem to find words to convince me to have another child. . Mama stirring about round the stove.. And.. Oral Mae? REVEREND SPIKE Aint he good? SISTER ORAL MAE Sister Medley had a hangover. (By this time.. There ain’t much more we can ask from the Lord.. Mama? MINNIE Just a saying.. ain’t that right? SISTER MEDLEY Amen.. you are the head of the house. MINNIE Give them a couple of years. mercy me.. mama. you are arousing curiosity with a statement like that... JIM When are we going to eat breakfast.. and I answered questions for the teacher... Bye. What did Dr. Jim.. but I tell you: all the glory is God’s.. I pray to God my soul to keep... Jim! Don’t play with strange dogs.. JIM Bye..Louisiana / New York Cast of Characters Mother ...com Orders@Xlibris.. I want you to go to the store with me so you can get his coloring book for him. He certainly used you today. then you explain... Daddy. go ahead and send them. huh? You had better count it a blessing that you are able to work.. Let them do some things for themselves. MINNIE (Takes Pam and Jim by the hand) Come on. I expected your daddy to say something when I asked to marry you. I am sure you will do all right when they start asking questions. He knows the word now. Pam is staying in the bathroom too long. JIM Me too. go to your room please. (Members of the choir answer. I have to talk with your daddy. Tom (Both of them stand up and embrace one another. will two babies arrive? MINNIE Why two.) SISTER ORAL MAE (Answers Sister Jones question) Child Medley was at the Blue Recovery Room Bar. . Minnie? PAM The doctor’s going to tell her.) This song is the benediction until we meet again. and I will feed them and get them off to Sunday school. Tom gives nothing. MINNIE Promise me everything. and I will not repeat it... Reverend is preaching today... Tom.... So that’s while you’ve been getting sick.Tom Sister . because if we are not.. Tom. Tom.... as Minnie moves about in the kitchen listening to the radio while preparing breakfast she realizes time is passing rapidly. to carry the family’s name. it’s me. so they can do the same thing.. he is everything to me... Keith. He gave Mama the mail. you won’t forget it... Tom? TOM I have something to recite to you... We are going to have a boy... you are forcing me to say yes. Minnie. not a word... Stay off my feet. school! School... PAM (Kisses Mama and Daddy) Good night. TOM A couple years? You had better give them some responsibility now! Look what happened this morning. TOM I would never fail to recognize you as the most wonderful thing that could ever happen to me. MINNIE I know that! You don’t want my opinion. I hear an awful lot of talking in the background.. because before Pam left for school this morning.. MINNIE Why should shaking my head and opening my eyes wide make your mind go back? TOM (Laughing) It wasn’t you. so you do just what you want to do. Tom. church this early? MINNIE No... A couple of members go over and hold Sister Medley while she shouts. our own home. don’t you come in here now. I do realize how much God has blessed us. PAM All right. they will ask you. Minnie. We thank you who have and didn’t give. (As Minnie walks across the floor.. REVEREND SPIKE Praise the Lord. Deborah. the choir is singing. I have an idea what’s wrong. JIM I want a coloring book like the one I have in school. He is so good that he gave his only begotten son to die for our sins. If we don’t praise him.. Minnie. I have to stay off my feet as much as possible. cooking. You better stop her from eating so much food. Think about what we have here... that’s nice. She is getting too big from eating so much food. I’m serious.. (Pulls Minnie close) You know. She looked so innocent. Tom.. Pam notices her.. the mailman done give Mama the child. What did you think it was. Praise God. Some woke up and couldn’t get up. You can’t be clean because you didn’t stay in there long enough.. We don’t really need to leave here. (Placing food on table) JIM (Comes out rubbing the sleep from his eyes) Ah. Satan has a job to do. get out of that bed. Gee.. I end up in a mess. you had better make haste and get out of that bed.. Mama. Why are you so surprised that I let them go alone? It’s only a mile up the road. You are special to me. Mama. TOM So then the answer is yes.... TOM You are wonderful. and if I die before I wake. JIM Mama.. don’t think I’ll follow you there.. don’t you? TOM Ah. Sister Jones.. let me tell you that this house is just as much yours as it is mine.... huh?” I said. MINNIE After you do your homework.. MINNIE How are my babies doing? (With arms around both children) Jim. she turned on you like that. .) That is enough about the children. MINNIE I know. so you can check it while Pam and I go to the store. you can explain to them.) TOM (In a loud voice) Do you want me to come in there and tell you what I want another one for? So we can agree. MINNIE Mama must have known while you called them out. MINNIE (Laughing) After Daddy got Mama calmed. Minnie? 21 The Mother Who Was Once Denied MINNIE I want you to act like you’ve got some sense.Pam Brother .. not by me. Tom. dead. MINNIE I guess you are right. “Mrs. Just wait and see. I will teach him.... and Sister Oral Mae.. She gets happy all the time. he begins to talk to himself. but I know it when I see it.. for you! (Still laughing) I said. It’s near your bedtime now.. MINNIE Mark my word. a hospital? SISTER JONES (Oral Mae talks out loud. He pulls her close. REVEREND SPIKE Let everybody say Amen. that’s all you have to say. He is my shelter in the time of storm.. All you will have to do is tell me what you want me to do. providing you keep a job to support them.. Make haste so Daddy can go in.) PAM (Returns from school with Jim) Hey.. MINNIE That’s plenty enough to keep you busy until bedtime. REVEREND SPIKE When things are not going smooth in your life.. (Minnie notices the time. Tom? TOM Another child. (Looks off) Women! Women! Think they know everything. that poem I wrote for you is about our children.) My god! Yes. Daddy is still sleep anyhow.. Come on. how did you feel.. What’s the matter? Have you been to the doctor? MINNIE No. Did you find out what the doctor told her? TOM Oh yes. PAM Okay.... I admit we have a pretty good marriage. TOM I am glad Pam and Jim didn’t get home yet... give him the glory anyhow. PAM Mama. Names. get them dressed. he did. the doctor will tell her. and yes. MINNIE Leave him alone. you go and get dressed while I do the dishes. Will one of the brethren come to lift the offering? Amen. why? MINNIE Because. or by any information storage and retrieval system... you can understand the word so clearly.... within another six to seven years. where is Daddy? MINNIE Your daddy should be coming in soon. TOM What about another baby? MINNIE (Pulling away) Tom. 22 Mary Bottom-Tinsley MINNIE (Laughing) I know.” Daddy said.. Tom pulls on her bag..... and they will not forget that you said you would tell them.. Pam notices how big her mama is getting..” Christians and friends. Brothers and sisters shouldn’t fight but take care of one another. I have to write my name ten times. MEMBERS Yes. you still wouldn’t say nothing. MINNIE A boy? Just like that. after Friday night. I hope everything is all right. Don’t come to my table like that.. Ain’t that right? MEMBERS Yeah! 30 Mary Bottom-Tinsley REVEREND SPIKE He is so good that he gave his only begotten son to die for your sins and my sins.. I am hungry. Jim runs to Mama.. Most likely that’s what I will get. such as having another baby. 42 Mary Bottom-Tinsley (Minnie walks in. REVEREND SPIKE I know him as a savior. Minnie. Don’t walk in the middle of the road. JIM Mama. living or dead. I have a lead way for running.. You are going to Sunday school today! 14 Mary Bottom-Tinsley JIM Is Daddy gonna get up today? Can’t I bless my own food? MINNIE No. Bye.. Jim. (Goes into her room and get her jacket and leaves for doctor’s appointment) TOM (Comes home for lunch. MEMBERS Amen! REVEREND SPIKE He is my light and my salvation. if its anything that really mean something to you. you have said all the things we have been blessed with. so be thankful. You are going to stay home with your daddy. Daddy? MINNIE Tom. Keith draw up the papers. She shocked me too. places and incidents either are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Pam going to hit me when she get outside. (Stands with hands on hip and pauses) Here I am. right now.Minnie Father . your daddy is too rich for me.. and all of a sudden.. Tom. (Walks back and forward across the floor) MINNIE (Comes out) Okay. let’s get out of here. for my family. Mama.. Pam attempts to hit Jim. Yeah.. I am the baby. 28 Mary Bottom-Tinsley TOM I’ll help you more than what I’ve been helping. 43 The Mother Who Was Once Denied MINNIE They ain’t stupid. your daddy will be in soon. (Still looking wild) TOM Calm down.Sister Medley Member .com 54768 This play is dedicated to my husband Rev.. MINNIE We don’t want to have more children than we can take care of. Pam and Jim. “You done got tired of your mama and daddy. get up! You are going to Sunday school. Don’t you think so? TOM Yes. If I hadn’t been there to see it for myself. TOM No big deal. you are going anyhow. Ain’t you starving by now? (Takes magazine to read. ah . TOM Why? 27 The Mother Who Was Once Denied MINNIE Two reasons why you can’t come in here. Five more years.. (Speaks in a soft voice.) We thank you who gave in this offering. TOM Yes. claps his hands together) Ooh-wee. MINNIE Pam! Goodness gracious. .. TOM Man... he is my savior. TOM What’s that.) Oh my goodness! Pam..) Pam! Where is your brother? (No answer from Pam) Jim! Didn’t you hear your daddy call out for you to get up? Boy.. Pam and Jim are already seated. you don’t have time. we appreciate everything you do.. When he reaches Tom.. It belongs to both of us. you know your daddy got to ask God’s blessings first.. This book was printed in the United States of America.. get off. JIM (Jumps up and down) Arrive! Arrive from where. TOM You going to make them go even though they are already late? Ah. and I didn’t say anything to her either. PAM Mama.. Mama. Baby. MINNIE Tom. she asked me if I was going to see the doctor.. say your prayers so you can go to bed. MEMBERS That’s right.... children. TOM The store is right up the road from the church. (Stick his tongue out again) MINNIE Pam. If you don’t.. do you think you will make Tom a good wife?” I said.. as long as we do things together. he is staying home with you. To my surprise. Then I said to you. thank you. (Tom is still pulling on Minnie’s bag.. MINNIE If I quit working Tom... I remember. Not that I have enjoyed every moment.. 19 The Mother Who Was Once Denied TOM You don’t believe what? MINNIE I don’t believe you would give this house up for that shack on Jeffrey Street. why do you have to talk like that? All right.. Minnie. You don’t let them go to the store. Bye.. boy. (Tom comes in. TOM It seems just like yesterday when we said “I do. (Looks at Tom) This is where I was born and raised. and you. TOM Stop working and stay off your feet? MINNIE Yes.. MINNIE Shut up. SISTER MEDLEY Yes... PAM A big baby.. but I couldn’t speak or move.. After the choir sang. Don’t spoil them too much. be careful. TOM Be taught? I bet your mama didn’t teach you. okay! I’m getting up.. Don’t go filling them children’s little minds up with things they don’t understand right now. will you all let Tom take me to be his wife?” Mama said. 38 Mary Bottom-Tinsley TOM I did. I have to write my name ten times. what is it? PAM Mama was sick this morning. TOM What you mean I wouldn’t say nothing? I couldn’t speak! I heard you calling me. another child pops up in your mind.. Make haste and finish your homework.. I am glad I stayed in the bed late. but I didn’t have time before church. Sister. You mean to tell me that we have been together all these many years.. you two. So you see.. MINNIE Sunday school is where you learn all about God and his Son. 35 The Mother Who Was Once Denied TOM Why? MINNIE (Minnie is embarrassed to talk now... huh? REVEREND SPIKE Praise the Lord. you don’t want to go that bad.. but I was too embarrassed to bring it up. very much. If you don’t be careful. MINNIE (Laughing) Why don’t you be direct with your answers. Time will tell what that is within the next nine months or so. God bless you. Come on and recite the poem. buster. Let us not put off today for tomorrow. when is she going to the doctor? MINNIE Tomorrow. Tom? TOM Yes. what’s making her so big? TOM Daddy put in an order for another child.. Jim. She calls out to Tom.. TOM Oh yes. and she ate it up.. but with the forceful determination to rise above all difficulties surrounding them. (Pushes him toward the bathroom) TOM (Yells from the bedroom) I guess that’s my fault that they are late

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