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Published by: Vina 비나 Pedro on Sep 09, 2011
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Va|ueŴ 1he acLual daLa asslgned Lo a proflle properLyŦ lor exampleţ Lhe proflle properLy ƍllrsL nameƍ
mlghL have Lhe value ƍ!ohnŦƍ
Var|antŴA slngle comblnaLlon of Lhe aLLrlbuLes LhaL are avallable for a producLŦ lor a glven Lype of shlrLţ
for exampleţ each comblnaLlon of colorţ slzeţ and unlque sLockŴkeeplng unlL (Sku) ls a varlanLŦ Lach
producL varlanL always lncludes a unlque ldenLlflerţ such as a sLockŴkeeplng unlL (Sku)ţ and a prlceŦ Lach
producL varlanL ls based on Lhe same producL deflnlLlonŦ
Vert|ca| sca||ngŴ lncreaslng Web slLe capaclLy by upgradlng hardware (for example addlng 8AM or
processors)ţ whlle malnLalnlng Lhe physlcal fooLprlnL and number of servers ln Lhe server clusLerŦ Also
called scallng upŦ
v|gnette adŴ An ad composed of LexL LhaL ls dlsplayed ad[acenL Lo Lhe lmage where Lhe ad ls dlsplayedŦ
1he LexL can be Lo Lhe lefLţ rlghLţ or Lop of Lhe ad lmageŦ
V|rtua| cata|ogŴ A caLalog LhaL references Lhe producL daLa ln one or more base caLalogsŦ lf you add a
producL Lo a base caLalogţ Lhe producL may also appear ln Lhe assoclaLed vlrLual caLalogţ dependlng on
Lhe lncluslon rulesŦ ÞroducLs are represenLed once ln Lhe daLabase regardless of how many vlrLual
caLalogs Lhey appear lnŦ A vlrLual caLalog lnherlLs all Lhe languages of Lhe base caLalogsŦ 1here are Lhree
prlmary uses for vlrLual caLalogsť Lo aggregaLe mulLlple caLalogs so Lhey appear as one caLalog Lo usersŤ
Lo prlce producLs ln mulLlple currenclesŤ and Lo provlde speclal prlclngţ or subseLs of producLsţ for
speclfled groups of usersŦ
V|rtua| d|rectoryŴ A dlrecLory nameţ used ln a Web addressţ LhaL corresponds Lo a physlcal dlrecLory on
Lhe serverŤ someLlmes called u8L mapplngŦ ln lnLerneL lnformaLlon Servlces (llS0 3Ŧ0) a vlrLual dlrecLory
ls Lhe nexL lLem ln Lhe MlcrosofL ManagemenL Console (MMC) hlerarchy under a Web slLe (vlrLual
server)ţ and lnherlLs properLles from Lhe Web slLeŦ Some of Lhese properLles can be overrldden aL Lhe
vlrLual dlrecLory levelŤ oLhers cannoLŦ AppllcaLlonsţ lncludlng Commerce Server appllcaLlonsţ are aL Lhe
vlrLual dlrecLory level ln llSţ and have Lhe same parenLŴchlld relaLlonshlp wlLh Lhe Web slLeŦ
V|rtua| |og f||eŴ nonŴphyslcal flles LhaL are derlved from one physlcal log flle by Lhe SCL Server uaLabase
V|rtua| serverŴ Also called a Web slLe (such as Lhe defaulL Web slLe)Ŧ A vlrLual compuLer LhaL resldes on
an P11Þ server buL appears Lo users as a separaLe P11Þ serverŦ Several vlrLual servers can reslde on one
compuLerţ each one capable of runnlng lLs own programs and each one wlLh lndlvlduallzed access Lo
lnpuL and perlpheral devlcesŦ Lach vlrLual server has lLs own lnLerneL domaln name and lnLerneL
ÞroLocol (lÞ) address and appears Lo users as an lndlvldual Web slLeŦ Some lnLerneL Servlce Þrovlders
(lSÞs) use vlrLual servers for Lhose cllenLs who wanL Lo use Lhelr own domaln namesŦ An lSÞ may wanL Lo
creaLe mulLlple lnLerneL lnformaLlon Servlces (llS) 3Ŧ0 Web slLes and unpack Commerce appllcaLlons for
dlfferenL cllenLs lnLo separaLe llS Web slLesŦ Commerce appllcaLlons under dlfferenL llS Web slLes can
share global resourcesŦ
V|s|tŴ A serles of requesLs by a userŦ vlslLs begln ln one of Lwo waysť users can be referred Lo Lhe slLe
Lhrough a llnkţ or Lhey can Lype Lhe slLe u8L lnLo Lhelr browserŦ A vlslL ends when a speclfled perlod of
Llme (Lhe defaulL ls 30 mlnuLes) has passed wlLhouL any addlLlonal requesLs Lo Lhe slLeŦ
V|s|t durat|onŴ 1he Llme beLween Lhe flrsL and lasL requesL of a vlslLŦ 1hls Llme does noL lnclude Lhe Llme
a user spends vlewlng Lhe lasL requesL of a vlslLŦ

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¯¯ n  f½½nf°¾ °  €€  °  J  ¾ ¾ nf° ¾f – f ¾n ¾  I¾ ¾  ¾€  ¾¾ f¾  I¾¾ –°°° €f¾ ¾ ¾nf°  €   ¾  –f°  nf°½  ¾ D°  ¾  ¾ ° ¾ °f¾½ n€ ½  € ¯ %  €f¾¯° ¾%f¾½f¾¾ f°f °f  ¾¾ ¾  I¾ f° @ ¯   ° €¾f° f¾  ¾€f¾ @¾¯   ¾°°n  ¯  f¾ ¾½ ° ¾ °– f¾  ¾€f¾  .

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