Verse 1 Am E C E/B The Lord found me helpless and surrounded by my enemies Am E C E/B Thundering from heaven his voice scattered them from me Am G F E from his anger, the mountains shook Am E C E/B In His mighty fortress I take refuge from my foes Chorus 1 Am E F Just as brutally as Christ was crucified Am E F just as mockingly as he was led up Golgotha G Am he made a spectacle of them G he crushed our enemies

Verse 2 Am E C E/B I call on you God for you will hear and answer my prayer Am E C E/B shelter me from the prince of the power of the air Am G F E hide me in the shadow of your wings Am E C E/B show love to those who in you take refuge from their foes Bridge 1 Am E Am Am E Am You are Wor - thy of all Prai - ses Am E Am Am E Am You are Wor - thy of all Prai - ses

Bridge 2 C G F Am he beat them fine as dust borne on the wind C G Am he poured them out like mud in the streets C G Am G E he is the God who avenges me saves me from my enemies Chorus 2 Am E F G Christ displayed his might on the cross at Calvary he won the victory Am E F though he bled and died he raised himself up in three days G Am he conquered death & hell & grave

By The Parsons, Mars Hill Church

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