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Oracle Apps_ Updating Price List Lines - API Approach

Oracle Apps_ Updating Price List Lines - API Approach

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Published by: Raj on Sep 09, 2011
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Oracle Apps
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Updating Price List Lines - API Approach
Script for Updating Price List Lines :Issue :- Ne e d to update unit price of ite m s which are in give n Price List ans having unit price as $9999999.

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Process Followed :- First e nd date all the line s in Q P_LIST_LINES which falls unde r above conditions and the n inse rt ne w re cords in Q P_LIST_LINES.


A PI Used :- qp_price _list_pub.proce ss_price _list(Both for Inse rt and Update )

▼ 2011 (4) ► May (2) ▼ January (2) Concurrent Program Information Updating Price List Lines - API Approach
Steps Followed :1. C re ate a staging table to store Ite m _Id, Ne w Unit_Price , Transaction_ID, Status and Errror_Me ssage . 2. C re ate d a synonym , se que nce , trigge r and inde x on staging table . 3. Validate d Ite m s Ids give n (For Duplicate R e cords, Null R e cords and e x iste nce of ite m ids) in the data file ). 4. Se nd List_He ade r_Id, List_Line _Id, Pricing_Attribute _Id and fie ld that has to be update d (In this e x am ple , e nd_date _active ) and ope ration should be qp_globals.g_opr_update.


================================================================ =========== Staging Table , Synonym, Sequence, Trigger Creation SET serverout on size 1000000 CL SCR; PROMPT +------------------------------------------------------------------------+ PROMPT Execution of script starts PROMPT +------------------------------------------------------------------------+ --drop table lss_unit_price_stg; CREATE TABLE lss_unit_price_stg( transaction_id_stg NUMBER NOT NULL ,status_stg VARCHAR2(2) ,item_id NUMBER ,unit_price NUMBER ,error_message VARCHAR2(2000) ); --drop synonym lss_unit_price_stg; CREATE SY NONY M lss_unit_price_stg FOR lss.lss_unit_price_stg;

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status_stg FROM DUAL. END. :NEW. / =============================== Package Body CREATE OR REPLACE PACKAGE BODY lss_unit_price_update_pkg IS PROCEDURE unit_price_validate (p_list_header_id IN NUMBER) IS l_error_msg VARCHAR2 (3000). 'VE').NEXTVAL. CURSOR item_stg_cur IS SELECT item_id. END IF. CREATE UNIQUE INDEX lss_unit_price_stg_ui ON lss_unit_price_stg(transaction_id_stg).--drop index lss_unit_price_stg_ui. -. 'N' INTO :NEW. --drop sequence lss_unit_price_stg_s1. END lss_unit_price_update_pkg. CREATE SEQUENCE lss_unit_price_stg_s1 START WITH 1 INCREMENT BY 1. PROCEDURE unit_price_load (p_list_header_id IN NUMBER).transaction_id_stg. CURSOR dup_item_cur IS SELECT item_id FROM lss_unit_price_stg GROUP BY item_id HAVING COUNT (*) > 1. / ============================ Package Specification CREATE OR REPLACE PACKAGE lss_unit_price_update_pkg IS PROCEDURE unit_price_validate (p_list_header_id IN NUMBER). .Creation Of Trigger CREATE OR REPLACE TRIGGER lss_unit_price_stg_trg BEFORE INSERT ON lss_unit_price_stg FOR EACH ROW BEGIN IF :NEW.transaction_id_stg IS NULL THEN SELECT lss_unit_price_stg_s1. l_item_id NUMBER. transaction_id_stg FROM lss_unit_price_stg WHERE status_stg IN ('N'.

END.item_id.Validating Item_Id FOR item_stg_rec IN item_stg_cur LOOP BEGIN SELECT DISTINCT inventory_item_id INTO l_item_id FROM qp_list_lines WHERE 1 = 1 AND list_header_id = p_list_header_id --AND operand = 9999999 --AND end_date_active IS NULL AND inventory_item_id = item_stg_rec. error_message = error_message || l_error_msg WHERE item_id = dup_item_rec.item_id.Validating for Duplicate records FOR dup_item_rec IN dup_item_cur LOOP BEGIN l_error_msg := 'Duplicate Item Id . END LOOP.put_line ('Vallidating ItemID').item_id ). UPDATE lss_unit_price_stg SET status_stg = 'VE'. DBMS_OUTPUT. EXCEPTION WHEN OTHERS THEN l_error_msg := 'Inventory Item Id Not Found' || SQLERRM || '. COMMIT.put_line ( 'Error While updating Staging Table for the Item(Duplicate)' || dup_item_rec.. END LOOP. EXCEPTION WHEN OTHERS THEN DBMS_OUTPUT. COMMIT. UPDATE lss_unit_price_stg SET status_stg = 'VE'.'.put_line ('Vallidating Duplicate Records'). -..item_id.CURSOR item_nul_cur IS SELECT transaction_id_stg FROM lss_unit_price_stg WHERE item_id IS NULL. DBMS_OUTPUT.'.Validating Null Item Ids . BEGIN -. -. END. error_message = error_message || l_error_msg WHERE 1 = 1 AND item_id = item_stg_rec.

COMMIT. END.put_line ('Exception while updating staging table for successfully calidated records' ). gpr_price_list_line_tbl qp_price_list_pub. COMMIT. gpr_price_list_line_val_tbl qp_price_list_pub. gpr_qualifiers_val_tbl qp_qualifier_rules_pub.price_list_line_val_tbl_type.transaction_id_stg ).transaction_id_stg. gpr_msg_data VARCHAR2 (2000).price_list_line_tbl_type. l_pricing_attribute_id NUMBER..'. END LOOP. gpr_qualifiers_tbl qp_qualifier_rules_pub. UPDATE lss_unit_price_stg SET status_stg = 'VE'.qualifiers_tbl_type. gpr_pricing_attr_tbl qp_price_list_pub.pricing_attr_tbl_type. gpr_msg_count NUMBER := 0.price_list_rec_type. END unit_price_validate. l_msg_data VARCHAR2 (2000). gpr_price_list_rec qp_price_list_pub. gpr_price_list_val_rec qp_price_list_pub. l_msg_count NUMBER.FOR item_nul_rec IN item_nul_cur LOOP BEGIN l_error_msg := 'Given Item Id is Null . PROCEDURE unit_price_load (p_list_header_id IN NUMBER) AS pl_code VARCHAR2 (2000). DBMS_OUTPUT.put_line ('Vallidating D'). l_list_line_id NUMBER.price_list_val_rec_type. l_msg_dummy VARCHAR2 (2000). l_price NUMBER.put_line ( 'Error While updating Staging Table for the Transaction(NULL)' || item_nul_rec. EXCEPTION WHEN OTHERS THEN DBMS_OUTPUT. gpr_return_status VARCHAR2 (10) := NULL. l_item_id NUMBER. l_output VARCHAR2 (2000). . error_message = error_message || l_error_msg WHERE transaction_id_stg = item_nul_rec. l_count NUMBER. BEGIN UPDATE lss_unit_price_stg SET status_stg = 'V' WHERE status_stg = 'N' AND error_message IS NULL.qualifiers_val_tbl_type. END. EXCEPTION WHEN OTHERS THEN DBMS_OUTPUT.

CURSOR item_stg_cur IS SELECT item_id. transaction_id_stg FROM lss_unit_price_stg WHERE status_stg = 'V'. BEGIN SELECT application_id. ppr_qualifiers_tbl qp_qualifier_rules_pub. ppr_qualifiers_val_tbl qp_qualifier_rules_pub. EXCEPTION WHEN NO_DATA_FOUND THEN v_userid := NULL. END.pricing_attr_val_tbl_type. ppr_price_list_line_tbl qp_price_list_pub.pricing_attr_tbl_type. k NUMBER := 0. BEGIN SELECT MAX (login_id) INTO v_loginid FROM fnd_logins WHERE 1 = 1 AND user_id = v_userid. v_loginid NUMBER. END. responsibility_id INTO v_applid. v_respid FROM fnd_responsibility_tl WHERE responsibility_name LIKE 'Oracle Pricing Manager'. j NUMBER := 0. ppr_price_list_rec qp_price_list_pub. EXCEPTION WHEN NO_DATA_FOUND THEN v_loginid := NULL. ppr_price_list_line_val_tbl qp_price_list_pub. ppr_pricing_attr_val_tbl qp_price_list_pub. i NUMBER := 1. END. v_userid NUMBER. BEGIN SELECT user_id INTO v_userid FROM fnd_user WHERE user_name LIKE 'XXXX'.gpr_pricing_attr_val_tbl qp_price_list_pub. .price_list_line_tbl_type.set_org_context (141).put_line (p_list_header_id). BEGIN DBMS_OUTPUT. BEGIN fnd_client_info.price_list_line_val_tbl_type.price_list_val_rec_type.pricing_attr_val_tbl_type. ppr_pricing_attr_tbl qp_price_list_pub.qualifiers_tbl_type. EXCEPTION WHEN NO_DATA_FOUND THEN v_applid := NULL.price_list_rec_type. v_respid NUMBER.qualifiers_val_tbl_type. v_applid NUMBER. ppr_price_list_val_rec qp_price_list_pub.

list_line_id.NAME := 'Test_Price_List_API_990'.pricing_attribute_id := l_pricing_attribute_id.operation := qp_globals. gpr_price_list_rec.item_id.end_date_active := NULL.v_respid := NULL. END.process_price_list (p_api_version_number => 1.g_opr_update. SELECT qpll. x_msg_count => gpr_msg_count. p_price_list_rec => gpr_price_list_rec. x_pricing_attr_tbl => ppr_pricing_attr_tbl. gpr_pricing_attr_tbl (k).pricing_attribute_id. x_pricing_attr_val_tbl => ppr_pricing_attr_val_tbl -. gpr_price_list_line_tbl (k). fnd_global. l_pricing_attribute_id. gpr_price_list_line_tbl (k). BEGIN qp_price_list_pub.g_false.operation := qp_globals. x_return_status => gpr_return_status. p_price_list_line_tbl => gpr_price_list_line_tbl.last_updated_by := v_userid.list_header_id := p_list_header_id. x_price_list_rec => ppr_price_list_rec. gpr_pricing_attr_tbl (k). l_item_id FROM qp_list_lines qpll.list_line_id = qppa. v_applid).last_update_login := v_loginid. gpr_price_list_line_tbl (k). x_qualifiers_val_tbl => ppr_qualifiers_val_tbl.Prod .list_type_code := 'PRL'. x_qualifiers_tbl => ppr_qualifiers_tbl.g_false. x_price_list_line_tbl => ppr_price_list_line_tbl. k := 1. FOR item_stg_rec IN item_stg_cur LOOP BEGIN DBMS_OUTPUT. x_msg_data => gpr_msg_data.list_line_id AND qpll. pl_code := NULL.inventory_item_id = item_stg_rec. gpr_price_list_rec.list_line_id := l_list_line_id.g_false. gpr_price_list_line_tbl (k).inventory_item_id INTO l_list_line_id. p_pricing_attr_tbl => gpr_pricing_attr_tbl. x_price_list_val_rec => ppr_price_list_val_rec.description := 'Test_Price_List_API_990'. x_price_list_line_val_tbl => ppr_price_list_line_val_tbl.put_line ('Retrieving The Price List'). v_respid.currency_code := 'USD'. gpr_pricing_attr_tbl. gpr_pricing_attr_tbl (k).product_attr_value := TO_CHAR (l_item_id). qp_pricing_attributes qppa WHERE qpll. gpr_price_list_rec.operation := qp_globals. qpll. qppa. gpr_price_list_rec. gpr_price_list_line_tbl (k).DELETE. p_commit => fnd_api. gpr_price_list_rec. DBMS_OUTPUT. gpr_pricing_attr_tbl (k).list_line_id := l_list_line_id.list_header_id = p_list_header_id AND qpll. p_return_values => fnd_api. gpr_price_list_rec.put_line ('Entered Loop').apps_initialize (v_userid.g_opr_update.g_opr_update. p_init_msg_list => fnd_api.

put_line ( 'Price List line : ' || gpr_pricing_attr_tbl (k).transaction_id_stg. IF gpr_return_status <> 'S' THEN oe_msg_pub.get (k. DBMS_OUTPUT. BEGIN UPDATE lss_unit_price_stg SET status_stg = 'L' WHERE transaction_id_stg = item_stg_rec. BEGIN UPDATE lss_unit_price_stg SET status_stg = 'LE'.put_line ('The Price List Line' || k || 'is inserted' ). error_message = error_message || 'Unknown Exception . COMMIT. DBMS_OUTPUT.' WHERE transaction_id_stg = item_stg_rec. gpr_msg_data.).' WHERE transaction_id_stg = item_stg_rec. END. END IF. DBMS_OUTPUT. fnd_api. END.. l_output := (TO_CHAR (k) || ': ' || l_msg_data). EXCEPTION WHEN OTHERS THEN DBMS_OUTPUT.put_line ( 'Excpetion when updating Staging table for Item(Updated Item)' || l_item_id ).put_line (l_output).transaction_id_stg.product_attr_value ).put_line ( 'Excpetion when updating Staging table for Item(Update Failed)' || l_item_id ). EXCEPTION WHEN OTHERS . error_message = error_message || l_output || '. EXCEPTION WHEN OTHERS THEN BEGIN UPDATE lss_unit_price_stg SET status_stg = 'LE'.. l_msg_dummy ).g_false. EXCEPTION WHEN OTHERS THEN DBMS_OUTPUT.transaction_id_stg.

NAME )... EXCEPTION WHEN OTHERS THEN DBMS_OUTPUT. END LOOP. DBMS_OUTPUT. END.put_line (SQLERRM).. END unit_price_load. / Posted by Vamsi Mantripragada at 12:11 AM 0 0 comments: Post a Comment Com m ent as: Select profile. Post Comment Preview Newer Post Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom) Home DAILY CALENDAR ..put_line (SQLERRM).').THEN DBMS_OUTPUT. END. DBMS_OUTPUT.put_line ( 'Price List Name : ' || gpr_price_list_rec. DBMS_OUTPUT. END lss_unit_price_update_pkg. END.put_line ( 'Excpetion when updating Staging table for Item(Update Failed)' || l_item_id ).put_line ('Error Processing The Price List.

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