Andrew Goodwin was a theorist who identified 6 common conventions which a music video consists of.

To put this theory into context, I have chosen the video One Direction – What Makes You Beautiful: 1. The relationship between the lyrics and visuals
In the video, upon the lyric ‘the way that you flip your hair’ there is a shot of the girl flipping her hair

2. The relationship between the music and visuals
In the video, there is clapping in the music which goes to a drum beat, in this shot the band clap along with this

3. Each genre has its own style and look

This is the band the video is by; the genre of their music is ‘pop’ and their style is very much fitting to this.

4. Close up of main artist(s) In the video, there are close ups of each member of the band, this is just one of them

5. Iconography

The look they have is iconic to the pop genre and also the band itself

6. Voyeurism

This shot is through the eyes of someone else.

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