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Published by: Montrose Patriot on Sep 10, 2011
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(Woodland Street/Lights In the Heights, 12.12.09 – pictured is a real M1009 CUCV K51016 procured from the Louisiana National Guard – there is a family resemblance)

(2010 agenda subjected to change – these are preliminary out-takes from past events.) Rolling again since 2004 (as the original art car canvas using a Chevrolet K5 Blazer as a canvas), the Montrose Patriot has always been considered a painted vehicle in flux. After coming across a real M1009 CUCV in the Houston Heights – a photo session was initiated 12.12.09 where this particular vehicle was photographed extensively as part of a future repaint session. Faded hues will be remasked on a regular basis – a fusion of the ‘researched’ M1009 CUCV camo pattern on the current canvas would bring the Patriot’s tenure full circle. There is an inclusion of a salvaged hood panel where a disco ball (the size of the Jack In The Box antenna ball) will be used as a hood ornament as part of the repaint, along with the pimpedout hubcaps (since 2006).

T. and/or interior detailing) to which the ‘work in progress’ is never done even on parade day. Mitchell Jones (1956 – 2008) and Jeff Towns (1967 – 2009) The revival of using the camper as an ofrenda has been revived for my late influences Rev. repainted hues.22.09 @ the Los Magnificos 2009 car show (the only difference is that the door glass will not have the ofrenda attached). Mitchell Jones and Jeff Towns – this concept debuted 11. To honor Jeff T and Rev. .Los Magnificos 11. T.22.09 – Ofrenda for Rev. Although the Montrose Patriot is usually altered on a yearly cycle (e. it has been over three years since it was unveiled outside a demonstration in the Galleria against the Central American Free Trade Agreement in October 2003. Tom – they have always been my influences although Jeff’s (and Jill Johnson) ‘Like It or Not f/ Glue Factory’ was destined as a possible entourage where 2009 marked the first time 3 Chevrolet K5 Blazers canvases were seen during Art Car Weekend 2009 (Isaac Cohen’s BIG J used a 1976 K5 Blazer although the firewall is the only component left over). This ofrenda which will be displayed means a lot to yours truly and Jeff Towns’ immediate family.g. swapped hubcaps.

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