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Colonial Geography and Climate

Colonial Geography and Climate


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Published by: Tracuer on Oct 08, 2008
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Gene Kwan 10/8/2008 5th Period Colonial Lifestyles Lifestyles of the major English colonies were affected by the

reasons for their settlement, and geological conditions. Trade, economy, and transportation were directly affected by climate, terrain, land fertility and waterways. The reasons for settling included religious, economic, societal, and governmental aspects. These major colonies included the southern colonies, the middle colonies, and New England. New England’s main motivation for settlement was to gain religious freedom while still preserving a cultural identity. Puritan’s (a group of people advocating the worship of doctrine) fled religious persecution in England to preserve Christianity. The newfound freedom allowed the creation of a democratic church structure. The new system gave even farmers more political power then the peasants of England. The Puritans also created a yeoman society, composed of independent farm families who owned land as freeholders (without feudal dues or leases). Within these families the head of the house was the man or husband, Puritan belief celebrated the husband, which left the women to grueling domestic activities. New England consisted of a cold climate, with rocky soil, making farming difficult. The major cash crops of the colonies were tobacco and sugar, but because of inadequate weather, the crop could not be grown. Instead they preferred, fur trade and joint stock corporations. The middle colonies consisted of fertile land, large areas for farming, and rivers for transportation, with an aim towards profit and liberal government. The fertile land in New York resulted in huge exports of wheat, which caused the population to grow. The growth in population meant less land available for people, resulting in a massive number of tenants. Tenants worked hard to sell enough wheat for a chance at owning freehold

Gene Kwan 10/8/2008 5th Period farmsteads. The middle colonies also advocated religious toleration, religious freedom, and a democratic government. Making society pleasant for non-slaves. But since the land provided ample conditions for farming, a major exploitation in slavery existed. The Southern Colonies were the warmest of the colonies, with broad coastal plains and forests on hills and terrain. The geography and climate provided good farming conditions for growing the cash crops like tobacco and sugar. The result of these cash crops was financial profit for the colonies of the south. This profit was gained by the use of slaves though, since 14% of the population was black slaves and most of the rest was white. The southern colonies had representative self-governments and supported a democratic Church of England. The southern colonies also advocated freedom of worship, much like the middle colonies. The goal of profit through settlement was reinforced by the geographical nature of the southern colonies, with good conditions to farm in. Though the warm weather allowed airborne diseases to spread more easily, killing many people. The lifestyle of the middle and southern colonies was mainly farming because geography and climate conditions were well suited for growing crops. These colonies also aimed for profit, which is why they chose to settle in these areas of land. The goals of the north were more sociological. There was less of a demand for prosperity and more for liberation from the Church of England. The geography and climate was inadequate in terms of farming, so trade was the main focus for economy. The reasons for settlement directly affects where the colonies will grow. Like buying a house, you choose a location that suits your needs. The reasons for settlement and geography and climate both play major roles in the colonial lifestyle.

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