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Page 011 Fonts//Activity = TypeFace Assignment

Poster #1:
I chose the font IMPACT

I used this font because it was a STRONG font. It looks
like a font that is very authoritative and very warning. I
BIOHAZARD: also used ALL CAPITALS so that people could realize it’s
really serious and important.
THIS AREA. I chose this kerning because the close letters help show its

Poster #2:

I chose the font Bahaus

I used this font because it was looked fun. The rounded
edges made was good to sell cupcakes because it wasn’t
too serious. I made the font big to emphasize the cost

$3 since it was cheap.

This kerning is wide...makes the sign look less serious.

Per dozen
Typeface/Font Assignment:

1) Read the following statements for a poster.
2) Make each Poster on Photoshop (5”x3” at 300 PPI)
3) Choose the most appropriate type of font for each poster. (You
can use different font sizes on the same poster…but it must be 1
Font only)
4) Colors? Use only 2 colors (for example, blue background, white
5) Save each file as “perX-last-first-date-posterX”
5) Insert the picture into MS Publisher, add a text box that answers
the following questions: (see example on the back of this paper)
1. What is the name of the font you chose?
2. Why did you choose this font typeface for this statement?
(What emotions does it bring out?)
3. Comment about the spacing (kerning) and the alignment.

Poster #1:
“WAIT HERE for your turn”

Poster #2:
“Sara and Ted request your presence at their wedding”

Poster #3
“Emergency Exit Only: Do not use this exit”

Poster #4
“Trains to Long Beach (Blue Line)”
Put an arrow pointing left on this sign.