Virginia Marinel F.

Salazar G-2R Where Faith Brings You A Critique Paper about Communication Skills employed by the characters in the stage play Junto al Pasig Dr. Jose Rizal "We all use language to communicate, to express ourselves, to get our ideas across, and to connect with the person to whom we are speaking. - Chip Rose, attorney and mediator Since the stage production of Jose Rizal’s Junto al Pasig is centered on faith, the heart of an individual’s spirituality, genuineness and naturalness are expected to be reflected in each and every character in the set. Their nonverbal movements and facial expression should convey their purpose and should be reflected in the play. The actors and actresses’ powerful voices held the attention of the audience for certain time and were carried out all over the duration of the play. They give strong voice when they want to persuade, clear and soft voice when they want to please, and so on. Pronunciation and articulation of words came along excellently, both in Filipino and Spanish language. I considered this part of the play the most polished element. Eye contact was also maintained (when needed). This vital part of the play keeps the connection between the stage actors and the audience seated on the hall. This made the audience feel that they are also part of the play. Their body awareness is also excellent in terms of expressing the sense and significance of the play. Actors expressed their anxiety, fear, and faith with their bodies. Their gestures and facial expressions fortified their performance. In addition, the effective choice of words gave the audience the stunning effect of the production. The script was well translated to give the viewers what they want to hear or learn from the play. Other factors that can be considered are the choreography and the music for the production. These elements gave the play the touch of creativity. Consider also the set design, the lights, and costumes. These aid in producing a well employed communication skills by the actors and actresses. Overall, the play was touching in terms of the message that they reached out for, and the way they delivered it. It translated the message of Dr. Jose Rizal to every Filipino and to our nation.

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