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New Vibes

"I should not make any promises right now, But I know if you pray Somewhere in this world Something good will happen." ~ Hafiz

Underlying Concepts The Symbols and their Uses How to Use the Symbols About the New Vibes Related Tools and Information

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Disclaimer: This is a document meant for private circulation and non-commercial use. It is not a substitute for medical treatment. Please read and use the contained information only if you take full personal responsibility. Credit has been attributed to source websites, documents and individuals wherever known to the writer.

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Underlying Concepts
1. We are all energetic beings. 2. Each of us is a part of a larger whole, the singularity. 3. Our natural, default state is of harmony which is experienced as physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. 4. Intention and Awareness return us to harmony. 5. As any healing occurs in One, the whole is healed. 6. All techniques and processes are aids up to the point that we are able to manifest change through Awareness and Intention alone. 7. Energy tools work towards correcting disruptions and clearing blockages in the energetic information, thereby returning us to health and wellbeing. 8. There is a Higher Source that has access to more information than we are conscious of. So all Intentions are accompanied with the understanding that the overriding intention is Allowing the Highest, along with gratitude for the divine support that is enabling all this. 9. Attachment to the outcome blocks the flow of grace. So Intention is held as lightly and playfully as is possible. 10. As consciousness evolves, healing tools will progressively simplify and concurrently grow in speed and efficacy. 11. As within, so without. Healing begins with our own inner work and the ripples spread outward to benefit the whole world.

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The Symbols and their Uses

In keeping with the Underlying Concepts, the guidance was to develop a minimum number of Symbols, each of which could be used for a broad range of circumstances, without requiring articulation of specific details and codes. Awareness Symbol from the Sai Sanjeevini system of Healing is taken as the starting point. The 6 Symbols are as follows: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Reconnect Healing Harmonizing Abundance Regeneration Yin Balance

Notes: 1. Reconnect

This symbol can be used as it is. However, to make it more powerful, it should be personalized using your date of conception and date of birth barcodes. Use the format date-month-year. For date of conception, deduct 9 months from the date of birth. Example: If the birthday is Nov. 6, 1961, the date of birth code is 6111961, and date of conception is taken as 621961. You can generate the barcode images at Make sure you select the barcode without any border and paste them into the symbol. The order of the barcodes in the personalized symbol should be as follows: Existing barcode, Date of conception barcode Date of birth barcode.

(Barcodes are used instead of the numbers as the image and texture seems to communicate greater energies than the numbers alone.) This symbol can be used to deepen meditation, feel centred, calmer, and more purposeful. The feelings reported are, It feels like a reboot, a return to the divine plan.

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2. Healing The barcodes used here are for healing process, love and forgiveness. Use for healing of any issues, with your attention focused on the particular issue you want to address.

3. Harmonizing Barcodes used are for harmonizing Past, Present and Future. Keep your attention focused on any particular issue, or use with the intention of aligning energies with the highest.

4. Abundance Barcodes used are for Abundance & Prosperity, and Love.

5. Regeneration The first barcode is for processing the information correctly. The other barcodes are for Healing Process, Re-growth and Rejuvenation. These codes have been used to re-grow removed organs like kidneys, gall bladder etc. You can try using this to grow healthier hair, etc...

6. Yin Balance This Symbol includes the barcodes for Weight Loss, Younger Skin and Endocrine system. This symbol is to be used to restore Yin(female) energy in both men and women to their appropriate levels.

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New Vibes Symbols

How to Use the Symbols

There will be innumerable ways to use these Symbols. Let your intuition guide you and feel free to combine them with any other healing tools that you may already be familiar with. To get you started, here are some ways:

1. Meditation Hold the symbol you would like to use in the palm of your left hand. Cover with your right hand and meditate as you would otherwise. Notice any energies, vibrations or sensations as they arise.


Concentration a. Sit with focused attention for about ten minutes in a quiet, dark place, with your eyes closed. Place both your feet flat on the ground or sit in a lotus position. Hold the symbol in your hand and focus your attention on the thought: I ask and intend to experience the healing information of this symbol. b. Sit with focused attention for about ten minutes in a quiet, well lit place, with your eyes open. Place both your feet flat on the ground or sit in a lotus position. Place the symbol in front of you and focus your attention on the thought: I ask and intend to experience the healing information of this symbol. c. Run your index finger slowly from the left to the right over the barcodes in the symbol holding the same intention as given above. Pay attention to any images, sounds, feelings or thoughts that come up and consider what they mean to you.

3. EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Sit in a quiet, well lit place, with your eyes open. Place both your feet flat on the ground or sit in a lotus position. Place the symbol in front of you and while concentrating on the symbol, tap all the EFT points, saying the affirmation: I ask and intend to experience the healing information of this Symbol - at every point as you tap. When you feel complete, clasp one forearm with the other hand, making sure the inner wrists are touching each other. This will help you ground the new energies.

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4. Visualization Hold the Symbol in between your hands and sit in a quiet, dark place, with your eyes closed. Place both your feet flat on the ground or sit in a lotus position. Keep your attention on your breath, and imagine that you are breathing in and out of your heart, for about two minutes. Now imagine yourself to be at the centre of a violet sphere that extends to about 3 feet in every direction around you. Next, imagine a smaller sphere of silvery blue in front of you, and within this sphere visualize your chosen Symbol. Ask and intend that this healing information be integrated with your mind, body and soul. Then transfer this information (sphere/symbol) into your body's Solar Plexus or Pineal Gland. In case you are using the Regeneration symbol, intend that holographic stem cells are now working at rejuvenating (or re-growing) the body part that you are choosing to heal (or re-grow). Focus blue light on the area you are working on. When you feel complete, rub your palms briskly together, cover your eyes and open them slowly.

5. Reiki Create a ball of Reiki energy between your hands as you would usually. Imagine the Symbol to be placed at the centre of this ball. Integrate this charged energy ball into your Root Chakra. Repeat this exercise for all the remaining six chakras, moving up the spine. Make one more such charged energy ball and imagine it surrounding your whole body and aura, enclosing you in its healing warmth. Lastly, make one more charged energy ball and imagine the entire planet earth to be held in these healing energies. When you feel complete, rub your palms briskly together, cover your eyes and open them slowly.

6. Charge Water/Sugar Globules Place a glass bottle of water on the chosen Symbol for at least 10 minutes, with the intention that the energies be infused in the water/sugar globules. You can charge a bottle with more than one Symbol, by placing the same bottle for 10 minutes each, on every symbol. Drink this water throughout the day. You can charge any substance in a similar manner. Page 8

Alternatively, print out the symbol and paste on the glass bottle of water. The symbols can also be used for remote healing with the help of the Sanjeevini Multiplication and Broadcast card. It is suggested that the Harmonizing and Healing symbols are placed on Broadcast for Earth.

7. Make Screensavers/Desktop Wallpapers The more frequently you notice the Symbol, the more beneficial it will be. Printouts can be placed on your notice board or on your desk, for high visibility.

8. Intuitive Use Allow guidance to suggest ways best suited to your personal use. This is an energy field that you can tap into using other tools like Matrix Energetics, TAT and many others. The Symbols shared here are not only pictorial collages, but have been prayed over and infused with channelled energies as per guidance. If you choose to make your own symbols, charge them the way you are guided to.

Notes: 1. Make sure you are well hydrated. This is important for all energy work. 2. During the initial use of these symbols, you may experience either a deep meditative state, or require long hours of sleep. This is simply an indication that the mind, body and spirit are realigning themselves. Honour the need for rest if it arises.

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About the New Vibes

Developments in energy psychology, healing tools, consciousness, neuroscience, quantum physics and many more areas are happening at an exponential rate. Most of us remain unaware of the new discoveries and it can be challenging to understand, collate and assimilate the rapidly changing, radical knowledge that is becoming available. Additionally, there are language and other barriers. Blinded by Science is a book that leads one to think that much of the research and experience from Russia and Eastern countries is not widely known, and has often been ignored by Western scientists. However, some of the newer conclusions are at least discussed in the relevant circles. For example, it has become clear that our beliefs shape our perceptions and decide our reality. Books like Biology of Belief and Spontaneous Evolution by Bruce Lipton explain how our bodies and DNA are responsive to our beliefs. Even our genes can be switched off or on. Prof. Arcady Petrovs incredible demonstrations of organ re-growth and regeneration is documented and scrutinized by Russian scientists (more below). These tangible results, in huge numbers, have possibly raised the vibrations of the energy field of the Grabovoi codes and related systems of healing. As there has been experience and verifiable demonstration, the degree of belief is shifting in the field of consciousness. Hence, the efficacy and simplicity of the tools will also rise. Consider an analogy. It is as though our original software has got corrupted by a virus, and these Symbols are programs to remove the virus and restore the original software. So they help us plug back into the universal field of consciousness. EFT tapping points may be particularly useful as they are known to be points of lower resistance. Consider them to be points of interface between the individuated and universal energy matrix. For those who are interested in exploring these matters in greater depth, the next section provides some more information and some useful links. But for the majority, you are invited to try it out for yourself, with an open mind. If you are willing to be surprised and can allow for the fact that there is much yet for us to understand about how these tools work, it is most likely that you will see some positive result. There is no substitute for experience. Reams of data will not convince you as easily as your own personal experience. Please know that despite all the research that has gone into this creation, the Symbols themselves are a spontaneous creation of inspiration. The explanations are in hindsight, to help those who want to know more details. The Symbols are a very recent development and are being offered in the spirit of personal experiments in healing and consciousness. Please refer to the disclaimer on first page before any use.

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Related Tools and Information

These Symbols are largely inspired by the Sai Sanjeevinis, EFT & Russian New Knowledge. Sai Sanjeevinis are a healing system based on the power of prayers. There are symbols for various body parts, diseases, emotions, etc... and one can charge water or pills with the intent of prayer, simply by placing them on each of the required symbols. The entire system can be downloaded for free at . There is also a free software available at:

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is a powerful healing technique developed by Gary Craig. All disease is considered to be the result of a disruption in the energy system. Tapping on acupuncture meridian points with the concurrent use of statements or affirmations, these disruptions are released and amazing results can be obtained in a very short time. EFT has proven to be useful in a wide ranging number of emotional and physical diseases. Emotional Freedom Techniques by Sangeeta Bhagwat, published by Wisdom Tree, India, is available at online bookstores including Amazon and Flipkart, as well as in major Indian bookstores. For more resources on EFT, visit For a useful set of EFT videos, visit Brad Yates at Youtube:

Russian New Knowledge Please note that the following quotes and websites are provided as reference material sourced from the web. It is in no way an endorsement or promotion and is provided purely as a source of related material available in the public domain: Prof. Arcady Petrov has used Prof. Grigori Grabovoi codes in his work and demonstrated
incredible results. Prof. Petrov has helped facilitate successful treatment of hundreds of people with a variety of medical conditions. Some include full regrowth of previously removed organs and complete recovery from a variety of diseases in their last stages, i.e. regeneration of diseased kidneys, gall bladders, inefficient pancreases, female reproductive organs, debilitated thyroid glands and the regrowing of teeth and hair. Results have been verified by independent medical

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experts using standard diagnostic equipment such as ultrasound and tomography with no cases involving surgical or medicinal intervention. ~ For some incredible interviews and testimonials, see the videos posted at

Grabovoi numbers use Radionic signatures to heal various health aliments. They were developed by the Russian psychic Grigori Grabovoi using his Radionic machine. ... More information about these numbers can be found in the book Recovery Of The Human Body Focusing On Numbers, By Grigori Grabovoi , or by clicking here (you may need to use online translator like babelfish to read this).
From Numbers for Healing, Materialization, and Organ Regeneration" By James Rink,

~ The idea of converting Grabovoi codes into barcodes came from seeing the barcodes at Charan Surdhar, an epigeneticist and FB friend, informed us of RNK. The FB groups: Organ Re-Generation Process and Concentrations: 31 Days with Grabovoi are rich and generous sources of information in this area. The document My favourite healing codes from the first group, provided most of the codes we have used. Sincere thanks to all the members of these groups. After seeing some excellent results in our own experiments, we have decided to share our research and this newly developed system of New Vibes Symbols with friends and family who are keen to explore this subject. If you use this material, please do share your observations and results with us at: Sangeeta Bhagwat: Poonam Kunwar:

Beliefs shape our reality and our experience reinforces our beliefs. Please share your experiences with others, so that we can help shift consciousness. As more of us realize the very real and tangible new possibilities the more it comes into the reach of many others who may not have the access and resources to explore such new modalities.

Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavantu ~ May All Beings be Happy

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