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Tim Godwin Acting Commissioner Metropolitan Police Service New Scotland Yard 8-10 Broadway London SW1H 0BG

6 September 2011

EDL march and the blanket ban of public processions I am most concerned about the recent decision to prohibit the holding of all public processions in five of our London boroughs for a thirty day period. My concern is two-fold: firstly the application by the police under section 13 of the Public Order Act could have, and in my view, should have specified the particular class of public procession in the area. This distinction is clearly permitted by statute and would have avoided the “blanket” ban which has resulted and which will curtail a number of peaceful marches planned during the same period; for example the East End Pride march on the 24th of September and the Cable Street commemoration march on the 2nd of October. Secondly, this unnecessarily draconian application of the legislation failed in any event to prevent the EDL from holding a “static” demonstration which eventually transpired last Saturday and posed no less of a threat of “serious public disorder” as defined by the act. In light of the above and in particular, the very detrimental collateral impact of such a blanket ban, I would urge you to reconsider the Met’s position on this issue. I therefore ask that you utilise powers conferred under section 13(5) of the Act and to apply for the current order to be revoked or varied so as to bring to an end this unnecessarily far reaching ban. I look forward to hearing from you.

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Yours sincerely,

Murad Qureshi AM LONDON ASSEMBLY MEMBER cc Mayor of London Boris Johnson


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