web check-in boardinq VOIU . '. .as... mins Air Asia F~~ghts are at You have you r B. -- . . - '7 days ~. .-'.--. po YO'UI ~."_".5. before your f~ight~ --~~~--~~~~ ".-'.ie rnaxe sure th at: I have ..45.-. k . ..4---4--1-1P ie. !!ilI!ij '. t: 10 Be fc rie yio UI . --...aprinter connected to Y'OUIIr computer as you ..-.ta r iL .2UWD II bookinq number with Y'O'UI~ pass ~.. 1_0 arc requrrec d tc P'RIIN'T' the..'-.-.. .._.--'. '_."-' -.iL' -.--.ij ..3.

~. .··_·... __ "" I"_"_I. __ _I ' ._" -:-- - - - __ ~_" o '__ . then ke'y in your booklnq number.~ . __ -~ .. : IOZ8HWIR :' -:Reprlnt boarding pass ..""/I_I __ C"II~ck n the 'Reprint' button below to g'et a new o ne.~INT'YOUR BOARDIING PASS? Only click if you have completed Web Check~ln and ~ust need to Ireprint y'OUf boarding pass.~ I 1_- NEEDI TO REPR.~_....elec't your departure city. ':·.. .a)..·~. Click o'n 'Continue to proceed..•.•.._I_I _. S...

t('s.b) .ct t:he gu.es. N. at ion a. Click 'o'n 'Continue to proceed.il ity _'" Lee Kuan Vall' IMalaysia I ~ Canc'el .) thet you would I'ike to check-in toglethelr with their natlonallty.Sele.

.slgie Superslze' to purchase or upqrads YOIUIr b.ci_·~~I.' I~. Click on the 'IB.PLJrc~~se 89ggalge! 2:5Klg ('30. ~1~.'._.00 MY.00 MYRt~ N 01 E%~~HJalgJeo Chec:k-IUl T P'r~ PUnchl9JS9 8. ~.~ .. ~...· I~ ~ith I_I the '.aggage 15Kg (20 . _ .I._-~I~ ' are satlsfied W' _~ ~~ d' efault I_~.ontlnue' . 0 MIYR) 0 PTe P'Urchi81se l3:aggage 2~KQ (310.agg1age.R) P're Purchase B.'~~i'.._~l_]I~_: .00 MIV.a'g'g._.R) 0 .R) P're PutiChaJse 8.dg~~ge 25Kg (40.'. selections jus t.agg~ge 3~Kg (50 . ~~_ tf YO'IU ~.~1 ~_.m.~.:_: _i' ~ '_ _~ ...a'gglalge we'il!ght allowance.".'.a) Supersize Your B. ii Seat Number 11A PtJie... 0 MIY. on "C'". CE-IClk.

Qln the link itA F~~ I H10t SeaLs Standard Seal..'.. seat Ib) P k A S· t· I!!! If yOlu would Uke.IC ••. ...fJiO M'ffl MV'I!i ~"I)"D ... o chanqe your seats.:$ :H.. please click t shown in the diaqrarn displayed.....

D Subtotal :30.est(s.100 MYR ca ttl Type: ISeile~~ I 31 iJ ~l ~ :::::J Y.c) Make youlr payment by entering your credit/debit CII~ck 'Continue' to proceed. Continue carel Muliiber: (:~rtIlJ-01olaeF ~ fne : IEx~i~jQn ID at e: .Q 0' MYIR 0.00 MYR . I .IMOlmru WI.50.} 30.00 MYR 10 ta I ~nDe': roL~1 Paid: 'eta I A In! (n~n~ I~e. on card details G u.s'a.00 M YR 50.

before cllckinq Qln 'Continue' to.d~lress. proceed. lee Ku an Yap(8XDA) I 11A Ready to ch eck~~ n Ent@r IEmali I A.e. L-----------==I .to receive 'yo'ur' boardinq pass lnformatlon 'via ernall or SMIS.. Please rsconftrm all the details.a) Check the boxes lf you'd lik. Guest list 1.

eald'inlg and understandlnq the "Ierrns & Conditlons'. e Please cl iet '~Contin U lar to IP~ ocsed .b) Make sure the box has be.'1' 'itloml IPvin ti n g 'you v bOIJd i n g pass. You aJu ~ust on e ste p a.en tlcked after r. proceed. Click on 'Continue to.w 2.

'~.~~Ibe. ~~n~: Cue:$'!: ~1tJ~m CI\e.'~e.s.~36a ~ ~ ~~. _ . I~ y.- 21~3~) ~X~A iAtH:SKG lLIAU:~ ~..!fI!)!I 1!5'A SR @AI (' s~ e: ~..eil'iO!Iftel ''Il'rM QM.. __ .. ('"1ZJJ" ~ f.9 for the printer wait pi'O'P'~UIIP appear to. print your boardinq pass.lfiI : .·OI1""eIf)i'~I:O ~'"~' ~" Check-in for your return fll'iglht 11f' vour return flight Is within 7 days.ow'~ I ~~ 1 ~ Pie.a$e'pooee.You're done wlth We. New: C·beck-Ill . 'y'IOUIcan click on "New Check-In to repeat the . to ~INg~ iF'l~~~ "S~ 1iiI~ 1F\.1 21:10 Q84e~ P'~.e.~tiltl!\:C U(. 'el1~1~~jO'I11..e.b Check-In! PI.stepiS~-Please ensure that your departure end destination clties are correct. I '1'~!DIEC: 1~~lrme 1~i r~~ .81. ~ :Ilnd - JL 1mn ~Iii tlV. ifI.