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VOLUME TWO Rabbi Yosef Yitzchok Serebryanski Copyright Rabbi Yosef Yitzchok Serebryanski 2011 Published by TurnAround Media at Smashwords
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About Rabbi Yossi Rabbi Yosef Yitzchok Serebryanski is known simply to his friends as "Rabbi Yossi." Behind that simplicity lies a complexity of understanding and analysis of Torah and creation that brings joy and warmth to those who immerse themselves in his teachings. A true friend and confidante to thousands of people who turn to him weekly for guidance and wisdom, Rabbi Yossi is renowned for his compassion and open heart to all who enter his scope. In his professional career Rabbi Yossi is a teacher, lecturer, mashgiach, published author, spiritual healer, professional counselor and guide. In his daily life he is just Rabbi Yossi - a highly perceptual and loving friend to all. Born in Melbourne Australia. Growing up in a religious structure, living and studying structure while in soul beyond structure. After many years of journey learning the balance in many areas of the ins and outs of creation. An ancient soul doing its work in this realm and keeping a constant opening to beyond. Living in my heart but physically in NY. Does counseling, healing, workshops, and lectures.
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TABLE OF CONTENTS Knowledge of Life Vayechi1

Leadership with love and truth Vayigash Dreams and Life - Miketz The Values of Time - Vayeshev Love and War - Vayishlach Toldos - Opening Unquenchable Love Chayeh Soroh - Life: Duality Balance Oneness Vayero Enlightenment Lech lecho - Moving - on the go Noach - Pleasantness Breishis - Original origin Suka - Protection Haazinoo - Insight Vayelech - Movement Rosh Hashono 5769 - Insight Netzavim - Refocusing Key Sovo - Journey to transformation Key Seitzei - Getting out into the world Shoftim - Looking after oneself Reeh See Eikev - Lifes experience Voeschanan - Todays Society Devorim - Balancing life - story Maasai Journey Matos - The need to lead leaders Pinchas - Extremes/future/story

Bolok - Divination/story Bolok - Visions Chukas - Levels of connection to the source of life! Korach - Knowing the moment Shlach - Appreciation and humbleness Behaalosecho Nosso Bamidbar - Spiritual journeying Bechukosai Behar - mountain perspectives Emor - Communication Kedoshim - Be holy Torah laws Passover Acharei Metzorah - Blockages Tazriah Knowledge of Life Vayechi1 Life has much hidden matter. The more hidden matter that we reveal, the more we recognize the existence of infinity within all existence. There are people who are not able to see beyond the physical. Yet the more open we become, the more depth we may have in our vision, no matter our personal capabilities. With all of the knowledge that we have gained as a result of the technological advances that we have achieved, we are still incapable of understanding many things. How is it that we fail to comprehend how ancient peoples around the world built some of their structures? Scientists and archeologists have discovered that people long past had a profound knowledge of the solar system and beyond.

It would seem that they possessed this knowledge without the use of complex instrumentation and calculations that we use to gain this information today. We see signs of early technological inventions and medical prowess that we believed only came to light within the last century. People are awed to discover that there were people in ancient civilizations possessed of brilliance beyond our imagination and capabilities. It is amazing to find that this generation cannot conceive of the vast array of knowledge held by those who came before them. Yet all of their lives they learn the popular adages such as Respect your elders. In attempting to understand ancient man we fail to consider the existence of a profound knowledge of nature that baffles todays scientists. They have chosen to relate to our forefathers as being simple minded folk, Instead, we should understand that they were able to call their knowledge to the fore and utilize it with a simplicity that we have lost the ability to act upon. Understanding the difference between simpletons and practiced simplicity has seemingly eluded us as our egos grow faster than our abilities. People of ancient civilizations were very advanced. Recent discoveries have shown the existence of batteries, a form of computers, and obvious accomplishments that resulted from superior abilities of calculation and manipulation of energies. Many of the inventions we enjoy today give us an illusion of advancement. Not only are many of them not as innovative as we have been led to believe, they actually promote our deterioration by allowing us not to use our mental capacity to our potential. These advances tend to provide us with human physical comforts galore. Yet in using them we end up exercising less wisdom to our collective detriment. Most people in previous generations knew how to reap the healing benefits of plants without requiring scientific analysis. According to tradition, in ancient Israel there was a book called Sefer Horefuos. This book held the secrets of the healing properties of each plant. It is said that King Chizkiah (Ezekiah) hid it from civilization. His purpose in doing so was to cause people to have to pray in order to receive healing. Peoples former knowledge of healing without prayer caused them to feel invincible and disconnect because they felt they did not need the Creator of heaven and earth. By connecting through prayer they would not forget where the power of healing originates and ends. Forgetting the connection has led to mans development of ego and loss of healing ability. Scientists attempting to restore lost knowledge consistently attempt to disregard and downplay the Creator. This has resulted in stunted knowledge that is based upon egotistical scientific theories that change with the winds. While reveling in their own power, they foolishly denigrate and discard the wisdom of our ancestors.

Those individuals who are able to read and understand ancient texts are awestruck by the wealth of knowledge of the powers in creation that was possessed by people of ancient times. One of the more common books that is illustrative of those texts is known Ruziel the Angel, which has been in existence for thousands of years. It is purported that the angel Ruziel (power of secret) gave this book to Adam after he and Eve were thrown out of the Garden of Eden. This book is a guide to the working of the spiritual worlds. It contains various names and powers and explains how these powers affect the physical world. This book is actually the first known book of kabbalah. Subsequent books dealt with and delineated the powers of nature (i.e., where those powers came from as well as the spiritual counterparts to natural occurrences.) Together these formed a collection of compiled esoteric knowledge that existed before the time of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai. Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai (known by the acronym Rashbi) recorded the Zohar, which describes the positive and negative energies in, and makeup of, the many worlds in creation. In summation, ancient people possessed knowledge of all creation. They knew about the workings of and the universal order without having the need for experimentation or mathematical calculations to determine information. Occasionally individuals looked for physical ways to explain their knowledge. Although the knowledge was open to them, it was hidden from their successors. Much of the written works that existed have been lost in time. A vast number of those works were lost in the well-documented huge fire that occurred in the famed library in Alexandria. Yet, if we scratch the surface, we see evidence of the fact that their knowledge not only existed, but also surpassed much of that which we have today. Scientists are often stymied by ancient construction and possessed knowledge that some seek to convince us that it must have been aliens who gave us their knowledge. They simple cannot fathom that there was a time in the distant past when common men, possessed of a holy connection, were granted brilliance far beyond their own. In this world there are people who have heightened abilities in vision and communication skills that traverse the capabilities of the average individual. These abilities have been around since the beginning of time. (Genesis 50:25) And Yosef made the children of Israel accept responsibility by saying the deposit will be remembered by God to you, then you will take up my essence (atzmosai) from this place. In common translation the word atzmosai is interpreted as my bones. Its deeper meaning is my essence. This difference in interpretation reflects two distinct ways of understanding Hebrew, and the beauty and understanding

that results from uncovering what is hidden in the Bible Torah. While most read it on a physical (lower vibration) level, the words actually contain a very spiritual and high frequency. For those who read the deeper meanings of the words, it opens up a whole new perspective of life, the world and of what the ancients may have understood. ADDITIONAL THOUGHTS: Although it is not a widely publicized fact, according to Jewish tradition, this is not the first world that was created. Before this one existed, the Creator created and destroyed many other worlds. Exactly what happened and in what way they still exist or do not exist is a further and deeper discussion both in the spiritual and physical sense. One might be led to consider whether or not these things happened on earth. Our belief lies in our understanding and interpretation of the different spiritual realms (all of which exist in the same place and space, albeit on different vibrational frequencies.) In studying the physical traces of earths history we do see evidence of the many levels of life that previously existed here. Within the story of creation that is told in the book of Genesis there are many levels of creation. There are references to many others worlds created besides our perception of our own physical space. The rokeah that separates and exists between the upper and lower levels was also created between many of the levels of flow in creation. This indicates that there are many existing worlds. Each of these worlds are comprised of a variety of beings that exist in one form or another. Some of these worlds possess awareness of others. Yet in some there is no awareness of other existing realms or beings. This is alluded to in what we commonly known as The Ten Commandments (dibrot-sayings). Stated therein it admonishes us not to make a copy of any shape or form of that which is the heavens above or the earth below. It would be enough to say dont make any form or image. Yet the detailed delineation here illustrates to us that it is referring to forms or beings that we do not see. There has been much discussion and theorization about angels that become human or appear in our world in human form. Some of these thoughts were generated by stories from the book of Genesis. The existence of these beings is not commonplace. Most of what people assign to these beings is human, giving way to representation of something that never existed. In Kabbalistic writing there is much description and talk about the existence of other beings. One interesting description is that there are souls that we are not directly connected to as they were not connected with Adam and Eve at the time they brought imbalance into this world. These souls existed during the time of Adam and Eve but had nothing to do with our physical world.

A further reference to these issues is: According to the Talmud (moed kotton 16a) there are inhabitants on other planets or stars and they were cursed because they did not come to help in the war with Sisro. (See also sefer habris, maamar kochvei shomayim ch.3) Then there is the famous story of King Solomon where Ashmodai brought him a person from another dimension. Stars, levels, perceptions and existences are as equally interchangeable as they are different. Our capability to truly understand or have knowledge of the exactness of these different worlds and levels is limited by many things. Some of those things are protective, and some simply come from the connection that was lost to knowledge that we were once privileged to hold. The further we have become separated from our connection and our past, the less we have been able to hold onto the truths that we once clearly understood. If only we could understand that human beings are not just the form and shape that we see. Rather, they are a combination of various vibrational frequencies. Knowing that would make it much easier to understand that there are many other forms of vibrational frequencies. They are not limited to the physical (to which we limit ourselves) and do not have our physical limitation, but have their own structure. Clearly, the loss of our original knowledge has cost us much pain and suffering over the past millennia. We are presently in a state of flux, able to fly with the cyber world into a future based upon whatever the machines feed us. The margin for accomplishments is as great as the potential for corruption and failure to doom us to horrors and ultimate destruction. The fact that the flux exists for such extremes should indicate that only by getting back to our correct path can we hope to come to proper conclusions in order to ensure our future. Leadership with love and truth Vayigash The differences that exist between people (as in their personal distinctive feelings, varying sensitivities, internal voices, and/or accepted behavior patterns) can cause clashes among them as their souls awaken. Most individuals think that their own personal mode of connection is the right one. Voicing their opinions to each other can bring various conflicts to the fore. This form of divergence in beliefs can evoke erratic behavior and extreme reactions in their relationships with other people. Loosening up or having the ability to let go allows one to relate to different points of view. The resulting liberation allows for significantly improved relationships with others along with increasing expansion within ones heart and mind.

Structures of old were mostly created for protection. Each generation has its (and each person in that generation has his/her) own spiritual vibration or level of movement. In each age issues must be re-evaluated to determine how to make the adjustments necessary to result in a proper energy flow. The person or people who are in a position to make these adjustments must be those who understand and can relate to the vibrational frequencies (and effects thereof) in each particular time period. Time periods do repeat themselves to give people options. Often the leaders are those who use a variety of mediums to express their own issues and agenda. Many laws and systems seek to suppress expressions of freedom within society, reflecting an abuse of power. Most people are accustomed to following orders, as opposed to listening to their true inner selves. That is why the same lessons are repeated in succeeding generations, and they bring about similar devastating results. There is a universal soul stirring and awakening that is underway. Many people are trying to figure out what it is that is expected of them in this existence. There are numerous guides and healers who have connected to sources that provide some of the answers. Countless individuals are trying to redefine themselves. This includes, but is not limited to, the fact that they are searching for (and trying to re-establish) their origins before moving on to the next step. Those who are concerned that they might lose their power and control if their true origins are revealed generate many of todays wars. People traditionally become stuck in their attachment to form, shape and/or name, causing their internal spiritual growth to become stunted. By connecting with each other we share those gifts with which we have been blessed. These acts of sharing help to bring about balance in the lives of others. This way we enable each other to free ourselves from being stuck, so that we may come to realize and act upon our potential. In order to protect themselves, many people maintain their hearts in closed status. Although they are of the belief that this action protects them, ultimately the converse is true. The blockages and impediments that are generated by a closed heart cause far more damage than protection. An open heart allows us to see that there is wisdom of the Creator in each thing that has happened in our lives. Following the dawning of this vision, we are able to progress beyond our stubbornness and/or pain and move forward with love and forgiveness. Corrupt religious extremists and/or corrupted political systems have often brought about hardships, enslavement and destruction of people. It is true that change is an ongoing and necessary occurrence in the universe. However, when the religions and beliefs of people do not follow natural changes, then the ensuing results are a power generated by negative energy. While negative energies can be transformed, the power

to do so demands a leader with proper capabilities. At the moment no such leader has come forth. All of mankind awaits the blessing of the proper leader who has a basis in the essence of love and truth. Dreams and Life - Miketz Dream interpretation is a specialty and so is interpretation of life. In ancient Jerusalem during the time of the Temple there was a presence of official dream interpreters (Talmud). This evidences the value that was placed on the art of dream interpretation. Yosef (book of Genesis) was well versed in the art of dream interpretation. People often expect of those blessed with outstanding gifts that they do not have the challenges in life. This is not so as we see in the case of Yosefs life the fact that he was so blessed did not guarantee him vision to an effortless path to the accomplish his Divine mission. On the contrary, he had to go through major rejection and hard work in order to overcome the difficulties that stood in the way of that success. Simply stated, even though Yosef had the ability to interpret dreams he still had to face many difficulties and hurdles in his life. Just as he had to face his difficulties, so too do we have to overcome our challenges and hardships in order to accomplish our Divine mission during our lives. Adults who have the responsibility of caring for little children know how the power of suggestion may impact on a child. Introducing a subject, or warning a child about the dangers associated with an issue, often piques the childs interest, and possible experimentation with (or participation in) it. Sometimes this behavior that initially resulted from innocent curiosity, blossoms into a form of adult behavior that is characteristic of belligerence or rebellion. Thus many times when we ask or tell someone not to do something specific, they will go out of their way to do just the opposite. The same is true when people are taught to live by the translated wording of the Bible by using the terminology Thou shalt not, with regard to specific rules and regulations listed therein. When people are taught in that manner, they often pointedly break those rules that have been drilled into them since time immemorial. The truth is that it does not say, thou shalt not. The Hebrew word for do not is ahl the word used in the Torah is lo. Lo refers to negative. Although the words ahl and lo have the same Hebrew letters, they are in reversed sequence, and thus do not mean the same thing. The truth is that it does not say do not kill or do not steal, etc., it says negative steal, negative kill. It is telling you what you create when you kill or steal. You create a negative energy when you steal or kill.

If it had been translated properly then people would have understood their personal responsibility in creation of negative energy if they undertook these actions. Feeling the weight of personal responsibility is far different from responding to fear driven orders. When a person realizes the consequences of their own actions they are more likely to respond favorably and with greater logic than when they behave as programmed robots or frightened masses. This difference in meaning lays the groundwork for the understanding and teaching of the Torah as a guidebook (which is what the word Torah means) and not a book of commandments. Yosef redirected negative energy not by fighting it rather by diverting and transforming it through a different view. The more extreme the evil is then greater inner strength comes forth from good. Just as when we are good it allows the negative to express itself so too is the opposite. Society has created rules because people do not know how to balance. Yet doing so has also created the opposite of what is needed. We each need to become our own leader within a universal flow. To have a leader that truly knows how to interpret life. Nowadays people are searching for the truth more than ever. For some reason it has eluded most people for so long that they are unable to distinguish between what is clearly the truth and a lie that is nothing more than a deceptive dream. And it was at the end of two years and Pharaoh was dreaming and behold he was standing at the edge of the river. A kabbalistic interpretation of this sentence is; And it will be at the end of change of days and then we will realize that all the afflictions are a dream as we stand at the opening of the source of light. The Values of Time - Vayeshev We hear the expression taking time out i.e., setting aside the time from our daily busy lives in order to accomplish something. Individuals often express the need to make time for myself. Time is precious, but how precious is time? Time is of the essence but the essence isnt time. People often refer to things as happening time and time again, and believe that time works wonders. The Talmud states that everything is according to time. According to Ecclesiastes there is A time for everything and a season for everything under the heaven. These are but a few of the well-known and popular sayings/idioms that frame our references to time. The word for time in Hebrew is zman, which also means invited. It is a form of measurement of reality (or illusion) that is invited into the space we fill. It is the distance that a clock hand moves, or the distance that atoms move in an Atomic Clock. The movement of planets allows us to gauge time. The infinite element of each moment is

concealed by the presence of time. Time is reflective of distance from, as well as a connection to, the Creator. When looking back at life, certain time periods appear as an illusion. Yet individual occurrences (within those periods) that we lived through are often with us in the present. It is possible for an individual to see his/her whole life flash before him/her in an instant. It is also possible for one to have a vision of life that is in ahead of them. Time is something that stands out in front of a person in the present. Yet when we realize that the lessons of the past are most relevant to us in the present, time is relegated to being of minimal consequence. History teaches us many lessons about what to look for and how to conduct ourselves with vision in quiet as well as in difficult or turbulent times. A time of peace and quiet is a period to gather oneself and be whole. In this way the elements of time are limited and do not destroy the individual. Despite all of the trials and tribulations of life, we ultimately revert to a life style that is reminiscent of that of our parents or grandparents. Our children express various parts of who we are. Contrary to popular belief, this expression often occurs whether or not we attempt to program their actions. Over generations the same tendencies, emotions and perspectives come forth, albeit slightly differently. The quiet times occur just after something happens and right before the next shift in life. During quiet times there are often rumblings beneath the surface. More often than not, people are not open or attuned to hearing or heeding the rumblings that signal oncoming trouble. Thus when an issue explodes they wonder where it came from, and how it could have come about without them having been aware of the fact that something ominous was brewing. Jacob had a son Yosef. The meaning of the name is: to add. All of Yosefs brothers towed the line. Yosef added to it. Many people try to live or make changes while towing the line. Others try to live in defiance by not towing the line. Both are approaches to living that bring about positive and negative results. Despite the efforts of everyone to do what they do, it is the one that adds the proper ingredient whose effort achieves the results that allow everyone else to live. This back and forth parlaying may continue for many generations before exposing the truth about an issue. The secrets of society often serve to separate people. Yet, total openness, and the problems that it invites, may also be called into question. Balance is not something that is caused by the structures of society, unless the individuals involved are balanced. People waste much of their time looking into and discussing matters that are only a sideline to the real issues. The real issues are part of the essence of life and connecting to it.

It is interesting that the word zman (time) is not used anywhere in the five books of Moses. It is not even in the story of creation. The only places that the word is used are in: Ecclesiastes (3:1), Nehemiah (2:6), Esther (9:27, 31) and in Aramaic in Daniel (10 places) and Ezra (5:3). Creation is ultimately not what you do within the constraints of time. While we live within the bounds and dictates of time, we can add to it the essence that exists beyond time. When we do this, we connect all existence in a way that brings balance to many situations. Focusing with balance allows each one of us to bring our personal uniqueness to our journey in this world. We will always reach a point in which we need to adjust and move forward in order to free ourselves from time limited elements. Existing in this realm guarantees that we will always face challenges that occur during our sojourn on this planet. Naturally there is more comfort in sticking with current issues with which we are more comfortable, as opposed to facing new and unknown challenges. Life moves forward when a person takes a leap into new and unfamiliar territory. The results of our experiences vary. Many miss the cue, or simply are not ready, to leap when the timing is appropriate. Intellect is an amazing tool to use when dealing with illusion and/or creating reality from fiction. Working from intelligence alone ultimately creates destruction. Working with emotion alone creates a strong and unbalanced reality. Balancing mind and heart while acknowledging ones own limitations is of prime importance. It allows one to discern the various created realities as well as the fiction that is associated with each event that occurs. Once we have accomplished this, it could be that the skies are the limit. As the old saying goes; only time will tell. Love and War - Vayishlach According to the story in the book of Genesis, it was evident to Jacob that his brother wanted to kill him. Despite having this knowledge, he tried to find a way to reach Esau through a variety of mediums that were comprised of the physical, metaphysical and spiritual. While his methodology worked temporarily and partially, the effects of the connection became very destructive over time. One way to disarm an enemy is to use the element of surprise to your advantage. One example of that is to come from a different position other than from whence they expect. It is important to take the action that is necessary to obliterate the enemy. If one fails to complete the task, the enemy will always be looking for new ways to get rid of you. Jacob could not rid himself of his enemy. Thus he looked for long-term ways to deal with the repercussions of his actions.

There are many things that must be accomplished in life. If those things are not done, it may matter or it may not truly need to get done. Focusing the state of ones karma, reincarnation and other factors are all part of the continuation of life. Ultimately, in order to accomplish fixing things, a new tact must be utilized. Love is a word that people use to express their emotions and feelings. The expressions of these feelings are subject to interpretation by the recipient. This creates attachments that leave the pure feeling vulnerable. Love is a feeling that fills us. When it is expressed properly it makes us complete. Using love as an excuse to attach oneself often causes people to become unbalanced. The end result of this misappropriation, or disregard of feeling on the part of anyone in a relationship, can cause destruction to both sides. Yet when properly and sensibly handled there is no better or more creative and beautiful tool than love. The connections between people become clear and strong when they give each other their focus and attention. It creates a peaceful feeling to hold on to, even when a person is physically alone. All people can feel full as a result of living in the world together, as long as they can freely express these feelings of love and respect. It is simply the natural result of allowing ourselves to be generous, by giving peace and security to those to whom we extend our love. That security allows us to give each other the freedom of expression of our true selves. That which we give out eventually comes back to us, as life has a boomerang effect. The energies of some people are based upon the destruction of anyone or anything that is not like them. This is reflective of a poor judgment upon them. People who want everyone to be equal or the same do not fully understand the concepts of the individuality of people or the oneness of creation. Each individual projects his/her own unique expression of that oneness. The energy of people who are unable to comprehend this concept will not be able to exist in a world that encompasses true peace. The purity of babies reminds us of how far we have gone astray of our own purity. The games we played as children were fun. The games that groups and structures of society play, purportedly to protect us, have become corrupt. They no longer serve the purpose for which they were intended. How do we relate to our brothers and sisters? We must endeavor to understand how to effect the inclusion of all mankind when it comes to healing the world. Whether or not our origins are the same, we are all here now. Thus the earths inhabitants must learn to work together for the greater good. Presently, many people are experiencing the energy of the shifts that are occurring on this planet. Most people are in a holding pattern while they are waiting to see how it all

plays out. In the meantime these energies cause some to be peaceful, even while inciting destruction and violence in others. Jacob lived in a way that was out of the structures of his father and grandfather. In order to progress properly we cannot closet ourselves in structures of old as that is ultimately destructive. However, we cannot just throw them out. We need to utilize the ancient wisdom as our guide on our personal journey to a new dimension. By building on the love and guidance that we are given, we will be able to establish the foundation that enables us to be as limitless as the universe in which we live. The words that we use limit us but can also be used as a base for expansion. Each word carries a unique vibration. When we learn how to be aware of and in synch with the various vibrations that exist, our perspective of life will be more stable. That stability will breed the type of accomplishments that need to be achieved in the present time. Toldos - Opening Unquenchable Love Relationships are about the tangible and the intangible. They are about the dealings between people and people as well as the rest of existence, on a physical and spiritual plane. It is the nature of relationships that often drives our behavior patterns in this world. Relationships are also about the manipulations or behavior of human beings as they navigate their way through life. Giving thanks and feeling gratitude is an important part of oneness and sharing. In the future all information will be openly recorded in peoples hearts. It is not necessary to wait till the future. Open up and listen now! If you do that, you will hear. This is also the concept of living with the Messiah, which is part of each persons soul. One way to navigate and get the best possible results is to listen carefully in order to discover which priorities to pursue. This entails opening oneself up to something that is beyond personal or present feelings and plans. This is because although the goal reflects what a person sees as being pertinent, it does not follow that that is the truest definition of success. It could be that just letting go is all that is needed. Sometimes a person has a gift and blessing to impart. They think it should be used in one way but the Creator has it used in a different way. An example is the story of Yitzchok (Isaac) in Genesis chapter 27. One interesting thing about many people is the need for instant results, instant gratification, from their actions. Then there are the scheming people who work on a long-term basis. When we dont get what we expect, we tend to complain, whine, cry and protest the futility of pursuing what we have set out to do. Some people, however, catch onto that the answers may not reflect the final summation until a series of events

have taken place or that sometimes what has to take place has happened. The selfless and patient part of a person takes (or doesnt take) action and waits to see what the end picture reveals. This is true when it comes to the issue of destruction. People look at minor decay or destruction, and learn to accommodate it, or to go with the flow. They do this not realizing that the accumulation of decay over a period of time can lead to devastating results. Spiraling can work in many directions, and applies both to good as well as to bad results. In the future people will not hide inside themselves. They will be open and will automatically share with others all the inner treasure that they possess. The issues of the past will not exist. Some have already begun to live in that future, yet as the world is going through transition, there are challenges. If the oneness of the future depends on people, then we havent learned anything. As physical people we change but our basic nature does not. The truth of the joy and oneness in this age has definite issues. Being open to being in a new dimension brings forth other issues based on the limitations of that dimension. Each persons experience of love, joy, positive thinking, etc., has blind spots. Therefore we need to be attached to the original force from whence creation derives its definition (which is a definition-less source). If mankind were to become instantaneously aware of this, the issue would be resolved. We would not have to evolve to another dimension, as it all exists simultaneously here. Infinity and unquenchable love would flow openly. People give their life for food, money, family or beliefs. The focus is so strong that unless something happens to shake that foundation that is where people continue to exist. Then there are people that are so attached to the spiritual and the light that they exist in that space. Having ones objects of dedication eradicated leaves an incomprehensible void. Once the raison-dtre no longer exists, the real starvation sets in. And there was famine in the land in addition to the first famine which was in the days of Avrohom (Genesis 26:1). There are things that work only in short term only or only in long term and then there are things that are a bit of both. There are things that we judge as good yet they come to us in a round about way, through trickery, etc. Then there are things that we judge as bad but they seem to have little problem in getting what they want. One never knows how a small innocuous idea can affect the whole. People speak about the power of positive thinking. This does not mean that every time you think in a specific

direction that the thing you are thinking about will have the result that you desire. It does, however, mean that if one thinks in a positive direction, and takes positive actions whenever possible, the impact down the road may be positive, no matter the experience of the ups and downs along the way. Having strength of conviction to continue (no matter the circumstances) will ultimately lead to a place that will reveal to someone a puzzle of perfection that could never have been planned out by mortal man. Meanwhile, creation is a treasury of the Creator. Free laughter comes from having a leader that brings out the oneness in creation. The leader gives birth to true joy among the nations and opens people to the oneness in existence. There are many leaders but they often feel a need to control, whereas Abraham let each child be their own individual self. Eventually this led to a division where, although people did not always understand, all individuals were deserving of the blessings in creation. We should be sharing and taking joy in each others blessings, yet personal issues often prevent people from doing so. Our lifestyle and family issues cause many blockages of the heart and mind. There is a balance in the world encompassing ups and downs, ins and outs, sadness and joy that all combine together to produce a perfect solution to every situation. The fact that we cannot always see it does not make the universal order miserable or unsympathetic. It only indicates our miniscule and undeveloped understanding of a plan that transcends our individual purposes here. Chayeh Soroh - Life: Duality Balance Oneness Infusing balance into the duality of life brings out the oneness in creation. And the life of Sarah was one hundred years and twenty years and seven years, the years of the life of Sarah. (Genesis 23:1) Since words in Hebrew have many meanings, here is another way to explain the sentence: And (the flow of) the life of administration (the forces that administrate in this creation), made peace with change on the level of one hundred, change on the level of twenty, change on the level of seven, on both levels (body and soul) of the existence of administration. In the spiritual realm, the number 7 represents the relationship to all emotional expressions, levels or worlds. The number 20 is significant of the relationship to a level of soul that is relevant to ones responsibility for ones actions. One hundred (100) is representative of transcending the demands of ordinary life.

A person is a combination of the tangible and the invisible. Individuals are bombarded by a combination of opposite factors that are physical and spiritual, or external and internal. This often frustrates people because of the challenges they pose. Sometimes it is difficult for a person to know how to act or react, whether to act upon intuition, feeling and thoughts or on what others want. A person must develop a sense of clarity to know whether to accept or discard the messages that are received. Many people operate within a system of dual personalities. There is the side of them that they portray to the outside world and the one that is private to the person and/or a close circle of family or friends. It is a true challenge to be able to balance ones personal beliefs with the understanding of and respect for the beliefs of the outside world. Once a person is able to make peace with the divergence of opinions, then the true self is able to emerge unafraid of taking a stand and expressing and teaching openly. The goal is to be able to do so in a way that does not cause offense, and thereby invite attack by people of different viewpoints. The inner peace that is achieved will enable the individual to project in a more loving and positive manner, effectively leading the world towards a better path. And Abraham was old (wise), coming with days (due to the experiences of his life) (Genesis 24:1). This wisdom taught him how to teach and guide future generations, each in his/her own unique direction. Abraham taught the oneness of the Creator. Abraham and Sarah represent two people who set the foundation for future generations. Therefore insight into the meaning of their story could give us glimpses of what we are looking for. When a leader makes peace with the physical and spiritual world simultaneously, this creates an environment for higher spiritual beings to come into this planet. It gives the next generation what it needs. Much of the wisdom that we know comes from the people of previous generations who experienced various changes in life. Many calls for change are not based in the lessons of the past; rather they reflect frustrations of the past. Changing things in order to respond to past frustrations does not address the issues of the present. Thus the result is often that change can create more confusion and lead to destruction in the future. Leaders who understand this conflict will project a plan that talks about addressing each issue, as it is relevant in current time. How we relate to the past and the future has an effect. Some people are not able to distinguish between what part of the past is no longer relevant and what remains pertinent to deal with in regards to the future. Letting go of past issues remains a huge

stumbling block to those who pursue the future. The inability to let go of the past has the power to cause many people to lose their way and it will leave many stuck and/or wandering around in confusion. There are those who believe that life begins when we come into the physical world. There are also those who believe that life begins when we leave this world. When a soul comes into a body it usually takes much time for it to be able to become accustomed to the body. The transformation that happens to a person usually takes many years as it generally takes many years before a body is able to accommodate being spiritually open. (Yet there are instances when something happens to take the time out of the equation.) So although we are born with an open soul, it is often suppressed while we are young (and sensitive) because many younger adults have not yet attained the senior level of expanded comprehension. This makes it easier to understand why, often times, young children have the ability to get along better with grandparents than they do with their own parents. Much of a persons life purpose is to bring a stronger light into this world through children and grandchildren. When one light leaves another is already in place. This is both a physical and spiritual concept. Life is like a revolving door. We go in and out, but where do we end up? Death reflects the separation of the spiritual soul from the physical body. It is the unloading of the physical that has had its pronounced time to achieve its bodily goals and missions. The bodies representing completion of such missions release the soul to a different path than those that did not complete their purpose. Thus it is that when a person dies and the soul leaves the body, it is the understanding and relationship between that body and soul that determines the path that the soul takes. The same is with the future, depending on our relationship between our self and the rest of creation will depend where we end up. In order to be able to fix the direction or stagnation of an individual, a person first has to become aware of their issues, take a look at the limits of those issues, and then consider when or how they can step beyond them. Making this move requires a bold spirit that is ready for acceptance and balance in regards not only to oneself, but also to the greater universal order. Living in this world is not easy for most people. Existing beliefs and control systems in this world have taken advantage of this fact. Under the guise of helping people, many systems try to limit the inner or creator power in the body and of the soul. It is abusive to

manipulate by playing on peoples fear of the unknown that is heightened by their imagination. Yet this is how some utilize their power to control people. Coming into this world starts the process of leaving it as well. This sounds very strange, yet it is a balance that is naturally occurring. We are here because we are supposed to be here. We are positioned to complete our individual and/or complimenting part of group purposes here and then remove ourselves from the bond that connects us with this place. By becoming open to light, we contribute to making the next generation more complete. Only by seeking to do so can we progress to where we are expected to go. Vayero - Enlightenment And YHVH appeared to him in the plains of Mamre while he was sitting at the entrance of the tent in the heat of the day. (Genesis18:1) Since Abraham was living totally in the present (which is also what the word YHVH means) he was able to have the experience. Hebrew words have various meanings. Another way of understanding this passage is: And within he had a revelation, with the sound of the trees, and at the same time he was experiencing the opening of an encompassing sense in all its glory. The spiritual realms and the physical world reflect each other. Sometimes the spiritual causes things to happen in the physical and sometimes the physical creates spiritual realms. Whatever occurs is an issue of direction. It may be that it is time to act in the opposite direction of what a person thinks because that is how the balance occurs. The internal power of a revelation has no real words, yet often people put a name to it. The Jewish people were taught to connect with a Creator that is one and has no description. Description often creates worship of something that does not connect to the source that is beyond the description. Having an experience often causes people to expand yet they may also think about it in a limited manner. When people believe in or act upon something, they create the spiritual energy for their beliefs. After a while it might become difficult for people to differentiate between what was originally created and what man created. This is part of the issue when people have a revelation (or deeply spiritual experience) and misidentify where it comes from. In order to have clarity you have to separate those things that come from the origin from those that were created by other beings. This is a blind spot for many people. Thus it is difficult to propose to a person who believes that

they had the ultimate revelation that there is actually a different explanation for what happened or that it only happened on a specific spiritual level. The spiritual interpretation of the setting here is amongst the trees. From this there is an important lesson to be gleaned. Pruning a tree is healthy for its growth. In life there are aspects that are attached to us that need to be cut away. On the other hand while cleansing the body is healthy there are things the body needs. Thus too much cleansing or pruning can also be damaging. The same is true of all aspects of our physical and spiritual life, there are times that we must discard the old and move with into a new opening. In each thing there needs to be an ability to connect with the Creator and for the Creator to connect with the creation. If the creation has come to a point where it will no longer accept to connect to the Creator then it must be removed. We should always give people a chance, since we are not God. Only God knows if the creation will reconnect or needs to be cut away. Too often people have played God and cut others away in the name of God. This ultimately destroyed the person doing it as well as the victims. Now is also a time of quiet contemplation as we wait to see how the underlying universal current will affect us. Ultimately it is a quiet before a brewing storm. Free will can mean that will is given freely but it comes with a cost. It can also mean that will is captive and needs to be freed. So feel free to sit quietly and listen to the vibrations of nature that will tell us when to move. It is in this quiet that a true revelation of the Creator can come through. Lech lecho - Moving - on the go As change occurs, opportunities open up. The sequence of what happens here is paralleled in the spiritual realms. The chain of events triggers the awakening of the peoples spiritual consciousness. At the same time limitations are revealed that parallel each new opening. The shift alerts us to the fact that the time for new movement of physical and spiritual nature is now. People know that things are changing. However there are many who only see it on a superficial level. Yet there are those who realize that what we see is a reflection as well as a smoke screen for what is happening on deeper or higher levels. Avrom, go, to connect higher and deeper, from your natural environment and tendencies to the desires that the Creator will show you (Genesis 12:1). This journey has taken mankind thousands of years. Each individual person and group has carried a specific part of the journey.

People are waiting to see the how the worlds leaders respond to their needs. Not much can change since each leader is obsessively delineating his/her position with oratory and fanfare. Projections will run high but actions will fall short and lead to disappointment. Many people will remain stuck in their natural environment and behavior patterns. Prophecies will abound, but in these times a wise person is worth more than a prophet. Mortals are incapable of creating the type of alterations that are truly needed. Only the Creator can wield the force necessary to restore things to right. In the meanwhile, each person is being given time to contemplate his or her own place in the creation. As people search, strange things may happen as a new direction suddenly opens. We continue our journey to another space, disconnecting from much of where we came from. A place has already been set up for us in the origin of creation and we are now coming close to our reconnection. With the opposite polls of darkness and light enveloping the world, there are some major forces that continue to bring confusion and difficulties even as it brings about blessings. Meanwhile we must still deal with the issue of removing and balancing our existing openings or blinders. As always, there exists internal and external movement on a variety of levels. The higher and deeper we go the more we need to balance our internal sensitivities. The exponential expansion makes the task harder to accomplish, but one that must be attained. That which begins as an internal balance expands to balancing with all creation. What surrounds us perpetuates an imbalance (which is also a form of balance from a broader perspective.) Of the many causes that affect peoples lives, the majority are those that cover up underlying movements. One of the processes that occur in society is the creation of various clouds that obstruct vision of reality. This creates an environment full of individuals that do not see or think independently of the powers that be. Where should our focus be, on a person or on the Creator? Are we able to rise above our natural tendencies or will we remain under the spell and control of other peoples directives? Are we still attached to the old system of money, politics, religion and social orders or can we, finally, move forward? People are blinded by their feelings and often do not listen to their intuition. They are controlled by the dictates of others. We must listen to the internal heart and soul for direction that is beyond societys parameters. Then we will understand how to follow our

intuition and our hearts. The exact directions will vary in each person, just as the balance in each person varies. The first time that we make a little hole and peek through the smokescreen to see the stars we will realize that we want more. As the people demand more truth and light, those in control sense the fact that they are losing their power. This unleashes in them a need to create more distortion. It transforms life into a journey through the muck. As everything is temporary, so are the illusions that those in power seek to create. Having their limitations, they will fall apart in due course, taking down with them everyone who clung to falsehoods. When one individual learns to see the Creator life force in everything, no force can block that person from seeing the truth. When many individuals do this it creates the impetus for more people to do the same. Combined, they will overpower the forces and illusions that block people. Then those powers will simply cease to exist. This is about the new beginnings. But, it is also about the fact that a new beginning signifies the ending of what came before. In order to get to the new life we must close the door on our past. We must walk free of the past constraints and lifestyle. We must travel the route that connects us with the Creator. We must connect ourselves firmly and then let go. The wakeup call has been sent. It is up to us to choose to respond and walk onwards to our new place, secure in our connection and secure in the Creators love. There are no righteous people just as there are no non-righteous people. All is the Creator and we live together as an expression of the internal oneness that resides within. Noach - Pleasantness When opposites exist there also exists a pleasant way for them to co-exist in peace and oneness. It is not the oneness where no other form or shape exists. Rather it is oneness in which each creation has its own dimensions. In order for the opposites to remain in relationship to each other forever, each side needs to be connected with the origin of all existence. That connection unifies their differences and similarities. If this does not happen, at some point separation will occur We hear people speak about love, oneness, spirituality, etc. Each of these elements has limitations that people often choose not to see. The limit of one side is often that it cannot accept the other and may even attempt to destroy anything outside its own boundary. Since this action prevents connection with the origin of all existence, it causes disintegration.

Interestingly enough much of what people identify as internal actually comes from an external source. Each person must find his/her own internal balance before attempting to balance with all of creation. After finding our own internal balance we can focus on our personal connection with the Creator. Achieving that will restore balance to all existence. And Noah (pleasantness) found favor in the eyes of God. And these are the children (effects) of Noah. Noah was a righteous wholesome person in his generation, with God Noah moved. (Genesis 6:8-9) The effects of being internally and externally pleasant are plentiful. To be peaceful and pure in your own being gives a special power to pleasantness. It allows the people around you to be who they are, to feel safe, be beautiful and enjoy warmth, affection and love. When people think that they can play God and use the power for their individual or collective agenda, it ultimately brings a flood of destruction. The fabric of our social order and human culture is rapidly unraveling. As society disintegrates each person needs to create (as best as possible) a protective energy field for him/her self and for those whom they are able to help. After the structure of society has eroded it will be time to rebuild. A surviving group of totally selfless people who live with pure love will then be able to guide others on this earth, thus creating a base for a selfless and everlasting society. The energy field of protection is, by its very nature, flexible. All of our relationships require that we be pliable in order to be successful. Being malleable allows us to maintain a balance of the opposites that live within us and between us. We have both finite and infinite fundamentals that need to co-exist within us in order for us to exist here on this earth. The ongoing challenge to balance the potential conflicts is a pressure that pushes most people toward one extreme or the other. Unfortunately it is those who express these extremes to whom people seem to accord the most power. They choose extremists rather than empowering the few who understand how to connect with the proper balance. Most balances that exist today are those that occur in relationship to our societys past. Continuous balance is not what is taught in todays society. Our culture is long past the point of correction to allow us to rebalance within the settings that exist now. And yet, if each person takes the responsibility to do what they have to do, all possibilities are open.

Breishis - Original origin With wisdom is brought forth a power of boundaries with a balance of opposite movement and with the desire to do the Creators will. There is much wisdom in, and many ways to understand any singular aspect of, everything that exists. Wisdom is an aspect of creation. In order to bring forth the wisdom that exists within a human being, some form of expression is needed. The body and spirit of a human being is a form of expression that entails many intricacies and complications. When an expression comes forth, it reveals that something existed before the present situation. What preceded that expression is something that has no description for many people. Definition will never be precise enough to allow us to fully appreciate or understand the occurrence that precipitated the expression. It is simply a limited way to acknowledge the existence of, without truly knowing about, the origin. The origin too has some type of definition and limitation, as well as having its own precipitating source and origin. How far we can go into seeing origins, reasons and/or causes is dependent on the degree or our capabilities. However, no matter how limited or greatly expansive we are in our pursuit, we can be certain that there will always be more beyond our grasp. We can understand this concept when we contemplate the act of describing a persons potential. Potential is something that precipitates expression of talent or growth. Potential does exist everywhere, yet it is impossible to accurately predict its outcome or to know its limitations. When we see someones potential we are describing something that has an indefinable source. No matter how much potential we see in a person or thing, the possibilities for that expression are endless. In that source it does utilize the language or actions that we use. The same is true of the source origin of all existence. We use spiritual words or physical expressions to describe things. By doing so we indicate the limitations of our relationship to those objects. Our limited descriptions and relationships to things do not serve to help us to define the original source of all existence. When an individual or society has issues, we look for a person or thing on which to place the blame. By doing so we fail to see that the issue does not generate from that which we see before our eyes. Instead, it usually generates from an internal source, not discernable to us in the face of the issue at hand. When expressing any feeling or thought into action, balance becomes important. The journey from thought to physical expression causes many openings, thereby generating many imbalances. (Discussing whether the imbalance or negativity is intentional does not change what happens.) Each action or speech requires its own balance in order not

to become a base for destruction. This creates boundaries, and boundaries create separation. As opposites come into existence they move the expression (positive and negative, good and bad) away from the original source. This manifests destruction. Purpose and direction are needed in order to achieve the capability to rebalance everything. To create this balance, a desire to reconnect with the original source is generated. Yet this desire can cause imbalances when expressing itself. When people use desire as an impetus to generate search they often become connected with various powers. Yet desire does not, itself, direct them to a connection with the origin of all origins. This is because there exists an element of the original source in everything. In the original source there is no need for balance since everything is undefined and therefore not subject to the changes brought about by expression and definition. This means that when we reconnect with the original source, all of our preconceived notions, understanding and thoughts disappear. At the very least, if they do not disappear, they do not create imbalance or separation in our process from thought to expression. When reconnecting with a source of power, we feel that the power is our own to use at will. We endeavor to manipulate that power into a false Creator. This puts forth a smoke screen that directs people to focus on energies that take them away from the original Creator. Realizing that the power is not ours individually, and that we are all part of a deeper unity of existence, removes our interfering ego. Minus that interference we can use our inner qualities and power to manifest as much as possible within our own connection to the original origin of all existence. This then opens the ability for others to do the same since we all one in essence. Suka - Protection How do we protect ourselves from the unknown of the future? In what way can we prepare ourselves for a future that will have difficult challenges? All creations have been blessed with protection of various types and degrees. A persons aura, environment, family, city, country, blood type, etc. are all different types of elements of protection. Each of these elements has the ability to protect the person in some ways, yet is also limited in some ways. There is protection in being aware of the various elements of this world and knowing about their scopes and limitations. This allows us to see matters from many perspectives.

The Jews were protected for forty years in the desert by a type of cloud. The cloud was one type of protection. The clouds served to guide them in their journey and stood as a pillar, protecting them from the elements and shielding them from various enemies (Ex.13:21-22). While as a group we no longer enjoy the same cloud that protected the people in the desert, we still maintain the gift of one of the specific protective energies that is given in the Torah. This is the concept of dwelling in the Suka, which also has a protective energy. The Suka also serves as a memory of a specific type of protection. All that shine among the Israelites, dwell in the Suka (Lev 23:42). When a person shines there is automatic protection. When lessons are gleaned from the memory of history we realize how important memories can be. Connection to the Creator allows infinite protection to flow freely. People have attempted to distort various parts of history. They have done so in order to remove the protection that results from proper knowledge of historical facts. When people attempt to solve a recurring problem without knowledge of prior events they often repeat the mistakes of the past. Vindictive distortion of history prevents people from successfully dealing with things as it permits others to manipulate control over given situations. Joy is another aspect of protection. A person who is truly happy does not see or have time for any negative issues. Sometimes it is simplicity that protects a person. Yet for others it is the pursuit and acquirement of knowledge that provides the necessary layer of protection. Love is a form of protection. There are many aspects of love. Most expressions of love have reasons, conditions or some definitions. True love knows expression without any reason or definition. It is about just loving the essence of anything. This ability to give without any form or shape can be the greatest of all forms of protection. Following a personal accounting, having the ability to transverse beyond the limitations of oneself allows true love to ignite We have some feelings of the heart for which we can find expression. There are also some feelings for which we have no expression. Beyond that there is yet a deeper level that is there even though we do not feel it. It just is. Occasionally we are aware of it but do not know how to speak about it or acknowledge its existence. Our awareness only exists on a subliminal level. This is a concept of knowing that something is there on some innate level while not being totally conscious of its existence. This is why in the physical Suka there has to be

more shadow than sunlight. Whether in a state of joy or in a mundane day-to-day life, a person encompasses more of what exists in the shadow than what can be seen by the naked eye. A Suka represents moving away from the permanent fixtures that we are accustomed to and living within a structure that is temporary. By allowing ourselves to be comfortable in a temporary setting we become more open to accepting whatever is new in each moment. The concepts of memory are good, but there also needs to be a physical manifestation to hold the memory, or it can eventually disappear. This is why a Suka is built and with it a blessing is made on a Lulav. The blessing is customarily done in the Suka. We take the heart - lulav, which represents oneness of all elements. The way we use it also represents the in and out movement of the life force in our being. In the Temple in Jerusalem prayers were brought on behalf of all the nations of the world. Each person has the ability to be able to transform him or herself into a Temple. This is, of course for most people only conceptual. However, it does promote a memory that is a reminder of a different level of awareness in the world and allows some people to manifest it in their physical being. In Ezekiel (1, 4) it states Venogah lo soviv oomitocho kaiyn chashmal, a surrounding halo and within it a current conductor. The words in this sentence are an acronym for suka, while chashmal is numerically malboosh - a garment. Thus Suka is also to remind us that this world is like a corridor that connects creation with Creator and how we exist in that corridor conducts the Creator power that we manifest. Haazinoo - Insight A persons soul drops into the physical, far away from its source. It becomes limited by where it has landed in the physical realm. How do we remove that limitation? Is it by becoming spiritual and reuniting with the world in which the soul originated? Or is it by balancing with the physical and its spiritual source? Many people in all generations have attempted to create balance or connections in the physical and/or spiritual realms. They have worked on this balance for generations but neither the spiritual nor the physical is the ultimate. At the present time the structures of the world as we have known it appear ready to collapse. As in the past, the people who hold onto the old ways to try to achieve their salvation will cease to exist. There is something new on our horizon. In order to enable it to emerge it is necessary for us to strive for beyond that with which we have become familiar. We must open ourselves up to the possibilities that exist beyond the realm that we live in today. This

will bring much confusion to people who do not know that there is more to life than they have been taught to believe. But the change is indeed coming to us, so we had better ready ourselves. Some individuals are acutely aware of their spiritual connection. Others are only aware of their physical being. However, most individuals are aware of something more than just the physical but they are often limited by the explanation or imagination of other people. Various structures or elements have attempted to create a balance by control or lack of control. Sometimes we do not see what is right in front of us. At other times we can see but not well enough to be able to interpret and then express what is in our direct line of sight. This affects our personal judgment and reaction in all realms of life. This also affects the type of leaders who we elect or have and it affects what they see and do. We try to find reasons for what happens or for what might happen. We wonder who to blame, whom we should vote for, to whom to turn for spiritual leadership. Yet in our search for clarity and definition we are often willing to accept that which is fed to us instead of seeking out the truth. While much has changed in the thousands of years of our history, the base of society still rests in the hands of those who exploit other people while they use a myriad of elements that play to prey on peoples emotions and minds. The responsibility for altering that reality rests with each individual. The potential is one that is vast and infinite in its possibilities and its capabilities. Politics wastes billions of dollars and ruins peoples lives just to keep us focused on irrelevant issues that divert our attention from the ensuing corruption. The media plays a large part in that role. Religion correctly teaches us that there needs to be belief but at the same time does not always instruct us appropriately in exploring our proper connection with other people and with our Creator. Instead of focusing on ourselves, we have been taught the art of being judgmental in our zealous pursuits. We can change things for the better by utilizing the power of our belief. People have contributed to the creation of many elements or aspects of the spiritual world. We are taught that the physical reflects the spiritual. This seems simple enough yet when you know that we also generate spiritual realms; everything takes on a different reality. Moses stood on the mountain but did not cross over into the land. People who are spiritual often do not cross over into the physical. People whose focus is the physical often do not cross over to the spiritual. Everyone dies holding onto the limitations upheld by their beliefs. People who try to convince others that they or some specific individual controls the world are suffering from delusion. Ultimately people die because people were created

with limitations. What exists eternally is a force that is undefined and unlimited. It is time to reconnect with that undefined source so that we can live our lives to our fullest potential. It is an encompassing force that has protected us both internally and externally. (Deut.32:52) From opposite you will see the land and from there you will not come to the land. When you want to cross the road or river, if you look at the road or river you will not come to the other side. However, if you look to the other side, you may be able to get there. Sometimes you come as far as you can see and hear. If those abilities are limited, then you will be limited. The converse, of course, is equally true. Your mind can unlock your ability to achieve your purpose and your destination. There are spiritual reasons for doing some things in certain ways, yet most people are not taught about the spiritual objective that dictates their religious practice. Reasons that do not always make sense are invented for various practices. Some reasons have become outdated. It is no wonder that people are turned off and run away from religious practices. A further effect is that it turns people away from belief. Many leaders are not schooled in, and therefore do not know, the spiritual reasons for certain things. Many of those who are aware and do quote spiritual reasoning are often not expansive enough to be able to recognize if their spiritual perspective is relevant or not. It is time to become more open to those issues and to reverse the trend. There is little time left and much to do. Before applying law or structure one must be a decent person. Otherwise the structure will just be one that is abusive of people. Power corrupts people. The political and business world is full of corruption that is accepted as a normal way of life. Unfortunately this has become no less true of a percentage of those to whom we look for spiritual guidance. We have to learn to listen, accept and love every part of creation. There is so much happening and we need to be in touch with the original source of all issues. Then when the proper moment comes we will be able to move beyond those things that held us down in the past. Vayelech - Movement During our life we have the ability to come and go, to move and change. This is open to us on physical and spiritual levels. Every second encompasses movement. By utilizing most of that movement for positive direction, the results are generally positive. A proper leader must be a person who is constantly growing and thus changing within him/her self. When a change becomes apparent to the other leaders, they may feel that

their control or power is threatened, thus they may incite rebellion against the initiatives as well as the leader. By doing so they attempt to maintain the status quo, not rocking the boat or causing positive movement. They may try to convince the people to agree with their thinking so that people react without truly knowing the far-reaching consequences of their own thoughts, opinions or actions. Before Moses passed on he called the elders together (Deut.31). One reason was to protect Joshua so that he would not have to deal with some of the painful issues that Moses had with them. It is difficult for a very sensitive person (who truly understands people) to become a leader, as people tend to destroy sensitive people. Regarding the future it says, On that day the soul that is in the body will come through in a big way (Isaiah 27:13). Feeding the corruption in our economy, religion, business, medicine, science, etc., only serves to extend the existence of the problems. There is much that needs to happen in order to remove corruption on all levels. The more that we can do to effect little room or reason for corruption, the more likelihood that we can fix the existing system or create a new one. Seeing the soul and life force of physical matter enables us to make more long term balanced decisions. Moving forward and listening to each move helps us make adjustments. Allowing ourselves to be what we are designed to be enables us to allow others to be what they are designed to be. We are in the midst of restoring our connection with the source of life. There are various names people use in order to identify this source. In actuality there are many spiritual sources for things. Most people only go back to some spiritual level but not to the ultimate origin. The ultimate origin seems difficult to relate to, as it requires that we go to beyond time to a relationship with an existence that has no beginning. Now is a time that holds an opening to refocus on this connection. It begins with internal awareness and relating through our heart to beyond definition. Following that is a matter of balancing ourselves with the present existence and allowing that balance to change in each moment. Rosh Hashono 5769 - Insight On the eve of Rosh Hashono I had a tremendous amount of heat coming out of my body but I did not know from where it was originating.

A persons soul drops into the physical, away from its source it is limited by other aspects in creation. For some the spiritual is more available while for others the physical talks to them. Sometimes we do not see that which is in front of us and at other times we cannot clearly convey what we do see. The Torah says that a Kohain was given an ability and responsibility to bless people. If we are given ability we should use it in a timely manner. The Talmud says that a Kohain who is leading prayer services should not say the priestly blessings, as he may get confused when saying the words of prayer. This was written at a time when there were no printed prayer books and focus was often based in a persons mind. The Midrash written at about the same time period states that if he is sure that that he will not get confused then he should say the blessings. In Jewish law books the Talmud is quoted while the Midrash, which has many practical stories or clarifications as in this example, is not used. The Rabbis blindly quote the Talmud and tell a Kohain leading the services not to say the blessings even though the Torah says that this is Gods gift to him. There is a group of Rabbis that say he should say the blessings since the issue of the Talmud no longer exists. These Rabbis are willing to be honest with why the words of the Talmud were said. This is an example where many leading Rabbis do not do what God wants rather are blinded by religion. This is often an issue that is reflected in interpretation of Torah. The Rabbis own issues and religious agenda blind them. This is a simple example where something that was written cannot be changed because it was written. There is a fear that if you change one thing then all the Torah can be changed. They think that total control is the only thing that works. Actually it is the Torah that is blocked by the Rabbis not accepting the limitations of their own words. There are many who are ignorant of things and in that sense it says that todays ignoramuses know more than those of previous generations. Many Rabbis are also ignorant of many elements in Jewish law and if not sometimes must go with the general belief of people or they will be judged and excommunicated. People dont always want the truth; often they prefer that which is comfortable. Laws based on fear eventually push people away and much of religion is based on fear and control. It also makes the Rabbis blind to accepting the open energy of the Creator and of the future, which they claim they are praying for. The Rabbis quote that the Torah should not to be changed but it allows them to make changes in each generation. They are not willing to accept a change if it challenges some part of their personality.

It says that the secrets of Torah are hidden in the stories or Midrash yet they are not willing to use this to apply Jewish law! They are willing to blindly follow something even though there is no rational reason. There may be spiritual reasons but they still give silly reasons and wonder why people are turned off by it. Sometimes they give a spiritual reason that is outdated. Another issue is that many Rabbis do not know the spiritual reason and those that do often quote and repeat others but they themselves are not open to know if the spiritual issue is relevant in this case or not. Before you apply law or structure you have to be a decent person otherwise the structure will just be another way to abuse people. The political and business world is full of corruption that is accepted as a normal way of life. If we are going to mix hechsher with ethics then we have lost sight of all that balances society. The religious world is corrupt and accepts certain corruption when it comes to money otherwise who would pay the bills. Kosher food deals with the food not business ethics. This borders on religious control of people, which we have suffered enough of. It is time for the Rabbis to really look at what kosher means spiritually and why they are not being responsible for it. Unless that is fixed all the other issues are only temporary band-aids. What are the Rabbis responsible for and who are the Rabbis. Moshe stood on the mountain but did not cross over into the land. People that are spiritual often do not cross over into the physical. People whose focus is the physical often do not cross over to the spiritual. You die in the limitations of your belief. People do not control the world even though they try to make people think that they have control. Ultimately people die because they have defined limits and what always exists is a force that is undefined and always is there. It is time to reconnect with undefined source so that we can live to our fullest. (Deut.32:52) From opposite you will see the land and from there you will not come to the land. When you want to cross the road or river, if you look at the road or river you will not come to the other side. If you look at the other side then you can come there. Sometimes you come as far as looking or hearing and sometimes you come by being there. Netzavim - Refocusing The body may look stationary, yet on a micro level it is constantly moving and changing. We appear stationary in each moment and you can take a picture of that but that is to

the simple view of our eyes. On further examination especially when we use the proper tools we can see an infinite amount of movements in each second. Such is our life. When we stop for a moment to take stock of where we are and to get our bearings, we feel lost, as we are not accustomed to doing it. Our time seem so full that we do not have time. Maybe we just do not know that we have a tool to find our bearings. At the same time the world is going through a transition that affects every individual. It is imperative that we observe what is happening as we refocus. You are standing today (Deut. 29:9) as the world is teetering and tottering on the brink of a transformation. We are indeed poised momentarily on a precipice of unknown transformation. We need to take an accounting on how our life, life styles and ultimately the structures of our society have separated us from the source of where we originate. We are capable of bringing together all of the souls from all periods or spaces of existence. When we look to restore our bonds, our origins will return to connect with us. The impact of that restoration is incalculable in its power. The origin of the life force of all existence is from an existence that has no form or shape and no limitation. This is why there is an aspect in everything in life that is beyond comprehension. It is not about the questioning as much as about being who and what we are in essence. In this world all matters that should be pure have become tainted. Restoring that purity can happen instantly if we all do it together. When a person asks Where am I in life? it is a focused question. It is dependent upon a persons perspective of life, its goals and purpose. The act of asking the question is not the issue. Rather it is the level of awareness that the person has when asking that gives energy to the question. Where you are in the present is important. If you are connected to the Creative force that flows in this moment, you can be connected with it in every other moment. Connecting with the creative force allows you a channel to be connected with the Creator. YOU are connected with the creative force but you (ego less) are connected with the Creator. The world leaders seem to be coming together to show that they do not know where they are going. Recognizing this as part of what is happening is a step forward. For thousands of years people judged talent and power based on external expression. The focal point of our talent and power is located in our hearts and souls, the potential that lies deep within us. The key is for each one of us simply to live with our heart and mind in each moment. If we did, we would discover that all of those things that we

believe we need tools for could be accomplished simply with focus of the mind and balance of the heart. Key Sovo - Journey to transformation And it will be when you will come (Deut. 26:1) reflects change, a word that seems to be growing with some sense of urgency in the world at large as well as in peoples personal lives. It is something that has been happening on all levels and in all aspects of existence since the beginning of time. The mere fact that people demand change (even if they do not know what they are doing) creates energy flow towards change. Both negative and positive energies are taking the world to where it needs to go. They also propel individual people on their journey forward to the future. Our life is a continuous process. Many ideals and ideas may begin with purity but quickly become tainted. It is personal, ongoing, and requires focus and dedication, and above all, honesty to oneself and their relationship to the world around them. In Deuteronomy (Ch.26-29) it speaks about how in our consciousness and actions we should recognize where we came from and share our blessings with other people. Additionally we must realize that there are long-term consequences to our actions. When we recognize that we are just one small part of all existence, it opens our eyes to see and our ears to hear. Yet if our focus is based in our own desires we are blocked from seeing or hearing other parts of the creation. That prevents us from realizing the true consequences of our actions as well as recognizing the true needs of others. People know that we need a different structure in society in order to formulate a new future, yet they have no way of fully comprehending it because of where they are stuck or how they are limited. They can focus on a word (this seems to be the limit of some people) and hopefully the universe will do its job. In reality people are constantly effecting change through the energy flow that is created by their desire. Each second is a new creation and thus change is a natural occurrence. Change is something that was created by the Creator as an integral part of all existence and should be part of our consciousness. It is something that we want our leaders to understand and respond to. Yet we often limit them because we do not want our leaders to effect change in a way that shakes foundations of the structures that we have grown used to. So we usually have leaders that reflect our own limitations and issues. People in power abuse their power and the system. It is in part because people do not know how to balance the internal need for change with the world that we live in. People have abused the God given ability and knowledge of creation in each moment. Therefore, while people have woken up to the necessity of change, they still readily give

their power to those who continue to abuse the power with which they have been entrusted. We need leaders who are constantly changing and growing within, not simply using the term in a general or external manner. To relinquish the old without positive new direction only creates further destruction. The purveyors of the old structures do not support someone who will change things for fear of what they will lose. Proponents of the new way want to totally eradicate the former structure without salvaging the blessings of the former system. As things in the physical world continue to escalate beyond our control we must become less attached to the physical and cultivate our abilities to look beyond regular definitions. As corruption continues in our former structured world we must carefully reject those systems and desire something new. There are so many things that we are blessed with daily. There is so much that we can be happy about, yet sometimes we become entangled in time-consuming issues that are curses. It takes supreme effort on our part to be able to focus on our consistent blessings. Many things that have been kept secret over years are coming to fore. However there is still much that people do not see. So many things are happening on this earth. People who are enslaved to money are continuing to discover its ability to destroy and control their lives. Peoples domiciles can instantly disappear due to earthquakes, typhoons, hurricanes or finances. What appears to be secure today may not even be here tomorrow. Environments, products or lifestyles that were formerly safe may be currently poisonous or otherwise dangerous. People who accept fiction as part of fact allow their vision to become distorted. Yet even with all of the existing negativity there is blessing. The world is evolving and people need to get with the program. That program is not control of business, religion, government or others. Rather it speaks to each one of us reclaiming his/her own individuality. That means connecting with ones inner self in a balanced way. We must focus in order to create the world that will serve all people peacefully, heartfully and in all totality with harmonious balance in every moment. There have been many moments in history when people sensed or waited for some major shift. Sometimes it was explosive but more often it was a quiet or slow change. Regarding each day, week or year the same thing happens. We have constant inner sense of various movements in this creation. For example many are expecting that in the year 2012 an explosive change will occur. Others are just waiting for a major shift that will bring quiet and peace.

There is a constant quest to identify the safest place on earth to live. The answer is that the only time you can live is today and today the place that needs to be peaceful is within your own self. Yes there are major shifts occurring at present and other changes will occur as time passes, but it would seem that the focus is to let go of what we have held onto so that the negative can cease with the positive and let a new balance to begin. Living in the moment is great but it also is not where society consciousness is. Therefore as individuals, we still have to hold a balance between our own heart and the physical world around us. This will change at some point but until that moment there is always going to be an issue of pain and balance. Key Seitzei - Getting out into the world A child is conceived comprised of a life force and energy. As the physical body develops so too the life force and energy of the person opens and develops. When the child is born another type of energy needs to keep the body alive. Life force is also referred to as the soul. There are many facets of a soul. One aspect of a soul is the energy that comes in and out through the breath. It connects to the body, but does not stay attached. When a person stops breathing it is a sign that this soul energy no longer gives life to the body. During a persons life there are various aspects of the soul that change as the body changes. Just as the body changes each second so too does the soul energy that is manifest in the body. Thus, although a soul may enter the body with one purpose, it can change at any time giving a person various soul purposes during their lifetime. Our relationship with food, people and the world around us is not only a physical, mental or emotional relationship; it also has a soul component. During an individuals lifespan he/she has various relationships with him/herself and with other people. The bond may be for any duration of time or even beyond time. (Deut. 21:10)When you go out (into this world) there is a battle with your desires. From the time that a child is brought into this world there is a battle. The battle (or challenge) is internal as well as external. There are movements in all directions. Each movement comprises a new balance that can create a new challenge. Each moment has a balance with the body, feelings, mind, people, society, the world and internal elements that are often beyond definition. Throughout this life we find that we can have intense relationships with someone or something without knowing the specific reason. Then there is always something

attached that creates an imbalance, blockage, imperfection or some issue. The feeling is divine but people around do not see it because they stuck in their own limitations. The bond and attachment vary in time and space. Yet each aspect is an expression of the Creator life force in this existence. What appears to be an enemy may be another soul or desire in creation that needs attention, support or love in order for it to bring out a specific expression or energy in the creation. Love brings people closer while lack of love creates distance. As a person looks deeper into the physical or any aspect of creation, the person comes to see oneness in creation. We go in and out of feeling a connection with many things in life. If we would understand and respect the creator life force in everything then we could be fully in love with everything and give it support and space at the same time. We have personal protective forces and yet at times they are inoperative. Sometimes, even with the best of intentions we get hurt. This is because in any war or challenge both sides pay a price. (Deut. 22:8) When you build a new house and make a protective casing for your roof, then you will not need to create a flow in your house because all illusions/fiction will fall away. Much of todays science is theory. Scientists attempt to observe matter in order to prove theories. In doing so they have killed millions of people who accept their scientific findings as fact. Simple matter is often overlooked because intellectual minds often have a blind spot to it. Most of what occurs in the human body is not observed by medical science because of its blind spots. An example that I wish to share is that when I was six years old a rock hit me on top of my head. Medically it has healed and there is no problem. Forty years later I have pressure at that spot and it is something many people do not comprehend. People who have had injections or surgeries often evidence this issue. While they have healed from a visual perspective, remnants of the original illness or injury may emerge at a future time. I am sharing this in order to illustrate how easy it is to have a blind spot to something that is part of our being. This is something that I learned many years ago as I was studying about natural healing. One component of healing is the protective energy that surrounds a person. It is important to take this into consideration. A visible scar is only one indication of a possible problem. Even if there is nothing physically visible, we need to be aware of this part of ourselves.

Although we are affected by everything it may take many years for resulting symptoms to manifest. Society is riddled with many problems that we have built up over time. In order to rebuild our society we have to be cognizant of all the issues. Before there is nothing left to correct, people must wake up to the facts and take action. We are all one and we balance each other in some way. Many of us remember the joy and challenge of playing on the see saw as children. We learned that it mattered where you put your weight in order to be correctly balanced with the other side. All imbalances are the result of the effect of the first imbalance that the Creator formed. (Deut. 23:6) The structural forces of creation come in as opposites. Energy and matter is transformed for some in this existence because of the bond of the Creator with those creations. Change is a familiar buzzword these days. Politics aside, the changes that are necessary to insure our future are dependent upon us. If we rise beyond what we see and hear, we will learn to recognize that there is always something beyond. Eventually we will learn how to connect with the source of all and manifest change without letting our own issues get in the way. There comes a time when we must let go of all that we hold onto and simply allow all existence to be. Then we can work together to create the world that we live in, utilizing the powers given to us by the Creator. The memory of the past will serve to remind us of our blessings. It will also act to remind us of what can happen when we live only within our limitations. Shoftim - Looking after oneself ( A person must keep the body in check. This includes thoughts, speech, vision, and sense of hearing, sense of smell, feelings/emotions and actions. The body is the tool through which a person, together with the Creator, manifests his/her soul energy and purpose. The primary responsibility of a person is to oneself in association with ones responsibility to mankind. To turn a blind eye to taking care of oneself has consequences that can affect the circumstances of the journey. This responsibility is given to us by the Creator (16:18) for us to use in all aspects of life. To judge clearly, the judge needs to be connected with the oneness of humanity and creation. When a judge has connections with special interests the result will be a conflict of interest that causes a blockage of the heart and thereby prevents clear judgment. An open heart is a gift. The ability of individuals to be open and sensitive allows them to appreciate and utilize the unique gifts that have been given to each one of us. The

optimization of our gifts does distinguish us from each other. However, taking good care of oneself and being open allows us the opportunity to share our special gifts and work together with all of humanity. Often our society fails to understand this aspect of individuality. It expects all people to fulfill a similar purpose. This attitude has had a devastating effect on our education system, which persists in making similar demands of all children. When we try to educate all children in the same way, we hurt them, and deny society of their potential. For far too long a time the vast majority of the human population has been devoid of proper respect for nature. Instead it has persisted in the notion that it is o.k. to rampage and destroy natural resources by use of chemical compounds or without adequately planning for replacement and re-growth of resources, etc. If society reverted to open sensitivity with nature, a lot could be accomplished that would change the world in an instant. There are individuals who are working on these issues, but the masses are not generally involved. We can only watch to see how much the work of a few will benefit the world. It is important for people to accept that no person is totally pure. Each person has impurities that enable the person to live on this planet. Accepting this serves a dual purpose. It may prevent people from making other persons into an idol. It allows people to understand that everyone is human, and subject to making mistakes and having some failures. Knowing this enables people to continue to strive for their potential and goals. As an example, I was born with a sense of wanting everything to be perfect. My fastidiousness in doing things caused me to be frustrated when other persons that I came into contact with did not do the same. It is only when I allowed myself to accept things as they are that I was able to find a balance to co-exist better with all kinds of people. (16:22) Do not set yourself up (your mind or heart) in an unchanging situation (doing the same things every day without taking an accounting of yourself) because it is despised by the Creator. Each moment is a new creation. In order to be in touch with the Creator a person must be in touch with the moment. This can occur by listening, seeing, feeling, smelling, tasting or sensing. Do not limit yourselves as to which way you will connect within any specific moment. The course of life holds many types of occurrences and situations. When we are faced with challenges we must recognize our ability to rise beyond the limited structure of what is happening. Everything has a mystical part to it. The same is true of all persons. Having the ability to recognize the mysticism or mystical aspect in each issue will

enable each one of us to handle our challenges with a more balanced approach. This will result in more effective accomplishments in all areas of life. It may be amazing for some people but even in our personal dark moments we do not have to cry out for salvation from the human experience. Allowing ourselves to be cognizant of what is beyond could lessen or prevent us totally from feeling the pain of the present. Knowing that this is possible allows you to understand that this may be an issue of choice. (There are other aspects here as well i.e. what the Creator wants.) There is an issue of personal choice in this realm. Yet in a broader space it is part of a balance of positive and negative in this creation. There are energies that can only enter this world through a negative door before having the ability to be transformed or used to move something in a different direction. Many people ask for burdens to be removed. There are some individuals who are ready to give up their lives for that reason alone, or for what is for them a just cause. These requests show us that the action remains within this realm and does not truly open a portal for humanity to move into another dimension. Asking shows a depth of pain and understanding. Acceptance or personal sacrifice is a choice. While the chosen course of action may bring peace for some individuals, it will not be the end-all solution, only momentary reprieve. It might allow an individual to walk through a portal, but does not take the rest of creation through it. Eventually a portal will suddenly open for all mankind. Meanwhile creation is shifting and moving toward such a possibility. With love we can support others so that they can live with their Divine Selves. In order for this we need to be, not to be doing. There is so much innate wisdom in every aspect of creation including our bodies that the only thing we really need to do is listen. Every moment has its wisdom and thus each moment has its unique focus. That focus shifts with the unique wisdom in each and every succeeding moment. We connect with other souls and together make one whole. Reeh - See ( There comes a time when we let go and everything seems light. We suddenly realize that we are open and it seems like anything and everything can happen. We see nothing yet what often happens after is a new challenge, which can change our physical makeup and spiritual composition. A door or portal opens, we do not know what is there but we move forward with strength and trust. It is this strength of self and character that we often have to reclaim.

(11:26) See (the source of that which) I give to you in the present (moment, some are easier to see like) blessings and (for others like) curses (you have to reach deeper or higher to see). It is interesting the shape of the Hebrew letters for blessing (Bracha) is even and open with the past blocked while the size and shape of the letters for curse (Kelalah) go below and above regular size and balance. This is part of the complexities that are associated with understanding the values and placements of the Hebrew letters. To see does not mean that you know what will be. This is the sight that does not limit you to see only certain things. It is the ability to be open to seeing and accepting that which is beyond whatever spiritual and physical sights are before you. Our system is corrupt because people have given their power away to those who do not know how to use their own power. We follow ready-made structures that distance us from our ability to connect with our own individual part in this creation. Now is a time to reclaim ourselves. As the world seems to be losing the connection with the Creator, individuals have the chance to reclaim that which they have given away. (13:5) After God you should go means you should go check the source of the name or of what is revealed to you. It is similar to an explanation of shooing away a mother bird (the source) before you take the chicks (the effects). A meaning and translation of this is to go after the outcome and leave the source. If we focus on previous life issues we may miss the purpose in the present moment. However, if we focus on the present we will know our true purpose. A choice of two ways is given to connect with the Creator. One is a shorter route and the other is longer. Either way you will end up going to a space that has a direct connection. If you respect that sacred space it will maintain your existence there. If you do not hold the purpose of that space as sacred, you will eventually be separated from it. God is marrying off the Jewish people to the land. It is their responsibility to accept that connection and to do what is necessary to maintain the bond. The name of the land of Israel in Hebrew is Eretz Yisroel. This can mean that the desire of the oneness is to give (Yisroel is made up of two words, yashar means) straight (and el means) power. Eventually the whole world will receive directly from the Creator and not through intermediaries. There is a power in the physical that does not exist in the spiritual. When we are connected with the Creator, then our experiences makes the connection through the physical exist forever. Otherwise our physical power is purely temporary.

People are now more open, than they were previously, to a new future. That is the reason that we see more extremist religious beliefs and groups coming to the fore. They come to remind us of their existence. The ancient magic and spiritual systems are being heard. At the time that we are about to let go, all expressions of the past present themselves. They each want to be part of the future. We have the choice of whether to move forward or be stuck in past space with them. There were souls that were not part of Adam and Eve in the story of The Garden of Eden. The imbalance caused by what happened in Eden is what caused all of the commotion in the world. There are many souls who have not been part of this creation and are waiting for us. When we move into the next dimension we will reconnect with a new vibration of souls who have been patiently waiting for us. We see that governments are destroying their people as well as their lands. We have progressed to the point where it appears as if there is almost no safe haven left on the face of the earth. Many people have been waiting patiently to find a safe place. Yet at this point there are only possibilities, nothing definite has yet presented itself. The only safe place seems to be deep within each of us. Last week when wrote that the Jews were chosen for something that will be in the futurewe received the following comment: The future is non-existent; there is only now, each moment flowing into the next. When we let go of the future the Kingdom is at hand. And as you said, go from nothing, into a new world and new creation where one continues to evolve without being stuck in the same realm. The above statement should read: It seems that the Jews were chosen to realize nothing that is bound to illuminate a new consciousness of something, within a new world. Once one realizes that there is no-thing in the world they liveeverything becomes one and they move consciously, into another plane or level with Creator, going from nothing to something. Re-eh is about sight. It is about using ones ability to see in order to know who or what to trust. In the Torah we are given clues about how to recognize false prophets and how to know about the components of those who would misdirect us. It is time to lose our fear, open up, connect, and pursue the true connection on order to go into the future. Eikev - Lifes experience ( Some people live their lives through definitions or experiences of the past. Others feel alive when they are convinced that their present experiences are

happening in order to generate a purposeful future. There are other people who live life in the present. (7:12) And it was (you were chosen) because in the end you will listen to (connect with the essence of all) these ordinances. It seems that the Jews were chosen for something that will be in the future. As humans we live much of our lives based on the illusion of what we think and believe. By using the excuses of in the name of progress, for the sake of business, in the interest of science, and many other cover ideas, we formulate substances and ideals that end up destroying much of the world, while draining its resources. There are people who know how to respect the natural resources that we have and those who abuse it. When we are born we begin to die. The further we move away from our point of origin the closer we come to our destination. The clock is ticking and the world is round, so the end and the beginning appear as the same point. One thing ends in order to allow another to begin. Destruction and death are actually an integral part of life as we know it, as death also brings new life. I have explained before that we originate from nothing, which means that it has no definition. Yet it is, in fact, everything. When we let go of everything we hold onto, we become open to everything that is beyond our previous limited selves. Once we connect with the place that now appears to us as nothing, we then become one with the comprehension of nothing which is the understanding of all life and existence. Looking at the history of the people who were possible Messiahs we learn something very interesting. Jewish tradition states that if Moses had entered Israel, the destruction of the Temple and other issues would never have occurred. The level that Moses connected with the Creator was infinite on his level and therefore the connection through him would not have changed. People would remain stuck with the connection of the level of Moses. The same is with any other person until now who might have been a Messiah. Mankind would have been stuck in the limits of that persons level of connection. The ultimate is not to be stuck on any spiritual level. In order to create a world where the Messiah opens up a new balance people have had to live through many experiences. These experiences, together with infinite spiritual levels that are what they are and do not change, will now be infused with a power from beyond limitation. In the new existence there will not be an issue of being stuck and therefore no issue about growth. Each moment will open us up to a new indefinable experience. Till then

we just need to be ready to let go of everything and learn to accept the life of each new moment. Meanwhile we live in a place of which it says (10:16) And (when) you will remove the foolishness covering your heart and your stiff neck, they will not continue to make problems for you. Life is filled with much foolishness and humor. There are some people who believe that everything was created by some power. There are other people who believe that everything evolved since evolution is part of nature. To believe that nature created itself requires a greater degree of belief than believing in God. To look at the infinite precise details of nature and say that they came from a theory requires a stronger ability to believe than belief in a Deity. Belief has various facets including making foolishness appear logical. The spiritual quality (represented by the letters) that was inherent in the stone tablets that Moses received at Mount Sinai, departed due to the behavior of the Jews. The people were left with pieces of stone that once held a unique power (ch. 9). The physical body is what is most tangible to people. Spirit and life force are less tangible. People visit graves, honor physical objects and connect very deeply with spirit by connecting to the physical object through which a spiritual force passed at one time. The only thing we can do is laugh. We do not control the universe, the world or even ourselves. We eat in order to gain strength. Sometimes a person can think that the strength that he/she has is his/her own. This is why after we eat it is important to spend a moment and thank the source of where the food received its life force. This constant awareness allows a person to stay in contact with something deeper than his/her consciousness. To become part of a new dimension we need to focus on studying and comprehending more of what it means to be beyond the limit of the physical and spiritual worlds. Knowledge of that can create a bonding that is different. In order to rise beyond the nature of this creation we must prepare ourselves. We have been in the process of following directives for thousands of years. We have been deluded into thinking that we have understood the purpose of those directives. Instead it is likely that being of human failing, we have needed to believe that we have understood perfectly the purpose of those directives. In actuality the precepts that we have been taught to cherish have been for the purpose of focusing us to connect with the Source of our existence. When we can let go, and simply give ourselves up to the true energy and direction of that source we will have entered a new dimension.

When we are ready for that transition, we will be nothing once again, yet we will have truly arrived. Voeschanan - Todays Society We are constant witnesses to miracles in our own body as well as in the world around us. This knowledge permits us to accept that at any given hour, minute or moment we are free to lose ourselves and submit to a higher power. This submission is humbleness, acknowledgement, freedom and allowance for change in one swift action. Moses said (3:26), The name of God passed through me for your sake, but you did not listen to me and the name of God said to me to, it is much for you, do not add to speak further about this matter. (3:28) Connect with Yehoshua and strengthen him. There are various types of listening and hearing. Sometimes it bounces off the person who hears or it goes in one ear and out the other. Then there is to what degree we allow it to penetrate us and in what manner we absorb it. Becoming one with the source of where the voice comes from is an art. Although we are communicated to in a variety of manners, we are usually not taught the art of how to be attuned to listening. For those who are open and able to share as well as those who do not know how to receive this wisdom, the result is frustration. (4:2) Do not add to the matter that I command you and do not detract from it. In the name of God we have created systems that add to and/or detract from the natural balance in creation. Those who have created structures for individuals and society often base themselves in their own interpretations rather than following the Creators perspective. In the end, our legal, religious and spiritual systems all have limitations that affect, bend, blind and/or bind people by virtue (or absence thereof) of their dictates. (5:9) Do not turn right or left. People who travel a straight path are those who often do not fit into society. What a strange world we live in! Being involved or stuck in a specific perspective does not help us to connect with the source of existence and creation. The only way to get to the future is to connect with something that is beyond our present limitations. People attempt to do that in different ways. Living beyond and being in the physical world would be easier if people did not interfere. As individuals living within our own space, there would be a higher rate of success. Yet we were given everything in the physical realm that is necessary in order to connect with the Creator and to creative forces beyond our intellectual and spiritual selves.

It is a general assumption of mankind that the level of a mans intellect makes him superior to others, and in fact, to all other life forms. This is a critical error in mans thinking. Actually each creation possesses unique abilities of its own. Each creation exists here in order to contribute and share with others. In essence we are all (individually and together) an expression of oneness that lacks description. Sharing brings forth the oneness while control often destroys that potential. Part of our purpose here is to use our intelligence to assist things in coming together as one. Yet the sad truth is that instead we often use our abilities to separate and destroy. Many worship only that which is tangible to them. The Jewish nation was warned against such conduct. Oneness and togetherness in any situation promotes strength and power. If mankind were truly united in pursuit of the Creators perspective, the power of what could be achieved by mere thought or simple words would be astounding to behold. Then, those who are able to connect to the oneness of the beyond, where there is only one entity, will be even more powerful. That is essentially doing what the Creator wants, because then we connect with beyond definition. How this will actualize in this world or in the next world is a mystery of the future. Mankind has long been in the systematic process of destroying all of what was given to us freely. The result has been that we have all paid a high price for that destructive process. There have been many times in history when transition was possible but did not happen. Our present space is another time when transition is possible, and the proper freedom can, once again, exist. The choice is ours to pursue that course. There have been individuals who were able to move between the physical and spiritual worlds. Of those, some do it only on a superficial level. Others have the ability to go further yet they too are only able to reach a specific spiritual realm or level. Why does the Creator choose some persons or people for one purpose or set of tasks and others for totally different reasons? It is similar to asking why was one part of the body chosen to do one thing and another part something different. Not every individual is necessarily bound to the exact same dictates since each persons source and purpose in this world or in another world varies. Sometimes the knowledge or ability to see a sole purpose can explain and define these things for us. Yet much is hidden from us or is simply beyond the soul, which makes it incomprehensible to mankind. Perhaps that is the reason that humbleness and humility have the ability to create a connection where one would not otherwise exist. Sometimes we feel intense love from a distance for someone or something. It can be extremely painful to keep those intense emotional feelings in check, and not reveal

them on all levels to the person for whom they are intended. Understanding this concept can give us a microscopic glimpse into the pain in the expression of love between the Creator and his creations. There will be a time when physical distance or spiritual uniqueness will not interfere. At that time we will be able to effect movement by thought, and will transverse all distances instantaneously. Our abilities will not be restricted to being in only one place at a time since we will not have the attachment to the physical that we are presently subject to. This thought is challenging for most people as they can only relate to life as they know it in the present. Yet if we choose to live in a world where people know the proper ways to act and react in each moment, there will never be anything out of balance or out of place. Physically we may be blocked from things that are open to us on a vibrational level. Blockages may exist for many reasons. One of those can be that they keep us focused in the present, allowing us to pursue our purpose at any moment. To be open to two different dimensions at the same time and to remain balanced is an amazing experience. Being open with another creation to the degree of not needing to use words is wonderful. It is a total acceptance and understanding of the other persons individuality, and merging together in oneness at the same time. We all love the romantic notion of achieving that one relationship with a person who can understand us without the need for verbal communication. We understand the potential that the joy of that type of relationship can accomplish. Just imagine a world full of people who are able to live all together that way. Now you are presently living in the future. Devorim - Balancing life - story ( Last week we wrote about how life seems to be a continuous journey. Now the question is how best to ground our self and the journey. Moses teaches that when a matter that is difficult for you to decide what to do, it is because of your own issue. When you separate yourself from what you want, from focusing on your potential for personal gain in the issue or from what you believe, etc, then you will be able to make a clear decision. It is then that you can come closer to the Creator or focus on what the Creator wants. Sometimes by focusing on the Creator, you are lifted out of your situation. After the destruction of the Temple in Israel the Talmud relates a story of three sages crying and one laughing. The one who is laughing explains that only with the destruction can a new future come about. There are many laws and customs taught today based

upon lamenting the destruction of the past or negative thinking and not about learning how to let go and walk in to the future. They are based on the sages who cried not on the sage that laughed. The Talmud also relates a story about a Jewish leader named Rabbi Abohu that went into hiding to save his life and was proclaimed dead for his protection. During a meal Rabbi Nachman (who was interested about who would be the next leader) asked Rabbi Yitzchok to say something. After the meal he responded that Jacob did not die. The words were said in a way to hide the fact that Rabbi Abohu is not dead and that in the future he may still be able to come back and be a leader. People use this and other quotes to create fantasies and not live in physical reality. To say that dead people are really alive or that they will come back is a fantasy. They exist on a soul or spirit level but it is fantasy to suggest that they are alive in the physical. Yet there are people who seem to have a need to live with fantasy. Before the Jews went into the land of Israel, Moses spoke about their conduct and about their need to be grounded. In the desert they had bread from heaven. In contrast, if we waited for it we would die. Our soul comes from a spiritual place and we need to find some way for the body and soul to work together. We wait for peace, but if we do not create it within ourselves we will not have it in the world. We must have some concept of grounding or centering in order to be able to succeed. Once a person realizes that there is nowhere to go, only within, the journey takes on a different energy and value. Peoples of the world place value in money, honor, and worship of external values or fantasies. In todays world, spirituality has become a business and has lost much value. It often appears as internal but after a time period it is easy to see that it is internal only to those who are vibrating at a lower frequency. The world that we knew a few years ago (the values, etc) is all disappearing. We need to be aware (sober, sensitive) and this causes much pain. At the same time we need to be happy that a new era is coming. People claim that they want change. Yet they have elected or are looking to elect new leaders who can bring about the destruction of society more quickly than their current leadership. Most people seem to be pawns that are used by those who control their emotions and thoughts. Society is extremely corrupt as are its governments that do nothing to bring about the changes that are needed. When a person goes through a difficult time, it is pertinent that the person looks at the growth that will come about through the present situation. This attitude and realization of a possible future helps to lift persons out of the mire in which they find themselves. Just as a person has a reason for being depressed so too a person needs a reason for joy. Politicians and leaders of various groups utilize religion and cults as tools to have

people believe in them, their leaders or god. This has given some structure to mankind but has also brought much destruction. When we see destruction we must become cognizant of the energy opening of the time that will allow a new dimension to open for all people. The Jews have nine days where they mourn the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem. These days are considered the saddest and most depressing days of the Jewish calendar. Yet within this is the Sabbath, a day of joy when mourning or sadness is not permitted. Life often seems to have this contradiction, but we have no other choice. While depression can be destructive, joy often does not relate to the realities of life as people experience them. We need to experience life and also be of a consciousness that is above it. Sometimes the memory of the past has to be wiped off the map for a new life to begin. Sometimes it is sufficient to learn the lessons of past life but sometimes the lesson are not sufficient and a person needs to become reborn. We are all affected by what happens on earth and by what people do. We are also affected by our soul connections. It would seem that the only way to be rid of the negative energies that presently exist and live on earth would be to rise to a vibrational level that is beyond where society exists at present. This would mean that negative and positive would cease to exist or that they would work together and both would be energies of growth in a peaceful co-existence. STORY: The philosopher sat in the synagogue but could not bring himself to pray. For many months he had been thinking with doubts about the Creator and the world. He could not resolve the matter because he was too enlightened and too intellectual to discuss his conflicts with anyone. On this morning he sat with his head bowed between his hands. Suddenly he felt a hand on his shoulder. Looking up he saw the face of Reb Yisroel Baal Shem Tov who had just arrived from the city of Mezibuz. Do you think that you can gain wisdom just with your thoughts? You must humble yourself to the Creator. Do what the Creator wants not just what you think. Put your intellect aside and do the actions that will connect you with the Creator. The Baal Shem Tov then left, returning back to Mezibuz. The philosopher was shaken. He found that the thoughts did not disturb him anymore. Now he could pray and connect in a way that he had not done his entire life.

Relaxed and in a meditative space, he thought; How could this guy who lives miles away from here have known exactly what was going on in my mind? How did he know exactly at what moment to come and what to say? This proves his point that you cannot connect with intellect alone. The invisible Creator power is beyond logic. After this, the philosopher packed his bags and moved to Mezibuz to become a disciple of the Baal Shem Tov. Maasai Journey ( We all have physical and spiritual life journeys. Moses told the people the source for the journeys and then explained the journeys according to what they bring forth. So there are at least two distinctly different perspectives for every journey. The forty-two journeys that the Jews went through in the desert reflect that we go through many journeys in life. Moses recorded the names of the various journeys taken by the Jews in the desert. Each one of those names has multiple meanings. A person can look into the meanings of those words to see how they relate to his/her own personal journey. The following are examples of how some of the names of the places they journeyed to can be translated (from the book Toldos Yitzchok). They traveled from Ramses and encamped in Sukkos - meaning a covering, that they were protected from foreign entities (although not from their own self). They traveled from Sukkos and encamped Besom. When the word Besom is split into two words, it translates as simple father i.e. that what protected them was the simplicity with which they traveled with their father in heaven. They traveled from Esom and were moved at Al Pee Hachiros -the opening of freedom which is Al Pnei Baal Tzefon - at the face of that which is hidden and they encamped before Migdol big. Their minds were now open to something bigger so now even the sea could split. They traveled from Hachiros and encamped in Moroh bitterness. They traveled from Moroh and came to Elim connected with a kind power of God. The leaders of the nation knew that there would be many journeys and challenges ahead after they entered the land of Israel. King Solomon reflected this knowledge when he built the Temple in Jerusalem. The building plan included an underground chamber as a place to hide things before the destruction of the Temple took place.

Ancient Jewish texts state that in the future the spiritual energy of Israel will spread to the whole world and all of Israel will become Jerusalem. There is also an opinion that the entire world will become Jerusalem. This means that eventually the whole world will be focused with the Creator or with the essential life force of existence. Each experience or challenge that we transverse is part of our individual and collective journey in this time and space. Our responses to each experience often seem to be determining factors in the direction that we travel. Opening oneself up to the energy of the ongoing trip may help to guide us in being prudent in our specialized tours. However, we should never fool ourselves into thinking that, even in the best of circumstances, we know how to put all of the puzzle pieces into their proper order. A power higher than our own directs the flow of the universe and order of each day. Taking that seriously allows us to balance ourselves within the flow, with wisdom and acceptance. Questioning the purpose of our journeys also reveals many perspectives. All existence originates from a source that is beyond our ability to define. It has no beginning and no end. The life force emanates within itself to create all possibilities since there is no defined limit. So finite and infinite co-exist within in each moment and element of our existence. This means that the birth and destruction on earth has the potential to continue forever. It also makes possible the fact that it can change or cease to exist at any moment. Why are we here? We do not need to waste our energy being stuck on why since our existence ultimately defies reason and logic. Our journey seems to go on forever. What are we here to achieve? Nothing. We can achieve things but we also do not need to achieve things. Often time tells us what to do or not to do. What should we do? Nothing more or less than what we do. Being part of our evolving self and existence is all we can do. All the reasons whether physical, emotional, intellectual or spiritual have definite limitations. Those who focus on the physical give physical reasons and perspectives. Those who focus on the spiritual, emotional, intellectual or simple each give reasons and purposes from their realm of existence. There is within each of us a reflection of the Creator. We co-create in some way the spiritual just as we co-create in the physical. We make choices and choices are made for us.

While questions are important in personal and universal growth, there are people who use questions to promote their own egos and/or personal agendas. A question is a tool so we have to be careful not to get stuck in the limitations of the question, rather use it as an opening to move forward. This is a lesson that Moses told the people. Life is full of journeys, you will not listen to what I say but you will go on your journey. If you do not have journeys then you are stuck. One reason many spiritual beings connect with a physical person is because of the possibility of change that exists through the physical. Another is that it gives a new energy of endlessness that they do not have on their own. Another major lesson can be learned from why Moses told the people about journeys. The Torah and guidance that Moses gave changes from place to place and needs to be looked out through that which is happening in the present. For those who hold on to the past and do not journey forward they are going against wanting to connect with the Creator. Attached is a long story of lifes journey. Sit back and relax as you read it or as you retell it. In the city of Shushan in the Persian Empire there was a man, simple, pure and trusting. One day as he was walking the streets of the city he heard two people talking. One said to the other, why do you look so glum? If you did not do anything bad no bad will happen to you. The simple man thought that this saying was sensible. If a person does everything right, how can something bad happen to him? As he continued walking and thinking to himself he came across a group of people. Listening, he heard a person in the group say, If you did not do anything bad, no bad will happen to you. He thought to himself, this is strange that I hear such a saying twice in one day. It must be that something is going to happen. Meanwhile he continued walking. As the sun was going down he walked past a side street and noticed a man lying on the ground. As he went over to check he saw what seemed like a dead man lying there. So he decided to stand there and see what happens, maybe he will find out why he heard that saying twice in that day. As he was waiting some police went by. Seeing the dead man they asked him if he killed the man. He replied, I did. They took him to the police station. At the station an officer asked him again if he killed the person and again he replied, I did. So they locked him in a jail cell.

The next day he was brought in front of a judge and again he admitted to killing the person. The judge was perplexed. He had never seen a person admit to murder so simply without any emotions or excuses. But the law is the law and a murderer must be killed by hanging or as the law in that country was that he could give three hundred gold coins to the government treasury and he would be free. If he does not have the money he is allowed to go around the city for three days with two policemen escorting him and collect the money. He would have to carry a box and sign that says that he is being put to death. Anyone who wants to have pity on him can make a donation and put money in the box. If during the three days he collects the money then he is free to go and if he does not collect the money then he will be hung publicly in the city gardens for all to see. The simple person said to the judge that he does not have the money. The judge then commanded two policemen to accompany him as he walks around the city and tries to collect the money. As he walked around the streets some people had mercy on him and put money in the box. Other people screamed and cursed him for being a murderer and said that they would have no mercy for him. In the evening he was brought back to prison and when they opened the box, the money added up to one hundred and twenty coins. The police were happy because this meant that he has a good chance to go out free. The man did not care and so showed no reaction to it as if it had nothing to do with him. The second day they went to other parts of the city and collected money. This day they only collected ninety-five coins. Still this meant that he only had eighty-five more coins to collect. The police were happy but he did not seem to care. On the third day they were not so successful in collecting money. By midday they had only collected ten coins. The police told the simple man to plead and ask people for money, otherwise he will be killed. He did not answer them and acted as if they had not said anything to him. He kept walking around as if he was hired just to do carry the box and sign. Even the police were very surprised by his behavior. Meanwhile they came to a store where the owner was known to give a lot of charity. They entered and the owner looked into the face of the prisoner and saw that he did not care about the box or sign, which he was carrying. The prisoner looked at the face of the storeowner and saw that the beard on the left side of his face was white, while the beard on the right side of his face was black. He was surprised and went over and asked about why his beard was so different. The

businessman said, If you go free come to me and I will tell you the story of my beard, because if you did not do anything bad no bad will happen to you. The prisoner was surprised. How did the businessman know that he was testing this saying? Meanwhile the businessman thought to himself, this guy does not look like a murderer. I dont know why they judged him for death but I see a simple pure person, not a murderer. This is why he said what he said as he was sure that the man would not be killed. They said bye to each other and the prisoner continued walking around town. At the end of the day he had only collected twenty gold pieces. In total he had collected only two hundred and thirty five coins and could not go free. The next day announcements were sent throughout the city that a person was going to be hung. The government has done all it can within the law to raise the money in order to save the man but it was not successful so he will be hung at midday. Anyone who wants can come and see the hanging. Meanwhile the man did not react to the announcements about his hanging. Towards midday they dressed the man in red clothes, as it was the custom in that place to do this for a person being hung. He was brought to the hangmans stand and there were about ten minutes till this hanging would happen. The hangman did all the preparations. He tied the mans hands and feet, put the rope around his neck, and all that was missing was one tug at the rope that would send the man to his death. Suddenly a man on a horse came fast, galloping into the place he stopped by the hangman. He screamed, Take that man off the stand, I am the one who killed the person that you found. The hangman said, But how is that possible, this person said that he killed him. The man replied, It is not true. Meanwhile the judge came to watch the hanging. He saw the argument and understood what was happening. He commanded that they should stop the hanging and both people should be brought to the courthouse. At the courthouse the judge asked the man, How can you say that you killed the person when this man already admitted that he did it? He said. It is not true. I accidentally killed the man and ran away. When I heard that another person was going to be killed because of what I did, I knew that I could save him.

If I did not then I would be responsible for his being killed. The first person was an accident but this would not be such an accident. Therefore dear judge I am here and you can do whatever you want with me. The judge asked the simple man what he has to say about this. He replied, I will tell you the truth. I wanted to test the words that I heard from people that if you do did not do anything bad no bad will happen to you. Now I see that it is true. The judge, the police and everyone there laughed. The judge said, How can you be so silly to depend on miracles? A few more minutes and you would have been dead!

The man responded, You see God in his kindness did not let anything bad happen to me, because I did not do bad to anyone. The judge said that he is free to go. His clothes were returned and all the money that he collected was given to him and the actual murderer gave him more money for what he went through. The murderer who killed by accident showed that he regretted what he did and was also let to go free. When the simple man left the courthouse he remembered about the businessman with the beard that was half white and half black and went straight to his store. The businessman recognized him and was very happy to see him. The businessman said, I knew that you are not a murderer, I could see it in your face. How is it that the police charged you for murder? He replied, I was just testing what I heard that if you do not do anything bad then nothing bad will happen to you. He then related the whole story of what happened. The businessman then said, Listen my friend, this evening at approximately eight oclock you are invited to dinner at my house with my family and then I will tell you the story with my beard. He then gave him a card with his address on it and the man left the store. Close to eight oclock the man came to the address on the card. To his surprise it was not just a house rather it was a mansion. He looked around to find someone to ask if he has the correct address. He asked one of the people walking in the street and the person replied that it is correct and it is the address of the wealthy businessman.

He knocked on the door. A Butler opened the door and asked what he wants. He responded that he has an appointment with the owner and showed him the card. The butler responded, Please come in, he already let me know that you will be coming. Upon entering the house his eyes opened wide. He saw gold, crystals and the most expensive and exquisite furniture, everything was clean and shining, just breathtaking for him. The owner came to greet him and invited him to sit at a table laden with the best possible foods. The family of the businessman came in and after the meal he began his story. Approximately ten years ago I was in business with two partners but they were not fully honest and I left the partnership. We continued being connected since we traveled to foreign lands together for business. I would buy and sell products of many lands traveling to India, China and Europe. I would buy silk and wool material, finished products and sell them in Persia, in England, France, Italy and Turkey. We traveled everywhere. On my last journey these two people who were once my partners were again with me. The ship that we were on was in the middle of a storm. Everyone was screaming and praying to his or her God to make the sea quiet. Each person was holding onto a piece of the ship for dear life. Suddenly a wave came down and broke the ship. The ship sank and most of the people drowned. It was only by miracle that my two friends and I were kept alive by holding onto a long board till the sea became quiet again. The three of us hung onto the board for dear life and each moment we thought that we would drown. As one person tried to make himself comfortable on the board, it moved almost throwing the others off the board. This went on for three days and three nights. We were exhausted and weak from not having unsalted water or food. On the third day we saw a black dot in the distance and the waves were moving us to that place. As we came closer it looked like a desolate island with no vegetation or buildings. But we were happy that we were coming to some land. Approximately two hundred meters from the island our feet felt the floor of the ocean. We continued holding the board till we left the water in case we would need it again. Finally we were on dry land, thanked God and rested a little. As soon as we gathered some strength we walked up a hill. From the top of the hill we could see a wonderful building and next to it were several fig trees. We walked into the building, calling out hello but no one answered. Searching the building we did not find people or food.

Remembering the trees we went outside and around the building where we also found a stream of clear fresh water. We washed our bodies, drank water and then picked some figs and ate them. Then we rested under the trees, all the while being thankful that God saved us. We prayed that God now save us from this desolate island as well. We had no clue to whom the building belongs, if any ships go this way or if we will ever be able to leave. While we were wondering, a black dot appeared on the horizon and it was coming towards the island. We wanted to run away and hide because we did not know what it was, but instead we stayed watching, as it appeared to be a horse. The horse was swimming and as it came to us we saw it had a rider who was tall and black with a sword strapped to his belt. The man asked us, How did you get here? From his question we understood that the house was his. We told him our story and he told us to follow him. Going into the building he took us into an empty room with no windows and said rest here. He took one of my friends with him and locked us in the room after he left. My friend and I were shocked and did not understand what was happening. We were left in the dark. Meanwhile he commanded our friend to take a shovel and hoe with him and to follow. They went down into a cellar that had an earth floor and the man said, Dig a hole that a man can stand in. My friend asked, Why? The man replied, Do not ask and do as I command you! The man then took a whip into his hand and my friend saw that he has no choice, so he dug a hole. When he was finished the man said stand in the hole. He saw that the pit was up to his shoulder and only his head was above the floor. The main said, Enough, now follow me. He brought him back to the room and took my other friend to do the same thing. Then he took me as well. He brought me back to the room. Then he took the first person that dug a hole and brought him back to the cellar. There he told the person to enter the hole again and put his hands inside. Then he filled the hole with earth and my friend was stuck, only his head was sticking out above the ground. He did the same to my second friend and then to me. We were all thinking that it would have been better to drown than to go through this torture. After he finished with us, the giant took three big trays and put one under each persons chin. Then he went to a closet in the wall and took out a snake that was about three

meters long, with a gray color almost looking black. He patted the snake and then pointed a finger at us. As if the snake understood what its master wants, it slithered on the floor. Coming to the first person it bit him by the lips and did not let go but continued to drain the mans blood from him. My friend and I began trembling and could not say anything because of our fear. The big black man left the cellar and we were looking at our friend that the snake was killing. Who knows how soon it will be our turn to die. Our friends head fell and was leaning on its side. The snake separated from the person and put its head into the tray and spat up the blood into the tray. The snake then slithered around the room three or four times and went over to the next person. When I saw how the snake bit him on the mouth and started to drain his blood, I could not look anymore. I felt a strange feeling on my face to the side where the snake was and I fainted. When I came to my senses I saw that the snake already spat up the blood of my second friend. Now it was my turn and I did not know how to save myself. Then a thought came into my head, I will bite the snake in its mouth before it bites me. So I got ready. When the snake was slithering around the room I moved my head forward. Then when the snake came to bite me I moved my head back a little. The snake moved a little forward and I put my head into the snakes and bit it with all my strength. The snake began beating the ground to become loose from me, but my teeth were stuck inside the flesh of the snake. As the snake was banging the ground it moved me as well as the dirt that I was in. Soon I could move one hand out. I held the snake and soon it pulled me out of the ground. Once I was out we both rolled on the ground but I was still in great danger. The hoe was on the ground near me so I picked it up and chopped the snake in the middle if its body. Slowly the snake let go of my body. When I saw that the snake was weakening, I stopped biting it, took the hoe and smashed its head, then cut it into pieces. Taking the hoe with me as protection from the big guy, I went up the stairs to look for him. I wanted to hide from him so that he does not kill me because of what I did to the snake. I searched the house and did not find him. Finally I realized that he had gone away but would for sure return soon. I ran to take my friends out of the pit, maybe they were still alive or at least I could bury them. I took the first out and found him to dead, so I buried him and poured the blood in his grave. Then I did the same with the second guy.

Not even having time to rest, looking over the water, I saw the same black dot that we had seen earlier, coming closer to the island. I did not know where to hide so I thought that if I climb into a tree I would at least be able to see what happens. I climbed and hid in a tree. The big man came and tied his horse to the tree and then went to the cellar. Suddenly I heard such a loud scream that it seemed as if he was next to me. He started racing through the house and calling but got no answer. Returning to the tree that the horse was tied to, with sword in hand, he looked like he had gone crazy. He was looking all around and exhausted himself so much that he sat down and fell asleep with the sword in his hand. Then his hand opened and the sword fell to the ground. Quietly I climbed down from the tree. Taking the sword in my hand, I prayed to God to give me the strength to kill this guy. As I put the sword into this guys heart he awoke and gave one scream but quickly became silent forever. Then I cut his head off to make sure that he would stay dead. Taking the clothes from his body I washed off as much of the blood as I could, then buried him and the snake so that if his friends come they would not know what happened. Next I put on his clothes and made myself look black with the coals from the fireplace. Then I took his horse and sat on it letting it take me to wherever it was going. For about an hour the horse went as if it was galloping on dry land. In the distance I saw another island. It had a fortress built on it. There was a huge gate for an entrance and that is where the horse was going. I could see guards on the wall and when we came to it the gate opened and about twenty dark skinned people were there standing in two rows as an honor guard. The horse went straight into the courtyard and two black people came on either side of the horse to hold it. As I got off the horse the people bowed before me. I walked straight through the door in front of me. Inside it was a palace and there were two beautiful couches, so I went and sat on one of them. Then a white woman about twenty-five years of age entered and in her hand was a tray with Turkish coffee. I took the coffee and moved my head to acknowledge her and say thank you. Meanwhile I was shaking inside since I did not know what new danger I had fallen into. The woman raised her head and spoke to me in some foreign language that I did not understand. Then she looked again and saw that I was not the person who normally is here.

She then spoke to me in Italian and said, Who are you and where is the other black guy that rules this castle? Now I understood that the guy I killed was the ruler here. So I asked here who she is and what she was doing here. Realizing that I was a friend, not an enemy, she asked me to follow her into a more private room and locked the door after we entered. We sat down together, both of us trembling inside and she said to me that she has been a prisoner here for ten years and is the daughter of the King of Italy. I had already heard about her and knew that as much as people searched no one was able to find her. She told that she was fifteen years old when she went for a trip in a small steamboat with an officer. As we ventured a little out to sea, a small boat with black people came and took us prisoners. All our pleas and cries were worthless. Suddenly the officer jumped on a guy that had his sword drawn in order to grab it from him. He would have done it but the other guys saw and jumped on him, killed him and threw him into the sea. How long the journey was I dont know. The first days I did not eat or drink. I stayed in my own corner crying until they brought me here. They worked on me to eat and drink until I regained some strength. I started to think. If I die then I will never get back to my parents and if I stay alive then maybe one day someone will save me, so I accepted to stay alive. The leader of this group of black people began to love me, give me gifts and try to come close to me. I ignored everything him all the time. He wanted to marry me and that I should be the queen of the castle. He gave me everything and I continually pushed him off telling him that if he ever tries to marry me I will kill myself. Finally he said, I will leave you alone, anyway you cannot leave here. One day you will come to me and not remain alone for your whole life. From that day on he left me alone, just that I had to cook for him. Also every time that he went with his horse to an island one hour from here, upon his return the guards would tell me and I would have to make for him a cup of Turkish coffee. That island has a beautiful building. We went there many times and sometimes would stay a few days and then return. This place is always guarded because most of his stolen treasure is here. Also he made a lot of money from selling blood. Generally he would attack small boats. Then he would take the people to that house and put them in the ground with only their head sticking out. He had a snake that he trained to bite a living person by the mouth, suck out the blood and then spit it out. This blood would be sold for a lot of money to certain people but I dont know what they used it for.

This is how I spent the last ten years. I am already used to what they do, but every day I would pray to God to save me from these murderers. Till now they were good to me but I did not know how long it would last. Now you tell me how you came here and how did you come here with his horse and clothes. I told her that the leader is dead, because I killed him. Then I told her the whole story of how we were saved by a miracle and on the island how I was saved from the snake and how I killed the guy. Now we have to figure out a way to leave this place. She said, We will leave in three days. I asked her, Why not now? She replied, You have to continue being here as if you are their leader. I will tell them that you are sick and that no one should visit you. Meanwhile I will prepare many boxes with gold, silver and jewels as well as food for a several weeks. Who knows how long we will have to be in the ocean till we get to dry land. I asked, What are we going to use to leave? She replied, The boat that I was on with the Italian officer is here and is often used to go for sea vacations. It is always full of fuel and ready to go. It is also set up to stay at sea for up to a month, which should be sufficient for us. It sounds good, but I do not know how to steer a boat. I replied. It is ok, we will take one of the guys who knows how to sail, you will learn from him and then we will figure out what to do. She said. That was the end of our talk. She then went and told them that their leader was not feeling well and that they should make sure that no enemy comes close. They should also make sure that the boat is ready so that when the leader feels better he can take a short vacation. She then took whatever she could and put it in the boat where it would not look suspicious. On the third day before dawn, we went to the boat. Around my neck was a scarf as if I had a cold and so could not talk with anyone. I also leaned on her a little, so that I appeared a little weak. All the people stood quietly as we went onto the boat and we only took with us one person to steer the boat. Meanwhile I lay in bed till we moved far from the island. The woman told me to come on deck because the sun was shining and it would be healing for me. I sat in the sun for an hour. She then said to me, Why dont you learn to guide a boat? Learn from this guy and maybe it will help your blood move and become healthy again. Anyway it is better than lying in bed.

She spoke in their language but from her movement I understood what she was saying. The sailor showed me what to do and I followed without talking, so that he should not suspect me. I learned quickly how to guide the boat. She told him to let me steer the boat alone and I found it very easy. Then we discussed how best to get rid of the guy. We decided to throw him into the sea in a way that he would not realize that we are doing it intentionally. Because if he figured something was going on he was stronger and might cause us problems. A little while later I was at the helm and she was talking with the guy at the edge of the boat. They were looking in the water. When she glanced at me, I showed her a sign to hold something and suddenly spun the boat around. The black sailor had no time to grab something and fell into the water. We continued on our merry way as if we never knew what happened. A short while later I went to clean my face from the black color that it had. I did not know what had happened to my beard until the woman asked me why it is half white and half black. I was surprised but realized that it must have occurred when I was afraid of what the snake would do to me. For five days we continued and did not see a boat or land. On the afternoon of the sixth day we saw a ship in the distance. We sailed toward it so that they would see us and maybe save us. We put up a flag made from a white sheet. We were waving it for maybe an hour until we were too tired to do it anymore. Suddenly the ship raised a white flag and moved toward us. Now we were happy. As the ship came closer we could see it better. We were told to stop and two sailors were lowered from the ship to come to us. We asked them to which country does the ship belong? They responded, Italy. They are on their way back from South America and going to Italy and would be there in three days. We asked that they tell the captain that the lost daughter of the King of Italy is here. They immediately took us aboard the ship and tied our little boat to theirs. As soon as they were able they sent a messenger to tell the King that his daughter was with them and that they would be at the port of Napoli. The King and Queen came to greet us with a whole entourage. They were crying and laughing, full of emotions. The King and Queen marveled at their daughter, how she had grown and how beautiful she looked. She introduced me to her parents saying that this is the guy who saved me. The king gave a medal of honor to the captain of the ship and of course the whole of Naples was

there to rejoice as well. From there we traveled to Rome where we also received a royal welcome. In the palace, all the representatives of other countries and important people came to share the happiness of the royal family. We were exhausted and so after we spent a few hours with all the guests we went to rest from our journey. Later a dinner was made in our honor and I told my story from beginning to end. The King wanted to know where the Island was and sent ships with soldiers to destroy the pirates and their hideout. This they did to perfection. After a few weeks I requested that I be allowed to return to my parents who are for sure worried about me. The king said, stay here and become one of the high-ranking officers of this country. I will look after you since you saved my daughter. I said that I was not interested and just wanted to return home. He asked me to stay and said that all the wealth that we took from the pirates is mine. I told him that it belongs to his daughter and that it is not mine. The King said, that it is all mine because of the strength that I showed to survive so much. I was very happy and thanked the King. Then I got ready to go home. Meanwhile the King saw that his daughter was sad. When he asked her about it she replied that she is sad because the person who she loves most is leaving. The King asked quietly, Do you want to marry him? She responded, To the person that saved my life I would even be his maid. The King then came to talk with me. I had no thoughts about marrying his daughter but the King did. The King told me that he loves me and he does not want to see me leave. He said that I should stay here and marry his daughter. I told him that I am just a businessman and should not really marry a princess. The King then told me that his daughter loves me. So I said that I am willing to marry his daughter and will give her the best that I can give, but I do not want to live in Italy. I will marry her and take her home with me if she wants. The King was not happy about my reply but said that he would ask his daughter. He said that it would be very difficult for him to see his daughter leave but at least he knew that she would be in safe and loving hands. When he asked his daughter, she said that she would go anywhere in the world with me and I was very happy. We made a royal wedding and everyone came to rejoice with us. We stayed a few months after the wedding and then traveled to the city in which I was born.

My parents had thought that I was lost forever, so you can imagine how happy they were when I returned. Everyone was amazed at my story and all that happened to me. See my wife you can ask here, she is the princess and she will support my story. Now come and see some of the treasure that we took from the pirates stronghold. I have left it so that it should always be a memory of what happened to us. Opening a secret door in a closet, we went down about ten steps into a cellar. In one of the walls was an iron door and with a small key we opened it. There was a huge treasury in there. There were coins from countries all over the world, diamonds, gold and all pieces of great value. There was also a scroll that told the whole story. I asked that no one in the family should use this unless their life depended on it. The treasure would be inherited from first born to first born. The rest of our wealth would be divided among the children. We closed the door and went up the stairs. The time was already late at night. The owner said you could visit me any time you wish, my house is open to you, because I like you. You should know that what happened to you is no small thing. God saved you because you trusted in Him, but you should not always depend on miracles. We should both be thankful that we are here. Have a good night. Matos - The need to lead leaders ( The world is round and constantly spinning. It makes no difference which way we are going, or whether or not we are straight; life still spins us around in circles. Mateh can be translated as: a tribe, a staff or to bend. Just as a person holding a staff can swing it in various directions, leaders find ways to bend people to move or look in a specific direction. Each tribe goes in a different direction. The heads of the tribes were people who could bend people in the direction of their spiritual source (based on the nature of the people whom they were directing.) Sometimes, in order to accomplish that, we have to bend the emotions toward the mind or the mind towards the heart. Moses talks to the heads of the tribes since they are chosen to direct the people, at least till the future comes when having a leader may become irrelevant. Meanwhile there are also prophets who see matters from a certain perspective. This means that a prophecy is not something that exists forever. It is temporary based on the issues of the moment. When the decision was made of which books the Prophets should comprise, the decision was to incorporate only those that were relevant to future generations. That is

why today we do not have copies of the words from thousands of prophets that walked among the Jews since they were relevant only at that moment in time. In a previous chapter a leader was killed. Here the importance of a leader is reaffirmed. There are some leaders that destroy the nation quicker than other leaders. Conversely, there are leaders that are good for the people, helping them in their growth. A leader must show that he/she feels the peoples pain. Giving excuses for why things happen or pointing a finger of blame does not help as it usually shows that you are distant from helping the people in their pain. The Kesav Sofer writes that Moses was punished because he responded to the people Listen you rebelers (numbers 20:10) instead of agreeing and showing the people understanding. Also Jacob is punished for the way that he responded to Rachel (Genesis 30:2), instead of feeling her pain and showing understanding. Understanding other people and being a leader is a double edged sword. Often it seems best to live in our own personal world but we are also here to be part of the rest of the world. Another aspect of a round world is that we do not know from what angle something will come at us. People make vows or oaths because they want to have some satisfaction in life. (Shvuah is comprised of the same letters as soveah.) Sometimes they become tied to something (ossur) and later need to be freed from that attachment (muttar free). A neder (vow) is a separation from something in creation and needs to be corrected at some point. There is an aspect of the Creator in everything and separating from it is also a separation from that aspect of the Creator. My father once related how the Lubavitcher Rebbe told him that Monday and Thursday he should learn chassidus in the morning. My father then decided to fast a half-day on those days as well. He then told the Rebbe about it and was told that since he is in business and needs to have strength in dealing with people he should go to Rabbi Zalman Shimon Dvorkin and have his vow annulled. Sometimes taking something upon oneself is a good thing but it is not necessarily the thing that we should do. When you take your focus away from that which the Creator meant to be natural for you, you go off course, which is chaiyt (often translated as sin but also means off center). People often make logical judgments but do not deal with the actual cause of why things happen. In Matos the men are killed but they did not kill the women who were part of the cause of the plague. Moses had to tell them to finish the job. It says that the children of Gad and Reuven have much livestock. The word for livestock is mikneh, which means what they are attached to, or have acquired. The word for

much is rov which can also refer to their leader, indicating that they have much pleasure from those things to which they have become attached. This phrase would mean that because Gad and Reuven knew that Moses would pass away before the people went into the land of Israel, they chose to stay with him in that space. Of course they agreed to help the other tribes going into Israel. Yet they did not want to separate from Moses. Throughout time, as well as today, people become attached to a leader and do not want to move beyond that space. So how do we expect a Messiah to come? Why do we need leaders and society structures? One reason is that we are often not fully responsible for our individual selves. It is possible for us to unite and work together to create a society that lives with balance. Yet many people simply do not live in a way that fosters that goal. People make promises that speak far louder than their actions. Thus it does not happen. Indeed we find that the opposite may occur, as the leaders who are speaking are more corrupt than the people for whom they formulate the laws. Understanding the people and being synonymous with them are the most powerful tools a leader can posses. It is sad that this is not properly taught in society; rather it is used as a political tool to hurt people. People are looking to the year 2012 or for later this year, or for some other designated date, but what are we really waiting for? Based upon very limited perspectives of God or creation we imagine and see a future. Since the original source of all existence has no beginning or end, after a prescribed time period (i.e. fifty thousand years) everything will eventually cease to exist as time and definition cease to exist (Likutei Torah). Society employs various structures to keep it together, but it can only do so for a limited period of time. There are entities and leaders in society that continue to move the world towards destruction. Where do we find proper guidance? It is a search many have been looking for throughout time. Pinchas - Extremes/future/story ( Pinchas was appointed as a priest (not a leader) pursuant to his extreme action. This reflects that very religious people may be extreme in nature, but not every extremist is a priest. Just as there is a negative extreme so too there is a positive extreme. Either way each movement creates an opposite extreme. Often a zealous person has an agenda, a goal, an ego, a belief or a mission that, by its nature, causes imbalance to his actions. Pinchas saw people dying and his hearts desire was that the pain end. This caused him to take immediate action to resolve the

issue. He saw that the people were following a leader who did not have their interests at heart. Pinchas took matters into his own hands and killed him. Driven by his love for the people, his steps were extreme, but necessary to solve the problem. The response by the Creator was to have him appointed to be a priest. This was a unique move as priesthood was supposed to be inherited. Furthermore, no person who kills is allowed to serve as a priest. Thus we see that the results of motivation and actions that are driven by a pure heart are positive. For thousands of years people have been living lives that have definite limitations. During all of that time they have been waiting for a future, which is the opposite of their current existence. Through learning to develop acute sensitivity we will be able to create a future without the barriers of our present lives. Most people have blocked senses in one area or another. This may be a result of how they were affected by their past experiences. It may also reflect that they have not yet achieved that which they are here to accomplish. Heightened awareness and acute sensitivity can guide us to a space beyond the limits within which we presently live. Desire also creates imbalances; this is the world we live in. When a person exists in a state of pleasure then everything seems to be in place. When this occurs, the world seems to create imbalances to interfere. Thus pleasure only exists for a fleeting moment. A future where pleasure exists constantly can become boring, which could set off another imbalance. Though if it is true pleasure we will never cease to take pleasure in it. Thus, to create a balanced future we need to learn to live in the moment as much as possible. The land of Israel is divided before they go into the land (26:56) by, The mouth of the lot. This is different than the usual lottery. Here the land, represented by each piece of clay, stated which family would use it. They were sensitive to be able to hear the object speaking. In the present world each person can know what the creator wants in the physical world because each piece of land, tree, fruit etc., tells the person what the creator wants. However there are relatively few individuals who have various degrees of developed sensitivity to hear and listen as needed. In the future all people will be open to hear. Regarding the desire and love for the land in Israel, women - the daughters of Tzlafchad request equal share in the inheritance of the land. This is an example of balancing an extreme where men believe that all things belong to them. Another aspect of this extreme is evidenced when people make rules or laws based upon the belief that their gender has more rights. This type of judgment is based on our personal agenda rather

than the application of the truth. The women demonstrated their understanding that the future is important and God agreed. In the higher spiritual realms male and female do not exist as two separate entities although in lower realms they do. In this portion we also read about the preparation for Moshes death. Moses asks God to give the people a shepherd and to appoint the next leader. He allows the people to be whatever they are since they belong to God. As a human and spiritual person he is also concerned about the people and how they will be in his absence. The people continuously go off in their crazy ways so they will need someone to turn to in order to fix things for them. Eventually when all people truly know how to listen to what they need to hear they will not need a leader. Another aspect of the present and future is God saying to bring an offering that has a pleasant satisfying smell (28:3). Tradition tells us that Moshiach will be able to know things by his sense of smell. What does a sense of smell mean? It refers to a sense therefore it does not mean nasal smell. There is a physical and spiritual sense and a physical and spiritual smell. The positive side is that smell awakens pleasure and wisdom. The future is a time of pleasure. So the Moshiach will have the sense of smell to awaken that pleasure and wisdom for all creation. What is pleasure? When a person has a sense it often makes the person seem extreme in comparison to other people. When you have the sense that allows you to have pleasure, you wont be asking the question. People often become entangled in their vision rather than allow it just to be a vision. It is important to enjoy life and grow. The soul connection that we have is affected by the physical reality that we live in. There is a time when an opening occurs for the soul to do what it needs and there is a time when the soul needs to leave this dimension. Counting the tribes represented a new stage of life in this world. This Story is about the difficulty of a soul connecting with the body because of the effects that the physical world has. In the future this negative effect will not exist, as the physical and spiritual world will be totally open and at one with the Creator. Yisroel (later known as the Baal Shem Tov) and his family lived for a period of time by the good graces of a woman who supplied them with eggs and natural products. One day as she was crossing over a river to bring the supplies, she fell into the water and drowned.

Reb Yisroel decreed that the river should not run in that place because of what it did. The river claimed that it was not at fault. It was simply functioning according to the way God created it. So Reb Yisroel agreed that if in the future one of his children or grandchildren should ever cross over that area then the river could resume flowing. The only problem with that was that whoever the person from his family would be, he/she would die because the natural flow of the river was interrupted. The riverbed dried up. He then warned his children and grandchildren not to travel that route or it would cause the river to flow again and drown them. He also promised that if that occurred he would come to save his descendant even if he was dead. Many years passed and a grandchild was riding in a carriage crossed through that area. Instantly, the river returned to its flow causing the driver and the grandchild to begin drowning. The grandchild saw a light and tried to swim to it. When the light reached out to him he realized that it was his grandfather who came to save him. When he came to help, Yisroel Baal ShemTov had to take on a physical form. He then said that if he knew how difficult the effect of coming into a physical form would be then he would never have made such a promise. Many people are waiting for the spark of light to coexist within us and not be negatively affected by the realm in which we live. Pinchas was a person with an open heart and was able to hear what Hashem wanted him to do. To kill was the opposite of his being, yet he did what Hashem wanted. We have to be open to what Hahsem wants even if it is the opposite of what we believe. Then we are open to true change in every moment. This is the type of person we as individuals need to be. This is the type of being that will live with Moshiach. All the other people were not in this space and so Moshiach does not exist with them. Those people that are open to accept beyond the spiritual issues that have existed in society till now can move forward. Bolok - Divination/story (Numbers ch.22-25) Bolok is a leader who feels threatened by the presence of the Jewish nation in his region. He has heard about how the nation of Israel has vanquished two mighty kings and is therefore worried about his and his peoples future. Bolok observes that the Jews are a thriving and strong people who can drain all of the resources that support the people living in the area. He is called Bolok son of bird (Tzippor) and is known to practice bird divination. He tries to bribe the prophet Bilaam to fix the future by cursing the people who have come out of

Egypt. As his actions are fueled by fear and emotions, they end up creating the opposite of his goal. Bilaam advises the servants of Bolok that he cannot do anything other than what the Almighty demands of him. Thus it is that Bilaam ends up blessing the people whom he was summoned to curse. The result is that his presence supports the future that was destined to occur. The reaction of the Moabites and Midianites was one of panic. Instead of going into the land of Israel, the Jews are now involved in wars. It is apparent that the Jews are not going into a promised land so quickly. The wars also signify that a spiritual war is raging. Despite the ever-continuing blessings that they receive, the Jews are faltering in their belief and commitment. Their foolish behavior brings a plague upon the people, causing twenty-four thousand to die. At the end of the day, everyone is let down. Both the good (or the positive) and bad (or the negative) share the same imbalance. People consult with psychics, astrologers and others to attempt to gain a sense of what the future might bring. In the end analysis the only thing that matters is exactly what happens, not the suppositions or possibilities postulated by the predictors at large. Bolok is a lesson of the history of what occurred in ancient times. Instead of working together peacefully with the Jewish people, other nations looked to destroy them. The lessons we gain from Bolok serve us well today, as the situation is much the same. Globally we find many who are still engaged in an ongoing quest to wipe out the Jewish people. We may conclude that in thousands of years nothing has changed. There is constant planning of destruction and death, causing pain and suffering to all peoples. To date no one has benefited from all of this. No one has won the war or triumphed other than for a very brief period of time. There are those who work with the power of thought and words to deal with issues. Yet many people seem more focused on the use of physical power. Those who lack the ability to create harmony are often awed by the strength that is demonstrated by a people who are united as one. Because of their inability to do the same, they are the ones who inspire others to promote diversion and internal division. And God opened the mouth of the ass. (22:28) This is the only explanation for why some people talk. Bolok and Bilaam knew about the power of using the vibration of the spoken word in order to create. By having the donkey talk to Bilaam, God illustrated to

them that the power of speech is totally determined by the Creator. No power possessed by human beings can compete with the Creators determination of how and from whence speech emanates, and what happens as a result of that speech. They saw the nation covering the land (22:5) Connecting with the spiritual is a (covered) concealed matter. Perhaps now is the time to uncover it, to connect to spirituality and reveal those things that have been previously hidden. The Jews are strange in that they seem to have a number and be beyond number as well. They have definite limitations and yet seem to exist with an energy that is beyond definition. Their existence, on many planes, defies the rules that it should naturally follow. What does this mean for the people and for the leadership? Life seems to be a war that is raging. Is there really a promised land? The Jewish people seem to be guided by a power different than other nations. It brings fear to others on many levels and for a variety of reasons. The unknown is very powerful and mysterious. I am asleep and my heart is awake. There are many signs of impending danger but we do not react to them properly. Is this because we are too focused on a connection with something that is beyond our reality? Or is this a sign of real blockage in our system? The time between seeing something and its actual happening can be many generations. Many times people have dreams, or visions, because they would have no other way of accepting the Creators will. Its time that we learn to be less dependent on intermediaries, and more committed to taking responsibility for our own actions. The Astrologer and the King - story. This story happened with a family that was so poor that they did not even have money to buy food. The name of the man was Tzippor (bird) and the name of his wife was Tzipporah (bird). One day the woman said to her husband, Since we are in such a state of hopelessness, let me give you some advice. I will prepare a pan and put some incense in it. You will take it and walk through the streets announcing yourself as an astrologer. When people ask you questions, you can tell them what the stars say. Just tell them whatever feels good in your heart to say. This way you will get paid something and we will be able to buy food. The husband answered, I will listen to you and may the Almighty guide us. Tzippor then went out into the streets announcing that a new astrologer is in town. As he was walking and announcing, he walked past the Kings palace. The King heard his voice and sent a person to call him in.

The King asked, What are you announcing? The man answered, That there is a new astrologer in town. The King replied, If so, reveal to me who stole from the Kings treasury and where it can be found, or it is off with your head. Tzippor was shocked and realized that he got himself into a dangerous situation where he is about to be killed. He asked the King, How many ministers do you have? Seven replied the King If so replied Tzippor, Each day send me one of your ministers, with a platter containing a fat bird cooked with rice and a bottle of Arak. After the seventh day I will let you know my conclusion. While speaking he thought, if I am going to die then at least let me have a good time with my family for seven days. He then went home and told his wife what happened that day. The next day at the appointed time, the fake astrologer was sitting in the entrance room of his house. The incense was creating a cloud of smoke. Then there was a knock at the door. Enter, he said. The first minister entered and in his hand was a large tray of food. The man called to his wife to take the tray and said, Here is one of them. When the minister heard those words, he became frightened. He went and told his friends that the astrologer knows who did it and will for sure tell the King. His friends replied, we have six more days, let us see what happens. Tzippors intention was here is one of the trays of food and so each day he said here is one of them. On the fourth day when the fourth minister left he went and told his friends what the man said. While talking he was shaking so much that he fainted. After this the group decided to go to Tzippor to make sure that he does not tell the King. They were ready to pay him a lot of money to keep quiet. A little while later the group that stole the money from the Kings treasury came to Tzippor begging him not to tell the King. He replied, What are you going to compensate me with if I do not tell the King? At least tell me where you hid the treasure, so that I can return it to the King.

They agreed to pay him fifty gold coins and told him that they buried the treasure in the graveyard next to the grave of the Mr. X. Now Tzippor was happy and the ministers were happy. Tzippor was happy that his family would not have to worry about food and the ministers were happy that the King would not find out who stole from the treasury. On the seventh day he told the seventh minister to tell the King that he will come at two oclock in the afternoon to the palace and that the King should be ready to be taken to where the treasure is. The King should also have two people with shovels to dig up the treasure. At two oclock Tzippor came to the King and asked that they follow him. The king and all the important people came to see where the treasure would be found. When they came to the graveyard, Tzippor holding incense in his hands entered first. His eyes were looking around to find the name on the gravestone that he needed. His lips were moving as if he was saying something in order to find the place of the treasure. Suddenly he stopped and asked the workers to dig where he showed them. Soon their spades hit a board of wood. They quickly removed the earth and the board and there was the treasure. The King was thrilled to find everything that was stolen and paid Tzippor well for his work. From then on the King loved Tzippor and praised him very often. But (and there is usually a but) one of the Kings advisors was jealous of the attention that the King gave to Tzippor. He was always looking for a way to have Tzippor fall out of the Kings favor. One morning as the King was sitting on his terrace (porch), dressed in a robe; two birds were fighting at the edge of the roof. Suddenly they fell straight down into the Kings lap and he covered the birds with the edge of his robe. The advisor saw his opportunity and said to the king, Let us see if the astrologer can really understand revelations and visions, and know what is hidden in your lap! The King called tzippor and asked him if he knew what was hidden in his lap. At that moment all the ministers were there. Tzippor became afraid and did not know what to answer. He started talking to himself by saying. If not for the bird (meaning his wife), then this bird would not fall. All the ministers listening to him clapped their hands because they thought that he said if not for the bird fighting, the birds would not fall. This meant that he knew that there were two birds in the Kings lap. The advisor still continued to look for ways to trick the astrologer. What did he do? He took three jars and hid them in the ground, one on top of the other. All that could be

seen was a piece of one jar sticking out of the ground. The first jar was filled with honey. The second jar was filled with jam. The third jar was filled with tar, but looking at the ground you could not see what was in each jar. He asked the King to test the astrologer again. With this he also said that if the astrologer would say what is in the jars then he would truly believe that the astrologer could read the stars and interpret visions. Tzippor was called again and asked to reveal what is in the jugs. The King and his men were waiting for an answer while Tzippor was standing confused. Again he began to talk to himself saying, First (meaning the first test) it was sweet like honey the second (test) was like jam and the third it is (stuck) like tar. The people clapped their hands. The King decided to make a party in honor of the astrologer. When all was ready the King invited his advisors, the ministers and all the people of the court. A special invitation was sent to the astrologer. When he arrived, he said to the King, If you love me so much and did all this for me, please let me do as I wish. With pleasure answered the King. I would like to make a wooden fire and cook some lentils on it. The King said, You have my permission and you can cook it in a corner of the garden. While the soup was cooking he added some spices but could not figure out what was missing. Lifting his head he saw the King looking at him. He motioned for the King to come so that he could tell him what he thinks of the taste. As soon as the King left the building, the building collapsed killing the advisor, the ministers and many other people. The King was saved by a miracle. He was so happy that the astrologer saved his life that he made him his advisor from that day on. Bolok - Visions Some people have visions and they actually happen Some people have visions and they never happen Some people have visions and they sometimes happen. What is the difference and why? What are the limitations of visions?

When a person sees something on a spiritual level it may or may not happen in a different realm. Sometimes it is a matter of interpretation and often best left not interpreted. There are many spiritual levels and worlds. There are many changes that occur between the vision and the physical. Visions occur for a variety of reasons and may be a reflection of something within the person seeing it and have nothing to do with anyone or anything else. Some people believe that they have prophecy or are connected because they have visions. Actually visions only prove that you have a vision, even if it happens it does mean that you have any more than a space that is open in your heart or mind. The limitation of vision or spiritual sight is that which you see limits you. To balance you would need a person who is not limited and is able to transcend vision. Vision is a reality at the point of the vision and usually goes no further. Chukas - Levels of connection to the source of life! (Num.Ch.19-21) The word Chuka (or Chakeeka) means engrave (d). When an object is engraved, we know that the mark that we see in it is permanent. Yet we can make a permanent mark on something without engraving. What is the difference? When something is engraved, the marking that exists is something that has emanated from the source of the material of which it is made. Any other type of marking, whether it is permanent or not, is made with a substance (ink, metal, etc.) that is added to the item. It is something that bonds to the item being marked. That bonding might be strong or weak, but ultimately it is of another essence or identity and cannot compare to engravings that utilize the internal source of the product. This Torah portion is a response about dealing with the issue of death that revisited itself upon the people after the golden calf. However, before understanding the response, we must first understand the essence of the relationship between Moses and the Creator. It was Moses who received and communicated that which the Creator wished the people to receive. Most people cannot relate to the level of communication that Moses had with the Creator. When Moses transferred the information onwards it was a transfer that came through his deepest soul essence, such was the intensity of the connection that he had with The Creator.

It is said that Moses was not a man of words; he was heavy of mouth and heavy of speech (Exodus 4:10). The people were incapable of understanding Moses when he spoke. The vibrational level of his acceptance and transference of information was one that few were able to interpret or even to relate to. This is why he needed a translator, which was his brother Aharon. The Kabbalah speaks of four specific spiritual worlds: Atzilus, Briah, Yetzirah and Assiya. Moses was connected in the highest of those realms Atzilus. Mankind generally connects in the lowest spiritual realm Assiya. Within each of these worlds exists a myriad of levels. Mankind is able to contemplate the level on which Moses existed, yet is limited in its ability to fully understand it or to operate anywhere near that vibrational level. Moses gave the Torah (guidance) to the people on the level of his soul essence. This is the connection that the Creator used in order to communicate with His Creations. No other person since Moses has been able to connect, while being in a physical body, with the essence of such an elevated spiritual level and be able to retain a balance. Here God tells Moses and Aharon with regards to transmitting this information: These are the laws that God has commanded. There is no use of the word I. By use of this third person reference we are able to understand that the Creator has communication with people on a variety of levels. Moses was a person who was always growing and thereby changing. Thus when he changed, his levels of connection and communication with the Creator changed as well. As the leader he was also affected by the changes of the people. The Jews believed that after leaving Egypt they would go into the land of Israel. When Moses ascended Mount Sinai death ceased to occur. The comeback of death happens after the people made the golden calf. We find that in the desert even those who follow Moses die despite his connection with God. In this portion we also read of the death of Miriam and Aharon, who pass away before Moses. The existence of death causes the re-emergence of a state of total impurity. As the leader, Moses is now given another way to transform the energy of death into life for the people. This is by use of the ashes of the sacrifice of the Red Heifer. The person sprinkling the ashes becomes impure while the impure person upon who the ashes are sprinkled becomes pure. It is thus an act and energy of transformation. The red heifer represents the extreme element of anger, desire, love, etc. Turning it into ashes represents transforming pure feeling and emotion. It is needed since the energy of death exists and there needs to be a way of purification to remove the energy of death.

There were nine instances that ashes were made from a red heifer and the tenth is supposed to be made by Moshiach himself. People see it as physical project just as they see a physical Temple. There is a tradition saying that the Temple will come from heaven, so the Temple is not dependant on peoples physical perception. The tenth purification of the red heifer may be more spiritual than physical. The transformation will happen in the physical but it will come with the spiritual change that happens when death no longer exists. Many people believe that they have a direct connection (or communication) with God. It is very important to know that it is impossible to be totally sure that the messages that one receives truly emanate from the Creator. Being aware of that will prevent you from fooling yourself or other people. Those who are open to spiritual energies are also vulnerable. Although the connection may seem perfect at the time, it often leads to being hurt. Moses had an open connection with the Creator that led to his severe disappointment and hurt by what eventuated from the messages that he kept giving to the people. Purity and simplicity is protective, yet it also has limits. With Moses, the ultimate redemption did not happen, which caused Moses and the people much pain. We have spiritual leaders in each generation that help people. Yet with all the wonders and help that they give, each one has definite limitations. The people that follow a leader with logic or belief do not want to recognize that the person or spirit has limits. Moses was within the spiritual realms that relate to this creation. Having knowledge of the Creator beyond the level of Moses is a matter of knowledge. There are many levels and aspects of connection with the Creator. The sensation, experience or understanding that people ascribe to the term God is done without realizing the limitation of their words, thoughts or speech. There are many descriptions about how the Messianic era will come about. Contemplate the following. There are tens of millions of people worldwide who claim that they are Jewish or of Jewish heritage. If all of them were to come together from all around the world, society would change very quickly. All of the souls that are Jewish would return. All people would return to serving through their personal connection with the Creator. This single change could transform the world without a war or allow war to happen among those who wish to fight and destroy themselves.

Moshiach will be of a totally higher and different spiritual connection that is beyond the worlds that mankind currently relates to. Moshiach will be the essence of a level beyond the world of Atzilus. This will open a new dimension of union with the Creator that will create an instantaneous nullification of the divisions between the levels that exist between the spiritual realms (worlds). All of the upper worlds will be one with the lower worlds and instantly all of creation will be immersed in total understanding and awareness of the Creator on every level. If the Creator is everywhere then there is no need to look to find, nor is there a need to be connected since we are anyway connected. It is simply a matter of what a person can perceive of or relate to with pure simplicity. To leave the superficial and connect within brings automatic quiet everywhere. We just need to remove the dirt that has accumulated over time. At present we still have a need to find our place in the creation. We believe that we are at the edge (sharp or dull) of a major shift on this planet. We need to continue our lives while being ready to move at a moments notice Korach - Knowing the moment (Numbers chap.16-17) When should we decide to take decision making into our own hands? When should we wait for God to do something? Korach took things into his own hands and suffered consequences. Moses says to wait until God tells us what he wants. Moses had a special connection with the Creator that allowed him to know that the Creator would directly answer his questions. No one else had that level of connection to the Creator. Thus Moses felt assured that waiting would yield an answer to everything. However, the rest of the people did not share his direct relationship with the Creator. Therefore they were not confident that they would receive an answer to their perplexing situation simply by waiting. There are times when it appears to us that God wants us to make choices and take things into our own hands. Yet there seem to be times when God wants us to be totally submissive to the choices of God and not question. We do not always see the delineation between those two situations. There are leaders that we should listen to and those to whom we should not listen. How are we able to know when to do things, whom to listen to, and to know what it is that we are supposed to do? Moses was a leader that we were supposed to listen to because he had a direct connection and yet the people had hesitations for various reasons. Tradition says that before the Jews left Egypt, 4/5 of the people died during the plague of darkness. This happened because either they did not want, or were unable, to leave

Egypt. The fact that they were unable might have been attributed to a physical issue or a spiritual issue that presented a barrier to their traveling or leaving the country. We are able to deduce from the counting that was done in the desert that approximately three million Jews left Egypt. (It states that 600,000 men between the ages of twenty and sixty were counted. Allowing for wives and children would put them at about three million.) Thus we can assume that approximately twelve million died before the people went out of Egypt. In the desert, following their rebellion against Moses and God, many more Jews died. At various interludes death follows the upheaval that results from their dissention. After Moses shifts the assignment of the leadership (previously accorded to the first-borns, which was also an Egyptian way of life) to the Levites, the previous leaders of the tribes die. Added to their apprehension and misery is the fact that they still have not arrived in the Promised Land. They are stuck in the middle of a desert, death is all around them, and they see no way out. Korach was a Levite as well as a first-born. It was his perception that the choices that Moses gave the people in the desert were causing problems. Assuming that his assessment of the situation was correct caused him to direct the people in their rebellion. This led the people to publicly question Moses leadership. Gods swift reaction left no doubt as to the fact that HE chose Moses. It is understandable that upon hearing the reports about the dangers in the land of Israel, the Jewish people would be upset. They question who is this God? They want to kill the Moses who brought them this far only to be very disappointed in their future prospects. In the thousands of years since then, nothing seems to have changed. Some believe in a God, some question God and some dont think that there is anything to believe in. After thousands of years our choices are the same. Moshiach is not yet here (because if he is here you will not be reading this). The only thing we can perceive about the world of the future is further devastation and destruction. The bright promise that we pray for daily seems to always be beyond the reach of the people. The people can only connect and live with the Creator in the present, which is truly all that exists. Our various levels of perception, various types of faith, and pumped up egos prompt us to take things into our own hands. At times we achieve some success, and at other times we fail miserably. Taking things is an aspect of separation since allowing things to be is humbling. Sometimes the humbling prevents us from doing what we should. At those times it is only our taking action that seems to create. If we simply allow things to be, are we doing what the Creator wants, or not? It would seem that the Creator wants some interaction, but at what price for us?

The Jews momentary hesitation of not going into the land caused them to be delayed in the desert for forty years. The same thing happens in our lives. We hesitate in making decisions or doing things. Sometimes we do things, but not in the proper time. There are consequences to our action or inaction. The end result seems that when the Jews finally enter the land it is the Levites and the Priests who do their work. The issue of the redemption from obligation of first borns is addressed, etc. After all of the time that has passed since then, where did all of those actions leave us? The land was never fully occupied, even in ancient Israel. The people are given a King (and hence we are given leaders) because that is what they want. We have leaders based upon our desire to have leaders. Yet it also seems it is Gods desire that we have leaders since He allows it. We seem to live in a world where darkness and light are part of the same confusion. It is our choice whether or not to see, believe and connect with the Creator even within the limitations of our own being. We choose whether or not to recognize our limitations. We decide if we will rise beyond those limitations in order bring the future balance into the present. The big question is: What are YOU willing to do? Whether those who rebelled against Moses were right or wrong is not the point. The point is that whenever we rebel, question, or create a separation, people on both sides get hurt. The kind of problems that kept the Jewish people in the desert are the same as the ones that exist today that keep us from moving to a better future. . There are people who think that they are right and have the right to say or do whatever they want. If we are passive, life will simply continue onwards with its existent problems. When we voice our opinion or take action we fix one problem but sometimes create another, because we have an agenda. The people knew that they were told they were going into the land. However they did not know When that would happen. We also are told that there will be a redemption sometime in the future. Again the question is: When will it be? We do not know. We simply believe that it will happen. Those who do not know if they should believe in a future redemption or not can only say I am here in this world so I might as well make the best of it. This can be true especially if living in the present allows me to listen to what the Creator wants of me in each moment. The spiritual and physical structures of thousands of years are leading the world towards mass destruction. Tradition says that God created and destroyed hundreds of worlds before this one. Are we simply here waiting for the next one? Had the Jews gone straight into Israel, no one knows exactly what would have happened. We still do not

know exactly what we are waiting for or how long we will have to wait. The only thing we have left is the belief and trust that we have perpetuated for thousands of years. For thousands of years people held on to spiritual belief and/or physical practices that have given them a strong sense of purpose or hope. Ultimately people are still waiting for a future of unknown quality. They still have no proof that their individual or collective beliefs or definitions are correct. Everything is possible. Some things are probable. The indefinable remains undefined only until time and space confines provide an outline for definition. All of the opposites that co-exist in this world at the same time make this world a place of confusion. The confusion and conflicts cause people to look at things from different perspectives, which generate the possibility of growth in every situation. The growth does not excuse why the situation was created. To move forward we really have to let go, often more than we think or feel. The positive side to the story of all the rebellions in the desert with Moses is that it illustrates that every moment has within it the possibility of change. Utilizing that possibility in its most constructive manner means leaving ourselves totally open to the Creators will. Korach took the moment and Moses knew the moment by listening. Shlach - Appreciation and humbleness (Numbers ch. 13-15) How is it that we can have a relationship with a person, who does not appreciate us even though we do so many things for that person? Apparently it is ancient history, a human trait that has been passed down since the beginning of time. God has taken the Jews out of Egypt in order to bring them to Israel. In the desert they complain. God then speaks to Moses and tells him that it is okay to send spies into the land before they enter therein. God has the power to take them into the land instantly. Yet God creates a hesitation knowing that the people are not ready (nor do they understand how) to enter the land or to truly appreciate what is occurring. Moses sees how the people have responded to God. He is bothered by the mentality of a people who do not appreciate the constant miracles that are done for them. Thus he decides that they should send spies into the land. Perhaps after that they might understand some of the miracles that are being done for them. Moses sends the heads of the tribes to spy in the land of Canaan. Moses prays for Hoshea and changes his name to Yehoshua. This is explained as Moses praying for Yehoshua to be protected against the intentions of the other spies.

Hoshea was the head of the tribe of Efrayim. Efrayim was the older son of Yosef who was a ruler in Egypt. This meant that Hoshea was a major leader of the Jewish people in Egypt. When Moses came along Hoshea instantly humbled himself to Moses. It was this action that caused many people to have faith in, and follow, Moses. Just as Hoshea was totally open to and supported Moses (through having humbled himself) Moses now is similarly open to and prays for Hoshea. Moses does so with all of the power and feeling of his heart. God gave Moses a choice. Moses gave the leaders a choice. What happened next is that the leaders acted irresponsibly, telling the people negative things about the land. They say that it is a land that eats/destroys its inhabitants. They cause the people to become so terrified that they do not want to enter the land. The result is that the people that do not want to enter the land die in the desert. All of the people stay in the desert for forty years until that generation dies out. Afterwards, God tells Moses that the Jews will enter the land by suggesting some ways for them to show respect when they are in the land. In Egypt there was a group that attempted to leave before the time of redemption but they were wiped out. Now a group wants to enter the land but they are killed as well. The moment to enter Israel has passed and they have to wait many years until the next opportune moment comes. Many experiences of life cause people to respond with fear. It is the fears that guide and control people. Often times the leaders structure laws that are based upon or counting on the peoples fears, causing separation. It is time to change the direction and focus on connections based upon love and humility. Those who live with simplicity can survive the extreme situations. Those who are totally humble sometimes need the prayer of Moses/the leader to help them survive. For thousands of years the people have been pursuing a structure that has become stricter as time went on. They have done, and continue to do this in the name of a religion that is seeking redemption. It is the Creator who determines the exact time, place and direction for the arrival of a Moshiach or the change from this life to another style of existence. Perhaps it is time we realize that if we hope to be part of a movement that generates this event, we will have to re-evaluate what it is that we have been doing. We have to think that until now all of our beliefs and actions have not brought Moshiach or an ultimate redemption. No matter how much we have tried to do to make ourselves more deserving, we have not achieved the goal. We have become so involved with semantics, nuances and fine pinpoints of practice that we have ignored the thing that we most need in order to propel us to that proper place. Each of us needs to establish a

personal relationship with the Creator. In addition to making a connection, each person needs to determine his/her purpose here and to attempt to fulfill whatever is required of him/her during this lifetime. If we do not, if we continue on the futile path we are traveling, we will stay stuck where we are. Just as the children of Israel stayed stuck in the desert until they all died out. Will people get hurt on the way? Yes, but more will continue getting hurt if we dont begin a journey in a new direction. Many individuals want a change that is based with trust but it is attached to a narrow vision. We need to be constantly aware of the fact that each moment is a new creation. Each moment has new potential. Living in each moment connects us with the Creator. While we live in the physical we also need to have a focus on the spiritual. A person was found gathering wood on the Sabbath. It does not say that he was melaket gathering wood rather it says mekoshesh. Etz (wood) reflects the tree of knowledge and life. Here it is written meko-shesh. Shesh is six reflecting six aspects or directions in creation. Meko or mekav is that he was trying to bring comprehension into Shesh. He was attempting was to show a connection with the Creator beyond what the people could exist with. Thus he was removed from being with the people. Similarly the word shesh is used in another instance. When Moses did not come down immediately from Mount Sinai it says boshesh meaning he was delayed, bo on it, shesh six hours and the people complained. This was another time people did not connect with the God beyond their perception. As a society we need to establish and re-affirm the base of life. Only then can we build a new land and world together. We have to discard the old fears and build based on new love. When they were taken out of Egypt it was with severity and kindness. These two opposites are what a person has to be connected to and balance all the time. Living constantly with two opposites is something the people could not do. Nor could they deal with the powerful spiritual energy that they were going to encounter in Israel. They did not have a pure simple trust. They had overwhelming blind acceptance. Part of our life seems to be about, sending and receiving, distance and connection, love, fear and the effects, humility humbleness simplicity, following or disobeying orders and getting hurt. Knowing that we have to make decisions even though it brings out the disconnections and more pain. We do what we know but where does it all leave us?

We focus on the Creator in creation and as this becomes more constant we then become more protected as we energetically create a special space to live in. In summation: What has changed in our time? We are still complaining. We now have political control of the land. Yet we still do not know how to retain possession of our gift. Many people have spiritual gifts but do not use them out of fear or have simply blocked them because it does not fit into society. At this point after thousands of years of history we are still clamoring for leaders to direct us and relieve us of our collective and individual responsibilities. Our leaders too have not changed. Many of them still choose to guide us in ways that do not enhance our spiritual growth. They are often too focused on their perspective of material and physical concerns. They do not teach us how to address our issues by balancing them with nature, spirituality and the Creator. In order to elevate ourselves and improve our chance for redemption each individual has to attempt to take personal responsibility for the business of his/her own soul. It is important that we allow our leadership to know that we will authorize them to fulfill their true mission here. Once we understand and take responsibility for our own connection with the Creator, we will begin the most important segment of our journey. By establishing our personal connection, each of us will humble ourselves to the Creator, giving ourselves up to His will. It is at that point that we will be open, without need for further hesitation, to receive our immediate and speedy redemption! In Egypt the Jews were in pain and slavery. The leaders needed to be very spiritual to lift them up each day so that they could continue. In the land of Israel they needed leaders that would help them settle the land. In the desert most of the leaders that they had in Egypt had to die before they entered the land of Israel since their being was of a different nature. God knew that the spies would not listen, but gave Moses the choice. Moses knew that they would not listen but gave them a choice. The hesitation created then still exists today. When the Moshiach will be here there will be no hesitation as to what to do in each moment. The Jews did not have to do most of the laws until the land was settled. The full land of Israel was never settled and today we still have not finished doing all the commands.

The purpose of the commands was to transform the energy of the land and it is still waiting. There are various types of messengers, most have their own agenda or ideas which get in the way. Behaalosecho Numbers chap 8-12 As we look or connect with leaders and guides we often do so based upon our own limits. Thus we choose a person who supports people who have our specific types of limitations. Love and humility are the attributes we require from our leadership. Unfortunately many of our leaders only seem to be capable of loving those constituents who support the personal agenda of the leader. Many spiritual leaders display humility simply because it gives them power over others. In this they are feeding their egos instead of spending their time assisting in the growth and connection of those who look up to them. The first tablets that Moses brought down from Mt Sinai were transparent. The writing could be seen from both sides and appeared in a way that could be read the same from either side. There was no dark side. At that point the people could have immediately progressed into the land of Israel, and all people would have dispersed. Everything would have transpired in a totally peaceful manner with no fighting. Now that the first tablets are broken there is a dark side. Now, in addition to all of the love in the world there is a reflection that occurs that causes an unknown and uncertain aspect to the love that exists. Now the reception of the guidance to the people is one that is laden with confusion as there are corresponding agenda that come along with that guidance. With the leaders in the middle (as our conduits) do we actually get anywhere? It seems that people cannot, or do not wish to, take responsibility for themselves. It appears that the leaders are concerned with their own agenda and thus do not help the situation. In this miasma where are we? In our understanding of priorities where does this put God or the Creator of all existence? Aharon represents love. He is told that when he opens peoples souls through love he should combine the physical with the spiritual. This is because if you only relate to one part then you can never fully balance creation. While this sounds good, society does not live that way. So all of those who proclaim, All you need is love, have given themselves an agenda that has limitations and a price.

Exclusive spiritual or exclusive physical love is not sufficient. Rather it is a simultaneous combining of the two that can produce the balance that is needed in order to begin to do what is required of us. Without either one of those components we are left searching for what is missing, and are open to misinterpretation of what is the missing component. What can be done when some people are open to giving love but not receiving while others are open to receiving but not giving? There are those who do not give or receive. No matter the combination or percentages of giving and receiving, most persons suffer pain from the experience. This pain has a dramatic effect on their lives. The Torah teaches that the people must be guided Ehl mool pnei hamenora. Towards the things that have, reflect or represent connection you should guide them. The Levites are the people who are now responsible to connect people with the Creator in creation. They need to be purified, cleansed and prepared in order to fulfill their mission. This purification process also separates them from the people temporarily in order to create a working unity amongst them. As part of the purification process for the people, the Passover sacrifice is brought this one time in the desert. This is for those who did not do it in Egypt and demonstrates that universally there is always a chance for change and correction. The people who lived in Egypt for so long as slaves are now living without a schedule. They have no idea about when or how they will travel. They travel three days without rest. This is one of the confusing issues and changes that prompt the people to complain. Meanwhile God gives everything to the people and responds with anger when they do not accept his methodology in giving. How different is this from people who reach out with love and are not understood? Utter turmoil and chaos reigns. The people complain. We are here to love and with it also evolve (love spelled backwards). Love often comes with expecting the other person to respond the way I want or think. What a fine mess we live in. Moses tells his father-in-law to travel with him so that he can have all the good that God gives them. He responds, I have all the good that I need at home. Similarly we go on a journey in this world wanting to connect with God. Spiritual leaders attempt to convince us to join their way but sometimes a person already has the connection they need. A stage needs to be set for the people to be united since unity protects. We each are our own unique expression of the Creator life force in this creation. Yet the humbleness with love is what can keep all the differences together.

The transition that occurred after the people were brought out of Egypt was difficult. Now their physical needs are constantly being met. This is most difficult as they cannot readily disassociate themselves from the lives they lived prior to their time in the desert. Their memories still plague them and dictate their behavior patterns. In fact, they are constantly crying and complaining to Moses, who is overwhelmed by having to deal with all of their complaints and their demands. In order to alleviate the stress on Moses, and to amply address the issues of the people, God tells Moses to gather the elders together. By giving some of Moses power of spirit to the elders they can assist in dealing with the turmoil of the people. There are those that are prophesying that Moses will die. Moses is not bothered or concerned by their predictions but many of his supporters are upset. This is often the case when people are attached to a leader who they think is invincible or is their connection to the infinite. When a challenge is brought that threatens the image that people have of their leader, they become insecure. The people are followers and are ready to go into the holy land but the leaders are hesitant because it may change their status of control. Unfortunately, leaders often halt their peoples chances to better themselves when they feel that their authority might lose its significance in the process. Aharon and Miriam are united in their goal for the Jewish people and their brother Moshe. However they have an agenda making it impure. This further illustrates that in each moment one must be open to changing in the way that God wants and not be stuck in an agenda, no matter how holy it seems. It is Moses who does not have the contradiction because all he wants is to do the will of God in each moment. When a person has a clear connection with the Creator, each moment is a new creation, insuring that the person is not stuck within mankinds limitations. Nosso Last week we spoke about how people are afraid of a direct connection with the Creator and so chose to have leaders to help them make their connection. This attitude leads people to look for a truth that they can be comfortable in believing. The fact that they do not choose a direct connection means the truth that they ultimately accept is not pure or absolute truth. It is a truth that has gone through a process of dilution. This leads to confusion over what the truth really is since different leaders will take people down different pathways.

Numbers (chapter 4- 7) talks about some of the Levite groups and their numbers. The word Levite means connection. Their purpose was to assist people to have a clearer connection. The counting here (and elements that need to be elevated) is with the sons of Gershon and Merori. Gershon means separation, divorce, driven away. Ger means a stranger or estranged person. Merori means bitterness. The fact that people chose to turn to something other than pure and direct connection caused them to be effected by issues of divorce, separation and bitterness. They were separated and became strangers to pure truth. The separation and pain that ensued caused people to act foolishly and in extreme ways. Hence all of the extremes that mankind has been dealing with over time. When a person is not connected to absolute truth, it takes away their ability to be certain of what truth actually is. This inability gives way to suspicion, as definition of truth becomes clouded. This space of partial connection is a state of averah. Averah means to pass from one space to another, it is often translated as sin. It is a feeling or thought that separates a person away from his/her connection and this is called an averah. This leads people to foolish and extreme behavior. The desire of wanting to be fully connected with God or some physical or spiritual power often leads to extremes. The extremes may be in thought, emotions, speech or behavior. It creates ego so that a person fills all space with their soulful desire, denying another person or even God his/her space, which brings imbalance. It is not that a person intends to do wrong, rather it is the blindness caused by the separation. An example of extreme behavior is brought here using the issue of a Nazarite. In the Nazarites desire to go to the extreme to be connected, his behavior separates him from other people as he is not allowed to drink wine, not allowed to become impure or contaminated, not allowed to cut his hair. His desire to be so connected at such an extreme is something that disconnects him from the people. At the end of this period of being a Nazarite, he is required to bring a sacrifice to atone for his extreme action. The priests are given an ability to open a connection for each individual from a place beyond the level of separation that occurred. In the blessings that the priests bestow they restore the person to a direct flow with the Creator. The heads of each tribe now have their turn; each comes as an individual to the Temple. Together as one group they blend their unique qualities to inaugurate the Temple. It is a reflection that there needs to be a holy space within each individual.

What initiates the thoughts and behavior patterns of people? Everything comes from somewhere in the creation. God allowing elements in creation to appear separate from the true connection opens the possibility of all imbalances to happen (all mistakes, wrong doings, etc). Therefore God gives us the Torah so that we can stay focused on where everything comes from. As long as we remain focused we also can remain connected, no matter what we do. So essentially all disconnection, sin, abuse and other issues originate because of some type of perception of separation caused by God making a creation. We make our own choice but that is a result of creation. God allows us to have the choice, but what is our responsibility? Blaming or judging others does not fix anything. It is just another tool in continuing the separation. Taking a positive step is a choice that exists every moment and we are free to end our separation and to re-establish, or build, our connection at any time. So as we carry on with life, wandering this world, we go about being pure or impure or having pain or taking joy in our journey. These behaviors create either positive movement by connecting to the light (which is also a limited creation), or can result in judgment, suspicion and imbalances. Where does all this leave us? We live in a world that seems to be guided by control and corruption. It seems that the world is destroying itself. This will continue happen until all of the leaders come together to accept their limits and mistakes. Then we can build a temple of oneness for mankind. Traveling in the desert for forty years represents our journeys through life. Although we do so much and try; nothing seems to fully grow and there seems to be little or no appreciation for our effort. During this time we serve God but do not see anything from it since we still live in a desert. We must learn to accept the fact that our limited participation is miniscule in its relevance. Only the Creator runs the universe, and so whatever is to happen in terms of balances is not ours to determine. How does this prepare us for the future? We need to be protected from the actions that are harmful to our connection to the Creator. This is the power of the blessing that the priests give to each individual accordingly. The present is not an issue of impurity rather it is a state of being. It is temporary just as all blockages are temporary. The revelation of the soul is the individual coming of Messiah in each person. It is the revelation of a persons soul and sense of each person knowing what to do in each moment that is everlasting.

Eventually we will see that all of the issues will disappear. Then everything will revert to its original connection. When that happens we will understand that, in effect, nothing was ever truly separated. Why then do we currently have all of these issues? It is because people chose and continue to choose to be stuck. They look to others to formulate their connections, their thoughts, and their choices when it comes to their personal relationship with the Creator. By relying on the dictates of others they open themselves up to separation versus connection. The ability to change the consciousness of the world requires a unified group of people dedicated to that cause. There are people already involved in attempting this enormous task. Yet even these people have limitations. It also needs the choice of the Creator to decide at what moment and how the reconnection should happen. Bamidbar - Spiritual journeying In Hebrew the book is called Bamidbar/desert yet in other languages it is called numbers. The Jews were in the desert for forty years. Nineteen of those years were spent being encamped at Mount Sinai. It was during this time that their numbers were counted and the tribal groupings were set up. Being in the desert and counted was part of their preparation to going into the Holy land. In this chapter it does not say count the people, it says count the names. A name is an external matter for others to call you with. It is also an internal issue reflecting the soul energy that connects with you. The Hebrew word for count is pekod. The word used here is so, meaning to lift. That would indicate that there must be something else happening here. The Midrash says that at Mount Sinai the people saw the spiritual set up of the groups of angels and they wanted to be like them. God allowed them to be in the same kind of groupings utilizing the same numbers and the same tribal signs. Thus, the way the tribes were set up reflected the spiritual world of the angels. This is strange. All they should have wanted, and should still want, is the God that saved them. It would seem that they were afraid of direct connection and so throughout history wanted to go through an intermediary. This has always caused problems and created leadership that has serious issues. The people have always created an aura that portrayed their leaders as being perfect.

This being the case, it is no small declaration to state that much is dependent upon the leaders. The leaders are brought in according to the desires of the people. The people, out of fear, ignorance or laziness may choose to stay in their own limited spaces. Thus they have been subjected to leaders who have helped them to do exactly that. The leaders often negate their responsibility to do what is proper to assist people on their individual spiritual journeys. Instead they get entangled in control issues that prevent the necessary progress of each individual in attaining a proper connection with the Creator. Furthermore, by alluding to their representation as quintessential leaders, they create and promote their own agenda as if it was verbatim from the Torah (Bible) itself. It is true that each person has his or her own connection with the Creator and creation. It is the leader that needs to support each individual and help him or her to recognize his or her unique connection. By depending upon leaders connections rather than learning how to open their own, the people have made the leaders into Gods rather than messengers. Hashem wanted to destroy the Jewish people (Exodus, Chapter 32). If that had occurred then all the Jews would have only issued forth from Moses and his family. Moses prayed and saved the people. What is the ultimate cost of saving them? That is the serious question that each one of us must ask ourselves. The Torah dedicates a lot of space and time in describing the way the tribes were set up. It is very detailed about the particulars regarding the physical set up, their numbers, the offerings of the heads of the tribes, etc. This way of living was obviously designated only for the time they spent living in the desert. If that is so then why is this issue covered with such detail and in such depth? These days, people do not know which tribe they are from. When a person reads about each individual tribe then he/she connects on some frequency to his/her tribal source. The Hebrew word for angel is malach, which means messenger. Many people are drawn to and attracted by/to the romantic notion of the concept of, the angels. Our souls make us different, yet we become caught up in the angelic world, which is a world of messengers. It is strange because we have a soul that is different than that of the angels. The soul is part of the Creator source. Thus when a person connects with his/her soul it is far beyond the spiritual worlds of angels. Thus a soul that is revealed in or to a person is higher than the revelation of an angel. The leaders are messengers assisting to connect and elevate the people. This needed to happen in the desert before they came to the Holy land, therefore a system was set

up. This also needs to happen at various times and in various places and then the leaders act like angels or messengers of the Creator. Counting the head or lifting the head, means to reconnect our highest level of self to the source of life. It is an accounting before the Jews enter Israel to make sure that they can ultimately achieve their purpose. Aharon was on an extremely elevated level that ordinary people could not relate to. The only way he could deal with them was through an intermediary, or intermediaries. That is the explanation for the names of the heads of the tribes. The names reflected the spiritual unique source and quality of the souls of each tribe. It was to the heads of these unique entities that Aharon transmitted his messages. The order of dealing with the format of the spiritual and physical worlds is also what the book of Bamidbar is about. Mankind has been kept captive for thousands of years by blockages. Yet it is the very existence of these blockages that protect the people from the danger that exists in a total connection with the power of the Creator. Bamidbar represents the balance between the people and this power, and illustrates the need for caution and a leadership that knows how to manage and guide people in these issues. This is necessary so that people do not lose their very existence before they have a chance to achieve their purpose in this world. We desire to be totally at one with the Creator. Yet by doing so in the wrong way we could lose our form and shape and cease to exist in the creation that the Creator desires us to be in. While the blockages have a purpose they also create many powerful negative forces. We must recognize these voices of negativity for what they are, and do our best to avoid or transform them. When Moses first brought down the stone tablets, there was a total space of knowledge and understanding. This included an inner knowledge and communication that did not rely on verbal expression. This higher order was revealed in the desert but could not be sustained forever. When the people or the leaders could not sustain this level, they were given a lower vibration of communicating culminating in the form of writing. As a result, in the desert we achieved a leadership and people that would sustain lower frequencies. The issues of the people and leaders as they existed in the desert have continued and still exist that way today. In chapter three there is another fascinating observation. God says that he is taking the Levites to serve him instead of the first-born sons of the people. All first-borns must be redeemed by payment (of money) from service to God. Achieving that monetary redemption is representative of living a life based upon external elements. Thus we should not ever wonder why peace is not here. The aspect of the pecking order of who

does or does not serve is an external expression rather than an internal spiritual issue of connection to the Creator. When we have finally learned to balance these two we will have a better chance of achieving peace. When we save a person and they owe us their life, does it mean that we own that person? If God owns everyone and everything, then what does this really mean? Moses and Aharon were from the Levite tribe. In Egypt they were respected as the priestly tribe and so were not enslaved as the rest of the people. In accordance with the pre-ordained order of the universe, they were already separated from the people in their service to the Creator. This was established even before God decreed that the firstborns should be removed from their work. Their function always existed on the unique plane for which it was designated. Furthermore, in Egypt the Levites were not enslaved as were the rest of the people. Thus their mentality and ability of perception was generally broader than the rest of the people. During the forty years in the desert the people who were enslaved in Egypt needed to die so that a new generation with a less enslaved mindset could give birth to a new nation in the Holy land. We are waiting for a time that we do not comprehend. If we want the world to revert to existing in a truly peaceful space then we need to change some of our perceptions and forms of expression on physical and spiritual levels. Bechukosai Leviticus (ch.26,27) describes the blessings, rewards and/or curses that are the result of going and not going in the ways of the Creator. It also designates how much to give as an offering instead of a living person, animal or piece of land. The creation is set up to move in a certain way. The Creator directs the movement of the entire universe and of all existence. The Creator is beyond our comprehension and ability to define. Thus it is beyond the capability of mankind to comprehend the direction and/or reason that things happen as they do. When a person moves with the creation then all happens as planned. When a person does all in the name of God it does not mean that they are moving in the way that the creation was set up. Some things are set up internally and other matters are external. Belief and truth are two separate identities. Whatever methodology we utilize to explain or to determine the reasoning behind occurrences is simply our own attempt to explain things that are impossible for us to fully understand. They may fit some romantic notion of what we wish to believe.

We can declare that our actions are in the name of, or representative of the will of, the Creator. However we should be careful when we make declarations that are based upon our own interpretations of events. Instead of such declarations we must be able to abandon ourselves to the movement in the Creation. That is an ever-changing reality that demands constant submissive sensitivity and humbleness. Whether a person moves in synonymy with the Creation or is out of sync with it, is part of the plan of the balance within the universe. If that is so, then what is the meaning of moving with the creation? If everything that happens is part of what is expected, why think that we can make choices that have any effect on what will happen? Often much of what people do causes imbalances to occur. In order to achieve internal balance a person needs to return to the essence of existence. There is an inner voice that is constantly beseeching a person to connect with their internal part that is engraved for him/her in the creation. The river denoted in the garden in Eden refers to the flow of wisdom into the creation. We have reached a point in the creation where our attempt at identifying with purity has become rife with imbalances. The way life precedes is beyond reason. When people try to understand it too much, they can find one reason and then another but then there is no reason. Eventually all souls will reach and be re-united on the other side of the river. Meanwhile each individual should attempt to bring out the deepest levels of love and connection so that all creation flows as closely as possible to that which is intended. There are some things that are etched in creation. Those things come from a higher place and cannot exist in this creation unless they are given a unique foothold. In this chapter an example of this is the connection of a first-born, or the donating one tenth of ones earnings. This type of relationship gives the intangibility of the Creator life force some foothold in this creation. A person who wants to come closer to the Creator on some level will look for the ways that express it. The Hebrew word mitzvah is translated as command yet it also means connection. The Torah gives ways for each person to connect with beyond our ability of definition. The Jewish people were given a gift of being able to connect with the force of the Creator beyond this plane. The many nations (and those Jews who do not allow themselves to) can only connect with the spiritual forces in this creation. In the future everything will do what it is naturally designed to do and we will not needed extraneous measures to make a connection.

In Leviticus (26:13) it says, And yoke. It is fascinating that most thought and analysis creates a thoughts, emotions or personal smattering of truth.

I will (future tense) break the bending caused by your English translations write it as past tense. Too much blockage. Truth is the oneness, yet when there are agenda it is called belief, which carries in it only a

The word Hebrew word Satan means blockage. It is not a physical or spiritual being as people imagine. It is simply where a person is blocked in their connection with the Creator. When a person is connected, the blockage i.e. Satan has no effect. When blockage energy is created and felt is called Satan because of its effect. The ultimate results of these movements impact on the entire movement of the Creation and cause imbalances and balances to occur on a variety of planes. The results of all of a persons actions do not necessarily apply specifically to the person doing them. Oft-times people do not comprehend something until many years or generations have passed. Similarly we may not immediately understand the results of our actions until a time when the balances can be viewed in retrospect. There are many things that we may not understand until the world, as we know it, comes to an end. What does this mean for each one of us as an individual? First we must understand that while we may be free to choose our actions, the results of those actions have already been factored into the order of the universe. Each one of us can be the progenitor of filling a void with blessings or curses. That said, it is up to an individual to determine on a constant basis which course to take. The course is to be one that is synonymous with the Creation, and not to anything else. If we give ourselves up to that movement and are determined to direct ourselves in a path that fills the proper voids, we hope that the generating blessings that occur will lead to the best blessing for mankind. Although that too can be called a romantic notion, it is based on the hint of what we find in the Torah. What is left to mankind today is to determine what it is that truly will result in that blessing. The mitzvoth are connections. They were put forth by the Creator who wished for us to connect in ways that are both tangible and intangible to us. Whether we are leaders within the generation, or simply individuals driven by love for the Creator, we must strive to give our total worth and being to the Creators will in all that we do. Behar - mountain perspectives When the earth was created it was covered with water. Later water was removed revealing the land. The earth encompasses various types of terrain. Much of the worlds expanse is covered with water. However some of the land that is covered by

water is only covered temporarily, whether by cycle or by immediate change. There are lessons we can learn from this that are also reflected in our daily lives. At times life seems to be as difficult to transverse as it is to climb to the top of a tall mountain. Try as we might to deal with troublesome issues, there are some that we can solve, and some that, like a looming mountain, always seems to be there, reminding us of their presence. There are many people who take for granted the earths resources. They have chosen to find different ways to destroy the earth, either by waste, chemicals, genetic engineering or weaponry. These individuals think that the earth is theirs to do with as they wish. They do not take the time to consider the blessings they enjoy or where they come from. Instead, they only focus on what they can take or drain from those blessings on a daily basis. This is of particular concern because those who are in charge i.e. politicians, businessmen, scientists and world leaders continue to exploit the worlds reserves at the expense of all of the worlds peoples. We should spend time listening to, and experiencing, the environment in its natural state. Studying nature will reveal pure intelligence. The Torah (Bible) tells us that in the land of Israel, each seventh year, the land is not to be plowed or harvested. Each person can go to the fields and take the food they need to eat. Following this law reminds us that we live by the good graces of the earth that the Creator has given to us. The creation of the earth holds the keys to its productivity. It is incumbent upon us to utilize the resources wisely, as a gift, rather than to milk it as a business. It also encourages us to live together harmoniously and to practice the art of sharing what we have with others. Big cities, industries and politicians have destroyed much of nature and of this concept. The world is beginning to pay a high price for all of this destruction. As a result, nature is beginning to pay us back. Quiet time for the land is meant to allow the land the time to replenish itself. Many farmers are aware, and respectful of, this concept. These ideas have a direct correlation to the relationships between people. The key purpose of life is not to live in a vacuum where one is blindly dedicated only to his or her job. An occupation should provide the means to underwrite the cost of the necessities of life. It is key to our survival to discover how to live together as a whole. The earth is only on loan to mankind. In the short time that we occupy our place here we must learn how to invest into the earth at least as much as we take from it. Working in harmony will preserve and extend the gifts that we have been given. Being at odds with each other will only insure our destruction.

The American Indians, the Aborigines and other groups worked the land in order to glean from it what they required in order to live. They did not understand the white mans concept of control over and/or ownership of the land. The understanding they had was that the land belongs to everyone. Various groups used different territories. In this way they shared the land. Every fifty years the land in Israel returned to the family to which it was originally designated. (Leviticus chapter 25). In ancient Israel this was the way people lived. At that time human beings had a greater connection to the earth and to the Creator. As mankind traveled forward in time the desire to have a physical King arose (Book of Samuel). This attachment to a physical king caused movement away from the higher level of connection with the Creator. Allowing land the time to regenerate itself is a humbling experience. It requires a display of faith, trust and conviction that is associated with giving oneself over to the Creator and creation. According to the bible, in Israel money that is lent to people does not have to be paid back after seven years. Land that is sold can only be sold for a period of up to the fiftieth year. At that time (the Jubilee year) the land reverts back to the original owner. Although this is not the way people live today, they did live this way in the past. No matter what we think we are doing or not doing, the earth and all creation continue to move. We as humans only understand a small amount, yet we often think that we know a lot. Trying to understand the small intricacies will not turn the tide of what has been decreed. The only way we can be part of the ultimate future is to be bonded with the Creator. The movement of the planet is constantly changing. The most recent changes are affecting the weather, the earthquakes, the volcanoes, etc. Eventually the shift of the poles will affect Earths relationship with the other planets. The result of this will be massive turmoil within the entire earth, both in the physical and spiritual realms. The type of spiritual beings that presently keep all in order will dissipate and those souls that are connected beyond will remain. There are many people who are searching for a way to reconnect with the nature of this creation. Yet there are many daunting issues such as the overwhelming mountains of contamination, genetically engineered crops, personal gain, and limited vision to one issue only. It will take truly forward thinking leadership to be able to guide people to proper behavior and space in order to insure a successful attempt at conquering the challenges that face us.

The vision of people is sheltered from seeing most of the creation. Attached to this we each have a belief as to what and who the Creator is. These beliefs are as limited as those who foster and believe in them. On Mount Sinai the Jews were presented with the ability to rise above the consciousness of this creation so that they might vibrate with the future. Today many of us are caught up in the turmoil that presently exists. (see Sifsei Kohain) This portion talks about letting go of what we hold on to in order to allow us to rise up to that which is beyond. Many people have the desire to do so but do not know where to turn. Even the simple action of speaking about this issue helps to raise consciousness, thereby creating a connection. We see and experience various terrains while beliefs and emotions cover them. Emor - Communication (Leviticus chapter 21-24) For thousands of years people have been attempting to fix the world. Some of the various ways that we hear these goals expressed are: Fix the sin of Adam and Eve, Karma, Repent, etc. People develop their value systems and beliefs based upon their experiences and/or the religious or socio-economic environments in which they live. Observing and considering the nature, history and potential future of mankind would lead one to conclude that (after all of this time) the likelihood of accomplishing this goal is nil. If that is indeed the case, what is the point of all of these experiences and beliefs systems? Looking at history we can conclude that humans are stuck in an endless cycle. What happens when we have an experience, and/or join a group and later become disenchanted by that group or those ideals? How can we deal with this? How do we rise above our disenchantment and use it as a positive guide rather than a negative one? Very often we find that people have become stuck in a past experience, resulting in the perpetuation of a belief in something that was valid in the past, but is not valid at present. Whether one is stuck in a faulty belief system that was created by a past experience, or has been generated by current misguidance, it is important to find a way to achieve a new understanding of priorities. In order to do that one must find a way to rise above the issues and explore a deeper level or opening within oneself. In order to deal with life, one needs to have or to develop an awareness of consciousness. There are many variables, levels and potentials for understanding the

consciousness within. One is in the way we communicate with ourselves and with others. As individuals we become attached to specific forms of communication and are sometimes exclusively comfortable only with the people that recognize our type of communication mode. Naturally this comfort revolves around more than just the use of a specific language. It also relates to those who are synonymous with the same manner of behavior, as well as similar thought patterns, beliefs or personality types. This leaves open the opportunity for others to make themselves attractive to us, which can lead to the ability of others to control our thoughts and/or our behavior. It is usually best to speak with another person in a soft tone and manner. Yet there are other people who are accustomed to noise. These people will only hear you if you talk to them in a loud or harsh manner. Creation involves the use of soft speech, Emor. To fix creation we use a stronger manner of speech, Dibbur. We refer to the Ten Commandments as the Aseret HaDibrot which reflects the action of fixing, or correction. Speech has a source in creation, as the gutturals express a source in the brain and in feelings. Speech shows a bond and connection with something. A persons speech reflects the persons being, including the soul. One of the reasons we have priests is to remind us of our place in society. We are not allowed to make an attempt to be greater than our priests. One purpose as to why hierarchy exists in society is to teach people not to allow themselves to become conceited. Meanwhile the people who hold lofty positions must remember that they are here to serve the people. They must not become self-worshipping. For this to happen they must be more guarded about many aspects of their personal lives. This particular aspect of priesthood refers to each person. Each individual encounters times in their lives when they must display priestly, selfless, and dedicated qualities. When we have children or when we want to have children, we should be more careful in our thought, speech and action. When we are able to bring forth the purity from within, we will have children who (by reflection of that purity) shine from our actions. We teach best by setting a good example for others. Therefore the things that we are careful with need to be handled in a way that produces an extremely soft vibration. When we are elevated from within ourselves, the energy of our children is more elevated. One of the miracles in ancient Egypt is that people did not revere Moses as if he was a God. Yet when he came down from the mountain with the stone tablets he saw them worshipping a golden calf. He then realized that essentially they had not changed. They still existed in mindset of the animal worship that they had seen in Egypt. Moses realized the potential for the fact that the people might use their old belief system to

misinterpret the importance of the stones he was carrying. Their ability to believe that a statue of an animal was a god might mean that they could believe that the stones were an actual representation of the Creator, and were therefore to be worshipped as such. To prevent that possibility, Moses smashed the tablets. So too, as I look at all the spiritual people who worship the light, it seems that they have not yet made the transition either. There are people that need specific environments for them to stay healthy physically and spiritually. People that are not as sensitive can go most places and people that are sensitive need more protection to go to some places. Sensing the feelings of who was in this room before us, who sat on the chair, the constant change in energy, all this affects us and makes us uneasy about the society we live in. The Hebrew word for profane is Cholol which also means a hole (23:32). People need to be careful not to make any holes either in their energy fields or in the energy fields in the creation. It is important to keep whole and undamaged the oneness of expression of the Creator. (24:10) yeenotzu; they made a hole; they bloomed; they came forth in the camp. The Torah tells us a story about a person who curses by using Gods name. The Torah explains that this persons mother was Jewish but that the father was an Egyptian. Commentaries explain that the Egyptian was the son of the person who Moses killed in Egypt. This man claimed that he belonged to the tribe of Dan because his mother came from that tribe. Moses said that one could only belong to ones fathers tribe and thus he did not belong to any tribe. It was then that the man cursed, invoking Gods name. Moses then asked God what should be done with this person. The answer received was that this man should be stoned to death. We might properly conclude that a person must be killed and removed from society. Yet to do so requires permission from the Creator. It is not our right to kill. Our job is to look for other ways to help or to correct the faults within society. This story carries within it an added warning. We should learn from this to be extremely careful when we endeavor to bring children into this world. A persons time in this world is limited. Just as our time is limited, so is our perspective and ability to comprehend things, limited. We keep track of time in order to keep a balance between this realm and our connection beyond this realm. This applies in regards to many things, such as the time that is appropriated for the Sabbath or for festivals, finding other connections with the Creator that are centered around timing issues (i.e. times for tefillin, candle lighting, etc.)

All natives in Israel shall dwell in a sukkah (Lev.23:42). The word native in Hebrew isezrach, which also means to shine. This sentence might also be read as follows. All that will shine (in the future) in Israel can now only be related to as a surrounding force. Being in this world is often difficult and uncomfortable. Fixing the world can only be fully accomplished by the one true Creator who understands the before, the after and all of the details of this creation. Our place can be to indicate a desire for positive change, and we may take actions in that direction. However, it is only at the Creators whim that profound changes occur. Kedoshim - Be holy Protection from inside out or outside in (Leviticus Ch. 19-20). In order to be one hundred percent protected, a person would have to transverse life without being recognizable to other people. Exposing ones true self to others to any degree subjects the person to scrutiny, and thereby to judgment. There are some people who are understanding and basically non- judgmental. However, sadly, too many of us do not fit that description. Being holy within gives us an energy protection. However that protection is not allencompassing, especially when referring to protection from ones ego or selfdeprecation. Holiness is a definition and as such has its own limitations. The genetic code we inherit from our parents, as well as the environment in which we are raised determines our personalities, opinions, and general ability to pursue spiritual, educational and material desires and goals. Yet, while environment and genetic code impacts upon our decisions and behavior, it too has limitations in that it cannot dictate the total pursuits of the soul. Generally people think that Holy is only about being concerned with the pursuits of spirituality. Yet the Torah was given with direction about how to be holy in ones physical actions as well. It is about how to conduct oneself in all manner of things, even including everyday mundane physical functions, i.e. eating, drinking, sleeping, doing business, etc. One example of how the Torah maintains a balance or interaction between the spiritual and physical is in the issue of the Sabbath, keeping the seventh day holy. The supreme message is the example that the Sabbath is kept on a weekly basis to show that not only did the Creator create the world but is also constantly involved in creating and recreating it.

The lesson to be gained here is the ability to see the holiness of the Creator in each aspect of life. While there are various expressions of this, we can open ourselves up to see that the life force of each element is the energy of the one true Creator. There are people who are limited because they only see the forces in nature. When they have an experience with one of these forces they then adopt and worship it as God. Thus there are people who have chosen to excise small particles from the creation and worship them individually as Gods. While what they are worshipping may be a power in the creation. Yet, it is not separate from the Creator and worshipping it as such is idol worship. It is interesting to note that peoples souls also have various spiritual sources. One reason that idol worship occurs may be due to the limited spiritual source of an individual persons soul. Acting within this limited belief system has allowed them to attribute grandiose expectations of any of the separate microcosms within the Creation. Its okay that these individuals see these powers as being supreme, as long as they can acknowledge that each power on its own is limited in its capacity. They must accept the fact that there is one Creator that is far beyond the scope of their ability of perception or understanding, and is essentially the life force of all existence. We are told that all the revelations of the future depend upon what we do now. This is because the spiritual energy that we create through our work, actions, speech, thought and belief is what we connect to after we pass from the physical realm. Thus expressing the desire of the Creator while we are in the physical world is the highest form of spiritual elevation that man can achieve. The future revelation of the Creator will be greater than the Godliness that people know now, which is generally the Godliness that relates to us through the spiritual worlds. In our work and life it is important to share with others since in essence we are all one. When a person keeps everything for himself then he blocks his own energy. This energy eventually implodes and he dies. This is also true of a family that practices inbreeding, which can cause major birth defects and destruction to the family lineage. In effect, that is why every group needs someone who connects with others outside their group to prevent eventual destruction. Serving creation through love is what is deeply needed these days. Too many of our leaders express love only in terms of themselves and the promotion of their egos. The best expression of true love is to love everyone as part of yourself and yourself as part of everyone. Keeping any amount or type of hate in your heart is self-destructive. While boundaries are sometimes needed to protect ones self, hate is not really a protective

boundary. Rather than protect the person who harbors it and uses it as a shield, it can do great damage to that person. Projecting hate perpetuates and heightens stress, which can cause illness to the person who tries to use it. One of the most important accomplishments of love is that it is able to remove the blockages that exist in the heart. If they are not removed they have the potential to kill the person who holds onto them. Loving yourself in this way will also help loving others. Balancing the love is another challenge. Most people do not live in the same space as you and language is often miss-translated or not understood by others. The essence of the soul does not change. The matter that changes are the expressions and dealings that a person goes through in life on earth. What purpose is there in being holy and pure on this earth? How can a person be holy in this world? We are to be holy as this reflects the Creator who is holy. Holy often means being separate. We are in this world because the Creator wants us to be here. The people who practice holiness as a means of escape are often not fulfilling their purpose for being in this world. If we are to be holy it is best to be able to conduct oneself with holiness and, at the same time be able to live amongst, and deal properly with, people. This may be difficult but it definitely is more balanced, and it is the proper way to deal with the challenge. Sometimes, in order to be holy, the first thing one must do is to be pleasant and mix easily with people. In this framework we are elevated within and are able thus to elevate our surroundings. Being in this world and above it at the same time is how we can best be holy. There is no reason to show others that you are holy, it is your personal journey. In the things that we do and judge as mistakes, or as impure, it is important to see the Creator life force. This elevates us as well as the action. Wrong and right are usually a judgment based on the perception of the viewer. When we see the power beyond us it elevates the situation and thereby ourselves to another level. Redemption of the future is dependent upon our not being stuck in what exists but in knowing how to go beyond it. Many prefer to keep people in a space that seems logically balanced or to maintain the prevailing status quo. That safe mode of operation gives the impression that everything is good. Actually that is okay if you want to live only in the present moment and not in the next moment. It will not help if you want to survive the chaos of the future and live beyond the chaos.

You should be holy because I am holy. Since we are a reflection of the Creator we also create. Then there is the comment that My holiness above is from what you make holy. If you make yourself too holy, then you take your abilities to an extreme. This leads to more and more extreme behavior which also does not allow one to appreciate the proper balance in other people. Love and hate in your heart, how does it work? Love to your friend as yourself (it does not say, love your friend as yourself; it says, love to your friend). This means that just as you are not jealous about what you have, so too do not be jealous about what your friend has. You do not have to give all that you have, just as you dont expect for yourself that someone should give everything that they have. The sentence has many meanings, all of which depend on how we explain the words. Your friend can be your body or your soul. The way you give love to your friend is a reflection of yourself. For some people it is learning how to love themselves as a result of how they love another person. For some other people the way they love themselves allows them to learn how to love others. When you earn money or have much produce, it is important to share. After bringing the sacrifice in the Temple, all of it has to be consumed on that day, with nothing left over. One must share it with family and others in order to see that it is totally consumed. Regarding produce, one must leave a corner of the field for other people to take whatever they want. Just as you must be considerate of others when giving of what God blesses you with, so too you must not steal from others. This applies in business as well as in personal matters. To wait with the land refers to the first years of a tree growing before we use the fruit (which usually there is not much of). One lesson from this in life is to wait until the Creator has brought forth the energies that He wants in the creation before we attempt to do anything. We often want things done immediately or as soon as possible but learning patience helps us see the Creator in this world. To listen and learn gives us patience to love and be loved. Sharing with others is also part of sharing with ourselves. Sharing creates balance in the creation. Sharing brings and expands life. Sharing fosters life. Separating one nation from the nations to be an example for others? Abraham was separated from his idol worshiping family to serve one God. The Jews were taken out of Egypt to serve one God. Meanwhile many people serve the God that they have an experience with. This is often idol worship as they are serving a force in

the Creation but not the One Creator. Judaism in Hebrew is yahadus, which means acknowledgement (of one Creator). The world in Hebrew is called olam. This word means concealment. Concealing the Creator that created the world and all that we know. In the future all nations will serve one Creator and all people will be involved in knowing the Creator. Allowing all the nations to study about the oneness of God in the Torah will take away some of the blindness and allow the oneness to be revealed sooner than later. People will realize that the light that they want to experience comes from the darkness, which comes from a higher light, which comes from a higher darkness. Ultimately it is not darkness rather a concealment of the Creator in order to create. Demayhem Bom means that sometimes you need to give your blood for what you believe. Each one of us must determine what his or her personal sacrifice in this world is. In conclusion, there is internal and external protection. People have external and internal protections but often become confused or hurt when those protections dont work. When that happens it should be understood as a message to change something in ones life. It may necessitate a small change, or a major change. Either way, it is important to pay attention to the messages we receive and to effect the proper changes that are required of us. Torah laws Generally the laws of the Torah were given to keep when the Jewish people came into the land of Israel. They did not keep them in the desert and they do not need to be kept outside the land. The reason people keep the laws outside the land is because we believe that we will soon return to the land and therefore will already be accustomed to keeping the laws. Also it is said that in the future with the whole world will become the holy land and Israel will become Jerusalem. This has it fallacies since when we do return to the land many of the laws that were done in the past will no longer be relevant. Yet since we are not there yet, it is important to know what is Torah based and what is based in tradition as there is much confusion and many varied opinions. What is based in fear and what is based in suspicion. 613 commandments is a strange number. It is a Kabbalistic number but the Torah itself does not say 613 commands. Also the word command in Hebrew is Tzav which means connections. So it should be explained as 613 connections rather than commands.

When Moshiach comes it says that a new Torah will come forth. There is discussion what this means. It also says that all the Torah festivals will cease to exist. The laws and customs due to the morning of the destruction of the second Temple will cease to exist. The law of having children. God says to have children and fill the earth. It does not say that it is a command nor does it say that this applies to every individual. It is a general statement for people to have children. A person having children fulfills this statement. A person who does not have children maybe does not have a spiritual purpose to have children. A person who can have children and intentionally does not have children would seem to be going against the desire of the Creator. There are times when due to the physical issues of the time, i.e. famine, plagues, etc., that a person should not have children. Circumcision it represents the removal of a layer on the person. One element of this is that we carry a blockage on our heart and this is the removal of a layer to allow the opening of the heart. Women whose hearts are open do not have this blockage, it is only an issue relating to men. In the future God will remove the blockage from peoples heart and then circumcision may not be necessary. Blowing shofar The general reason given for not blowing on Shabbos in case someone carries it or goes to learn how to blow which makes no sense. It is a command in the Torah and to nullify it in case an individual does something wrong is not a balanced idea. The deeper reason is that what shofar achieves, is achieved by Shabbos itself and so there is no need to blow it. In the Temple there was still a need to blow on shabbos. The same deeper reason applies to lulav. It is also interesting that Tefillin are worn all week but not on shabbos. Therefore when the world will come to a point that the revelation is always shabbos there will be no need to put on tefillin. At present it is still important. There was a period of time that tefillin were not worn because everyone is considered impure but then it was decided that people should wear it anyway or else it would be forgotten. The act of not cooking meat and milk together is not even alluded to in the Torah. The Torah only talks of a young calf not to be cooked in its mothers milk. And it fits into the sentences as it is speaking about being sensitive.

The law of waiting between milk and meat is not to eat it in the same meal. There are various customs as too how long to wait. You can eat milk after a meat meal as soon as you say the grace or one-hour, three hours, four hours, six hours or twelve hours. It is based in the Talmud that says to wait between meal and meal, it does not say how much time that is. Rabbeinu Bchaya (or Bachya) writes in parshas mishpotim that in the future cooking meat with milk will be permissible. Two holy days of a festival are kept outside Israel and one day in Israel. There is no logic for this nowadays. The deeper reason given is that outside Israel it takes two days to achieve the spiritual level that it takes to do in one day in Israel. In the future both these things will become nullified. Covering the hair. The sentence used in Torah for this simply means to make the hair look wild. Thus it is a tradition but not Torah law. Traveling and carrying on Shabbos. It says that a person should not leave their place. This meant that a person should not go far out of the encampment that they lived in. In the time of King Solomon it was decided that each person lives comfortably in their own house. A new law was instituted that the Torah law of your place means your own property as that is now your place. Now they had a problem, how do people carry from house to house and connect on the Shabbos, so the concept of an eruv was instituted. This is basically that the places that you carry to should be within some kind of enclosure. Music was played in the Temple on Shabbos. The reason given for not playing music is in case something brakes and you fix it. According to the Torah you can play music on Shabbos and ride your bike as well. Electricity. Although there were a few Rabbis that said it is permitted on Shabbos the majority said that it is like making a fire, which is prohibited in the Torah. Therefore the prohibition of not riding a car or turning on lights may be Rabbinical interpretation not definite Torah law. Regarding the clothing of men and women. Pants for example nowadays there are womens pants and they are womens clothing. The general orthodox movement is still stuck in when men only wore pants. So according to the Torah it is ok for women to wear pants but the Rabbis dont allow it.

Regarding Passover laws. There are many grains or herbs that are not eaten and considered chometz. This is another issue that people are stuck with. From the Torah they are permitted but the Rabbis continue to keep them as non-usable even though the reason is outdated. The Torah says not to eat on Yom Kippur it does not say not to drink. Not to drink is Rabbinical. If it is a question of life in any way then the laws of yom kippur do not apply. The dedication of the first Temple was on Yom Kippur and they ate and drank that year. The habits of eating food on shabbos are traditional not from the Torah. There was a period of time when the Rabbis prohibited using wine on shabbos because people were becoming drunk. Regarding calling women up to the Torah. In Jewish law it is clear that women can be called up with the men. Much of the separation of men and women today is Rabbinical not Torah based. Actually much of the laws and customs are based in Kabbalah but given reasons that are not Kabbalistic, since that is not what people studied. New grains. The Torah says that when the Jews come to the land the first grain shall be brought to the priest. This only applied in the time of the Temple. Then it says that one should not have any of the new grain until this time. There is a discussion if this only applies in the land of Israel or in any place that Jews live. Nowadays that we do not have a Temple so it does not apply, yet there are those who are trying to prove that they are more religious by saying that you have to be careful with not having the new grain, so it needs special Rabbinical supervision. Most of this is garbage since it is very difficult to find new grain sold anywhere before Passover, in addition to not having a Temple. Passover When the Jews were in Egypt most not all were slaves. Slaves especially after many years do not have their own mind. They simply follow. They were told to leave Egypt they and other slaves with them followed. They saw Moses as the miracle man. In the desert they followed and during the forty years nearly all the people that left Egypt died. It was a new generation that entered Israel but they still had some residue of slave mentality. In the time of Samuel they wanted a King, they still needed someone to follow. It is fascinating that this festival is called Passover. Passover represents G-d passing over the doors of the Jewish people. This saved the first born of the Jewish people while

the first born of the other people died. It should be called the festival of the Exodus from Egypt. Perhaps it is because we refer to it as Passover that the reality is that the Jews have still not left Egypt. Egypt represents limitations We are still stuck there. It is time to move forward, yet who is going to spark this opening or forward movement? Anyone who tries is called a heretic by the religious world. Religion never moves beyond its own walls. Perhaps the time has come for G-d to create a new miracle. It may occur by changes that affect the nature of the entire earth. This is the type of cataclysmic change that happened when the Jews went out of Egypt. Here are some notes regarding Passover and the Passover meal. Wine is used possibly because grapes are crushed to make wine. And if you drink too much what is inside you may come out also. This represents that as humans we are crushed for deeper parts of ourselves to come out. It represents an inner self-coming out whether for good or for bad. When we search for the chometz, we are searching inside ourselves. When we go out of Egypt we symbolically leave our own prisons. It is not just about reliving history. During Pesach we are to leave our own captivity. We must probe the present to explore our past and our future. We introspect to change and grow and to transcend ourselves. Contemplation can ultimately unite you with the Creator. Yet the Creator is infinite, thus the search is never ending. We make matzoh with flour and water, without flavoring, because when the Jews left Egypt there was no flavor in what they were doing. Some Chabad customs are: We do not steal the afikoman. We do not dip with our fingers while we recall the ten plagues. The wine represents anger and indignation. It is poured from a regal cup into a broken vessel that symbolizes evil. Through our understanding, the wine that enters the broken dish dissipates the evil. The wine remaining in the cup after the tenth pouring then represents wine of joy. Controlled anger is a lesson here. This is about the accepting of human emotions and using them appropriately. We all ask the four questions because we are all children of God. On the first night the matzah is considered bread of belief. On the second night it is considered bread of healing.

The entire Passover festival is one of tremendous belief in the fact that when you Acharei In a town in Poland two wealthy people were preparing their mansion for a prominent guest. Both houses were spacious and had room for the crowds that would visit the Rabbi when he would arrive. The only question was which house the Rabbi would choose. The Rabbi chose one house. Then a friend asked him why he chose this house over the other. He responded as follows: people speak about one man saying that he is a sinner and about the other man that he is righteous. The person who was a sinner knows what he did and feels humbled by it, while the second person knows that he is righteous and has an ego. I chose the place where God dwells, which is with the humble. This is what it says (Leviticus 16:16) That dwells among them in their impurity. People are often attracted to beautiful things or act under the influence of others, thinking that they are following the spiritual path chosen by the Creator. Their intentions may be pure, yet the path they choose in order to connect may have definite limits. Death can come spiritually and/or physically as a result of blockages or even openness. There are wonderful things and energies in the physical and the spiritual; a person must take care with what they choose to connect. Then the person must stay attuned to the changes that occur after tuning in. Sometimes things appear clear, but this is because what is beyond is clouded. Sometimes things are clouded, indicating that where the person is in their journey is exactly where the person should be. Sometimes a child has much wild energy. This might be because they have an abundance of spiritual energy, which is difficult for the physical to contain. At times a child cannot learn and is totally blocked because of their high sensitivity and soul energy. Often a child may have a problem that reflects an issue of his/her parents. However it may also reflect the childs souls difficulty in being in this world or dimension. Being too close to God or being too holy can also cause death (Leviticus 16:1,2). The movement of the planets directly affects the world. Because of this there have always been people who worship the planets as Gods. This is the case even though the planets did not create the world or the universe. People find it more sensible to worship that which is tangible rather than that which is beyond. Sometimes people give a name

to that which is beyond and that makes it tangible for them. Yet a name also has a definite limitation. It would make more sense to worship the force that created the planets. Yet people give their power to what is tangible and end up giving the power of their belief to these powers. This they do without realizing that their own power is greater or deeper than the power to which they are humbling themselves. In the future, when the axis of the earth shifts a little too much, the planets will shift from their present alignment. As a result the earth and the entire solar system will become a place of chaos. The slow shifting of the axis may be one aspect of what has already begun to happen on earth resulting in extreme weather change and causing birds and animals to lose their direction. Generally it seems that in the near future there will be a major shift or chaos when all the systems of belief will no longer function as they have in the past. Like the deeds of the land of Egypt in which you settled do not do and like the actions of the land of Canaan to which I am bringing you there do not do and in their statutes do not go. (Leviticus 18:3) Land in Hebrew is eretz which means desire/will. Egypt in Hebrew is Mitzrayim. Metzorim means borders/imprisonment. The focus of the actions of the Egyptian and Canaanite people was on the tangible (Chomer in Hebrew) both in the physical and in the spiritual. The Torah does not say explicitly what the actions are. Previously the Torah says to know what is pure and impure for our soul (Leviticus chapter 11), and the way of life of these people were elements of impurity. In this chapter it says that the land will become impure and throw out the inhabitants, so coming in to the land it is important to behave with purity. Guard my guarding (Leviticus 18:30). Metzorah - Blockages Last week we discussed blockages. Today we will discuss where they come from and the issues of dealing with them. In ancient times there was an eruption that occurred on the skin or in houses and it was called tzoraas. Today it is usually translated as leprosy. Yet, while there may be some similarities, what we understand to be leprosy is not the same ailment described in the Torah.

One defining aspect of this disorder was that in order for it to be seen or defined, it needed to be looked at during a cloudless day and not at night. A person having this condition was called a Metzorah. The word is a combination of two words motzi ra or motzo ra, meaning bringing out bad or finding bad. In general, this type of disease only affected highly refined or spiritual people. The appearance of the tzoraat is an indication to the person that the blockage must be addressed and corrected. Why is this? What is its purpose? Where did it come from? Blockage, as all other things, comes from the Creator. In order to create, the Creator had to create the appearance of a blockage. This means the Creator is masking its power and energy from being visible in the creation (both physical and spiritual). The Creator life force is everywhere and if it were fully visible nothing else would exist. Therefore a blockage was created to allow perceived existence. This blockage is reflected in every creation. The greatest people, souls, saints, those that are connected with God, etc., all have a blockage, which limits them. Actually anything with a definition is limited and a limit usually is a blockage. People have experiences with God not realizing that it is an experience with an aspect in the creation not the essence of the Creator. Therefore people in all religions or walks of life can have an experience and believe in whatever they want. Yet, their interpretation reflects where they are limited. This issue of tzoraas erupts on the skin reflecting that the problem is only skin deep, since internally everything is the Creator. Many say that the disease comes by not being careful with your words and mentioning something about a fault in another person or persons (even if it is true.) This brings out bad, motzi ra, in creation. Most people will not feel the direct effect of this transformation. However, an extremely sensitive and refined person will realize the effects of the action. Disregarding the importance of what is said is prevalent today. We find that many people say they will do something, promise something/give their word and then do not come through. They say things in order to be politically correct or what they perceive to be what other people want to hear. People waste much time in idle talk and have no concept of the effects of their words. Yet there are persons who see the difference and power in, and exercise caution when using, words.

When the Jews entered Israel, God put this tzoraas on the walls of houses. When they broke the walls to remove the disease they found all the buried treasures. There was also an issue about the people who worshipped idols (and various powers or Gods) in the creation. As they built their homes they prayed to their various Gods. This allowed energy of disconnection from the Creator to exist in the house. The manifestation of tzoraas on the walls of these houses showed which houses had to be torn down. According to the Zohar, when a house was rebuilt, the new foundation was laid two tefochim (approx. six inches) away from the old foundation. Another element is that sometimes the energy is in one place but then moves when a wall is being torn down. That would cause the disease to jump and show up in another area of the house. When this occurred, the whole house had to be destroyed so that the disease would no longer have a place to exist. In Leviticus (14:2) it says: This will be the guidance for the matzora on the day, his purification, and it (he) shall be brought to the Kohain (priest). (14:3) And the priest shall go outside the camp, and the priest shall look, and behold! The tzoraas becomes healed from the afflicted. The way that the negative is removed is by transforming it in a spiritual way. This does not leave any room for a vacuum, which could allow for other energy to come into that space. The time for this would seem to be on the day that the person decides that it is time for his/her purification. The eradication of the tzoraas is an indication that the individual has worked through and thereby resolved the spiritual issue. There are times that a person wants to be cleared or healed, but cannot, as the blockage remains. The person does not understand why the blockage continues to exist. Then he should not wait and the notification should be brought to the priest. Here we are talking when the person knows what the issue is and has worked it through. Then the priest has to go to where the person is and finalize the healing. When choosing someone to clear a person of energies of lower or various vibrations, it is important to choose someone who understands and can carefully explain the details and ramifications of such work. At times while in the process of clearing one force from a person, another then rears its head to take the place of the energy that was just voided. It is work that requires caution and proper guidance. The name of this portion used to be called This will be zos tiheye but in recent years we know it as metzora. It says in the Talmud (Sanhedrin 98b) that Moshiach will be a metzora. So whichever name it is called seems to indicate a future time.

It is also interesting that in this chapter it does not say a person who is impure. Rather, it continually says a person who is undergoing purification. This is a more refined manner of speech. It is sad that many people are so used to a harsh manner of speech that when something is said in a soft or refined manner they cannot even hear it. The previous portion was tazriah planting seeds. This parsha is about the flowering. One reason for Tzoraas is that it comes from a relationship of a nidda. The word has two parts, nod (the letters noon dalet) which means to move and hey reflecting the light of wisdom (Chochmoh, which is the translation of word Breishis) or of the Creator. This means that the light has moved away. Usually the word is translated as a woman having her menstruation. Here is another example where a word is always translated from a physical perspective when there is actually a spiritually deeper meaning in it. On the day of his purification has a further meaning. When a person purifies oneself then he can share it with others. This way it is not saying anything bad about another person. It is showing an example to others of what can be done by a human to improve or even transform ones self. When we are nasty to a person it brings out the bad in them. However, when we are an example to them, we transcend the bad in creation. We live in a world that has very deep blockages. These allow many people to talk themselves into various aspects of who or what they are and/or how they are connected. The result is that they believe that they are very refined, truly not realizing how blocked they are. They simply do not see and there is no one who will be able to convey that fact to them. In contrast to the conditions that exist today, in this portion we are talking about people who see and are of a high spiritual quality who only have an external blockage. Yet as we are intrinsically one, it is reflective of all people. Thus it also has lessons and meanings for us. So in our society, where there are people who destroy others, we are also responsible. These days many issues have come up. We must respond to each in accordance with what is needed to correct (and not by our actions or inactions exponentially exacerbate) each situation. When a bad situation arises that catches our attention, we have a choice to make. We can choose to utilize our words to fuel the negativity of the situation. Or, we can take positive action to attempt to unblock or heal the situation with purity and love in mind. One choice brings tzoraas. The other brings purification. It is up to each of us as individuals, and all of us as people, to make the proper choice.

In past classes, we have mentioned that the world was created with wisdom and it is up to us to fix it with love. In love there are many levels just as there are many levels in wisdom. In creation pure love or pure wisdom is great but each is only one aspect. There needs to be a balance between the two, just as there needs to be a balance of mind and heart. Thus even though a person can ascend to a status of existence within a state of pure love or pure wisdom there is still a blockage. It is interesting to note that the priests only served for one or two weeks a year. The rest of the year they were in training. This enabled them to recognize the vibrational energy of tzoraas and to learn how to handle it. This is also why it is said of the priest, he can fix it with his eyes by seeing it. Attaining and maintaining this level of purity and understanding allowed him to effect the changes needed in very sensitive cases. Today we do not have the Holy Temple, or the love and guidance of the priests who prepared all year long in order to be able to help us to clear us of our blockages. Therefore it is incumbent upon us to take caution, to stay as connected as possible, and to pray for the ability to stay strong in our convictions to do the best we can in all of the challenges presented to us. Tazriah (Leviticus chapter 12) In the previous sentences it says to keep oneself pure and separate between pure and impure. A woman when she sows and she gives birth, a male, and she is impure for seven days, as the days of her separation she will be impure. The Ari zal writes that it is not when she sows but in order to sow and explains that the sentences are talking about how in order for things to open internally in a person it takes preparation of experiences. The word for she sows is tazriah. This also refers to good deeds as the saying goes you reap what you sow. It refers to the action (which can include thought) that a person does that can be called sowing. Here the word woman refers to humans and all that we do. God is called ish man, when the blessing comes from above. Mankind is called woman when the awakening comes from our actions. Our own action allows us to appreciate something on a much deeper level than if we were given it as a gift.

At the time of pregnancy there is a special holiness and after birth this feeling leaves causing a state of impurity. The word used for pure is tahor. The word used for impure in tameh. If you pronounce the word you will see that tahor is lighter and tameh has more weight inside. Tahor means clear or pure, clearer than pure white and superior to clean, without blemish. When a person has fault removed from them, they become pure. Tameh means not pure, blemished, defiled, blocked. Most of this occurs externally and not in a persons soul, therefore a mikvah pool of water can clear this. It is also an expression of something despised or undesirable. The issue of impurity is discussed here in reference to childbirth. During a womans pregnancy and delivery her connection with the Creator and creation is at its peak. After childbirth the strength of the connection at its weakest point, thus she becomes tameh. The desire of impurity is to be reconnected and restored to a place of clarity and connection with the Creator. The time of quiet contemplation in the weeks following childbirth is the time for her to re-establish her connection. The human was created after all other beings in order to observe and contemplate on the Creator that created all existence. A man (male) is born predisposed to blockage and feeling full of himself. On the eighth day when humbleness is exposed, the blockage called orloh is removed. With the circumcision the soul feels better because the person now recognizes that there is something more internal. (12:3) Dmay tohoro blood of her purity, the word blood (dmay) also means silence. Here it is an expression of silence. By the person spending the proper amount of time in silence the people allow themselves to become more pure or clear. Anything sacred Lo Siga do not touch or make sure that you have no personal agenda. (12:6) And when the days of purity of the parents are finished then the holiness is drawn to the boy or girl. (12:7) And when you bring it before God, and atone on it and you become purified from the source. The sin is atoned and the blockage is removed from the person. The sin is an attachment but the person in essence is always pure. (13:2) Odom a person, this name reflects a person of the highest level, a space of oneness. Nonetheless, there needs to be some type of correction. In order to awaken the person to it, an imbalance appears on the skin. This necessitates the person to go

to a priest (Kohain) who can assist in understanding what it is that needs to be corrected and elevated. The few words that denote man (ish, enosh, gever) can all be used in a plural sense. Odom, the word for mankind, can only be used in a singular tense, thus reflecting a level of oneness among people. (12:2) The letters of the word Zechus merit (rearranged), is an acronym for Key Sazriah Veyoldo Zochor (When she sows and gives birth to a male). The newness here is not in the birth rather in the sowing. The birth is only a revelation of that which was concealed. (12:4) Bidmay is an acronym for yovo moshiach ben dovid he will come, Moshiach son of David. The number thirty-three is the numerical value of zochu they merited or they are refined. Teshev means return, repent or settle two seemingly opposite ideas. The word settle is to stay in one place - not move anywhere, while return or repent reflect movement. (12:7) That a niddah (impurity) becomes pure from the source of her blood hints to the redemption of the future when all will be restored to its source of purity and shine. (12:8) If she cannot afford Lo Timtza Yodo Day, the last letters of these four words is the Godly name Eheye I will be. This same name is the last letters in Hebrew of two other blockages. And God saw that Leah was unloved (Genesis 29:31). And Leah saw that she stopped giving birth (Genesis 30:9). Blockage. Many people are searching for something yet do not or cannot deal with the blockage that is in their heart. Sometimes a person is attracted to another person because of a blockage. If they could remove the blockage the attraction would cease. Why are there blockages? Who is able to understand the type of blockage? What can be done to remove the blockage? Can the blockage be circumvented? In this portion it speaks about the priest who is specifically trained to see the spiritual issues of the person. The issues discussed here are about sicknesses that come out in the skin and the hair. The sicknesses originate from the blood. The way that they are revealed is by white hair or white lesions on the skin. The fact that they manifest as white and not red indicates that the illness is of a spiritual nature. There are people who

have the ability to recognize diseases in the body via the individuals pulse. There are also persons who can hear spiritual issues or illnesses reflected in the pulse. It is difficult to find a person who can see spiritual illnesses. That is because most people have an agenda or a belief that blinds their ability to see. It is important for each of us to rise beyond our own limitations. The diseases that we have are often reflective of our blockages. A person who does not feel the blockage maybe does not have a deeper level of soul and so the issues do not come up with in that person. Or the person is so blocked that they are numb to their own self. The person looking at it needs to be aware of the existence beyond the blockage then when they look at it, then the looking itself can create a movement and reconnection. The Creator is beyond definition and if we are to go to a future of oneness we must travel beyond our currently defined limitations. Now we live in times that we must look at it and work to go beyond the limits that have blocked us for so long. (Leviticus 13:2) When a person has in their skin, seis, sapachas or baheres and it will become in the flesh of his skin a tzoraas affliction. Seis is pride. The person uses time to think of their greatness. Sapachas is attachments. The person thinks that he/she is attached to God. Baheres is clear and pure. The person sees their self as such. Tzoraas leprosy is a lock or blockage of sorts.. (13:2) In the flesh of the skin. The word skin is ohr and if the letter is changed from an Ayin to an Aleph it means light. This is what happened to Adam that he was encased in light and then after tasting of the tree the light was removed leaving him encased in skin. This idea can also be seen in sentence 55, And the affliction has not changed the way it is seen. The word seen (color) is eyno, which means eye and also is the letter ayin. The difference between the word pleasure oneg and the word plague nega is if the letter ayin is at the beginning or at the end of the word. So if the ayin moves from plague to the beginning of the word it becomes pleasure. (13:3) And the priest will see it, is mentioned twice. It is not enough just to see the disease but it is also necessary to see the whole person. (13:4) The priest closes off the plague area so that it does not spread.

(13:9) When it will be in the person i.e. internally in the person. (13:59) To declare it pure or to declare it impure, thus the Torah (Bible includes both ways in life. About Rabbi Yossi Rabbi Yosef Yitzchok Serebryanski is known simply to his friends as "Rabbi Yossi." Behind that simplicity lies a complexity of understanding and analysis of Torah and creation that brings joy and warmth to those who immerse themselves in his teachings. A true friend and confidante to thousands of people who turn to him weekly for guidance and wisdom, Rabbi Yossi is renowned for his compassion and open heart to all who enter his scope. In his professional career Rabbi Yossi is a teacher, lecturer, mashgiach, published author, spiritual healer, professional counselor and guide. In his daily life he is just Rabbi Yossi - a highly perceptual and loving friend to all. Born in Melbourne Australia. Growing up in a religious structure, living and studying structure while in soul beyond structure. After many years of journey learning the balance in many areas of the ins and outs of creation. An ancient soul doing its work in this realm and keeping a constant opening to beyond. Living in my heart but physically in NY. Does counseling, healing, workshops, and lectures. Coming Soon:


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