GPERSIA Chart - create a chart like this and fill it in while you read about each of the different

groups, societies, empires, or nations. Geography Political Economic Religious Social Intellectual Arts
of or relating to the physical features of the earth's surface of or relating to government and/or politics of or relating to of or relating to an economy, the beliefs production and management of material wealth $ of or relating to of or relating to human society knowledge the interaction of the individual and the group of or relating to fine arts and literature

physical landscape human landscape cultural geography economic geography political geography

nations/states government leaders political elites laws acts political parties government policies government actions rights political persecution revolution nationalism imperialism wars treaties conferences diplomacy strategy alliances international organizations

jobs economic policies/laws economic theories economists agriculture industry labor urbanization markets

religion beliefs sect denomination church mosque temple doctrine prophet

the family technology children philosophy women science gender roles intellectual education movements social classes ethnic groups population movement health care disease famine ritual language

music literature painting photography architecture dance film