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SIDBI scheme

Subsidy & Non-Subsidy

Subsidy Applicable Scheme What does it offer ? The customer gets 15% subsidy on the machine price (price including taxes) .

Conventional Machines are not eligible Taking Loan for Minumum 3 years is mandatory .Subsidy Applicable Scheme Who is eligible for Subsidy ? Firm which is registered as a SSI (gross investment in plant & machinery is less than 5 crores) Machine to be financed should be Brand New Machine should be CNC / Microprocessor based.

Subsidy Applicable Scheme Which Machines are eligible for Subsidy ? CNC Lathe Machines Plastic Injection Moulding Machines Wirecut Machines CNC Milling Machines .

Subsidy Applicable Scheme What should be mentioned on Machine Invoice to become eligible for subsidy In case of CNC Turning Center / CNC Lathe – wording on Invoice should be “CNC Lathe” In case of Plastic Injection Moulding Machine – wording on invoice should be “Microprocessor based Plastic Injection Moulding Machine” In case of VMC – wording on Invoice should be “CNC Milling Machine” .

to confirm whether it is suitable to be eligible for subsidy .Subsidy Applicable Scheme Who is eligible for Subsidy ? The eligibility depends not only on the type of machine but also on the nature of Business Activity mentioned on SSI / MSME certificate This BUSINESS ACTIVITY should be verified from HO.

upto machine value of 1 crore ..i.Subsidy Applicable Scheme What is the maximum subsidy amount ? Any firm/company can avail subsidy to the extent of 15 lacs in it’s entire lifetime …….e.

.2 Agreements are executed :70% Machine Value (between Customer. …. SIDBI & EFL) 30% Machine Value (between Customer & EFL) .Subsidy Applicable Scheme The SIDBI scheme The scheme is the same SD scheme as of EFL. but ….

thru EFL Loan & 15% subsidy – under one roof at EFL If he takes loan from Bank..Subsidy Applicable Scheme Benefits of SIDBI scheme to customer …. he has to undergo 2 processes Loan Subsidy application .

in/writereaddata/ This is a pdf file which can be saved .Subsidy Applicable Scheme List of Machines where subsidy is applicable & general guidelines related to CLCSS subsidy can be viewed on following website http://www.

Guidelines for cases in SIDBI – where subsidy is not applicable ……will follow now .

NON-Subsidy Scheme SSI / MSME Certificate to be taken .if available OR CA’s certificate to be taken confirming the status of the firm as SSI This can be offered Even when Subsidy is not applicable for that Type of machine .

NON-Subsidy Scheme What cannot be financed under SIDBI scheme .even without subsidy Second Hand Machines Refinance for machines already purchased by Customer from own funds Business Loans Machines with less than 5 lacs of SIDBI Loan value .

This ratio can be revised upto maximum of 55:45 Loan should be for Minimum 3 years .Common for SUBSIDY & NON-Subsidy Schemes 70:30 Ratio where ever SIDBI Loan Value is upto 50 lacs The ratio will have to be revised in cases where SIDBI loan of 70% becomes more than 50 lacs – revised such that the SIDBI amount is not more than 50 lacs.

Common for SUBSIDY & NON-Subsidy Schemes Loan should be for Minimum 3 years .

Machine Supplier should be Standard & Acceptable to EFL for advance payment .Common for SUBSIDY & NON-Subsidy Schemes SIDBI scheme can be given for Imported NEW machines also. In such cases SIDBI can open LC (LC charges will be 2%) OR SIDBI will directly TT the amount to the foreign supplier and emi schedule of customer will start immediately. For this.

Common for SUBSIDY & NON-Subsidy Schemes Clarity to be given to Supplier & Customer 30% disbursement will be made by EFL and 70% payment will directly come from SIDBI to Supplier Though EFL will disburse within TWO days after all Customer compliances. it may take 5/6 days for the payment to come from SIDBI .

will not SANCTION or DISBURSE even if one document / compliance is pending So you have to ensure at Branch that you send everything 100% complete at one go…….Common for SUBSIDY & NON-Subsidy Schemes SIDBI being a government that the TAT is reduced .

Manasi ü Status of LOI Apte for Process Related queries ü Disbursement cheque etc.HO Contact – for all SIDBI cases Contact Mr. .Dhiraj Bolade for ü Whether activity mentioned in SSI certificate is ok to get subsidy ü List of pre-sanction documents ü Any SIDBI Formats ü Submission of file to SIDBI for LOI & Disbursement You can also contact Miss.

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