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It gives immense pleasure to know that the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) in cooperation with the Ministry of Mines and Ministry of Coal, Government of India is organizing the 2nd Global Mining Summit 2010 on 10th & 11th November, 2010 concurrently with the 10th International Mining Machinery Exhibition at Hotel Hyatt Regency, Kolkata, India. The summit mainly focusing on investments in exploration, policy framework, best practices for achieving high growth in mining, R&R, the role of financial institutions for developing the mining sector, environmental & safety issues. These events show casing state-of-the-art Machineries used in mines also brings with it latest equipments and engineering technologies details and exhibits, for the Mining Sector.  Every time these events are held, the emphasis has been on increased productivity and safety aspects in the newly demonstrated products. The present IMME is now held in Nov 2010, at a time when the Indian Mining industry is poised for over 9 % growth. Today the industry is all set to meet the increase in demand of coal and non-coal minerals with highest order of productivity and safety. Apart from discussions with the manufacturers and users, the Indian mining fraternity will be immensely benefitted by these events and the conferences being held concurrently in the same venue. The Indian Mining and Engineering Journal published since 1961. Over all these years, the journal has sought to serve the Indian Mining Sector through diffusion and communication of new technologies. is going to publish a special volume for this event. I wish the editorial team a grand success, and also hope the Journal will continue to provide dissemination of knowledge in Mining in our country.

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December 2010: Entering 50th Year of Publications 6 This project for raising production from 2 million tonnes a year to 5 million tonnes is the key to its combined domestic ore production increase strategy – from the current 3. It will also begin fresh mining operation Chapri-Sidhwar virgin blocks in the belt with reserves of 41. under Surda II project. Hindustan Copper is in the process of reopening all of its closed mines in the Singbhum copper belt. fresh mine development. stopping operations and deepening of shaft to produce ore. The company has already invited request for qualification from contractors for eventual selection in two stage bidding process for all the Singhbhum projects. its major expansion drive in Madhya Pradesh and Jharkhand will also witness multi-dimensional initiatives.Hind Copper — Refining the Operations Hindustan Copper Ltd (HCL). reequipping the mine entries.published on 27th Oct 2010) The Indian Mining & Engineering Journal . has been appraised by ICRA Management Consulting Services Ltd. This was buttressed by continuation of the suspension of the Khetri refining capacity in Rajasthan during the current fiscal and the running of the smelter and refiner at Moubhandar in Jharkhand. All theses mines require dewatering. It is projected that the global copper price cycle is likely to be steady in the next decade. Rakha. Further. Kolkata-headquartered country’s only integrated copper producer. The most ambitious transformational project of the company will take five to seven years. The company has envisioned expansion of mining capacity in the existing operations at Khetri and Kolihan in Rajasthan. Currently. Surda.41 million tonnes in two blocks Rakha NW and Tamrapahar. according to Mr Shakeel Ahmed. having estimated deposit of 48. In contrast to the HCL’s changeover in the East. India Resources will see expansion of its activity. the operations in these two mines will not be outsourced. has been planned to be outsourced. Kendadih mine has 9.6 million tonnes. As its current underground mining contract will expire in 2014.A Business Line Feature. and Kendadih through outsourced contract mining. This is why it is not utilising the smelting and refining capacity at Khetri and stressing more on increasing ore production as well as expansion of mining. where mining was suspended in 2001.21 million tonnes a year to 12. The new mine exploration and future operation activities in Rajasthan at Banwas and Baniwali-ki-Dhani. However. The company this year is getting 50 per cent of refining done from Hindalco. refining and copper making operations in the western sector Rajasthan and Maharashtra will be less dramatic in the near future. The company proposes to reopen Rakha mine. Hindustan Copper will open a new contract for outsourcing. (Source : Kolkata Konnect . the metal in concentrate. MULTI-DIMENSIONAL INITIATIVES Now. particularly in the eastern region. The current transformation of Hindustan Copper essentially tracks that path. As on September 2010. it has about 14. which is produced at the mine level from the raw ore. Chairman and Managing Director. at present the only operational mine in this belt and being run by an Australian company. HCL has adopted a new business model that is geared towards complete outsourced mining operation as well as part outsourcing smelting and refining activity. The company’s high average age of the workforce at 51 has helped the management go in for the transition. The proposed phase-I Malajkhand expansion project. The Planning Commission in September has granted its in-principle approval for the project. The company expects that its reserves at Malanjkhand to last for 30 years.41 million tonnes by the end of fiscal 2017.000 crore. The outsourcing of mining operation in one of its closed mines in Jharkhand at Surda has been the main plank of the initial rollout of the transformation plan so far. MINING EXPANSION Hindustan Copperis planning expansion of mining capacity in Rajasthan. is entirely transforming its operational metrics.66 million tonnes of reserves. on the contrary. The Khetri unit may be brought back into operation if the global copper market dynamics change. The prevailing smelting and refining changes. at lower depths to tap its remaining deposits. MADHYA PRADESH PROJECT The Malanjkhand project in Madhya Pradesh is also poised for complete metamorphosis – from an open cast mine to underground mine and from the company operated operation to outsourced operation. however. mining. are not economically viable for the company. It is fetching extraordinary premium.27 million tonne reserves. The Khetri smelting and refining unit in Rajasthan is now not in operation for economic reason – low treatment and refining charges. is in short supply internationally and locally. which is intended to be partially financed by the follow-on public offer proceeds of around Rs 2.

This scientific approach will certainly supports for effective open cast mining operations in many folds like geological interpretation. materials. survey and assay information to obtain accurate ore body model has been demonstrated and further utilized for the generation of alternative effective mine plans. quality of outcrop. The string notion with integration of various concepts of ore body modeling within the framework of the SURPAC mining software has been explained. This situation has come about largely because the field data when given to an independent CAD specialist who does not have an adequate appreciation of the deposit. Environment Planning. This resource to reserve engineering is the core function of the mineral resource management process.Tech. assaying. and the resulting mine plans are considered to be over-simplified. it is an iterative process with potential improvement from each iteration. the primary *Research Scholar. the most important characteristic of the mine planning process is that. Department of Mining Engg. 2003). The planning process as depicted in figure:1 is a generic representation applicable to most mining operations (Swanepoel Werner. effective utilization of available resources. December 2010: Entering 50th Year of Publications 7 The Indian Mining & Engineering Journal . Grade and Quality Assessment. Nagpur ABSTRACT concern of any top management would be to ensure adequate control over all available assets. sectional block model. It should be conducted according to a mapped out or sequential process and according to set protocols and standards. INTRODUCTION Many Researchers claimed that traditional/conventional mine planning by Computer Aided Drafting/Design (CAD) technique has not been a positive experience.S. the inaccuracies are compounded and the resulting map does not meet the requirements of the effective mine planning (Johnstone. and Cost Management Functionality. Each mine planner must be aware of exactly what outputs are required to proceed to the next phase. The integration of standard exploration data consisting of litho-logical. On the other hand. While considering the aspects of effective mine planning. results into subtle yet critical observations such as terrain. When these omissions are combined with changes in scale. bore hole extent model and wire frame concepts have been discussed.Chachane* Dr. Further the string concept has been used to model the limestone deposit in a case study. condition monitoring/restoration of assets. property. impact on finances. Block Models. setting of mineral boundaries and adoption of appropriate technology for cost effective mine planning. Bore Hole Inventory. ** Associate Professor. Production Management. This will also provide various alternatives so that optimal plan can be selected which will not only give more production but also reduces the mining losses. M. selective mining. mining is essentially a capital-intensive industry where success requires optimum utilization of resources in terms of manpower. digital terrain model. An interactive visualization system is used by the author with actual application of SURPAC and is presented for importing.Yerpude** Effective mine planning for exploitation of mineral deposits depends to a large extent on the accurate modeling of the ore bodies and over all estimation of the deposit. stratigraphic relationships and structural complexity which have often not been incorporated into the geological map developed with CAD. filtering and visualizing of data in respect of a limestone deposit.R. Bore Hole Extent Model. The optimal utilization of earth’s natural resources has also become the need of the day as the conservation of minerals is on the prime agenda due to fear of depletion of mineral resources which is only possible by effective mine planning. 2003). The OBM tool not only helps to develop an Integrated Mine Operations Solutions for effective mine planning but also facilitate production execution and integration of different modules like Solid Block Model. and or projection.P. In this paper. ensuring maximum rate of return across the mining value chain and reduction in cost aspects. The application of Ore Body Modeling (OBM) technique is unique in nature as it provides an approach to bridge the gaps arisen due to current macro level challenges in respect of conventional mine planning without application of computerized ore body modeling technique. level of exposure.R. W. finance and equipments and in view of the large investment in procuring land. Visveswaraya National Institute of Technology. Rock Mechanics Modeling.Integrated Concept of Effective Mine Planning Using Ore Body Modeling A. application of ore body modeling tools such as solid block model. Digital Terrain Model. plant and machinery. (Mining Engg).

Such models are increasingly used as a necessary starting point in determining the mineability of mineral deposits in terms of practical mine design and economic considerations. There is the potential for adopting OBM as vital tools in the mining process. The Ore Body Model has gained international acceptance as an invaluable tool for a mining operation. This information can be used for equipment selection. Therefore. Once the modeling is done. the planning alternatives can be proposed and then optimal plan can be selected which gives more production with less losses. But in India only computerized mineral inventory system is available which is considered as the model. This integrated modeling technique of mine planning and design has been adopted successfully worldwide in mineral industry. This allows the full range of mining activities and costs to be interconnected. Besides. A focus on proper resource utilization plays a key role in the management process and leads to the question whether lower operating costs always add value in long term. The transition from traditional techniques field mapping and the manual calculation of grade and tonnage estimates. This level of accuracy is expected by mining companies and investors but cannot be achieved without a sound knowledge of the deposit and grade variability. thereby lowering costs and improving efficiencies through the application of the model. the production execution and lack of operations reporting and optimization. deficient production scheduling to align with effective mine planning. It is also possible by the model to answer the several types The Indian Mining & Engineering Journal . as well as related activities such as the interpolation of cross-sections. Therefore. Inaccurate estimation of ore reserves and determination of optimum grade of mineral deposits in an unbiased manner with a reliable. costing. But it is difficult to get the clear idea about the size. configuration and grade distribution of the deposits at initial stage of mine planning. the current macro level challenges in respect of conventional mine planning without application of computerized ore body modeling technique. Using the model. (OBM) includes difficulty in financial integration during the initial phase of the project. it is necessary to adopt modern integrated concept of effective mine planning so that the adopted mine planning process converts resources into economically mineable reserves focusing on value addition and risk reduction. ore bodies is a rapidly growing area for effective mine planning. economic pit layouts. and grade distribution within. mining layouts and ancillary requirements etc. Due to this anisotropy. core logging and hand contouring. erroneous life of mine. The computer aided ore body modeling tool can play a vital role in overcoming above challenges by using integrated modern mine planning software.Figure: 1 Generic representation of the mine planning process (After Swanepoel Werner. constraint based mine operations. processing plant design. realistic and affordable degree of precision is another most frequently arising difficult problem for the mine planners. is by no means complete. production optimization. blast design and milling requirements. This information can be used for overall effective mine planning and evaluation. By developing a 3D Ore Body Model as part of the feasibility study at the initial phase of planning and using the same model with exploration boreholes. grade control. the mine planning and mineral resource management is an integration of key functions in the mining process. it is necessary to understand real concept of orebody modeling which is important for effective mine planning. The above challenges lead to a lower NPV on the enterprise solutions investment and a less than expected impact to the business. a significantly better understanding of the deposit and rock mass conditions can be obtained. shape. December 2010: Entering 50th Year of Publications 8 The computer assisted generation of three dimensional ore body models to represent the geometry of. the use of stereographic projections. Certainly most financial organizations will not invest in a mining project that does not have an ore body model. It is indeed necessary for effective mine planning that feasibility studies requires an expected budget expenditure estimate to within 5% of actual costs. mine planner has to face various difficulties in mine planning at the initial phase. to computerized applications. The development of 3D ore body models facilitates the provision of resource information well in advance of the mining face. accurate estimation of mineral reserves and adoption of appropriate mining methods of exploitation are essential for effective mine planning and also to improve the percentage of mineral extraction. one can evaluate mining areas not only for grade and tonnage predictions but also for predictions of rock mass quality. lack of modeling. To overcome these difficulties during the planning stage itself. 2003) Thus. grade control and slope design etc.

the LOM works on the premise of positive Net Present Value (NPV). Mining Value chain Integration. The challenges which the mining industry faces at the initial phase of mine planning are listed below and there is a need to overcome these challenges so as to make the planning more cost effective and also to reduce the mining losses. The purpose of this paper is to assess current thinking on this topic by considering an overview of advances in the effective mine planning. analyzing huge borehole data to draw inferences about grade. The OBM tool can solve all these problems and can able to create integrated data base. The ODPS plan can be set by mine planners typically weekly or monthly basis using OBM tool. and production costs as well as sales and marketing information such as price. This is merged into a single data set for future mine planning activities if OBM tool is used. 7. the activities or decision The Indian Mining & Engineering Journal . Scheduling. drilling and geological survey followed by analysis of ore samples. MACRO CHALLENGES IN CONVENTIONAL MINE PLANNING Conventional system of mine planning does not meet the needs of effective mining operations and have a more direct consequence on the estimation of the size (tonnage) and grade of an ore deposit. difficulty in assaying when the several types of mineralized zones are present in the deposits. consumables used (examples: diesel. Efficient Production Execution . However. Operations and Processing to Sales. demand and risk parameters. Optimum Detailed Production Scheduling (ODPS) . This is done through exploration. a block model of the ore body can be derived. It should be linked with the future scenario of mining and profit oriented mining operations.The mining industry today lacks a comprehensive enterprise solution that integrates the entire value chain from Planning. rock type. 3. and difficult area and requires to look for short-term optimization to achieve low production cost and high asset utilization while minimizing Run of Mine (ROM) stockpile inventories. 2.of questions that may arise in mine planning and helps in decision making. Using geotechnical and geo-statistical analysis. quality characteristics. This hinders strategic planning and decision making inaccuracy in management reporting. the application of ore body modeling technique is the fundamental requirement for effective mine planning The logical way to develop a conceptual model of an ore body is to first identify the basic objectives behind the mission of mine management. drill bits. final product recovery figures. the ore body has to be fully analyzed to assess its economic potential. distance hauled by truck. and geological zone and other such characteristics. 1.e. Integration of standard exploration dataHeterogeneous characteristics of the initial geological information. Optimum Human Capital Management (OHCM)Retaining and managing skilled workforce in the mining industry poses challenges due to competitive needs from other allied industries. hours worked by mine operators or contractors. difficulty in handling. CONCEPT OF EFFECTIVE MINE PLANNING SYSTEM (EMPS) In order to maximize the economic benefits of mining operations.For many mining companies. For these scenarios. theoretical basis for ore body modeling. which allow planners to decide which of the blocks of the Mineral Resource Inventory (MRI) will be mined (pay blocks) and in which sequence with proper selection of bench height parameters. material management and product cost information is typically recorded by each shift which leads to time consuming. a Net Present Value (NPV) needs to be calculated based on the estimation of the tonnage mined. actual production data update. which requires geological interpretation and modeling of the ore body.The LOM plan includes the period starting from the extraction of ore in first block till the extraction of ore in the final block. Data collected manually by production operators may have to be verified or consolidated. tonnes mined per block. Each block has certain characteristics like ore grade. This is a common problem currently being debated among mine planners in the mining industry. Accurate Life of Mine (LOM) Planning . It needs to adopt scientific approach for selection of rate of production. Errors in estimating the reserves & lack of conceptual short-term and long-term planning – Inaccuracies in estimation of mineral deposits and absence of optimal mining methods. ODPS is often a critical December 2010: Entering 50th Year of Publications 9 4. 5. explosives). This exercise is difficult in case of conventional mine planning. its distribution and reserves recovery of minerals. processing. The LOM plan typically delivers pit designs (scenarios). Effective and Economic Resource Modeling – This can prove to be a challenge because at early stages of a mine planning. 6. the case for combining conventional and integrated approach of OBM tool and the benefits to the mining value chain. 8.Detailed production information i.

environmental and sustainable development philosophy. 5. Internal geometrical features such as mineralized zones and grade distribution are also represented in these models. This trend can be attributed to an increasing demand for efficiency in mining industries expecting accurate information on a regular basis. geophysical measurements etc. Certainly the OBM tool plays a vital role in achieving a goal of effective mine planning which helps to a) Optimize the quantity and quality of the mined product b) Utilize all available resources as efficiently as possible c) Show the big picture and detail as for as possible d) Implement business strategy e) Accommodate change in input parameters at any time f) Allow effective feedback to workforce and management g) Allow scenario analysis and alternative generation h) Chosen on basis of the technical level of available personnel Effective mine development typically requires a balance between. and K. It is a process of development of an effective model and plan to maximize value from exploitation of the entire mineral resource available to the organization. drillhole intersects.T. The few elements of effective mine planning are. A fundamental principle of effective mine planning is to represent the actual or visible geology as accurately as possible with the help of Ore Body Model (OBM).N. The key parameters of effective mine planning are: a) Quantification / Evaluation of mineral deposits b) Efficient planning of ore / reserves extraction c) Manage productivity levels d) Managing voluminous data during the entire life of mine The scope of effective mine planning is related to the continuous revision of medium and long-term mine plans to ensure that short-term operations are consistent with long-term strategic objectives. social and labour plans. EMPS deals with those components and decisions that largely affect the value of the mining business over the long-term (Smith G.e. Thus EMPS is the process where the mine planning process is integrated and aligned with the strategic objectives of the company which involves continuous adjustments to changes in the business environment. SIGNIFICANCE OF ORE BODY MODELING (OBM) IN EFFECTIVE MINE PLANNING The dependence of a mining operation on an accurate 3D Ore Body Model is growing for all scales of operations. metallurgical processing route. The focus on selecting the more profitable blocks early is to balance the higher profitability of these blocks with interest repayment and capital imposts that are most severe at the start of the mine (Mohapatra Debasish. The averaging process means blending for consistent (average) quality i. metamorphism and alteration). Develop a better mining plan which is less prone to interruption by unforeseen changes. that is x. extraction method. scale of operations. Study of effective elements of mine planning.g. averaging the good and bad characteristics of a resource to balance equipment utilization and for consistency of mine output deliberately selecting more profitable blocks in the early mine life to maximize the advantages of early cash flows. y. mining sequence. Manyuchi. z coordinate data to construct 3D models which represent the geometry of an ore body. from small quarries to large open pit. 1. continuous feedback planning where reserves and mine schedule are being re-evaluated regularly. 2009). Surujhlal. and to develop tools to validate and quantify the reliability of a model. S. and marketing/sales strategy. The key is to reduce uncertainty by applying as much geological input during the creation of a model. as are external influences such as cross-cutting dykes. By varying the input parameters the desired balance between financial and physical returns can be achieved. country rock effects (e. Mining industries need to adopt such approach of cyclical. Estimation of such part of the deposit which is to be included in the mining plan at the initial stage of mine planning. cut-off grade/pay limit. 3. All requests relating to the resource or reserve ultimately lead back to the OBM on which planning and production activities are based. 2008). structural The Indian Mining & Engineering Journal December 2010: Entering 50th Year of Publications .making processes directed towards them. 4. the agencies involved and the types of information and database needed to support these activities so that the cost effective mine planning and the planning alternatives can be decided for projected prospects and growth of mining industry and to fulfill the qualitative and quantitative needs of the industry. The effective mine plan is thus necessary to provide consistent direction but also to provide a base against which to assess new exploitation options and projects. Systematic analysis of the deposit. topocadastral survey stations. This is achieved through consideration and optimization of the key elements of the value chain: exploration strategy. Selection of optimum mining layouts and deposit boundaries – physical and economic limits. selecting mining blocks of high waste:ore ratio simultaneously with blocks of low waste:ore ratio. The model has to be ‘built’ using accurate spatial information whether the data represent mapped contact positions. structural measurements. But how well do these models represent the geology of the orebody? Geological modeling software makes use of spatial information.L. 10 2.

g. MgCO3) and then interpolated by a variety of techniques such as inverse distance and kriging to estimate the grade distribution within an orebody. These software packages have modules for Bore hole data entry. the nature of the sample information available. considerable judgment is needed in the use of geostatistics but the methods are easily adoptable to take into account the specific properties of each deposit. y. Haul Road design. Ore reserve Estimation. CaCO3. The coordinate data may be lithological intersects measured from surveyed drillhole core. GEMCOM. assay results. For this reason. Such techniques can also be applied to geotechnical and geo-hydrological data to construct models. This information is supported in a modeling system as point data for the purposes of contouring. or it may be surface and underground geological contacts mapped on paper and then captured into digital format. Topo-cadastral survey data are also used. but more importantly. z data. Survey. Datamine. Pit design. Standard Mine planning software packages like Surpac. As with any other reserve estimation procedure. tonnage and grade distribution of the mineral deposit.elements and xenoliths. INTEGRATED ORE BODY MODEL FOR LIMESTONE DEPOSIT – A CASE STUDY In order to provide a better alternative and effective mine 11 The Indian Mining & Engineering Journal a) String model of limestone b) Solid Block Model of limestone Figure 2. Further the statistical and geo-statistical methods take into account the viability in an orebody’s mineralization and can be used to quantify the uncertainty associated with the reserve estimates which is possible with OBM tool. Raw geological and exploration data are entered and processed to a desired format to control the data processing. As already explained. the mine planner should retain a certain degree of control over the creation of the model and apply additional knowledge not necessarily contained in the data. Vulcom etc are available for creation of Ore Body Models from the exploration data and for mine optimization. The relevant geological and exploration data is stored in a computer database for interpretation and generation of an appropriate ore body model. Ore Body Models ((Models Generated by the authors) The way in which the connections are made can be controlled by the user up to a point. in addition to spatial x. feasibility and longevity of mining operations in totality. Pit optimization. y. According to Barchi et al. Mine scheduling etc.1990). z points to create a Triangulated Irregular Network (TIN) (Barchi et al. but also its boundary and the internal structure based on which the mine planners can plan the effective mine planning with full respect to the viability. the degree of continuity present in the mineralization. geo-statistic is increasingly becoming accepted as an adoptable method likely to give improved estimates in most of the situations. They have strong graphic user interfaces and are user friendly. A key prerequisite to an integrated geo-statistical modeling process is the organization of an exploration database. This information can be imported into an integrated system as point or vector data which is then ‘connected’ to create data objects known as geological ‘solids’ or ‘wireframes’ (Figure 2). Ore Body Modeling. must also contain additional numerical information such as a sample or identification number. the data can be used to determine a semi-variogram of a particular variable (e. geotechnical parameters. the purpose of a Ore Body Model is to accurately represent not only the grade. Coordinate data may also have sample December 2010: Entering 50th Year of Publications . but the actual creation of the solid is automatic and makes use of a mathematical algorithm which triangulates between x. as well as the geologic controls that may influence ore distribution. information which.

Csv.Csv. Figure : 3 . Limestone has been mined by the traditional blast-load open pit method since the start of the operation.csv Translation file (For conversion of data in numeric equivalent) December 2010: Entering 50th Year of Publications 12 The Indian Mining & Engineering Journal . a general pre-requisite is to colour the boreholes based on lithology. The study considers the different operating scenarios for adoption in mine planning. The limestone currently being mined occurs in a flat lying bed of an average thickness of 12. The model is then used for drawing alternatives in conjunction with blending options. Collar1.csv Sample1.csv Survey1. Sample1. The study will endeavor to identify various parameters to be considered in relation with ore body model and suggest an approach to utilize this tool at the initial stage of mine planning.Lithocode derivation Before creation of the model.93 m. CREATION OF FILE FORMAT FOR DATA IMPORT IN SURPAC The bore hole data was converted into four different Comma Separated Value (. Thus 108 lithocodes were grouped into 24 lithocodes and the data was imported into Surpac as shown in the screen captured figure:3. parameters to evaluate the bench height on the operating and direct mining costs thus affecting the NPV. The deposit model was created for using the same for effective mine planning and the initial estimates of tonnage and grade alongwith the block was interfaced back to mine operations. Survey1. Data collected for the development of the model was first formatted in MS Excel and further interfaced to Mine Planning Software “SURPAC”. The results are based on analyses of the ore body model as created with the help of Surpac and analysis of data collected.csv Geology1. with the lithocodes and the sample values of the major mineral to be displayed on either side of the boreholes when seen in the section mode (Figure : 4). The study carried out by the author has been attempted to understand the use of an ore body modeling tool for effective mine planning and to analyze the grade variation of the deposit with generation of various mine planning alternatives by using integrated mine planning software. DERIVATION OF LITHOCODES While preparing the geological input file.planning options and solutions to the problems arising in case of traditional / conventional approach of mine planning. Geology1. a case study is presented in this paper which is an original work carried out by the author. The fields as used for these files are given below.csv) in MS Excel Sheets namely Collar1.Csv.Csv. the lithologcal features of the bore hole data was grouped into families of similar characteristics for the convenience of the data processing and new lithocodes have been derived. The data has been drawn from one of the limestone mine offering a realistic example of the situation.

the co-efficient of variation of CaCO3 is 0.357.863 65.4640 0. The maximum CaCO3 contents are 92 % and the mean has been evaluated as December 2010: Entering 50th Year of Publications 13 Figure : 6 . The first step in analyzing the sample data collected from the boreholes is to make it fit for geo-statistical evaluation.Basic Statistics report of variables MgCO3 The Indian Mining & Engineering Journal .4570 1.36%.0200 3. The mode which is a frequently occurring value has been arrived as 80% which helps for selection of proper blending options for raw mix improvement.2000 3.500 58.170 80.58.579 21.Display of boreholes with Grid and sample values (Generated by the authors) STATISTICAL AND GEO-STATISTICS ANALYSIS OF SAMPLE DATA The viability in an orebody’s mineralization was assessed by statistical and geo-statistical methods and used to quantify the uncertainty associated with the reserve estimates of the deposit. Table 1: Statistical evaluation of the limestone Figure : 4 .900 3.863 %. This has been achieved by composting the sample data at equal intervals within the Ore Zone and by interpreting the borehole sections a wire frame of ore zone was made.000 18. which is less than 1 and thus makes the deposit amenable for deposit evaluation using the Inverse Square Distance technique and can able to produce reasonable variogram model.3600 2.1460 1.000 92. Particulars No.3570 -0. Similarly in case of MgCO3 the maximum MgCO3 contents are 18. The table 1: indicates the statistical evaluation of the limestone in respect of parameters as CaCO3 and MgCO3.0370 0.770 Figure : 5 .8070 16.2 %.9 % and the mean has been evaluated as 3. The mode has been arrived as 3.7680 2.Basic Statistics report of the variable CaCO3 As can be seen from the basic normal statistics from Figure-5 and 6 and Table-1. of Samples Minimum Maximum Mean Median Mode Variance Std. A class-frequency diagram of basic variable CaCO3 and MgCO3 of limestone has also been drawn from Surpac as shown in Figure-7.8450 MgCO3 2054 0. Deviation Co-efficient of Variation Skewness Kurtosis CaCO3 2054 0. It involves dividing a large group into smaller groups or grade intervals usually of equal size which will represent the same range of values of CaCO3 and MgCO3 of limestone.000 442.

the deposit comes into a group no IV i. Since the variance is high i. The distribution in respect of MgCO3 is observed to be more or less of normal distribution. highly non-uniform category which neesds proper attention for effective mine planning at initial phase.4640 for CaCO3 and MgCO3 respectively.05 million tonnes).5 tonnes / cu. then according to CRII (1975). The Inverse Square Distance method of estimation technique has been used to estimate the block values.8450 indicating the test of normality.0370 and 1. the volume of the solid model has been calculated as 18944004 tonnes. BLOCK MODELING The purpose of block modeling is to estimate the block values of limestone represented by the solid body from the point values obtained from the geological database. Figure – 7 (a) & (b): Class.579 which is more than 100. It can be observed from the figure -7 (a) that the distribution of limestone grade in respect of parameter of CaCO3 is of asymmetrical or right or positive skewed curves which is caused by the extremes in the higher values distorting the curves to the right. December 2010: Entering 50th Year of Publications Figure – 8: Solid Model with borehole intercepts & the topography and volume It is a measure of how peaked the distribution is or steepness of ascent near the mode of the distribution.DELINEATION OF ORE BODY WITH SOLID MODELING To delineate the ore body the intercepts of Ore Zone in each and every sections were joined and the solid model of limestone ore body has been created (figure :8).e.e 442.Frequency diagram of basic variable of CaCO3 and MgCO3 of limestone. 14 The Indian Mining & Engineering Journal . the total reserves in tonnes has been estimated as 44048046 tonnes (44.e limestone ore body. Also. This is also representing the mixing of impurities with the output which are distinctly separable. Considering the bulk density of limestone as 2. The borehole intercepts can be seen in the solid model. Kurtosis for CaCO3 is 2. The standard deviation which is a square root of the variance has been arrived to 21. The purpose of solid modeling is to stitch together the delineated ore body across every section to form a ore body of the area of interest i.

the reliability of the output is directly conditioned to the quality of the input data. With the 15 The Indian Mining & Engineering Journal Figure :9. the results of analysis of OBM can be utilized for generation three basic alternative scenarios to make the planning more effective. 3. the comparison of the outcome of the study and how the OBM technique is useful for effective mine planning is enumerated as below. The model also allows frequent analysis of different operating options in a short period of time. Its application enables a mine operator to foresee years in advance the most favourable alternative options for mine planning. 1. Blending optimization for raw mix improvement & Grade Control. Considering the difficulties and problem definitions of the conventional mine planning for the deposit. 2. The levelwise estimate is also calculated based on the block model report as generated with Surpac (Table-2). needless to say. CONCLUSIONS The orebody model as developed. evaluation of different blending options for the raw mix improvement and evaluation of ultimate pit configuration to maximize the return on investor’s capital through efficient resource utilization at the lowest unit cost. Bench height parameters and its orientation. These are. Table-2: Calculation of levelwise estimate based on the block model report mRL Volume Tonnage Average grade (%CaCO3) 210-220 220-230 230-240 240-250 250-260 Total à Cut off Grade Applied for OBM (%CaCO3) 73 47 41 40 42 25000 1025000 3400000 4825000 925000 1020000 0 65000 2665000 8840000 12545000 2340000 26455000 74. Attention will be given to the combination of bench height and equipment selection.02 66. From the above graphs. the mining industry will get enough time to take the decision for selection of cost effective options and to take necessary measures to investigate the issue further. and therefore. In this way.Grade tonnage curve and grade wise distribution of limestone at different mRLs.38 Grade -Tonnage Curve Lakh tonnes / % CaCO3 150 100 50 0 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 Tonnage (Lakh Tonnes) Average grade Figure : 10 . The results have a pre-feasibility study level accuracy and. December 2010: Entering 50th Year of Publications . this analysis is utilized in suggesting alternative planning at these levels. A graphical view of the block model as generated by the authors is shown in figure:9. Therefore. The variation of quantity & quality is studied at various cut-offs. These results can be used for generation of various alternatives for effective mine planning. If properly used. In addition it also helps in establishing the blending possibilities of the inferior ore with the superior grade ore to strike the required balance based on the market conditions. Further with the help of grade tonnage curve one can able to decide the cut off grade of limestone for this particular deposit at these mRLs.The ultimate purpose is to get the amount of reserves available level wise in that area so as to plan the mining operation for optimum exploitation of limestone. maximize the present worth of the operation. if any. This helps in establishing the economic cut-off grade.A graphical view of the block model. provides an easy-to-use tool to assist limestone mine planners in the analysis of mine planning aspects and adoption of a tool for selection of effective mine planning options.19 62. however. The methodology for the generation of these alternatives is beyond the scope of this paper. the model can become an essential tool for long-term planning in addition to other planning programs already available. it is concluded that the average grade of limestone and the sufficient quantum is mainly available between mRL 230 to 240.12 61. Ultimate pit configuration The generation of these alternatives on the basis of ore body model as created will develop a systematic model that can be used in the evaluation of a wide range of reserves in the initial planning phase to determine the most economic pit geometry and equipment selection.62 67.92 66.

55 64. The average MgCO 3 cont ents are found to be on higher side as 3. mRL 210-220 220-230 230-240 240-250 250-260 Tonnage (Lakh Tonnes) 0. Visualization of high grade bore holes is difficult.63 M gCO 3 2.21 m illion t onnes by conventional cross section m ethod.75 Using Taylor’s law as P=5.R .93m enabling restriction in number of benches and the bench height leading to diff icult in blending options. selective mining is possible and grade variation at each level can be em phasized for proper plant feed. It is very easy and precise to estimate the mRL wise assessment of mineral resources. TC 73. 62 67. Thus.33% and average MgCO 3 contents are found t o be on lower side as 2.32%.65 32 88.96 CaCO 3 70. With the help of graphic visualization. Bore holes selected for the m ine planning gives the high MgCO 3 and low CaC O3 contents. TC 72.78 CaO (Calculated) 38.32 Effective mi ne planning by OBM (Al ternative) Reserve estim ation by Computerized OBM has enhanced t he m ineable reserves as 44. 39 CaO (Calculated) 39.71%. 4 Average grade 74. the production rate can be increased to 9000 tonnes per day scientifically.52 MgCO 3 3.Sl. 70 CaC O3 68.71 December 2010: Entering 50th Year of Publications 16 The Indian Mining & Engineering Journal . St atistical and geo-statistical analysis of the bore hole data was not considered while planning process. 4 125. The average t hickness of the deposit arrived as 14. 05 m illion tonnes. increasing the life of the m ine. Less production rate (as 1700 tonnes per day) without application of a scientific approach for t he basis. 45 23. The average CaCO3 is about 73. Average thickness of t he lim estone estimated as 12. Increased lif e of m ine = 88 years Easy t o identify high grade bore holes in graphic environment f or effective mine planning The blocks at 230 m RL & 240 m RL representing the optim um grade. Various histogram 's and the variogram mes helps in st atistical and geo-statistical evaluat ion of the deposit which gives accurate distribution of the lim est one grade. Visualization of high grade bore hole is possible. Difficult to assess precisely the mRL wise tonnage and quality of mineral occurrences.77 5 6 Difficult to get optimum blending options and proper grade control.31m enabling increased num ber of benches and options for selecting optimal bench height so as to increase the production rate wit h blending options. 0. 19 64. No 1 2 3 4 C onventional mine planni ng (Existing) Mineable reserves has estimated as 29. Less life of m ine = 58 years Difficult t o identif y high grade bore holes f or m ine planning. 7 8 Bor e holes selected for the m ine planning gives the high CaCO 3 and low M gCO 3 contents which is more favourable for effect ive mine planning. 02 66. More time consum ing in analytical processes.

2 million tonnes per annum for maximum NPV as shown in the following graph. Rate of Production and its effect on NPV 4.9 The relation between the selection of bench height with that of production rate and its effect on NPV has not been considered in case of existing planning.2 42 3. less time consuming requires less manpower and able to visualize all results into graphical environment. The design process consists of 3 main steps: a) finding the block extraction sequence which produces the best net present value (NPV) whilst satisfying the geotechnical slope constraints.5 0 10 The conventional method is very time consuming. The OBM method is very simple. The NPV of this “optimal” schedule is considered as a main criterion of the economical viability of the project. If the NPV is less than 0. it can be further utilized for creation of different models including the most important the block models which can be produced gradewise calculation of reserves.7 to 3. there is a scope to increase the production rate from 2.5 3 2.21 3 2. then the project planning is not economical.5 4 44 42 Produ ction R ate in mill ion tonnes 4 3. The maximum NPV is considered for the viable project. tedious and critical and requires lot of efforts and manpower. fast. The rate of production depends on the height of bench which ultimately affects the NPV.7 40 38 40 38 36 34 1 2 3 Rate of production 4 NPV 5 3.5 1 0. and c) optimizing the mining schedule and cutoff grades (COG). Once the OBM is generated. Therefore. the effect of increase in the rate of production by increasing the bench height is found to be of increasing trend. The huge data can be handled easily with variety of results and possible to update the model at any time.5 2 1. In the present case.5 46 44. The block model as created will be utilized for deciding the NPV.91 43. The net present value method estimates natural resources asset values as the discounted sum of future resource rent generated by the utilization of the resource. b) designing the practically mineable mine phases (pushbacks) which are roughly based on the optimal block sequence. 17 The Indian Mining & Engineering Journal December 2010: Entering 50th Year of Publications NPV . Application of NPV is simple once the orebody model is generated.

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Diamonds. Hyderabad (NFTDC ) a non-grant institution came within the administrative purview of the Ministry during the year as a consequence to the election of Secretary ( Mines) as the Chairman of the General Body of the Centre in place of the Scientific Advisor. Coal India Ltd. for mining and metallurgy of non-ferrous metals like aluminium.nic. December 2010: Entering 50th Year of Publications 22 Shri Sriprakash Jaiswal Minister of State of Coal (Independent Charge) Secretary Coal: C. and for administration of the Mines and Minerals (Regulation and Development) Act. (NIRM) Kolar. BGML one of the oldest Gold min ing company was also under its control. zinc.Balakrishnan. In order to promote scientific exploration. from time to time by or under any law made by Parliament. The Indian Mining & Engineering Journal . and assistance to.Mining Machinery Support Directory 2010 Ministry of Mines : Govt. Mines.mines. petroleum and atomic minerals. is now closed since 1st March 2001. 1957 in respect of all mines and minerals other than coal. 1962 (33 of 1962) under the control of the Union as declared by law. and Indian Bureau of Mines looks after the ministry’s functions for exploration and administration respectively. Before dis-investment HZL.Regulation of mines and development of minerals other than Shri Bijoy Krishna Handique Union Cabinet Minister. and National Institute of Miners’ Health (NIMH).nic. regulation of mines and development of minerals within the territory of India . and Neyveli Lignite Corporation Ltd. development and control of. However. after certain legal hurdles are cleared.O Ministry of Coal : Govt. Hindustan Copper Limited (HCL). the following institutions are under this ministry. It has been empowered/responsible for the legislation. of India (www. lead. including mines and minerals underlying the ocean within the territorial waters or the continental shelf. Geological Survey of India. such as Aluminium. IAS The  Ministry of Coal has the overall responsibility  of  determining policies and strategies in respect of exploration  and  development of coal and   lignite reserves. the Ministry of Coal also has a joint venture with  Government of Andhra Pradesh  called  Singareni Collieries Company Limited. etc. Under  the  administrative control of the Ministry. All other metals and minerals not specifically allotted to any other Ministry/Department. efforts are being made to commence work at BGML. sanctioning of important projects of  high  value and for deciding all related issues. copper. Nagpur . these  key functions are exercised through the Public Sector Undertakings. BALCO were also under its control. Development of North Eastern Region Secretary: Shri Subramanyam Vijay Kumar. namely..  Other than Coal India Ltd.   and  its subsidiaries and Neyveli Lignite corporation Limited.D. or the exclusive economic zone and other maritime zones of India as may be specified. Lignite and Sand for stowing and any other mineral declared as prescribed substances for the purpose of the Atomic Energy Act. IAS It is responsible for survey and exploration of all minerals. and Mineral Exploration Corporation Limited(MECL) are the three PSUs under this ministry. gold.National Aluminium Company Limited (NALCO). other than natural gases. including questions concerning regulation and development of minerals in various States and the matters connected therewith or incidental thereto.R. Copper. nickel. Nonferrous Materials Technology Development Centre. Jawaharlal Nehru Aluminium Research Development and Design Centre (JNARDDC) Nagpur. Zinc. National Institute of Rock Mechanics.coal. Planning. Government of Andhra Pradesh holds 51% equity and Government of India holds 49 % equity. D. natural gas and petroleum. of India (www. Lead and Nickel. mining and utilisation of minerals. all industries dealt with by the Ministry.

The Dhamra Port Company Limited (DPCL) Fortune Towers, 2nd floor,  Chandrasekharpur, Bhubaneswar - 751 023 Tel: +91 674-2303829 / 2301680 / 2300705 / 2302676 Fax: +91 674-2303828 Email: CEO : Santosh K.Mohapatra, IAS (Retd.) Orissa has a rich maritime history. Dhamra in Bhadrakh district of Orissa, is one of the most ancient ports on the eastern coast of India on Bay of Bengal. Its history dates back to 15th Century A.D., when the first port named Chandbali was established near the mouth of river Dhamra. Till about independence and even thereafter it was used for cargo transportation between North Orissa and Kolkata. In the Imperial Gazette-1928 AD Walter Hamilton observed that Kanika (Dhamra-Chandbali) port was prosperous oceanic trading centre and point Pamiras of southern side of Dhamra river mouth was one of the most important navigation landmarks of that time. DPCL is a 50:50 joint venture of L&T and Tata Steel. DPCL has been awarded a concession by Government of Orissa to build and operate a port on BOOST (Build, Own, Operate, Share and Transfer) basis for a total period of 34 years. Situated in close proximity to the mineral belt of Orissa, Jharkhand and West Bengal, and between Haldia and Paradeep, the port at Dhamra is one of the deepest ports of India with a depth of 18 meters, which can accommodate super cape-size vessels up to 180,000 DWT. The master plan provides for 13 berths, capable of handling more than 100 million MT per annum of dry bulk, liquid bulk, break bulk, containerized and general cargo. During Phase-I, DPCL has constructed two fully mechanized berths of 350 meters each along with backup facilities for handling imports of coking coal, steam/thermal coal, limestone and export of iron ore. Phase-I also includes laying of a 62 kilometers rail link from Dhamra to Bhadrak/Ranital Link Cabin on the main Howrah-Chennai line. The estimated capacity of Phase-I is 25 million MT per annum. The construction of Phase-I which has commenced in March’07 is expected to be ready for commercial operation by this November. SOME MAJOR EXPLOSIVE MAKERS OF INDIA Deepak Fertilisers And Petrochemicals Corporation Limited Opp. Golf Course, Shastri Nagar, Yerwada, Pune 411 006, India Phone: (91-20)-66458000 Fax (91-20)-2668 3727 December 2010: Entering 50th Year of Publications 23

Chairman : C.K.Mehta,Vice-Chairman & MD : S.C.Mehta Contact for AN : Saurabh Sahay, V.P.-Explosives Tel Direct : 91-20-66458160 Board: 66458000 Tel Residence : 91-20-2669 5438 E-mail : Mobile : 09850987080 The explosives division manufactures Low Density Ammonium Nitrate(OPTIMEX), for Ammonium Nitrate-fuel oil (ANFO), blasting agents and also emulsified ANFO (HANFO). DFPCL is the largest manufacturer of ammonium nitrate in India (capacity expanded to 100.000 tpa in September 2002), and the only one making prilled Ammonium Nitrate (AN). Their products are used for open cast mining, underground metalliferrous mining and construction Industry. Plans have also been drawn to expand the AN manufacturing capacities through expansion and new units. Indian Oil Corporation Ltd (IBP Division) IBP Divisional Office: IBP House, 34/A Nirmal Chandra Street, Kolkata 700 013 Explosive Business Group head : Sri V.R.Gokhale, GM Contact : S.R.Sharma, Dy. General Manager(Mktg) The great explosive crunch in the late 70’s gave birth to explosive business of IBP under the public sector. Today, the major production unit in Korba(Chattisgarh) has been closed due to fierce competition from over 50 private owned explosive companies. This is despite, IBP packaged products were most sought after explosives. IBP Division under IndianOil, is the only explosive manufacturer in of the country in government sector. The first Bulk Site Mixed Slurry Explosives technology system in India was commissioned by IBP at Kudremukh Iron Ore Mines in the early ‘80s. Today, it supplies Bulk Slurry, Emulsion and Heavy Anfo explosives to opencast mines of Coal India, HZL(Rampura Agucha), HCL(Malanjkhand), and SAIL(Barbil sector). After successful trials it had suspended operations at Bailadila, Rajashree Cement, NALCO and sold two units at SCCL. IBP’s R&D unit had the distinction of developing and manufacturing INDOTUNNELLER(K), tailor-made slurry explosives in small diameter, for the fast-track Konkan Railways Corporation Ltd, as a substitute for the NG-based explosives. Products : Bulk Slurry and Emulsion explosives. IDL Division, Gulf Oil Corporation Post Box No. 1, Sanatnagar(I.E.) P.O Kukatpally, Hyderabad 500 018 Ph : 040-23810670-79, Fax : 23700747 Email : Web : Chief Executive : Subhas Pramanik, Managing Director Factories : Rourkela, and Hyderabad for packaged explosives and blasting accessories Established in 1961, IDL Industries an ISO 9002 certification company is The Indian Mining & Engineering Journal

engaged in the manufacturing of slurry based cartridged explosives and site mixed Emulsion based explosives. It is the largest producer of detonators and other blasting accessories in India. A recognized ‘Export House’ for industrial explosives, it has been exporting its products to several countries. Its bulk explosives manufacturing units cater to coal, iron ore and poly-metallic mining companies. Orica India ( formerly Indian Explosives Ltd) 10A, Lee Road, Kolkata 700 020 Tel: 033 – 22873 3044/56; Fax: 033 2872973 Web: Chief Executive : L. Subhash Babu IEL is a leader in blasting and explosives technology. It’s products, technology, people and services meet every blasting challenge. IEL, through its international connection, provides contemporary technology perfected at its R & D units. IEL is the first explosives company of India in the business of Industrial Explosives & Accessories, having its manufacturing unit at Gomia, Jharkhand. IEL is the first explosive company to have a comprehensive quality system covering all activities of the company and have been awarded ISO 9001 certification for design, manufacture, storage of packaged and bulk explosives and sale of packaged, bulk and initiating explosives. It has been a leading supplier of world class blasting products and services since the inception of Gomia factory in 1958. IEL is the customer’s first choice at home as well as overseas market. Initiating Explosives are manufactured by Initiating Explosives Systems India Limited (IES), a joint venture between Indian Explosives Limited and The Ensign Bickford Company. For catering to the bulk Emulsion market it had its manufacturing facilities at Singrauli, and Rourkela. Very recently it has introduced Electronic Delay Detonators in some of the major blasting operations. PRODUCTS : Emulsion based cartridged and bulk explosives, entire range of blasting accessories, and services. Keltech Energies Limited Chowgule House, III Floor No.18, Crescent Road, Bangalore 560 001 Phone : 080-2251451, 2257900, Fax : 2253857 Email: Chief Executive : Santosh L. Chowgule, Managing Director Sr. General Manager(O&D) : V.N.Pangal Factory : Vishwasnagar, Dt. Udupi, Karnataka; Garamsur, Dt. Nagpur Nagpur Marketing Office : 0712 2222874(O) An ISO 9002 company engaged in the manufacturing and marketing of Watergel ‘KELVEX’ brand cartridged and Emulsion bulk explosives, is catering to quarries, mines, oil-exploration, port construction, and other mining/civil construction activities. Part of the Mining & Shipping Company of Chowgule House, supplies their bulk explosives to Kudremukh; coal mines in Singrauli, Singareni December 2010: Entering 50th Year of Publications 24

Collieries Co. Ltd, Western Coalfields and South Eastern Coalfields Ltd. Solar Explosives 11, Zade Layout Bharat Nagar, Nagpur 440033 Ph: 0712-2560010, fax: 2560202 Contact:, Chairman: Satyanarayan Nuwal, Director : R.D.Vakil Manufaturer of all ranges of explosives and accessories. Special Blasts Ltd Nathani Building Shastri chowk Raipur 492 001 Ph: 0771-5031185, 2536253, fax: 2537258 Products: Packaged and bulk explosives TECHNICAL/SCIENTIFIC JOURNALS PUBLISHED IN INDIA CMTM Coal Mining Technology & Management Chief Editor: Prof. S.P.Banerjee Indian Institute of Coal Management Kanke, Ranchi 834 006 Diamond World, Journal House, A-95, Janta Colony, Jaipur [India]    Ph: 91-141-2614398 / 2610906 E-mail:    Web: Editor : Alok Kala Asia’s oldest publication on precious trade – Diamond World is an international magazine for diamonds and diamondstudded jewellery sector. Established in Nov. 1973,International Journal House are the publishers of Diamond World. The bi-monthly magazine is favorable read in more than 25countries of the world. To facilitate Gujarati speaking diamond manufactures, trades, artisans, ‘Angadias’Diamond World is also published in Gujarati language. It’s readership comprises diamond manufacturers, traders, dealers, importers, exporters, cutters, polishers, jewellers, jewellery designers, geologists, miners, students etc. FIMI News Bulletin Fortnightly house bulletin of Federation of Indian Mineral Industries 301, Bakshi House, 40-41 Nehru Place, New Delhi 110 019 Email:,, Web:

The Indian Mining & Engineering Journal

Journal of Mines Metals & Fuel Books & Journals Private Ltd 6/2 Madan Street(3rd Floor) Kolkata 700 072 Ph : +91 33 22126526, Fax : 22126348 E-mail: / / Web: Director : A.K.Ghose, D.G.Talwar, Usha Murthy, K.P. David, and B.D.Talwar, Editorial Board : Prof. R.N. Singh, Prof. Dr. Uday Kumar, Prof. Dr. Abdolhadi Ghazvinian and Dr. Jayanta Bhattacharyya Editor: Prof. Ajoy K. Ghose Books & Journals Private Ltd. was founded by late P.K. Menon with its first technical magazine called “Indian Journal of Power & River Valley Development” in 1950. Later in 1952, The Indian Mining Journal was launched (later changed to Jounal of Mines, Metals & Fuels), a sister publication of Indian Power & River Valley Development. A specialized monthly, the Journal of Mines,Metals and Fuels is exclusively devoted to geology, mining, mettalurgy and fuel technology. From its inception, it also immediately established itself as a high quality referred journal of excellence with wide readership in India and abroad.This Journal carries original contributions from geologists, mining engineers, fuel technologists, mineralogists or metallurgists, and from executives of mineral industry. The articles cover exploration and exploitation of minerals, mineral beneficiation/coal washing, equipment and machinery, technical education, research, mineral economics, etc. The Journal has been recognized as a leading technical forum for the country’s fuel, mining and metallurgical industries. The special issues of the Journal published so far have been widely lauded as hallmark in the field of technical journalism. The Journal organizes events like workshop, seminars and conferences – both national and international on regular basis. The last two events were:Workshop on Beneficiation of Indian Coals – issues, problems and     remedies on 26-28 May 2006 at, the Oberoi Grand, Kolkata. and International Conference on New technology for surface and underground mining on 15-17 December 2006 at Oberoi Grand, Kolkata MGMI News Letter A Quarterly publication of MGMI Hony. Editor : B.C.Bhattacharya GN-38/4, Sector V, Salt lake, kolkata 700 091 Mining Engineers Journal Monthly journal of Mining Engineers’ Association of India Editor: Dr K.K.Sharma December 2010: Entering 50th Year of Publications 25

C/o MEAI, F-608, VI Floor Raghavaratna Towers Chirag Ali Lane, Abids, Hyderabad 500 001 Ph: 044-23200510, Fax: 66460479 Email:, Web: Minerals & Metals Review Minerals & Metals Review Feltham House,1st Floor 10, J.N.Heredia Marg, Ballard Estate,Mumbai - 400001 Ph: +91-22-22660623 / 22664710 /22666428 Fax : +91-22-2266 0632 E-mail In 1948, when India was just gearing up for its ‘tryst with destiny’, Seth Govardhandas realised the importance of a publication covering the minerals and metals sectors, which could drive the competitiveness and growth of the industry by disseminating the latest information, ideas and data. Originally launched as Metal Market Review, in the form of cyclostyled sheets, the journal constantly evolved and matured, being first re-christened as Eastern Metals Review and then later as Minerals & Metals Review. It has grown in its scope, depth and quality of coverage, and has established itself as the indisputable first-choice for industry executives, businessmen and professionals. Published under the aegis of Asian Industry Information Services from the house of Binani, it is not only a pioneer in its field, but is also recognised today as India’s prime publication on the metals and minerals industry. SGAT Bulletin Journal of the Soc. Of Geoscientists and Allied TTechnologists Editor: Sr S.K.Sarangi 267, Kharavela nagar, Bhubaneswar 751 001 Ph: 0674-2390516, Fax: 2390687 Email:, Steel Insight & Coal Insight Bells House, 7th Floor, 21 Camac Street, Kolkata 700 016 Ph: 033-66133133, Fax: 22895983, Web: Chief Editor : Kohinoor Mandal, E mail: Published monthly by Mjunction Services Ltd, Kolkata The Indian Concrete Journal ACC Limited L.B.S. Marg, Near Teen Haath Naka, Thane (W), Maharashtra, INDIA, PIN - 400 604 Tel: +91 (22) 25825333, 25823631, ext. 653 Fax: +91 (22) 25820962 E-mail:, The Indian Mining & Engineering Journal

S. the initial experiences have effectively been extended to provide wide range of services right from coal exploration to its commercial application to different industrial sectors.Khuntia Publisher : Anita Pradhan Editor : S. Its activities are spread out by its regional centers at Shillong (North Eastern Region).net. coal preparation. 1949 as ‘Rare Minerals Survey Unit’ with headquarter in New December 2010: Entering 50th Year of Publications . cmpdi@giasbm01. 1950 with a nucleus of 17 geoscientists which has grown to 2777 personnel (in all categories) on date. It was renamed first as ‘Raw Materials Division’ and then as ‘Atomic Minerals Division’ in 1958. Fax 040 27762940 Ph -040-27764038. coal/material handling arrangement. as well as engineering and environmental management. Professor D.theimejournal. Hyderabad-500 016.K.amd@gov. CMPDI (Central Mine Planning & Design Institute Limited).in Delhi. CRS Complex LBS Marg.K. computer application in mines etc.Pradhan Consultancy Organisations catering to Indian Mines ACC-Research and Consultancy 230827 Fax: +91 651 231851.nic.  The clients include Government and Private Entrepreneurs. 231447 Email:  cmpdi2@hub.Das Mine Planning for limestone mines of cement plants. Ranchi . Its headquarter was later shifted to Hyderabad during 1974. Under the Atomic Energy Act. In keeping with its growing stature as one of the country’s leading scientific organizations involved in multi-disciplinary and multi-faceted exploration-cum-analytical-cum research activities. the ‘Division’ was rechristened as a ‘Directorate’ on July 29. a subsidiary of Coal India Ltd.The Indian Mining & Engineering Journal 1457. FRS.K.2776710 Director : Anjan Chaki Email: amdhyd@ap. Fishery Tank Road. Calcutta/ Jamshedpur (Eastern Region) and Nagpur (Central Region). Kanke Road. United Nations Agencies. Atomic Minerals Directorate for Exploration and Research (AMD) Department of Atomic Energy.vsnl.nic. of India on April 15. Bhubaneswar 751 006 Ph : +919861008387 Email: i. 1948 and followed by the creation of the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) on August 10.834 008 Tel: +91 651 231850. AMD Complex. a doyen among Indian geologists guided the exploration programme of the Directorate till 1970 as ‘Geological Adviser’ of the department. 1948. International Financial Thane Contact : S. two publications. Web: www. All these years. To fulfill this objective. A key factor in this success has been the offering of full-range of services in the sphere of resource exploration & development.N. Technical Editor(Hony. extends consultancy services to host of clients in India and 1998 on the eve of its stepping into the ‘Golden Jubilee’ Year. an ISO-9001 company was established in 1975. 1-10-153-156. Ghosh as its first Director appointed in 1957. P. The unit saw Dr.journal@hotmail. Total focus on 26 The Indian Mining & Engineering Journal Atomic Minerals Directorate (AMD) for Exploration and Research is the oldest unit of the Department of Atomic Energy (DAE).net. Hyderabad (South Central Region) and Jaipur (Western Region) in addition to the four already existing centres at New Delhi (Northern Region).in. Published since 1961 Upto 1993 published from Bombay Since 1993 published from Bhubaneswar Was the official organ of MEAI upto holds the pre-eminent position as the India’s largest consultancy organisation and the market leader in an expanding earth resource sector. geological investigation. besides Coal India Limited and it’s seven subsidiaries. etc.K. passed by the Govt. Bangalore (Southern Region). Thane 400 604 Tel: 022-5823631 Ext:287 Fax: 022-5820962 Email: rcd@giasbm01. The principal mandate of the unit was to carry out geological exploration and discover mineral deposits required for Atomic Energy power programme of the country. Currently CMPDI. Editor-in-Chief : G.Exploration and Research for Atomic Minerals (EARFAM) and Journal of Atomic Mineral Science (JOAMS) have been brought out by AMD. Begumpet. AMD was also created on July 29. AMD commenced its operations on October 3. utilisation and management. and equipping various laboratories at headquarters with the state of the art instruments CMPDIL Gondwana Place.) : G. 231853. director.

Montan Consulting GmbH. Web: www. INDIA Tel: (0291) 2624063. Jodhpur .2430189 Mob: +91-98296-71949 Fax: (0291) 2624063 CEO : Prof.) Ltd.res. Bilaspur. CIMFR : Central Institute of Mining and Fuel Research : Dhanbad. Germany. The Roorkee unit is concentrating in the various hydel and construction activities in Northern Indian states. Tel: 91 326 202326/ 203043. etc. Email: geomin@satyam. Kharavela Nagar Bhubaneswar 751 001 Tel: 0674 23902089. productive. IBM:Indian Bureau of Mines-Mineral Processing Division Indira Bhawan. Excavation etc. Nagpur unit had developed expertise in research in the areas of blasting.Gundewar C.Sarangi. and preparing of technical and statistical publications. Ranchi. New Delhi (Mine Planning. Singrauli and Bhubaneswar. petroleum & natural gas. Rheinbraun.S. Asian Development Bank. Holds training program on various aspects of Mining.) S. economical and environment friendly as well as reduce health hazards to miners. National Metallurgical LaboratoryJamshedpur. ground control.quality of services led to CMPDI being accredited ISO9001 Certificate by Bureau Veritas Quality International (BVQI).342 World Contact Person : Chief Executive: Dr Amlendu Sinha. Earth Resource Technology Consultants Earth Resource Centre ‘SUKIRAN’. of India) has been providing R&D back up for the development of mining and allied industries of the country and is actively engaged in R&D work in the field of mining and cognet subjects to make mine sage. From a small beginning as a purely advisory body. CMRI had two off-campus Research Units at Nagpur & Roorkee. New Pali Road. Nagpur 440 001 Tel: +91 712 25330411. web: The current functions of IBM include promoting conservation of mineral resources by way of inspection of mines.nic. evolving technologies for upgradation of low grade ores and identifying avenues for their utilisation. Managing Director (M) +91-9437023134 A very active consultancy organization engaged in many mines right from feasibility report preparation stage to preparation of mining plans and environmental related plans and studies. CSIR Laboratories : Regional Research Laboratory at Bhubaneswar and Bhopal (in the areas of Mineral Engineering. S. and United Nations Development Programme. geological studies. Civil Lines. Gundewar Controller General The Indian Bureau of Mines (IBM) established in 1948. scrutiny and approval of mining plans and mining schemes. Germany. scientific development of mineral resources and protection of environment in mines other than coal.nic. providing technical consultancy services  to  mineral  industry. the IBM has emerged into a premier national organisation involved deeply into the various aspects of the mineral industry. Engineers’ India Ltd(EIL).in Controller General : C. conducting environmental studies and environment related (Dr. African Development Bank. Fax: 91 326 202429 Email: ddmcmri@hotmail.K. Barwa Road.  and functioning as a data bank for mines and minerals. atomic minerals and minor minerals. Headed by the Controller General. preparation of minerals maps and National Mineral Inventory of minerals resources. preparation of feasibility reports for mining and beneficiation projects . Nagpur. Nagpur Earlier known as Central Mining Research Institute. Dhanbad 826 001 Jharkhand Inida. Giproshakht. IBM has six technical divisions with its head The Indian Mining & Engineering Journal . Director CMRI a unit under CSIR(Premier national R&D Body of Govt.CMPDI entered into MoU with some of the reputed International Consultants like  IMCL. Vijay Nagar. engaged in promotion of  conservation.Bhandari Email: sbhandari@earthresourcetechnology. Environmental Engineering etc) December 2010: Entering 50th Year of Publications 27 Geomin Consultants (Pvt. Environmental Engineering etc). UK. is a multi-disciplinary government  organisation under the Department of Mines. Ministry of Mines. etc. Fax: 2390687. CMPDI is registered consultant to. ddmcmri@csir. CMPDI is having its headquarters at Ranchi and seven regional institutes located at Asansole. Dhanbad. sushil_bhandari2001@yahoo. A-1. fax: 2521073/2533631 Email: ibmnag@mah.earthresourcetechnology.

P. INDIA. Mineral Engineering. Phone : 91-44-4891873 / 4891596 Fax : 91-44-4891599. Development and Design of mineral processing Agglomeration and  plant layouts.  Kolkata.Ilango. Ranchi (Mine planning. Stone. IT-Enabled Design & Engineering.P. Mining Machinery. Blasting. IBM has 3 Zonal Web: www. National Institute of Technology at Rourkela. Jabalpur. Dehra Dun. 34 km. minerals and industrial wastes Agglomeration of ore fines and concentrates. Beneficiation of ores. Sectors served are . etc) National Council for Cement and Building Materials. S. Email: December 2010: Entering 50th Year of Publications 28 The Indian Mining & Engineering Journal . Minerals Processing Division. Managing Director One of the leading Mining and Environmental Consultancy Organisations in India has the calibre and capability for rendering Consultany and Engineering services in the fields of Mining. National Metallurgical Laboratory : Jamshedpur Director :Prof. Raipur. Dhanbad 826004 Chairman. Commissioning of plants and trouble shooting  Nircon Engineering Consultants Madras (P) Ltd No. The IBM offices are located at Ajmer Bangalore. 12 Regional Offices and 2 Sub-Regional Offices . MECON (India) Ltd. Ranchi. Geotechnical studies.: 0129-4192222. Mine Ventilation. 2 Regional Ore Dressing Laboratories and Pilot Plants spread over the Country. 2385096 Fax : + 91-124-2385114. NH-2. Sushant Lok Gurgaon Engineering & Management Consulting .2242100. Ballabhgarh 121 004 (Haryana) Ph. nodal agency for major cement plants in the areas of raw material management Director Prof T.ncbindia. Varanasi. Kothagudem School of Mines. University of Jodhpur. Longwall Mining. IT-for mineral sector. General Council & Executive Board Mr.  Roads. Goa. 2246175 Email: Surathkal(Karnataka) and Nagpur. Delhi-Mathura Road. Material Handling. Bengal Engineering Website: www. geological investigations for limestone etc for Cement. Haryana Ph : + 91-124-4047900. Prateep Kumar Lahiri. Chennai.vsnl. National Metallurgical Laboratory. Nellore. Rock Mechanics. 2246174 Fax: 0129. There is a Modern Mineral Processing Laboratory and Pilot Plant established with the assistance of United Nations Development Programme at Contact : Dr K. Guwahati.Minerals.quarters at Nagpur. and Udaipur. Building Materials. Surveying etc.Mehrotra Mineral Processing Division Contact person : Shri J. and This division undertakes : Characterisation of ores. Environmental Management. Head. Power. Solid Waste Management. minerals and products of mineral processing.holtecnet.   Mining Engineering Departments of Indian Institute of Technology : Kharagpur. Rock Testing.)  Email: cman@ismdhanbad. Mine planning. EMP preparation. Mining. Tamil Nadu.15.etc. Engineering Outsourcing. mine planning. Mining of Minerals and setting up of Mineral based Industries. 2385116 Email: info@holtecnet. Email: dt@ismdhanbad. Other diversified sectors Indian School of Mines. Environmental Engineering. Email: jps@nmlindia.R.Natesan Road. Chennai . Effluent Treatment Systems. and the Pilot plants & Ore Dressing Laboratories at Ajmer. Tribology studies. 2385095. Geological investigation.  Bhubaneshwar. Holtec Consulting Pvt Ltd Holtec Centre A Block.Kumar. Bio Waste Utilisation. IAS (Retd. Mineral Processing.600 083. Material Handling. Ashok Nagar. BHU-IT. Jamshedpur-831007 Tel: +91-657-2270094.

Chief Administrative Executive Established with a commitment to serve India’s Ornamental Stone Industries that specialise in granites. Laxmisagarpatna. Blasting related) Near TV Tower. blast design and vibration monitoring/evaluation. In its 25th year. Jain.To serve the cause of minerals industry in the conservation and best exploitation of the mineral wealth of Jodhpur Park. fax: 24148761 Email: srg@vsnl. India Tel: +91 11-24601086 Fax: +91 11-24626149 Email: The Indian Mining & Engineering Journal . ground control. Fishery Tank Road.N. Phase-I.National Institute Of Rock Mechanics(Kolar) KGF. Fax: 2361 0993 Email : aigsa@vsnl. Ispat Bhawan. New Delhi – 110 003. Over the years. Lodhi President : Sri S. Doranda. holding of conferences and meeting and to organize visits to ore dressing and allied plants. the Association has been very aggressive in taking the problems to concerned authorities. Okhla Industrial Area. Ranchi – 834002 Phone: +91 651 2411199 (Direct) Fax: +91 651 2411197/2411171 Contact: Sri S. FIMI .com Website: www. 6558 2228. Joda. Sadashivanagar. Karnataka Tel: 08153 – 375000/-08. SRG Services & Consultancy (P) Ltd Contact : S. slates.Federation of Indian Mineral Industries FIMI House.Veeramani Contact Person: Lt.To tender advice to government and commercial bodies whenever advice on matters pertaining to mineral beneficiation is Secretary General : Sri R.Gunasheelan Tareni Associates & Consultancy (Explosives. IMEJRF The Indian Mining & Engineering Journal Readers’ Forum Website: www. K L B Aithal. A national research organization to undertake basic and applied research in the above fields and rock mechanics.g.K. Indian Institute of Mineral Engineers Website: www. 24149829. General Manager (Utilities & Raw Materials) In the areas of mine planning.srgmining.Centre for Engineering and Technology SAIL Basement Office. Ph: 033-24149826.To advance and protect the increase of the mineral engineers. Fax: 375002 Director : Dr Pramod Chandra Nawani. for steel and other allied industries.theimejournal. material handling and mineral processing plant design Contact : Mr Indian Institute of Mineral Engineers (IIME) is a professional body to co-ordinate the efforts of all those engaged as Mineral Engineers and promote Mineral Processing in India. Confederation of Indian Industry. they are holding STONA 2010 at Bangalore in feb 2010. Senior Scientist: Dr G.roy@cii. quartzite etc. New Delhi-110020 Tel: +91 11 26814596. limestone. Orissa 758 034 Ph: 06767-273173. 23 Institutional Area. Keonjhar. To promote the study and practice of the science and art of mineral dressing and extraction. Fax: 273718 Email: susanta2006@sancharnet. mine planning. Fax: 26814594 Email: fimi@fedmin.journal@hotmail. it has successfully created maximum awareness in the international stone markets for exotic Indian stones and brought continuous interaction between Indian ornamental stone industries and world stone trade. correspondence or publication of transactions. 12th Cross.fedmin. sandstones.Mahanta PROFESSIONAL BODIES OF INDIA All India Granites and Stone Association (AIGSA) Website: www.To encourage . 429/7.Muthurajan & Founder President : Sri aigsa@ebhasin. Testing facilities with state-of-the-art equipments for various rock mechanics parameters. Col. The Mantosh Sondhi / stona@stonaaigsa.Sharma Indian Earthmoving & Construction Industry Association C/o.iimeindia. Kolkata 700 068. marbles. Bhubaneswar 751006 Email: i. knocking the doors of the lowest to the highest and solving them by getting positive and favourable action to help and augment India’s stone trade.R. Bangalore – 560 080 Ph: +91-80-2361 2541. Adhikari Offers consultancy in the areas of rock-mechanics.C. assist and extend knowledge and information connected with mineral engineering by lecture.stonaaigsa. B-311. All along. It has been working since 1983 for their progress and scientific developments well as in removing obstacles to achieve December 2010: Entering 50th Year of Publications 29 rapid and constant growth. Dt. SAIL . To organize and maintain a bureau to help the members of the Institute to secure suitable employment and assist members who may be in need of employment. geo-technical studies. Website: www.

It has over 20 chapters and brings out inhouse Mining Engineers’ Journal since 1999. Bhubaneswar C/o Geomin Consultants (Pvt. incorporating details on all aspects of minerals found in the state of Orissa. SOME MAJOR MINERAL/COAL-LIGNITE PRODUCERS OF INDIA The APMDC Ltd 2nd & 3rd Ltd. has a Mining Engineering Division to look after the mining engineers professional development. etc. Bhubaneswar 751 001 President : Dr.Sc.K. Institution of Engineers(India) 8.S. Phones: 3733153. and Devapur Limestone Mine. Editor-in-Chief of The IME Journal. SGAT’s single most praiseworthy program is the State level Environment and Mineral Awareness Programme designed for students of all age groups. December 2010: Entering 50th Year of Publications 30 Kharavela Nagar. phosphate.It was established to develop mineral resources of the State. Abids Hyderabad 500 001 Tel: +91 40 23200510. 8-3-945. road The Andhra Pradesh Mineral Development Corporation Ltd. Debasish Sarkar Over Hundred year old premier institute is facilitator in policy formulation. Kolkata 700 091 Tel: +91 33 2357-3482/3987. 3733154 Fax: 091-040-3733152. The IME Journal Established in 2001. Some of its ongoing projects include: Mangampeta Barytes Project. Apart from conductuibng AIME examinations. limestone. Black Granite Project. beach sand mines in the state. establishing global linkages for technological changes and upgradation over 100 years of its existence.L Established in 1957 in barbil the iron ore mining centre of Orissa has been a very active organization catering to noncoal sector. Sector-V. MGMI over all these years had been the champion for advance and protect the interest of the mineral and metal industries and the welfare of those engaged therein and to assist maintaining an honourable practice in the professions of Geology. The volume on Mineral Resources of Orissa is a very useful publication. Secretary General : Sri President : Sri V. promote industries based on minerals and encourage private participation. Pancom Business Centre.Mohanty Tel: 0674 2402080. Email: apmdcltd@yahoo. Kolkata 700 020 President : Sri Madan Lal Mining Engineering Division One of the oldest professional instituions of engineers in the World. MGMI .C.Mahanta. iron ore. Its publications are also of great scientific value. Gokhale Road. President : SGAT is one of the most vibrant professional body of geoscientists. M. 2400687 Fax: 2400687 Email: geomin@satyam. Chattisgarh Chairman: Anil Agarwal Director: Pramod Suri CEO & WTD: Gunjan Gupta The Indian Mining & Engineering Journal . efficiency enhancement.vsnl.Mining. calcite. MEAI . Piduguralla Limestone Project. Geological and Metallurgical Institute of India GN-38/4. Saha.Rajagopal.Khuntia. It has formed a number of JVs to open up new bauxite. Black Galaxy Granite. was incorporated on 24th February 1961. and beneficiation. facilitating exploration. Chirag Ali lane. Metallurgical and allied subjects connected with the mineral industry of the country. and Identify modern technology and investment for development of mineral resources. Editor. Fax: 55460479 Email: miningengg_hyd@dataone. mining / mineral Web: www.K. Barbil-Orissa) Address for corresspondance : F-608.Mining Engineers’ Association of India (Regd.President : G.sgatindia. 267. SGAT Society of Geoscientists & Allied Technologists. Fax: 2220 4653/2221 4216 E-mail: mgmi@cal2. holding international and national level seminars on most major minerals and precious and semiprecious minerals/ores at regular intervals in Orissa. Its significant success in the recent years is in the area of opening up of Bauixte mines in the East Coast Bauxite region. Mining. mining and mineral engineering. It had also instituted a number of Awards to encourage research and investigations in the field of earth science. VI Floor Raghavaratna Towers. Dwaraka Tirumala Ball Clay Project. it also holds prestigious conventions/seminars every year. Bharat Aluminium Co. exploitation.D. CMD-CCL Hony. it has been launched to have link with mining professionals for knowledge sharing and dissemination of new technologies. Office : Rungta House. Hyderabad . and policy planners has been actively involved in the promotion of scientific studies. Ltd(BALCO) At/Po: Korba. Ameerpet.500 073. Salt Lake. Secretary: Dr. The Bombay & Bhubaneswar based The Indian Mining & Engineering Journal served as its official organ since inception till 1999.

CMPDIL has also got a state-of-the-art coal processing department at Ranchi to undertake various studies in this area. refinery and smelter at Korba in Chattisgarh State. and North Eastern Coalfields ( Central Coalfields Limited (Ranchi). is handled by Central Mine Planning and Design Institute (CMPDIL) at Ranchi. ECL D C Garg Chairman-cum-Managing Director. Western Coalfields Limited (Nagpur). December 2010: Entering 50th Year of Publications 31 S.nic. of Steel grade and Power grade Coal in the country. The Human Resources Development is looked after individual coal companies. design and R&D etc. Kolkata 700 001. planning. Its exploration. it had its own captive power plant.vsnl. Its subsidiaries are. Bharat Coking Coal Limited (Dhanbad). Netaji Subhash Road.Assam). In the recent years the adoption of Continuouis Surface Miner had also helped grade upgradation through selective mining and in-pit segregation of shale and stone bands getting mixed with coal. Coal beneficiation and processing is undertaken at BCCL. is under management control of Sterlite Group of Companies. Efforts are on fast track to take on lease overseas coal mining blocks to augment coal needs of our country by CIL. Subsidiary coal companies are managed by independent board of directors under the guidance of Chairman-cum-Managing Director. Eastern Coalfields Limited (Sanctoria).Managing Director Chairman – Partha S Bhattacharyya Coal India Limited (CIL) is one of the biggest PSU engaged in the Exploration. Processing etc. Mahanadi Coalfields Ltd(Burla).in Website: www. Products : Aluminium and Thermal Power Coal India Ltd Coal Bhavan. One of the oldest integrated aluminium complex having bauxite mines. Besides. Persons who lead the CIL subsidiaries : Tapas Kumar Lahiry Chairman. WCL A K Singh Chairman-cum-Managing Director. WCL while in most collieries pit head dry processing/sizing is done through Coal Handling Plants. Mining. South Eastern Coalfields Limited (Bilaspur).Chakrabarti Chairman-cum-Managing Director.coalindia.cum.BALCO after dis-investment. CMPDIL & MCL The Indian Mining & Engineering Journal . CCL. Tel: +91 33 22488099 Fax: +91 33 22435316 Email: telecil@cal12. Northern Coalfields Ltd(Singrauli). but at the corporate level by Indian Institute of Coal Management at Ranchi.

from the Asansol region.Modi. It had commenced production in its 5 mmscfd of gas operations.Saha Chairman-cum-Managing Director. EMTA group took the lead and commissioned their coal mines. of coal mining blocks were allotted for private sector captive coal users to meet their coal requirement. This was followed by the first underground coal mine opened up adjacent to Jindal mine. Purohit Additional General Manager (Mines) Great Eastern Energy Corporation(GEECL) Contact : Y.K. Similarly coal mining blocks allotted in West December 2010: Entering 50th Year of Publications 32 The Indian Mining & Engineering Journal .vsnl. Chuaungo.R.00. Chairman The first Indian company to commercially produce Coal Bed Methane(CBM). was of Monnet Ispat Ltd. It may be mentioned here that most of the blocks allocated to private sector were not taken up by CIL owing to economic reasons of long gestation period. Recently it had been allotted Promoters : Siddheswar Upadhyaya. In order to meet the growing coal demand of the country a no. md@gipcl. IAS Managing Director.’s Raigarh block in Chattisgarh. SECL Coal beneficiation in private sector Tata Iron & Steel Co.C JHA  Chairman Cum Managing Director. Prakash Industries. where opencast mining was commenced with indigenous technology of coal mining & beneficiation. K. difficult geo-mining conditions. CCL Bengal in Raniganj coalfields also commenced production.000 CuM of mineable granite reserves by WBMMTCL. Neco Jayaswal commissioned their opencast mine in Chattisgarh. Ltd continues to be the largest and oldest producer of coal from its coal mines of Jharkhand. GEECL plans to invest Rs 200 crore every year over the next three years to increase production to 35 million standard cubic feet per day(mmscfd) of gas by 2010 from CBM field. In partnership with Indian Oil it plans to convert some of the existing petrol pumps to CNG stations. but also took adequate care to mine with conservation in mine by ensuring total excavation. has been joined by a large number of private sector industries to enter into coal mining. Central Plaza. 2/6 Sarat Bose Road. which lies between Raniganj and Asansol. to sell gas to steel plants/units. In addition it had ambitious plans to have JV with other state government power utilities to mine coal.K. Bengal Emta coal company operates coal mining blocks in Ranigunj Coalfields under JV with power utilities of W.Bengal government. GIPCL L. uneconomical stripping ratio etc. Kolkata 700 020 Ph: 033-2474 8075/24759891 Fax : 033-2474 9695 Email: It had also entered into JV with Punjab State Electricity Board to launch PANEM Coal Mines Ltd to mine captive coal mining blocks in Jharkhand. Vinay Kumar Singh Chairman Cum Managing Director. The first coal mining block which went into production was Jindal Steel Power Ltd. EMTA Group Of Companies 105. GEECL had plans to invest in pipeline networks in the Asansol-Ranigunj region. Ujjal Kumar Upadhyaya(Managing Director) & Sujit Kumar Upadhyaya A successful enterprise of West Bengal has diversified into Coal Mining and other mineral related business. The participation of private sector into coal mining had not only added coal production to our total coal production. NCL(Singrauli) N.

27913200.2 MTPA for captive consumption at its Hirakud Thermal power plant. Fax : 27913018 Email : contact@gmdcltd. Surat Lignite Power Pland PO: Nani Naroli. Over the years it had developed a number of bauxite mines including the Greenfield mines in the state of Orissa. Plans have been drawn to increase the capacity to 1. prasad@guptacoal. GMDC started mining operations at Rajpardi near Ankleshwar in 1984. and has been supplying lignite to majority of the textile industries from this mine. of Bitelli SF 202M surface miner. ItsTalabira I Mine near Sambalpur Orissa and in close proximity of Hirakud Dam is only coal mine where without blasting coal is being mined. by ripper dozer and surface miner system. continued to increase and reached a level of 5 million tonnes by the year 1997-98. of ripper dozer and one no. Dist: Surat Ph : 02629-261063-72 Fax : 261080/261112 Email : slpmines@gipcl. coal and mining of other minerals. Phone : +91-712-6613651 (4 Lines) Fax: +91-712-6613702 E-mailguptas_ngp@sancharnet. Gujarat University Ground.27913501. IAS Gupta Coal Shriram Towers. 132 . Vastrapur. The sand was used by various manufacturers of sodium silicate and glass industries.440 001 (MS) India. Tal. Ahmedabad . Asutosh Chaudhury Avenue. commissioning work on its Utkal Alumina & Aditya Alumina mines & projects are progressing well. Since then it had expanded its operations with infusion of fresh capital and new innovative technologies in mining & processing. 1.8MTPA. commenced mining of lignite in Kutch district. it had extablished its own lignite based power plant at Web : http://www. demand driven. Hindustan Copper Ltd Tamra Bhavan. Nagpur. GMDC. With further exploration in other parts of Gujarat. IAS Managing Director The Gujarat Mineral Development Corporation Limited. The Company commenced its operations. coal importer also Hindalco Industries Limited Debu Bhattacharya Managing Director Aditya Alumina : S.Gujarat Industries Power Company Ltd. CEO A leading metal producer. By early 70’s. with the mandate to develop major mineral resources in the State of Gujarat. 7th Operates Magrol lignite mine and Vastan Lignite mine to supply lignite to its own powr plant. CEO Utkal Alumina International Ltd Suryakant V. 394110. more deposits of lignite were identified in Bharuch district. (GMDC) was set up / established / constituted in the year 1963. The production of lignite.Ring Road. Gadhvi. Gujarat Mineral Development Corporation Ltd Khanij Bhavan. Coal beneficiation in India.V. Shakeel Ahmed Chairman-cum-Managing Director December 2010: Entering 50th Year of Publications 33 The Indian Mining & Engineering Journal .guptacoal. Kingsway. Kolkata 700 019 Website: www.Mangrol. S. M S Sahu. Availability of lignite as an efficient and cheaper substitute for coal provided the impetus for industrial growth of Gujarat.380 052 Phone No : 079 . is into bauxite. Marg. The main excavation is with 2 nos. Its present capacity is 1.. and Coal Mining overseas. to meet the increase demand of fuel of Gujarat based industries. with a small sand crushing plant at Surendranagar which supplied graded sand to consumers all over the Chairman : Shri.Bontha.hindustancopper. Despite several odds.

313004 Ph : +91 294-2420813-15 Director(Operations) Agnivesh Agarwal Chairman Shri. It is the deepest mine in the country where many innovative methods have been experimented and used successfully. By-products-Sulphuric Acid. Hindustan Zinc Ltd Yashad Bhawan. HCL achieved net profits in the last two consecutive years. Out of 537. hedging and diversification into value added niche products. HCL had a very long record of hard rock mining by underground and opencast methods. Steps have been taken for preparation of information technology roadmap of energy conservation. Malanjkhand Copper deposit is the major producer by opencast mining. Copper sulphate.86 Mt recoverable reserves.000 tonnes per annum (669. Presently. Sindesar Khurd. COO & Whole-time Director HZL has mines and three smelting operations: mines are situated at Rampura Agucha. Rajpura Dariba and Zawar in the State of Rajasthan. Because of economic and operational constraints HCL had to close all the mines in Singhbhum Copper belt.000 tonnes of lead). Precious metals like gold and silver.Shri Anupam Anand Director (Personnel) underground copper mine at Malanjkhand.40 million tonnes per annum. It had given maximum thrust in mine development. Udaipur .2.000 tonnes of zinc and 85.500 crore to Rs. It has The Indian Mining & Engineering Journal . HCL had appointed SRK Consulting of UK to prepare a scheme for optimizing the existing mining capacity (including the Banwas deposit at Khetri) and prepare a detailed project report for development of an December 2010: Entering 50th Year of Publications 34 Akhilesh Joshi. continuous cast wire rods. Selenium.1. is now aiming to emerge as self-sustaining and profit making organization. HCL had a lease rights of over 330 MT. while the smelters are located at Chanderiya and Debari in the State of Rajasthan and Vizag in the State of Andhra Pradesh. entailing an investment between Rs. its mine at Kolihan and Khetri(Rajasthan). and Malanjkhand(MP) are in operation. Both of these rank in the first cost quartile. HZL’s metal production capacity is 754. These three mines produce about 3 MTPA of copper ore.000 crore. These are spread over Kolihan and Khetri in Rajasthan and in Malanjkhand in MP. The ore mining capacity stands at 7.The Rampura Agucha mine is the largest zinc producing mine in the world and the Chanderiya Smelting Complex is the largest single-location zinc smelting complex in the world. maximizing copper ingot production and ore mining capacity. Avijit Ghosh Director (Mining) PRODUCTS : Copper products – cathodes.

Prabhadevi. In October 2006. Indian Charge Chrome Ltd (ICCL. As a green energy initiative. Kerala for the recovery of 314 MW of coal based thermal captive power plants in Rajasthan to support the metallurgical operations. zircon. IRL Chairman. the area is a rich prospective diamond region with two mapped kimberlite pipes. India Resources Ltd. Near Siddhi Vinayak Temple. The project is expected to begin the exploration by 2008.(IRL) acquired five diamond-prospecting leases to mine in Andhra Pradesh located in Southern India. with the primary intention of taking up commercial scale processing of monazite sand at its first unit namely Rare Earths Division(RED). 24220230 Fax: 24220236 Indian Rare Earths Limited(IREL) was incorporated as a private limited company -jointly owned by the Government of India and Government of Travancore.1207. rutile. Starting out with a small mine which met only a fraction of its requirement. IMFA is unique from a quality perspective in that it has multi-product & multi-location ISO 9001 certification covering the entire range of its activities. 1950.Jindal Power Plant(1000 MW) being set up adjacent to the JSPL Coal Mine in Tamnar in Raigarh Dt. Jharkhand 832 104 Ph: 06585-256462 Fax: 275495 Chief Executive India Operations : A. IMFA is India’s largest. Estd: 1983) merged with IMFA to create a leader in the field of Ferro Alloys. and Ferro Silicon Magnesium for the domestic market as well as major international markets.Mishra Australian Co. With this not only will the mining activity become even more eco-friendly and efficient but larger tonnages of better quality chrome ore will also become available.N. a significant step has been taken with the commencement of underground mining at the Nuasahi Chromite Mines. We have several strong anomalies which will be tested as part of an extensive exploration program to investigate for further pipes within the cluster” he mentioned. Chairman & Managing Director December 2010: Entering 50th Year of Publications . IMFA produces Ferro Chrome. The mining activity is mainly done by the opencast method wherein heavy earth moving machinery is used in conjunction with deep hole drilling and blasting. High Purity Ferro Silicon. Bhubaneswar – 751 006 Chairman : Dr Bansidhar Panda Based in the eastern State of Orissa well known for its rich natural resources. Bomikhal. Veer Savakar Marg. “Preliminary drilling shows diamond associated indicator minerals within the project area. monazite. IMFA today is largely self-sufficient by virtue of operating 3 large Chrome Ore mines (Nuasahi Mines in Keonjhar District and Sukinda & Chingudipal Mines in Jajpur District) with nearly 21 million tons estimated reserves. Utkal Coal Ltd (UCL) is a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) which has been set up by IMFA to develop the Utkal “C” captive coal block (recoverable reserves of 130 million tonnes) in Orissa’s Angul district which has been allotted to the Group Indian Rare Earths Ltd Plot No. sillimanite and garnet as well as various value added products. a 108 MW coal-based Captive Power Plant and extensive Chrome Ore mining tracts. Mumbai . In 1963 it became a Central Government Undertaking under the administrative control of Department of Atomic Energy(DAE).400 028 Ph: +91 22 24382042/ 24211630/24211851. After a gap of about 20 years. HZL has 123. had launched Special Purpose Vehicle of Monarch Gold Mining as India Resources Ltd(IRL). which is sold to the respective State grids. IMFA IMFA House. fully integrated producer of Ferro Alloys with 157 MVA installed furnace capacity.2 MW of wind energy in Gujarat and Karnataka. IREL took over a number of private companies engaged in mining and separation of beach sand minerals in southern part of the country and established two more Divisions one at Chavara(Kerala) and the other at Manavalakurichi(Tamil Nadu). Jindal Steel & Power Limited Navin Jindal Executive Vice Chairman & Managing Director 35 The Indian Mining & Engineering Journal Dr R. IREL commissioned its largest Division called Orissa Sand Complex(OSCOM) at Chatrapur(Orissa). Today. According to Michael Kiernan. Cochin on August 18. However. Aluva.P. Today IREL operates these four units with Corporate Office in Mumbai and produces/sells six heavy minerals namely ilmenite.Patra. India Resources Limited Project Office : Surda Mine Project Office Singhbhum(East) Dt. Ferro Silicon. Jindal Power Ltd Captive Coal Mine to supply coal to the O. to operate the undergound copper Surda Mines of Hindustan Copper after revamping the entire system since the mine was closed down for long.

5 Million Tonnes of ore to be processed to Executive Vice Chairman & MD : Sandeep Jajodia Raipur Works: Monnet Marg. KIOCL Ltd II Block. New Delhi 110 066 Tel: 011-26176705/-07. Fax: 26102567 Email: monnet@monnetgroup.000 TPA of Ferro Alloys and Power generation facility of 150MW besides running the largest underground coal mine in the country. Bhikaji Cama Place. Raipur 492 101 Tel: 0771-2471334-339 Fax: 2471250 Email: monnetraipur@sify.Mines Right from inception of the mine coal beneficiation near the mine has been commissioned. Monnet consumes coal for 4.5 MTPA – Coking Coal. Iron ore mines are located in Orissa. Orissa in collaboration with J-Coal of Japan. Ashok Washery of CCL – 10 MTPA – Non-Coking Coal.2 MTPA washery at Angul. Coalfields in collaboration with M/s Daniels of USA.D. and 3.Abrol Executive Director-Raw Materials N.It is this strength of conviction that makes us the second largest coal-based Sponge Iron manufacturer with thriving facilities in Raipur and Raigarh in the State of Chattisgarh. KIOCL is also trying to open new mines to feed to its pellet plant. P-1. in Talcher Coal Fields. and bids have been submitted for the following washeries:Madhubad Washery of BCCL – Monnet Ispat Mohta Building.K. Srivastava Chairman-cum-Managing Director The Indian Mining & Engineering Journal . National Aluminium Co.N. Nayapalli. December 2010: Entering 50th Year of Publications 36 A. KIOCL is an ISO-9002 & ISO 14001 company also has the status of a “Star Trading House” of Govt.K. Mine located in the environmentally sensitive deep forest area of Chikmaglur district of Karnataka state. Koramangala Bangalore 560 034 Ph : 080-5531461(10 lines) Fax : 080-5532153/55359421 Email: kudreore@bgl.000 TPA of Steel. It had also taken up projects for sponge iron. power generation and coal mining Orissa. Ltd NALCO Bhawan. Mandir Hasaud. Monnet has a combined capacity of Monnet is an industrial conglomerate born out of a conviction. Jharkhand with indiginous technology.0 MTPA – Coking Coal. of India. It has also a pelletisation plant at Mangalore.. Patherdih Washery of BCCL – 5. Having captive mines in Orissa and Chattisgarh is making in roads into other states to develop new deposits of coal and iron ore.  300.000 TPA of Sponge Iron. was one of the mega iron-ore mining project having an annual installed capacity to mine 22. Basundhara Washery of MCL – 10 MTPA – Non-Coking Coal.vsnl. 4. The group has plans for constructing the following washeries under BOM scheme for Coal India Ltd.0 MTPA non coking coal washery  at Bachra in NK Coalfields. Dugda Washery of BCCL – 2.Ranganath Chairman-cum-Managing Director KIOCL(under the Union Ministry of Steel). 2.5 million tones of rich magnetite ore. One of the fastest growing steel and power organization in the country. had executed a scientifically evolved environmental management plan over the years since its inception in 1976.2 MTPA plant at Kalari (Ranchi) in N. Bhubaneswar Ph: 0674 2300 680 Fax : 2301 290 Shri. The mine is now closed on an apex court judgement. and Jagannath Washery of MCL – 10 MTPA – Non-Coking Coal .D.0 MTPA non coking coal washery at Raigarh in Chattisgarhwith indegenous technology. 3rd Floor. Rao . Today. It is operating one of the very safe and productive underground coal mine in Raigarh area.0 MTPA – Coking Coal.Executive Director. 2.

National Mineral Development Corporation Ltd (A Govt. Consultancy. Its Panchpatmalli Bauxite Mine(in Koraput Duistrict of Orissa). Dun & Bradstreet –Asia-Pacific 2003 edition of its premium publication “Indian top 500 companies” has placed NMDC at 116th rank for Income wise earnings. Tamil Nadu Web : www. The shares of the company are listed on various stock exchanges in India.Venkatesan  Director (Production) N. Neyveli Lignite Corporation Ltd G.396.2009 is Rs. public and employees.3 MT/year of bauxite. of India Enterprise) “Khanjit Bhavan”. 135. No. refining/processing and smelting of Aluminium in India.K. Silica Sand. R&D Facilities for promoting Studies. GOI. Geological investigation.Joshi Director (Personnel) Contact Executive: Kumar Raghavan. Company Secretary & ED Products/Services: Iron Ores. Office : Neyveli House. but also have immensely contributed to the overall development of the community. NMDC a Nav Ratna company now operates some of the most modern iron ore and diamond mine in the country. out of its shareholding of 98. Masab Tank.K. The bauxite processing unit at Damanjodi is one of the most modern unit with roll crushers and long haul single flight cable belt conveyor system.Thiagarajan Director (Finance) Director (Technical) December 2010: Entering 50th Year of Publications .38%. Hyderabad 500 026 Andhra Pradesh India Tel: 91 40 353 8713 to 21 Fax: 91 40 353 8705 Email: nmdchyd@hd1. Low Silica Lime Stone. the Government of India is holding 98.Sharma   Director (Commercial) S. Neyveli 607 801 Cuddalore Dt.nlcindia. The Government of India intends to divest 8.38% of the paid up equity capital of the company and the balance is held by Financial Institutions. through “ Further Public Offer in the domestic market. The paid-up capital of the company as on 31.47. is engaged in mining of Bauxite. EVR High Road. Chennai Coprporate Office : Block-1.16. Its iron ore mines in the backward areas of Chattisgarh and Karnataka have not only developed eco-friendly methodologies. This mine is now under expansion to produce 6.1 each.A blue-chip mining company under the Ministry of Mines. Rough Diamonds.000 shares of face value of Re.200 shares.Nanda   S. Ferric Oxide. 37 The Indian Mining & Engineering Journal Rana Som Chairman & Managing Director V. Geo Static Support Services. A part of the Public Offering will be reserved for the employees of the company. Presently.B. Their mining and processing operations match very well with some of the best mines in the world.38% of total paid up equity share capital of NMDC Limited comprising New Product Research.22.47 crore comprising 396.03. 49th on Net Profit & 66th Net Worth”. is one of the highest productivity mine having state-of-the-art mechanization level.43. Raw Magnesite.vsnl. 10-3-311/A Castle Hills.

vsnl.R. Sukrangi. Hyderabad 500 004 The Indian Mining & Engineering Journal . Keeping in mind the increasing demand for Chrome Concentrate.5000crores. Singareni Collieries Company Limited Post Box No. At present OMC is mining Ruby from Jillingdhar mines in joint collaboration with GEMCO. Managing Director : Saswat Mishra. IRON ORE : The Daitari Iron Ore Mine is the fully mechanised mine with an ore handling & beneficiation plant .net. As a part of its future growth efforts. coal blocks etc. OTHER MINERALS : The precious and semi-precious stones of Orissa have come to occupy a prominent place on the gemstone map of the world in the last two decades.Surender Mohan Director (Mines) R. 730 mt of bauxite. with a total production capacity of 84. internal reflection and flawless. OMC also operates one underground chrome ore mine at Bangur.Kandasamy Director(Planning & Projects) One of the pioneers in mining and processing/utilization of brown coal in India. OMC also has leases of bauxite. 18. zircon.S. OMC is in the process of doubling the capacity of this plant. heliodor. OMC is also engaged in the exploration of gem stones as an agent of the state. Its mines are equipped with most modern machineries of the World. is designed to upgrade low grade ore below 33% Cr2O3. tourmaline etc. Khairatabad PO. It is launched massive expansion plans in mining. which has helped in exploring new deposits in the state. Orissa Mining Corporation Ltd OMC House. sapphire. it mines phosphate from the Jhamarkotra mine having an annual production capacity of 2 million tones. Kalrangi. Today OMC possesses a reserve of 900 million tonnes (mt) of iron ore. garnet. OMC has around 50 million cubic metres of granite reserves including 9 lakh cubic metres of black granite.5 Million Tonnes/annum). MANGANESE & CHROME ORE : OMC has developed manganese ore mines to cater to the needs of steel plants. 4. The Chrome Ore Beneficiation Plant (COBP) at Kaliapani. engineering and chemical industries in the country. are known for their superior quality by virtue of their colour. 19 mt of limestone and other minerals.313 004-INDIA. Phone : +91-294-2528681 to 85  Fax : +91-294-2523170. Katpal and Bangur make OMC the leading Chromite producer of the country. phosphate and Gypsum spread all over Rajasthan topaz. OMC has a very actives geological division. It also serves as a facilitator for obtaining Mining Lease and trading licence for gem stones. +91-294-2521727 E-mail : info@rsmm. iolite. Singareni Bhavan. Rajasthan State Mines & Minerals Ltd Corporate Office .com Chairman : Manoj Ahuja. Orissa’s coloured gemstone such as ruby. Red Hills. Bening the single largest producer of Phosphate rock. OMC also has other mines with rich deposits of iron ore suitable for sponge iron production in December 2010: Entering 50th Year of Publications 38 Barbil and other parts of Keonjhar & Sundergarh districts. Meera Marg. 19 mt of manganese ore. The rich expertiose gained by NLC. trasparency. 28 mt of chromite. I. This includes the Rajasthan lignite mine(4.000 tonnes of concentrate. Bhubaneswar 751 001 Tel: +91 674 2394578/-778 Fax: 2391629/2396889 Email: info@orissamining. A major part of the produce is exported to different countries including China and Japan.In addition to exploitation in its own mines. Chrome ore grade varying upto very high grade (58% Cr2O3 of lump and friable variety) is also produced. RSMM is engaged in mining of limestone. ferromanganese plants. has enabled India to be an expert in lignite mining. IAS The Orissa Mining Corporation Limited (OMC) was jointly established by the Union and State Government in the first decade of the country’s independence. limestone.mdrsmml@jp1. they have also proposed to set up power plants in Orissa. and Rajasthan power project of 250MW.A. lignite. The Chromite Mines at Kaliapani. and power generation with a capital out lay of over Rs. aquamarine. Ansari Chairman-cum-Managing Director B. size. chrysoberyl cat’s eye.

64 Million CuM of overburden with an achieved OMS of 3. Meghahatuburu. Raw Materials Division.K. transmission overhaul of heavy mining machinery like excavators. ED(I/c). Jitpur and Ramnagar. SAIL’s Raw Material Division is the second largest organisation involved in mining in India. CG Steel Authority of India Ltd.Email :rmdpr@yahoo. Limestone in Kuteshwar.033-22821457 For Bhilai Group of Mines : Sri M. including crusher-conveyor-spreader system of over-burden material with technology from Germany. From a megre coal production of 0.44 MT of coal. Bolani. is the sole producer of coal in South India in the state of Andhra Pradesh.Narasing Rao.Prasad. Kalta. It has a Planning and Development Wing taking care of medium. dumpers. The first mine of SCCL was opened way back in 1886 at Yellandu by the Hyderabad Deccan Company.. The Tata Iron and Steel Company Ltd 43 Jawaharlal Nehru Road. The specific locations are: Iron Ore in Kiriburu.K Singh. The mines are located in the states of Jharkhand. etc. J. Bhilai Steel Plant. OMQ. dozers. the predecessors of SCCL. Tata Steel enters the ‘Steelennium’ as a thriving. incorporated in 1945 as a joint sector venture between Union of India and the State of Andhra Pradesh. The limestone mine at Satna and dolomite mine at Baraduar have been proposed for closure for techno-economic reasons. The mines provide about 22 million tonnes of raw materials to meet almost the total iron ore and about 40-45% of its flux (limestone and dolomite) requirements. D. This takes care of engines. a Central Base Repair Shop (CBRS) has been established at Bolani iron ore mine. IAS Chairman & Managing Director. Sales of SAIL TMT grew by 33 % in Q3 over CPLY while Plates registered a growth of 36 % during the same period. Raw Materials Division : P. Director(Operations). In order to render centralised maintenance facilities to the well as progress in the construction of rail link and mine at with its head quarters at Tel : 91 . Director(P&P) The SCCL. Chattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh. In 2008-09. nimble.Bindu. blast hole drills. it has risen to produce over 30 Million Tonnes of coal.0 Steel Authority of India Ltd C.06 Million Tonnes in 1889.R.It opencast mines also have state-of-theart mining technology. steel enterprise. Rajhara and Dalli. AGM (PR) December 2010: Entering 50th Year of Publications . Fax: 91 33 288 1756 Vice-Chairman : B Muthuraman Managing Director : H M Nerurkar Company Profile: Established in 1907 by its Founder J N Tata.L. high wall mining etc. It operates seven iron ore. it had produced an all time highest 44. Industry House. Bhawanathpur and Nandini. Today it operates 57 underground mines and 11 surface mines. Purnapani. (SAIL) achieved sales of 1. 10-Camac Street.). Barsua.Verma Chairman-SAIL Ispat Bhawan. C. It is the first public sector coal company in India. The year 2010. Kolkata 700 071 West Bengal India Tel:91 33 288 7051 / 9251 / 1395. 39 The Indian Mining & Engineering Journal S. will see expansion of the existing mines including Chiria. oversees all aspects of raw materials operations other than in the case of mines belonging to Bhilai Steel Plant. a subsidiary of SAIL. registering a growth of 32 % over December’ 08 and a growth of 23 % during Q3 over Corresponding period last year (CPLY).and longterm requirements of the company.Lodhi Road. New Delhi 110 003 SAIL : Raw Materials Division. Bhilai(Durg. having long term exclusive leases for these. and removed 184.3 million tonnes during December in the domestic market. It has transformed itself to meet the challenges of a highly competitive global economy.V. Kolkata 700 017 Contact : Raw Materials Division (RMD). Indian Iron and Steel Company (IISCO). and Dolomite at Hirri & Tulsidamar. four limestone and two dolomite mines.S. Its underground coal mines have successfully deployed modern longwall method of coal extraction. Orissa.Dattatreyulu. has its iron ore mines at Gua and Manoharpur and coal mines at Chasnalla. Tibrewal ED (RMD) A. in the eastern sector.

com Director: Sorab Agarwal Products: ACE Offers Wide Range of Loaders used in construction activities. NIT Rourkela. Govt. Benaras Hindu Univeristy. Dhanbad. Shahdol. Chandrapur. Ratnagiri. Burdwan. Pcoket-H Market. BIT. Khamman Dist. the fifth phase of the Modernisation Programme seeks to leverage intellectual capabilities of its employees. Lanjigarh: Dr. Traffic sign boards). It holds its interests in these businesses through its operating companies Sterlite Industries (India) Limited (SIIL) in Copper. Chakala. (West Bengal). eligibility criteria and course duration which provides BE / B. having operations in India. Govt. Anna University-Chennai. RD Kamala Nehru Engineering College. Govt. Bhuj. Chhindwara. Institute Of Mining. Polytechnic. ACE : Action Construction Equipment (P) Ltd Plot. Australia and Africa. Polytechnic. they have a very strong presence. Sindri. and Chromite mines in the Sukinda Valley(in Orissa). . provides more decision-making flexibility. Chhindwara. They also operate limestone mines in Orissa.. Tata Steel commissioned its 1. Polytechnic.Tech. Vedanta Alumina Ltd Vedanta Alumina. Goa. (Andhra Pradesh). is a London Stock Exchange listed and FTSE 250 international metals and mining major with interests in Aluminium. Polytechnic. Khirsadah Post Office . (Madhya Pradesh). Copper. Their opencast coal mines are at West-Bokaro coalfields in the Hazaribagh district of Jharkhand. II nd Floor. Howrah.. Keonjhar. Polytechnic. (Maharashtra). Their iron ore mines are in operation at Noamundi and Joda in the eastern part of India. Govt. Burdwan. Golden Valley Institute of Technology. Mukesh Kumar Vedanta Resources Plc. (Andhra Pradesh).480 441. Mobile Tower Cranes.P.. Mumbai CEO.. M. Lanjigarh. Chandrapur Engineering College. Suratkal. Dist. New Delhi 110 044 Ph. Govt. Raipur. (Orissa). Mayem. Kodhagudem. Reddy Polytechni. 011 – 26953623/26/33 Fax: 26953717 Email: marketing@ace-cranes. Andheri-Ghatkopar Link Road. Pulivendala. Polytechnic. (Maharashtra) SOME MAJOR EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURERS & SERVICE PROVIDERS 3M India Ltd indiasourcingsupport@mmm. Orissa. December 2010: Entering 50th Year of Publications .ace-cranes. Govt. Through better knowledge Management initiatives. Recently. (Andhra Pradesh).P. Narisipatnam. Nagpur. Government Engineering College.Mining Engineering degree. Solitaire Corporate Park. KNIT. Jodhpur. (Madhya Pradesh). (West Bengal). M. Govt. Bicholim.The four-phase Modernisation Programme has enabled it to acquire the most modern steel making facilities in the world. Wheeled loaders. Kakatiya Products/ Services: Employee Health & safety products & systems. Polytechnic. Ambikapur. Zinc. Engineering College. (Andhra Pradesh).S. Gundur.Bhandra. An ISO 9001 certified crane manufacturing company in India also manufactures the following products – Hydraulic Mobile Cranes (3tons to 18 tons capacity). M.. MBM Engineering College. 40 The Indian Mining & Engineering Journal MINING EDUCATION IN INDIA Following is the list of colleges in India with addres. (Gujarat). Tata Steel hopes to shift focus from creating new physical assets to utilizing them with ingenuity and a strudy business sense. Indian School of Mines.Warangal. NIT.P. and Bhutan. Orissa School of Mines. Dist. Andheri(East). Orissa 232.2 million tonne capacity Cold Rolling Mill complex at ‘Global Speed and Cost’. Dust control solutions for Haul roads & stock piles Abhijeet group Email: prashantbhagat123@gmail. Diploma level institutions Asansol Polytechnic. Dist. Adilabad Distt. Govt. Polytechnic. Guru Ghasidas University. Polytechnic Bellampalli. Govt. Electrical cable jointing systems & MRO tapes. Ballarpur. (Goa).R. Dist. Cuddapah District. Visvesvarayya NIT. (CG). IIT Infrastructure Development agency. Degree/PG level institutions Kothagusden School of Mines. Web: www. Currently. Silver and Lead. Sri Y. Oorgaum. Bengal Engineering College. Chromite). Polytechnic. In Mining of Coal and Ores(Iron ore.bramanujam@mmm. sets clear accountabilities and encourages high levels of teamwork among managers and units. (Andhra Pradesh). Bharat Aluminium Company (BALCO) and Madras Aluminium Company (MALCO) in Aluminium and Hindustan Zinc Limited (HZL) in Zinc and Lead. Govt..Parasia.Andhra Pradesh. Soc’s Vivekanand Poly. No. Ballarpur Road. Nagpur. Polytechnic. Kolkata. Orissa School Of Mining Engg. Govt. Vivekanand Edu. Mn. Plant safety products & systems (Fire safety. At Jamadoba in the Jharia Coalfields they are operating one of the oldest underground coking coal mine with best productivity and safety record. Sarita Vihar. The performance Ethic initiative proposes a new organizational structure that nurtures growth business.Jharkhand. Varanasi. Bilaspur.

Pune. Chain Conveyors). WStraps etc. Accurate Products Chennai Advanced Mining Technologies Pvt. Kolkata – 700 091 Tel: +91 33 30925005/09 Fax: +91 33 30925011 E-mail: office@allmineral. – Italy). Ltd. Chennai. Area. tunnels and for mining coal and ore.addcarsystem. Armoured Flexible Conveyor & Beam Stage Loaders. Sugam-Business Park. Truck Mounted Cranes. Analytical. Reciprocating Website: www. Fax: 23608565 Email: hari@amt.Hari Prasad. P.gupta@allisontransmission. Managing Director Email: managing. Our models are suitable for rock strengths of up to 80MPa UCS. 668. Industrial & Electronics. Salt Lake City.Nagabhushan etc. APHMEL designs and manufactures products for mining.C-35. J-6. Director. fertilizer.Products for the Mining industry : Apron Feeder Products : Hydraulic Rock Breaker Andhra Pradesh Heavy Machinery & Engineering Limited.. Road Making Machinery. agriculture. Ahmedabad & Ranchi. Chair Lift Systems & Mine Car Systems. offers instrumentation in the field of Civil Engineering. air pollution equipment. Hyderabad 500 033 Ph: 040-23547990. Vijayawada. Haulers(Gear Box and Lump Breakers). PVT gum boots etc. They have been entrusted with introducing High Wall Mining in mines of SCCL.S. Contact : N. Ltd Plot No. Andhra Pradesh 521228 Phone: Aimil Ltd. Block EP&GP. India Tel: +91 241 2777208 Fax: +91 241 2777400 Email: AIMIL LTD Email: size reduction. Crusher. 8th Floor. 33. and general industrial applications industries December 2010: Entering 50th Year of Publications 41 Anand Enterprises Email: anandenterprises@yahoo. Vibration & Harshness. Bhubneshwar. They are in the process of commissioning 3 units at u/g coal mines of Mahanadi Coalfields Ltd at IB Valley. a coal mining company in the state of Andhra Pradesh in India. Raipur. Conveyors( Belt Conveyors and Belt Conveyors complete with drive head. provide consultancy in the field of Civil Engineering & Noise. discharge-end. Also cater to other industries for material handling. Fax: 91-866-2871350 Contact:B. Email: salil. steel and power sectors. construction.a. Sector 5.arvindfootwear.Articulated Boom type Crane (Mounted on truck/lorry manufactured by Bonifiglioli S. with ADDCAR High Wall Mining Systems. AM 50 Road header with Continuous Miner (AH 66 Road header with Continuous Miner) Roof Bolts(Diameter 22mm Rebar of various lengths & Side Discharge Loaders).) Road headersThe Road header is a continuous mining and tunneling machine that can economically excavate a wide range of rocks.D. electricals etc. M. tail-end. Ahmednagar. galleries. Kolkata. cement. APHMEL is a subsidiary of The Singareni Colleries Company Limited. These dealership outlets are further supported by company officials based at Delhi. surface and underground mining. The Road header can be used for building mine entrances. .V.Automatic Transmissions Allmineral Asia Pvt. loop take up system. ACE –HEPCO wheeled loader is of International frame with proven design to handle any type of rocks. idlers. They can also be used to transport material.allmineral. manufactured by ICG ADDCAR SYSTEMS LLC Website: www. ACE has an all India Sales and Services dealer network located at all. Kondapalli. Apollo Tyres Arvind Footwear Plot No.I. Allison Tramission India APHMEL is a diversified engineering products and services company in the southern state of Andhra Pradesh in India. petroleum. The Indian Mining & Engineering Journal .com Cable and cable assembly solutions for oil & gas drilling and production. the major cities. 1. Road & dilip@arvindfootwear. Director Pioneers in the field of introducing new technologies. Jubilee Hills. Product : Industrial Safety Shoes.director@aphmel.. renewable energy (solar and wind).p. These outlets are fully equipped to provide genuine spare parts and services by company trained Website: www. The company has one of the best manufacturing facilities in southern Beneficiation solution for coal and iron ore Amer Cable Incorporated Email: mining@amercable. Man Riding Systems (provide an efficient means of transporting personnel into and out of a mine.

BEML an ISO-9000 company has a wide network of marketing officers that offer application engineering services and fleet optimization solutions. December 2010: Entering 50th Year of Publications 42 Company Profile: Company of BL Group providing supply of solutions for 15 years for safety. 25 lakh. Sada Ramangala Indl. Pneumatic/ Hydraulic Breakers. Automotive Coaches and Components Ltd Plot No. Representing over 20 reknowned manufacturers on exclusive basis from different parts of the world. In two to three years time BEML expects to become the market leader. Aviteq India Vibratory Systems P Ltd.Vibratory Feeding System B. Ph: +91 20 2714 6416/8403. Managing Director Products/Services: Gas Detection Instruments. Sedarpet. 2 BED Bagh (East). Breathing Apparatus and Self Rescues. Bulldozers. In a market size for 100 units per year catered by 3 to 4 Chief Executive: Anil Aggarwal. Mumbaoi-Pune Road Dapodi. Laxmi Towers. Recovery Vehicles. Email: bencoheat@gmail. Bangalore 560 027.bemlindia. Whitefield Road. 23/1. India Tel: +91 413 2671740 Fax: +91 413 1671741 Email: vipin@haulwel. 161-J. Mumbai – 400 051 Tel: +91 22 67101501/02 Fax: +91 22 67101504 Email: ssheedi@amwasis. Emergency Oxygen Chief Executive: V R S Natarajan. with supplies to overseas mines too. bevel gear boxes. Pipe Layers. A Wing. Sidco Industrial Estate.L. and has been developed by the R&D capability of Chief Executive : Kishore Sidhwani. Fax : 91 11 686 3515/651 7007 Email: sales@blmarket. Gas & Fire Escape Mask. India Ph: 080 2222 4457 Fax: 080 2222 4451 Email:dirmar@vsnl. Bachoe Loaders. Pondicherry 605 111. Mine Ploughs etc. Area. SR Nagar. Chairman and Managing Director Products/Services: A Blue-Chip Indian PSU under the Ministry of Defence is catering wide range of Earth moving machineries for the Mining/Construction Sector in addition to special equipment for the Defence & Indian Railways.atlascopco. Rear Dump Trucks. LHD/Mine Trucks. Bolters & Production Drilling Rigs. this costs about Rs. Vibration Monitoring Systems. Alchol Detectors.ashokleyland. 3rd Floor.Asia Motor Works Ltd 602. Personal Protective Website: Products : Trucks Atlas Copco Construction & Mining Sales Sevanagar. Hydraulic Crawler Drills. Road Headers. Bevel Gears(India) Private Limited 17 B. Water Sprinklers. Hydraulic Excavator. They offer a wide range of Rock Drilling equipment for both opencast/ quarries and underground applications. Fire and Chemical Suits. Pune 411 Website: www. BEML is going to have a strong presence. Wheel Dozers. underground metal mines etc. environment monitoring & pollution control products. Fax : 2714 6637 Email: cmt. General Manager_CMT Products/Services – Pneumatic Hand held Rock drills/ Pusher leg. According to BEML C& Website: www. Pneumatic/Hydraulic Rock drills. Gautam Nagar. Rock Drilling Tools & Grinders. etc. Core Drilling Machines & Products : Bevel gears. Chennai – 600 044 The Indian Mining & Engineering Journal . 4th main. Kolkata 700 001 Tel: +91 33 2248 2651 / 8781 Fax: +91 33 22482654 Email: barua.atlascopco. Belaz Belarus Power Tools Building. Emergency Rescue & Disaster Management Products. Walking Dragline. Pneumatic Wagon/Crawler Drills. 17 -19. India. Website: www. Bangalore 560 048 Tel: +91 80 28410239 / 28410312 Fax: +91 80 28410185 Email: jamalgrp@vsnl. Wheel Products : Side tipping trailers with primemover etc. rescue. fire fighting. rope Shovels. New Delhi 110 049 India Tel: 91 11 686 6728/696 2659/656 8451. Swellex Rock Bolts & SDR. Bandra Kurla Complex. BEML’s entry into the underground mining: Recently BEML had launched SIDE DISCHARGE LOADERS(BL 10C) at Western Coalfields Ltd. Bharat Earth Movers Ltd BEML Soudha. Hydraulic Drill Jumbos.Marketing Services Ltd B L House. AC7 – AC11. Their Drill jumbos are widely used in Indian Hydel construction projects. Environment & Pollution Monitoring Products : Machineries of Belaz make. Flame Proof Torches and Hand Lamps. Dust Samplers. Motor Graders. Bongfiglioli Transmissions(Pvt) Ltd Plot No.sandeep@rediffmail. Crashfire Tenders. Bandra (East).

Accessories like – Level Distributions Blocks and Dose Feeders. Forestry equipments. Battery-Powered Vehicles. Road and all-terrain mobile Products : EPC Age. Spare Parts Management C S Diesel Engineering Pvt Ltd 15 QRGH.Pressure gauges. Electric Mining Shovels. Pavers and Road Milling Machineries . Sector-V. 09003075749 Fax: +91 44 24780091 / 92 Email: manalan@bongfiglioliin. Dozers. Winch Drives for : Truck Cranes. Leader for high-quality. Mumbai – 400 053 Tel: +91 22 26365305 Fax: +91 22 26365729 Email: admin@csdiesel. Belt Systems. Roof Bolters. Wind turbines : Yaw & pitch drive. Multiline. New Link Road. Sykes De-watering Pumps. Agricultural Equipments. Tower cranes. Motor Chief Executive: Manish Bhartia Products : CDE Asia is a dynamic and modern Indian company specialising in the design and manufacture of tailor made equipment for the mineral & aggregate washing and classification.Screw on type). Marine Equipments .in/info@cejnindia. Diesel Vehicles. Drills. Lube van / Service van. Gasparin Crushers. Laxmi Industrial Estate. wastewater. Oil Lubrication .com Products/ Services: Centralised lubrication system for mobile equipments: Excavators. 2277747. and can be accommodated with in the smallest space. Sector 16. Man Lifts . Grease lubrication system for aggregate plants. Grease lubrication system for crushers. Mumbai – 400 021 Tel: +91 22 30288388 Fax: +91 22 22837214 Email: feedback@epc-age. PR Book Bucyrus India Private Ltd Mitra Towers. Electronic Timer and Controllers. AC Frequency Drives Brand Vision India Pvt Ltd 103. Dual Line.Minihose and minimess couplings.High Pressure hydraulics-Hoses & QRC upto 3000 bar WP. Oil lubrication system for crushers. Andheri (West). Roof Support Systems. Boosters. Shield Hauler. Dual Line.Tel: +91 44 24781035. Drilling machineries. Grease lubrication system for console plants. Flow switches. Industrial Gear Boxes. Concret Mixer Drives for the unparalled line of drives for transit mixers. Centralised lubrication system for catchers/declaimers . Pewag Tyre Protection Chains. Multiline. Rotary Blasthole Drills. ISOB. Off Highway Website: www. 2255180 Fax: +91 129 4113745 Email: mkt@cenlub. McCloskey Screeners. Dumpers & Tippers. innovative hi-tech plant and offer a service level second to none for customers throughout Asia. Klein Concrete Pumps. Pavers. Pavers and road Website: cenlubonline.O. Wheel Loaders.babu@cejnindia. Slew drives for : Mini excavators and excavators. Gear Website: www. Salt Lake City. Shield Control Systems. Rotary Gear Pump. Products : Multipurpose planetary drives for Industrial and Mobile Equipment. dust washing. Hydraulic fitting and spares. Nariman Point.Pedals. Crawled undercarriages. Brunton Road. Kolkata 700 091 Tel: +91 33 400 25900 Fax: +91 33 400 25900 Email: AMukherjee@bucyrus. On-Site Services. Progressive Blocks. Grease Lubrication Progressive. Master Cylinders. Continous Miner. Wheel Drives for : Man Lifts. Block. Road rollers. Concrete pumps. and quarrying QRC-Hydraulics( Products/Services : TCM Crane. Tower Cranes. Soil December 2010: Entering 50th Year of Publications 43 Brake.Handpumps.cdeasia. Cenlub Systems 184. etc. fax: 30282082 Email: info@cdeasis. Flat Face . Fork Lifts. Continous Haulage Systems. Azad Nagar P. Excavators. Faridabad 121 002. Track and Road Roller Drives for : excavators. etc Cejn India Email: J. 6. Skid Steer Loaders. the materials handling. India Tel: +91 129 OTR Tires. Cold Planners CDE Asia Ltd 8th Floor. Automated Plow Systems. Single shot. Shearers. Park Street Kolkata 700 016 Ph: 033-30282080/81. Mittal Chambers.Testing kits . Overhauls. Face Conveyors. Power Transmission Belts Caterpillar Commercial Private Limited 401 Prestige Website: www. Spray. Track Type Tractors. Products & Services : Walking Draglines.Test Nipples.DN 27. Pressure Switches.Progressive. WEOThe Indian Mining & Engineering Journal . Rope Products : Backhoe Loaders. Drilling Machines. Excavators slew drives for The units are powered by integrated axial piston hydraulic motors developed in cooperation with KAYABA Industry C. Feeder Breaker. Mist. Bangalore – 560 025. USP Age. Erkat Cutters Carlisle Trading and Manufacturing India P Ltd. Website: www. Park Plaza 71.. India Tel : +91 80 41117900 Fax : +91 80 41117996 Email: sathya_p@cat. Email: tnatarajan@carlisle. Brake Actuators .

Crawler Tractors. R.Japan / USA Tirelife from fuller Brothers . And Special Products : A.Canada / It Solution of Server Storage & Software of Sun Micro Systems. Proximity Sensors.citannengineers. Pune 411038.Pneumatic fitting. 3rd Website:www. Daimler Chrysler India Pvt Ltd (Mercedez Benz India Pvt Ltd) Email: roma. controls. Email: minewatch@davisderby. Trench Cutters. Drum Scubber .com Products : Highwall Mining Equipment Mfd. Sensors). Reversing Safety System (Camera/ Monitor.Plug In fittings . KCI Plaza. GPS based Mining safety system Davis Derby / Truck Despatch System of Wenco International Mining System . Rod Products : Magnetic Separators and mineral processing equipment. Material Handling Equipment Cherry Agencies Pvt Ltd 115. 25385435 Fax: +91 20 25381591 Email: sanjay. Self Propelled Repair Unit. Excavator .com Dust / Fire suppression systems/Filters/Flow monitoring equipment/machine safety equipment/pressure reducers/ mixer units/and control valves CITANN Engineers(India) Bull Products : Trucks Davesmen India Private Limited Mansa 20/8. Design. 44 The Indian Mining & Engineering Journal December 2010: Entering 50th Year of Publications . Xenon Lights. Cummins India Limited Koihurd. MD Products : OTR Tyres/ Tubes/ Flaps/ Samples of Tyres/ Posters & Banners Chtz-Uraltrac Ltd Email: tractor@chtz. lalbagh Fort Road Bangalore Email: otr@cherryagencies. data transmission systems. Contact : Mr Rajesh Agarwal. Gas and Dual Fuel Engines for Industrial Power Generation and Auto Applications in 32 to 2365 HP Range.cumminsindia. Lime Plants.Puram. Distribute and Services Engine and Related Technologies including fuel systems.hoses & accessories. Air Handlin. India Tel: +91 731 2524464 Fax: +91 731 2514135 Email: dmi@davesmenindia. B. Kolkata 700 019 Contact : Vinod Bagrodia. Email: info@chanderpur. India Tel: +91 20 25380240. power units Chanderpur Works Pvt. Ltd 29. Ltd. Manufacture. South Tukogunj. RFID Manpower and vehicle detection and zoning systems.singh@cummins. Indore. Fertilizer Plants. Pallavi. Cement Plants. MineSCADA computer supervisory control and data Mineral Benefication Plant. Motor Clayton Equipment manufacture an extensive range of surface and underground haulage equipment for the mining and construction industry. Emission Solutions and Electical Power Generation Systems. Pipe Layer. Website: www. Front Wheel Loader. underground controllers. 1st Main Road. Diesel. Director Ph : 2461 4666/5999 Email: info@cuprumbagrodia. Executive Director Email: citann@vsnl. Alarms. Chennai 600 028 Ph: 044 24347978/24334167. Fax: 24341278 Chief Executive : Srikant / Superior Highwall Miners -USA / Spare parts of Komatsu .com Website : www. Filtration. Ball Mill. Spare Parts CKD Mobilni Jeraby Email: a. 1st Floor. Services : Complete Business solutions and total after market support to its customers Cuprum Bagrodia Limited 23C Ashutosh Chowdhary Ave. Tyre Protection National Trade Promotion Agency of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic. Wheel Loader. specifically battery. Biomass Claton Equipment Email: Intrinsically Safe Automation products and systems including signalling and communications. Coal Gasifeirs. Czechtrade Email: trolley and diesel locomotives Conflow Email: mickh@conflow. Compactor.pandya@daimler.

Commitment and professional behaviour in its personnel Satish Puri Director General Under the Constitution of India “Regulation of Labour and Safety in Mines and Oilfields” is a central subject (Entry 55 of the Seventh Schedule of Article 246). Baluchistan (presently in Pakistan) in 1898. Email: dinamicoilindia@gmail.sales@drpindia.kumar@doosan. The Indian Mining & Engineering Journal . Road No. Ltd. 1901. Nagpur. Banjara Hills. Plot No. In 1894. the organization was renamed as Office of the Chief Inspector of Mines. Mr. Effective use of resources. The organization was renamed as Department of Mines and its office was shifted to Dhanbad in 1908. Phone: +91 326 2221000 Fax: +91 326 2221027 E-Mail: info@dgms. fax : 23303730 Email : srinivas@dcsts. The matter is regulated by the Mines Act. Website: www.General of Mines Safety (DGMS) under the Union Ministry of Labour & Employment. first-aid. The mission of the DGMS is to continuously improve safety and health standards. He recommended that provisions be made for the minimum age of employment. Plot No. Ltd. Ajmer and Hyderabad.Then took place December 2010: Entering 50th Year of Publications 45 Dinamic Oil India Pvt. notice of opening and of accidents. Bobcat Hydraulic Winches. Oil Coolers. Geith Attachments Dozco India Pvt Ltd Room Chennai 600 016 Tel: +91 44 42223913 Fax: +91 44 42223905 Email: anil2. 3rd Floor. Continuous improvement of processes.dosco. Deccan Radoators & Pressings (P) Ltd Email: vasu@drpindia. These accidents expedited finalisation of the first Mines Act which was enacted on 22nd March. A Bureau of Mines Inspection was started in Calcutta on 7th January 1902 to administer the provisions of the Mines Act. James Grundy was appointed as first ever Inspector of Mines in India within the organization of Products : Distributors of spares for construction and mining machineries. Heat Transfer Equipments Viz Radiators.c Doosan Excavators. headed by DyDGMS. Ravi Colony. Under the Constitution of India “Regulation of Labour and Safety in Mines and Oilfields” is a central subject (Entry 55 of the Seventh Schedule of Article 246). upto 12 nautical miles in offshore. In 1988 DGMS was declared a Scientific and Technological Organization. Kolkata – 700 069 Tel: +91 33 22305943/ 40666560 Fax: +91 33 22480604 Email: kolkata@dozco.309. Hyderabad 500 034 Ph: 040-23305567. Ingersoll Rand Light Compaction Equipment. 1952 and the Rules and Regulations framed thereunder. Waterloo Street. 6. These statutes are administered by Directorate. Montabert Hydraulic Rock Breakers. Apart from administering the Mines Act and legislation framed thereunder. It extends to whole of India. In 1960. Bobcat Skid Steer Loaders. These statutes are administered by Directorate-General of Mines Safety (DGMS) under the Union Ministry of Labour & the major disasters at Kolar Gold Field in 1897 and at Khost Coal Mines. Ltd # 8-2-684/111/3. Ingersoll Rand Light Towers. Planetary Gear Boxes. 1952 and the Rules and Regulations framed thereunder. Ingersoll Rand Compressors (Mining and Non-Mining). management and supervision etc. Hydraulic Motors Doosan Infracore India Pvt. It extends to whole of India. The matter is regulated by the Mines Act. DGMS also administers certain allied legislation. Doosan Moxy Articulated Dump Trucks. Charge Air Cooler. After Cooler.DCS Trading & Services Pvt. For effective administration it has six zonal offices at Dhanbad. Again in 1967 the name of the organization was changed to Directorate-General of Mines Safety (DGMS). Ingersoll Rand Jack Hammers. Doosan Wheel Loaders. upto 12 nautical miles in offshore.34. 1901. practices and performance in the mining industry and upstream petroleum industry by implementing: Ø Ø Ø Ø Pro-active safety and health strategies. St Thomas Mount. Shell & Fin Tube Type Heat Exchangers DGMS Dhanbad 826 001. Palwell Street.

) Ltd. Sector III Salt Lake City. General Manager Gamma-ashmetters. Blast Hole Drills. 430Z Loading Shovels. Ltd. Radiation Contact : Hitendra Shukla. Electro Magnet.: +91 124 412 2222 Fax: +91 124 214 2200 Kolkata Office : Elcome Technologies Pvt. Email: officecal@sardamagnets. Email: gautam. Automatic coal samplem. Infocity Sector 34. Low Profile Dump Trucks (LPDTs). Ltd. A-06. Bearings etc East Coast Enterprisers Ltd. Electro & Electro Permanent Magnet Eimco Elecon (India) Limited Anand Sojitra Road. Vallabh Vidyanagar 388 120 Gujrat Inida Tel.. H.: +91 333 294 6792. Gurgaon (Haryana) India .elecon. installation and servicing of: coal ash content measurement devices. EJCB is a leading earth moving and construction equipment manufacturer is a 60:40 JV between the UK based –JC Bamford Excavators Limited and the Esorts Group. Magnetic Crack Detectors .thermovision and CCTVcamera systems Enestee Engineering Pvt. JC Bamford Excavators is the world’s number one December 2010: Entering 50th Year of Publications 46 producer for backhoes. Kolkata 700029 Tel: +91 33 24643831 / 4920 / 0156 Fax: +91 33 24640103 Email: zavod@vsnl. Load Haul Dumpers (LHDs). Cable Reeling Drum. Electro & Electro Permanent Magnetic Lifter. Wheels & Tyres Solid Deal. Gujrat for manufacture of Tunnelling and Mining Machines. Vibrating Feeder. backhoes. Company Profile: EMICO ELECON (INDIA) LIMITED was established in 1974 at Vallabh Vidyanagar. Elecon Engineering Co Ltd Power Build Limited RingSpann Elecon (I) Ltd Elcome Technologies Pvt. JS200 Tracked Excavators. Development. 3.B. Eimco Elecon is providing best technological solution for extracting natural resources from earth by designing.ejcb. Tamrock (G. Ballabgarh 12 004 Haryana Ph: 0129 5232308. enelex. Japan. Wheel Loaders . Security systems. Excavators Construction Permanent. Magnetic Seprators.g.Products : Heavy Earth Moving Machinery e. Ltd. Permanent. .1220022Tel.Manufactured by Soosan Heavy Industries Co. Spare Parts of comprehensive range of above HEMMTIM of Italy and other Principals in our including Seals.Permanent. Thermovision systems. Ltd. hbshukla@eimco. Japan: Sumitomo .M. oxygen analyzers for flue gases. Heavy Media Vessel. Email: info@enestee. manufacturing and servicing underground as well as surface mining & tunneling equipment. Material/Coal Handling Plant. Bath. Industrial Television systems (CCTV). Hose Reeling Drum. Graders Manufactured by Machinery Co. Magnetisers. Lifting Magnet. Electrical Slipring Assembly Enelex Spol Email: s Products : mine management solution Electro Zavod (India) Pvt Ltd 19/1B Keyatala Road. and accessories. Drill Stands in Permanent.91 2692 230502/230602/230902 Fax: 91 2692 36506 Email : eeildir@emico. Technological Structures. Dozers. 2nd Floor. Japan. Permanent. Sweden and Indian Public. Lights & Light Fitting HELLA..seth@elcometech. IB-151. Filters. Suspended Magnet. Vibrating Screen. magnetic Separator. EJCB has in all 17000 strong customer Website: www. Fasteners. and Robotskid Steer Loaders. Air Motors. The share holding is now between Elecon Engg.elecon. – a division of Sandvik Mining & Construction . Magnetic Separators. Vibrating Gautam Bandopadhyay. EJCB Ltd 23/7 Mathura Road. Manager (Mktg) Products/Services: Side Discharge Loaders (SDLs). Camera housing. Electro & Electro Permanent Magnetic Tools. Hydraulic Cylinders. Oxygen analyzers. Rock Breakers . EJCB holds over 80 per cent of the excavators loaders market in India. Electro & Electro Permanent Magnetic Chuck. 38 dealers and 140 dealer outlets(as on 2002) in India. Machinery Co.o. Dy. H. (A Leica Geosystems associated company) “Elcome House”.M.enelex.Manufactured by Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd.Manufactured by Yanmar Construction Ltd. Coal Washing Plant The Indian Mining & Engineering Journal . Fax : 5233453 Email: marketing@ejcb. Rocker shovel Loaders (RSLs). Shantui Construction Ltd China. Kolkata 700106 Contact : Ajay Seth. Demagnetisers in permanent Magnet & Electro Magnet. Managing Director Email: ajay. EJCB offers a complete range of earth moving and construction equipment including 3D & 4CX Backhoe Products : Wide range of Web : www.electrozavod. Korea.

manufacture and supply of Mineral Processing Plants & Systems including. December 2010: Entering 50th Year of Publications 47 Ferrit Email:s. UK 134 Gates India Pvt Ltd Email: cutomercare@gatesind. Cone Crusher. New Delhi 110016 India Tel: +91 11 26960868.N. 26961275 The Indian Mining & Engineering Journal . GERMANY and Hydro-Pneumatic Accumulators in collaboration with EPE ITALIANA S. Milling . ‘FFE Towers’.com Email: babitha. USA. India Tel: +91 452 2464201 / 2/ 3 Fax: +91 452 2464204 Email:fcb. Speciality Conveying Systems like Pneumatic Solid woven fire resistant conveyor belts used in underground Belt Conveyor Systems. Blending System. Grinding & Pneumatic Bulk Material Handling Equipment in India and some of our neighbouring countries like Bangladesh. Thickener/Clarifiers. FFE Minerals India Limited has access to Fuller/FLS’s latest state of art energy efficient technology and know-how for the design. Ltd 59-A. Converters. http://www. Hyderabad 500 037 Andhra Pradesh India Tel: 91 04 308 5750/5937/762. ITALY. Flameproof alternator. Manufactured with rubber or PVC covers to all major international safety Hydraculic Hose.india@fenner. Couplings. Sizers /Buffalo Feeder Breaker/ Spreaders. Rod Mill. Jaw Crusher. Gas Suspension Calciner/Flash Fryer. Vertical Roller Mill & Hydraulic Roller Press. 16514019.Ball Mill. Rotary Dryer.6. Resipratory Protective FFE Minerals India Electro-hydraulic manipulator.. Pollution Control Equipment. Ladies Molten Metal Transfer Cars etc. Energy Recovery Coke Oven Plant. Smelting Equipment viz. Pyro Processing . sarec@ferrit. Conveyor Belt & Components. Gyratory Crusher/Roller Press/Hammer Mill Dryer. Roadheading machine.Ship Loader / Un-loader. Mining diesel manipulators. Anode Furnaces. Universal flameproof lamp. General Manager-Marketing Products/Services: Kiln/Vertical Shaft Kiln. Stacker Re-claimer/Ship Loaders. Vertical Shaft Impactor.Nagar. Material Handling Complete Stockyard Equipments. Ball Mill/Sag Mill/Rod Mill/ Vertical Roller Mill. Industrial & Hydraulic Filters.Rotary Kin. Diesel and electric rack rail system Fenner Conveyor Belting Pvt Ltd Madurai – Dindigul Main Road. Excel Combine Email: weighload@coreexcel. Truck Tippler. Plant Upgradation – Reengineering and Upgradation of existing systems. Dryer/Cooler/ Calciner. Fluidsed Bed System. Hydraulic transport vehicle. Nagari Vadipatti Taluk. Adoptors Fenner Dunlop Conveyor Belting Email: info@fenner. Set of cabins for personal transport. Bhutan and Sri Suspended mining locomotive. Feeder Breaker. Green Park Crushing . Iron Ore Mining. Flotation Cells. widths from 500 mm to 2000 mm. Braking carriages for heavy suspension lines. EPE Manufactures Filter Elements with State-OfArt Manufacturing Techniques. Manager-Marketing Products/Services: Hydro Pneumatic Accumulators. Fax: 91 40 308 6781 /6532 Contact Executive:N Srikanth Reddy Sr.o. Government of India. FLSmidth Minerals Private Limited Website: flsm-in@flsmidth. Vacuum Pipe Conveyor and Long Distance Conveyors. Arched mine support trimmer. Vertical Shaft Klin.Classifier. Gandhinagar Balanagar. Tel: 91 44 8150801. Beam trolleys. ABON Sizer. Enviroment & Safety Equipment.r. Madurai 625 221. Industrial Hose. Coal crushers. Pebble Mill. Suspension line.EPE Process Filters & Accumulators Pvt. Belt tensile range from 400 n/mm to 3150 n/ Company Profile: FFE Minerals India Limited is a 100% owned subsidiary of FFE Minerals Corp. Nonexplosive key controller. Filter Elements. 27. Ground rail locomotive. Chennai 600 017 Tamil Nadu India. Gas Suspension Calciner. CIE (Expn).l. Fluidized Bed Dryer/Cooler/Calciner. FFE Minerals India Limited started its operation in India with a view to exclusively focus on the Mining and Mineral Processing Industry. President & Whole-time Director Contact Executive: S K Dan.. Separation Technology . Company Profile: Manufactures of Hydraulic & Industrial Filters and Elements in collaboration with K&H EPPENSTEINER. T. A Company with in-House R&D Unit Recognised by Department of Scientific & Industrial Research. Various Types of Conveyer Belting Fenner Dunlop.santosh@flsmidth.Chetty Road..r. Thickeners/Clarifiers/Lime Mud Filter/ Hydro-cyclones/ Techno-gate Knife Gate Valves and TechTaylor Valves/Rotary Scrubbers/Mine Hosts/Rail Tippler. Fax: 91 44 8150803 Chief Executive : Rudy Edge. Forech India Limited S-23.Gyratory Crusher. Mining railway locomotive. Mine support bender.. Chairlift systems. Hydrocyclone.Autogenous and Semi-Autogenous Mill. Crushing. Hydraulic distributor. Belt Conveyor System/Pipe Conveyor. Nepal.

Side Wall Conveyor Belt. replacement of wear parts and spare parts.electric power and the whole plant planning. PVC. inputs to engineering projects. personnel training in operation. Industrial Gear Oils. geoenvironment and natural hazards. Goodyear Engineered Website: www. Ceramic Liner. Cone Crusher. Circle Screen. Mag. metals. fully supply of wear parts and consumables.Fax: +91 11 26862373 Email: The Indian Mining & Engineering Journal . Email: shekhar_dey@veyance. Email: Website: www.3.portal. Recycling and waste disposal treatment industry. Corrossion Preventives. Fuchs Lubricants (India) Pvt. and aims to bring more ease as well as a lower breakdown rate in the use and maintenance of the product. complete installation. Wheel Sand Washing Machine. P-46 Hide Road Extension.fuchsindia. professional and friendly service team. Oils. The Charter of functions ( Email: vraju@goodyear. water . Feeder Vibr. Ltd. Kolkata-700016 http://www. Hoists Continuous Casting Machine. Electro Magnets Circular. Jaw Crusher. Ceramic Pulley Lagging. Ltd. Mining and gravel Goldwin Tracon (P) Ltd. EOT Cranes. technical exchanging . Steel Cord & Fabric. The Charter reflects the broad responsibility of GSI spreading from the lofty peaks of the Himalayas to Antarctica and from the desert to the ocean and in to the sky. Jaswant  Singh. Heavy Fabrication Good Year Engineered Products. PIPE Conveyor / AIR Spring / Power Transmission Belts / Industrial & Hydraulics Hose. Mud Sand Separator. Kolkata – 700 088 Tel: +91 33 24485033 Fax: +91 33 24485076 Email: marketing@fuchsindia. Rubber Sheet. industry and the general public. December 2010: Entering 50th Year of Publications 48 A Postage stamp was issued by the Department of Conveyor Belts.gsi. Pulley.00) GSI is the prime provider of basic earth science information to the government. GSI over the years has expanded its role to undertake elucidation of the geological set up of the country. geotechnical studies. optimizing machine and plant performance. The complete after sales services we can offer you: excellent technical advisory services.gindia@goricagroup. 2001. Electro Magnets Rectangular. Email: iscudyog@gmail. J. maintenance for big items. Mill Liners Fong Chuan Machinery Co.Nehru maintenance of the equipment on site.forech. including assessment and regional level exploration for coal and other mineral resources. Over Band Mag. seismotectonics etc. The long-standing experience of our trained and capable service team guarantee top quality. Veyance Rubber India Pvt. Magnet Seperator. chalcopyrite (copper ore) and psilomelane (manganese ore). The manufacture takes a focus on engineering quality and production efficiency. Vibrating Feeder. Hopper & Screens. to commemorate this occasion. Government of India on March 4. Eddy Current Geases. bear eloquent testimony to the GSI’s relevance in the national context. Screen Mat . take initiative to eliminate the troubles rapidly at site. May 2009) laid down by the Government of India detailing the scope of activities and responsibilities of the GSI encompasses practically entire gamut of earth science activities. including time. Director General (Acting) GSI was established on 4th March. Synthetic Conveyor Belt. Impact Bar. glaciology. Vibrating Screen. cement and power industries which expanded phenomenally in the post-independence era. The four colour stamp shows bauxite (aluminium ore). Auto Hose Gorica Auto India Limited Email: sales. as well as responsive participant in international geoscientific Website: www. Ltd. Fire Resistence Steel Cord Conveyor Belt. The vibrant steel. Hydraulic Oils. Slidway Oils. Our machines and plant solutions are sold to customers in the following industries: Construction and building materials industry. Chevron Conveyor Belt. The denomination of the stamp is 300 paise (Rs.L. Metal Working. 1851 with the singular aim to locate coal for the railways. prompt delivery arrangement. Auto Specialities The Geological Survey of India (GSI). Perm.

Supervision-Commissioning. Conventional Coal Washer.r. Water Sprinkler Tankers Groz Engg. Low Bed Semitrailers. Cranes Hindustan Dorr-Oliver Limited Email: Motors. Online Gas Detectors. Zero liquid discharge using technologies such as hoists with a frictional disc as well as drum hoists.vasant@groz-tools. Roller Assembly for crawler mounted Website: www. End Fittings.. Fuel/Water Tankers. Transit Cement Mixers. Heavy Castings and Forgings. Non Ferrous castins upto 4 tonne piece weight. Fork Lift Truck. Thickeners. Crushers. wagon-tripper stations. etc. Roller Assembly December 2010: Entering 50th Year of Publications 49 Hydraulic Syndicate 26. Sheaves for Crane. ITM Underpulsated PLC Controlled JIG. Field Survey-Sourcing Hyundai Construction Equipment India Pvt Ltd Email: marketing@hyundaiindia. Forged Rolls. Ltd Email: krishnamurthy@igus. Accessories Harting India Pvt. modernizations and reconstructions of older hoists. Dragline. Cyclones. 5/10 Cubic Metre Electric Rope Shovel. Vibrating Screens. Valves . Adaptors & Hydraulic Hose Assembly.. Iron Castings & SG Iron Castings. Separators. Pulp & Paper and Chemicals & Fertilizers Mining: All types of Hoists & Winders Mineral Processing: Classifiers. Hytorc India Email: hytorc@gmail. mine signaling systems.Tipper Vehicle Tracking System FM4200. Water Treatment: Effluent treatment. Flat Bed Semi-trailers. Modular Coal Hydraulic Exacavator. AMCCalibration. Engineering-Estimation. Dual Column Flotation Cells (DEC).com Torque Tools.dutta@inmintec. Connectors and Tee etc. Steel plants equiments & spares. cages and other transport containers including accessories.bhavsar@apollo. Engineering Drawing Outsourcing. Personal Tracker The Indian Mining & Engineering Journal . Professional Hand Tools. Skid Steer Loader Igus India Effluent recycling. Hiring-Rental of Tools. mine ventilators Ingwenya Mineral Tech Hydraulic Hose Assemblies. communication systems for Turnkey solutions for processing industries such as Mining & Mineral Beneficiation.alpanagupta@hdo. Grease Fittings & Turned Parts Gujarat Apollo Industries Ltd Email: bp.saha@honeywell. Limited Email: anup. OEM Spares Intrac Tyres Private Limited Email: info@intractyres. Ltd. rope Crushing & Mineral Processing Equipments & Road Construction Machinery Hagglunds Drives (India) Pvt Ltd Email: info. Adopters. Controls.s@inmintec. Power Consoles Units. Hydraulic Torque Electrical Connectors & Electronic Connectors for Industrial Use Heavy Engineering Corporation Ltd Ranchi Email: corpmktg@hclltd. Repair & Refurbishment of Magnetic Separators. Drive Line.bimal@harting. Raw water treatment. kishore. Inco Engineering Email: s. Tools (P) Ltd Email: ms. Product information coming soon. Machine Tools. fully-automated loading and unloading station of skips. End fittings. Sewage treatment. tracked wagon Off The Road Tyre (OTR) Intelly Serve Email: raghu. Wheel Loader. both of various construction and output Wireless Gas Detectors HOSCH Equipment (India) Ltd Email: Hydraulic Syndicate palhydro@vsnl. Earthmoving spares. Cement Bulkers.hydraulicsyndicate. Robert Street. Torque Wrench. Wet Low Intensity Magnetic Separators. Power Units. but please contact us for information or visit our stand at IME 2008 in Kolkata. MBR. SBR. Nanofiltration Honeywell Email: sujit. Email: abhishek. India Tel: +91 33 2237 6581 / 22218723 Fax: +91 33 22153082 Email: Water Treatment.rao@intellyserve. Pneumatic Torque Lubrication Equipment & Systems. Precision Engg Tools. Portable Gas Detectors. Floatation cells. Kolkata – 700 012.

Ltd. End Fax: 91 33 288 9644 Email: jldcal@cal. Mysore 570 016 Ph : 0821-2581540. Pandit Rao. 12. OTR Tyre Marketing Cell. Multi-gas Detectors. Backhoe Loaders. Compressed Air Breathing Apparatus. Universal Website: www. Ltd. Tel: 91 33 288 3107/ Email: 2 tipper 8X4 or 1 Tipper and 1 Tractor trailer Kali BMH Systems (P) Ltd Email: info@kalimhsonline. Dr. Authorised Distributor for JCB India Limited 23/7 Mathura Products/Services : Personal Protective Equipments.. Tal : Kalol. Rods and Belt Conveyor Idlers. Idlers and other components based on drawings. Lime Stone. Pressure Type Tube Website : www. Joseph Leslie Drager Manufacturing Private Ltd 12-F. Gas Mask Canisters.Pick and Carry Cranes. ABS HDPE Sheets. Wheeled Loaders. Oxygen meters.HIPS. Trolley Wheels. Air Motor Units JVC Separation Engineers Pvt. Gandhinagar Dt.jaiswal@jcbindia. Email: info@polyrib. Extruded Profiles. Tracked Excavators. Extruded PP. Nr Arvind Poly Brand Liners. Skid Steer Loaders. the world leaders in screens. Crawler Drill Model CD-270. Work in Progress ISC Machines ISC Processing (P) Ltd Jayvee Engineering Corporation Email: Products : JV of Johnson Screens USA & Australia . Hitech Sheet for Chemical Storage Gujarat 382721 Ph : 02764-281220/281221 Fax : 281028 Web : www. fax : 2582408 Email: sengupta@vtp.I. Hyderabad 500 062 Andhra Pradesh India Tel: 91 40 712 7066/1828/3508. Wireline Core Barrel. Kaylon Brand Sheets and Rods.jvcsepl. Remote Attendence.222/E. Pressure Gauge Testing Device. Wagon Drill JRD-120. Kamaz Vectra Motors Limited Email: kvml@kamazvectra. December 2010: Entering 50th Year of Publications 50 Company Profile: Manufacturer and Suppliers of Mine Safety and Rescue Apparatus for more than 50 years having state of the art production facilities with Govt. Khatraj Char Rasta. Quartz. approved R&D and Quality Control Facilities. Toxic meters. Ballabgarh. Fuller earth Tipper. HDPE and PP Sheets.. M. Thermal Imaging Cameras. Trailer JK Tyre & Industries Germany we are providing ‘Technology For Life’. Belt Conveyor Pulleys. Metagalli. Regd. Limited Wireline Drill Rods. Cherlapally road. Jupiter Rock Drills Pvt. Fuel Consumentions. In collaboration with world leader of safety products M/s Drager. KRS Feldspar. Exploration Drill Rigs For Diamond Core Drilling. HMWPE. 46-C Jawaharlal Nehru Product : OTR tyres Johnson Screens India Ltd. Secunderabad – 500 003. Vikrant Tyre Plant. Chemical Type Self Rescuer. 53/P. Compactors. Telefax: 040-27720066. Skid Mounted Rig . Telehandlers JCBL Marrel Tippers Pvt Ltd Email: manoj_das@jcbl. PO :Vadsar. Pulleys and Rollers KLR Rigs Company Survey No. Inwell Type Rig Model INW-101. Oxygen Filling Crawler Drill Model CD-110. Belt Conveyor Sub-Systems Kishore Vadilal Private Limited Email: sunilparikh63@yahoo. Manufacturer of Cutting edges. Jolkata 700 071 West Bengal India. Self Contained Oxygen Breathing App. Slim Drill SLD-100. Liftall .net. 66171425 Email: jvcsepl@eth. India Tel: +91 129 4299000 Fax: +91 129 2309050 Email: vineet.nair@sundril. Office: Unit Remote Assets Monitoring.jkmail. Tooth points etc for Earthmoving Authorised Distributor for Black Cat Blades.jvcsepl@vsnl.vsnl. Road. KBK Plascon Pvt Ltd Khanna Polyrib Pvt. Palnitkar’s Maitri Arcade. Schramm (USA) RC Drill Rigs. Exploration Drilling Equip. Diamond Core Drill Bits. 4th Floor. Everest The Indian Mining & Engineering Journal .vsnl.vsnl.Canada. Garnet. Fax: 91 40 712 0558 Email: klri@hd1.C.

Vice President & Head Email : saurabh_kbl@kbl. experienced design and field engineers. Wheel Loaders/Dozers. Construction site Drilling etc.ltindia. Recently Company has concluded a Joint Venture with M/s CUBEX LTD. M D & Chief Executive Officer Contact Executive: S K Mittra. manufacture and marketing of Industrial Process Control Instruments and Systems. development. Lectrotek Systems Pvt. Rock Drilling Chief Executive: Mr K Laxman Reddy. Leasing. KLR-Products are being exported to AFRICAN COUNTRIES and recently gained entry in UK. Earth Moving Vehicles. a joint venture of L&T and Komatsu. L & T Finance Limited Email: ryancastellino@ltfinance. Vibratory Compactors. Surface Miners. 24226953. The company also represents international principals in INDIA. to manufacture electronic process control instruments which were in their infancy when the company was born .com Mining & Construction Equipment. manufactures state-of-the-art hydraulic excavators at its Bangalore Works. L&T-Komatsu PC 200-6. the following: MONITEK TECHNOLOGIES Product : LECTROTEK SYSTEMS has been assessed and certified for ISO 9001 by KPMG Quality Registrar. Ltd 33. 5T Front End Loader. : +91 20 24220313. Pune – 411009 Ph. The turnover of the Company is around Rs. Mobile Crushers/Recyclers. Dozers/Pipe Layers. Static Energy Meters & Energy Management Systems. 24220383. Parvati Industrial among the largest and most reputed companies in India’s private sector. Micro Finance.. In-house R&D is the technological back-bone of this Company. used in Hydraulic Excavators.T. Canada for manufacture of CRAWLER MOUNTED ROTARY/DTH Drills for Mining applications. Transportation Equipment Finance. Ballard Estate. Japan. Pune-Satara 3T Front End Loader. Model – L&T 752. construction and cement major. Dump Trucks. Energy Audit System “Test House” for testing and calibration and Scada Systems for substations etc.Box 278 Mumbai. Company Profile: Larsen & Turbo Limited – an engineering. hydel projects in India December 2010: Entering 50th Year of Publications 51 and abroad. Product Support Larsen & Toubro Limited Kansbahal Works Dt. KLR factory situated over 8 Acres of land in the Industrial suburbs of Hyderabad employ over 250 personnel and commands back-up a very extensive Ancillary base.H. General Insurance & Mutual Fund Distribution. Blast hole. they have been associated with a number of mines.Web : www. With a very large fleet of Heavy Earth Moving Machineries. KLR have also diversified into EARTHMOVING MACHINERIES and successfully launched BACKHOLE LOADER as the first product in the category. for   In-situ Oxygen Analyzers Liugong India Pvt Ltd Email: kpchm@yahoo. L&T 300CK. Accessories etc. SOUTH KOREA and other developed markets.  Consultancy Services and Turnkey Projects for Industrial Process Control & Automation. Loader Backhouse-Model L&T 580-3. Fax: 91 22 262 0223/ 0224 Email: ccd@lth. P.lectrotek. Over the years the company’s  activities have grown to now include the following: Design. Project Finance. 400 001 Maharashtra India Tel: 91 22 261 8181/8182.K. L&T 180CK. 8T Front End The Indian Mining & Engineering Journal . USA    for Liquid Monitoring Instruments and NOVATECH CONTROLS (AUSTRALIA) PVT LTD. Managing Partner Products/Services: Blast Hole Drill Chief Executive: A M Naik. Motor Graders and Dozers. incorporated in the year 1984 are the largest manufacturer of a wide range of Drilling Website : www. Komatsu range of products-Hydraulic Excavators. Hammers Company Profile: KLR DRILLING COMPANY. D. Its nationwide reputation is based on an impressive track record of achievements across six decades and a strong customer orientation. Gupta. Software development for industrial control.36 Crore.ltindia. is located in the Pune. Scada Systems and process management.L&T:ECC Division(Chennai) – is one of the largest mining and civil engineering company in India. Water Well Drill Rigs. Core. PLC. Motor Products : Crushing Systems & Equipments for Mining & Construction including high capacity Surface Miners. Tools. L&T-Komatsu Limited. Tipper Trucks.ltindia. Vice President-Construction & Mining Products/Services: Hydraulic Excavators-Models L&T 72CK. 24226954 Fax : 24223932 Emails: sales@lectrotek. Sundergarh 770 034 Contact: Sri S. Wheel Loaders.. Hydraulic Equipment. The company was setupin 1970. a world leader in hydraulic excavators. L&T 90CK-III. L&T-CASE 1107. Larsen & Toubro Limited L & T House. Farm Loans Larsen & Toubro Limited Email: meb@pro. Channel Finance & Vendor Finance.

215H Motorgrader. Crushing Equipment. Katraj. Distributor Plate. 226089 (F) Fax: 01462-250224 E-mail: minerals_jp1@sancharnet. Rotary T. Rotor Tip. Crushing. Haulage Tractors and Multi Axle Trucks. Spreaders. Wear Plates Magma Fincorp Ltd Email: ksinha@magma. Open Cast Mining Machines.K. Grinding Equipment (Mills etc. December 2010: Entering 50th Year of Publications 52 EPC Provider in the following segments: Power (BOP.T.13. Apron Plate Feeder MML Analytical Laboratory (A Division of Mahavir Minerals Ltd) 144 “SAKET” Adarsh Nagar. Blow Bars. Excavator. Mineral Processing (Copper. Pressure Vessels. Excavator Longi Magnets Co Ltd Lubin Engineering (I) Pvt. Scrubber. Shipyard cranes). Fax:91 44 499 6451 Email:mtindia@mtf. IPCC. 65-Bombay Samachar Marg. Feed Tube. Toggle-Seat Block & Plate. Mobile & SemiMobile Sizer Stations. Wesges. Belt Conveyors. Cement (Turnkey Projects along with KHD Humboldt Wedag). paper/sugar industries. Zinc. Wiper Motors with Wiping System. Chennai 600 105 Tel: +91 44 28260156 Fax: +91 44 28260155 Email: sizers@mmdindia. Engine Cooling Fan Assembly. Side Website: www. Magnetic Separator. BEAWAR – 305 901 (Rajasthan) Tel: 01462-258005. Hammer. Chennai 600 105 Email: pradeep@mmdindia. Heat Chief Executive : Shekhar Pharate. 4T Front End Twin Shaft Shovel Components. Fully Mobile Slewing Sizer Stations. Ignition Products. Nuclear Miner Elastomer Products Email: tkoehn@minerelastomer. Port & Stockyard (Container & Bulk Handling cranes. from 16t GVW to 49t GCW. Jawa Plate . 22664621 Email: Starter Motors. Mobile Transfer Conveyors. Ash handling. Email: cjacob@manforcetrucks. Port & Stockyard Machinery. Mumbai – 400 023 Tel: 022. Iron ore (Beneficiation. Wellingdon Estate. 14T Vib. Pune 411 046 Ph: 020-24374242/-62/-82 Fax : 24370277 Email: lubin@pn2. Insurance Man Force Trucks Pvt. Web: www.mmdindia. Bolts.mahavirminerals. Material Handling Equipment. Limited Email: The range of products manufactured includes Mining & Construction Tippers. 258597 (O) 226196. Chennai 600 018 Tel: 91 44 499 5514/ Products/Services: Bucket Wheel Cooler. Suvidha (ReFinance). Flourspar etc). By Products plant. Tractor Finance. earth moving mmlbwr@datainfosys. Screening Equipment.India Branch Website: www. Wellington Estate 53. Spares for Puzzolana. 2nd Floor. 2nd Floor. Pelletisation). Lucas-TVS Email: mkg_bpd@lucastvs. Steel Plant Spares for Metso Sandvik. Limited Survey No. Compactor. The Indian Mining & Engineering Journal .). 136/1A/2 bPune Satara Road. Mobile and Semi-Mobile Crushers. Road. Dryer. 53 Ethiraj Salai. Mobile Crushing & Screening plant. McNally Bharat Engineering Co. Corporate Office: Sonawala Building. Car and Utility Vehicle Finance. Haul Truck Suspensions. Personal Loans. . machine tools.). Blower Twin Shaft Sizer.vsnl. Steel (Sinter Plant. Cement Plant Equipment. Automotive Filters M M Castings (P) Ltd. Raw material Handling).com Web: Flotation Cell. Aluminum (various packages in Refinery & Smelter). CS. Window Lift Man Takraf (India) Pvt Ltd 94/3. Material Handling (Long Distance conveyors. Coal washery eqt (Jigs etc. mining and material handling. Email: info@mmcastings. Apron Plate Feeder. Rear Vision System. Process Plant Equipment. 20T Hyd. 6T Front End Loader. Transport Crawlers. Check Nut. Oil & Gas. Ajmer Road.13. Water projects). Slurry Commercial Vehicle Finance. 12T Front End Loader. Ethiraj Salai.22660221. Coal Washery. Heavy fabrication in SS. Construction Equipment Finance.deb@mbecl. Managing Director LUBIN Centralised Lubrication Systems for steel. Nawa . Screening plants). Stackers. Wiper Blades. Wheel Chocks MMD (India) Private Limited No. 36T Hyd. Dust Seal Bowl Liner. Green Mining Solutions MMD Asia Pacific Limited .

In 1962. the balance 49% shareholding was acquired from CPMO and MOIL became a 100% Government Company under the administrative control of the Ministry of Steel. Man Takraf (India) is a fully owned subsidiary. New Delhi-110 015 Ph: 011-2517 8316. bulk material handling and cranes. to proven mining cycle control. Modular Mining Systems Pty Ltd 102. Vibrating Screens. a British Company incorporated in the UK. six located in the Nagpur and Bhandara districts of Maharashtra and four in the Balaghat district of Madhya Pradesh. Cone Crushers. the Proximity Detection Module protects capital assets by minimizing the risk of mining equipment accidents through advanced GPStracking technology currently present in Modular products.. with headquarters in Tucson. Company Profile: Man Takraf is part of the MAN Group. Ship Loaders. Email: pinaki@mitrask. WHS Kirti Nagar. Moil Bhawan.Bucket Wheel Reclaimers. Germany. Inc. Fax : 2515 3716 Products : Tyres and related Innovative Mining Solutions for Heavy Earth Moving Mining Jaw Crushers. Pune (India) Tel: 020-22922354-57 Fax: 22922134 Email : mkt2@minilexgroup. Wharf Cranes. Singh Chairman-cum-Managing Director G. 1-A. Modular Mining Systems. Scraper Reclaimers. Pipe Conveyors. Michelin in India : Radials International 80/1. Available on all ProVision®-enabled equipment. K Pvt. Which has reached a mining depth of 309 meters from the K. Mobile Plants Mitra S. Ltd. This ore in the 53 The Indian Mining & Engineering Journal Contact : Country Manager. Fax: 26803161 E-mail: Minyu India Private Limited Email: info@minyuindia. December 2010: Entering 50th Year of Publications Using the Proximity Detection Module. the ProVision® Proximity Detection Website : www. Block II. Flower Valley. E-mail: banerjee@mmsi. and rail Web: www. Nagpur 440013 Email: cmd@moil.minilecgroup. underground. offers a full line of products and software to meet the needs of open pit. Ship Unloaders. Except 3. PUNE 411 040 Ph: 020-40052565. All these mines are about a century old. the assets of the latter were taken over by the Government and MOIL was formed with 51% capital held between the Govt. Katol Road.modular mining. P. rest of the mines are underground gpk@moil. Kundargi Director (Pr & Pl) It was set up in the year 1896 as Central Province Prospecting Syndicate which was later renamed as Central Provinces Manganese Ore Company Limited (CPMO). J. of India and the State Governments of Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh and the balance 49% by CPMO.nic. Complete Bulk Material Handling System. Manganese Ore (India) Ltd.nic. Maharastra and MP. The Balaghat Mine is the largest mine. At present. Pirangut. It was in 1977. Jasmine. Minilec (India) Pvt. It had its operations spread in Orissa. total mine management and control systems using the latest high-precision global positioning systems for surface applications.. monitoring and identification systems for underground mines. The headquarters of Man Takraf is in Leipzig. Ltd. Very recently it had launched new mine safety tool. Dongri Buzurg Mine located in the Bhandara district of Maharashtra is an opencast mine that produces dry battery grade manganese dioxide ore. Its products range from fully automated. Feeders. India. operators receive real-time notifications of unsafe proximity to hazards. Man Takraf is one of the world’s leading companies in the fields of surface mining. as a result of an agreement between the Government of India and CPMO. Laboratory testing and inspection for certification of quality and quantity. MOIL operates 10 mines. Port Handling Systems.

24221321 E-mail: obs@fireturnkey. Vibrating Grizzly Website: www. Lake Gardens.nandagroup. consultation. viz. national and international regulations.700045. Belt End Clamps. Pneumatic Components. Portable Winches. December 2010: Entering 50th Year of Publications 54 Company Profile: Nilos India is a part of the Nilos Hans Ziler GmbH & Co. Spot & Edge Repair Vulcanizers. Attachment on Excavators like Clamshell. ‘Nilos ring’ Bearing Seals.363 tonnes it is expected to grow in the coming years. Kolkata 700 012 Tel: +91 33 22123530 / 3531 / 1783 Fax: +91 33 22122070 Email: Mineral Benefications. Longitudinal Rip Repair Machines. OBS 162 / A / 7. Fax: 91 44 823 3295 Email: nilosindia@vsnl. Nakoda Machinery Pvt Ltd Email: sales@irt. ‘Trust House’ 3rd Floor.Goenka. Rubber Sheets. Conveyor Belts. Hyd. MIDC. India Phone: 033 . Concrete Delivery Systems. AISM Cage Suspension Gear. Access & Winding Equipments.k@eril. Rock Bolting Instrumentation. a single point source for Conveyor Belt maintenance products. an all metal seal for grease lubricated Ball Bearings and Kroll & Ziller Seals for Pipe Flanges.093. OBS has the ability to assess the fire risk. Top Drilling Crawiler Mounted Drilling Equipment.parcommhydraulics. Panthcon Road Egmore Chennai 600 008 Tamil Nadu India Tel: 91 44 826 Owner : J. Vibrating Screens. Rock Breaker. Oriental Rubber Industries Limited Email: marketing@orientalrubber. 400709 Ph:+022 6513 708185 Products : Condition monitoring Predict Technologies (I) Pvt. Rubber and Ceramic Pulley Lagging. Email: Website: www. Hydraulic Cone Crushers. Kroil & Ziller Pipe Flange Seals. installation. Kolkata. Wheel Mounted Mobile Hydraulic Components .000 TPY) and Electrolytic Manganese Dioxide (EMD) Plant (1000 TPY) as per its diversification Single Toggle Jaw Crushers.P. Chief Executive: Sunil Prabhakar. India Tel: +91 33 32966086 / 32928880 Fax: +91 33 23590021 Email: parcomm@vsnl. manufacturing. VSI Crushers. MOIL has set up Ferro Manganese Plant ( Also NILOS RING. undertake the design and to provide efficient fire protection systems to meet local. Project Monitor & Project Alert. Mahape. Email: The Indian Mining & Engineering Journal . tools & Accessories for Splicing & Vulcanizing Belts. Complete Aggregrate Crushing Plants Nilos India Private Limited Hardevi chambers 91. Brake Components Parker Hannifin India Private Limited Plot EL-26. KG Group worldwide. cold & Hot repair materials and various Rubber components for conveyor systems. Impact Bars.form of manganous oxide is used as micro-nutrient for cattle feed and fertilizers. Kolkata . Spiral Classifiers. 1991. 32A Chittaranjan Avenue. Ventilation Instrumentation. MOIL has also set up a Captive Power Plant and drawn plans to set up Silico Manganese Plant under Jv with Rashtriya Ispat Nigam Limited(RINL) and SDAIL. Mining Cosultancy Nanda Millar Co. Managing Director Contact Executive: S V Swaminathan.24174508 Fax: 033 . Range covers Hydraulic Vulcanizing Presses. TTC Industrial Area. Navi Mumbai. Transportable & Stationery Hydraulic Belt Coilers & Decoilers. Kankurgachi. Skirt Rubbers & Scraper From a present annual production of around 1. Extension Equipments. Moulded Rubber Products Parcomm Hydraulics Private Limited 34/B Motilal Basak Lane. exports@orientalrubber. Nilos India offers customers. Pulley Lagging & Wear Resistant Lining. OBS was born on 18th September. Email: bhusan. Ltd. India. also. Pipe Coupling Repair Clamps Nawa Engineers & Consultants (P) Ltd. tools & Accessories. With the idea of providing professional approach covering all aspects of FIRE ENGINEERING. Grapple. DRH Drilling OBS has been promoted by bringing together the skills and experience of several well-known and respected fire companies of India. Vice President Products/Services: Conveyor Belt Vulcanizing Machine. Cold Repair & Splicing Materilas. Mineral Processing & Manufacturing of Heavy Engineering. MOIL fulfills about 50% of the total requirement of dioxide ore in India. testing & commissioning and of course. service to the customer.

singh@relianceeda. Alternators. Hingna Road. PP Basket Strainers.pixtrans. Managing Partner Products: Dealers of MANN+HUMMEL ON-LINE centrifugal Lube oil filters for Diesel engines. Brake Block for Railways Pix Transmissions Limited Website: www. 11/1 Sarat Bose Road. Mobile Track Mounted Screen. High speed all season Personal& equipment transport vehicle . Grizzly Hydraulic Hoses. End Fittings. Maintenance Management Techniques etc. Automotive Belts.India brings a strong line-up of cost-reducing products and services to the surface mining industry in India and Nepal. Hydraulic Cone Crushers. Red Ochre. PP Butterfly Valves Prinoth AG Email: manoj.Jayaraman. Sizers. Screens & Feeders:Top Housing / Central Shaft Vibrating Screens in 2. 236501-4 Fax: +91 7104 236505 / 6 Email: info@pixtrans. Cone Crushers and Vertical Shaft Impactors. Rasvin Rubber Email: Crushers:Jaw Crushers. Email: scrafts@satyam. 4th Floor.21 tons. Grizzly Feeders.. Chennai – 600 034. Sintered Pads for Website: www. Semi Mobile Wheel Mounted Jaw Linings for Drive Pioneer Friction Limited gchattopadhyay@wabtec. 85/ India Tel: +91 33 22806634/5/6/7 Fax: +91 33 22806638 Email: psbhawal@phoenixyule. Vertical Shaft Impactors. Silica Chief Executive : K. Wheel Loaders P&H MinePro Services India Mining Centre. Fax: 044 – 55-825 3279 Email: Logistics Services in Constructions and Mining Equipments REIL Electricals India Limited Email: sales@reilindia. Hose Assemblies.thomas@prinoth. Hammer Mills. HEMM Belts. Laterite Price Pumps Pvt Ltd Email: office@pricepumps. Josier St. Fuel Shut Off Solenoids. Friction Wheel for Monorails. Brake Block for Cranes.. Industrial Portable M/C Tools (Such As): Portable Boring M/C. Tel: 044 – 826 1451. Extend onthe-job training facilities to field engineers/operators on Condition Monitoring. Agriculture Belts. Emergency Steering Motor Pump Assy Reliance Capital Ltd Email: manish. Steel Cord Reinforced Conveyor Belting –in conformity with various National & international Standards for maximum conveying performance over long distances and large conveying heights and including Special Belts like Pipe Textile Reinforced Conveyor Belting -in conformity with various National & international Standards and including Special Belts like Pipe The Indian Mining & Engineering Journal .for vegetation management. India Tel: +91 7104 237729.. Nagpur 440 016.Pelican Projects Email: pelican2@rediffmail. 48. Kolkata. PP Priming Chamber. Vibrating Pan Feeders. Linings for Deflection Sheaves.. Special Application Belts Progressive Technologies Email: info@sawakaolin. Portable Milling Materials Handling Equipment (Such As): Grab Buckets. Nungambakkam. Puzzolana Machinery Fabricators Email: puzzolanam@puzzolana. Topsia Road (South). Energy Optimized and Ultra Heat Resistant Belts.3.4 Deck December 2010: Entering 50th Year of Publications 55 Tracked carriers for off-terrain mobility and with payload raging from 4. MIDC. Pleasant Enterprises “Jothimayam”.for patrolling and disaster management. 700046 Phone: 91-33/23022300 Fax: 91-33/23022333 P&H MinePro Services . Brake Block for Hoists. Shovels Phoenix Yule Limited “Ideal Plaza”.net. Coal Sizers & Feeder Breakers. Portable Flange Facing. Kolkata.. Ring Granulators. Energy Optimized and Ultra Heat Resistant Belts. Mobile Track mounted Jaw Starter Motors. Forestry Kaolin. Horizontal AOD Low Pressure & High Pressure Hyraulic & Indsutrial Rubber Hose Pipes Ravi Transport Services Email: ravitransport@rediffmail. Ltd. Conveyor Belt Service Material for optimum conveyor belt splices & for bonding / repairing Phooltas Tamper Pvt. Industrial Hoses. Thermoplastic Hoses.5 tons.

December 2010: Entering 50th Year of Publications 56 Schenck Process India Limited ananda. Quick Change. 3658. Motor Grader. Crawler Dozers. Email: balasundaram@revathi. Hydraulic Crawler Drill.vsnl. Tower Cranes. Gandhinagar Balanagar Hyderabad 500 037 Andhra Pradesh India Tel: 91 40 308 8578 / 2592 / 7943 Fax: 91 40 308 6532/6781 Email: tagroup@hd1. Orange Grapple. Saha Court 4th Floor Room No. plant. Marine Equipments. Forestry Equipments. Online Auctions RMI Pressure Systems Limited Email: rmimining@armlink. Mining and tunneling. Agriculture Equipments. Hose Assemblies and Hydraulic Systems. 3248 E-mail: safexindia2003@yahoo. -99 Fax : 011-26839369 Email:mks@giasdl01. Mine automation Sany Heavy Industry India Pvt Ltd Email:zhangp@sany.gupta@sandvik. Hydraulic Combi Crushers.mukherjee@schenkprocess. Mobile Cranes. G. Designers and Manufacturers of Hydraulic & Pneumatic Cylinders.K Motions Concrete Machinery. PO: Nagnagar – 826004. Hydraulic Hose High Pressure Pumps and Pumping systems for Longwall Mining. Crushers and screens. Piling Rig Setlite Products India (P) Limited P.lobo@rkgroup. Unreserved Auctions. Hydraulic Systems/Power Units Company Profile: Technical & Financial Collaboration with SALZGITTER HYDRAULIKSTEMPLE GERMANY. Salzgitter is the first indigenous manufacturer to receive DGMS approvals for 190 & 200 Tonnes CEO & MD: Rakesh Kumar Product: Electrical Items except motor for SDL. New Delhi 110 024 Ph: 011-26822597/ Hydraulic Seals. Avenue. CIE (Expn). transit mixer.Auctioneers India Pvt Ltd Email: smalhotra@rbauction. etc. Petroleum Equipments. Transporation Equipments. authorized dealer for BEML spares.M Salzgitter Hydraulics Private Limited 59-B.nikalje@sand Rock tools and Hydraulic Excavators. Pipe layers & Pay welding Machines Safex (India) Ashirwad Valves. Chairman &Managing Director Contact Executive : K Parthasarathy. 27145983 Website: Bearings. Dhanbad Tel: 0326-2293133. Mining Engineer Products/Services: Hydraulic/Pneumatic Cylinders. Power Safety and environment. Truck Managing Director Products : HEMM Spare Parts and Tyres.Props.25. Backhoe Loaders. SA Syncon Infrastructure Services (I) Private Limited Email: Hrishikesh. Office & Works: 65. Repair Kits for H. and High Pressure Pumps for Industrial Rockprocess Equipment Private Limited Email: Chief Executive : Sanjeev Chabra. Ltd. Seal Chief Executive : D N Gauri. PUNE 411 012 Tel : 020-27104800.kulkarni@syncon. Sr. Motor Graders. Load and haul machines. Control Valves.B. Road Construction Equipments. Bhilai – 490 026 (M. Lajpat nagar II. Legs For Powered Roof All Types of Construction Equipments. Website: www.C. Road Headers & Transverse Cutters .) India The Indian Mining & Engineering Journal . Hydraulic Compactors Rotamic Hydraulics Pvt. Clamshells. Revathi Equipments. Coupler. Email: savio. Breakers and Demolition tools. Pneumatic Industrial Estate. Legs. 40T Hydraulic O. Front End Wheel Loaders. Conveyors and Conveyor components.rotamic. Sandvik Asia Limited Mumbai-Pune Road. Props. Bulk materials handling equipments. Twin headers.Ritchie Email: Furukawa Hydraulic Rock Breaker. Vibratory Soil Compactor. Rams. Crawler Crane. Pedestal Stationery Boom dhanashree. Drill rigs and rock drills. Material Handling Manufacturers of crawled mounted pneumatic trac drills.No. 8.P. Mining Equipments. Simplex Engineering & Foundry Works Ltd. Salzgitter Props & Hose Assemblies are approved by DGMS. Kolkata 700 013 Tel: +91 33 22257796 / 97 Fax: +91 33 22258862 Email: rdseals@vsnl. Ltd.

Invoice Discounting. Email: tecpro_kol@tecprosystems. Excavators. 25757334 Fax : 25752904 Email: stallion@nde. 55. 27 E.. Gemcom – Gems.shekhar@terexfinlay. Ltd. Chief Executive : Dinesh Malik. 301. TII Techno Testing Instruments Pvt Ltd Email: Stallion Engineering Systems Pvt.. Reverse Alarm for Heavy Earth Moving Equipments. P-40.Insite d) Gemcom – Gemcom – Surpac. Gemcom . Chute & Hopper Liners. Rough top conveyor belts and other accessories Surpac Software (I) Pvt. Hyderabad. M.C. Fax: 4361 0001 M: +919810705276 Email: jaideep. Gemcom .com Contact : Jaideep Shekhar Country Manager India & South Asia Ph: 011-4361 0009. Shock Absorber Bushes Tata Capital Limited Email: rmanjarekar@tatacapital. Commercial Chambers. Flip Flow Screen. Email: southern@vsnl. Watermist Foam Systems. India Tel: +91 33 24783356 / 3512 Fax: +91 33 24783649 Email: raj.thesimplex. Working Capital. New Delhi 110 001 Website: www. Dozzen. Clean Agent Portable Cylinders. Stacker Website: www. Belt Mill Lining / Hydrocyclone / Chute & Hopper Linning / Screen Panel / Conveyor Products Terex Finlay Belt Conveyors. etc. Fax: 91 788 2381058. A major participant in the Indian infrastructure development initiative. Low and Light belt conveyors etc are in use in Indian Coal Mines. Ltd. Friction Construction Equipment Finance. Vibrating Screen Panels. India Tel: +91 40 65272222 / 5555 Fax: +91 40 27720598 Email: psarangi@gemcomsoftware. SKF India Limited Email: sbuindia@skf. Drilling Machine. Uttar Pradesh 201 306 Tel: +91 120 2569873. Abrasion Resistant Liners. Skirt Rubber.56. 2560542 Fax: +91 120 2569876 E-mail: DGMS Approved Automatic Fire Detection and Suppression Systems for Heavy Earth Moving Equipments like Dumpers. Old Rajinder Nagar Market. New Timken India Limited Email: gaowdat@timken. Hydro Cyclones. Karkhana Road. Rental. Universal Mobile Drilling Machines.S. Thermo Fisher Niton. Crushers. 59 Email: simplex@bom5. New Delhi 110 060 Ph: 57 Cast Polyurethane Wheel of the Indian Army. Term A leading engineering and foundry firm. Training (RMI). Kolkata 700 046 Tel: +91 33 39887734 Fax: 22857542 Email: Power Transmission Thriveni Earthmovers Pvt. Ltd. Gautam Budh Web: Narain Consultancy Southern Electronics (Bangalore) Pvt. Kolkata 700053. 5 Kg. Maintenance Products. Director Products : Rubber sheets. barakhamba Road.srei. Email: jpk@thriveni. Hyderabad 500 062 India Tel: +91 40 27123531 Fax: +91 40 27137598 E-mail: orithane@gmail. Bhaskar Plaza. 22. 10 Kg Capacity Portable Dry Chemical Powder Cylinders.T.terexfinlay. Udyog Vihar. Operating Lease. Block-B. has developed a number of products meant for underground and opencast Heavy Earth Moving machineries and Material Handling systems. Condition Monitoring. The Indian Mining & Engineering Journal December 2010: Entering 50th Year of Publications . More then 1500 trucks plying in the Indian commercial market. PU Lined Roller.. Ltd. Vibrating Feeder Tega Industries Ltd. Advisory Services‘ Tatra Vectra Motors Plot No. Load-Haul-Dump (LHDs). Used Equipment Finance. Greater Noida.Minex Swagath Urethane Pvt. Chocks. Extn. Techking Tyres Limited Tecpro Systems Ltd. It’s Side Discharge Loaders. Automatic Fire Detection and Suppression Systems for underground Mines SREI Equipment Finance Pvt.Tel: 91 788 2381054. 86C Topasia Road (South). 23. IDA Kushaiguda. Coal Haulers. Screens.

Tata-Hitachi EX 400 Hydraulic Excavator. Fulfilling the requirement of Uranium for the Pressurised Heavy Water Reactors. Tata TMX 20 Hydraulic Excavator. Company Profile: Telco Construction Equipment Company Ltd (TELCON). Multi Utility Loader TIL Limited 1 Taratolla Road.O. Heavy Duty Apron Feeders. Compactors.+91-657-2730122/2730222/2730335 Fax No . 39 shakespeare Sarani. 2469 6481 Fax: 91-33-2469 2143/2469 3731 Authorised Caterpillar dealer in India for northern and eastern regions.. Backhoe Loader.Vijaykumar@telcon.8 X 4 Uranium Corporation of India Limited R. UCIL is an ISO 9001:2008. UCIL plays a very significant role in India’s nuclear power generation Jaw Bulk Material Handling Systems. Low Floor Buses. 2469 Website : www.49T.700 024. Telco Construction Equipment Co Ltd Email: M. Motor Graders. Vibratory Screens. Slurry Pumps Track Parts Corporation TRF Limited Email: rajen. Uranium Corporation of India Limited is a Public Sector Enterprise under the Department of Atomic Energy. tata 280-45 Crawler Crane. Managing Director Products/Services: Tata TMX 20 Hydraulic Excavator.East Singhbhum Jharkhand . It was incorporated on 4th October 1967. Dust Collection System. Bulk Material Handling System Tractor Engineers Limited Email: ss-tng@tengl@ltindia. Conveyors Transwegh India Limited Email: sales@transweigh-india. Tata-Hitachi EX 200 LC Hydraulic Excavator. 8. GMMCO is the dealer for other regions.03.52 Seater Buses. Drill Jumbos Torsa Machines Limited Email: This is the only organisation which is engaged in mining and processing of Uranium ore in the country.– Japan. School Buses. 2469 3983. Crawler it is a joint venture with 20% stake of Hitachi Construction machinery Ltd.ucil. India Tel: +91 33 22834467 Fax: +91 33 22891655 Email: corp.titagarh.trfltd. Track Groups. Weighing Systems.+91-657-2730322/2730252 Website: http://www. Prime Movers .40T. TataHitachi EX 300 LCH Hydraulic Excavator. Buses. Tandem Rollers. Which was December 2010: Entering 50th Year of Publications 58 formally known as CEBU division. Tata-Hitachi EX 600-V Hydraulic Excavator. Tata-Hitachi EX210 LCH-V Hydraulic Excavator.sahay@jsr. Hydraulic Excavators. wheel loaders etc. Total Maintenance Contract. Annual Maintenance Contract.Jaduguda Mines Dist.40 Ton Tippers. Tata TFC 75 Crawler Crane. Manufacturing plant is in Thiruvallur near Chennai manufactures Undercarriage Parts. Tata 320 Crawler Crane. Port & Yard Equipment. Museum Road. India Tel : 91-33-2469 3732-6. Fax: 91 80 5583343 Chief Executive: Sarosh J Heavy Commercial Vehicle. Tata-Hitachi TMX 20 Hydraulic Excavator. Kolkata 700 Vibratory Feeders. Feeders. Cone Crushers. Screening Equipments.. Mini Blast Furnace + Sinter Plant Technology Telcon Construction Ltd Jubliee Building. Garden Reach Kolkata .. Tata-Hitachi EX 65 Hydraulic Excavator.72T. Hydraulic excavators/Mining Shovels. 25 . Today. The Indian Mining & Engineering Journal . Dump trucks.titagarh. Roller as a 100% subsidiary of Tata Engineering Ltd. Banglore 560 025 Karnataka India Tel: 91 80 5583345/5583346. Tata-Hitachi EX 100 Hydraulic Excavato. Bulk Material Handling Equipment.832102 Phone No . UCIL is at the forefront of the Nuclear Power cycle. M/S Ural India Limited Email: uralindia@vsnl. CMD P.Titagarh Wagons Limited Heavy Engineering Division Premlata (4th Floor). TataHitachi EX 40 Hydraulic Excavator. the market leaders in Hydraulic Excavators and Crawler cranes with market stake of over 65% and 95% respectively was incorporated on Cranes both track mounted and tyre mounted. Services offered : Annual Service Contract. Hydraulic Aggregate workshops. 25 . Machine Overhaul & Health Checks. Contact: Rajesh Nath. responding to the dynamics of our industry. The VDMA has its fingers on the pulse of current themes of the engineering industry. Soil Compactors. and other activities. Ltd. Jaipur Road. Lubricant. Pegson’s Premiertrak and 1000 Maxtrak combination units are now finding much application in Website: www. Sector III.vdma. It has two processing plants at Jaduguda and Turamdih and an upcoming milling project at Tummalepalle in Andra Pradesh. Hydro Pneumatic Suspensions. Ajmeer .2321 7391. civil member companies active in all fields of the engineering sector. T. Wheel Loaders. General Manager (Kolkata) Successfully undertaken excavation of Bauxite at Nalco Mines for the first time in India. India Tel: +91 80 6691 4500 Fax: +91 80 4186 7030 Website: www. Rotary Cylinder/Rotary Joints. The VDMA reflects the full production process and various customer-supplier relationships. Bhattacharya. 1B. GC Contact : Dr S. Hydraulic Hose. Email: vektra@eisec. vaasval. the German Engineering Federation. Anna Web: www. Hydraulic Systems / Power Packs. Value Added Products VAAS Industries Private Ltd Power Transmission Web : www. Asphalt Compactors. Bauxite having more than 100PSI could be Hydraulic Hammers Veyance Rubber India Private Limited Email: anand_ph@veyance. vdmaindia@eth. It represents mostly small and medium-sized enterprises in Germany. Pneumatic Tyre Swedish Group Volvo has made strong presence in India with its wide-range of trucks used in mining.vermeer. Accumulators Vermeer Worldwide Machinery Solutions. hydel power construction. Deepak@vaasval. Chinchpokii. web: www. Industrial Hose. Bagmane Tech. 2nd Floor. Air Springs Volvo India Private Limited 66/1. Bangalore 560 093. Turamdih underground mines and Banduhurang opencast mines and upcoming mining projects at Mohuldih in East Singhbhum district of Jharkhand and at Tummalapalle mining project in Andhra Pradesh and Gogi mining project at Karnataka. Chennai – 600 032 Tel: 044-2250 1169 Fax: 2250 1168 E-mail: vk@vevventures. Kolkata – 700106 / India.Vijaykrishnan. 400 employees in the non-profit association serve 3. Tel. Block-A. III Floor. Articulated Haulers.m@volvo. Park. Web : www. Pneumatic Cylinders. Bhatin. KPM opencast mining and milling project at Meghalaya is in the pipeline. Mumbai 400 033 Ph: 022-56656394/56656 155/56656 139/56656 943 Fax : 56656 398/56656 399 Email: construction@voltas. India Tel: 0145 . Industrial Hydraulic Cylinders.5100253 / 254 / 255 Fax: 2424235 Email: mail@vermeer.vsnl. Race View Tower. Narwapahar. Opp: Kishangarh Kothi. Salt Lake. enabling co-operation across the board.B. It is having its mining operations at Bagjata. Voltas Limited (A TATA Enterprise) Mining & Construction Equipment Division Voltas House.Kadam Marg.14001:2004 & IS 18001:2007 company and has adopted the latest state of the art technology for its mines and process plant. VP-Marketing & Dipak Chakravarty Products : Valves VDMA: German Engineering Federation Indian Office. Motor Graders. Vev Ventures.305 001. Lakeview Building CV Raman Contact: A.vevventures. 71.K. Fax:  2321 7073 E-mail: tmbvdma@vsnl. Guindy. Products : Represents major heavy earth moving mining machinery companies of the World in India. Used Equipment 59 The Indian Mining & Engineering Journal December 2010: Entering 50th Year of Publications . Automotive Hose. Vektra Engineering Pvt. Also deals with Terex Crushing and Recycling Conveyor Belts. Terex Pegson & Powerscreen Volvo India Private Limited Email: Hydraulic Excavators.: 033-2321 9522 / . Paver Finishers. is the largest European industry branch association. Chennai 600 096 Ph: 044-4261 9500 Fax: 4262 9501 Email: sales@vaasval. Director The VDMA and its services for member companies The VDMA. Valvoline Cummins Limited Email: amishra@valvolinecummins.

Annual Maintenance Contract. cement. Dumper placers. Plough Share Mixers Wam India Private Limited Email: pinaki. Iron Ore Mining. Fax: 91 80 843 7581 Email: wipl@satyam. marine and offshore industry. Pneumatic Vibrators/ Pneumatic Hammers. Vithal Udyognagar Anand. Installation assistance. Assembly of gear box. Cavex Hydrocyclones.. Conveyor Belt & Components. Dust Filters. Butterfly Valves/Gate Valves. Operation Maintenance Contract WAM Bombay BHEI Pvt. Sun Hydraulics. Floway Vertical Slurry Pumps. Wipro Fluid Power 9B/10A. Supply New Plant. Email: chiranjib. Hot Recyclers. Lewis Sulpher Chemical Pumps. Motors & Control Valves. Phase-I Peeny Industrial Area Banglore 560 058 Karnataka India Tel: 91 80 839 4982. Banglore 560 074 Tel: 91 80 843 7577. central drive gear units with split torque. Product Range . USA – Cartridges Valves & Manifolds. Mixing Technology. Cranes. Material Discahrge Technology. Transportation Systems.o. high-speed gear units. side drive gear units. Worldwide Machinery Solutions Email: Belt Conveyor Systems. President Company Profile: Wipro Fluid Power – set up in 1976 to cater to the hydraulic component requirement in India. Vibrating Bin Aerators and Pads. Truck Hydraulics systems and components for Tippers-rear. Mobile Screening Plant.b@weirminerals. Buses. power generation. Winches & Vibro-mates. 2 plants – Bangalore & Hindupur (Andhra Pradesh). Loaders & Back Hoe. powerful surface miners for selective mining without drilling and blasting and modern slipform pavers for highly automatic construction of concrete roads. Grinders. Equipment Lease . Material Handling.mandal@wamgroup. Wash Plant. GIDC. Truck Dispatch Weir Minerals India Pvt. Screw Conveyors. Co. Eaton. metallurgy. Overhauling of Shovels & HEMM W B Engineers International Pvt Ltd Email: wbengineers@gmail. Unbalanced Motor Vibrators. car carriers. Farm & Agricultural Chief Executive : M Seethapathy Rao. Pvt Ltd A-2/440. Gujarat 388 121 Email: Vulcan@viecl. open gear parts. Industrial Machinery. Earthmoving Vehicles. Area Mysore Road. Soil Stabilizers + Cold Products/Services: Cold Milling Website: www. Surface Miners. Vulco Wear Resistant Wikov Gear Email: s. we are poised to position ourself as a global supplier of hydraulic products. With a wealth of knowledge in the development of hydraulic cylinders. Kumbalgodu Ind. Teijin Seiki. We are the fastest growing and the largest manufacturers of hydraulic components in India.Volvo CE machines. Isogate Slurry Valves. 2 Manufacturing range: Helical. Volvo Penta Engines. Level Indicators. Wirtgen GMBH Wirtgen India Pvt Ltd 22-B.r. Main applications: gear units for heavy duty applications for Manufacturer of Gears. Compost Turners Worldcon Technologies Pvt Ltd The Indian Mining & Engineering Journal . USA – Hydrostatic Transmissions Hydrostatic Steering & LSHT Motors. Bulk Handling Equipment. Trucks & Tippers Vulcan Indl. Mine Safety Equipment. Fax: 91 80 839 6450 Email: Screw Conveyor / Bucket Elevators. Japan – Track Drives. 3 way.CYLINDERS – Construction & Earthmoving. Environment & Safety Mobile Crushing Plant. The product range also compeises efficient hot and cold recycling equipment for road spiral bevel gear sets. under body and front end tipping systems. December 2010: Entering 50th Year of Publications 60 Aftersales support including service and spare parts deliveries. bevel-helical and planetary gear units including their combinations and special customized gear units. Directional Drills. Volvo Rental Solutions. Special Vehicles – Garbage compactors. Slipform Pavers Company Profile: The Windhagen/Germany based Wirtgen Gmbh offers the world’s largest range of cold milling machines.Rental. gear rims upto 5000mm. Solid Liquid Separation Technology Weighload Technologies Private Limited Email: Hazleton Speciality Slurry Pumps. Email: oil@wambombay. Trenchers. Bucket Elevators. Supply of Pre Owned Plants. Vibration Technology. jkral@wikov. Surface Miners. Roll on-off Tippers. Service and monitoring assistance. LHD’S Load Haul Dumpers. Japan – for Axial Piston Pumps. Also have agency business: distributors in India for foreign principals like: Kawasaki. Ltd.

net. Fax: 1294 274063. Product characteristics measuring during production. Heavy Duty. Investments Into Australia Becorit GmbH Betek.Email: worldcon@satyam. New Delhi Email: partha.o. December 2010: Entering 50th Year of Publications .de Brautigam Group Email: vertrieb@braeutigam-gruppe. 10.Range of 1100V and 3300V motor starters and circuit breakers. 5. Canada BMWi-Information Email: willenbuecher@imag. Heatherhouse Industrial Estate Irvine. Email: beifen@comfairs.Bretoncemstone® Plants 61 The Indian Mining & Engineering Journal OVERSEAS ABMEC (ASSOCIATION BRITISH MINING EQUIPMENT COMPANIES) Email: ruth. Gravel Pump.bailey@abmec. Projects and Capital Acquisition Aker Solutions Australia Email: scott.Flameproof Fuel and Fleet management systems. a non-profit making organization. Tunnel Ventilation Systems for underground works. Automation of technological processes. Home and industrial gas detectors. Ayrshire Scotland Tel: 44 1294-273111 Fax: 44 1294 274 994 Email: Bretonstone®Plants.Huleatt@ga. 11. Vibrating Screen.S700 – range gas analyzers for continuous Anti Abrasive Material OEM Parts Australian Government Geoscience Group Email: Geoscietific data and information to assist mineral exploration Project Delivery Services Allanwest Wallacetown Limited 66 Third Avenue Heatherhouse Industrial Estate Irvine KAJ2 8HN United Kingdom Tel: 1294 273111. Access Website: www.IS lighting.Communication systems Alloy Steel International Email: greg@alloysteel.Bretonterastone®Plants. accredited by the British Government Advent Asia Pacific Pty Ltd Email: n. James J Mining Products for explosive environments in the underground and chemical industry . Power Centres. Integrated PLC and Control Stations Company Profile : Design and Manufacturer of Electrical Motor Control Systems and Drives for Voltages Up to 11KV Incorporating Integrated PLC Signalling And Coloured Diagnostic Displays for the Mining. Ltd Email: aszk-jqc@hotmail. 8. Portable measuring devices for physical quantities Testo. Variable Frequency Drives up to 6600V. Sourching From Electrical switchgear and distribution gear up to 11kV. Allenwest Wallacetown Limited Third Avenue. Attendance systems Zhejiang Knick Electromechanical Black Cat Blades Ltd. Air precleaners for Trade Association. Mine Email: info@betek. Load Business Matching. High tension switchgear interconnectors and feeders. Crusher. 7. Monorail Zitron ( India) Pvt. Mine Studies. Ltd.wallacetown. Transformers. Vertical Sump Pumps. Oil and Gas and Petrochemical Industries. sevcik@zam. Mixing Plant Atlas Equipment Manufacturing Ltd Email: info@atlas-pump. Steel Castings ZAM-Servis Email: s. Extreme Duty Slurry Review and Audits. Locomotives BRETON SPA Email: info@breton. Feeder. Karl-Heinz Simon GmbH & Co.. Power Centres. Email: sales@wallacetown. Load Centres.edwards@akersolutions.Gas sensors.sen@austrade. Managing Director Products/Services: Switcgear. Large dia DTH hammers and Chief Executive: Mr. Bucket crushers for Excavator. Email: Heavy Load Water Resistant Steel Plate Anshan Heavy Duty Mining Machinery Co.

Weighbelts. Actuation . MineSCADA computer supervisory control and data acquisition. Continuous Miner. Shearer Loaders -Water Flushing. Brake . Track -Rack & Pinion. Haulage Vehicles. Ash Analysers. Shearer Loaders –Drums Shearer Loaders –Picks. Motor Grader.Load Monitors – Moisture Analysers. Pads & Shoes. Email: minewatch@davisderby. Cranes.chel. Pipe Layer. Diesel Intrinsically Safe Equipment.Park.Haul – Dump. RFID Manpower and vehicle detection and zoning systems. Locomotives. Spare Parts CKD Mobilini Jeraby a. UNDERGROUND HAULAGE Monorail Rolling Stock. ADD ONS FOR PRODUCTION EQUIPMENT Machine Performance Monitoring-Analysis/Diagnostic –Bearings & Analysis/ Diagnostic –Vibration. Road Headers -In Line Heads.Low Profile Articulated Trucks.Callidan Instruments Pty Ltd Email: jroychoudhury@salva. Electronic document and records management system (EDRMS) acquisition and implementation Chtz-Uraltrac Limited Email: Chair Lifts. Cars –Ram. MATERIALS HANDLING. Chock Supports. LOADING MACHINES .s. Panel Belt Conveyors + Walkway. Container Units. Coke Analysers Carlisle Industrial Brake & Friction Brakes .com. Track -Suspended Tyre Protection Chains. Fax: +49 2306 709 376 email: dirk.mumbai@czechtrade. Scoop Tram –Electric. Coal Analysers. Valves. Roadway Maintenance. specifically battery.straeter@dbt. Productivity Monitoring. Wheel Loader. Scoop/Hoppers -Bottom Dump Type. SUPPORT TECHNOLOGY-Roof Bolting. Control Supports. Continuous Miner –Cutters. Developing and reviewing information management control documentation. Tracked Systems – Track Rubber Types. Breaker Line Support. TRAINING EQUIPMENT & SERVICES. Trench Cutters. Crusher Loader. Haulers. Inc. Lunen. Crawler Tractors. General Purpose Cars FREE STEERED VEHICLES . Web: www.ENVIRONMENTAL MONITORING(Air Quality & Precision Vibrations Measuring Equipment).ru Bull Dozer. Unloading Stations. Twin Track Rolling Stock.India Pvt Ltd Email: dmi@davesmenindia.Indsutrial. D-44534 Germany Contact: Dirk Strater Telephone: +49 2306 709 180. review and National Trade Promotion Agency of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic. CONVEYORS . ENGINEERING EQUIPMENT & SERVICES FOR SURFACE & UNDERGROUND ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES -Generator Sets-For Mine Power Batteries –Vehicle. Signalling. info@ckd-jeraby. Power Transmission.MECHANISED DRIVAGE . Conveyor Monitor & Control. Alarms For Clayton Equipment Email: info@claytonequipment.Stage Loaders.Extensible Belt Conveyors + Walkway. Loader Only. Brake Testing Equipment.OTHER MECHANISED. Excavator . Continuous Miner –Bolters.Partial Face Cut. Control & Monitoring COMMUNICATIONS Radio / Remote Controls & Video Systems. Automated Flow Systems. trolley and diesel locomotives Czechtrade Email: info@czechtrade. Track -Floor Intrinsically Safe Automation products and systems including signalling and communications. Shearer Loaders -Single Ended. Road Headers. Davesmen . Continuous Miner -Road Shearer Loaders Automated Steering. UNDERGROUND MINING EXCAVATION – LONGWALL Armoured Face Conveyors. Sensors & Radars Davis Derby Ltd. Track -Rope Cable Drive. Roof Bolting Rigs.Service. underground controllers. And Special Machines. Wheeled Load . Cable -Handling By Monorail. Shearer Loaders – DBT GmbH(A company of Bucyrus Strategic Information management planning.Valves Codice Pty Ltd Email: christinescott@codice. MECHANICAL DESIGNERS & CONSULTANT MINERAL PROCESSING & COAL PREPARATION COMPLETE BENEFICIATION Clayton Equipment manufacture an extensive range of surface and underground haulage equipment for the mining and construction industry. Brake . Shearer Loaders -Remote Control. Compactor. Scoop Tram –Diesel.Conveyor Equipment & Accessories(including instrumentation). Self Propelled Repair Front Wheel Loader.) Industrie Strasse 1. Shield Supports EXCAVATION . Shearer Loaders -Double Ended. data transmission systems. MAJOR EQUIPMENT COMPONENTS for Hydraulic Fluid Power. EXCAVATION . SIZE REDUCTION 62 The Indian Mining & Engineering Journal December 2010: Entering 50th Year of Publications . Camera Monitor System. Ploughs. Battery Chargers. Track -Twin Rail. COMPUTERS.

Cararra. stackers. Newcastle West Email: stephen.A. installation and servicing of:. Radiation Services. Coal & Product Famak S. Economic & Commercial Office of the Polish Embassy can help Indian companies to find a good partner in Poland for establishing joint ventures in both countries. 46-200 Kluczbork. Civil Tunnelling Machines. Fax: 91 11 687 2033 Products/Services: Leaflets/Catalogue. Camera housing. enelex. Mine Development Embassy of the the Republic of Poland Email: mm. Coal Handling Design & Construction. CRUSHERS Dosco Overseas Engineering Limited Ollerton Road. Chanakyapuri. Information Material Profile: Economic & Commercial Office of the Embassy of the Republic & Poland is to assist business entities of India and Poland in further promotion economic & trade co-operation between the two countries.dosco. Rotation Website: Coal Washery Design. Mine Solutions Eurotire Email: dan. Poland Tel: 48 77 4182491-7. Mine Fabryaka Maszyn I Urzadzen 5 Fabryczna Str.enelex.Ignarra@downeredimining. Tools for Rotary Drum Cutters ERLAU AG Brigade Electronics PLC NORDIC Lights FLIR Essa Australia Limited Email: The Indian Mining & Engineering Journal . Small Equipment for Display .pl Rotary Drum Automatic coal samplem.o. Tuxford Newark Notts NG22 OPQ. oxygen analyzers for flue FAM Forderanlagen Magdeburg PO Box 3540 Sudenburger Wuhne 47 Magdeburg D-39010. Products : Re-loading equipment : reclaimers. manufacturing. Site Infrastructure Design & Double Ended Ranging Drum Shearer Loader EMA Coal International. New Delhi 110 021 Tel: 91 11 688 9211 / 9036. Supply of complete range of equipment for industrial minerals beneficiation. Catalogues Embassy Of Poland Economic & Commercial Office 50-M (Gate No. Fax: 48 77 4185006 Email: Chief Executive: Man Czechowski. Coal Washery Construction. Scraper-portal and crane reclaimers. rail-mounted stacker-reclaimers. December 2010: Entering 50th Year of Publications 63 Emeco International Heavy Mining Equipment Rental and Sales Enelex Spol Email: s r. A. Security systems.pullen@ema. QLD Email: Terri.deWeb: www. and Wheel caterpillar stackers Famur Group Krakow/Sosnowice Email: famur@famur. Shantipath.. COMPLETE CRUSHING INSTALLATION. Supply of complete range of equipment for find iron ore benefication. Brochure of Polish Companies. Supply of complete range of equipment for mineral sands mining & separation. Supply of complete range of equipment for coal beneficiation Eickhoff Bergbautechnik GmbH Email: wschroth@eickhoff-bochum. Oxygen analyzers.4) Machine Refurbishment Roadheaders.– CRUSHING BREAKERS. coal ash content measurement devices. Boom in Shield Machines.volkov@eurotire. Banners. President Company Profile: Machinery and equipment factory FAMAK Development. is the producer of wide range transport – hosting equipment used in transport systems and reloading materials. United Kingdom Tel: 44 1 777 870621 Fax: 44 1 777 871580 Email: sales@dosco. Machine Refurbishment Downer EDI. Fax: +49 391 638 0471 email: sales@fam. Industrial Television systems (CCTV).fam. Pictures. Germany Contact: Wolfgang Retzlaff Telephone: +49 391 638 0292. Continuous Miners. Indo-Polish cooperation in mining sector has always been appreciated and there is still further scope and avenues for its Posters. Gamma-ashmetters. Supervision Services for Erection & thermovision and CCTVcamera systems ERKAT Spezialmaschinen + Service GmbH Email: fveitl@erkat. Thermovision systems.

com Cone December 2010: Entering 50th Year of Publications 64 Froth Flotation Reagents. Utility Vehicles. The complete after sales services we can offer you: excellent technical advisory services. Drllings. Aramatures. personnel training in Hand held Website: Batac Jig. Set of cabins for personal transport. POLAND Hauhinco Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. GmbH 5170 Cologne. Road header. Fuchs Lubricants (UK) PLC Email: martyn. Chairlift systems. Diesel and electric rack rail system Flanders Electric Email: mining@flanderselectric. 45549 Sponsor of the Joint Companies Exhibition from Germany in co-operation with AUMA and supported by VDMA German Engineering Federation organised and designed by IMAG. Vibrating Screen. sarec@ferrit. complete installation. Beam trolleys. Hydraulic distributor.r. take initiative to eliminate the troubles rapidly at site.Muenchen GoIndustry(Asia) Limited Philippines. Suspension line. Our machines and plant solutions are sold to customers in the following industries: Construction and building materials industry. Mining and gravel industry. Website: http://www. Fax: + +63 (2) 822-333. Portable Switchgear. Conveyor Drives. Shotcrete Vehicles.o. Control Systems. Dinter. Ground Probe Email: Slope Stability Radar Groupa Powen-Wafapomop SA Email: office@world-expo. Mud Sand Separator.goindustry. Arched mine support trimmer. Flameproof alternator. Germany Website: www. MG Sets. + +63 (2) 822-5555.hauhinco. Jones magnetic separator. prompt delivery arrangement. Jaw Nonexplosive key controller. Mining railway locomotive. Calibrator cone ul. Side tipping loader. Hydraulic transport vehicle. The manufacture takes a focus on engineering quality and production efficiency. Germany Tel: +49 221 6504-1711 Fax: +49 221 6504-1709 Email: juergen. water . maintenance of the equipment on site. including time. Email: Screens. Recycling and waste disposal treatment industry The long-standing experience of our trained and capable service team guarantee top Suspended mining Email: Pumps. Roller Presses. Vibrating Feeder. Braking carriages for heavy suspension lines. Universal flameproof lamp. Electro-hydraulic manipulator. Drill jumbo. Ground rail locomotive. Mining diesel Email: elena@fong-chuan. and aims to bring more ease as well as a lower breakdown rate in the use and maintenance of the product. Generators. Valves. KG Beisenbruchstrasse 10.noon@groundprobe. Ferrit Email: s.Famur Group is the world’s leading producter of machines and equipment for underground mining. Coal Underground Loader. We specialize in complete automation of hard coal extraction process using longwall mining method. maintenance for big items_ optimizing machine and plant performance.DC & AC. Federal Ministry of Economics & Technology(BWMI Infomration) Email: buero-ve5@bmwi. Drill Automation Fong Chuan Machinery Co.rushton@fuchs-oil. professional and friendly service team. Personel Carrier Graders HUMBOLDT WEDAG Coal & Minerals Tech. Bio-Degradable Germany. Wheel Sand Washing Machine. Complete Solutions Hazemag & EPR Email: inrf@epr. Wire Rope Lubricants. replacement of wear parts and spare parts. Romjig.kestel@hauhinco. Mine support bender.winckler@hw-cmt. Odlewnicza 1. as well in designing and manufacturing supervising control systems of underground extraction of coal from the face to mine surface. Pneuflot pneumatic flotation. Mobile Conveyor Herman Paus Maschinenfabrik GmbH Email: info@paus. Electronics. Underground Dump Trucks. Motors . Roadheading machine. Gear Oils. fully supply of wear parts and consumables. Palla vibrating mill The Indian Mining & Engineering Journal .electric power and the whole plant planning. technical exchanging . Scaler. Digital Drives. TESKA separator. Circle Screen. GoIndustry is the global leader in the sale and valuation of used industrial machinery and equipment and specialises in helping its clients optimise the value of their assets.

Innovate Office 6017. Collaboration Agreements. PRETREATMENT plants for COAL PRE-CLEANING. such as direct and asynchronous current December 2010: Entering 50th Year of Publications 65 Website: www. engineering and energy industries world wide. etc. Mumbai – 400 005. Provides Legal Assistance . Publishes Directories. the company provides modernizations and reconstructions of older machines. 186 00. pushers. Representation. Finding a Partner. SAND & GRAVEL WASHING (for Washing & Grading). PRE-CONCENTRATION Dense Medium Pre-Concentrators. minerals.wa. Hasler Road.actives3. IMC has been in continuous existence since the date of its incorporation in 1947. Tel:+ +420 (222) 780 Website: www. control panels. SEPARATION .Conditioning Tanks and Lab Scale Testing Units. ORESORTING (Jigs and Sizing). In addition to the abovementioned supplies. Our extensive production plan includes both hoisting machines with friction disks and drum hoisting machines of various constructions and performances (up to 2 x 5. low / high voltage distributor. SEPARATION . Advertising in Germany. SIZE REDUCTION – CRUSHING CRUSHERS. cart circuits. digital drive regulators. and undertakes assignments in over 25 countries in a typical year.) Ltd. Osborne Park. FROTH FLOTATION Pneumatic Froth Formation and Blown Or Induced Air Cell. Web: INCO Engineering.r. Wester Australia Tel: 61 8 9347 9000 Fax: 61 8 9347 9090 Email: MINERAL PROCESSING & COAL PREPARATION COMPLETE BENEFICIATION PLANTS. FINE COAL CLEANING with Fine Coal De-Watering.MAGNET & HIGH TENSION DRY HIGH INTENSITY-Perm Roll. brake electro-hydraulic systems types ranging from HR5K to HR 11K “Frenomatic. Compressor Packages. India Tel: +91 22 66652121 Fax: +91 22 66652120 Email: soniaprashar@indo-german. mine ventilators with frequency drive regulation. was purchased by DMT GmbH and has been merged with DMT Montan Consulting Immersive Technologies. Western Australia INCO Engineering. from the project assignment to turnkey delivery including installation.griffin@doir. Guides and Market Reports The Indian Mining & Engineering Journal .DENSE MEDIUM SYSTEM BATHS FOR Drum Disc. and is a recognised world leader in its field. s. All these items. electro-pneumatic brake system “Sistonik” PR6K/B. DEWATERING & WASTE DISPOSAL DE-WATERING SCREENS Vibrating type. and also individual systems.o. Drill Rig Spares Hytroc USA IMC Group Consulting Limited.. To date more than 620 hoisting machines of various designs have been manufactured. 36 Wankel Street Boksburg 1460 South Africa Web: www. s. web: IMC Group Consulting Limited. SCREENING SCREENS. 1st Flor Cuffe Parade. In 2006 IMC Group Consulting Ltd. Laterally Pulsed Batac and Moving Screen).co. Western Australia Email: tim. Compressor Boosters. IMC is an international consultancy and offers a broad spectrum of services in the environmental.5 MW).FLOTATION AGGLOMERATION FLOTATION MACHINES . tel:+ 1623 726166. Czech Republic. fax:+ 1623 729359.humboldtwedag. Conversion Kt.indo-german. type range of the system “Tribonik” for automated bearing lubrication. UK. SIZE REDUCTION – GRINDING MILLS (incl. HIGH GRADIENT MAGNETIC . we supply mine signaling systems.immersivetechnologies. Fax:+ +420 (222) 782 604.Trade Disputes and Arbitration. Indo German Chamber of Commerce Maker Tower “E”. Email: sinada@incoengineering. warranty and post-warranty service. GRAVITY SEPARATORS like JIGS(Compressed Air Baum.Super Conducting IGCC Provide the Following Services : Finding German suppliers.” disk brake units HPB170 and Information on Investment oppotunities in Western Australia. SEPARATION . In Drill Rigs. IMC has worked in more than 150 countries. Trainer Advantage Deparment of Industry and Resources. Hydco International Email: admin@hydcointernationalsales. microprocessor controlling systems. INCO was founded in 1994 as the successor to the ÈKD PRAHA and ŠKODA PLZEÒ works that had a more than 100-year tradition of manufacturing engineering products. 66.Humboldt Wedag (South Africa) (Pty. airconditioned cabins. skips and cages. Information on mineralization and geoscience.r. mining@imcgcl. SEPARATION . Perth. winding pulleys. Thámova 11. WET HIGH INTENSITY – Advanced Training Simulator. supply of spare parts. Fine Ultra Fine Grinding and Vibratory).o. etc. thyristor converters. Starting a Company in Germany. hoisting machines and equipment for underground mines.

Instantel vibration monitors are used in over 100 countries in various mining. Inc. A variety of sensors are available including a triaxial velocity sensor. which satisfies the amplitude. Korea. The system is portable so it is ideal for short term monitoring applications. Company profile & Products : Since 1982. Canada Contact: Ron Mask Telephone: +1 613 592 4642. Instantel offers the industry’s largest global independent dealer network. The system is portable so it is ideal for short term monitoring applications. Kailash Colony Market. compliance reporting and advanced data Indian Representative : Ultra Enviro-Systems(P)Ltd. It is also flexible enough to be easily integrated into permanent remote monitor stations using auxiliary power and wired or wireless telemetry. as well as professional consulting and monitoring services for any project. Instantel Blastware® Underground Mining Equipment. Instantel Blastware® rugged and easy-to-use package. the United Kingdom and the United States. Instantel® vibration monitors have earned their position as the World’s most trusted monitors for regulated vibration control. with locations in Australia. as well as professional consulting and monitoring services for any project. frequency and phase response requirements of the DIN 45669-1 standard. please visit our Locate Dealer Section of the web site. easy-to-use features. Korea. Surface to Seam Directional Drilling Guidance Systems. Mobile Assist Tracking Instantel. The Blastmate III ™ vibration monitor provides the user with unprecedented flexibility and reliability for almost any vibration or overpressure monitoring application. and geotechnical applications. rugged and easy-to-use package. and geotechnical applications. The Blastmate III ™ vibration monitor provides the user with unprecedented flexibility and reliability for almost any vibration or overpressure monitoring application. providing equipment sales and rentals. 309 Legget Drive. Collision Avoidance Systems. Instantel offers an international network of factory authorized calibration and service sites. Canada. Ultra low emission diesel engines. Canada. To contact your nearest authorized Instantel Dealer. In addition. A variety of sensors are available including a triaxial velocity sensor. Instantel vibration monitors are used in over 100 countries in various mining. for event management. for event management. frequency and phase response requirements of the DIN 45669-1 standard. Ottawa ON K2K 3A3. To contact your nearest authorized Instantel Dealer. which satisfies the amplitude. easy-to-use features. the United Kingdom and the United Company profile & Products : Since 1982. web: www.ultraenviro. Underground Directional Drilling Guidance Systems. Singapore. Instantel offers the industry’s largest global independent dealer network. Shearer carriers (up to 100 tonne). New Delhi-110 048 Ph: 011-29241703 & 29245904 Fax: 41632805 & 29241703 Email: info@ultraenviro. construction. The Instantel Minimate Plus™ vibration monitor offers unrivalled features and versatility in a Web: www.Industrea Limited Email: cdoran@industrea. Instantel vibration monitors are used in over 100 countries in various mining. frequency and phase response requirements of the DIN 45669-1 standard. Hong Kong. the Windows® software companion to your Instantel vibration monitor offers powerful. In addition. easy-to-use features. The Instantel Minimate Plus™ vibration monitor offers unrivalled features and versatility in a small. Longwall carrying equipment (up to 70 tonne). Fax: +1 613 592 4296 email: sales@instantel. compliance reporting and advanced data analysis. providing equipment sales and rentals. compliance reporting and advanced data analysis. It is also flexible enough to be easily integrated into permanent remote monitor stations using auxiliary power and wired or wireless telemetry. please visit our Locate Dealer Section of the web site. It is also flexible enough to be easily integrated into permanent remote monitor stations using auxiliary power and wired or wireless telemetry. A variety of sensors are available including a triaxial velocity sensor. Hong Kong. rugged and easy-to-use package. providing equipment sales and rentals. HS-6. Company profile & Products : Since 1982. Instantel® vibration monitors have earned their position as the World’s most trusted monitors for regulated vibration control. In addition. The Instantel Minimate Plus™ vibration monitor offers unrivalled features and versatility in a small. which satisfies the amplitude. Singapore. Instantel® vibration monitors have earned their position as the World’s most trusted monitors for regulated vibration December 2010: Entering 50th Year of Publications 66 control. with locations in Australia. the Windows® software companion to your Instantel vibration monitor offers powerful. and geotechnical applications. Instantel offers an The Indian Mining & Engineering Journal . France. the Windows® software companion to your Instantel vibration monitor offers powerful. India. Instantel offers the industry’s largest global independent dealer network. France. The system is portable so it is ideal for short term monitoring applications. for event management. India. as well as professional consulting and monitoring services for any project. Instantel offers an international network of factory authorized calibration and service sites. The Blastmate III ™ vibration monitor provides the user with unprecedented flexibility and reliability for almost any vibration or overpressure monitoring application. Instantel Blastware® software. construction.

the Windows® software companion to your Instantel vibration monitor offers powerful. EXCAVATION . UNDERGROUND MINING EXCAVATION– LONGWALL(Armoured Face Conveyors. To contact your nearest authorized Instantel Dealer. please visit our Locate Dealer Section of the web site. onboard fuel and tyre management. FREE STEERED VEHICLES -Low Profile Articulated Trucks. Cable Reel Electric and Cars –Shuttle and other products include Hydraulic Fluid Power Pumps Joy Mining Machinery (USA) 177 Thorn Hill Road Warrendale PA 15086 USA Contact: John Blicha Telephone: +1 724 779 4500 Fax: +1 724 779 4509 email: Coal Washery Design & Engineering. different types of Shearer Loaders Automated Steering. Company profile & Products : Since 1982. Ore characterisation testing equipment for breakage and flotation John Finlay Engineering. The system is portable so it is ideal for short term monitoring applications. Metallurgical Laboratory Testing. the United Kingdom and the United States. different types of Shearer Loaders -Automated Steering. JK SimFloat. Manual Bolting Web: www. Instantel Blastware® software. Canada.Stage Loaders. India. Specialist Software (JK SimMet. construction and transport. is a powerful and secure mobile wireless platfform with mesh capabilities. road surface analysis. December 2010: Entering 50th Year of Publications 67 J & J Truck Bodies & Trailers Email: sales@jjbodies. Roof Bolting Rigs) The Indian Mining & Engineering Journal . which satisfies the amplitude. Singapore. A variety of sensors are available including a triaxial velocity sensor. the United Kingdom and the United States. Korea. Personnel and Assest Monitoring Systems (PAMS) is a solution used for production monitoring and load management. Roof Bolting Rigs). Canada.parascos@ivolve. Continuous Miner –Bolters. LOADING MACHINES -Stage Loaders(Crusher Loader & Loader Only). JK MultiBal. Coal Washery Construction. compliance reporting and advanced data analysis. construction. Chock Supports. Brisbane Email: ggrigson@johnfinlay. United Kingdom Contact: Jez Leeming Telephone: +44 1773 515200. Coal Washery Operations & Maintenance. frequency and phase response requirements of the DIN 45669-1 standard. designed for industrial environments. Instantel® vibration monitors have earned their position as the World’s most trusted monitors for regulated vibration control. Coal Mining Equipment Joy Mining Machinery (UK) Kirkby Lane. Shield Supports. Cable Drill Bolt Rigs. To contact your nearest authorized Instantel Dealer. It is also flexible enough to be easily integrated into permanent remote monitor stations using auxiliary power and wired or wireless telemetry. In addition. for event management. Control Supports. Singapore. The Blastmate III ™ vibration monitor provides the user with unprecedented flexibility and reliability for almost any vibration or overpressure monitoring p p g g g mineralogy and mine-to-mill. Single Hydraulic and Roof Bolting. Hong network of factory authorized calibration and service Instantel offers an international network of factory authorized calibration and service sites.gault@jktech.Roof Bolting(Bolts – Cable.OTHER MECHANISED Continuous Miner and Continuous Miner – Bolters. Fax: +44 1773 515300 email: contactjoy@joy. providing equipment sales and rentals. and Loader Only SUPPORT TECHNOLOGY . please visit our Locate Dealer Section of the web site. Instantel vibration monitors are used in over 100 countries in various mining. Web: www. Chock Supports. Conveyors + Tubing J K Tech Pty Ltd Email: g. Crusher Loader. Hong Kong. Korea. easy-to-use features. Instantel offers the industry’s largest global independent dealer network. Control Supports. with locations in Australia. rugged and easy-to-use The Instantel Minimate Plus™ vibration monitor offers unrivalled features and versatility in a small. Shield Supports. India. MLA). EXCAVATION OTHER MECHANISED Continuous Miner. France. with locations in Australia. develop and manufacture intelligent wireless technologies and solutions tailored to the requirements of industrial markets such as mining. and Continuous Miner –Cutters LOADING MACHINES . Nottinghamshire NG16 6HX. as well as professional consulting and monitoring services for any project. Earth Moving UNDERGROUND MINING EXCAVATION – LONGWALL Armoured Face Conveyors. and geotechnical applications. ITM of Italy iVolve Pty Ltd Email: kim. SUPPORT TECHNOLOGY -Face Support (Including Props –Friction.

Polyurethane Spraying. wheel loaders. General-Guisan Strasse 14. truck and mobile cranes. Grabowa 1. MATERIALS HANDLING – Lifting Equipment(Handler –Multi Handler –Wheel Jacks & Rams) Liebherr-Export AG.Rear Dump( Over 150t) and Trolley Assisted. Syst. Wheel Loaders. Oil Coolers. Charge Air Coolers Leighton India Email: info@leightonint.braeutigam@braeutigamgruppe. KAMAT .hunt@liebherr.. modernization and development of mining power and other plants exports of coal. technical and commercial assistance of transactions. Rail.UNDERGROUND HAULAGE . KG Email: r. Russian Federation. KG Email: vaness. service and installation to coal preparation plant equipment. Environmental Services. Switzerland. FREE STEERED VEHICLES. 4100 Chestnut Avenue Newport Complex organization of operations on international markets including: exports of machinery and equipment rendering of specialized mining and construction services consultancy services execution of industrial projects. Supply and application of Abrasion and Corrosion control materials. . Truck Mixer. stackers/reclaimers for coal handling and homogenization. Oil & Gas. coal processing plants.s Kanto Buhin . Crawler Tractors and Loaders. Manufacturer of Undercarriage parts for Earthmoving machineries KAWASAKI Heavy Industries Ltd. GmbH & Co. Low Profile Articulated Trucks and Cars –Shuttle.Japan. different spare parts incl. special gearboxes and gear wheels. TRAINING EQUIPMENT & SERVICES with Computer Assisted Courses JSIS Engineering Email: Liebherr-Werk Ehingen GMBH Dorstener StraBe 107. L & M Radiator Pty bucket wheel Japan KOPEX SA POLAND. assembly and installation of technological complexes Kurskrezinotekhnika. Email: Products:Truck-Rigid . Heat Exchangers. Building. Truck Cranes. crushers and crushing plants. Civil & Infrastructure. Japan Kobelco. The Indian Mining & Engineering Journal . hydraulic rope excavator. ash and slag handling equipment. Hydraulic Excavators. general overhauls and modernization of open-cast December 2010: Entering 50th Year of Publications 68 Radiators. conveyors and high capacity conveyor systems.. Concrete Mixing Plants. Fax: 49 208 690 17-22 Products/Services: Construction Cranes. Company Profile: For the construction industry the extensive product programme comprises construction Contract Web: www.lhb@liebherr. supply and installation of industrial piping systems. Tel:+ +48 (32) 604 7 000. Mining Machinery and Mining & Exploration Equipment 63 Bräutigam Antr. Design. Email: juergen. Infrastructure services in Marine works. D-461145 Oberhausen Germany Tel: 49 208 690 17-0. Fax :+ +48 (32) 604 7 100. Email: tagmesabi@bigpond. Mobile Transp. Track -Suspended Monorail. VA 23607 USA Contact: Merillee Hunt Telephone: +1 757 245 5251. mining Mechnalical repair. Tel: +56 2961111 Fax +56 2961217.Tracked Systems – Track. Kopeysk Machine-building Plant Russian federation Krusnohorske Strojirny Komorany Email: a. Lubrizol Ltd. Hydraulic Rope Excavators.liebherr. Liebherr Mining Equipment Co. Mining Trucks. Fax: +1 757 928 8755 email: merilee. coke and other raw materials financial. concrete mixing plant and truck mixer. Complex organization of operations on domestic market including: sales of electric power sales of fuels sales of coal and metallurgical products erection of sewage treatment plants and waste dump areas housing and real estate service.Pumpen GmbH & Co.schroeder.gayko@kamat. Mine Infrastructure Work.lho@liebherr. Telecommunications LIEBHERR-Hydraulikbagger GmbH info. crawler tractors and loaders. Track -Floor Monorail.

environmental protection. Ludowici India Private Limited Email: s. The independent trade journal AT Aufbereitungs Technik – Mineral Processing has informed its readers for over 40 years in all areas of mechanical and mechanical-thermal processing engineering in the subject areas of sand and gravel. Fine Grinding (Hicom Mill) M & BC Fiamoli Email: s. Mine Ventilation Doors.United Kingdom. 200 Adelaide Terrace East transportation and mixing. we are united by a common philosophy and vision. CO & CO2 Scrubbing Systems December 2010: Entering 50th Year of Publications 69 Mine Map Pty Ltd PO Box 1186. Feeder Breakers. Western Australia 6004 Tel: +61 8 6211 0000 Fax: +61 8 6211 0000 Email: sales@maptek. Pitram (Mine Production Control. World Mining Directory. Underground Mine Toilet dosing.. EnviroMap Software. Booragoon WA 6153 Australia Tel: +61 8 9364 9588 Fax: +61 8 93649545 Email: smart@minemap. Poly Urethane MineMap Mine Planning and Design The technical and economic-based reports include mechanical and processing engineering problems and their solutions in all production areas such as sample taking. Global Mining and Enviromnental Consulting Services Mineral Processing Magazine. mining. Haulage & Loading Maptek Pty Ltd Level sorting. DOME (Mine Production Management). Although we offer different products for diverse Email: Mark. iron and steel. Mineral Resources Tasmania Email: Underground Refue Chambers. Reflux Classifiers. P. recycling of rubble. storing. Chain Field Marshal (Field Data Entry) MineARC Systems. Fine Coal Centrifuges. Email: banstess@mclanahan. Screw Washers. Coarse Coal Centrifuges. Services McLanahan Corporation Pty Ltd C/O Protos Engineering Co. Website: http://www. treatment of recycling materials and finely grained wastes. Rotary Breakers. has changed its name to Lubrizol Advanced Materials. Mining Vulcan. Quad Roll Crushers. Engineering & Mining leserservice@bauverlag. These changes enhance our identity as one company and more accurately reflect our position in the specialty chemical marketplace. Special emphasis is placed on the areas of automation and process control. Single Roll Crushers. Triple Roll Coal Age Modular Mining Systems Pty Ltd Email: banerjee@mmsi.r. Incident Map The Indian Mining & Engineering Journal . sintering and calcining. comminution and agglomeration. Double Roll Crushers.+01332 845468. and energy production. Equipo Minero . Germany¸ Bauverlag BV Website: www.tas. Lubrizol’s two business segments: Lubrizol Advanced Materials and Lubrizol Additives now share a common name and a new logo. Minova Carbotech GmbH Email: Joymes.khell@minovaiot. Longwall USA Exhibition. Mineral Processing Mining Media International Email: tholzer@mining-media. Cyclones. web : Mineral Processing Micromine (Mining & Exploration Software).lubrizol. as well as extraction. Mine Stench Gas Systems. MineSuite. We are pleased to announce that Noveon. Box 88. DDC Sizers. Express/ Optuimum Haul Road Optimizing Software. trash recycling and treatment as well as waste Vibrating Screens.Law@Lubrizol.o. Ltd. industrial and consumer markets. GBIS (Data Management Software). Adelaide House. BluePip Tradking Systems. Wear Resist lined dewatering and drying. chemicals. saratova@fiamoli. Pvt. We remain focused on formulating successful solutions that meet the needs of our customers in the global transportation. Dragline System New South Wales Department of Primary Industries Email: lindsay. Vibrating Feeders. Sieve Bends.Software).au Website: www. Government Agency India Resources Limited Email: GPS Based Mines Management System. WA Email: glenn. Weslhpool.maptek. Inc. screening and classifying. Log Washers Micromine Pty Ltd Email: pgrewal@micromine.

ru Queensland Department of Mines and Energy Email: Engineering Design. 2-2-1118/1/3. Mortar Machines. December 2010: Entering 50th Year of Publications 70 Website: http://www. Domestic and International Network. Explosive Delivery/Charging Industrial Pumps and Systems. Classification/Seperation Equipment Putzmeister Concrete Pumps GmbH Email: JSC.Trade & Investment Office Email: Sudeep. Mining / Tunneling. Shivam Cables and Conductors Deparment of Primary Industries and Resources.Full range of Construction. Access to information over Department’s information Indian Representative : Uttam Blastech Website: Geoscientific Data and Information to assist mineral exploration. Tailings Dewatering Equipment.qld. focusing on mineral exploration. Russian BLAST VIBRATION INSTRUMENT & Blasting Services. Ukraine. shepherds crook. Fax: +1 205 592 2477 email: Phoenix Process Equipment Co Email: phoenix@dewater. ifv@mweb. construction and commissioning services. Concrete Pumps. DVDs. Blast Monitor Seismographs. Responsible for Mining Regulation. evaluations and environmental services. Australia. SA – Twp Projects (Pty) Limited Email: twpinfo@twp. Nomis Seismographs.Nambiar@trade. Products to be exhibited: rock bolts. India Branch Email: wendy. AL 35222 USA Contact: McRoy Sauls Telephone: +1 205 592 2466. Studencheskaya 33/ South Australia Email: rowett.. Siddartha Queensland Government. Open Joint Stock Company “Donbasskabel” i Email: nfo@donbasscabel.Movement and Surveying Radar SA – The MSA Geoservices (Pty) Limited Email: info@msagroupservices. Export Advisory Service SA – Desmond Equipment South Africa CC Email: Email: central@gornoe-delo.qld. welded 1. osro straps.. diamond mesh.heinrich@drako.kupe@gmail.Government Organization Forestry and Sugar Cane Equipment SA – Drytech International (Pty) Limited Email: info@drytech. Tailings www. Putzmeister Systems Engineering. Geoscience and Resource Maps.mason@dme. 3710 4th Avenue South Birmingham. Mining. SA – Time Mining & Processing (Pty) Limited Email: Queensland Government. New Nallakunta Hyderabad – 500 044 India Tel: 91 40 27561339 Mobile: 98480 45970 Email: srikant@uttamblastech.Industrial Dryers SA – Ingwenya Re-Inforcing & Wire Products (Pty) Limited Email: Consulting services to the Mining industry. SA – Reutech Radar System (Pty) Limited Email: nolenek@reutech. Russian Federation¸ Russian Mining High Pressure Cleaners Rudgormash. Procurement. Inc. Legislation and Policy Development Pfeifer Drako Email: Trade Belt Filter High quality carbon steel and wire products for mining industry. Email: nk@nkmz. Procurement and Construction Management (EPCM) Services The Indian Mining & Engineering Journal .

com.thyssenkrupp-foerdertechnik. D-45143. Site Health & Safety Management. Magnetic Separators. Maintenanc Simtars Email: mark.SideTipping and rear-tipping trailers up to 100 tonnes capacity per trailer.400t. Yabbi Pumps Government of South Australia (Chennai) Email: southaustralia@airtelmail. Suspension Magnets. Scantech International Pty Ltd Email: sales@scantech. Backhoe Loaders. Erlangen Germany Tel: 49 9131 723925 Fax: 49 9134 722233 Email: Geological Resource Assesment. 150 . Resource Modelling. Sunfac Miners. Ltd Email: htcd@sdhuate. Conveyor Systems. Xtra Pumps. Wet Drum Magnetic Separators. Mine Safety The Indian Mining & Engineering Journal . Mine Winders. Mine Design. OK. Continuous Mining. Reclaimer Terex Finlay Hydrascreen (Omagh) Ltd Olympic Pumps. Secondary Processes. Peter Ahrenkiel Telephone: +1 918 446 5581 Fax: +1 918 445 5950 email: Thyssen Krupp Fordertechnik GmbH Altendorfer Metal Detector. QS Pumps. Electric and Permanent Magnetic Stirrer.qld. Germany Contact: Franz Josef Bentgens Telephone: +49 201 828 4494. Product Management. Thiess India Pvt Ltd Email: dchitgopekar@thiess. Overband Magnets. Makka Pumps. Pre Feasibility Studies. 120 Essen. December 2010: Entering 50th Year of Publications 71 High payload semi-trailers for bulk commodities. HAULAGE Truck-Rigid .in Business Matching Service between South Australia & India TAKRAF GmbH Torgauer Str.336. Occupational Hygiene and Environmental Monitoring Services. Tower Resource Focussed Private Equity Investment Fund Shandong Huate Magnet Technology USA The Sentient Group Email: m. and Over 400t capacity).com/mining Discontinous Mining. Electrical & Engineering Testing and Certification. Benefiiation. Electric and Permanent Magnetic Lifting Website: www. Crushing Stations. Coal Scan Schramm (USA) CBM Drill Rigs Schramm. 9152. Acquisition Assessment SANTUI Construction Machinery Co. Germany Tel: +49 341 2423 50 Fax: +49 341 2423 510 Email: michael. Crawler Bucket Wheel Ecavators. Himax Pumps. Environment Planning. Fax: +49 201 828 4410 Email: Syncon Infrastructure Services (I) Private Limited Email: Underground Coal mine gas monitoring systems. &Trolley Assist dumpers.zschaubitz@takraf. Terex Mining PO Box 3107 5400 South 49th West Avenue Tulsa. Hydraulic Motor Graders.. Classifying Equipment SIEMENS AG I & S GC Schuhstr 60. Turnkey EXCAVATING/LOADING . Stacker. Bulk Handling Systems. Vibratory Soil Compactor.Rear Dump(of Over 150t capacity). Ltd. Japan Sykes Group Pty Ltd Email: vp@sykesgroup. Sensor Sorting Systems SUMITOMO Construction Machinery Co.everson@dme.K. Mineralscan 1500. Project & Business Park Management. USA Contact: J. Mobile Transfer Front End Wheel Loaders. Powered trailers and dollies for the coalfields Steinert Elektromagnetbau GmbH Email: schmitz@steinert. Mobile Cranes.kulkarni@syncon. Geoscan M. Expansion Feasibility Studies. Ship Loaders.Hydraulic Excavators(in 50 150t. Crushing Equipment. Mining Research and Development Services Smith Global Email: kerrens@smithson.siemens. 04347 Web:www. Pipe layers & Pay welding Machines Salva Resources Pvt Ltd Email: sdebroy@salva. Ltd. TBM 200.

Travelling Trippers & Tube Pipe).com Trucks Wirtgen GmbH Email: mining. Flameproof Electrical Sockets. Identify companies to export goods & services to India.India.. 1 Dusseldorf Turbo Couplings. WORKSHOP EQUIPMENT CONSUMABLES including Vehicle Spares and Ropes. Fax: 91 20 747 1150 / 0768 Chief Executive : N D Kamdin Vice Chairman & Managing Director Email: kumar. Fill Controlled Turbo Couplings.wa. HAULAGE Conveyors(Conventional Trough Belts. Ropes –Drag. Constant Filled Turbo Details product range for Underground Coal Mining Industry : Flameproof Electrical Plugs . Industrial Boilers & Power Plants Thyssen Mannesmann Handel GmbH Hans-Gunther-Sohl-Str. Tiefenbach Control Systems GmbH Beckmann@Tiefenbach-Controlsystems.r. Western Star Trucks Email: akbar.ks@thyssenkrupp. Long Distance Advertising and exhibition services The Indian Mining & Engineering Journal .com Victaulic Company Email: Sofie.johnson@doir. Non .components@voith. Mumbai 400 021 Tel: +91 22 66303973/74 Fax: +91 22 66303977 Email: simon.division@wirtgen. Flameproof Electrical Sugar Plant & Machinery. 5. Mobile Belt Conveyors –Crawler. Flameproof Electrical Facilitating Trade. Flameproof Mine Lighting EEx d and EEx e. KG startup. Mining & Bulk Material Handling Systems. Mumbai December 2010: Entering 50th Year of Publications 72 93 Jolley Maker Chambers 2 – 9th FI. Facilitating Investment. Cement Plant & Machinery. SCREENING.ghous@daimler. and Ropes –Dump) Couplers for Arduous Applications. Home and industrial gas detectors. Assisting Indian Companies.EXCAVATING/LOADING -Excavators -Bucket Chain & Bucket Wheel. Rail(Car –Tipplers & Loading Stations) MINERAL PROCESSING & COAL PREPARATION SIZE REDUCTION – CRUSHING systems. Cross Pit Conveyors.S700 – range gas analyzers for continuous maesuring. Intrinsically Safe Lighting. Portable measuring devices for physical quantities YANMAR Construction Equipment Co. Spreaders. Ltd. Attendance systems Zephyr Email: s r o Products for explosive environments in the underground and chemical industry. Germany Contact: Falk Goecke Telephone: +49 211 967 9008 Fax: +49 211 967 9925 email: Victor Products Limited Email: sales@victor. Access systems. Nariman Point. Automation of technological processes. Product characteristics measuring during production.goecke@t-mh. Start-Up Components Western Australian Trade Office. Pune 411 018 Maharashtra India Tel: 91 20 747 4461/11569. Longwall Cable Handlers VOITH Turbo GmbH & Co. Fluid Couplings. ThyssenKrupp Industries India Pvt. Japan Zam-Servis Email: s. S I Z E REDUCTION – GRINDING MILL. sevcik@zam. Drive Products : MATERIALS HANDLING : Lifting Equipment (Hoists.

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