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Becoming an Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG) Provider

Becoming an Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG) Provider

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Published by: Ajaan on Oct 09, 2008
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Becoming an IAG Provider

Northampton Amal has become the first branch in the country to achieve provider status through Nextstep, which will enable their ULRs to deliver IAG to learners and in the process draw down funding for each interview conducted. ULRs Lyn Ribano and Paul Imms are currently attending the IAG level 3 course and have 6 months to reach Matrix standard.

ULR Paul Imms commented, “The training has been challenging but rewarding and I see this service as a natural progression to what I already do in my role. Lyn Ribano added, “Hopefully if we achieve matrix Standard I believe it will open the doors of learning on a much wider scale and with the union supporting it as well then it has more chance of success.” If this trial is successful it is planned to replicate it across the Midlands and hopefully beyond. Midlands RPW Dave Condliffe stated that “This agreement not only gives learning centres a yearly income to make them viable and sustainable but, more importantly, having qualified ULRs can only enhance the learning opportunities offered to our members.”

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