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Old Mans War by John Scalzi - Great Military Sci-Fipdf

Old Mans War by John Scalzi - Great Military Sci-Fipdf

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Published by: abbyo957 on Sep 11, 2011
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Old Mans War by John Scalzi


John Perry did two things on his 75th birthday. First he visited his wife’s grave. Then he joined the army. The good news is that humanity finally made it into interstellar space. The bad news is that planets fit to live on are scarce—and alien races willing to fight us for them are common. So: we fight. To defend Earth, and to stake our own claim to planetary real estate. Far from Earth, the war has been going on for decades: brutal, bloody, unyielding. Earth itself is a backwater. The bulk of humanity’s resources are in the hands of the Colonial Defense Force. Everybody knows that when you reach retirement age, you can join the CDF. They don’t want young people; they want people who carry the knowledge and skills of decades of living. You’ll be taken off Earth and never allowed to return. You’ll serve two years at the front. And if you survive, you’ll be given a generous homestead stake of your own, on one of our hard-won colony planets. John Perry is taking that deal. He has only the vaguest idea what to expect. Because the actual fight, light-years from home, is far, far harder than he can imagine—and what he will become is far stranger. I'm doing a two review in one od this book because both me and my wife read it. Her review is fairly simple. She dislikes science fiction. She's maybe read a few books of it and usually will not finish the story. That being said she really enjoyed this book despite the fact she dislikes SF. My own review is a bit different. I'm an occasional science fiction reader. I do have to agree with some of the negative reviews but I really liked it anyway.I'm familiar with Joe Haldeman's work and I have been a fan of his for many years. I really enjoyed this book and I'm looking forward to more from the author. I would have liked to have seen a bit more done on the social aspects of going from a 75 year old man's body into that of a 20 year old. I will admit that as an older recently disabled man I found myself daydreaming a lot about

what I would do if I were given the same chance. Me, I would feel indebted to the people who gave me that chance and would probably approach it with a what the heck I was doing to die anyway attitude. The book was a very pleasant distraction to me. Instead of sitting around thinking about what I used to be able to do I found myself thinking about what I would do if I had this opportunity. I'm not sure that a younger person might actually enjoy this book. I remember well what I was like when I was younger and felt that anything bad that happened to me physically could be easily recovered from. Note to young folks; Some things that happen to you when you are younger really do come back to haunt you when you are older and it happens faster than you think it will. Young or old this book is still a good read in in my humble opinion.

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