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For questions or more information contact Brandon Moore.

What: A transitional, weekly event designed to form and strengthen relationships, teach about LIFE Groups, learn more about our Spiritual Gifts, and grow in the knowledge of God. When: Every Wednesday night at 7 pm beginning October 12th and running through December 28th. Who: We are asking everyone to be present and active in this event as we hope it to be foundational for the formation and growth of LIFE Groups. There will be class for children up to the fifth grade, and the main events will be organized so that wormsand the teen group can be active participants in what is going on. This event will only be successful if we can have all members commit to being present and active as much as possible. Where: The Dumphy Building in the auditorium, but we will often break into smaller groups and utilize other areas of the building.

How: This may be the most exciting element of abundant LIFE. This will not be a traditional Wednesday night church service. Instead, each Wednesday night we will have a different event planned to serve a distinct function and purpose. Some of these events include: Icebreakers, Spiritual Gifts Assessment, Small Group Dialogue Session, Study of house churches in the New Testament, service projects, brainstorming sessions, singing nights, testimony sharing, prayer nights, and guest speakers. We are prayerfully excited that God will use this time to form a strong foundation of relationships for this church. We really hope that you will commit to being a part of abundant LIFE!