Asterisk 1.

Main Configurations
System overview Dial Plan Users Voice mail settings Extension preference Time interval

com .lakmal@gmail.Asterisk Server Location Users Status Users & Extensions gavinda.

com .Contexts gavinda.lakmal@gmail.

com .Relevant dial plan for each user Users & Extensions SIP Enable gavinda.lakmal@gmail.

User’s VM PIN & Email Voice Codec .

com .lakmal@gmail.Voice mail extension Duration of voice mail gavinda.

Extensions can be Grouped as necessary . .lakmal@gmail.

X-Lite Softphone Configuration SIP Account configuration .lakmal@gmail.

lakmal@gmail.To enter configurations .

Click to ADD settings User extension Asterisk server .lakmal@gmail. .Voice mail extension Voice mail email gavinda.

lakmal@gmail.System Platform Preparation Red Hat Enterprise Linux Firewall Preparation DHCP Configuration .

com Open ports on firewall 5060 (for SIP signaling) and 10000 to 20000 (for RTP traffic) .lakmal@gmail.Firewall Settings gavinda.

com .lakmal@gmail.DHCP Settings Network IP address Default gateway address Reserved IP rage for hosts gavinda.

com .lakmal@gmail.VMware Workstation gavinda.

VMware Virtual Hardwares .lakmal@gmail.

com .lakmal@gmail.2 Virtual PCs in Virtual LAN 1 gavinda.

Let’s see how system work …………………! .