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)I Welcome to Bogus Rendition #4



I ~ As I write this, it seems that I am waaaaay ahead of schedule and that this issue will be out before New England Metal Fest, instead of after. Of I don't have a life at all, and lately all I do other than go to work at the old ware house and work on the zine, seems to be sitting around playing· air guitar to Cephalic Carnage. Well, "trying" to play air guitar to Cephalic Carnage. But that's okay. The days are getting a bit longer, the trains are becoming more and more of a tease and it won't be long before the zine is put on hold for the summer. As of now, I plan on putting out one more issue before taking a bit of"iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii_ ... a break. We'll see. For now, here's #4, early, like I said. A bunch of new clbums reviewed, some shows, more of Owens ongoing story and a few articles. Anyone interested in contributing to Bogus Rendition in the future, weather it be with writing, art or whatever, please feel free to contact me. Although I plan on always having the main focus of the zine be towards music, I'd like to start including more and more non-music pieces, whatever they may be I guess that's it for now. Enjoy #4, please feel free to check out ~!!!...22.9J,!.;~:!!.Q.!..!!J!!Lf.Q!n pretty cool) and also send good or bad ~e,.dt)ac:K (it's


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(l\\lOkOOO ,<, 50 O\~\LLV's\CN\~


•.... , _

3/15 Slipknot, Lamb of God, Shadows Fall @ Tsongas Arena, Lowell This was undoubtedly one of the largest cluster-fucks of nonsense I've ever seen at a show. First I will mention that all the ban~s_kicked ass, and delivered a great show. But before I get to that part, lets talk about SMG Security for a bit. They take the crown of "most un-professional, un-pleasant and over-all biggest bunch of jerks," that I've ever dealt with from a security company at a show of ANY size. I won't get into the fine details for the moment, but I thought it was very lame how they handled things. If someone claims to be a friend of a band and that they are expected, I'd like to .think that whoever is stationed at that particular entrcnce would use their best judgment to determine weather this "friend of the band: could indeed be who they claim, or are a fan trying to get backstage to simply see what amazing spectacular things lay there, or if it is some retard who wants to show off by murdering a member of a band which he has an unhealthy obsession for. Yes there are those who should not be there, and there are those that are expected and aren't telling a bullshit story. I'd like to think , ... the differences could be noted by these "trained professionals." Yeah, rock stars DO have friends who are not rock stars themselves. Anyways, I guess I shouldn't expect all that much from Unionized dickheads whose only thing they look forward to is watching TV and drinking a beer after work, and maybe if they're incredibly lucky, their wife married out of fear of dying alone will give them head one of these days . So dealing With these morons put me In a of

. the end, after all the fuss, Brenda still never entered through the front . door, only had after-show pass's, and I never had my back pack searched. Although it did indeed contain a camera, I ecsilv could have brought in a bomb or a gun. Come to think it, r did have a can of mace on me that they never knew about either. It was cool chatting with old Randy from LOG again about traveling and freight train hopping. I hadn't seen him in a hell of a long time. Last time they'd been up this way he'd been MIA (on Children of Bodom's bus drinking). As for·the concert itself, I have to say, it was pretty good.


bod mood. Coo, 'hm,

w" ,ho'




'/ '/

mostIy new put on a good show for the songs we stayed for. I won't deny that I used to listen to them a-LOT, and even these days on the occasion I listen to one of their older albums, I'm still fairly impressed. The theatrics don't impress me the way they used to, as the authenticity of the violence is very toned down. I guess they can't afford to have a member break a leg or a rib given that touring is indeed their job. But-even still, if I were a few years younger and unaware of what else is out there for music, I would have been looking up at that stage and been thinking, "this is fucking cool!" After a few songsthough, I wanted nothing more then out of the building. So Brenda and I hung around out front handing out flyers for the zine. There was some band handing out free copies of their CD and SMG Security informed them that what they were doing was illegal and that they were trespassing, once again behavingas if this job is their one chance to feel tough after having been beat up in high school too much, or just leading a remarkably uneventful life. I managed to avoid interaction fortunately. The last incident worth noting involved a kid who was very drunk and had lost his shoes inside. He begged to be let back into the venue claiming he was cold and needed his shoes and that his ride was inside. After a few warnings that he was "trespassing: he

was hauled off by 4 or 5 Police One of which was dragging the kid by his ear. Now if THAT isn't a true example of , 'protecting and serving," I don't know what is. Assholes. I wish I'd still had film left in my camera for that one. On the positive side of things, of the 200 flyers for the zine. which we handed out, I only found 5 on the ground after

I arrived at the Ale House a few minutes before Sin of Angels from Rhode Island took the stage. Pretty straight forward stoner metal, with an eyehategod feel going on. I picked up their EP entitled "Eucharist," which is pretty cool. Then the headliner of the night, Portland's own kings of doom, Ocean came

up. pure slowed down to the poce of a slug crawling over a pile of razor blades. Ocean hit 2 or 3 songs, which I didn't know but sounded familiar, and then closed with "Monument: from their EP. Actually, they didn't quite finish the song, seeing as the power was cut at about quarter after one, but it was great anyways. Great show from Ocean as always. Make sure to check them out May 19th at Liquid Blue in Portland, and if you feel like a small road trip, they're playing a show with the mighty Lair of the Minotaur the next night at O'Brien's gonna be RAD!)

3/19 Amorphis, Beyond the Embrace, Into Eternity, Single Bullet Theory @ the Palladium i The opening band from Phi"y, Single Bullet Theory, had a sound sort a like Hypocrisy meets Clutch. They were cool, but nothing special. Into Eternity seemed to be the band that everyone had come to see. A great set of their technical power metal, with great energy on stage, and plenty of crowd reaction. There was tons of singing along, running around and head banging, even a few stage divers. Beyond the Embrace seemed to get a warm welcome back to their home stage. The triple guitar attack rocked the hell out of the 20d stage of the Palladium, as they always do. They played for almost an hour of their melodic, catchy hard rock/Swedish Death Metal. Amorphis is one of those bands that have gone through so many different styles of . playing music since began, I didn't


what to expect.

that have been around tor so long refuse to play older material, and given that my favorite Amorphis alb . um IS "the KARELIAN ISTHMUS· I 't I . . ' wasn panning on ~taYlng very long. And it's not that I don t like the new stuff I. . , Just conSider them to be a different band (which th are In almost every way if you think abo:~

stuck around for a bit. Amorphis were very tight live, almost perfectionists. The . newer material, which they played, would often have some experiments and extra tricks thrown in. Although I didn't hang around for the whole thing, I was impressed all the same. And although they are n~t as ~asy to photograph as down stairs, the 2'd stage shows at the Palladium are always really cool. The sound is much better, and everything is more relaxed. Lets hope Scott 'Ogre" Lee,

Cryptopsy, Porphyria, Hatred Alive, Your Funeral @the Kave Once again, another awesome show at the Kave. The first band r saw was Ycur Funeral, and r can't really think of any particular band to compare them to, but they were good. Basically they were straightforward hard-core with melodies. r wanna say that they remind me of old 18 Visions with more of a punk groove going, only not as heavy, but this isn't really my ball park, so r couldn't say. I didn't care too much for Hatred Alive, mainly because they really don't have any energy on stage , . (although due to the size of "he , Ii Cryptopsy's drum set, this evening it the floor). r think that they have , potential to do something really cool, but in my opinion, unfortunately they are just regurgitating the same style of death that has been stolen by thousands bands since r was 6 or 7 years old. on the other hand, once again able to deliver a brutal set, still ting on a great show, even while ing one of their guitarists. BaSically a of Dying Fetus meets Suffocation Skinless, but tearing away from all other bands that use that same


just didn't have the power, which I'd expected. Non-the less, seeing Cryptopsy at the Kave was VERY cool. Despite those small issues, they sti II put on an amazing show. Those in the crowd that were there to see a good show all had a great time, and about half way threw the set, I ran out of film, so I went out to the car, put away the camera stuff, and ran back in and danced my brains out for the rest of the set. Well, not quite, but a little bit here and there. I hadn't run around at a show for a long time and it felt really good. After the show. I really didn't want to leave. The Kave is one of those places I wish could be my house. Anyone who can look past the long drive. you will not be let down by how awesome this club is. With out a doubt. it has the best atmosphere and hospitality (towards both bands and fans) I've experienced at any venue anywhere, ever. On top of all that, Kathy (the owner/promoter) also happens to . bake a really kick ass pizza.

.\ ·J't.. .



Vader, Pro-Pain, the Autumn Offering @ the Palladium I left for this one kinda lote, although I got to enjoy a really cool sunset on the way down from an almost vacant 495, I arrived in time for only half

a song of the Autumn Offering. They sounded cool though. Kinda like Hatebreed, Lamb of God and Unearth combined. But like I said, I only caught half a song. Pro-Pain took the stage next, and played a very cool set c f their old school NYHC, the way it was meant to be: heavy, catchy, fun and over all a great stage presence. The all-mighty kings of Polish Death Metal came out next, and holy shit. Even though I wasn't really impressed by their most recent album "the Beast." the songs completely destroy live, and Vader seems to get better and better every time I see them. It had been about a year and a half since I saw them last, and Vader were better than ever. They tore through a set of material ranging from old to new and in between with great crowd reaction and energy on stage. I also think they came very close to stealing the show from Kreator, but after

taking heir time setting up. the German , Thrash Gods emerged as silhouettes from behind the layers of vapor emitted by the fog machine. and took off into a great set. They played for well over and hour. with plenty of singing along in the crowd. tons of head banging and even a bit of a pit as well. Another great show upstairs the Worcester Palladium.





Palladium ,~ From Portland: Take 95 south Into MA, follow signs for "495 Worcester." From :


495 take 290 into town. Take Exit 16 for 'I,',i the Centrum; pass the Centrum, which will be to your left. The Palladium is the big brick building with a giant beer painted on the side, 2 blocks up the street on the ~ left. Front door is on Main Street. Parking' lots are allover the place and average around 12 bux, sometimes way more, I' others way less, depending on what's gom' ;', down at the Centrum. Usually a 2.5 hour drive from Portland one-way, but It IS probably the best metal/hard-core scene North of Philly. Tickets for the Palladium are available at Strawberries and For II i I,


more info, check outl mcssconcer or ~. For info and directions to the Kave,l

check out





5/21 The Hidden Hand (feat. Wino from the Obsessed), Yob (metal blade records), Noosebomb (sludgel hard core, exgrief Idisrupt), Devil to Pay (stoner rock from IN), Adolf Satan (sludge doom feat .Larry Lif;l~ss on vox). @ DeeDees (297 Newport Ave, Quincy MA - across from , the Wollaston T station) Bpm 21+ $10

He sat

at a low rectangular table that he had to himself, placidl,!:jsipping a cup He looked up as I approached


Sa'iti and contemplating the scene around him. Under a beat up wide brimmed canvas hat I saw dirty curl,!:jhair, a dark face and even darker sun~asses. spoke. ojl 'Are him and , .. ;u~jf.;" _~\\\ .,':·)jn;...... Ah~~ '\~.~ ._: lost, tourist?' he said, and al~ough he didn't,~m ,to ~ shouting his voice

m,!:j brain above the music. ~~ _~ j !,~~:.' 'I guess so: I replied as I sat down across from him at his low table. 5e5ides the



on the table there was a large wooden hookah with two tubes, and as he finished taking a sip

of Sa'iti

he would put down his teacup and take a sip

dirty, wom, with cuts across his face and hands.

lizard or rat or something, bound with leather string. There were beads across hiS neck too, ,and around both hiS wrists. B{'" ' -~ 'I looked just like _you did once, ' he said as he breathed out smoke 'Reall,!:j?' • I 'Yeah Le;:;~tab

---.l:... .
of that

smoke from the tube. His skin was

Pressing against his neck was a small skull

lnlIlltWM ~
with a 5i
. Cairo hashish, huh?'


of a

at It. Young, full of mone,!:j and pride, got the

backpack .. just can't wait to smoke some

1/'. (,,\(,'_

'I think. I found more than just hash In this place,' I said, and as we talked I noticed he straight at me, but more at a point be,!:jond me, as if there was a window into another me that onl,!:j e could see. ,: h . He chuckled. 'That ~ou did, bo~. Care for some 'Thanks: . certainl,!:jpotent.

_~'Iia"'.~$/S{.w_til ;:_1 ~; I of
m~ smoke? It's potent, I'llwam ,!:jou.' .'

I said, and I took from the hookah the tube facing me and took a hit. He was Ifelt like I had just received a punch in the face from a ghost.

(I~~1(.(i, He took

Ii •

behind me with those sunglasses of his. 1 WM»Jid{i~~~. 'Sure,' I replied, and he began to speak, and as the activit,!:jof the club moved to follow his words, follow not onl,!:j ith ears but also m~ mind. ~~ w •.~~_,

a hit and breathed it out slowl~. 'Do ~ou want to hear a sW".!:1, bo,!:j?' he said,



I could

'I was thinking about m,!:j,!:jouth, ,!:jouknow, about that invincible energy that flows through our earl,!:j,!:jearsthat ma,!:j ever retum to me now. M,!:j ame was 5ill,!:j hen I was like ,!:jou,and n n w with that ener!ij that world, eve".!:1thing this revolving ~obe was read,!:jfor me to grasp. on choose a door to open and do so with tremendous ease. And Cairo, hol,!:j hit, ,!:joungman! Like s

all cities new to a ,!:joung travelers mind awa,!:jfrom home it was teeming, almost infested with life, but on a much grander scale than an,!:jother ci~. More m,!:jsterious... more intriguing. There was a sense

of fulfillment,

a sense of belonging to the rest

of wild humani~

outside ,!:joursuburban


home that was brooding under its streets, ,!:jouknow? Never mind. The,!:jsa,!:jthat if ~ou see Cairo, ,!:jouhave seen the world. invincible ~outh, when I was ~ou, when m~ elsewhere ...Russia. Germanq, Peru, , Cambodia... I don't think it's far from 5ill~.

(\~~_: Since then I have been, "

That seemed correct to me in m,!:j

~1i.i~~~~~~~·~';;~~~~~~~~$~f. r~:~_;·!'f!· ~
tourist golf courses
'~\P_.~" ... ~ ..-~-".. .~;

not ~et seen Cairo. And ~eah,like ~ou I sought the ~~derground Cairo, awa~ from the facing the Nile's artificial sunset and more deep into the m~ster~ of the s place ... I remember standing in a minaret that belonged to some old moS<]ue,looking out over the' .



cit:J, thinking that I would explore each and ever~ one

of its streets.

And it was all within m~grasp, still with what

. ~ou know" It was an amazing feeling. I could walk through the streets and see how real it was, and. : how I was part of it, part of something that was real. 5ut even then I was obsessed
wasn't real, what la~ in the materials,

know what I mean, bo~? of course it on the ground.

not. I remember

rummaging through m~ wallet once in an alle~ I dropped waiting for the chance, and snatched

A monkeq had been

it up and ran off. I shouted, 'Stop, ~ou fucker!' but what

good is shouting at a rnonkeq? So I ran after it. That damn monkeq led me on a chase. I ran down alle~s and mud roads after it, for then if I was without m~ wallet I was nothing. and when he scrambled up a gutter, wallet in mouth, I dashed into the nearest building and franticall~ climbed .' the stairs to the roof, onl~ to see a flick of a tail over another building. as I got close. So it was

\bver rooftops


That damn monke~, I tell ~ou. M~ lungs were killing me and I knew I would


everrtuallq plummet to m~ death, but I leaped from roof to roof after that beast ..,tor what? Well, when I thought I had caught up after rounding a comer I was faced with two barrels of a shotgun pointing at me from a window. The man holding it grinned. In his other hand was m~ wallet, and on his shoulder the monkeq was baring his teeth at me. With all m~ enerw and devotion I would have lunged at him, but I froze, m~ e~es on that gun of his. I backed awa~, but at the same time made a mental note

of the

place. I would get m~ wallet back. I spent a few da~s living off of scraps and

stealing canned goods, and although it was an adventure, at the time I felt it was a pitiful one, not the wa~ I thought I should have been living. So I stole some rope and a fishing hook from a street ...,.. vendor and fashioned m~self a grappling hook. During the night I went back to the place that I ., '. . had remembered. I found a nice looking window and took a tr~ with m~ grappling hook. It took a . few throws, but it eventuall~ caught the sill and I climbed up to the window. It was a small place, and though it was dark I could tell that nobod~ was home, so I lit a candle and began to poke
.i around.

Well, I tell ~ou boq, the man and his monkeq had been running a wallet-snatching


when I found m~ wallet under a cot on the floor it was with dozens of others like mine, all stupid rich tourists like m~selt. And I think that's when I realized something. population 1i1';~~~ It made me see the poorer can to


Cairo in a different light, I think.


suddenl~ saw that all humans want to do is to

survive, to exist, and although the reasons wh~ aren't alwa~s there, the~'11 do what th~ make it happen. the others.



This man had a rnonkeq who stole wallets. That was what he did to live, that was,

I i?

his existence, ~ou see? Who was I to infringe upon it? 5ut I took m~ wallet back an~wa~s. Lett .~:d!i~~ , Jumped from the darkness to the calming moonlight of the back alle~s of Cairo and :. 1i!""':;<l

vanished from the place.

lett not one trace of m~ being there, save the absence


m~ stolen
,'i \"C-:

. wallet from the mountain under his mattress. 5ut this was the plight of the lower class in Cairo. ---~~: ". / Th~ did such un-livel~ things to live,~ou know? To merel~ exist.. U I'




in Bogus





I '~.

it 7



# 5 ..






Scientists discover soft tissues in Tyrannosaurus rex remains
Discovery of the meat, preserved for 70 million years, is considered a first and holds scientific promise.
Los Angeles Time3

.In bone blasted from Montana sandstone, fossil hunters for the first time have discovered the microscopic meat of a Tyrannosaurus rex, preserved almost unaltered since the dinosaur died 70 million years ago, scientists announced Thursday. Scientists, at Nortl:) , Carolina State University and the Museum of the Rockies in Bozeman, Mont, found brownish oblong cells, elastic threads of veins and pliable dabs of red bone. marrow in the core of a stout hind leg, the researchers reported in the journal Science. The translucent vessels were so elastic that when one was stretched out and then released, it snapped back like a rubber



"To my knowledge, preservation to this extent has not been noted in dinosaurs before," said paJeontologist Mary H. Schweitzer at North CaroliIu!. State

- In the unlikely event that researchers could identify the actual genes of a Tyrannosaurus rex, it might help settle debates about the kinship of dinosaurs and birds, or even prompt cloning , experiments aimed at replicating the creatures. Far from a freakish accident of preservation, the ,researchers said, fragile fresh tissue inside .work dinosaur bones may tum out to ':'he tissue specimen was be common. Indeed, a qwck extracted from a fossil, femur examination of three other dinochiseled from 1,000 cubic yards of saur specimens revealed similar rock in the Hell Creek Fonnation microscopic tissues inside the at the Charles M. Russell bones, they said. National Wildlife Refuge in Moo"It may be that this isn't a tana. The bones belonged to a unique specimen," said paleonrelatively complete skeleton of a tologist Jack Homer at Montana 4O-foot-ta11 Tyrannosaurus rex State University's Museum of the that died when it was about 111 Rockies, a co-author of the study, years old r Homer has pioneered the use of The dinosaur remains encased molecular and cellular techin thick jackets of plaster were SO niques to p"?be the growth and heavy that field workers had behavior of dinosaurs. . break the massive thigh bone in Other researchers were fasCI,' two places to load it safely aboard nated but cautious about the a helicopter. ' announcement. . When the broken thigh bone Philip CWTie, curator (I{ dinowas delivered to Schweitzer's lab saurs at the I in Raleigh. she quicldy noticed Museum what appeared to be unusual tissue fragments lining the narrow cavity at the core of the bone. Magnifying the purified remains by 63 times, Schweitzer _ could see tiny branching red and brown structures that looked very much like vessels in bones from the largest of modem flight· . less birds. ' "Ostriches that died six months ago are producing strueeures that are similar to dinosaurs that;qied 70 million )Ie8l'8

considered the latest discOvel plausible and called it "grea, news." "Under the right circumstances, incredible things can be preserved in these fossils," CWTie said Microscopic traces of soft tissues may have eluded detection until now, the scientists said, because paleontologists were too squeamish to break open their irreplaceable dinosaur specimens to dissolve the mineral matrix inside the bones. Homer called the discovery a combination of a!lapt laboratory analysis and an accident of field



ago," she said




nIl ~~




P"'I-llC, \\4._ 1-'! __ '(~10'1


c."Io'I1. I) n:::..IN I>«\) ...\~ ~i fo...\:':') {U,<;, .. ~ , If w"'::'~"'IG\.tT ~"t'f4."'IU.~, Ht, L.\Jt'G.O \N.~ ~ (~D' Nf. ~\)U \R!OC 8(.<.J.M.'E. ~\.\JE.I)' 1\..It1'l. ~<; ~ ux,""\().JO' f'4.i\:.N
\\w..;,. ~,,')\'t.l(

f'(0'\.( rV)\<lO fC') (,ll. Ml"i ~ [\O\Rli I>«DSw.l.l. 'n\W\. \Q*l.f\.Ul VN~J~J(.()\ 11.1 , .. \_ AIN-.x(IN(3 \-I~ 'flR-l ' l.lrt\.£ n"", 1'4....., eN A~ €~R.AND ,"I~ 'otIC; ~N£Q, ~,,'to t\l{.'( 0tI.'foI{UD S, T\t~ o.N.t1'1 Sd ~ e:Jrn 8,)1') "'-12£ C{'l()JQ£.(J






I r:



Ily amazes me how some people out there regardless of what tvpe/s of music they are into, categorize things and try to make everything organized and try conform everyone else around them to be just like they are, That stuff sounds an awful lot like the way a particular president who happens to be in office right now does thing not to mention this dude who went by the name of Adolph Hitler, I'd think that by now we'd all be able to have an open mind a recognize that some people who listen to death metal also hard-core, and the other around too,

," I,






" -L_


, ·1



,) .')

.s «:

.--- ,', "

-'c~~~tijJ0 "Carnage"
- ,.. Southern

. Lair of the Lord This CD is very cool. droned out experimental doom with melodies, and a little bit of death metal influence here and there. The use of keyboards ads a somber'. atmospheric effect quite well. This band will take you for a journey through sound-scopes of darkness. light. despair, hope, sorrow and insanity. There seems to be a huge influence from the band Mogwai on several tracks. as there is a feel of progression similar to what they often display. The variations of ambience. doom and death metal correlate back and forth perfectly. flowing from one sound to the next seamlessly. Highly recommended for fans of Neurosis, Isis, Opeth, Mogwai, Radiohead andust about anything in

. These guys kick ass, plane and simple. Hailing from the Windy City (Chicago), Lair of the Minotaur craft a sound of old school heavy metal. which is cbout as crusty and gritty as you can get. The biggest influence is obviously old Slayer, but "Carnage" also has a ton of sludge and doom stuff going on. This shit is balls-to the wall heavy, groove-oriented metal with a very organic sound. This album is just saturated with perfect, muddy production, and is not so much that it becomes a distraction. The sounds are just natural. The songs flow perfectly, sometimes destroying, other times rocking out, and others just wallowing in a sea of sewage and depression. Any fan of _Black Sabbath, High on Fire, Celtic Frost, eyehategod, Soilent Green/ Goatwhore, Pentagram, Venom, or anyone hungry for an album that truly embraces old school rock'n roll and heavy metal will shit a brick with joy over this CD, and become very attached to it very quickly.

of Shit (Filth) "Nyphied" - something Roadrunner Wow. Not to be negative or anything but this SUCKS. Yeah they used to be a kinda cool band. but this shit is a joke. "Look at . how artistic WE arel And we're still a brutal black metal band!" Yeah what ever. I honestly didn't even make it through this all the way. Cradle of Filth obviously know how to make music, good music at that. So why don't they make some. instead of this crap? Speaking of which. I don't even know how to describe it other then an awful attempt to be creative. building from their core sound. Seriously, if you're even going to bother with this . "modernized" black metal, Just listen to ' Dimmu Borgir or Old Man's Child, who. cheesy and commercialized as they are. at " least put out great albums. This makes 2 in a row, which are in the dumps for COF.

.1f.II.~•• •


the samples on here, which in my funny, this era is a pretty Carcass, but good also

Notconmmon ~,\~ This is crazy core with couldn't

CD ~t"ins~~;'9ri~'


opinion are too long, too boring and aren't even very "Heart integrate (go figure, themselves .Murder, of their is still album. Impaled Work" they craft a sound mostly from

a girl


tell until I read the liner notes).

The vocals tend to sound Ii ke that Destroyer, higher shriek. me of only in the black form metal (almost Musically, Unearth with Dillinger to at



of a much times) reminds changes This and great weird out feel for

some good old Bay Area Thrash live there). The songs remind me of the Black Dahlia taking most

Raising Kubrick meets a few or time

Agoraphobic Converge.

but more drawn out. While this is influence worth fans. from Carcass, this disc

Nosebleed, similar spiced "ambiance for fans of album takes samples,

not the best band out there

all the above elements a hell of a groove, of blast beats,

the cash for those die-hard

up with plenty


and an over all tripped product. Cunt, of Anal any

the final


killwhitneydead, the other bands is the this is

A masterpiece mighty elements mixing depression complete psychedelic, mixed with Conifer. from them

from Taking with all the best Isis, and Neurosis, sludge, fuck of melodic to of Pelican and craft amazing noise-core. a

Cephalic Carnage, the Red Chord, the End, Ed Gain and mentioned production above. My only complaint is pretty low. Although


cool in a way given how it ad's ta the crust feel, I think this band would be capable of recording better a very sick album with some equipment. Very cool all the same.

cluster bits

down tuned, doom and grind,

. K 1'<

The vocals are minimal, but when used are . perfect progress respective and are almost taken for another The four long-ass each at tracks their I perfectly, thick this this


pace. The sound waves on here and very hypnotic. one, but I'll is a fabulous talented great cut it album heavy

are incredibly short from with that

could go on with

a band of very


and anyone who appreciates

music, will have a hard time walking away

"Urin'Garden/ Bleached in the Sun" Death Gasm Recordsl Highbryd Records This CD is really old, This band is long broken up. But it rules, and deserves a review. BaSically a re-release on Highbyrd Records (which is run by the dudes of Cephalic Carnage), that gives us a glimpse at what this band used to be. Overall, kinde similar to Cephalic in a way, SaG has the sound of a truly brutal, stonersludgel death metal band that spent a LOT of time passing around the bong and listening to old Carcass. The production sucks. but then again, it adds to the effect. and for when the time that it was made, it's pretty sweet. I just wish it had a louder feel to it. I wouldn't clean anything up. but I think if this were remastered with a bit more of a kick to it. I'd be able to get a bit more 'lost" in this ~ CD. There are also some tracks about half, way through of pure experimental droning feedbcck and distortion. These tracks are cool and fit in well, but may bore some people. Skeleton of God may no longer be 'around. but I'd highly recommend this CD to any fan of tripped out, doom-esc death metal. ~ 1\ .SIII1di ....... nk: cephclicccrncqe "ITnm,n<rnm/n,

ripped off so much'. who cares? What we do have is an album full of well-produced. catchy, melodic yet heavy songs. and probably my personal favorite from Soilwork's catalog. While this is nothing all that original, it is a huge step forward for the band in writing better songs. They are still pretty experimental as they have been with recent material. and the vocals definitely are varied in style. Overall, this _. album has a little bit of everything from Soilwork, as we've known them so far. Melodic hard rock/metal, which takes several different approaches, thus delivers some pretty good songs that flow together well. If you're a fan already, by all means. grab it. If not, but are looking for a good example of what is going on these days with the Gothenburg style. I'd first recommend Dark Tranquility's still worth the

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Technical -core, chaotic rhythms and time changing, break downs, brutality. the works. Into the Moat. hail from Florida. I can tell that they listen to a LOT of Botch. That being the #1 influence, there are also obvious influences from Converge, Dillinger and the Red Chord. Although I feel that there are better examples of this stuff out there (like 'Fused Together,' from the Red Chord), 'Design: is still a pretty cool album. and I highly recommend it to fans f th b d t db 0 6 elan s men lone a ove


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Metal Blade First off. the one element I don't care for here is that the breakdowns simply do not fit Into the flow of things. I feel that they Interrupt the songs and honestly there are plenty of other ways to get ~ pit gOing. That aside, Winter Solstice rip through their blend of Swedish Thrash meets Southern Cali Hard-Core with speed, " skill and the ability t a f uc kiIng shred. The Fall of Rome' is the debut for Winter Solstice on Metal Blade dI 'k ' an th In it's safe to say that th ese guys will . be around tearing it up for quite a while Recommended for fans of Darkest Hour (specifically" Sadist Nation"), Bleeding Through. Nora and the Black Dahlia Murder.

Thrash. Di Ilinger-esc time changes and then back to the brutality (a similar song structure to "Black Metal Sabbath." from 2002's "Lucid Interval"). The last track on here entitled "Ontogeny of Behavior." is a nearly ten-minute epic, that integrates ideas from Cephalic's release on Willowtip, "Halls of Lementi," mixed with a melodic atmosphere, which reminds me of recent Isis stuff, creating a very psychedelic sound, which closes out the album perfectly. Overall, this is another fabulous full-length from Cephalic Carnage. They truly write music for themselves, and anyone else finding a liking to what they do is always welcomed aboard. Be sure to check out their. set at New England fest ,,on Sunday. April 24th, and May 9'· at +he Middl

masterpiece from the Rocky Mountain Hydro Grinders, saturated with all the old ideas we've come to know them by, and plenty of new experiments. The death grind blast beats are there, the over all tripy-ness, hypnotic leads and riffs which redefined math metal a long time ago, the roaring guttural vocals and of course, the groove. We also see a side of Cephalic that seems to enjoy making fun of hard-core breakdowns. The thing is though, while incorporating the stomps into their music, it doesn't distract from the song. This is cool, given that the band is so talented that they can play Just about anything, that they approach what many inexperienced musicians use to sound better without having to know their instruments as well. There is a bit more a sludge/ doom influence in a few of the songs. in fact, there are two tracks which are straight out stoner rock. 'Dying will be the Death of Me." the seventh track, works with several genres at once such as

Relapse 11••••• Pretty much the most brutal sound ever created. those dudes from Topeka Kansas return with a CD that easily blows their last effort "Informis Infinitas Inhumanitas' (which was amazing in-itself) out of the water. The guys from Origin have completely out done them selves once again. While there don't seem to be very many new elements in the equation, the five piece perfect what they'd started. Blast beats galore. guttural vocals as low as they go, and then back to rip out the throat. grinding-dualshredding riffs and leads. This is death grind .cr its pinnacle. and it is brutal as brutal gets. Wanna get hit by a train? Well. this will cost you the $12 bux. but you'll get a similar mental effect, and be able to go back for a 2'd round.


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