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Published by Roseanna Almaee
Too many of us are always waiting for tomorrow when today is the day!
Too many of us are always waiting for tomorrow when today is the day!

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Published by: Roseanna Almaee on Sep 12, 2011
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SOMEDAY by Roseanna Almaee, September 11, 2011 Someday I will be happy, she says.

I will have beauty, and travel. My world will be pain free and there will be enough money to do all I want. He says, someday I will not have to work so hard for a living. I will be able to play and be outdoors without the burdens of responsibilities. Someday, they say, we will have food to eat and clothes to wear and water as much as we want. Men will not rape us and bugs will not bite us, and animals will not want to eat us. She says, someday, I will be thin and beautiful. People will want to be with me and serve me and I will be surrounded by beauty. Someday we will be loved. Someday, I will not hear bombs or guns. I will feel safe and be able to go to school. I will have friends who don’t judge the color of my skin, or frown at my religion, or hair, or face, or scars. Someday, I will not have to worry about what I will live on when I retire. all my hard work and savings will not have disappeared overnight because of the greed or power struggles of the few in my government. Someday, I will have honest work and be able to feed my children. I will not have to lie about where I was born. I will not have to sneak across an imaginary line on a piece of paper showing “mine” and “yours”. Someday we will feel secure. Someday people will love creativity through art, music, education, dance and theatre. They will support these fields and those who work in them. These forms of creation that speak to our souls will not be the first to die in a greedy world but the first to grow as a way of singing, playing, dancing, and telling our stories. Someday we will be valued. Someday, someday, someday is today! Today I/ you/ we can change our stories. Today we can start to be/do/love/create together. Today we are in charge of our stories. Today we can be or do those things that bring love and creation into the world. Today we are that love, that creation. Today is someday.

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