Smreczyriski Lake

there are ample possibilities for horse riding and mountain biking. Welcome to the Polish mountains' . others like the Tatras. music. Picturesque landscapes and the abundance of flora and fauna are additional attractions for tourists.2 e 1. BESKID SADECKI 7. such as the Beskids.. From the tourists's point of view the most attractive ones are the Carpathians and the Sudetes stretching along Poland's southern border. are rocky.. A. BIESZCZADY ~ National parks Tourist information ---' it id you know that there are beautiful mountains in Poland? We encourage you to explore them. dances and legends . Cable-cars. chair-lifts and ski and sleigh runs await winter sports enthusiasts. Noteworthy is the authentic folklore characteristic of the Podhale region. Last but not least are the Bieszczady where to this day. KARKONOSZE 2. Each hiker visiting the mountains in Poland will enjoy natural attractions at any season of the year. folk costumes. You will enjoy your stay in comfortable hotels and pensions. nature has remained completely virgin and untouched by human presence... The most precious sections of the mountains have been set aside to form natural reserves. Highlanders have managed to preserve their distinctive traditional customs. -' Border crossings Hotels Youth hostels Campsites Airports Winter sports centers 4. BESKID SLASKII ZYWIECKI e Aft. KlODZKA J.marked trails provide an unforgettable experience. are gently descending forested slopes.. or at campsites and cosy hostels located along the hiking trails. landscape and national parks. powerful and majestic. ~ ~ . Visitors to the Polish mountains will also have the opportunity to admire architectural monuments and the unique charm of timber construction.1. . These mountain ranges vary in character. PIENINY 6. Some of them. KOTL. TATRY j.. In addition. Mountaineering and hiking in the mountains on well . You can also take advantage of a number of well-equipped health spas offering excellent climatic conditions and access to the region's mineral springs.

There are also numerous oddly shaped rock formations with unusual names./fax (0-75) 7524054 Karpacz. 1 Maja 16.Mala Kopa (chair-lift. Following the Polish--{. 1 Maja 42. (0-75)7522546 CABLE-RAILWAYS Karpacz . fax 7551341 fax 7524495 Karpacz "Orbis-Skanv". Szklarska Poreba. In Szklarska Poreba-Jakuszyce a big skiing event. Karpacz. known as the Piast's Run. tel (0-75) 7647231/33. Tourist centers such as Karpacz and Szklarska Poreba are also known for their winter sports facilities. and the Sniezka Peak (1602 m) the highest point In the Karkonosze . Szklarska Poreba. ul.Szklarska PorebaJakuszyce • August: "Eurochestries". tel. when the first tourists came. ut Jecnosc: Narodowej 3. ul. REFUGES Na Hall Szrenickiej.zech border runs the main ridge . tel/fax (0-75) 7619716 SzklarskaPor~ba. fax 7527398 Myslakowice "Chata za WSiq". tel. Obroncow Pokoju 5. tel.dax 7172225 he Karkonosze is the highest range of the Sudetes' mountains. tel. also offers a number of interesting historical builcinqs and momuments. Karpacz. ul. The most frequented skiing grounds are on the northern slopes of the Szrenica. tel. tel. The health resort. the largest town in the region./fax (0-75) 7172449 RECOMMENDED HOTELS Jelenia G6ra Orbs-Jeenla Gora". Jelenia G6ra. International Festival of Youth Orchestras Swleradow-Zdro] • September: Jelenia Cora September . Another tourist attraction is the 13th century wooden Wang Temple transported to Karpacz from Norway in the 19th century. (0-75)7619376 Strzecha Akademicka. MAJOR 2278 m) lenght 3037 rn) EVENTS The Piasts' Ski-Run . tel.fax 7526269 "Cieplice". is one of the most interesting animals to be found In these mountains. tel. ul.TOURIST INFORMATION Jelenia G6ra. The landscapes of the Karkonosze are incredibly diverse. The Karkonosze are a popular tourist destination In both winter and summer. lenght Szklarska Poreba . rocky mountains reflecting In their dark blue waters. lel. fax 7131292 Szklarska Por~ba "Sudety". 'Europa". Kamiericzyk and Szklarka. is held every year. ul. Sudecka 63. Cervi 11. ut. Krasickiego 10.starting from the Szklarska Pass through the Szrenica Peak (1362 m). The region was first recognized in the 17th century. (0-75) 7551041/44. (0-75) 7619721.Jelenia Gora January: . (0-75) 7172450 Samotnia. encircled by steep. Konstytuqi 3 Maja 25a. Cieplice Slqski~Zdr6j boasting its curative traditions dating to medieval times. A great impression is made by the post-glacial lakes with flat beds. Przesieka. or the "Horse Heads". tel.Szrenica (chair-lift. (0-75)7619317 Odroozerue. Another great tourist attraction of the Karkonosze are the two waterfalls. Alpine plants can be found In the higher altitudes. lies at the foot of the Karkonosze. such as the "Pilgrims". (0-75) 7131747. tel. tel. Gorska 1. The large boulders in the highest parts of the massif (the Sniezka and the Wielkl Szyszak Peaks) add an air of mystery to this place. ul. The highest peaks lie in the Karkonoski National Park. (0-75) 7172421 Pod Labskirn Szczvtern. ul.all the way to the Okraj Pass. Mouflon. a species once brought here from Corsica. (0-75) 7172736. tel.a spectacular summer trail . (075) 7646480189.


The following health resorts have earned a well deserved reputation throughout Europe Duszniki-Zdroj (where the annual Chopin Music Festival IS held). Cicha 1.Kudowa-Zdr6j • August: International Chopin Music Festival . built in the 19th century. the snow cover remains until May. The region also abounds In various historical monuments. G6rska 2.w'lich offers Poland's only match-box museum. fax 681053 "Sana" ul. tel. vvoinosci 1. the highest lYing village on the northern side of the Orlickie mountains. (0-74) 135120. (0-741681730/31 Radkow "Silesia". (Szczeliniec Wielki is the highest peak . G6rska 14. The Snieinik massif offers major attractions such as the Nied±wiedzia (Bear's) Cave at Kletno and the Wilczka river waterfall in MI~dzyg6rze. ul. as well as in the neighbouring Bystrzyca Klodzka TOURIST INFORMATION Szczytna.the father of the Polish national opera) and La. At Zieleniec. Slone 21.lfax (0-74) 8712293 REFUGE "Pod Muflonem'.a mechanical presentation of biblical scenes. tel. tel. (0-74) 681212. "Konsorcjum Turystyczna Sz6stka" ul./fax (0-74) 661262 Mi~dzygorze 'Nac Wodospadem'. Siowackiego 10. Dusznikl-Zdr6J. ul. (0-74) 673035 Kudowa-Zdroj "Gwarek". tel. tel. Of all the splings. Pclanca-Zdroi has the greatest therapeutic potential.Strome Slqskie Spring House in Kudowa-Zdr6i . The greatest attraction of tourists is a group of irregular stony formations within the BI~dne Skaty (the Erratic Boulders) and the Szczeliruec Wielki (Big Fissure) reserves.dek-Zdroj. 10 he Klodzko Region encompasses the southern part of the Sudetes and ranks among the most popular regions of Poland. tel. the most picturesqueare the Gory Stolowe (the Table Mts) charactenzed by their unigue flat table--like tops.Duszniki-Zdr6j • November: "Polish Artistic Glass" an open-air exhibition . In order to protect the national beauty of the mountains a national park was founded in this area.esna 1.919 m).tel. When hiking through this interesting region you should not overlook the monumental Baroque Basilica in Wambierzyce and the nearby "szopka" (en b) . (0-74) 661511 'Pod Strzecha". Not only IS the land for vacationing and recreation but also home to numerous spas and resorts offering treatment with waters from the minerai springs. Most of them are located in the town of Klodzko situated In the center of the valley (subterranean hiking trails under a castle and the monumental market square). tel. Kolonia l. All these resorts can serve as convenient bases for hiking trips into the nearby mountains. ul.u! WojskaPolskiego12. An ideal climactic and picturesque surrounding provides excellent conditions for relaxation. tel. ul. Tourists can admire the rocky plateau with its gullies and uniquely shaped rocks forming natural labyrinths.!fax (0-74) 684580. Jednosci 1. ul. Kudowa-Zdro] (Fesitval of Stanislaw Monluszko's Music . tel. (0-74) 669339 MAJOR EVENTS February: National Winter Biathlon Competition Duszniki-Zdr6j • June: Stanislaw Moniuszko MusiC Festival . The Klodzko Region is a paradise for hikers and winter sports lovers.135192 Polanica-Zdr6j "Nasz Dom". 683333 RECOMMENDED HOTELS Klodzko "Astoria pl. Buczka 8a. (0-74) 661890 "Kosmos". Among mountains surrounding the Klodzko valley. tel.

stotows Mountains .

In the Zywiecki Beskid a convenient bases for trips into the mountains IS Zywisc. mainly covered by fir. It is here where one can find the major skiing centers of Szczyrk.B. Popular recreational localities in this area are: Zwardori. Ujsoty. Cieszyn. situated near the man-made Lake Zywieckie. In the Silesian Beskid there are many recreational facilities open all year round. and then to Szczyrk. The voivode ship capital of Bislsko-Biala and the historic border town. ains. Tourists can admire the fantastic panoramic views driving along the so-called Beskid Loop. the most noteworthy are held during the Beskid Culture Days. RaJcza. Panoramic view of Koniak6w from the Ochodzita Peak in the Silesian Beskid The folklore of the Silesian and Zywiscki Beskids is exceptionally rich. W~gierska G6rka. are convenient bases for trips into the mountains. a town renowned for its brewery. from Ustron. the Salmopolska Pass and again to Wisla. l. it is possible to become acquainted with the most interesinq parts of these two ranges. spruce and pine trees. . It is here that the source of Poland's greatest river Wista (the Vistula) can be found. The highest peak of the Silesian Beskid is Skrzyczne (1257 m) and Barania Gora (1220 m). Wista and Ustron. The highest peak of the Zywiecki Beskid.10 he two neighbouring ranges in the Silesian and Zywiecki Beskids are gently undulating mount. Babia G6ra (1725 m). via Wlsta. This region boasts the largest number of ski-runs and ski-lifts in Poland. an Interesting spot for watersports enthusiasts.. Korbiel6w and Zawoja. The villages of Istebna. Tile Orawski Ethnographical Park in Zubrzyca Gorna is also worth a visit. Koniak6w and Jaworzynka offer traditional house construction. Among the numerous folk events. handmade lace and local folk customs and rituals. The facilities and surroundings in the village Brenna and the spa of Jaworze make both these towns ideal rest stops. Istebna to Zvwisc. is covered by primeval forests and is a reserve belonging to the national park system. Walking along the red marked trail connecting the two Beskids.


(0-33) 636710. tel. tel. (O-33) 552404. Korbtetow-Karmerma 363. tel. tel. ul. tel. tel. ul. ul. (0-33) 612349 Skrzyczne. tel. lenght 1810 m) MAJOR EVENTS February: International Beskid Cup in Downhill Skiing Szczyrk: Ondraszek Cross-country Skiing. Wisla.Czantoria (chair lift. 636566 Szczyrk "Orle Gniazdo". Bielsko-Biata. fax 145874 'Prezydent''. 552662 P'zyslop pod Barania Cora. Szczyrk. (0-33) 612420 CABLE-RAILWAYS Szczyrk . ul.istopadowa 21. (0-33) 520451.Szyndzielnia (gondola lift. Bielsko-Biala. tel. tel. tel. fax 27213 Cieszyn "Orbis" Motel. ut. (0-33) 178360. (0-33) 144047 Wielka Racza. (0-33) 146545. (0-33) '178441. lenght 2880 m) Ustron-Polana . Bielsko-Mikuszowice: Luge World Cup . Szczyrk. ul. Motelowa 21.(0-33) 117597/60. 553715 Hala Miziowa.27212. Zywiec . 3 Maja 12. l.TOURIST INFORMATION Bielsko-Biala. fax 117601 RECOMMENDED HOTELS Bielsko-Biala "Orbis-Maqura" ul. Zywiecka 93. ut. (0-33) 178588 Szyndzielnia. (0-33) 27211. fax 522930 Motel PZM.178200 "Harnas". tel. tel. Plazowa 8.Brenna " August: Beskid Culture Days . tel. Wrzosowa 28a. (0-33) 552710. 178442. Bielska 200. fax 178662 Wisla ''Stok'. tel. tel. Wisla. lenght 810 m) Bielsko-Biala . Kiczorowska 1.Szczyrk • May: International Festival of Puppet Theatres Bielsko-Biala • July: Review of Artistic Ensembles . Rycerka Corna. 552405 REFUGES Hala Rysianka. (0-33) 612015 Slozek.VVlsta. tel. Korbiel6w. Ujsoly.Skrzyczne (chair lift. (0-33) 522641 Korbiel6w 'Pilsko".

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q. A panoramic view of the Tatras. marmot) the whole area of the Tatra Mountains was incorporated into the Tatrzariski National Park. Wanda Rutkiewicz and Jerzy Kukuczka. two of which. they can start from walking in small valleys around Zakopane and end with difficult trails running through the highest peaks. trained before setting off on Himalayan expeditions. chamois. The rocky High Tatras have a high concentration of slender summits and crags. and the High Tatras. which is closer to Zakopane.CiuStaw6w. There are also ski slopes on Guba/owka and Butorowy Wierch. Among the most renowned peaks in the vicinity of Zakopane are Kasprowy Wierch (1985 m) and Giewont (1909 m). The slopes of the Kasprowy Wierch and the surrounding hills are a paradise for skiers. the most spectacular of which are: the Morskie Oko Lake. The panorama of the Tatras can best be appreciated from the clearing on the Gfod6wka Glade or from Guba16wka hill.he Tatra Mountains are the highest range of alpine character in the chain of the Carpathians. Czarny Staw. The highest summit in the Polish Tatras is Rysy (2499 m). the Western Tatras. In order to preserve the habitat of many species of flora and fauna (e. in certain parts hikers must hold onto safety chains and clamps. beautiful lakes have been formed. The Tatra mountains can be divided into three diversely configurated groups. Hikers in the Tatras can choose among various trails with varying degrees of difficulty. are In Poland. . At the bottom of spacious glacial valleys. The most troublesome trails. The gently undulating Western Tatras are divided by the Chochotowska and the Koscieliska valleys where numerous caves can be found. It was here that two famous Polish climbers. is called Orla Perc. and a few lakes in the Dolina PiE. surrounded by clouds or emerging out of mist is and unforgettable experience.


Zakopane is a well-known center of winter sports and recreation (FIS. (0-18) 2013808.Morskie Oko Lake Situated at the foot of the Tatras. ul.!fax (0-18) 2012827. tel.oski". one can also relax in smaller towns. ul. ul. tel. old masterpieces of traditional wood architecture. (0-18) 2015011.Bukowina Tatrzariska • July: Karol Szymanowski Music Days . tel. The Tatra Festival . Hala Gqsienicowa.lax 2068003 Dom Turysty (Tourists Hostel). Chramc6wki 15.Kasprowy Wierch (cable-car. 2063644 Morskie Oko. leI. tel.the World Student Games were held here). More interesting examples of traditional timber construction can be seen in Chochot6w. In the town you can visit unique. (0-18) 2015214 Dolina Pieciu Stawow.Gubal6wka (cable-railway. ul. Excellent snow conditions ensure a winter sports season lasting from November until April. The Podhale region provides something of an authentic reserve for highlander folklore. (0-18) 2068001102. tel. fax 2013636 'Imperial". interesting museums and art galleries. tel. ul. tel. numerous ski-lifts.Bulorowy Wierch (chair lift. near the Tatras. Zaruskiego 2. tel. organized every year. such as Bukowina Tatrzariska. Zaruskiego 5. lax 2015330 "Helios' ul. fax 2066051 RECOMENDED HOTELS Zakopane 'Orbis-Kasprowy" PolanaSzymoszkowa1. (0-18)2014310. (0-18) 2012633 Polana Chocholowska. tel.Zakopane • September: All-Poland Music Meelings . Kosciuszki 17. (0-18) 2015021/26. (0-18) 2077609 Hala Kondralowa. lenght 1338 m) Sobiczkowa . Sioneczna 2a. Zakopane is the winter capital of Poland due to its outstanding facilities including cable-cars. ul. fax 2012015 "Gazda'. Czecha 2. lax 2014021 "Zakopane".Zakopane . (0-18) 2012011. a favourite destination for skiers. tel. (0-18) 2063281184 REFUGES "Murowaniec". (0-18) 2012211. Balzera 1. (0-18) 2077607 CABLE-RAILWAYS Kuznice . ul. Kosciuszki 1. fax 2015272 "Orbis-Ciewont". lenghl 4291 m) Zakopane . Outside Zakopane. TOURIST INFORMATION Zakopane. fax 2015021 "Chalub. (0-18) 2014021/24. Poronin or Biatka. UNIWERSJADA . tel. lei.Zakopane: Tatrzanska Jssien (Autumn in the Tatras) .Zakopane • August: International Festival of Mountain Folklore . (0-18) 2070510 Kalat6wki. tel. Icnght 1660 m) MAJOR EVENTS January: Montainers Sleight Race "Kumolerska Goriba" Zakopane. ski--runs and areas accessible for skiing. tel. Enthusiasts of folk culture will experience many attractions during the "Tatrzariska Jesieri Festival" (Autumn in the Tatras).

Matej Lllki Valley .

Drifting down on a raft steered by local boatsmen in traditional dress tackling sharp turns between limestone cliffs whose sides tower several hundred feet up is a one of a kind adventure. ul. tel (0-18) 2623304 Sromowce Wyzne-Kqty. Manifestu Lipcowego 3. (0-18) 2629721 RECOMMENDED HOTELS Kroscienko "Sokolica".Szczawnica • October: Spisz Days . Also worth a visit is the picturesque Hornole Ravine in the neighbouring range of the Male Pieniny (Small Pieniny). Castle in Niedzica TOURIST INFORMATION Kroscienko.Interior of the Church in Debno he small range of the Pieniny can be best discovered during a 2. ul. tel. tel. Srornowce Nizne. Both are good bases for ascending into the Pieniny.Niedzica (castle) • June: Summer in the Pieniny . Zdrojowa 3. Jaqiellonska 86. The highest peak of the range is Trzy Korony (Three Crowns) looming 982 m. (0-18) 2622232 "Renata". ul.Niedzica (castle) . tel. Kowalczyk 7. tel. ul. In the neighbouring town of Debno there is the 15th century timber church of international renown. (0-18) 2623101 Szczawnica "GOPR". Rynek 32. (0-18) 2622724 REFUGE "Trzy Korony". ut. Hikers can enjoy a view of the winding Dunajec from Mt. (0-18) 2622269.Palenica (chair lift. On both sides of the river there are historic GothicRenaissance castle in Nisdzica and the 14th century ruins of the castle in Czorsztyn. (0-18) 2650323 CABLE-RAILWAY Szczawnica . tel. (0-18) 2622680 "Pod Kolejkq".Highlanders' Culture Days . ul. tel. Sokolica (747 m). Tourists who wish to stay longer in the Pieniny are encouraged to visit the towns of Szczawnica and Kroscienko.Dunajec Rafting Office. Gorce and the Beskid Sqdecki. The Association of Pieniny Rafters . Manifestu Lipcowego 5. tel. lenght 780 rn) MAJOR EVENTS February: "Spiskie Zwyki" (folklore) . Zr6dlana 3. At its foot a large water reservoir was built along with the darn on the Dunajec river. tel. 2622724 "Sylwia".5 hour raft trip along 15 krn of frothing river water in the spectacular Dunajec river gorge. the most interesting peak in the whole range. (0-18) 2623126 "Trzy Korony".


The Sadecki region boasts fertile fruit orchards. At the fork of the Dunajec and Poprad rivers stretches out another monumental town . tel. (0-18) 4435597 RECOMMENDED HOTELS Nowy Sacz "Orbrs-Beskid". ut. lenght 1600 m) MAJOR EVENTS May: Blossorning Apple Tree Days ."" into two porto by the river Poprad (a tributary of the Dunajec River): the • Radziejowa Range (1262 m) and the Jaworzyna Krynicka Range (1114 m). Zeqiestow. tel. ul. which stretches east of Krynica. (0-18) 4420780 Jaworzyna Krynicka. the so-called Poprad Loop. Every May. every year. (0-18) 4435770. Nowy Sacz. tel.Nowy Sacz > September: Jan Kiepura Festival . music and dances. Krynica became the most popular among health resorts of this region With its historic timber houses and numerous modern physio--therapeutic establishments. tel. Jan Kiepura. Limanowskiego 1.Sadecki is . Along the Poprad valley the following health resorts are situated: Muszyna. Remains of the culture of the former inhabitants of this land have been preserved in the form of small wooden orthodox churches.G6ra Parkowa (Ienght 642 m) Krynica . Perla Poludnia. tel. The Beskid NISki. Krynlca offers excellent facilities for winter sports.Slary SqCZ • JulyAugust: Holiday of the Children of the Mountains . (0-18) 4715612 "Hajduczek". Piwniczna and Lomnica-Zdroj Beautifully located. Krynlca has been called the pearl of Polish spas. the holiday of the "Blossoming Apple Tree" is celebrated. ul.Stary Sacz. tel. (0-18) 4464187 Rytro . IS particulary attractive for lovers of peace and quet. The Sa. In a small village of Lacko (west of Nowy Sacz). The trail leads hikers by the most attractive localities situated on the fringe of the mountains. tel. A festival of opera songs named alter a lamous Polish tenor. (0-18) 4715408 "Mesko". (0-18) 4711725 Krynica 'Czarny Potok".. tel. (0-18) 4715771 "Gornik". u! Pulaski ego 64. Rytro 380.kid Krynica in the Winter TOURIST INFORMATION Nowy Sacz. (0-18) 4469031 REFUGES Hala Labowska tel. Szczawnicka 1. Af1er hiking and enjoying other tourist pleasures. ISheld in Septernber. tel. Pilsudskiego 34. (0-18) 4715476 Piwniczna "Czercz". (0-18) 4715409 CABLE-RAILWAYS Krynica . ul. ul. tel. A well-known primitivist painter.Krynica now-Zdroj .Jaworzyna Krynicka (gondola lift. ul P Skargi 2. fax 4435144 "Panorama' u! Romanowskiego 4a.I. Here visltors get a sampling of the hlghalnders costumes. a good place to rest is in the health resorts of lworucz-Zdroi and Ryma- fill! iiil h' . Czarny Potok 65. Wysoka 24. Nikifor also lived and worked here. who used to come to Krynica. (0-18) 4437145 Kamianna "Dorn Pszczelarza".. tel. a town situated In the Sadecka Dell.Lacko • June-July: Starosqdecki Ancient Music Festival .decki Ethnographic Park is also a site not to be missed. is the beginning of a popular tourist trail.


Solina. (0-13) 4696454 MAJOR EVENTS May: Folklore Fair . PTTKs Refuges and Hotels in Bieszczady. ul.Zyndranowa • June-August: Sumrner in Selma . (0-13) 4631439. Along tl18 way visitors can rest up before a hike at one of the tourist hotels. wolves and deer. Polariczyk • August: CarpathianMusic Festival"Na Pograniczach". with the 11ighest peak Tarnica (1346 m). tel. angl"Hs ann hunters are welcome at tile Solinskie and Myczkowskie lakes. fax 4630123 RECOMMENDED HOTELS Ustrzyki G6rne Hotel Gorski". little orthodox woorlen churches and huts. tel Wetlina 34 'Lesny Dw6r". Polonina Carvnska (1297 m) and Polonina Wetlinska (1253 rn). In many villages you can sti!1 see traces of the fanner mhanuants such as shrines. The gateway to the Bleszczady is the historically rich town of Sanok which houses a historical museum with the most interesting collection of 14--19th.Sanok • August: Review of Lernki Folklore . tel (0-13) 4611036 ext. mainly for cross-country skiing. In winter. The most interesting characteristic of these mountains are the ridges covered with grass known as poloniny The most beautiful such mountain pastures. tel/fax (0-13) 4327707 Sanok. Mickiewicza 29. Wetiina 73. can be reachedby welHravelied hiking trails. The parts of the mountains most untouched by human presence. Wide beech forests give shelter to wildilfe such as bisons. TOURIST INFORMATION Krosno. or If they wish. icons in Poland. have been incorporated into the Bieszczadzki National Park. The holiday centres In Selina and the Myczkowce and the Polanczyk health resort waiting for guests will ensure you rest and recreation. campsites and boarding houses. S"li". tel. In summer. the former inhabitants of these lands. Sanok lies at the beginfli'lg of tile Biesz- czadzka Loop which runs between torasts covered mountains and mountain meadows.Lakp. c. the Bieszczany offer excellent snow conditions. Pilsudskiego 16. Sanok also offers an open air museum devoted to the prsservation ot old timber houses belonging to the Lernkowie and the Bojkowls. hire a horse for the day The Bieszczady are the most spectacular in the Autumn when leaves turn a countless number colors. lynx.Sanok: .~ie he Bieszczady. An additional attraction for tourists wil be a ride on an old narrow -gauge train at a speed of 10--15 km per hour. ul. bears. cover the southeast region of Poland Sparsely populated the Bieszczady region is a paradise for those tourists who enjoy rambling with a rucksack through vast areas of unblemished nature. 104 Wetlina Hotel Gorski".


1000 Brussel tel. 21 6075. 54/a. F. Y 10016 Tel. fax 142 66 35 88 Polnisches Fremdenverkehrsarnt. fax 21 04 65 1997 AUSTRIA BELGUM FRANCE GERMANY NETHERLANDS HUNGARY Kepviselet ITALY SWEDEN @ Publisher: POLSKA AGENCJA PROMOCJI TURYSTYKI NATIONAL TOURISM PROMOTION AGENCY. K Wolfram. Technical editor: B. fax 21 009214 Pools Inforrnatiebureau voor Toerisrne Leidsestraat 64. Graphic Layout: Lidia Komorowska. Widerynski. 00-187 Roma tel. Photographs: A. Siemek. Cyrul. fax 502 1261 Office National Polonais de Tourisme 49. Slodkowski. 338 94 12. 482 7060. Kamykowski. R. fax 623 09 29. A. Suite 1711 New York. 2100920. Remo House. telex 11484 Lengyel Nernzeti Idegenforgalrni 1075 Budapest. S. 58088 11. 511 81 69. fax 524 71 91 20 Pools lntormatiebureau voor Toerisme 18/24 Kolonienstraat. 21 81 45. M. N. Marburger StraBe 1. Skwiarawski. fax 338 92 83 Polnisches Fremdenverkehrsamt Manahilfer Strasse 32-34/102. K. Wirpsza. M. Bilinski. 52471 91.1017 PO Amsterdam tel. Poland Text: Jan Pawel Piotrowski: Translation: E. Momot. and K. 310-312 Regent Street.POLISH TOURIST INFORMATION UNITED KINGDOM CENTERS Polish National Tourist Office First Floor. 1070 Wien tel./fax: 269 78 09. Czerwinski. Veneto. Avenue de l'Opera. 10789 Berlin tel. fax 580 88 66 W1R 5AJ USA Polish National Tourist Office 275 Madison Avenue. 14742 07 42. 625 35 70. Zwierzchowski. Jablonski. A. Agency "East News": Maps: Kartographisch Verl~g A. Bonarski. Jaronczyk. Editor: D. 269 78 10 Ufficio Turistico Polacco via V. A. Z. Szreder. Grychowski. Rzepecki. J. S. 75 002 Paris tel. fax 481 75 69 Polska Statens Turlstbyra Kungsgatan 66. S. Box 449 S-1 0128 Stockholm tel. Karoly krt 11 tel. London tel. and W. Dworska PUBLISHED FOR THE STATE SPORTS AND TOURISM ADMINISTRATION WITH THE FUNDS SUPPLIED BY THE STATE BUDGET ISBN 83-7182-097-6 .

Viev from Hnatowe Berdo onto Smerek in the Bieszczady Mountains .

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