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Welcome tD BR#5, It ha5 b-~eI',a" Il\t£r~rt'!ng tlm.e in fhe making.

LClts of shows, lots of bands, - lots of phetos, lots of drivir.g, flyers, trips to the PClst office, quitting 111'1 Job at the war~ho use, being broke (go figure), sunny days. rainy days, h onglng o!,lf with old frie.nds,. j.uggling endeven " lIttle freight train trip ""ound the be,aU'lifully rainy rlate of Moine. The list 90o<-s on and on for a while. Non-the less, here is BR#5. The usual stuff contlnul!S. New show revlmlo's. new "Ibum reviey,os, the 3.... chopTe!' of Owen
__ ~r ...




, ~. .\~-.

Curtsinger's fictional epic" Funky Rals," some news arti,I~$, dc, etc Some n."'w thi!195 ',Wllich you'll probably notice., without reading thi' al"e that there "1'« some ihterviews. YM,. there are naw rnte.rviews in Bogus Rendition. Interviews indeed. Along wiTh interview.s. thr e is a bit (>f a recap, of the t,.<\,'n trip I weni on with myoid friend Kevin GallClgher, which both of Us worked on colle-etively. Also, this issue is sj longe,. then any others. It's kind of on "el(travQgallZo." is~u,,< It is not the IClst" but had a par1'ku\arly 10l1leeollection ,of materiel this time,so here it is. There's mar .. , but I won't ge1" into if. That berng soid the ztne is still fre'e whe,.e fOlJnd ond $2 (or tr-ed by moil and there , 'WU!one" again be rough],)' 500 copies printed. But toANY-orle who would ]"iketo make a, donation iiI" buy some odvel"tislng space in the future, I wi\l be ve'ry grateful. SR will MV~ go QWoy because of fincmciol .rea.sOl1S, but it mClYceMoi.nly be slowed down. Please help keep this 2;l\e a regulcr thing, a,.. ol1)'olle whCl' s glanced al it knows that it is scmething thot very r'ar" fiI find these days. Anyone who· is inte.rested inllerping out in any way" plws'e emoi\' me. As olwllYs. hel free fa check out ww...., The,... is a huge photography 5edion of brmds. $fuff from ru"oingor-oulld South Americ(I, Nepal, troins, procfof cloned dinO~(lurs on (I mysterlolls island off the coast of Corta RiCa Md ,plenty more . .Most of the CD reviews that hove been in th" zine so for or·e as well as <.I linksp<;lge that is WAY to big, but j$ alwClys 100l\i09 for ""m..-thing new (bCl~ds, lobe's, zines, ~;su(l.1er-ts, trovelihg, all sorts of shit), II merch section with Somi! really bod ass ,PQtch'~, bock issues of the 21M and some ofi"H,r st1..lN that I c"n't think of off top of Ijl.y head. Mort copie s of BR#4 ore gone. :I have (I few left so If yo u did II' t geT well-hleden cosh to COYer shippin9, and .I'll send you a copy. .._ .. Anye"", inhrested in contributing: to Bogus Rendition in the Mure, weather it be with ...riting,. an- or whatcever, pleese fee' fr"·" to con,tClcf me. Although I plan on olwey. having the rnllin fcc us of The zille be towards music, I'd like to start including more ond more non-music pieces, whatever tkey m(lY be. The t's it for now. El\Joy tile mOllStrosity til at lies In the



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. caok)G /j\(JNSlFf\

Written QI1dIllustroted by Owen Curtsinger

great show at the Kave. Inbound kicked off the evehing with their dual vocal, tough guy hard core. These guys have a great stage presence and their songs are really fun and catchy. Then A Life Once Lost took the stage but I have to admit, I only caught two songs. They were coal though; playing noisy, chaotic metal-core: Now the Red Chord was fucking amazing of course, but I'd have to sew that on top of that, this was one of the most memorable times,

I've seen rhetn. I was constantly running'Dack and fortn to put away t he camera and running back 10 the floor to dance ond bre_ok out the cartwheels. This was the first time in quite a while that I really ran oro und and dane ed at a show, ond it felt really good. It was great to see one of the old favorites whose songs I knew inside our ; even the new ones at this point were starting to sound familiar. And, speaking of which, read the review :i of the. Red Chord's new album ~ "ClIents/' which is in here somewhere. and go buy the. damn ,.............1 t~e ~oor timi;g, so the singer told thing when it's out. ccuse it's s about how he accidentally amazing. There. were plenty of sing broke ~othy's daughters nose (or along pig piles and the giant one at ' so.methlhg like that) a f ~y~~ .the end of "Dreaming in Dog h ago at some show, and a few other Y~~rs." ended up collapsing from all ra~dom ~tor;es of his pcr-ents the layers of kids trying to find weird shit when he was 12. the mic. Everyotle )'Jas.fine though his was another awesome show at and it was fucking great The Red the Kave. and as always, r didn't Chord never ceases to put on a hell want fa leave. That dub reminds of a show. Bury Your Dead aren't ~e of Q giant version of my room r really my thing, but they put on an ~ust wanted to hang around end aweSome show ond hod the floor Juggle. but the long drive down t going most of their set. Again. Metal Fest was eagerly awaitingO there was a ton of singing along. as and I ~new I'd have to factor som~ well as plenty of dancing. pig piles sleep time into the equation,



and even a few stage dives that weren't instant floor dives: At one point one of the guitar players swung. his guitar over his back and ially split h' eod from

Day's 2 and 34/23,4/24 @ the Palladium \:) So yeah, obviously I don't have a ,:t._ review for the first day, seeing ;l~}1:that I wasn't there. If you really i! want to know how it went, there -:;,.' pre probably over a thousand , reviews out there on the Internet. , A good place to start would be . Thus, after the rang drive through .', the early morning hours all the way ,.. from Bucksport (and taking a bit of a nap at the rest' stop in ;~. K.ennebunk), I rolled into Worcester. And quite honestly, I wasn't very happy to be there. It was raining, I felt like shJ.t; and the only bands I really cared about seeing I'd either seen the night before, or very recently, Although I did separately run into two old friends fr-om a life once lost (the lives, not the band, although I ran into them too) and go to fork: about old times. That was cool. Also met a kid named Bill who'd hitched up from Long Island .'for the fest (your grey hoodie is in' the rnciI bra), But other then that. I didn't really have much of a reason to be there. Too many bonds, too many people. too many phone calls and inspections from the fire Marshall demanding that fire ordinance be kept more then up to code. r watched Bury Your Dead and they were pretty cool ogain.






the floor downstairs dancing and the sin.ger was in the crowd for most of the set, Greutenergy, not my thing, but who cares? r watc:hed a few other bands, but don't really remember any names: other than Jamey Justa's side project known as Ice Pick, Not long after Bury Your Dead, I got in the car and although I had a couch to crash on in ,Wor'l:ester, I also had a very important Photoshop project to work on, r headed back up north. r shall nof be discussing it any furTher other then that I cculdn'f be happier with the results. 1= woke up on Sunday on the floor , of my dad's rrving room, I'd gotten o good solid four hours of sleep, _,_.,..." which was much needed, but it was p;;.~I.iri;' . still r'lining like shit outside, and I ~~~=i hod a very extensive .debcte in my mind as to weather or not to drive back down to Worcest,er agorn. Obviously I decided to go, and fuckih' A, I'm glad I did. The sun came out somewhere around Lowell to' see some of my :OTO _Tt'lIJnrites bands of air time, I




brutal then those guys. The sound kind of sucked, but they played a g:-eat set. Four or five new songs, Qnd possibly two from "III." This was my first time seeing them and they pulled off all their stuff live really well. They very tight, and like I safd, about as brutal as it gets (witha. smcllexceptlon of this bond that played later that night and has a name that might be named after same river i.n Egypt) The next band I watched was Dead to Fall, although r don't ow~ anything by them, I've got a friend who listens to them almost re.ligio(Js!y, so r knew most of the stuff being played, They opened up by cove.ring • Slaughter of the Soul" by At the Gates, which was: really cool, of course. Lots of hard-core ond metal fans alike dancing and mashing, stage diving, head wal.king, singing along, pig piles, the works. DTF I believe played mostly stuff from their most recent album, the one with the eagle and Ii zard guys duking it 01.11 on the cover (which my friel1d is also in the process of having tattooed onto his entire bock), The, ne:(f. bond that played is pretty much my favorite of all time, so what I write will most likely be a biased opinion, but whatever, The "R.ocky Mountain Hydro Grinders," Cepl1a.lic Carnage headlined 'upstairs this year (yeah I know, it's

been Pig Destroyer for how many years?). Opening up with "Hybrid" from 1998's "Exploiting Dysfunction," r couldn't resist stowing the ccmerc for a bit, arid rwrmingaround, singing along and r getting beer spilled on me from crashing into some dude (shower ,time maybe? No, WeI! to late.) Anyways, although the sound wasn't perfect, Cephalic. Carnage tore through an amazing fucking '..... show. They played a gr'eat set list from the amount of time provided, consisting of 0 few new ones from "Anomalies," a track or two from "Lucid Inter-vel," Q really old song that I don't think r have, even hit their own rendittcn of the King of the Hill theme song, before closing with "Observer," from "Exploiting ..." There were some hi'larious scmples in between songs and great crowd response and interaction, lots of crowd surfing and stage diving, singing along, etc. i~,. This one kid landed on the stage ~ ,,:,;:.and hit his head on a monitor , ,.,~ pretty hard and then just stood 'ijt!~' for a minute. Cephalic is ,such an .awesome bond. They write
.~ ~~i ._


f~~~r .:

·.;"~~;";:4"-_3_lo!.";.i,~~~:'.rot~:(!t~,;,~>;:,;~.~ _.' . ~~Xfu';;.&t~;sa'..iw4ihN@§#c ' ..._


music fu.eking SROWS. Can't wait to follow the.m on the.;".~l:!p~. s ffJilJ~<?w.r _ for a bit. After second stage wound down, r hung around for a bit. aeclining to run downstairs to watch the last


as ways. guys are ,- ~ obviously madly in love with being able to perform their music every night. They always put a ton of pnssion and energy int 0 their shows. And why Soilwork took almost half on hour setting up and didn't even come close to playing



30 seconds or so of the Black Dahlia Murder's set. It reaUy sucks that they hod to play at the same l time as Cephalic. but shit, what can o':!edo? They'll be back. The Black ti Dahlia Murder just happens to be ~ the best CarcaSs meets At the ~ Gates rip-off, EVER. And I know thot that's Q fairly bold statement, but I stand by it. I heard thO.t t.he new .songs. ar.e.•.. -_,;. o~d





I only sow the ~1'igS' of _Hypocrisy. and wasn't really ~ ~. impressed given that. I've seen - them put on an amazing show in the past. Dark Tranqui lity was ne-xt, and god damn- it, if I had to ches e one bond f rom that "co re" iGothenburg scene that has done it tall ., and done it right. it would be 1them. A great sh_o'll with killer .(ener_g_~ __ _o.~ stage and -from the

16s. _.

~ '~


.. -




half as good as Dark Tranquility .=.....,;i\ ••• beyond me. Whotever. Pretty much .. cr&...t:&..l; the reason I drove all the way back down for day three was to see the next band. Nile is in my opinion, one of the greatest death metal
bands of all time. This one band


t~e drive worth it and ~\'_. way more. I ve seen them play >.1'; _ several shows over the past few years, and this was +he best ~ performance I've ever seen by 1fj,J them" no discussion. The sound was ~:W'~ almost perfectos long as you were k,'J at least 20 feet awo,yand the new tt\"~ material is amazing. Dallas has i"" moved to center stage and makes Q

1.,~:lone made a

:~~!~rttl: ,:J. ~.~-:--


~ I' )"~-1l


new bass

"l ,

i.~: of his new role in Nile. The

amazing drummer. certainly worthy
player-Joe Payne, who rs only 19 by the way. has a brutal stage presence, fits in ncturclly fa the band and as a 'professional death metal head banger." puts George 'Corpse Grinder' Fisher himself to shame (as silty as
may sound, I write it with all si'1cerity). Although the only thing that could have made this set better in my opinion would have. been for Nile

... r:

"'_ •.(


:r" ,.,h



to play for two solid hours, but for the amount of time provided, they absolutely destroyed, They opened blasting into "the Blessed Dead," and
continued along 'With· Serpent Headed, into of new, the




from •Annihilation

Wicked." Over all, Nile were able to cram in most of their flits from their last full I

d closed tTle new songs an roughly four. he title troc.k from , I'll out with t .. After rU9 f Vengeance . • Btock Seeds 0 95 up front. . y +wo son d m tly put away on Photographing

he. An1IU, Smashing t



'n the tor the pit to JOI , 5 fairly fome. I I headed strait h hit wa d mayhem,alt aug f the croW , · k for the. mQJority 0 t h In "

the camera

cs mston



long day starting but there to catch up and toke its toll.' of smiles were still plenty

amidst the madness. Like I said, a two-hour set is pretty much the only thing that could have made this one better. I envy, any band that goes on tour with Nile and _gets to see them play every night. A Ithough King
Diamond core songs. played lost (and he indeed don't did ploy for two hours), I really

for his stuff. I stayed 'for a few

then went outside
met as a lot well as of from the

to hand out
cool people. a bose Cephalic new

z ines I

little Lenzig
bit. for

Nile, ~'\from

Cor Bomb


Fest this year, r mean sopposively there is, but last year we played in this little ass place with like a minute set +ime limit ... .. . - .,,,....... Me' Are you guys gonna put auto DVD anytime soon? Len; Yeah. it'sin the works. The

Me; So Japan was ewescme I_< assume Were there any noticeable~ differences fra.m here or E.uro~e? ~. Len: Well other then belllg m a ~ different country and everyone speaking a different language, for. the most part i,fs just amazing. I



first.p. "" is do~e but we. just have. to put In the filler stuff like the dude eating the cheese and all that stuff. But the live port is all done. Pretty likely that it'll come out as a


mean everything is just so clean,,, ' digi-pack for" Anomalies: and mellow. We even got stoned ~ .;,t' ~ Me: Couple mere, Carcass or At there so". The crowd went nuts ~ the Gates? when we played and there were , Len; Carcass, hands down. Carcass about 500 or 600 people, The thing is God. was set up over various different Me: Carcass or Suffocation? compounds so, our place was Len: Corcass. I mean, I pocked. Suffocation but I like Carcass Me: Awesome. Ever ridden' freight more. trainS'? Len: Me? No. That's too crazy for me. You got1a have some big balls "to jump on a train. Me: Any particular stories? I know there ~~' '" crazy tours, are tons, but Me: Yeah, me too. What have you been listening to lately? Stuff while of tour ond what net., Len;' The new Queens of the Stone. Age, the new Origin and the new Immo loti on albums are bot h .' amazing,. but that's pretty much it, We've been listening to 3 Inches I of Blood for a while, but other then thot the new Queens of the dI Stone Age is m.y fovor.ite thmg "\iii that"s out right now. Me; Are you guys playing 'king of the Hill" tQnight? Len: We might. for the hell of it IT always depends on if someone looks at another a way or if it feels right. We always play it when we go to Texas and they always ge:ta kick out of it, but +hcr's mainly where we play it. But

anything that comeS to mind.rightj off the bat? Len: This one tIme we were playing Q show in Sweden. I forget where,

. but. thiS. guy wa~te..d a shirt and ~e . mode him ,eat like a pound of H1I5 really fucked up cheese. He looked like he was gonno throw up but he ate it. We were giving him beer ond water to wash it down, but he had to eat it, We filmed it. This other time in Switzerland these dudes were just slapping each other around with this wet shir-t, all sorts of hi.lnrious shit happens.

we played

it lost




------ .. place waS going prerty sick to it. ;"""""_~. Me: Anything else? Lost words? ;+:. Len: Check out our new album • Anomalies," Check out Relapse Records and our web site. which is ,' :i ') for info and "" ,)'~', tour dates. When we come through

L~~ your

town. check us out. tell your ~-'''''''; friends about us ond bring some .. weed to smoke with us. Me: Alright much. Len: Thank you. 50 like I said, the ceiling in this club wos very low, The place seemed like it would hold almost 600 people, and I think there were around 500 that showed up. Cephalic kicked off the show, opening once again with 'Hybrid," although merely seconds after the "Illicit" part, sound problems kicked in and they stopped to re evaluate things. That matter being soon resolved, this was still a pretty rocky night for the hydro grinders, as numerous sound problems per-sisted, resulting in a rather" Spinal Top-esc" set. Unfortunately, I don't think there were too many in the crowd who were able to recognize the humor that those dudes create their . music with until they hit the King man. thank you


of the Hill theme song. were a few out there though that I noticed were having a hell of a


time, I suspect that Zoo was the band that waS able to draw quire few of the old school Portland the I






only watched half ()f their set, but they put on a pretty good show as always and hod the crowd going nuts for the just as many Cepha.!!E_put able to erupt before older tunes, despite sound problems as up witt,. Terror were the Cf'owd almost playing, and

they starte(j

with their classic h<lrd-core sound had the place in near chao5 for the entire set. Kids heO(:j walking, jumping off the cour,ters Clndside of the,stage. dancin9 and singing along from what seemed lij(ed ' that they were "trying something new," for this last night of touring since early March and threw a nurf football into the crowd saYlng that this was Q game called "ki II the guy with the boll." Towards the end of the song, a "destroy this place," came out, and orders (intentional





About half way through t~e set the first ceiling tile of thl?_njgn~ was kicked out, by some dUde crowd surfing. I think the crowd thin, ned out after Terror finished up, but only a bit. My 24'h time seeing Shadows Fall ploy live, although it was be no meOlis the 'best in terms of performol1ce from'

. ~: \:. :. ". .
,'1""-' -'-


the band. it was certainly t,he most 'memorable. They mostly pl!Jyed new songs, opening with "PC)wer of I and I." "Thoughts Witho4t Words," was played second and wOS when the destruction 0; the Station n. Brain anno;~ed



or not) were fell wed. One ceiling tile wos ~ anoth~r, followed rafters ripped down, end then and then five at once, by the little metal that hold the tiles in place

and even some wires, "Wow! Holy shit! Uh ... as ftm

as that looks you guys," Brain said,




"those ore LIVE electrical wfre.s \oJp fnere. so if you keep it up we're probably 011 going to blow up." Moments later, "okay here's the deal You guys all have to back up about ten feet $0 they can shove all those wires back up, or they're going to shut the show down. In the meon time, you can enjoy ... some jazz.' Everyone was cool as Steve and Chris, the promoters. did what they could, The

on'ly cut out once, for a few
minutes during "Inspiration on Demond" "Shit! And you know what?

The rest of that song was RE ALLY good We hadn't even got to the
best part yet.' The power was soon back up and running. and the show continued. At one point, Matt split his finger open and ha.d to clean all the blood off of his guitar. More tiles were ripped out throug'h out .4~M;,I'\i.l ht by kids crawd su.r-fing',

<;: ~~"~~J\.\~j





/1 t··-,",.,,, .-J..' •__ ..,."r---'-i_J.. \


.- but only a few. Shadows Fall, to my surprise, played "Crushing Belial:' :_" ..... hich I hadn't seen them do for a w l. hell of a long time. and that kicked .: ass. This was defin.itely a classic ,~' "lest night of the four so fuck the .., world." type of show. The sound



sucked and the band played pretty sloppy, but everyone was obviously having a blast. The road crew was smoking a big blunt on stage, a drum stick-air war between Jason
the drummer and the sound guys/road crew during songs. all sorts of shit. The mayhem was indeed a bit over the top, but it was great to see so many kids having so much fun, regardless of anything. I wouldn't be surprised however, if this is the last show we see at the Station for a long time.




~ ~

CephalIc Carnage. Cryptic Warning, Randam Acts Vialence, Abhorred 5/9 @ the Middle East Unfortunately I missed mast of Abhor-red due to a two haur discussion I'd been having with a Vietnam vet around the black. He went by the name of Jay and had dane twa full tours in the army. He was the "M-60 guy" of his unit. and hod t10 idea how many he'd put down during his fours years in the jungle. but it was more then he cared to. knew. We talked abeut all sarts of ather stuff as well. The few songs of Abhorred that r did see were awesome. They have a great stage presence and seemed to. be having a hell of a time. were much hecvrer and faster live then on CD. but still had a very gut wrenching crunch go.lng.Random Acts of Vialence tao k the next and of course put on a fun shaw with their thra.shy punk rack speed metal. I think they closed with a MOTarhead cover, which was bad-ass. Cryptic Wafl1ing was a very coal surprise given that I'd never seem them. They are a three piece of Just brutal, to the point, crunchy thrash metal. Cryptic Warning could work os a strictly instrumental band in my opinion, given that they already are pretty minimal on vocals and have so many parts where they Just rock out. The vocals are used well though. Then Cephalic took the stage and of the three times I saw them perform in the proc ess a f making this issue. this wos the best.They were tight as hell O11d althoughth e sound wasn't perfect. it wos pretty damn good. Great energy on and They even got a prerty good pit '



For more informa non re,Hf C<)nlacl www.daC4f!.QQdUJtl~M liaoc:: floor jus tic emagji'ho
Of e-mail:


5/1lMa$tQdon~ Cult of luna @ the Pcllcdium (upstQil's) I only saw the last two songs of Cult of luna (even though that lasted at least 20 minutes), I thought It was really cool that they played in the dQrlt It sucked from a phatagllophy starld point not to be able to use an.y flash, so I set my ccmero on open bulb and mode like.I was star trails. In my opinion" Cult of LunQ's first CD is WAY better then the ether two,even though the. new one is still Qmcsterpiece end frcmc text boek standard is for bettercrafted. Anyone who likes Neurosis or IS'is (old or new) will love these guys, and like Mastoda.n, the further back in time you gQ. tile heovier/rnore metal they get. I didn't watch Death By StereQ even though I used te ~Iistento theme LOT. From what I heard, they sounded like shit, but hit some cf my old fnvorires frQm"Day of the Death." r don't know.who+ the hell DBS WQS doing on that tour. Probably ;"hoever designed the toor package threw them on there far their own reasons, but who knows. They are cool, but only for the type of music that they ploy, which for anyone who doesn't know is really catchy and fun punk rock/herd-core. Mastodon was awesome as always. I think they (Troy especially) were aU stoned out of their minds, but it made for some really cool pictures and thev still out on an awesome show. Mostly lew stuff. opening with "Heart's Alive," the longest and cer-tainly most hypnotic ;ong from ·Leviathan." They still hit plenty of old tunes .such as the usual 'Crllsher )estroyer," 'March of the Fire flnts" and a fewotners, closing with a Melvin'S cover. The sound wasn't perfect In my mind, but it was still cool. Way better then it IJOS metal fest this year, but not as good as it's been other times. I think if's at ame how Mastodon got marketed towards the mainstreem when "Leviathan" come rut. Using a quote like: "Mastodon is a 'bands' band" is one of the lowest of lows IJhen it comes to lame ways to advertise, but advertisers are lome anyways, In my lpinion, Mastodon is one of the few bonds to come along in quite a while that really lre doing there own thing, end their success is well deserved. Indeed they area )and that won'T be appreciated by everyone, especially hard core kids that hove 'eally closed minds and metal kids that refuse to listen to anything that isn't as 1eavy and fast as Vital Remains (who I like a LOT by the way), but cnycne with an ippr-eclctlon fer GOOD music knows whot the hill is up with Mastodon and other lrogressive metal bands ... and' it ain't just passing the bong either .
. ~ ~. -- ~ ...


. i_ \:'

Allston MA Thb waS another grEat 'show put on by Joe from No " _Records. It was very dark and gloomy for the . part.. Sin of Angles I think was the second bond but was the first! sow. This was 0 much better performance then the lost time! saw them ploy. it two songs off of "Eucharist: but mostly new (or old?) sru] f. The material that I'd hadn't hecrd was basically the some type of stuff only notably better, hopeflJlly there w,illbe something .:;:oming alohg the Ii soon, Ocean of course was very cool to see, as played a set of all new songs of the slowest gloo doom around. I believe they have 0 new CD com,ing sometime around the end of the SUmmer,so there's to keep on eye out for, for any fan of beautifully ., depressing doom metal. Loir of the Minotaur was t main reason I went to this show and I'd soy my axpectctlons were fulfilled for the most port Just-, straight up old school heavy fucking metol that is raw end crusty as hell TI:ey played 0 mix of new s:mgs and ~Llterial f,rom their ~Ibu~on Souther~ ~r.d Re,or~s, _' Ca,rnage! most nOf<jlbly _CO,ravonof Thieves'" think the title) and "the Wolf." 'Ploy'the Wolfl"
_.,Sill of Ang!es @ O'B'rh:m's, • Funny

-.,.0 u s hcu


about a wolfl It's called, 'the Wolf!" Hopefully they'll b beck in the northeast again soon. Watch Maker WQS ~ . one+her b<l!1dI'd never seen and they were fucking insonel Tripped out grindillg noise that was at times Iig'Q tning 105t, crh ers S Iowan d d rcnad out, bu t al'WO,Y5' ~ insane. Their singer had the most stoge presence": as he was always making some sick face with a spark of, ~, ..I!»"cited serial killer in his eye. 010119 with his microphone bering connected to 0 gi011t tree saw and two full forearm black metal spiked brccelets whl~h flew as much' as they preached. I'llI'. never heard Watch Maker on~t;:'D,but heard mixed relliews~. Some soy they ore ,'wid clecner, others that they are sloppy. from ,seeing them play thiS set, despite lhe'b~ad "sound ~ . I could tell that t have a lot, .


Calendar of Up-Coming Shows 6/18 Hale fTernal, K6s,un. Jnconrcnon, Into EterniTy. Ali Sholl Per,sh@ rhe P.Qllod,um 6125 Sounds of the Undergroul)d Teur-w/ Lamb of God, Opelh, Unearth, 5:troppt~g Young lad, Ihe Red Chord, Terr-or. Modo,,'1. mony more. (many (It whjc~ suck) @ the T~0fl9<15 Arello.



Lowell MA c:::t" <. p 719 Bleeding Through. Darkest Hour. Zoo, MIsery Signals @ the Polladlum ~ i 7/15 Ozzfest Z005 10'11 (main stoge) Bleck 50bba'th. Iron Maiden. Killswilch Eng'lge. . . Shadows Fa II ond Block Lebel Socie ty, In Flames, (.2'° stage) P;ob Zombie, AS r Loy .Dying. Meslado", The Haunted, Arch Enemy, The Bloc ~ Dol1lio Murder, Bury Your D~<ld. SOllV/ork, Trov,urn.I) Dies Todoy, A Dozen Fupes end more @ 111?-Tweel,e.r Ce.~I~~ MaOl~f'l'-ld. MA 7/16. 7/17 DOOM AND GlUNt> :FE5T @ r /Ie M,ddle EO~l DownSTo'rS (<\ 72 Moss Ave, CenT rol Sq. Cambridge.: MA l 18. Tim" and Prjce TBA. Note this is 0 venue cho~ger Doy One; Phobia (CA), CIrcle of ()eodChtldrel1 (PA), Killth~ Client (TX). CO!OIIer (ME). Adolf Satan (MAJ, 8iolich (NY). Abhorred (MA), ConI inued w,thout A Findrng (MA J, Si" 0 f AngeJs jRr), Hi.ruQmee (MA.). Doy Two, Grre{ (MA), Goo.tsblood (CANADA). tJOl~orlhly Tronce (NY). Droghedo (OH). We' NUrse (NY). Mogrudergrilld (MD). Sy~slok (PAl, Keoorkro,,' 5 Angels {MAJ, Ocean (MEl TO (NH). go .. 7/20 50i I~nl Green. A Perfect Murder. Into The, Mool, Wo Tell Them D,e @ A 5220 It5 Empire ST. ProyideJ1Ce. RI 0 > 7/29 & 30 Mdwoukee Metol Fur 2005. b-ands TSA @ MOdJuko Thecrre. Milwaukee 7/30 Mi~higllJl Metal Fest wi Malevolent Cre~HtOOl, Origin" Dioine Empire, Animosity, Anol





9!13 Ther'"n,

BiasI. more ... @JomestowneHoIISagiOlaW.Mr, Beyond The Embrace@ rhe.Pollod,um,



....... V..JI.:;;.


All fh" shews listed obove <milthe bends ploying fhem nrc olwoys subject To ':ho"9"Do the res eerc h yours elf. Thr 5 is Justo re hrene e , Drivi ~g t!;ree 11 or-s Ihe 5 ee 0 bond o thai !lot in 0 fight on the rood Or hod a member broke 0 w~ist t/lus co~celin9 their tliursuo~.. . .. . ~

-.....J O.

.. _-'--=_

Directions to: The Worces'er Palladium _-__ "'" from Portland' Toke 95 south ,,,10 MA, follow signs for "495 Worce.slel'." From 495 I,ok", 2'10 into tow". Toke Ex,t 16 for the Centrum. pnss 111€Cenlrum. which wtll be 10 your lefl The Po Iladi~m tS the (:".g britk. building with 0 ·9io", beer pointed on the s,de. 2 bloc ks up The STreet the lefl. Front door is on Motn Street, Pork,ng lOIS are oil over the plcce and overoge nr ound 10 bu.>:. somet I,mos w~y more, "'TherS "loy less. depe'ldlng 00l who rs go","' down 01 the ,cenlrum, Usually 0 2.5 hour drrve from Porlln"d one·way. buT i' ,s probably the



metal/hard·core fo;w the box




;:::>. ~ .

-- ....- ........
net or

'Tickets Palladium

Palladium office

are For

ovciicbte more 'nfa.


Sttoawberrie.s, check pot

Tickets com or the


.f;::::)9. _ ....... ... .... __
to the Kaye. check



fot' Info and directions





ons fall


:of our feet with
they crow a t us



Its time to movee are man made~

signs warning of witch

when hear~ or s~en




MAY fAll If . ~ OBSTRUCTED!.~ j f~ TRA~ O'~.. 'U. -a: . {:!:~ SER\UUS INJURY MAY RESUL T\ . SERV ICE ---=-------='"
0\1 .




,. A,pacolypse

,t Naw


many rimes

. in the

yard for hour,s 01'1


,:Iightty run down Industrial lOOt. of Pro._ridcnce.. you wHl fund D 9!'"OUPof o,..,isu who'y't. taken ever the e:ntTn: 3H flo"" of 0 ;worthous.e. and l\J,."ed it ;nto on amo2ing coHec11'Y1f, g,f installations, ."ulptu,,> and 2D wall pLues, Upon .nt.rlng e rOOI11. you will enter nol am". gaUet")'. but a physicol display of what floa' .. around in Ihe mind$ of tkou tho, use the spece to


creor e. , From midnight

,lU sUMill. of May 28",

they hod



The p,,,luru

on the

are" rough ide" of some of tho .tuff tho' wos there, but in Trutl> do no jv.stice to lh~ or90"'c •• urre,,1 and psych.delic er o thot is lihrolly lik. hanging around some other world 011 nIght. There .. ill b. mort of th ... In the ne or futur e , Anyone int.r es in

"vet two pogu



;1 out .hould



for -tbe list

of ortisTs

who ~onrrib"t.d,

"nd future openings.

Funk,Y R.ais
An.ongoir)g serfal ~ OwepCurt5fo:1&=,r To read th", 5to~ so !'sr, go t:o"""""".bof}w",,,dition.d:>m and elkk on·wo"d:s-.~ He paused tor a mO'men!:, ·drank some tea, and ,sig}l"d '" long: J=p si@l.For a minul:<: I thought.he was ,done. I shifted m~IJ mgd up, a Irttle disappointed. From .such a weir
Y'!;li had exp"c~ "We)I,'j said,







not dOl1eyct, 60:':1" He grinned and cSipp"dsom" more k8. ·No, nOJ:ncarlH , done,ata,l!. Do !;lou warlt te h~rthe whole thing? It probabl.:lg<;t:;meA: int:.:reliting.


I re!a~,

"T.:I! on, old man,'!

took a cup of tea and raised it to him before taking a sip. said. I don't know If it was the drugs-or his voice, but his

have.a luring eft.:.:.t, arod I was ~ad he had more to P,1t. He another world, and c.ootfnued ... f~~" ~,'';: ~J§l~jijr:i '50 ~uddenl!:ll had realized the plightot the more poor Caireoes,' And ~ time ,and I wandered.thestreet5 more, J became more,attadJ.:;d to this trOUP than rich 5~ght5eeingforcigner5 I had b.::en, part of. I beg;'ln to ok;it the :;mall underground shfshah,cafes inst=d",F iJ,~ Iw:urious gentlemen's' bars. I b.:~11 ,to live il1'the.str~, be~n to h-Cljuent pl"c~ IiI<..: that we're sitting;n now, thatnobod!j but the rC<!1 this HDuth of Cairo knew "bout. And the_yWere raided, frCCjuent!_y, know, The _you police ,would come to break upt:hc ,piau, IUr hash or opium, or anything they did
seem to

.stilt looking pasl me. inho

=uld get thcir



There was

alwa:Js something.

I alwa_ysm2lnag;d to.e.s~pe,

thoug\" intox\catd as I was, and as time grev.1"! became more effi<;ient at slipping out throu~ ~he back windowswith a Fewothers. I made plcn~ of M;end:slike this. That' how Friends. were made forme, throug. 5uIVivai. F~jf:i1!~''_'L' .;z"_~'<V, ·Ye$ .. ,hlends through 5l)rvivaL j remember the first,time I saw a man gt shot


blood, ltwas there and it was real, hut btl ,that time For me it was nettoo real. " drinking in a smal! underground hecbh bar much like thi5 Of1C and all o~ a sudden abaut four policemen broke int:ot.h", place and started. bkingname.s, arresting some who were smoking opium and shishah. Having. no idenI:iRc.atiol'l on me, (m:! wallet had again been


~tolel"'b:J a pjckpocket, but at this pojn~ I didn't h",,,,; thcwillorrCSQ(uoon to ?ur~ueiL.) and no te:/ifimatc reason forking.n that ~p= o~plac", Ikne.w I probabl!:Jwouldn·t have a fri",:ndf.;J time with the Calrene pohc.e, whO>mJghfhave ao:::tuBily tof>Sed me at'ound a.littl" ~~f!Z when the:JWDUld find th ...,t the littl" whib:::touristhad no mon~ to bribe thcm with. So I' naturt)!i!:j, lbok~ for the 9uic~c5t waH'out of the bar and out ot hann!i wa.:J.' "Ducking between a crowd, I found a small window b;la dose!, and two ~oung uifene menwere alread'y crawl,ng out of it. One was m!:l"g<;, akuJ nineteen, and other a·little older i followed them aut th" window. Th~ \Ooere an9] With me for not


We. rim, together,

unti! We:

a s9uare and split-off. hIending wjth the: commotion aroU!1d us. Nev.:r <I&in did I 5"': the mB'nwhQ sliQt the officer. Bu,t th.: ~oungcr one, the



about m;Jair I kept running.into throu~out the ndt few wc:cks until HrIilllljit happened that I 'Was sharing a hook.Jh with himat tI table in a bar. He introd .. t:cd himself as ,Ji'n. The fa"t that a native: strange. \\IOuld intToduoenjrn"""lf!:Q me 50 not sfl'ange, htr bg that time ! tookc:d !ike! J:,,,longcd to t},,, city if it weren't for m~ comp!eJ!'ion It Was almost hpme for me, and I hadn·t contactcrl m!:lrea! born<: 'bad m stafe5 ,fo!"9u~ 5{lme tim.. , I dOllbt the!) mjss e d me, An!jwa_t:tS.lik...all homes I grew, tired

, of,ev ..nthis one, and I had be31n to long for the gr'eater'~pan5" oUb5ide Cairo. 1 , (:)(pf'es'5cd~his to Jin tn;lt n;g.t that we met. when he h ea r,d,this he leaned in c:(ose

~~~I~~An~~d did.
.. ,... 0!.1... .



m_ysto'!:ltel!er:-bned towa~J5 me thfQtJ@thednltlngsmok his narration His 5un~a5sesstared straight into \m'y and ·'There

'5 a 11l<lnwho IWe!> in the

he <:antinued. II
~;Itager$ h-Qm



desert across the Nilc:,to the: wce.t; J,n told me •

.~' .' .~\;".1 .. a pl'Qphef who Ii=;;. alone in a V"'ty
.' ; surrounding

part of the d!Jne.5.

1 hear

Somesa.:.! b's a forfunetenef_ Ma61be ,;Iou should §J:;ee this man. Ma:.Jbc he will s= , , _youwhat s= I06Uor:AI •• E~~~~~)JIj~ii~~ifiiijl ·w",ill had bee(> drinking in that place as ",.,II. shit. Alter a few drin6 . ,~ems po&.<;ibl...I, asked tor fhe prophet's name. They alII him .. ,' Jin said ,1'1 a lew •...Fu",~ Raj",.' Ilau£Pod. I hadn't heard of an_9d~ert dwdter wi"thSTJeh an awl::ward

areas make a p~grimage b::l h,m in times of need.

He !!iV<:.5 them §Jidance.





, by the

"",.,J ",f O\X m=tiJlg.1 d",c:;id.,.,j that I woyld find this .d~rt

"'.Y new h1<lnd was


I had


mo~.::and rnorc :

hermit ...•


with Opeth


men, Peter

Lindgren New record is olm.ost finis ned. Anytnin9 you'd Ii;ke to soy obout the r-ece I'd Lng pruc e ss? Per-hops 0 bit smccr her- then De.livero.nce/Oomnotioll suppc s,edly weM? Yeah, IT'S been smoorber. ccruelly. If's JUST a bIt delayed, It was aCTually supposed to, be don e .. mont h 090 from planning. bu t Ihot Would've never happened. NoneTheless, trs sll11been 0 smooth recording end ·every1hln.g's been go;ng fine, just 0 bot slow. bur rt's g0ll19 TO be 0 good ojbum, W.e only hove 0 few days .Ieflo f mlx]ng now and we're 011 very pleosed wl1h ,j I. So yau !I'uys new sign,ed with Readrunner. Hew did thot cOme obout end whot does This mecn for the fU"fure of the bond? Well Q len" story shorl IS that our label wcs boughT end They hod To drop oil Q f the bonds Including. us, 1h·ere;fore we didn't hove, 0 record lobel. We hod a few offer's, narrowed il down 10 about fi~e and Roo¢lrunner seemed to be the besj op'llon for us. Certain'ly nol for Ihe; mos I money. in hct it's quote the other woy around, bUI for us i t's " greaT cppcr tumty 10 read; The mes I amalia I 0 f peo·pl ". I I hlnK. Fons have complained before thaI Ihey were unable '10 f ;nd our r8cord S ond WI Ih Roodrunne.r IT shouldn't be Q prcblern 01 011. Whot can be expected on the n~w album o.s to " theme or concept this time around, and 9r( rhere going to be ony Ilew surpr-ises thrown into the mi~.? One major drf(u.ence from, before oS Ihol our keybeard plover is now" full lime member of Ihe bond,os opposed to J ust ta~rln9. SQ we've used' him h,os a full mernber throughout rhe wrllmg of thealbum, He has 0 be Iter "deo 0. f hew j 0 use keyboords then we do. you kl10wJ In the post we've only done mellow lones ond Wen I lush, but there were JUSI chords. no cctucl melodies. New we have incorpornr ed tho I into the mUSlC" which IS a mOJor difference actually. Also I think .. It 15 a bit different. IfsSlil,1 901011 the m"ojar dyrwmlcs wi!"h Ine heovy ports end the mellow porlS and oil, bu I "I'S olso di !f.erent: Ihe rI f f 5 ore dl Herem f·rom before. It·s hord 10 explmnoctuolly, I den', eve,n know myself how 10 put words 10 It. bUI I think you'll see when you hear It. it's "oin9 TO bee bit d, ff erent Ope Th olbum. bu I 51111 on Opelholbum . you know? The regular Ihln"s thnt we olways through In ore 51illgoln9 10 be Ihere"






Ii, Any

rOUf'S in the work for after "Sounds of the l/nder!lrouhd," perhaps hrttfng the st'lte' lot"r this yea~? r doli'.l 1hlnk much IS confirmed )Let, bur we de 0, few f esnvcls 1[1 Eur.ope, In AuguST ofler the Sounds of. the Undergrount;l lour is cOtT1ph,-,e, then 0 Ihree. or four week headline tour In Europe in Se.p1ember. and then. I gue,ss the plan ,5 10 go bock to the US In tn!! roll for" full' headline tour, All thot .5 '11 1M tT1ok'''g of course, so oil I know the t 15 confIrmed rs the sorv tour and the. futs ,n Europe, We're e;.:pect'~g lIke" year of touring lor thiS albOrn. 50 w.11 definitely be goin9 bock to the US to do our own show, Any recent tl1lk of br,il19ing EKtol with you for 0 us tour one of these day.? I Just heordtalk of whom we were gOI'19 10 brio9 end E,dol is cne of the names thaI gol menTioned, I gar. a (,,)mail from Peter. the singer, who was Talking obour the opporTunity of goi'1g with US 10 the states but r didn't hove chance to answer rt , becouse I wos home forjust one doy nnd then we wen' bock to the STudio to finish recording, So I don't really know


" ~.'

-i " -

/r'o' .' •



i i. ';;-:r

10 the US, Are you" fOI1of them? Yeah, r 'tllink th"t thM would be a kill"r tour and tl)at they've come a lon9 way, You guys are obvr-ously a hU9" influence of their'S even though they certo;"ly heve their own lhing. Well yeah, tney keep 50ying that, but.; it's not too obvious reelly, whIch IS fine. Tiley hove their own style, r know Opeth is pretty huge in Chile and tho;t 0!1 tile Illera! kid.thot I've met down th~~" would love to see you 9liys, I'm prefty sure you, guys never played there but hav" you been to South Americo at oil? ~ W'e n~"er played il1 Soulh AmerICa, We played i" MeKico ond We were supposed To go fa <:>" Chile. in fact but I don'tk'low exactly whot happened, but in" woy, the promoters lucked '1 up becOIJ5ethey got cs rrcke t s thot wer~, It wosn" possible phY~'lco/ly To do the Trip •. ~ because there wcs In is one hour Intf,rmedial e landing rn Peru, wherlll Ihey, hod 10 ~hec~ out all the gear ond Then' check it In "gain, whi~h IS " tI:\ne hour process end they wonted us on !:to'Ihe next plene. 50 we were like, cr.onge the fltght ticke.t s, otherWIse we con'j go." We wer'! Sitting In Mexlc,o City waiting for them to change the tickets but they never did, 50 we just ncd 10 ccncal, So thai wos dose, the closest we've, ever been bUT r deflnolel.y hope thaI we are able TO go there On this tourong package that we're going to do for thIS album, Yeoh mah, I mean, I wos down therefor a linl" ove.r half of last year and SIlW Cimmu Borg;,. and Cannibal Corpse there and the shows are jus t a 10tolly dlffel'ent atmosphere then: In the ,stotu. You See a Ton of Opeth shirts down there o.nd they'd love to see you guy's, ....-;_ Yeah, I'd love to go, The Haurlled hcs played down there few Iomes ond I've hecrd tho! -~ JUst fanatic_ The fans ore just fantastic and fonatlc, And given that sorns Qi our members ore from Uruguay, t think Ihot they could make a connection with most of the people there .~ So r think rr'd be greot for us, Any ora,y tours stories, even though I know there are tons, but a couple in porticu,lar

~~;o~: ~~;ib:~; ~~:;~:~r:~~ ItoOv:~~: oUn~ ,;:y~::raw~:~~CI:~E~:'Y:ovt:~~:~


!~,~~~: ~






come to mrnd?


0111 Tricky question! There ore plenty of th,ngs that heppen all the time, th'ngs rhct ore pr,obobly claSSified In fact, But", at the moment I ccn'r come up w"h anyHHng, I'm 50 unfocused on tourIng rlghl '10Wcause we're in Ihe studio so you'd hove 1o g'\l" me I,k-e, len

minutes just so I could come up w,lh onylhing, We're not Ihe wrldest bond when on lour, buI usually there are of course other bonds we're with at the lime thor WIll be for crezrer then us, Any lost words you'd like fa give? Buy them album (laughs), You know. we're looking forward 10 touring ogo,n. We drd loods of 10uI'Ing for tl1e lasl two albums, and we've been locked up in the studio for almost three ",ontlls and we can't wa,j to go oul and 10Ul", After all recordmg IS prer rv boring, you know? At the end of the day the reason 11101we're 011 in thrs bond is to play love r guess, And we're also 100kin9 forward to going bock otter SOTU and headlimng which is c more ccnven.ent atmosphere or environment for us because then we con ploy our full set or whotever .. [lUI ,I's go'"g 10 be pretty fun to do the SOTV tour becouse of the other bonds of course. Bonds that we've never heord ourselves, you know? It should be very gOOd, VEry cool mono Thank you very much, Thonk you. New full length olbum from Opeth coming (supposedly) Reeo lore summer 2005 from Roadrunner

. r··
-·1'· j

First lets discuss




necro get

scum grind started

band did I

deudhole for



mnine and where


How did that

you come in? i was r elecsec from prison after 0 3·yeor srr-erch In ougust of 'OZ, the I reason f wenr intoths join r for the J: y~rs (wh ioh was oC1uolly 0 10 y,eo, s.,lir sentence thot i'm $1ill On pr-cbcticn for) was (I blood drin,king ritual In,c,t landed with The dener in Ihe ,I hasp; to I_ .. ond obviously me in prise o.; , when i got out r hooked up 1'1/ creepshQw (bo%),; ca ncer (drums) and beesr on guitar, we tnlkec off oodon cbcur geffing someThmg sick I together a~d did (I lot 0 f heovy drinking in the prec ess, It wosn't unt ;1 november 2003 whenI'll' all by chcnceended up in the studio toge.ther and ployed 99' S highest power ond some other Shi1 we 011 knew ... shortly after thof •dead hole;' wus born and screaming, ... and til ~n II gotlo~ked up again, one yeor for punching some b;lc~ in the mouth 01 a bcr. noW i'm out end •d eod hole' Is beck witho fuc kin9 venqeenc e!ll What 'ore your own musteol influences? What inspires you to w.rite? block metal, and death me 101 form 'he old scene .., 0. 101 of norwegian shi I, i also dig some SCum punK. depr'ovity, extreme morbidity, hatred, sot,OI1, pcin, bleed 0110' necropbilic. T'hese are the thiilg's that inspin whaT i wnte, my Own experiences wirh them Md my f ontosie s inv<>lv+n9 them. Talk about your drummer for a bit, Whot's it like to be in a bond with <'I dud'e that's beaten cancer so many times, and sti.ll turns our 011 the blosts? he's one sick merherfucker-, the guys gone Ihrough countless surqer ies and chemo and jusl won 1 fucking die] he hct es life but lives 10 murder hiS drum kit! the other day or bond reheorsol it was creep-show bensr end mysel,f, concer "lOS ot the. hospitol get ling chemo injecnons, He gal back <l litlle eorlier- then we expec ted, sot behind his kil end just blasted out the drum rrcck 10 the. new song we.were working on, the crery bcsrcrd impresses me eve.ry time, What do you guys hope to achieve wi decdhole? Future plans. etc. right now were just working' on putting toge ther more mot'eriol and when werecllintccr thaI hcppens pre liy fust, I've got to keep m1 055 out 0 f prison, ccncer hos got 10 keep himse IJ out o·f the hospital and as long cs the other boys keep ·doing whoT there doing 'deedhcle will' be p<lyll'lg visits 10 your shit I'OWM in the near fut'wr'e, other Ihon' thol the only ftrture plans ore 10 keep th emus ic 'rue and se e where i,t 1a kes us, Now for some stuff on you and body modification. When did you start ge'tt,i!'lg tat' 5 piercing's. and ,how did you eventually get into the more her-deer-e stuff Iike the coral horn. implants? i start ed st ic king pins through various ports of my body 0 r o pretry young oge (13), the o... y significont mod work that began in those days and has l ccntinued are my rituol cull ings,lhe heollY mcd work come laler ond it 011 stems from my -hctred fOfgod end humanity. j he holy 'book of ~~les1 in] defecotioo lells us thct we are creal ed in the image of god, i choose 10 clefi le t no 1 image 0'5 c blasphemy ogai1151 god and ogoinst ."on, omoung other thi"g5 i have 0 14g bridge, 4g septum, 89 lip ring, 666 tattooed on my forehead, filed lee th (top and bottom), fer ked tung, pointed eors and lobe removal. heud split (yeah, i cut th e head of m.y dick dawn the middle.). end 3 sets of sub dermcl rod Ion horn implonB (carol implonl sore" myth. they do not exist,) ond there's still more to come, the onlylhing thor pisses me off about my mod's is my lock of lotloo werk. .. ,.onl se,em to find 0 good hook up for 1hol. It's allan ollgning rifuol 0 f blasphemy agai ... t man und god Ihol will s end "11th my denth.


into. suspenslcn?



it do. fo.r you, why yo.u do. it, o.ny

Po.rticulo.'rly crazy experiences? i hod wonted to. suspendfer- some trme ,I wosn'r unl,1 aller I go.t out m 2002 thot 0 glrl i knew hooked me up with R,tes of PO$Soge and the new level Q f my rituol bego'l There. 110W Ii," m one (I f The few people you ""It meel who con rake 1 he pa,n enough 10 swing while hong'"g frpm Z hooks through my chest. end thcr's whet 015 all ubout for me - pa'n and embracing I nof po,n, it's somat h I ",9 most lear _ f cr me, pom '5 !I f,riend i've experienced' poin thot wnuld put mos t 0,1 you into ,0 deadly srcte of shock and i hcveocc epr ed rt , enjoyed '1.loken it 'n absorbing all that ,t had 1'0 'ell me. ,'ve pcssed rl end dis covered w hilt lIe~ beneath ,t 5 surf cc e." GoT any Co.ol stories to. tell? mony. 10.0 lo,ng and for the most pert Too. crrmmc) t o pUT do.wn here, as 0 5010.n'st (NOT" 10."y<)l1ll! ).~ecraph,JI,oc and ccr we gho.ul I could te II yno mony 0 tnle l:hol would ""ther turn your 5 lomoc h or g,ve yo.uol1erecl1on, Anything you wnnnn ad? Shamelesspramo and whatnot .• if you're 'nterested ,n 'Su5pens';o.ns! body mo.di fico 1ion , sugge-sl yo.u get on 0';''1'1OC(O<ln! on omezine, com you con find m.e there. mrn: TheGhoyl..i f you're interested in 'deodhole JUs! keep your eyes" cod 'flho 1'5 nor enough far you drop me on ernoi I 0'1 ope ncaske to.rgtlsm@pecplepc.c,om 'd'e,ad'hole' IS true necro scum fro.m hell for ,all Ihereal sick baSTards '" this shrt fuck,ng world! worship the dealh)!! keep i, tucking brutoll.


was already a killer-fucking dose of "Pure American Metal:' and was~RMMlC obviously, as the next few years'
t '\ ''',_

0 USf





- _-

~ ~. . ~,- ~ ~ ~·~_I.;·" \1
'/ I::

; Epic ~ When I saw that this one had been re-released, T suspected that It


• " was for merely the in, and . .c I, still suspect that that was prabably indeed the primary _- reason, Why else are albums that were alr~ady fabulous re-released years later? Well. regardless of the reasoning behind Eplc's decision, I'd missed the fact thot Steve Austin (whe'd erigi nally produced it) was oble to remix and re-mcs+er- this thing en!frely. until ,'/" I pressed plov, But lets go bock a ~ bit. Burn the Priest is the band name, for those who don't know, ~~ that the members of Lamb of God (minus Willy plus another guitarist) used to go by until around 1999, when they switched names due to being s.ick of labeled as a "satanic" bond. Their -self-titled album was a ' __ mix of the firsf two LOG records with a bit more of (I punk/thrash groove. and some extro southern sounding elements. such as the NOLA stuff. especially eyehategod -ish tones It r-ocked, and damn it reeked, The thing went eut of print soon after "GospeL" come out and Was rarely found i(l stor-es even before that, but still usually available from the bond's merch table

Showed, the start of semething. huge. And so , given that the originals are more likely then not al! gone. here it is, and it is indeed rem ix ed, re- mast ered and ho Iy shit. what a world ef difference does it make. The roW energy is still there, Tn fact. it is almost even more raw-sounding than the lSI version, but you .can hear

g everything.

! improved

The sound



tremendously, and for those who already had a copy of Burn the Priest, yeu WILL near the difference. For these. who've only heard "Bleedletting," played live (the one song that LOG stil seems to consistently ploy li from these days), here's the album where that sang come. from, and with all the new tricks threwn into the pot of stew, this one is easily comparable to any of rhe three Lamb of God albums, and In my personal cp inion, stand's above. all of them except "As tne Palaces

~ Burn,"

Sin of Angels "Eucho.risf" Dark Sky Music Production Droned out stoner doom from Providence Rhode Tslcnd. Sin of Angels are reminiscent to eyehotegod combined with Pentagram a,n,d Sabbath, toned downed to drop D. and a hell of a lot more raw. This shit is depressing. af1d that ist he beauty of it. Only five or six tracks, but " they are pretty sweet. - . ~~",. . -- ••-•. - •• t"---_ •• .-.i~_ ~·-,·.js ",4~~-':':;~' __ ~ !.oII!!!'Ii,._-~-.




or web site
'I.'~.~ '"
.. ~~~ ...
&& ...



~'k,:£._ ;';-. ~._1\__~~ ~..;lr.;:(~;.S/~; ,·~'''(4

~(~;;K~:.:~t~ff~,f.i:l~ :·"\'t!:~P "'::;lUllLOWIt.,<o -

-_-'. '~.

'_a ·t.";~'''''''1'b·


: t'~)

·" ....


~.A~---:,~.J r; ,l'Jl\ r' :-,. '1,~ ~ _~i'" .. I , :J' .... - ..' '.~""r _I
~ ~



• es,••",jF

• <, _ ~1~'


,p' ....

~)t~;'(I{f""'Napalm i-:_q;Pf;~"The'''I/~ ;"l," ~.~,;); :

Death '.J.I! Code is Red ... JJ)! ''; Long Live. the Cod£!" ,t ...·, ~~. - C£!ntliry Media.


. •

I ;I

-/,INopalm Deoth was year that I ore, 24 years the greatest

';';...4t.1.il1"-,__ ern ' , same

And here they loter, pretty much grind ba.nd of all

time, best.

blasting out what Now given that I

they do not a 3-s0n9 demo Self produced

I first , didn't

genera.tion Napalm fan, I get to watch them evolve:

over the years, and I also don't know all of thei,r material by heart. I've only seen them ploy a few shows. and seen a bunch of bootlegs. But I think i+'s safe for me t a say that thi s album embraces all the great elements of grind core, metal and punk rock, onG! spits them out at the listener in full Napalm glory. These

These guys from NYC forge a sound of insane math metal grindcore with time changes that put both DEP and M,esshugoh to shame. Cor Bomb hos some awesome songs on here and they more then obviously have their shit together, Any fan of fuckedup noise-cor-e grind/math metal (any JQbel looking to sign a new band that is prer ty
damn good) should definitely this out.


):.":: ~<\'' ~. -'~'-'A-"" '" ~~ :"

• sA

........ :.~.-



............. ~.

Head ~ AnoXia , "', ".;:.'u· • ,:.- :.';'"" , "Irrtens\I k\illilig's.. ·_. ." ':~7::}i'···', full length. 'r ' ..... , ~1""!>""\1c·~' ~ .-'" ,= ,', Pathos Productions ;'3""~~l"',':';,:t,i:y~,;:" l "Burn My Eye's," but is arguably a Brurcl technical death grind similar to;: . ~ betfer album due to the bands Origin and old Carcass, these guys' from Worwick RI hov~ nearly, a experience over the years. 1 don't .1 mastered their ercf t. The production' ~: know if it was Roadrunner's :;' Is excellent, us ore the songs. Riffs ,:.- ,1.1; attempt at" keeping with the .: thot rip aport llnyfhing in their woy ',' V, times," seeing as how heavy music ,. : mixed with all the killer brvtallty and ~,~.~ is obviously "comi ng bee k," or rbis
j... '" j
• _ .. , "\.

the classic Machine found on Their first


. ' preCi,Sion, nee~ed, to put forth on ,," ~~ olbum which will be drooled o:er. by, ~ any fan of th,s stuff. Anoxic also Includes some pretty cool somples ' , •' ~' throughout. my personal fovorlte '•.. \' ~ being .one. from the first .,'.r._\ \



is the res, ult Of, ,MaChine, Head's frustration at not quite breaking ., into the. main stream with their '. Itt lburns, "th e. Burnmg Re d." "" ' GIS wo a t
'H' ",' "

: •.~h?~t~uster~ .... ~ ;.:/' '. ~"_..~ . as: Shit ty und Shiftier). Isuspe~t ' .com/ xicbrut a I;ty 'p"if. if/ilL however, thct I m, y be a httle bit o I Ii;' LIr'I k'' f reewe bs.corn oncxrc . 4,\ ..· ,;.~; / ,,/'~. ~ . .J!',.... " of both, Over all, this is Ilvuy ~~'BongziII~ '" ,~: .;}J' "Ij"}..; ~_ ,'Ii l, , vo lid rei ease, and do es t he band ", '*\ ~J..: .... I::''f~''', l r , : "Live at the Treccdcr-c' 'J 'Ii! plJ'!nty of justice. It could even ) R~lapse "J;.. .. \~ 1</, "- ·zg.X • /' ;; . ~ d 'II J?i •_ .'~ , reeem some 0 Id f ens, an d WI





(also known ','






Relapse January'

set recorded

at the




gain them ,

Contamination 2003 that

Fest In Bongzilla"

.!_t,·UI~\.'l,'"..~' ..

ones ..•.

'--1,.::' z ....


of new



. .'



played. Fabulous sound quality, /' ./ : ?Isengaged.,'li >. ";''',.' . tfie '" h'rc h d oesn 't' surpPlse me seemg I). '_', ~ N Oc:ean '. -::-\' ,. ,{,.\' i;.., .. , . ~ I· otCommon , ,. '. h at the company thaf recorded "\ i, . C r-us t y h or d,' -core 'v, Igrin' d .WI n: J", t , 't'L' ., f h e event hod a huge trader out, " , h' If" . . .' .', " 'I" screec <ng voc.a 5, t ons a. side, which looked like NASA buclt 'f{~1 '. li 't t MS WI h I t it f" it. Apparently there are only 1000 :Guea ~M9 gl·Utl °b k flr dP en y, 0.. '" . f thi . '4/.' l.nlentlC:lno ee d cc an a buncn copies ',' 0 IS so even though It , " " • 7 of samples. Disengaged IS 0, pretty rsn t 0.11that essential for every' '. .tl b . f" kb d II , ,. .' '~' OSIC our stop pun on over a , one , In, • the world. It IS a must for;~'~.' -. b U t thi IS'd' elan tl y h e Id my . t eres t . f' .,. 111 any big fan of Bongzilla. "Start " Th ere ore some pre tt y swee t . smoking weed mother-fucker-sl" \ . , • '(" ", ~'i.";"~'~' \\\ .,. groove oriented riffs here QAd '" f . ~,' ~,,:,t :\:~'-'" ._ .' H d'~' ~~,. ~ there. which adds a bit of a stoner 'i Machine eo"'),)( '\, " ', , "Through the A~lies of. EIf\~ire~". ,_ rock sound, as does Q long t rack of Roadrunner . /J!.:'" ":'.:.~., .,,' '...... feed back, and wlOdy noise towards I gueSS one could say that tnls IS '::: 'I the end. This 0.150 reminded me of the one ond only album MachIne I, the first Neurosis album. "Pain of : :-:; Head should have ever written. but ~ Mind:' Any fan of heavy crust \ ... . then again, that's saying a lot.' ~~i punk, old school 9rlnd·core or any '; • Asnes.," heads hoek to form of heavy music that is really '\ ... .': ..... ,:. ,"'_" fucking raw would enjoy this. - -J '"

M,' ,\'


t''%' "







t;1~'t:l.~~~tI~~·;~~~~·:::~;i,t:.~;: ..:':~~;;~~c.~~·'. <;




. ~,: :.

at the time"Weti, r guess now that the Nu-Meto.1 fad seems to be over' and with the inevitable success of Killswitch Engage and company, it's time to sign some more Metal-Core

keeping with what is "the big thing" :


. r personally don't really care for
this stuff listening to this CD consistently for olmost a week.

And St.i emcins will do well Really well. cause a nymo re , and I've been

~<~,.!!ft. - ~'.. .. "' ... " 1

~ "Nightrage



_!, -

ft ,~, ~.;{}~; :~" _'


- Swedish Death Metal is a sound Century Medicii..: ,-.-.JIk .. :. } ~ ~" - ,,:_ that has been ripped apart aBoin 'The Brazilian d~oth metal kjn;~-"'~ and again but "Descent Into Chaos" return with not quite a full length ......~~ is (I refreShing do~e of what ccn but a bunch of material to mak: '. still be done, and done well. this a real release. 'Krislun have ...._ Nightrage have not created a new thrown together an album of 5 new sound, in fact, this is merely more songs that incorporate their post At the Gates material, only classic death metal sound ond are / crafted better then almost any I still incredibly brutal, but not quite other. The 50ngs are +lmeless. as fast as therr older stuff. The brutal, to the point, still melodic, production quality, it is elsa worth ~)"}, well structured and more then noting, could easily stand next to I ~' anything, they just kick ass. Of Behemoth's "Demigod." There are ~',;.•. course what else could be i!!,-"l also 3 new introlautro tracks, ,:,,, expected from a line up of well """~ which ore pretty Sweet as well as . known Swede's with non other then krisiun' s first 4-song EP from ~ Tomas Lindberg on himself vocalS, 1993, "Unmerciful Order." These .;,~, (not that that means too much~ • -~ fucker s shred like never before i" 'these days, bur sfill)? This one will;.{ -i1 with the classic Krisiun sound, I~ have any fan of metal, head' "~. putting old Cannibal Corpse to bonging and playing air guitar 'ime,. ~ shame in aJI forms of extremity, \. ',' and time again. Generic as'it' ma~ ----, The last track is a 7-minute outro ~ be, this is the best album of it's of creepy noise and feedback wi'th genre I've heard .since the Crown's ,some ep ic movie Sound track "Crowned in Terror:' and it is sounding parts Woven in OVer all proof that Swedish Death Metal is if you like death metal ~t all, yo~ not quite yet dead. , will like this CD, Tt is an excefJent

Ch ", ~"-",.-." ~~~ . '_o<'~~;.1 cos I,t d· Century Mecic .': "...."- -at. .."oj,. '~l" . .' ';1~

'''' oescerrt Itn




'l '~" :

:'l",!~ . .

' '"" . \ ,",


'" .
.if ' '1",

f '_".,. ' • _,.,_'


"r.i·"-- ", ~\,,



I .,-)



,.~ ...

~... ... --~~ ~~.---

- compeU(]tion~ which showcases one

K" I,..

Ano.rc~os Records



" -.


This is e pretty basic band DVD, but definitely worth the $5, It contains a fuJI live set and plenty i of goofy footage in between songs of the band. The quality is pretty,; '''''.1__''''-'' low for the live stuff, but you still .":" get a decent shot of Misery Index on four,

of the greatest death meter forefathers' material from nearly every area they have explored, all in one pa(:ka:qe.


Fjf~\ rime ,",,!Ion

metaizine # 15
,\,~ 1'-, ~~t~l:ll.

In E~gl;<hl!i

~i}s.,7~!,t', IU1,;;S

'C' [..: Il w~\,I·l;~~·(jtl.':~ '= vuui, '" ARl. H ?o:"{d!.l,lCI:'n ','I ot, vnsu 1111. fitr\~SI'lrl;: ltHi .!:jj. h'~\l\ Ofl:;~~\Si,bhl'_ [!)HU~:tn ~\. \ T I

s~, T,.... ,\~~\l~"~, t: OF' :\?"~.~'.~'~'l~~I'~1 U.G~\ ~ ~\.c: I(".\"'i':.~lr\~~


~(,un nl,'~'tll~\t Itl\,II}~ i\~k f.,:lU)I_-\'1 \~tA J' ~·r,)U. llll~ tJ:'!.!":~l;!lhJ('j~~ :,,":'110':"") .Ji"l...:!. L.n: :lrfj~::'>J-~ "-...~~ r:~m1.;' :,~ ' -.,. _., L . r, Inul-c- to thl: .,;lId ~11.~q:!;.Wt'.~,J, :~..,1.. .n,,,,: ""'C:~lj'nl"'~ .J~ ·U. i. ~":ll~_ IHI'. 1._:', I f~Y,'L.,"," Aj T...e 1-Inc:~i~ j. bJhl~~I ;,.ISJ,~tl(l'l~L;r..:_ H~lj':H:H .oI'r;; :;"rt'l ...-U'llol;, til .... t.t
I ~ ~I ., \.!o ••• ~ ,



m ,.~



Ilj~I •• tI,j.~t .;1IIr,\~llIIU S'W~1011,..., . I).•

til. l,;~IiJJpi:Hh':".


~~.I'j~ (~~"I"IL I'm.,.,

T II 't"~"" ,J .. ,liJbl;ld,I,."''' meut GET 1:-1 ;"'0 TO(!CIl ~:' .,;,~~ "~. 6500 nnes ,.,",T" SI:I'I'ORT1"IIf:RK~~ 1i.'II~IU:1UJl 'ill'::


This three-pleee
anyone elier hear

thrash/deat'k' of this

out fit from MA isreolly

band coiled the Tori? Probably

from Rich mond VA that scunded Jj Ke :;'Ioyer is fheid didn't have any vocals. Cryptic W!)rf\irlg sounds like these guys, but way helwier and metili. oriented',. a.nd they do indeed hove some death metal sl"ging, • Sanity':; Aber.rotio,,· is a ki Ile17 dose 0 f down tuned thresh with some • Mas rer '0 f Puppet's' ........"",':-,~ 50undi"9 riffs here and there; end a great gl'oove thQt almost seems 10, have a sense. of humor-, The voecls are Iii mix of Cannibal Corpse, and Hctebreed, and are only used cibolJt half the. time. given tl-1ot these guys' see!"!) to hove such a passion for just rocking cut, This album was ·se.1 produced with out a label UIld sti II sounds very f p.rofeS$iOnoi. The bcsa is a bit over down and is distorted every .now and the:n ,but· giyen thQt this is Such a cool CD in general, it doesn't mg,tter. In my opinion, Crypfi"c Warning have who+ it to be pretty big in the metal undergrolJnd. They talented and definitely hove their shit together. Not to mention. "the cover arl 'So:nity·S. Aberration" is one of the coolest covers I've seen in II rOllg time. Picture Bowser (the dragon from the original S14per Mario Brother 0 Buddhist Illl'_"" .. 1Alill meditdtion .stence with some other "001 shit. Ii's badcss,

awesome. First of ell, but they were a bend been from New Qr leans ond


Porphyria "Live in MA Cdr" Self Produeed

This is a CD of brutal, ass kicking death meta! from Portsmouth New Hampshire. These guys likemcnv, use the Suffocation meets Dying fetus recipe, only unlike many. Porphyrin have a hell of a spark going. Their sQngsore well written. stand auf individually and should be able to put smiles on faces of hard-core and metal fans alike, , Porphyria has recently recorded a new EP with Ken Sushi, and the band is c.urrently lookil1gfor a lsbel, Putting all the talent that they poses aside. these guys rock, and it would Mt surprise me to see .them Signed to Relapse and on tour With Cannibal Corpse in the near

.... ~UII'!d

"Cliel1.ts" Metal Blade

Okay, Wow. If is very rare t an what heavy music is rrul album impress's me this much. more then most even pretend to" When I first heard of the Red Although at time's, "Clients· is Chord. r was told that they cOr!lpletely its own thing. it is still sounded like "Dillinger mixed with a lor like' "Fused ...• only for , death metal." Yeah. you could say , superior. The new drummer ad's that but even at the time. they mu,en more of a 'Ideafh metal" were so muc;h more. They were a element to the Red Chord. as' bunch of hard-core, dudes who'd • apposed to the sri9~tly over' ljst ene d to just as much chaotle grindlnoise-core feel. The : SuffQC(ltion as they hod Buried same goes for the restof the band: Alive. and been involved in the members for the most port. as i Massachusetts underground music they have created a much heavier , ' cene for. lets just say a long album. Yet we. still have the time:' Their sound was what """""'.,,, .. •..__Converge-esc breakdown.s mi:xed everyone that'd listened to with the mathematically tucked up "Calculating If.lfinify" tne many time chcnges , the death metal , times and 90ne out to ~imic it had brutulity .. crushing riffs. a crust · done, but done 1l thousand times punk/gore grind groove. some~ "'<=".~_ --"_--= better and with tneiroW'n ambience nnd even a few jazzy--~ ingeniously brilliant twist. "Fused ..." melodic interludes. "Clie.nts" is one . _ :~ wes an jncredible album. The stops. of the most brilliant olbums one · the .. breaks, the brute.I'ity, the could ever come across and even ; pr-ecislon, the 9roove5. not to consider labeling it as "metal- .l·. I;L mention Some of the most kick ass cere." Despite "Clients' being quite ond thought provoking Iyries I'd.' heavier , the goofy sense of humor ;.;. ,._ heard in a lon9 trme. And now here which TRe posses is displayed even ~" .f" " we are a few years. later. TRC have mare this titne nraund .. mus-ieaUy Jl~ signed to Metal Blade' (I knew it and Iyr.ically. The production from 1 '1j: .!I~:. I · was either go,ing to he them or Zeus is just about perfect. ~- "'" Relapse). toured the Sfates and maintoining the old school tone, yet t '. ~A: Europe (how many times?). even hit very clean and well balanced. the .... !J ~ ,~.~Jo.pon, becom.e of the most only flaw I can really came up with :J;:~ notorious bonds In the Northeast is that it is not as ground Qreaking ....: ',.; . . ~~ '" '-"" ).' .V for fneir five shows, the list goes as "Fused ..." was. given that they i: on-and on. Playing a house show in are indeed still building off of it in .-c, ,IS !~. ; some kids room one nighT, and many ways. It must be recogni;ze.d· playing main stage at the however, that although TRC is still Worcester Palladium another, TRC ,. a relatively young bond. they hove: .~ ~ have 'proven that they have their .t~ "j. _ _"] .~·"vd·l~j~··Iff,} lti:! )~'. i . ,.-. ,"'" , . i' . -,,-" i~' I. ~I I"': r shit together. and understand ,'~l;/... '~~'" ",1,,'i~J:\(, ~;i\n··.'; : N'i!, ''',:.. l't ) '.rt"'~~/. ~ 'l~· .~, '.:y-, " "4-'i~-· dl'" ~ ;1',{ _j ,: ~..... ~~-.l"f'· • ~jl, " P·.' ~~nr-: .. .'"'.1'


t;:.- .


:~~.i\ .;



" Ii



h.:-~ :.
I '



~.. .

_./ '4L.~,;

!~,;.i'e, ,


rlA.,;£".: ., . ..-;1..-..:-..

.... -


. ~.... .~.-

a ready spawned an entire generation of their own rip off's. ....~;-'-~<:-':..; Therefore, this sound isn't as new and amazing to hear osit was a few years ago. Non the less. this album f lows almost flawlessly, c.ontinuing' to ;charge up tne pcrh this band started,. and expanding tna sound in JUS! about every way. es, this one is indeed a fucking monster. ' but a monster wi th a hell of a Jot more running through it's broitf than what your average -American business man or worker (asi" "client") might be pondering So is '"Clients" the album of the year? Well, the year is young, but seriously ... how of ten dose a CD .this amcizing come alon9?1f~-'"
Philistine "Consume Space drown tram Moine. elements tone brain) everything down sta.rving deothaf buried depressing their Gnd ooze the out and Devour" doom . Ghos:t Records industrial of



Ph ilistine


God flesh, town

instrumenTs through fotolly

way down
(or your consum.1ng away or who's at the been a

at the pace of watered eat in g n person torture victim.

oei d

olive_ Any fon of r~olly slow gloomy doom would dig

this. (phi hstine_sexfordrugs-coml





'it~.: .: " Relapse \,IiCt~ .I think it's safe to say that anyone in the world of death metal. or this point kn9ws how omoling a band Nile are. With indeed one album oftef' another in their relative Iy shor tccr-ee r out shining their earlier e Harts, and anything oround them. they've not only done lr nil but done it arguably best, ,Granied, fhey are not "the greatest bond ,ever," or anything like thot, In my opinion there is no such thll')g, but for what they do, it is very hord for me to think of 0 superior band to Nile, The ,('; , progression displayed over the course of their four full-Ienqj h albums shows a dedication that is very rare. Putting the obsession that Karl Sonders has for Egyptian mythology aside, he and his bond have nlwoys consistently forged out their work arohed in a form of such perfection that it literally is inspiring. And going back to the Egyptian theme that has always been displayed, it creates not only an ~ interesting atmospher-e for the listener, but on entire independent univer-se in .all: it self, of sound, his tory and knowledge to be explored" Ye s, this h es become OrT, ;;l q'J 'Annihilation of th.e Wicked." Indeed shows e~en more progress after the monumental "In Their Darkened Shrines," in almost 011 oreos. Although it do!';s not explore the experimental side of Nile's music as much, this fn r e.turn Is eosily their most crushingly brutal album to date, It incorporates Il.very1'hingwe've seen in the post and 00'5 a devastafing crunch of speed and heaviness on lop of everything. The musicianship is standard setting, which in a way sucks, because it makes so many other great albums sound like So much less then they did before. Non the less, the. drumming as most probably have heard is same of the best of i,1'skind right now, or thot has been seen to dote for that matter, The bass carries the groove, and may indeed be able to serve as nncccess point for those who'd previously been unable to hear onythin9 other then <l wall of sOlJnd in bonds that (Ire thls hecvy, That IS not sayitig thot there is any step token tawo.rds moinstream.-whatever you'd call it _but 1ho.1 the bass lines are so. well executed ond catchy that i r will be hard for even those with the un-ccllused ears to deny the fact ,haL well, 1his snit Just rocks, The guitars fram bofh,Xod and Dalla5 are am.azing as always, from the shredding solos with the Middle Eastern atmospheric feelings to the alternating riffs that simply destroy everything in their path as well as corry a groove the same way the bose lines do. Vacally, things remain the some as they've bun in the past for the most port, only more accomplished. The production is 50. t,ght and cleon that it ogain sets a new standc.rd, but does nof go overbaord as several of the big names in deoth metal have done recently, which in my opinion, over production generally gives a sort of "plcs nc" feel to on alb<JIll,But on "Annihilotton ..." Nile hove created a sound, with the help of Neil Kernan that not only 0110w5the listener' 10 explore every nook and cronny throughout th.e numerous layers 0 f sound wifh ease due ro the, dare I soy. olmast 'perfect" production. but one that sounds real and organic nt some 'time. And ,he 5a11gs ore amazing. There Ilre the truly fost ones cs
"Annihilation of 1},e Wicked"






M"--I· '

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there are those slow epic's, beth of which constantly ore si~mp)y flclftening. My personal favorite on here is the t,tle trock beccuse it incorporates oil the elements heard on tile album and sprrs them out in an eight-minute plus epic, As always, t(orl enders has included prodi colly on essay f.or each song in th e li'ler notes on the eonings behind the lyrics, ond tl1e process of creation that went on behind the .scenes, in his own words and writing style, which is very down to earth. informative , and fascinating. I personally enjoyed reading about Sebek the Cro,odile God, ~s well as the process token for' Spawn of Uome,nti," which use's var-Ious recording's of different repTi le sounds over Q very dl:lrk end apocalypfi~ sound-scope that for shadows the devosteticn closely ahead, Overall, this is an amaling album from Nile. Any faii of extreme meta'l wiiJI E:Cl$ily opprecicfe CI11druly enjoy this for a long time, t CI11d many who've shied away from music this extreme in the pest, • Annihi lotion for of th~ Wicked" may very well prove to marly out tl1ere,. that ther-ais more to this art that even those who drool over it, could've ever imoginect

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H..aTher Smith of Centur.y Media, Michelle and Kelli ef Metal Blode. Len, Jawsh, Za(;h, John (that includes the all seeing/all knowing, orange. Condl1rio. shir·t "Lll' John") ona Steve of Cephol.ic Carnage (hl>pe.fully see y,ou dud ..s ouT west tnis summer), JU5fin Borucki and the Shadows Foil rood crew, Shadows Foil t'h"mselves, the Stl>lion (hope you guys ore insured), Tom end Porphyria, Guy end the Red Chord. Ogre ond rhe Worcester Pol'odium stoff. MOItal Moniou: Zine NoT Heard, Rev, Aaron ClJ'!d returntothepit .com, Carino end defyullleorn.eo'l\, Kothy Findley ond everyone up at the ,Ko"e, Matt Dionne/Dance Floor Justice, Noah Boucher, Big Show. Inbound and oil the resr of the "MEa", i1oolfgans . .Jason and SCN'OmS. of Erldo, Burn in Silence, CryptiG _ Warning, Ked Sander .. and Nile, Womb Raiders, Acid Victim Records, Reu'pen "nd Oceon, Death Metal Walt {Miller}, Adam WhitOlh~ad, trosh and deodho'le, Joe NotCommon, Abhorr-ed. The Middle Eon in Combridge, 0' Brien's Pub in AII.10n MA, Gab Skowton and Nihilistic HolocaUSf in FroncOI., Necropio, Philistine, J"red Emerson, the Relapse RetnH Store in Ph.i!ly, Armageddon Shop in Prevldence RI, Brfon ,Rocha of Adren.ciine PR, all the BoJIlMoose Music locations, Newbury Comic. in South Portland, Warning "line. Slug ~"tuce_ Ruptured line. B....,ndo Smith, CondQl11Sense, Joso-n Chotme" ",nel Bomb Shelte.r Tattoo, Tim Smith and Tailor Moid Security, Morbid Rob from Erie PA, AWS/ Al..R:for 4 _5 yeors of on 'and off employment. and approving I"ave of absence forms that hod 0 © instead of a reftJrn dote- "Meoowww.." Stewart Stone (send me some drawings dudcl), Lam Puk, Mllno Puk , Madow Godwin, Nllte Tllngway, Neil U ("surfs dudOlI'· And thonks for "II the , Borry WhltOl, Ben

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50_ l'eJI1ember 'hat feeHng_of the lest doy of school and firs't day of su-mm beck .... before you had to "'let a fucking Job?" Thor's whot I've got right now. Amol'g many other things, pufti~g out this 2'ine has been a way to show myself that even though \ I've dropped out of college. left it for behind and will certainly not be going back to .{. pursue .0 "normal" education any tim< th,," near future. that yes I am able to produce Q pUblication that has hardly any spalHg erio ..s or gramicol fuckerupers. Did I I"el'n any of thi .• shit" in school? Well, that was indc:ed the bose, but honestly (ohd this is of course due to my nc:gative aTtitude at the time). I didn't leol'n shIt in school. I guess .,. the 0111y reason o.ny of this really muns anything to me is that for a vert 10(19 time, I had this law carved in my brain that stated, "If you don~f go to eollege, youlU m~ver 90 anywhere in life.'" Chise:lfng eve r thot nensense took a long time. and is by all meam' old. 'n"ws at this point in tlr!!". buT I guess due to my own bull.hit, it' ~;tiJ' speaks to me. So not thet anyone coreS', bot here's anothe ..o right beck at you. And now it's summer. The wh"ther in MOIne (not To be negative or anything) ~ucks Y"ol' round except in the fall. The foil her" is one of the most ideal climates I've e\le,. come across. But other then that, fuck it, For now, it's sUlflmer, the seasan when Moine dec.ides to be es '001 as SeoTtI" (lnd just as depressing at the same tim". I'll be out ond about for a while and dOh't have any plol1n~d i";,t,,"tlons on returning till the fall. The t.. I;'S have been O calling for a long time new, and god damn-it, it's time. I hope anyone who has stumbled across this Issue of Bogus REndition enjoys It ond maybe even gets .something out of it. Kc:ep eye out for BR#6 sometime in th .. fall, whid'l will hllve coverage of the Sounds of the Underground teur-, Hate Eternol. Dehuman.ud, mor-e interviews, more album r..views more weir$:l shit that for ~ome reason I get Q kick out of and Whatever else I find this sumMer '''at I wont to include. For now. please k.eep slll1dlng me: stuff to reyjew. 01' anything else (good, bod or ugly), Just keep in mind thot 1 won't get o.-oulld "to '" fOI" a while. I eJI1ail here ther~, butstone. Till n"xt --



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