Hi, I know you like to do your bit to fundraise for charity, so I thought you’d be interested to hear about a new online

giving service called MyDonate: www.bt.com/mydonate. It’s been set up by BT to make sure that the most amount of money possible goes to charity. Did you know that when you set up a fundraising page on other charity giving websites, it’s very likely that a small percentage of each donation goes towards the website’s administration costs? That doesn’t happen on MyDonate. BT absorbs these costs, so that every penny raised through MyDonate goes to charity. The only exception is a small credit/debit card charge that the donor’s card issuer might make. If you’re fundraising online, here’s an example of why using MyDonate is better all round: If I sponsored you £10 (excluding Gift Aid) for a charity activity, your charity would get up to 50p more of my donation through MyDonate than via one of the other online fundraising websites.

You can build and personalise your own event pages really quickly and easily on MyDonate, as well as link to sites like Facebook and Twitter to find sponsors and promote your events.

And as you’d expect, the site is totally safe to use – with the latest security technology and BT’s expertise in handling most of the credit card transactions made in the UK every day. There are now more than 500 charities you can fundraise for on MyDonate, including Cancer Research UK, NSPCC ChildLine, Women’s Aid and Scope. More join every day, and you can see the full list by selecting the ‘donate now’ button on www.bt.com/mydonate.

And if your favourite charity isn’t currently listed on MyDonate, then please email or send them this template letter to ask them to sign up as soon as possible. It will mean they’ll get all of the lovely cash you can raise - at no cost to them. Regards, ENDS

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