Hello, I know you’re a trustee for [CHARITY NAME] so I thought you’d like to hear about a new online fundraising

service for UK–registered charities. It’s called MyDonate (www.bt.com/mydonate) and it’s run by BT to increase the amount of money going to good causes. Did you know that when people fundraise for charities through other websites, it’s very likely that a small percentage of each donation goes towards website administration costs? That doesn’t happen on MyDonate. BT absorbs these costs, thereby ensuring that every penny raised through its MyDonate service goes to charity. The only exception is any small credit or debit card charge made by the donor’s card issuer. Another great benefit for [CHARITY NAME ] in using MyDonate is that you don’t pay any set-up fee, subscription fee or commission to use the service. Can I ask you to talk to your fellow trustees about signing up on MyDonate as soon as possible? Until [CHARITY NAME] is

registered, people can’t fundraise for you through the website. The registration process is really easy – just go to www.bt.com/mydonate, select ‘for charities’ and then ‘register your charity’. It only takes five to ten minutes. You’ll then need to complete forms for banking and collecting Gift Aid. When these have been processed, BT can activate [CHARITY NAME] account and fundraisers and donors can start raising more money for you. I hope this is helpful. Regards,