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Published by: Uzi Usman Sharif on Sep 12, 2011
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{1435}{1480}Negative. No sign.

{2274}{2338}Wait a second. I think I got him.
{2978}{3011}You know...
{3022}{3103}...you could put someone's eye out|with that thing.
{3114}{3196}We airlifted out the last passengers, Ace.|We're heading out.
{3206}{3270}What about the animal cargo?
{3296}{3394}Don't worry. It's just one little raccoon.|If I were you, I'd turn b
{3430}{3486}If you were me, then I'd be you!
{3488}{3544}And I'd use your body to get to the top!
{3546}{3614}You can't stop me, no matter who you are!
{4357}{4393}Hungry, fella?
{4758}{4808}That should hold you for a while.
{5660}{5696}That's okay, Spike.
{5713}{5766}There's nothing more we can do.
{5829}{5862}Look, Spike!
{6508}{6561}Do not fret, my woodland friend.
{6564}{6624}Your life is in the hands of Ace Ventura...
{6632}{6666}...Pet Detective.
{6981}{7020}Whatever you do...
{7105}{7141}...don't look down.
{7945}{7972}Hang on!
{7974}{8012}Hang on, little buddy!
{8022}{8052}I got you!
{8058}{8096}I think I got you!
{8110}{8134}Maybe not.
{8136}{8169}You're slipping!
{8187}{8226}Don't let go!
{9882}{9918}My goodness.
{10237}{10278}That was quite a shock.
{10321}{10369}It's extremely nice to meet you.
{10377}{10429}My name is Fulton Greenwall...
{10434}{10500}...and I am looking for an Ace Ventura.
{10513}{10554}No man here...
{10556}{10600}...carries with him...
{10604}{10630}...a label.
{10676}{10708}Oh, yes.
{10712}{10756}No names. How silly of me.
{10780}{10812}He's an American.
{10825}{10873}We are all children...
{10878}{10936}...of the same life force.
{10965}{11004}Yes, of course we are.
{11032}{11096}He bends over and speaks from his rear.
{11100}{11128}Oh, him.
{11160}{11214}Right this way.
{11239}{11301}He came to us a broken man.
{11305}{11385}He had lost the will|to sustain his existence.
{11392}{11463}Yes, I heard about that|unfortunate accident with the raccoon.
{11465}{11514}It was terrible for him.
{11517}{11562}But the life force...
{11565}{11596}...once again...
{11598}{11637}...smiled upon him.
{11641}{11668}He's now...
{11670}{11706}...at peace.
{12063}{12113}I will wait here.
{12674}{12709}I must apologize.
{12717}{12770}Quite. Well, no harm done.
{12774}{12815}Let me introduce myself.
{12817}{12895}My name is Fulton Greenwall,|and I'm here to employ your services.
{12897}{12947}...in the retrieval of a lost animal.
{12949}{12981}Can you help us?
{13008}{13061}Your request is like your intestine.
{13096}{13133}...and dangerous.
{13137}{13180}We can pay handsomely.
{13185}{13232}I am now a child of light.
{13238}{13306}Your earthly money holds no appeal to me.
{13651}{13680}I cannot.
{13696}{13750}For I am sorely needed...
{13838}{13868}...at the ashram.
{13870}{13913}May I interject?
{13923}{13961}We're short of space.
{13970}{14046}And it's important for you|to use your talents.
{14055}{14101}Let me help you pack.
{14153}{14244}But I have yet to attain|omnipresent super-galactic oneness.
{14315}{14357}There it is!
{14372}{14416}You've just attained it.
{14424}{14456}I have?
{14468}{14496}Just now.
{14499}{14541}You are one!
{14563}{14620}I can see it in your eyes.
{14649}{14706}You're more one than anyone.
{14711}{14769}What about my medallion|of spiritual accomplishment?
{14771}{14797}Take mine.
{14841}{14895}This took you 80 years to achieve!
{14898}{14919}That's okay.
{14921}{14981}I don't like it anymore. Really.
{15052}{15132}In light of this personal sacrifice|you've made...
{15181}{15229}...I have no choice...
{15277}{15309}...but to take the case.
{15352}{15386}I'll tell the others.
{15508}{15565}Break it to them gently.
{16176}{16235}I've never seen them act like that before.
{16238}{16300}Denial can be an ugly thing.
{16310}{16377}We should go, Mr. Ventura.|I've arranged a plane.
{16380}{16428}I'll meet you at the bottom.
{16438}{16532}There's still one more thing|I must do before I go.
{16748}{16801}Isn't this incredible?
{16815}{16884}It's going to be some kind of record!
{16895}{16938}"Everyone loves a Slinky"
{16940}{16992}"You got to get a Slinky."
{17025}{17069}Go, Slinky, go!
{17144}{17209}Oh, man!
{17214}{17275}Can you believe it?
{17296}{17345}It was right there!
{17376}{17402}Can I do it one more time?
{17404}{17497}Forgive me, but if we don't hurry,|we might miss the plane.
{17508}{17541}Of course.
{17546}{17593}How selfish of me.
{17596}{17679}Let's do all the things that you want to do.
{18282}{18339}Canadian moose during mating season.
{18344}{18373}And now...
{18410}{18445}...a yak.
{18714}{18756}Yes, I have one right here!
{18768}{18826}It's bulky, but I consider it a carryon.
{18888}{18932}Oh, I see!
{18966}{19033}If we can get back to business,|Mr. Ventura?
{19037}{19102}The Wachati are a peaceful tribe.
{19106}{19179}Since their sacred animal has vanished...
{19189}{19280}...they believe that there is a curse fallen|on their village.
{19312}{19397}It all started some time ago when,|one night....
{19401}{19480}So, the daughter of the Wachati chief...
{19484}{19572}...is set to wed the first son|of the Wachootoo tribe.
{19580}{19661}And the sacred animal was offered|as dowry for the marriage.
{19692}{19728}...if it is not recovered...
{19730}{19772}...the result will be...
{19776}{19849}...the merciless slaughter of the Wachati.
{19914}{19945}Mr. Ventura?
{20097}{20127}...someone on the wing.
{20286}{20333}I'm sorry, what did you say?
{20346}{20416}The daughter of the Wachati chief...
{20420}{20450}...is set to wed...
{20452}{20520}...the first son of the Wachootoo tribe.
{21100}{21161}This land holds great beauty!
{21552}{21586}How far to the crime scene?
{21588}{21647}I'm to bring you first to the consulate...
{21649}{21697}...which is beyond the trees...
{21702}{21796}...on the other side of the jungle.|So, you'll have to circle arou
{21944}{21988}Steering's a bit loose!
{22051}{22089}Alignment's off!
{22342}{22388}"Oh, pretty Chitty Bang Bang"
{22401}{22422}"We love you"
{22424}{22521}"And our pretty Chitty Chitty|Bang Bang loves us, too"
{22529}{22585}"On Chitty Chitty Bang Bang we depend
{22593}{22670}"Chitty Chitty Bang Bang,|our fine four-fendered friend."
{23122}{23155}There's the consulate!
{23157}{23196}Oh, thank God!
{23198}{23257}If I can just find a parking spot....
{23265}{23332}Perhaps we should slow down|just a teensy bit.
{23335}{23381}Nonsense, poopy pants!
{23397}{23436}We're going a bit fast!
{23464}{23496}Look out!
{23828}{23881}Like a glove!
{24045}{24112}You should get this baby detailed.
{24153}{24204}The Consul General's car!
{24252}{24289}That's it. Down.
{24667}{24704}Come on, man!
{25017}{25096}Mr. Ventura, so looking forward|to your arrival.
{25241}{25326}Funny, it didn't seem that painful|when you did it to the horse.
{25352}{25436}...Mr. Ventura has an affinity for animals.
{25476}{25505}Shall we?
{25520}{25553}Shalln't we?
{25631}{25669}Tell me, Mr. Ventura...
{25676}{25724}...just how good are you?
{25763}{25793}You're a workaholic.
{25795}{25870}You recently returned from a trip to Gotan,|in Northern Africa...
{25872}{25944}...and you just took a nasty spill|because of some...
{25980}{26029}...shoddy masonry work.
{26042}{26084}Very impressive.
{26097}{26136}May I ask how?
{26230}{26322}The abrasion on your hand is the type|sustained in a three-to-five
foot fall.
{26324}{26406}The remnants of plaster on your shoe|pointed to a careless mason.
{26408}{26463}Your new watch, a quality forgery, was...
{26465}{26576}...most likely purchased through|the North African black market!
{26600}{26648}And my work habits?
{26660}{26696}A workaholic.
{26700}{26734}The urine stain on your pants...
{26736}{26793}...would signify that you're a single-shaker!
{26795}{26849}Far too busy for the follow-up jiggle.
{26851}{26886}Brilliant, Mr. Ventura!
{26888}{26909}Simply brilliant!
{26911}{26936}Spank you!
{26943}{26981}Spank you, very much!
{27078}{27158}We've been coexisting quite nicely|with the native cultures...
{27160}{27260}...for the past 200 years.|They're almost like family at this poin
{27263}{27278}Are they?
{27280}{27354}It is imperative that we recover|the sacred animal.
{27356}{27445}If not, the peaceable Wachati|will be obliterated.
{27453}{27507}The Wachootoo are bloodthirsty.
{27512}{27607}They consider it's disappearance|both an insult and a curse.
{27779}{27828}Do I have something in my teeth?
{27892}{27943}Lovely brunch, I must say.
{27993}{28059}I'd like you to meet Ace Ventura.
{28071}{28172}This is Burton Quinn. He owns|and operates Quinnland Safari Park.
{28180}{28215}Most call me Quinn.
{28251}{28284}Say hello, Tinky.
{28296}{28322}Pleasure, Tinky.
{28324}{28400}Corvus corax. Common raven.|Smartest of all birds.
{28404}{28456}Rare in these parts.
{28572}{28603}Excuse me.
{28752}{28799}That's quite a wrap you're wearing.
{28801}{28861}Perhaps I could get you|some fluffy new slippers...
{28863}{28945}...made from the heads of innocent|and defenseless baby seals!
{28949}{29023}Who is this ghastly man?
{29027}{29083}Ace Ventura, Pet Detective.
{29097}{29122}You must be...
{29124}{29160}...the Monopoly Guy!
{29239}{29291}Thanks for the free parking.
{29315}{29372}Another activist, Maguire.
{29379}{29431}Activist, yes.
{29467}{29507}Activist, yes.
{29577}{29615}Mr. Ventura...
{29624}{29728}...there's nothing wrong|with enjoying the fruits of nature.
{29743}{29787}You should try it some time.
{29792}{29832}All righty, then.
{29936}{29970}You know something?
{29972}{30008}You're right.
{30780}{30856}"Do not pass go.|Do not collect two hundred dollars."
{30948}{31016}It's lovely, but I fancy myself an autumn.
{31120}{31178}If you've quite finished, Mr. Ventura...
{31184}{31252}...we might make for the projection room.
{31376}{31462}I'd like you to meet Hitu,|chief of tribal security in the provinc
{31564}{31591}...get up.
{31752}{31803}At this point, we don't have any leads...
{31805}{31871}...but we've had similar problems|in the past.
{32175}{32208}This is Derrick McCane...
{32210}{32327}...spotted several times in the province|in the past year. He make
s a living...
{32335}{32396}...from rare and endangered species.
{32480}{32521}These two are Australians.
{32523}{32572}The bald one is Mick Katie.
{32583}{32655}The other is said to have been raised|by aborigine--
{32791}{32829}The natives call him--
{32882}{32908}Call him Gahjii...
{32910}{32944}...the hunter.
{32998}{33084}Both are known poachers|and have been seen in the area!
{33132}{33222}This wedding's in four days.|I cannot have bloodshed here!
{33227}{33275}We're counting on you!
{33524}{33554}Hi-ho, Silver!
{33608}{33679}I've assigned Greenwall to assist you.
{33704}{33768}Before you go, Mr. Ventura...
{33772}{33856}...I'd like to show you something|you may enjoy.
{33860}{33924}As one animal lover to another.
{34372}{34424}Something wrong, Mr. Ventura?
{34540}{34571}Of course not.
{34576}{34620}It's a lovely room of death.
{34627}{34676}Take care, now. Bye-bye, then.
{34789}{34823}Down, Boba!
{35035}{35078}Mr. Ventura, how could you?
{35552}{35640}Now, Mr. Ventura, I think the village|is about a mile ahead.
{35679}{35707}Flat tire!
{35768}{35840}I think this joke has run its course,|don't you?
{35881}{35948}I prostrate myself before you|and beg forgiveness.
{35950}{36010}Don't get me wrong.|I do enjoy the occasional prank.
{36012}{36080}It's just that my heel is getting rather raw.
{36163}{36236}We love you, Dark Continent! Good night!
{36412}{36487}The majestic song|of the male silverback gorilla.
{36496}{36615}We should move along. It's their mating|season and they can get ra
ther hostile.
{36960}{37006}Excuse me, Mr. Ventura.
{37009}{37045}I have to rest.
{37052}{37091}Of course you do!
{37107}{37192}The Wachati believe they draw their power|from these caves.
{37196}{37295}Now they live in fear|since their sacred bat has vanished.
{37484}{37540}The one we're here to find, Mr. Ventura.
{37542}{37624}You didn't say anything about a bat.
{37629}{37651}What's the difference?
{37653}{37696}What's the difference?
{37700}{37759}Have you seen one? They're hideous.
{37763}{37880}Lifeless, beady eyes, clawed feet,|huge grotesque wings. Even fang
{37975}{38016}They give you rabies.
{38056}{38098}Yes, quite. I see your point.
{38100}{38175}But are you saying|that you won't take the case?
{38243}{38321}As a being of light, I must show|compassion for all living things.
{38355}{38399}I'm not touching it, though!
{38407}{38444}No, spank you.
{38784}{38840}The Wachati are a peaceful people.
{38844}{38904}They find all forms of life sacred.
{38909}{38952}I like them already.
{38963}{39000}Bumbawae Atuna.
{39044}{39074}Nice to see you.
{39076}{39108}Bumblebee Tuna.
{39112}{39148}Bumblebee Tuna.
{39171}{39214}Ace Ventura, Pet Detective.
{39217}{39247}How are you?
{39252}{39299}All righty, then.
{39372}{39407}Excuse me.
{39410}{39455}Your balls are showing.
{39462}{39499}Bumblebee Tuna.
{39524}{39608}They have lived in the same state|for thousands of years.
{39612}{39699}They did not know about disease|until the white man came.
{39820}{39862}What's going on over here?
{39875}{39955}All young Wachati warriors|must face five days...
{39959}{39994}...of balance and concentration.
{39996}{40056}Should he lose his focus and fall...
{40060}{40112}...he must start over again.
{40143}{40179}Earthquake test!
{40277}{40307}He's good.
{40316}{40384}With my help, he could be the best.
{40391}{40444}We should see the chief, Mr. Ventura.
{40463}{40484}This way.
{40873}{40936}The chief says he knew you would come.
{41059}{41131}"Chim-chiminy chim-chim-cheroo!"
{41226}{41307}The chief has not understood|the dialect you're using.
{41310}{41340}Say I'm happy to meet him.
{41342}{41388}And that his sacred...
{41452}{41492}...is as good as found.
{41736}{41816}My goodness. The chief really seems|to like you.
{41818}{41900}That is a great sign of affection|in the Wachati tribe.
{42054}{42104}This is the chief's son, Ouda.
{42107}{42178}The missionaries came through|and taught him English.
{42180}{42216}I like you!
{42406}{42456}Aren't I the popular one?
{42538}{42608}Allow me to display my affection.
{43315}{43351}It is the mucus...
{43355}{43399}...that binds us.
{43456}{43547}The chief says that|the sacred hut is over there.
{43727}{43764}How'd they pass the guard?
{43766}{43832}I'm afraid he was found shortly after...
{43910}{43952}At ease, Soldier.
{43957}{44007}We all make mistakes.
{44275}{44375}Quite an auspicious dwelling|for a filthy, flying weasel.
{44436}{44465}Please, Mr. Ventura!
{44467}{44568}That is sacred ground. I'm sorry,|but only the Wachati are allowed
{44608}{44635}Take it easy.
{44637}{44688}I'm the lougie guy, remember?
{44974}{45031}Yes, yes, Chief. Thank you.
{45068}{45099}Thank you.
{45113}{45182}The chief says that unless|the sacred bat is returned...
{45184}{45300}...before the marriage of the princess,|the Wachati tribe will mee
t their death.
{45311}{45366}What type of bat are we talking about?
{45369}{45431}The great white bat, of course.
{45646}{45700}Crepuscular Chiroptera?
{45704}{45752}But to the natives:
{46213}{46248}Shish kebab.
{46272}{46299}Shawshank Redemption.
{46348}{46388}You're out of there!
{46394}{46448}Go on. You're gone. Go on!
{47037}{47081}Were you going to eat these?
{47364}{47428}I've got to inspect that cage.
{47596}{47636}My, my, my.
{47646}{47703}This fruit paste is delicious!
{47714}{47749}The pottery is lovely!
{47751}{47786}It's made from guano.
{47826}{47866}That sounds so familiar.
{47868}{47911}Bat droppings.
{48002}{48111}It's a chief resource of the Wachati.|They use it to make things.
{48728}{48846}Now this is really fascinating.|This is a great Wachati tradition.
{48848}{48908}The virgin's dance of seduction.
{49036}{49079}I am now a holy man.
{49083}{49150}I think of women only as mothers|of our children.
{49152}{49218}They are a sanctuary|for the reproductive organs.
{49220}{49299}A temple to house the miracle|of procreation.
{49326}{49363}Do you have $1?
{49508}{49530}Thank you so much!
{49532}{49587}I've not danced in years!
{50114}{50159}Don't mind me.
{50581}{50663}I smell the fingerprints of scum!
{50800}{50843}Better dust the place.
{51220}{51261}Totally clean.
{51264}{51328}Not one damn clue.
{52422}{52472}Here she comes. Oh, boy.
{52476}{52528}Holy, holy, holy, holy.
{52531}{52597}Good thoughts in, bad thoughts out.
{52599}{52648}You have come to help us.
{52662}{52692}We are in...
{52702}{52748}...great appreciation.
{52820}{52846}...speak English.
{52892}{52947}The missionaries came with books.
{53128}{53183}You are very good with that!
{53187}{53235}It's incredibly accurate.
{53256}{53291}Care to try?
{53429}{53463}Not bad!
{53474}{53525}Try again. Relax your shoulders.
{53562}{53604}And release.
{53673}{53716}There you go!
{53736}{53783}You make me smile.
{53824}{53863}And yet...
{53888}{53932}...I am troubled.
{53964}{54000}You see...
{54005}{54079}...the man my father wants me to marry...
{54095}{54163}...I am worried I will not please him.
{54305}{54360}I've never known a man.
{54599}{54631}I'd love to help.
{54633}{54667}But you see...
{54673}{54760}...I have vowed to take a life of celibacy.
{54835}{54866}Perhaps this...
{54874}{54931}...will assist your decision.
{55052}{55092}Those are very nice.
{55096}{55156}But I am a child of light. A pure spirit.
{55164}{55236}I'm no longer encumbered|by sexual appetites.
{55331}{55391}Oh, mama, oh, mama...
{55400}{55460}...oh, mama, oh, mama....
{55583}{55628}I'm so sorry, Mr. Ventura....
{55776}{55816}That's okay.
{55829}{55872}I was just...
{55904}{55956}...practicing my mantra.
{56061}{56107}Didn't you want to visit the sacred caves?
{56109}{56136}I do!
{56147}{56193}Meet me outside in ten minutes.
{56204}{56253}If I don't finish my meditation...
{56255}{56319}...I tend to get a little cranky.
{56331}{56379}Take care, now. Bye-bye, then.
{56592}{56664}Everything here seems good!|Big load off my mind!
{56669}{56764}You can speculate all you want,|but unless you check it out yourse
{56767}{56797}...you never know.
{56799}{56818}Let's go back.
{56820}{56868}Don't you think you should investigate?
{56870}{56935}There's no reason to go in there. Ever.
{56939}{56982}I sense it as a holy man.
{56985}{57040}-You said you wanted--|-It's dark!
{57045}{57108}I could fall into a precipice.
{57120}{57147}Take this.
{57192}{57259}Spank you, Helpy Helperton.
{57771}{57815}I am not afraid!
{57882}{57939}I am not afraid.
{58074}{58115}I really like it here.
{58548}{58584}My medallion!
{58700}{58767}I will fear no living creature...
{58778}{58843}...as long as I keep this near me.
{58860}{58951}Take that, you winged spawn of Satan!
{59105}{59139}That's okay.
{59204}{59259}All I really need is my torch.
{59272}{59323}Die, devil bird!
{59428}{59459}I'm okay.
{59645}{59679}They're in my hair!
{59682}{59731}They're in my hair!
{59752}{59828}God in heaven! Help me!
{59871}{59927}There is nothing in your hair.
{60019}{60071}I was merely running a drill.
{60204}{60255}Just as I suspected.
{60323}{60368}We met him at Cadby's soirée.
{60370}{60441}His bird is a raven, Tinky.|I found that inside the cave.
{60443}{60531}You don't understand.|Burton Quinn is a powerful man.
{60535}{60571}Worry not.
{60600}{60643}For I...
{60659}{60695}...am a master...
{60701}{60743}...of disguises.
{62039}{62076}Eat up, guys!
{62080}{62139}None of this animal goes to waste.
{62948}{62976}Mr. McCane.
{62984}{63011}How're you?
{63013}{63055}I'm doing well.
{63247}{63303}Don't mind me, Mr. Quinn.
{63327}{63388}I'm just a curious little rhino.
{63391}{63440}I appreciate your...
{63452}{63500}...agreeing to undertake this.
{63699}{63787}Meeting secretly with sinister types much?
{63800}{63875}Ah, not too much. Ah, much too much.
{64403}{64455}Kind of hot in these rhinos.
{64964}{65039}I had a dog and his name was...
{65159}{65199}Time to get some oxygen.
{65360}{65404}Come on!
{66519}{66543}Come on!
{66596}{66655}Quiet, quiet, quiet. Look, look.
{66748}{66788}Oh, look!
{66803}{66864}The mother rhino is giving birth!
{66959}{66999}Oh, God.
{67808}{67841}We have to get out of here!
{67843}{67883}Quick, get in the jeep.
{67887}{67928}Quick, girls, get in!
{67950}{68000}Welcome to Quinnland.
{68056}{68114}And you, too, my friend.
{68211}{68264}I know, you'll be happy here.
{68464}{68516}How did you get out, fella?
{68564}{68624}You're a cute little devil.
{68652}{68692}What you got?
{69125}{69170}Where's the bat?
{69185}{69230}What's this about?
{69240}{69268}Who are you?
{69360}{69399}...the bat?
{69406}{69446}I know who you are.
{69456}{69507}I met you at Cadby's!
{69512}{69542}You're that...
{69544}{69578}...Ventura fella!
{69583}{69628}Last chance!
{69685}{69730}Where is that darn bat?
{69751}{69798}What're you going to do?
{69808}{69845}What're you going to do?
{69847}{69916}Whatever I have to get some answers.
{70146}{70176}Stop it!
{70192}{70244}You'd like me to stop it.
{70249}{70288}Getting to you?
{70313}{70358}I won't tell you anything.
{70590}{70638}A tough guy, huh?
{70641}{70704}I know what to do with tough guys.
{70978}{71026}My brother used to do that!
{71028}{71070}You sadistic bastard!
{71072}{71105}Stop it!
{71107}{71148}All right! I'll talk!
{71150}{71169}Spill it!
{71171}{71258}I paid Derrick McCane to find the bat.
{71339}{71400}I thought it could be an attraction.
{71412}{71464}Business has been a bit off lately.
{71529}{71584}...you don't know who...
{71638}{71654}...took the bat?
{71656}{71698}Neither does McCane.
{71865}{71916}I'm going to untie you now.
{71942}{72004}Before I do, I want you|to know that I'm really...
{72232}{72272}Appreciate the lift!
{72281}{72326}We'll walk from here.
{72416}{72522}Quinn is out of the picture.|We have no more suspects or clues.
{72524}{72560}But I have instincts.
{72564}{72634}And my instincts tell me|we're getting closer.
{72640}{72672}I can feel it.
{72680}{72746}I can feel it like it's right...
{72760}{72790}...in my neck!
{72990}{73034}Starting to get numb!
{73220}{73262}Three darts...
{73264}{73300}...is too much!
{74059}{74083}I think...
{74085}{74142}...I lost them!
{74908}{74947}...for me?
{74965}{75037}I do declare, Mr. Beauregard.
{75080}{75135}You are my hero.
{75291}{75329}Was I...
{75344}{75381}...talking in my sleep?
{75383}{75484}You've been suffering hysteria.|It's a natural reaction to the poi
{75699}{75745}Guano bowls.
{75770}{75805}Collect the whole set.
{75807}{75868}Ace, did you see the shooter?
{75872}{75904}Only their feet.
{75911}{75956}Not enough for a positive ID.
{75964}{76016}It's the dart of a Wachootoo shaman.
{76040}{76067}The whaty whatan?
{76069}{76171}The Wachootoo shaman, or medicine man,|has protested the intertrib
al wedding.
{76268}{76303}Has he?
{76355}{76400}You do not speak Wachootoo.
{76402}{76449}I go with you.
{76469}{76521}Ouda will be my interpreter.
{76580}{76609}Please, take care.
{76611}{76715}The Wachootoo are savages.|If they catch you, they'll be merciless
{76737}{76771}Worry not.
{76788}{76869}I will be as a fly on the wall,|a grain of salt in the ocean.
{76881}{76963}I will slip amongst them|like a transparent...
{77673}{77722}The sacred bat must be in a hut.
{77725}{77796}We'll never know until|I can walk freely among them.
{77935}{77993}He exclaimed with great relish.
{78585}{78646}Come on, girls, show them what you got.
{79056}{79086}I'm sure it's fine.
{79088}{79148}Ouda is probably going for help right now.
{79156}{79193}Hello, Ace!
{79207}{79232}They found me!
{79234}{79273}No sweat!
{79331}{79383}Don't beat yourself up.
{79585}{79621}You know...
{79625}{79723}...gingivitis is the No.1 cause|of all tooth decay.
{79840}{79878}What does equinsu ocha mean?
{79880}{79917}White devil.
{79930}{79956}Tell him I'm not.
{79958}{80025}I only met you. How do I know?
{80128}{80204}-He said--|-Let me guess. "White devil"?
{80208}{80244}You speak Wachootoo?
{80249}{80297}Tell them what I'm saying:
{80329}{80390}I come in peace!
{80568}{80632}I couldn't help but notice|the equinsu ocha part.
{80634}{80681}Did you refer to me as "White Devil"?
{80683}{80718}That's how they know you.
{80720}{80775}Leave that part out from now on.
{80796}{80851}I represent the princess!
{81126}{81163}"...is hell."
{81171}{81227}The last thing we want...
{81260}{81298}...is a fight.
{81655}{81683}The chief said...
{81685}{81740}...if you pass all Wachootoo tests...
{81746}{81787}...you do not die.
{83888}{83960}My entrance to the winner's circle!
{83972}{84061}Your admiration is well-founded,|but I'm merely a servant.
{84065}{84122}Do not worship me!
{84365}{84438}Chief says you have passed all tests|but one.
{84447}{84520}Only left is Wachootoo Circle of Death.
{84567}{84618}...that's my specialty.
{85483}{85517}This is it?
{85522}{85574}I have to beat him?
{85884}{85930}All righty, then!
{85988}{86028}I must tell you...
{86082}{86124}...I don't wish to fight.
{86144}{86218}Violence is no longer in my nature...
{86225}{86298}...but if you want it, you got it, sister.
{86434}{86478}Biting, I see.
{86482}{86550}I was unaware that the Wachootoo...
{86574}{86622}...were biters!
{86650}{86720}Why don't you try this on|and see how it fits?
{86878}{86930}He much better fighter than you.
{87374}{87410}All right!
{87414}{87482}This White Devil thing|has gone far enough.
{87567}{87616}...with the "do"!
{88045}{88100}He said, sorry, White Devil...
{88105}{88146}...but he must kill you.
{88187}{88245}I'll have you know|I have the reflexes of a cat.
{88247}{88306}And the speed of a mongoose.
{88316}{88346}Throw it!
{88350}{88392}I dare you!
{88789}{88876}Ouda, don't just stand there.|Throw me a spear!
{89548}{89614}It's in the bone! It's in the bone!
{89617}{89678}It's in the bone!
{90106}{90149}He says you make him laugh.
{90156}{90214}You are like sissy girl!
{90598}{90684}Wachootoo Chief say,|"You friend to Wachootoo."
{90859}{90962}But if the curse of Shikaka not lifted|by tomorrow's sun at top of
{90966}{91068}...Wachootoo kill all Wachati|and smash your head on a rock.
{91166}{91214}Take care, now. Bye-bye, then.
{91217}{91278}Take care, now. Super. Bye-bye, then.
{91326}{91353}Are your legs sore?
{91355}{91400}Want me to carry you?
{91405}{91450}That won't be necessary.
{91452}{91494}I have a high pain threshold.
{91496}{91540}Holy monkey!
{92141}{92190}Ace, why you stopped?
{92234}{92296}The Wachootoo didn't take Shikaka.
{92369}{92412}Hi, welcome back.
{92429}{92467}What would you say this is?
{92469}{92510}Dart of Wachootoo shaman.
{92550}{92624}And when compared to one of the darts|that hit me before?
{92658}{92716}Only to the untrained eye.
{92736}{92811}The Wachootoo dart is made of wood|from a mimosa tree...
{92814}{92922}...while the other is carved|from a red fungus-bearing acalla.
{92926}{92994}And there's only one area|of the jungle with red...
{92998}{93042}...fungus-bearing acallas.
{93074}{93105}Go back to the village.
{93107}{93178}Tell them the Wachootoos attack|tomorrow at noon.
{93258}{93344}This little hound dog|just picked up a scent.
{93606}{93660}Won't be long now, Katie.
{93727}{93773}Big night tonight.
{93775}{93828}You're going to meet your new owner.
{93872}{93914}Disgusting rat!
{94476}{94518}Did you hear that?
{94542}{94569}What is it?
{94983}{95038}About 200 meters...
{95122}{95183}We'd get $5,000 for one of those.
{95189}{95250}-What about the rat?|-Don't worry about it.
{95255}{95299}We'll be back in no time.
{95423}{95467}Stay downwind of it.
{95839}{95894}You're even uglier than I thought.
{95910}{95966}She's a big one, isn't she?
{96426}{96459}Oh, boy.
{96464}{96510}Deciduous trees on the bank.
{96526}{96577}Suman shrubs with extreme protococcus.
{96579}{96628}Steadily increasing water current.
{96662}{96762}...I think we could assume|the stream gets pretty rough up ahead.
{96994}{97074}As soon as I get you loose,|you can chew through my ropes.
{97230}{97257}That's it!
{97260}{97286}That's it!
{97318}{97358}Yes. Your turn.
{97436}{97463}All right!
{98510}{98551}I'm alive!
{98619}{98671}I'm alive!
{99047}{99095}Say "uncle"! Say "uncle"!
{99240}{99298}Don't start what you can't finish!
{99359}{99392}Quit hitting yourself!
{99394}{99436}Quit hitting yourself!
{99449}{99523}Oh, water tastes good, yes!
{99702}{99746}This isn't over yet.
{99748}{99845}There's something I missed.|Some clue or motive I've overlooked.
{99852}{99911}And that motive is...
{100010}{100061}Someone wants the tribes|to destroy each other.
{100063}{100131}There must be something valuable|in this equation.
{100140}{100192}Perhaps we should meditate, Spike.
{100195}{100271}For it is said that when seeking answers,|one must...
{100279}{100339}...quiet the soul in order to hear them.
{100464}{100515}What is it the Wachati possess...
{100525}{100602}...that is of great value to other men...
{100607}{100675}...besides the princess|with the amazing rack?
{100927}{101016}All righty, then.
{102089}{102126}You're back?
{102159}{102229}You can dispense with the smallpox,|all-knowing one.
{102231}{102310}I'm here on business,|and time is of the essence.
{102339}{102376}Very well.
{102380}{102422}What answer do you seek?
{102427}{102483}What do the Wachati possess...
{102486}{102550}...that is of great value to civilized man?
{102560}{102646}The medallion will lead you to the answer.
{102687}{102760}You do still have the medallion, don't you?
{102790}{102839}Why, surely.
{102857}{102911}I left it back...
{102930}{102963}...with my body.
{102967}{103006}Your aura...
{103014}{103066}...is weakening.
{103070}{103131}Okay! I threw it in a cave!
{103135}{103220}What do you want from me?|What are you? Mr. Perfect?
{103226}{103258}Where is it?
{103262}{103309}It's probably lying...
{103314}{103375}...in a big pile of....
{103836}{103905}They have guano!
{104217}{104259}...a glove.
{104344}{104379}Hi, Chief!
{104395}{104446}Appreciate your meeting me here.
{104476}{104526}Let's go kick some...
{104559}{104607}...consulate butt.
{104844}{104881}Hello, Ace.
{104904}{104923}You want your money?
{104925}{104990}Wrong again, Sweeney Toad.
{104995}{105062}I've come for the sacred bat. Where is it?
{105102}{105143}...whatever can you mean?
{105215}{105262}Does "poop" ring a bell?
{105294}{105353}"Guano mines as a source of nitrate..."
{105355}{105419}"...producing 84 percent|of the world's fertilizer..."
{105421}{105483}"...a $1.4 billion industry."
{105487}{105536}That's what this war is about.
{105548}{105662}You can't take possession of the caves|while the Wachati inhabit
the area.
{105666}{105720}And you want that dookie so bad...
{105724}{105760}...you can taste it.
{105762}{105792}I thought that--
{105794}{105848}Yes, thank you, Fulton.
{105906}{105974}That's a fine theory, Mr. Ventura.
{105990}{106034}What's it got to do with me?
{106054}{106102}I thought you'd...
{106106}{106144}...never ask.
{106234}{106297}When I met you, there was|a white substance on your shoe.
{106299}{106370}Yesterday, I saw the same substance|outside the hut...
{106372}{106448}...and it hit me that|the Great White Bat has white guano.
{106450}{106502}That's what you slipped in!|It was on your shoe!
{106504}{106574}And that explains the abrasion|on your palm!
{106580}{106626}Let me run that back for you.
{106762}{106818}That's what you slipped in!|It was on your shoe!
{106820}{106906}And that explains the abrasion|on your palm!
{106934}{106978}Damn, I'm good!
{106982}{107018}Can you feel that?
{107030}{107055}Can you feel it...
{107057}{107096}...Captain Compost?
{107105}{107209}The day of redemption is at hand!
{107294}{107372}And thou shall be saved.
{107418}{107448}Very good.
{107510}{107542}Very good.
{107556}{107607}I believe you've solved the case.
{107610}{107706}One thing I still don't understand,|Mr. Belvedere.
{107719}{107797}If you are the slime behind|this little flim-flam...
{107800}{107838}...why, oh, why...
{107867}{107912}...did you hire me?
{107915}{107992}I'm afraid there'll be an investigation|after the war.
{107996}{108028}You were my alibi...
{108030}{108102}...to prove I'd done everything I could|to stop it.
{108108}{108135}Arrest him.
{108152}{108184}Arrest him!
{108248}{108282}Please arrest him.
{108326}{108368}Simon says, "Arrest him."
{108594}{108672}I thought you loved all animals,|Mr. Ventura.
{108683}{108754}I thought you loved all animals,|Mr. Ventura.
{108818}{108874}Shall I stick him on the wall?
{108879}{108963}No, I don't think it'll be necessary, Gahjii.
{108969}{109071}Mr. Ventura has very cleverly stolen|the sacred bat of the Wacha
{109075}{109180}Unfortunately, we were unable|to recover it in time to stop the
{109218}{109249}Hit the lights!
{109295}{109363}The switch is on the wall beside you!|Go for it!
{109594}{109632}Flick it!
{109728}{109758}All righty, then.
{109760}{109810}Shall we go to jail?
{110045}{110114}What are you? H.R. Shove-n-Stuff?
{110159}{110184}Get in!
{110224}{110264}Just one more thing.
{110450}{110484}What are you doing?
{110626}{110650}Stop it!
{110658}{110696}I said, stop it!
{110910}{110954}To the jungle, Boba!
{111445}{111494}Lend me your ears!
{111699}{111752}Imbecile! You let him get away!
{111755}{111827}You don't seem to understand.|The tribe will be killed.
{111829}{111880}Remind me to send a sympathy card.
{111882}{111922}We're going to get the bastard.
{111924}{111974}There's nothing he can do now.
{111976}{112044}We've got the bat, and it's nearly noon.
{112463}{112506}What the hell's going on?
{113493}{113538}You see...
{113548}{113639}...humans and animals can live in harmony!
{113968}{114020}Sorry for the delay, Ace.
{114119}{114162}Hey, Poachers!
{114176}{114201}Say hello...
{114203}{114275}...to my stinky little friend!
{114712}{114752}Get out! Get out!
{114782}{114832}Not so fast, Sally!
{114913}{114956}Get it away!
{116363}{116427}He wants to go off-road.
{116579}{116643}Nobody wants to play with me.
{117228}{117279}From the consulate, right?
{117295}{117336}This is weird.
{119019}{119055}The Wachati.
{119136}{119184}The spirit will overcome.
{119212}{119255}The spirit will overcome.
{121024}{121080}Coming through. Clear a path, people!
{123321}{123408}They will now consummate the marriage|as the tribe watches.
{123411}{123438}Well done, Ace.
{123440}{123504}You must be extremely proud.
{123514}{123555}Pride is an abomination.
{123560}{123602}One must forego the self...
{123604}{123667}...to attain spiritual creaminess...
{123679}{123739}...and avoid the chewy chunks...
{123750}{123792}...of degradation.
{123991}{124017}What'd he say?
{124019}{124096}I think he's saying, "She's not a virgin."
{124132}{124171}They can tell that?
{134468}{134543}English subtitles conformed by|SOFTITLER

{14841}{14895}This took you 80 years to achieve! {14898}{14919}That's okay. {14649}{14706}You're more one than anyone... {14921}{14981}I don't like it anymore. go! {17144}{17209}Oh. {13072}{13094}Stinky. but if we don't hurry. {13238}{13306}Your earthly money holds no appeal to me. {13137}{13180}We can pay handsomely. man! {17214}{17275}Can you believe it? {17296}{17345}It was right there! {17376}{17402}Can I do it one more time? {17404}{17497}Forgive me. {13970}{14046}And it's important for you to use your talents. Really.and dangerous.. {15052}{15132}In light of this personal sacrifice you've made." {17025}{17069}Go. {13870}{13913}May I interject? {13923}{13961}We're short of space. {12717}{12770}Quite.. {14711}{14769}What about my medallion of spiritual accomplishment? {14771}{14797}Take mine. {12949}{12981}Can you help us? {13008}{13061}Your request is like your intestine... no harm done.{12674}{12709}I must apologize.. {14153}{14244}But I have yet to attain omnipresent super-galactic oneness.. Ventura. I've arranged a plane. {16176}{16235}I've never seen them act like that before.in the retrieval of a lost animal.. we might miss the plane. {12774}{12815}Let me introduce myself.000.I have no choice. Well.. {15181}{15229}. {12897}{12947}. {16438}{16532}There's still one more thing I must do before I go. {16238}{16300}Denial can be an ugly thing.. {13696}{13750}For I am sorely needed... {13838}{13868}. {13651}{13680}I cannot.. and I'm here to employ your services.but to take the case.. ..here. {16380}{16428}I'll meet you at the bottom.at the ashram... {13758}{13789}. {15277}{15309}.. {13315}{13369}$20. {14424}{14456}I have? {14468}{14496}Just now. . {13096}{13133}. {13185}{13232}I am now a child of light. {15388}{15424}Master! {15508}{15565}Break it to them gently.. Mr. {12817}{12895}My name is Fulton Greenwall. {15311}{15343}Great! {15352}{15386}I'll tell the others. {14055}{14101}Let me help you pack. {14499}{14541}You are one! {14563}{14620}I can see it in your eyes. {16748}{16801}Isn't this incredible? {16815}{16884}It's going to be some kind of record! {16895}{16938}"Everyone loves a Slinky" {16940}{16992}"You got to get a Slinky.. {14284}{14308}Wait! {14315}{14357}There it is! {14372}{14416}You've just attained it. Slinky. {13469}{13508}Really? {13586}{13616}No... {16310}{16377}We should go.

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