1 The Relevance of St.

Francis Xavier in the Formation of Catholicism in South Ind ia Charles Dias 2 Robert De Nobili and the Madurai Mission... A Critique Mathew Thomas 3 Malabar Rites Varkey 4 Lessons for Later missionaries..Zeiganbalg and Pluetschau George Menachery 5 Zeiganbalgâ s Impact.... Thomas Edmunds 6 The Costructive Companion...Er. Grundler P. Jyothipackiam 7 Anna Sathia... D. Arthur jeyakumar 8 Private Papers of ...Muthusami naidu... Thomas edmunds 9 The Government of indiaâ s Attitude...Forrester Paton D.Arthur jeyakumar 10 Missio Dei Marg..Nilgiris S. Santha Praburaj 11 Hist of Xty in Kongunadu Antonysamy Thomai 12 Jesuit presence ..Nagapatinam... Maria Lazar 13 Contribution of jesuits...printing John Ochanthuruth 14 The Orientalism ..Ceylon Mission..Tamil Lit. Revial S. Jabanesan 15 The relationship...Tranquebar V. M. Gnanapragasam 16 Catholic - Protestant... Thomas Anchukandam 17 THEKKEDAM 18 Kumaradoss& Mrs. Kumaradoss 19 Mar Abraham

F. Thonippara 20 Devasahayam Narchinson 21 Missionary Work ..Socio Religious Gladstone

22 Praktyaksha Reksha Daiva Sabha Alex Mathew 23 British Intervention in Jacobite Anto Florence 24 ECUMENISM mAR THOMA Church A Jeyakumar 25 Caldean Church? Mar Aprem 26 European Descendant Discriminated Charles Dias 27 Challenges Problems Monuments Varghese Perayil 28 Aspects of Clean and Unclean Jews brahmins Christians George Menachery

29 Ancient trade Routes ANDHRA Manasseh 30 Societal Aspects Dalits Amos Ezung 31 Telengana Rao 32 Luzy Dâ Souza Gudrun Lowner 33 Siddis of karnatAKA jeanette pinto Here are some of the articles related to South india in the work India's Christ ian Heritage being brought out in connection with the Platinum jubilee Celebrati ons of the Church History Asociation of india at hyderabad 6th-9th oct. 2011. Th ere are similarly a large number of articles on the West, The North, the East, The north East representing the five branch associations of the CHAI in addition to many general articles the total coming to 75 symbolising the Platinum Jubile e. The volume is edited by Drt. Oberland Snaitang (President CHAI) and Prof. Geo rge Menachery (Secretary General CHAI). For details:www.indianchristianity.com. www.chai-online.net

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