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Top 10 Myths and Facts about HIV/AIDS (Steve Wakefield)

Top 10 Myths and Facts about HIV/AIDS (Steve Wakefield)

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Published by: National Press Foundation on Sep 12, 2011
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Top 10 Myths and Facts about HIV/AIDS

S. Wakefield, Director External Relations HIV Vaccine Trials Network (HVTN)
National Press Foundation August 2011
The HVTN is supported through a cooperative agreement with the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases


Previously in the world of HIV prevention….

Carl W. Dieffenbach, Ph.D. Director Division of AIDS, NIAID

No Consensus on Impact of Circumcision in MSM

Circumcision Status and HIV Infection Among Black and Latino Men Who Have Sex With Men in 3 US Cities
GA Millet et al.

Circumcision and HIV Seroconversion Among Men Who Have Sex With men in 6 US Cities
SP Buchbinder et al.

 N = 2,235  Cross-sectional Data  No evidence that being circumcised was protective against HIV infection among black or Latino MSMs

 N = 3,257  Cohort Study with Majority White MSMs (~19% black and Latino)  Evidence of a 2-fold reduction in HIV Seroconversion with Circumcision

Previously in the world of HIV vaccine news…

VaxGen Lesson – Misinformation


Media Coverage

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Myths and Facts about HIV/AIDS

Casual Contact
 HIV Can Be Spread Through Tears, Sweat, Mosquitoes, Swimming Pools ... Toilet seat, Coughing, Restaurant, Mosquito bites, Kissing


Internet Resources Abound
 Check mark equals myth
 I don’t have permission for all images – contact wakefield@hvtn.org and I will remove at your request

Disease of “Other” People
 HIV and AIDS only affects gay men and drug users and people in Africa

Most PLWHIV are Heterosexuals
Ask why next Thai trial will be conducted in MSM (men who have sex with men)

Namibia, Botswana, Malawi No data on MSM these High HIV prevalence countries
Dr. Chris Beyrer - Hopkins

Death Sentence?
 “I have just been diagnosed with HIV and AIDS...I am going to die.”

People are living well and having sex!
Research continues to unravel the mystery of the HIV virus

Partnership Definitions Are Changing

Understanding Regarding the Link Between Behavior and Biomedical Research IsChanging

Scientific Challenges “Already Have One Challenge”

 Finding and HIV vaccine should be easy!

HVTN Achievements
 Clinical Research

 Laboratory

0 00 6666 6666 6666 0000 6666 666 6 000 0 0 00 0 6 66 6 0- 0 6- 6 6- 6 6- 6 0- 0 6- 6 6- 6 0- 0 0- 0 6- 6
6 hr 6hr 6 6hr 6 66 6hr 6 hr 6hr 6 6hr 6 66 6hr 6 hr 6hr 6 6hr 6 66 6hr 6 hr 6hr 6 6hr 6 66 6hr 6 hr 6hr 6 6hr 6 66 6hr 6 hr 6hr 6 6hr 6 66 6hr 6 hr 6hr 6 6hr 6 66 6hr 6 hr 6hr 6 6hr 6 66 6hr 6 hr 6hr 6 6hr 6 66 6hr 6 hr 6hr 6 6hr 6 66 6hr

Med Ad5 Titer

Low Med Ad5 TiterTiter Ad5

 Analytic/Design

*p<10-6, 1 way ANOVA

Up-regulated Down-regulated

HVTN Pipeline

Evaluate vaccines & understand immune responses
 38 Phase I  3 Phase II  15 other studies
     HIV Infection Trials Tissue and Fluid Projects Innate Immunity Peru circumcision Population
 Adolescents  At risk women  Twins

Research has provided over 30 treatments for HIV+ persons
 Once-A-Day Treatments  New Class of Medications – CCR5 Inhibitors  New Class of Medications – Integrase Inhibitors

“Berlin Patient”
 HIV and AIDS can be cured.  HIV and AIDS can be cured.

May 2008 Headlines
“At Front Lines, AIDS War Is Falling Apart” “As the Need Grows, the Money for AIDS Runs Far Short” “After Long Scientific Search, Still No Cure for AIDS”

What do the Thai trial results mean?

HIV Medicine is A Specialty

 My family doctor can treat my HIV and AIDS.

Two Posters – Legacy Project Faith Initiative & Project Vogue

HIV Medicine is A Specialty

 You Can't Have a Baby if You're HIV Positive

Test Results May Differ For Persons in HIV vaccine study

 An HIV test will tell me if I have AIDS

How Are Most Vaccines Made
 Epi

April 2010

• Live attenuated vaccines(example s: measles, mumps, and rubella) • Whole killed virus vaccines (example: influenza and rabies)

Can this Vaccine give me HIV?

The HIV vaccines being tested are made from synthetic pieces of HIV. Therefore, the vaccine CANNOT cause infection.


Our Universe

When We Achieve Our Ultimate Goal

 An HIV vaccine will be given once; protection lasts a lifetime  Durable protection is conferred to the person at risk  An effective vaccine is among the most cost-effective medical interventions

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