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Built for Art Guide 2011

Built for Art Guide 2011

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Published by Erin MacKeen
BUILT FOR ART: An Independent Project for Scotiabank Nuit Blanche. 401 Richmond will be open all night with over 20 special projects, shops, and galleries all under one roof (with a few under the stars) brought to you by building artists and community partners.
BUILT FOR ART: An Independent Project for Scotiabank Nuit Blanche. 401 Richmond will be open all night with over 20 special projects, shops, and galleries all under one roof (with a few under the stars) brought to you by building artists and community partners.

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Published by: Erin MacKeen on Sep 12, 2011
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401 richmonD Built for Art

october 1, 2011 401 richmonD St. WeSt, toronto WWW.401richmonD.net ArtS@401richmonD.net nuit BlAnchE locAtion:

Built for ART is an annual event at 401 Richmond that brings forth artists from the building and its community. Every year these artists have new and inspired projects to share, which should be no surprise as the people who work and pass through 401 daily are constantly engaged in the creation and exchange of new ideas.
Built for Art


Like 401 Richmond, a heritage building dedicated to adaptive reuse and supporting the arts, Built for ART follows the same principles. This year’s adaptations of the building’s spaces include the front lobby as an interactive performance space, the courtyard as an outdoor cinema, the

side loading dock as a portrait studio, the back loading dock as a gallery on wheels, the Urbanspace Gallery as a dance studio and interactive game site, the basement lobby as a collective’s painting studio, and the 4th floor freight elevator lobby as home to an interactive bench. 401’s talented tenants will also be presenting special projects in their studios, shops, and galleries including all night musical performances, projections and exhibitions.

Built for ART and the community it reflects is a good indicator of the current preoccupations of artists practicing in our metropolis. This year artists are creating projects that engage with technology, interactivity, immediacy, and hybridity, as seen in projects by Mike Parsons and TORQ, Candida Girling and Aaron Davis, and Gallery 44 Members. These are elements of daily life and their interaction demonstrates the flux of human existence: ever reaching for the new and ever returning to the known.

achieve a significant level of social advancement and functionality. 401 is a good model of strength in collectivity in that its tenants function in networks (sharing audiences, materials, spaces, promotions, etc.) to leverage themselves forward as a community engaged in the examination of the latest ideas while at the same time seeking sustainable directions.

The bench, the video game, the superhero tours, the vintage films, the bicycle art, photo, video, contemporary art: it all comes together sinuously under one roof, because it is inspired under one roof. And when that inspiration can and does come together, in one space, at one time, it creates magic and perhaps myth--only time and we will tell.

Alice Dixon, curAtor
Dedicated to 2fik, Stefan, Maayan and Aaron, Emily and Cooper, and Evan, who follow their inspiration and have inspired me.

Built for ART thanks all of this year’s participants for answering the call for ART, both interactive and performative, to engage and invite visitors, not just Also arising out of this year’s to view but also to participate. So show is a spirit of collaboration and now we call on you, visitors, to come collectivity, as seen in presentations and engage, enjoy, converse, ideate by the Academy of Spanish Dance, and partake in the art world created Cinecycle, Donald Quan and Amanda for you at 401 Richmond during Mabro, Faustwork Mask Theatre, Scotiabank Nuit Blanche 2011! Laura Stein, Trancendental Mirror, and Art house Co-op. For as much as advances in technology speed up our lives and often improve our efficiency, there is a neglected human achievement that came long before– that of “community”. Arts communities, though often under-resourced,

An inDepenDent project for ScotiAbAnk nuit blAnche october 1, 2011, 6:59 pm - SunriSe

Built for Art:

fAuStwork mASk thEAtrE
Feast oF Faces, mASk / phySicAl theAtre

401 richmond will be open all night, but that doesn’t mean all of our participants will. We’ve divided our programming into two sections: early birds and night owls to help you make sure you don’t miss anything.

Guests are invited to an interactive dinner party where they can simply watch or indulge in the chef’s special; a hearty serving of masks.
lobby north 6:59 pm – 2:00 am, performance lasts 10-15 minUtes, twice per hoUr www.faUstwork.com

mikE pArSonS AnD torQ (A cAnADiAn contEmporArY clASSicAl QuArtEt)
hey apathy! An interActive AnimAteD ArtWork viDeo projection With viDeo gAme controlS


This is taking shape - you’ll know what and where it is when we do! Our galleries and shops will be open from 6:59 pm closing at their discretion (normally around 2:00 am)

SiDEwAlk Art + mAppinG 401

cAnDiDA GirlinG AnD AAron DAviS

(liSteD by eArly to lAte enD timeS)
AcADEmY of SpAniSh DAncE
Fiesta Flamenca


marcovaldo’s Bench, multi-meDiA interActive inStAllAtion

Take the controls and explore a 3D cityscape - only in this video game you aren’t battling the usual enemies. Navigators will discover stories, cartoons, original musical compositions, audio narrations, and comic strips hidden throughout a surreal skyline.
Urbanspace Gallery 6:59 pm – sUnrise www.heyapathy-comics-art.com

gAllery 44 open StuDio prefix inStitute of contemporAry Art reD heAD gAllery urbAnSpAce gAllery WArc gAllery

A rousing Flamenco dance performance to get your evening started.
Urbanspace Gallery 8:00 pm www.flamencos.net

For Calvino Marcovaldo the park bench is a refuge from the madness of city life and a portal to the world of his vivid imagination. Cinematic composer Aaron Davis and artist Candida Girling collaborate to create an interactive environment that embodies the surreal world that Marcovaldo inhabits.
4th floor freiGht elevator and birds lobby 6:59 pm – 2:00 am

Art houSE co-op in pArtnErShip with GAllErY 44 trAnScEnDEntAl mirror:
cASSAnDrA cronenberg, StellA mAy, DAviD SWArtz, meliSSA mAther, yehuDAh cullmAn, colin StArk, nick beAt, jeAnnette hickS, AAron AbAcASSiS, michelle chermAine, fAtemAh AlzubAiri, the unknoWn pAinter the ultimate live painting exhiBition a million little pictures, mobile photogrAphy gAllery

gWenDolyne hAtS (StuDio 433) SWipe DeSign | bookS + objectS (StuDio 121) jAnet bike girl (StuDio S26, bASement)

ShopS + StuDioS

GAllErY 44 mEmBErS
postcard 44: a portrait studio

lAurEn StEin, lAurEntinA’S improv cluB
supertour!, performAnce

DonAlD QuAn AnD AmAnDA mABro
musical madness, live muSic AnD projectionS

cinEcYclE / mArtin hEAth
scopitone filmS

Grab your superhero outfit and join your new Superfriends for an improvised tour of 401 Richmond. Is your SuperTourGuide making things up? Maybe you are too!
lobby soUth 8:00 pm – 1:00 am www.laUrentinasimprovclUb.info

A courtyard screening under the stars of music videos from 1960s French Scopitone jukeboxes. A perennial favourite featuring new additions to Martin’s Scopitone collection.
coUrtyard 6:59 pm – 4:00 am

Have your portrait taken in a fun and interactive Canadian winter scene set to the design of a classic travel postcard! Each photograph is projected on site for immediate viewing and posted on Facebook creating an instant memento of Nuit Blanche 2011.
main floor loadinG dock 6:59 pm – 4:00 am www.Gallery44.orG

(liSteD from front to bAck of builDing)

niGht owlS

Q Music presents a night of art and musical madness! Toronto film composer Donald Quan and Montreal cabaret-pop artist Amanda Mabro join forces to bring you a 12 hour multimedia spectacle.
basement stUdio b102 6:59 pm – sUnrise www.qmUsic.ca

An all-night live painting exhibition and silent auction, accompanied by jazz music.
basement passenGer elevator lobby 6:59 pm – sUnrise www.UltimatelivepaintinG exhibition.webs.com

A community-supported exhibition of over 10,000 snapshots by hundreds of photographers from 48 countries! Participants choose a theme and interpret it via a single roll of film. The exhibition weaves the resulting photographs in an unbroken patchwork of images, covering the walls of the Photomobile—a traveling gallery-on-wheels. Step inside the Photomobile during its stop in Toronto.
www.arthoUsecoop.com/amlp rear loadinG dock 6:59 pm - sUnrise

be open all night to serve weary visitors hot drinks, sandwiches and fresh baked cookies!
6:59 pm - sUnrise

roAStErY cAfé will

Curator + Coordinator: Alice Dixon Produced by: Urbanspace Property Group + Erin MacKeen Brochure Design: Adam Zinzan-Harris

401 richmonD Built for Art

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