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60285076 Montana Mavericks List

60285076 Montana Mavericks List

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Published by: afolakemee on Sep 12, 2011
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Montana Mavericks, original series Welcome to Whitehorn, Montana - the home of bold men and daring women.

A place w here rich tales of passion and adventure are unfolding under the Big Sky. seems that this charming little town has some mighty big secrets. Rogue Stallion - Diana Palmer, August 1994 The Widow And The Rodeo Man - Jackie Merritt, September 1994 Sleeping With The Enemy - Myrna Temte, October 1994 The Once And Future Wife - Laurie Paige, November 1994 The Rancher Takes A Wife - Jackie Merritt, December 1994 Outlaw Lovers - Pat Warren, January 1995 Way Of The Wolf - Rebecca Daniels, February 1995 The Law Is No Lady - Helen R. Myers, March 1995 Father Found - Laurie Paige, April 1995 Baby Wanted - Cathie Linz, May 1995 Man With A Past - Celeste Hamilton, June 1995 Cowboy Cop - Rachel Lee, July 1995 Montana Mavericks: Return to Whitehorn Letter To A Lonesome Cowboy - Jackie Merritt, February 1998 (Silhouette Spec ial Edition #1154) Wife Most Wanted - Joan Elliott Pickart, March 1998 (Silhouette Special Edit ion #1160) A Father's Vow - Myrna Temte, May 1998 (Silhouette Special Edition #1172) A Hero's Homecoming - Laurie Paige, June 1998 (Silhouette Special Edition #1 178) Wild West Wife - Susan Mallery, July 1998 (Harlequin Historical #419) Cinderella's Big Sky Groom - Christine Rimmer, November 1999 (Silhouette Spe cial Edition #1280) A Family Homecoming - Laurie Paige, January 2000 (Silhouette Special Edition #1292) Montana Mavericks: Wed in Whitehorn The Kincaid Bride - Jackie Merritt, May 2000 (Silhouette Special Edition #13 21) Lone Stallion's Lady - Lisa Jackson, June 2001 Cheyenne Bride - Laurie Paige, July 2001 You Belong To Me - Jennifer Greene, August 2001 The Marriage Bargain by Victoria Pade, September 2001 Big Sky Lawman - Marilyn Pappano, October 2001 The Baby Quest - Pat Warren, November 2001 It Happened One Wedding Night - Karen Hughes, December 2001 The Birth Mother - Pamela Toth, January 2001 Rich, Rugged Ruthless - Jennifer Mikels, February 2001 The Magnificent Seven - Cheryl St. John, March 2001 Outlaw Marriage - Laurie Paige, April 2001 Nighthawk s Child - Linda Turner, May 2001 Montana Mavericks, Historicals The Gunslinger's Bride - Cheryl St.John, September 2001 (Harlequin Historica l #577) Whitefeather's Woman - Deborah Hale, October 2001 (Harlequin Historical #581 )

January 2002 (Silhouette Special E dition #1441) Marked For Marriage . August 2002 (Silhouette Special Edition #148 3) Big Sky Cowboy .Susan Mallery..Jackie Merritt. Her Montana Man .Crystal Green. Montana Montana.Laurie Paige.Cheryl St.Judy Duarte. November 2001 (Harlequin Historical #5 85) Montana Mavericks: Christmas in Whitehorn Christmas In Whitehorn . the place where legendary love is dramatically reveale d... August 2003 (Silhouette Special Edition #1558) Big Sky Baby .Allison Leigh. October 2003 (Silhouette Special Ed ition #1568) Her Montana Millionaire .Cheryl St.Judy Duarte. September 2002 (Silhouette Special Edition #1491) Montana Lawman .Christie Ridgway.Again . September 2003 (Silhouette Special Edition #1563 ) The Rancher's Daughter . December 2003 (Silhouette Special Edition #1580 ) Montana Mavericks: Gold Rush Grooms Stranded With The Groom . March 2005 (Silhouette Special Edition #16 69) Their Unexpected Family .. Moon Over Montana .John.Jackie Merritt.A Convenient Wife . May 2005 (Silhouette Special Edition #1682) Million-Dollar Makeover . February 2005 (Silhouette Special Editio n #1664) Prescription: Love . Now a new chapter begins as the town of Rumor gives birth to more exciting ta les with the continuation of the Montana Mavericks saga.. November 2003 (Silhouette Special E dition #1574) Sweet Talk .Pamela Toth. July 2003 (Silhouette Special Edition #1 550) Marry Me. April 2005 (Silhouette Special Editio n #1676) Cabin Fever .Jennifer Mikels. January 2005 (Silhouette Special Edition #1657) All He Ever Wanted .Karen Rose Smith. John. December 2001 (Silhouette Special Ed ition #1435) In Love With Her Boss . Big Sky country. February 2002 (Silhouette Special Edit ion #1447) Montana Mavericks: Rumor.Jackie Merritt. October 2002 (Silhouette Special Edition #14 97) Montana Mavericks: The Kingsleys The Kingsleys .where nothing is as it seems beneath the big skies of Montana. June 2005 (Silhouette Special Edit ion #1688) .Carolyn Davidson.Allison Leigh.Christine Rimmer.Jodi O'Donnell.

Mary Burton. September 2005 Guardian . September 2007 (Silhouette Special Edition #18 50) I Do! I Do! .Robin Wells Montana Bred.Crystal Green Second Chance . May 2002 Just Pretending .Linda Turner Daddy Takes The Cake . but can be placed choronologically between them.Susan Mallery As Good As Gold .Susan Mallery A Montana Mavericks Christmas.Ann Major Cowgirl Bride .Christie Ridgway And The Winner Weds . September 2005 Tracker . December 1999 (Silhouette Special Edition #12 86) Married In Whitehorn . September 2005 Montana Mavericks: Striking It Rich The Man Who Had Everything . John Montana Mavericks Big Sky Grooms. August 2007 (Silhouette Special Edition # 1843) Her Best Man . John.Christine Rimmer. August 2001 Spirit Of The Wolf .Jennifer Green Isabelle . July 2007 (Silhouette Special Edition #1837) Paging Dr.Diana Palmer Bride. September 2005 Bounty Hunter .Christine Rimmer Diana .Crystal Green. July 2003 First Love .Pamela Toth. Right .Judy DuarteMoon . November 2007 (Silhouette Special Edition #1861) A Cowboy Under Her Tree . October 2007 (Silhouette Special Edition #1855) A Family For The Holidays .Karen Hughes Montana Mavericks Big Sky Brides. Please . November 2002 One Baby To Go.Elizabeth Lane. December 2007 (Silhouette Special E dition #1869) Anthologies (These anthologies are not formally part of the continuity series listed above.Stella Bagwell.Allison Leigh Double Destiny.Susan Mallery Born In Whitehorn .Carolyn Davidson.Cheryl St. April 2002 The Marriage Maker .Bronwyn Williams The Gamble .Myrna Mackenzie Storming Whitehorn by Christine Scott Under Western Skies.Carolyn Davidson Montana Born.Allison Leigh. March 2000 Suzanna .Victoria Pade. Baby And All .Laurie Paige Marriage On The Menu .New Montana Mavericks: Thunder Canyon Big The The The Sky Rancher .) Montana Mavericks Weddings.Cheryl St. April 1998 The Bride Who Was Stolen In The Night .

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