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Introduction to Cloud Computing Business and Technology

Introduction to Cloud Computing Business and Technology

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Published by: Todd Whittaker on Sep 12, 2011
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Once you have a customer keeping a customer is increasingly
defined by the quality of the service delivered. We all know that
high quality service is relevant information, personal to you,
delivered, as you need it. Whether thru web, chat, email or
phone, service is all about information.

At the highest level, the U.S. economy is a service economy.
Figure 2.1 shows the dramatic shift from manufacturing and
agriculture to services over the last 50 years.

Figure 2.1 Growth of the U.S. Services Economy

Today’s services economy accounts for 80 percent of the U.S.
GDP (gross domestic product). Financial services, healthcare,
education, IT services, and software are all industries that don’t



manufacture or grow a single thing. Furthermore, contrary to
conventional wisdom, this shift has not been an increase in the
number of kids flipping hamburgers. Instead, 70 percent of the
service employment involves highly skilled people. This
includes executives, scientists, and administration and
management functions. Figure 2.2 shows the results of the 1996

Figure 2.2 United States Census (1996)

Services economy jobs include software designers, hedge
fund managers, doctors, lawyers, and customer service
professionals and all of these jobs are fundamentally different
than working on the assembly line in the early 20th century.
One of the earliest companies to focus on customer service
application was RightNow Technologies.



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