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Value Network Systemic Heart Clinique

Value Network Systemic Heart Clinique

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Published by Fabian Szulanski
An example of integration between Value networks and Systems Thinking
An example of integration between Value networks and Systems Thinking

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Published by: Fabian Szulanski on Sep 12, 2011
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Value Network Systemic Heart Clinique An hybrid approach for organizational improvement Fabian Szulanski Intro This short

essay is a follow up from the article: “Where is the heartbeat of a network?” A living Systems Approach to Network Performance, from Verna Allee’s online book Value Networks and Collaboration. First stage: Pulse optimization Pulse points are converted into variables, which through the monitoring process can generate behaviour over time graphs. Variables are attributes or values from the correspondent dynamic flows. The two behaviour over time graphs are called the reference mode of the value network cardiac health. A Dynamic hypothesis (the smaller causal loop diagram able to generate the reference mode) is drawn. Contributing variables from other dynamic resource flows are incorporated to the dynamic hypothesis, forming a more complete causal loop diagram of the value network health underlying structure. A desired reference mode is proposed. A systemic intervention is designed, modifying the causal structure or mental models so the desired reference mode could be achieved. Second stage: Heartbeat stabilization After identifying the key person/role of the network, an attribute-value map can be drawn. Critical attributes and values are selected. A dialogue about how to lead those attributes and values is facilitated, reaching a consensus about the related strategic initiatives. Third stage: Patient is released After intervention design and implementation, the network is released from analysis, but keeps being monitored periodically.

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