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KCFFI Strategic Planning w/ the WK Kellogg Foundation

TUESDAY, OCT. 28 (1-5PM) & WEDNESDAY, OCT. 29 (9AM-1PM),

ST. JAMES PLACE ( (9421 18th SW, Seattle, 98106--White Center
Facilitating: Kathy Zurcher & Kara Werner of the WK Kellogg


Time Discussion Topic

DAY 1 (Tues. October 29th)

1:00 Opening and Introductions
pm • Purpose, objectives, guidelines
• What will a community action plan look like if we use
this process?
1:45 Vision
pm • Core values, purpose, vision, mental models…where to
go from here?
pm Break/Snacks
2:45 Mental models: Beliefs and assumptions that support
pm our vision
4:15 Factors that are Key in Achieving our Vision
pm • Exploring success factors
5:00 Adjourn

DAY 2 (Wed. October 30th)

am Welcome back; opening activity
9:30 Key Success Factors: Creating the results we want
am for our community
am Break/Snacks
11:15 How will we know that we’re making progress toward
am the vision?
11:40 Current reality: What does it look like now?
am • Systemic structures
• Mental models
• Vision
12:40 So what’s next? Where do we go from here?
1:00 Adjourn
pm *KCFFI Collaborative Partner Potluck to follow, 5:00 pm @
Youngstown Cultural Arts Center