Stropharia rugosoannulata (Strophaire rouge-vin; Wine-red stropharia) Start: september 8, 2011 If you buy the mycellium, it comes in a sealed plastic bag with a little sterile breathing opening (the white gauze patch).

To cultivate the mushrooms, I use a “under bed box” (22”w x 36”l x 4”d). The bottom has holes for excess water to escape. I put in 1” of black top soil in the bottom. On top of that one layer of waste corn cobs. The corn cubs are covered with a simple layer of straw on which I put the mycellium.

The mycellium is covered with another simple layer of straw.

Add loose soil and water. not to high to leave space for air. Do not put back the cover . September 11. The box came with a lid to cover and protect the culture from drying out. The whole is compacted with a wood block and well watered. 2011 The first mycellium is showing through the soil. The lid has holes to enable breathing.The whole is topped with another layer of soil.

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