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the pries


Matthew Lee Knowles

September 2011

The idea of God is the sole wrong for which I cannot forgive mankind.

Marquis de Sade

By nature by a force by
Thats the term

This earth was to satisfy these passions and tastes therefore

Them to the fullest and this
The kindness to observe the

What glory would men have what good would

The right to heaven if there were not the

Make mistakes my son he merely gave man
As almighty as you say and
Intelligence infinite intelligence

Causes and confusing effects creating Are a wretch you are

You are worse you have shut your

To say to you there

Who magnifies you who complicates you who

Satan satan satan

It is impossible to believe in

Are either a fool or a

Is inert and Ill

I accept its existence but its

Therein lies the understanding of this

Of the other mysteries of life

Mathematics dying man mysteries

Speak of your soul my son

Sins dying man sins what are sins

Are sins at times I am
If everything is necessary it Omnipotent and omniscient hand of

Which acts with no reason whatsoever priest what

The opportunity to discuss my thoughts on these matters without the

To accept the existence of this

Of Confucius or the follies of

Of Luther or of Calvin or of
If I can guess it

A vulgar sleight-of-hand artist an arrant

Been struck down by a bolt

The prophecies the miracles the martyrs

Accept a prophecy as

To be sure that the

The only testimony to this is that

There that these prophecies preceded the events to which they

Perhaps the prophecies persuade

To me they merely suggest that

Of memory on the matter of

Always performed them and imbeciles have always

Accepted by some as a
A miracle as a

The ship todays miracle is tomorrows

Champion his cause of course

You can offer you insult your

Transparent to an alert ten-year-old

you boast that you have the one true

Arabs Mohammed and all

Them thinking men spurned them and the law if there

Contemplate it certainly is no cause
Am a man tomorrow a
Tomorrow a tree the

Only law of morality observing To suffer this is the

Principle worth preaching preacher

Butchery of billions of human beings

Of one or

This is the only world there

Here priest happiness here have You do you wasted your
Of one of

The fact of the matter is that there

Tribute to the

Them I have reserved them for this

To the test

Feelings and for the first

Thus ended the dialogue of the priest and the [dying man]

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